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The End Is Where We Begin
« on: February 12, 2018, 10:09:12 AM »
OOC: This is Part 2 of a 3 part series. The third part will be my rp for Chaos 50.

February 9, Tampa, Florida at The Academy

As far as the weather goes, Tampa isnít a bad place to be. It rarely gets cold and the only three things you have to worry about it the heat, humidity, and rain. It is fairly enjoyable and you donít have to deal with as many tourists compared to Orlando and Miami. On paper, Tampa looks like an ideal place to have a sports academy. You could train athletes all year long and have options where and when you train. Donít feel like training at the track? Why not have a run on the beach? These are some of the original ideas Tweeder had in mind when he was talked into moving to the area by MG Newton when he was in THW. Plus, he had a live-in girlfriend, Jessica who thought Tampa would be a good place to settle down. She had planned to open a gym as part of the business to attract people from the local community. It wasnít a bad idea, but over the past few years, the gym started to take priority over The Academy. It wasnít Jessica or Tweederís fault, but just the direction of sports. MLS teams all have their own academies and football players are now seeking out private lessons from trainers. So having the gym grow was a good thing, but it was costly. One of the best things when Tweeder had The Academy built, it was during the recession which meant he was about to get a great deal on the land.

After Jessica had left Tweeder because he wanted to rejoin Carnage, Tweeder had asked MG Newton to help run things including the wrestling side. Business was adequate, but it was still lacking. Someone on the gym side hired a marketing representative who started to turn the gym into Planet Fitness and offering free soda, pizza, and doughnuts every Friday. Yes people came in, but they werenít getting the results they wanted. So after a long think, Tweeder decided it was time to sell The Academy with the gym and start over after five years in Tampa. This time, Tweeder wasnít going to make it as big, but a simple gym that had a ring, weights, and cardio equipment with enough space for various mat work. Wanting to make sure he wouldnít have to wait for the building to be completed, he found an area in Dallas, Texas that was full of warehouse. Most of them didnít have air conditioning, but they were spacious enough to where Tweeder could have everything he wanted and a little bit more. Breaking the news to everyone wasnít easy. Most didnít seem to care, but there were a few who complained. There was one-person Tweeder hadnít talked to and that was Asahi. What began as just taking him under his wing to train him, turned out to be more. Asahi didnít really have a father figure growing up or someone who treated him with respect. Tweeder inadvertently filled those roles which was going to make this harder. Plus, Robert Anciaux, the person who was buying The Academy from Tweeder, was stopping by to finalize a few details. Tweeder knew he was going to have to talk to Asahi eventually and let him know they were going to be moving to Texas. Before Tweeder could begin to look for Asahi, Asahi found Tweeder.

Asahi: Mr. Tweeder, there is a Mr. Robert Anciaux here to see you. He said he was here to sign the paperwork for the sale of The Academy. Please tell me it isnít true? How can you sell our home?

Tweeder sighs as he might as well give the short version to Asahi.

Tweeder: Yes it is true I am selling The Academy. It doesnít mean we are losing our home. We are simply moving to a new home.

Asahi: When were you going to tell me about this?

Tweeder: I was looking for you and was planning on telling you before Robert showed up.

Asahi: I thought we were friends.

Tweeder: We are friends and I will explain in more detail why we are moving to Dallas after I meet with Robert.

Asahi: Well what if I donít want to move to Dallas?

Tweeder: It is up to you if you want to move to Dallas or not. Look, I promise I will explain everything after Iím finished with Robert. Will you agree to hold off on making a decision until after I explain everything?

Asahi: Fine.

Tweeder gives Asahi a pat on the back to reassure him that everything is going to be fine. It wonít be easy with Asahi since for the first time in his life, he has some stability. Tweeder feels bad for what might be a last-minute deal, but it is far from that. This deal has in the process of a few months and even before Ultimate Carnage. Seeing what Jason Bridges was doing to Carnage and trying to run The Academy was not going to help solve any problems but create more problems. Tweeder would either excel at one or the other, but not both. Tweeder decided to keep a school, but having it be smaller would still be profitable while allowing him to sorting out the mess Bridges has created. Selling the Academy also gave him funds so he could slowly buy shares and increase his status as an owner. Hopefully Asahi will understand. He has a bright future and one that last longer than Tweederís if he stays focused.

As Tweeder heads to the front of The Academy, he spots Robert Anciaux in his expensive suit that he probably bought from Harrods in London. Robert doesnít seem like the sporty type guy, but to Tweeder, it really doesnít matter. Tweeder is ready to close this chapter of his life and begin a new one. As far as he is concerned, Robert could turn The Academy into a nuclear waste plant. The fact Robert was willing to pay over $100 million for The Academy and pay Tweeder a cut for image rights, struck Tweeder as a bit odd. Still, it is more than enough to start over. The money will go along way in helping Tweeder on another project that was going to be off the grid.

Tweeder: Ah, Mr. Anciaux, it is so good to see you.

Robert Anciaux: How many times do I have to tell you, just call me Robert.

Tweeder: I guess old habits are hard to get rid of. What do you say I give you a tour of the place?

Robert Anciaux: No need to give me a tour. One of your students, Asahi was kind enough to give a tour a few weeks back. He told me you were in an accident that involved fire. Are you ok?

Tweeder: All part of the job and yes it was painful at the time, but I have been through worse. You donít want a tour, so how about we go to my office to finalize everything?

Robert Anciaux: I like the sound of that. There are a few things I would like to discuss with you bout in regards to another business deal.

Tweeder: We can do it where it is a lot quieter.

Robert Anciaux: Can we do it on the roof?

Now this has Tweederís attention. It is one thing to speak in private, but on the roof? Something in Tweederís gut is telling him something is off, but the question is what. The best approach is to tread carefully.

Tweeder: Ya we can go to the roof. I do need to grab a few things from the office.

Tweeder and Robert head to the office where Tweeder gets his sunglasses, cigarettes, pen, and clip board before they head to the roof. When The Academy was being built, he insisted there be stairs so people could get to the roof if needed. Still having the troubling feeling, Tweeder reluctantly leads the way to the roof. Robert for some reason has a smile which is sending chills down Tweederís spine, which isnít an easy thing to do. Maybe it was when Michael Rak hired The Dove to kill Tweeder, but Rak has had to go into hiding after being exposed as Big Daddy Diamond, the former owner of OWC. Perhaps it is a member of The Network who thinks Tweeder is a problem and they want him gone. There are many reasons to be uneasy and most people would have shown some sort of reaction. Tweeder has worked to suppressing his emotions and reactions in normal circumstances like this so he appears he is care free on the outside. Once of the roof, both Tweeder and Robert move away from the door and to the center while Tweeder also lights up a cigarette.

Tweeder: Ok Robert, be straight with me. Why did you want to do this on the roof and not in my office?

 Robert Anciaux: I wanted to do it in your office, but at the same time, privacy is the way to do.

Tweeder: You wanted privacy and now you have it. Shall we sign the papers like we agreed to?

Robert Anciaux: We will, but I have to tell you something about The Network.

Tweeder: What about them?

Robert Anciaux: They donít like you and they want you gone.

Tweeder: Why am I not surprised they donít like me?

Robert Anciaux: They donít like how you are rocking the boat and they are afraid you are going to cost them money.

Tweeder: They think I am not one of them which means I am a threat.

Robert Anciaux: You are threat to them and Bridges.

Tweeder: Why are they so worried about Bridges? Is he their love child?

Robert Anciaux: I wouldnít go that far, but they are very fond of him. They believe he will help The Network reach a level that even Chase Johnson couldnít reach.

Tweeder: He is there love child then. Maybe this is something I will need to address at the next board meeting.

Robert Anciaux: I wouldnít advise it.

Tweeder: Your advice is noted. I want to know one thing though. Why are you telling me this? I thought we were just doing a simple business deal with the sale of The Academy.

Robert Anciaux: I wish it was that simple, but my stepbrother was John Tartol.

Tweeder: Iím sorry to hear what happened to him.

Robert Anciaux: Donít be. He knew what he was getting into and it turned out he knew too much.

Tweeder: I donít care about anyone from The Network, only Jason Bridges and what he is doing to my home. If they want to defend him, then maybe they are hiding something.

Robert Anciaux: That was Johnís thinking too and it cost him his life. You have a good thing going for you. I would hate for you to end like John.

Tweeder: This isnít the first time I have been in a similar situation and it wonít be the last. Iíll take my chances.

Robert Anciaux just shakes his head and asks for the clipboard. He can tell that Tweeder wonít be changing his mind so the only thing he can do is sign the paperwork for the sale of The Academy. In a matter of seconds, it is over. Tweeder no longer owns The Academy and has 30 days to gather his things. It is time for the new direction to start in Dallas and with just a few people to help him with the start-up. MG Newton has already said he wonít be going to Dallas, but Tweeder has other connections who should be willing to help. Maybe he can reach out to some of his old DRWF connections to see if any of them are looking for work.