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The Carnage Wrestling Rules Page
« on: December 09, 2015, 06:34:14 PM »
Carnage Wrestling Rules

Hello and welcome to CW if you are new.  If you are indeed checking the place out for the first time, we're glad to have you around.  Thanks for taking a look and we sincerely hope that you like what you see.  If you feel like Carnage Wrestling would be a good fit for you then please feel free to join and be a part of the action!  Us here at CW treat e-fedding, this game, like good friends having fun.  We try our very best to uphold a standard of having a great, hopefully drama-free atmosphere that reminds you of being home.  A lot of e-fedders, perhaps yourself included, have that federation, that place that they call home.  That is the goal of the staff here at CW.  We want this place to feel like your efedding home.

Now perhaps it's not - CW just isn't your style or doesn't quite fit your scheduling.  We kindly refer to you to any one of our affiliates.  It's like different flavors of the same great thing!  And who doesn't like variety anyway?

But if Carnage Wrestling is your place (or at least a place that you would like to try out for a while) you must be aware that there is a list of certain rules and guidelines that we ask everyone to follow.  Trust me, it's not hard.  It may seem like a lot of stuff to go through, but most of it is common sense.  A lot of is simple guidelines - just the way we choose to play the game here.  But at the end of the day, the most important rule is that you are here to have fun; and to not impede or infringe on the fun that other members of CW are having.  The rules set below are designed to protect those two things.  We want you, and everyone else here, to have fun.  If you're here for any other reason, we kindly ask that you simply do not apply.

General Rules

- Be Respectful of Others: There is no tolerance for racist, sexist, or intolerant messages/images/allusions in the Out of Character environment!  As far as In Character (Roleplaying) goes, If you think your character needs to be racist or intolerant in any way to be a "heel", this isn't the place for you.  Yes, you do have a right to say whatever it is that you like in your RPs, but there is a fine line between playing a "bad guy" and just taking things too far.  If you even think that you may need to ask a staff member if a comment/remark is inappropriate then it's probably is, so don't bother to ask.  It's best if we keep these sorts of things off of our forums and out of our game.

- Drama Policy: Please don't bring it here.  We pride ourselves on being 'drama-free', and even though we try very hard as a staff to keep that sort of thing from happening, it still does creep in from time to time.  We try to be fair and give everyone who wants to join a fair-shake when joining under good faith.  Please don't join if you are the type to call other people out in public or argue over the shoutbox or in twitter OOC.  Part of this policy is that we ask that you keep OTHER FEDS BUSINESS WHERE IT BELONGS.  Which is, of course, not here.  CW forums are strictly for the purpose of Carnage Wrestling business.  What happened six months ago in Federation 'X' isn't any of my concern, so it's best to not bring up Fed 'X' at all.

- All Characters must be Original Characters!  No John Cena's or Stone Colds.  You may use anyone you like as your Picture Base, as long as it is not already in use by another member of Carnage Wrestling, or In Character Staff.  Movesets and catchphrases may be used, but direct copying a real life superstar and changing their name is not going to earn any extra points for creativity.  Come up with your own character, and if you need help with anything, staff is more than willing to do so.

- By submitting your application, you are giving members of Carnage Wrestling staff to write your character within the context of shows and other In Character content.  Staff will always make the final decision on who wins and loses each match.  If you do not agree with a match result, please contact Staff privately on the matter for a discussion or an explanation.  It is okay to be upset about losing, but not okay to make such a feeling a public affair.

- No showing an event without explanation will have you removed from Carnage Wrestling.  Taking time off is fine. Having something unexpected happening that will cause you from RPing for any show is fine - as long as at least one member of CW Staff knows.  If you no show, your character will be written off/used in a manner that we deem fit. 

Event Rules

Non-negotiable - These rules never change.
- No Cheating of any kind.  This includes roleplay 'recycling' (using a roleplay that you've written in another fed to count towards any match here.)  The exception of the recycling rule is the Character Development board.
- You cannot use other people's characters without their expressed permission to do so.  Please double check with Staff if you are doing this.
- You cannot use Staff or other NPC characters without Staff's permission to do so.  You will have to message a staff member to ask permission.  Be prepared for them to say no if your idea hurts/injures certain member, or doesn't fall in line with that character's style.
- CW is a HYBRID Fed.  By that, we mean that we strongly encourage you to work with other members closely to come up with stories and 'angles' that play out over time.  Parts of these stories or angles may include matches to have a predetermined winner.  That is not only perfectly okay, but encouraged.  Contendership points are still paid out to the winners of 'angled matches' due to CP being an In-Character system. 
- However, MOST title matches will be contested under best RPs wins scenario.  Staff will only accept angling a title match if it's really necessary or if the angle desperately calls for it.

Negotiable - Staff can and may make exceptions for special circumstances, mostly when all participants agree on an alteration.
- There is a ONE Roleplay Limit per match, unless other wise specified in the Match Thread.
- Tag Team matches are the exception here, having a 2 RP limit.  One member of the team may post both RPs or, if a team has two handlers, they may split the posts up at one a piece.
- Word Limits: 4000 Word Limit per roleplay. (Unless otherwise noted on match thread.) 
    -Please note that the Baltimore City Championship bracket will have a 2500 Word Limit per RP (This will be reflected in the match threads)
    -We use as our official word count check.  Roleplays that exceed the word limit will have points deducted/disqualified.  If you're close to the word count, please take the time to double check it on that website listed, as that is what we as Staff will use to make sure our numbers are the same.

- The Final Deadline for Monday Night Chaos will always occur on 11:59 PM (US Eastern Time, UTC -05:00) SATURDAY night (before that Chaos).  In other words, you will have all day Saturday to get your final RPs out.  For iPPV 'Supershows' the deadline remains the same.  Even though the show is slated to take place on Sunday, you will still have all day up until Midnight on that Saturday night to post your final RP.
- We ask that you do not read your opponents RP before your RP is posted.  We cannot ever truly know if you are breaking this rule or not, but as will be explained below in the guidelines, it's within your best interest not to do this.  Feel free to comment on any prior material from your opponents RPs in shows past; or material given to you from the shows themselves.

RP Guidelines

- You will NOT win every match you have in Carnage Wrestling.  Doesn't matter how good you are.  Eventually, you will lose.  If you cannot handle a loss in a civilized way, please do not apply.  Staff works very hard to judge every match as fairly as possible.  Trust us.

- In competition matches, Matches are won and lost by who wrote the better Roleplays for that show.  Period.

- Only Roleplays that conform to the rules listed on this page and are posted under their respective match thread (as a reply to the thread) will count towards grading for a match result!  Conversely, Roleplays posted under the Character Development board will NOT count towards grading of any match. 

- Character Development RPs, however, do show the effort you are putting into your character and his/her story.  This will pay off in many other ways. 

- The effort that you put into Carnage Wrestling as a whole, plus your Roleplays themselves, will reward you in many other ways than just winning on a weekly basis. How your character looks within the matches themselves, how your character gets booked, etc.  Losing one match may be a set up for the next great run with your character. Losing one match means that staff thought that their RP was better than yours at that one single moment in time.

- You may put in a lot of effort and still have to lose.  We will do the best we can to make your character look good within that loss, and give you things to work off of.  Like we say, we cannot have everyone win all of the time, but we like to match the effort we see with the effort we put into writing each match, and putting up each show.

- The Contendership Points system is there as a tool to make sure that all characters get fair chances at Championship matches.  But not all title matches will be won off of the points system alone.  There will still be number one contenderships, battle royales, etc.  Think of the Ctnd. Points System as a supplemental, In-Character system.

RP Grading
Divided into three categories, each RP is graded with a score of 0-10 in each category.  Highest point total wins.  Simple enough, fair enough.

Character Development - Exactly how it sounds.  What is your character's story?  How did it develop from the last time we've heard from him/her until now?  Is it interesting?  Does it have any effect on how this character enters their next match?  Match Relevance and Good Storytelling are the keys for this.  Please understand that if your character is talking about themselves, we consider this character development.

Promo (Shoot) - Strictly what you say about your opponent(s) that match.  You're countering points they made, or telling them how much you respect them.  The promo should match the dynamic that your character is playing versus the dynamic your opponent is playing.  (If you're a face, you wouldn't threaten your opponents family as an example.) 
  - Once again, I reiterate the point: please don't read and reply to your opponents first RP with your First RP.  We call this 'Replying' or 'Direct Replying' and it's not a good idea to do this on the First RP only.  The way we enforce this is to deduct points from your overall score. 
  - It is acceptable to reply to your opponents previous RPs, anything they've said or done within any of the shows.
  - It is also acceptable to reply/respond to your opponent once your first RP is out and done.  Anything goes within the second and third rps.
  - We do this to attempt to eliminate an advantage people have by waiting to go second.  The waiting period can sometimes cause people to post less.  In a bi-weekly fed, we rely on back and fourth action to keep the place interesting in the downtime between shows!  RP activity is a must.
Overall Presentation - Spelling, punctuation, grammar.  But also we like readability.  No big block chunks; please use proper spacing.  Font Color doesn't add to this score, but a good looking roleplay makes for a good reading roleplay in some cases.

Tiebreaker Category: X Factor - In cases where we cannot accept a tie as a finish, the staff will then add overall x-factor as the fourth and final category.  This is literally is the unexplained things that would make staff like one rp just a tiny bit more than another one.  In some cases, that's really what it comes down to.   

CW Contendership Points System

As of 12/7/15 Contendership points will be awarded for a point cash in system.  For every win you get a point.  For every loss, you will receive no points.  The winners of angled matches will receive points as well as those who won competitive matches.  In tag team matches, all members of the winning team will receive one point.   

6 Points - Carnage World Championship Shot

4 Points - CW UltraViolent Championship Shot

3 Points - CW Tag Team Championship Shot
(Both competitors may combine their points in any way to cash in)

2 Points - CW Baltimore City Championship Shot

NOTE: You may cash these points in at any time, any show, anywhere - but the cash in MUST be approved by CW Staff.

Here's the rundown on cashing them in:

- We prefer you cash them in to book a future match.  If it's a World Championship match, we like to book those solely on the iPPVs, but exceptions are willing to be made.
- You may cash them in to make yourself a part of an already existing championship match, IF Staff and all members of the existing championship match agree that it is okay for you to do so.  If there is a disagreement, your points will be used to book a championship match at a later date.
- You may also perform a 'surprise cash in', where most of the Federation will be kept in the dark that you are challenging for the title during that show.  The rules are the same as if you would make yourself a part of a championship match - you must get permission from the champion, any challengers, and Staff before doing this.  The difference is, you, as well as the champion/contenders will be asked to Roleplay during that show WITHOUT mentioning the fact that you will be secretly cashing in, as to keep the surprise for the viewers of the show.  Winners will be judged solely off of the Grading points.  (Note: It's extremely difficult to win a championship in this way.  Be forewarned.)
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