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Chaos 49 Live! Results
« on: February 07, 2018, 11:02:24 AM »
Pre-Show: Striking A Deal

The ring crew of Carnage Wrestling is busy getting everything ready for the remaining hour and unlike some promotions, they don’t slow down. Granted with Jason Bridges in charge, they all want to quit, but they have family members who have to eat and if it wasn’t for Lucas Silva who does majority of the work before and after the show, they would have been fired anyways. As it so happens, Jason Bridges has sent Lucas Siva out to get him a large coffee with no milk or sugar.

Lucas Silva

Being the obedient youngster he is who has an excellent work ethic unlike Aries Reed, he does as he is told and gets the coffee without question. Knowing Bridges will be timing him, he hurries to deliver the cup of joe, but he is intercepted by Tweeder.


Lucas Silva: What do you want? I don’t have time for your games!

Tweeder: Relax, I just had a few questions I wanted to ask you before I delivered that cup of coffee to Jay for you.

Lucas Silva: I can’t let you do that. I am being timed and I don’t want to be late.

Tweeder: Fine, have it your way. We can walk and talk. Besides, it will spill if you run. I don’t think Jay would be too happy if you lost his coffee.

Lucas Silva: Make it quick. I don’t like talking to you any longer than I have to.

Tweeder: I hear you are being trained by Kyra to get proper wrestling training. You have a good mentor.

Lucas Silva: Is this what you wanted to talk to me about?

Tweeder: Yes and no. While you won’t publicly say it, everyone knows you want to wrestle. While people like Aries, Dazi, and Melody are only in for fame and fortune, you do it because you give a damn. So I want to make a deal with you. When Kyra says you are ready, I will help get you on the pay roll as a wrestler. You can keep your job as a member of the ring crew if you want, but Bridges can’t hold it over your head like he did at Ultimate Carnage.

Lucas Silva stops and turns to face Tweeder. The look of anger is in his eyes.

Lucas Silva: So what do you want in return?

Tweeder: Your unused Carnage points.

Lucas Silva: How many? I think I have 23.

Tweeder: All of them.

Lucas Silva: What!?! You expect me to hand over my Carnage points that I earned just so I can be a wrestler in Carnage? If you-

Tweeder is quick to cut him off before Silva can say no.

Tweeder: I wasn’t finished. Now I only need a few of them for something that I have planned, but better safe than sorry. So the points I don’t use, WHEN you return as an active member of the roster, they return to you.

Lucas Silva: You will probably leave me with just one.

Tweeder: Not my plan at all. If it were to happen, I would owe you a favor.

Lucas Silva: I’m listening.

Tweeder: Say I earned the right to be the number one contender and if I owed you, you could take the number one contender spot in my place.

Lucas Silva: So what would happen if I won? You would take the title away and say it was mine.

Tweeder: Wouldn’t happen. The debt would be paid off.

Lucas Silva: Why would you do something like that?

Tweeder: One, I hate Bridges and how he made all kinds of promises to people who don’t deserve them. He screwed you and Kyra over, but will bend over backwards to make Melody happy. So it is about destroying him one step at a time.

Lucas Silva: How can you do all of this?

Before answering, Tweeder takes the coffee meant for Bridges and starts to walk towards Bridges’ office before Silva can do anything. As he is walking, he removes the lid and adds some French Vanilla and Irish Cream creamers into the cup and gives it a shake before putting the lid back on. Tweeder stops and turns around to address Silva.

Tweeder: Because he seems to forget, I own part of this company and it is my home. He is going to get evicted one way or another.

Exclusively on the
February 5, 2018
The Carnage Arena - Baltimore, Maryland



Terrra Skye, Johnny Vegas & Ray Payne

Time Keeper:


Ring Announcer:

Kelly Carmichael


White Rey, Ed Hawkersby, Ref Jeff & Silent Cal

"Uprising" by Muse is playing over the speakers with the Carnage Legion excited after a thrilling Act of Defiance. That music is quickly cut off, and said Legion goes bonkers at the first mention of the word “RISE,” rendering the majority of the following lyrics inaudible.  As the instrumental kicks in, the ovation continues as Will Prydor emerges from the locker room onto the top of the ramp.  Over his left shoulder is the Ultraviolent Championship, while his right shoulder carries the Carnage Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship. An awestruck smile is pasted on Will’s face as he makes the walk down the aisle.

Will Prydor

Terra Skye: Well we were set to run down the card at the top of the show, but it looks like we're getting the World champion instead!

Johnny Vegas: Oh fuck this. I'm glad I wasn't there to watch him ruin two divisions at once.

Ray Payne: I doght he dids good, yo. Missus Ames gaves him a heckuva fight.

Terra Skye: And he doesn't get time to rest, either, because at Chaos 50 he'll defend against Melody Lennox!

Johnny Vegas: And we'll finally have someone holding the belt that's worthy of it. Fucking fat ass.

Kelly Carmichael:  Ladies and gentlemen…the reigning Ultraviolent Champion, and the NEW Carnage Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion…Will Prydor!

If it was even possible, the ovation gets even louder at that announcement as Will ducks between the ropes and picks up a microphone from the corner of the ring.  His music fades, which can’t really be noticed over the crowd which hasn’t quieted at all in the last minute or so. Prydor goes to raise the microphone to his mouth, but has no opening to get a word in edge-wise as the crowd takes it on themselves to start a chant.

YOU DESERVE IT!  *Clap clap Clap-clap-clap*

YOU DESERVE IT!  *Clap clap Clap-clap-clap*

This goes on for about another thirty seconds or so before Will raises one hand in the air, palm out to ask for a bit of quiet which the crowd finally allows.

Will Prydor:  Many, many years ago, I told myself that I wouldn’t let things get to my head if I ever got to this position.  I told myself that I would have some decorum, and not become one of those cocky asshats who thought he was untouchable because he finally won a top championship.  I’m going to hold myself to that…but if I may, I’d like to ask y’all’s indulgence for just one more minute before I get to the business at hand.  You see, there’s a certain someone at ringside who, if you’ve watched the rerun of Chaos 48 on the Carnage Network, claimed that I would ruin two divisions if I won at Act of Defiance.

Johnny Vegas:  And you’ve done just that, you fat fucking asshole!

Terra Skye:  Johnny, shut the hell up!

Will Prydor:  As you can see, his worst fears have come to pass.  And while I don’t want to come off as too condescending, I think everyone in the Carnage Arena can agree that this simply has to be done. 

Will ducks between the ropes, dropping to the floor in front of the commentary table.

Will Prydor:  So, Miss Carmichael, if I may ask a favor?  Could you please repeat your introduction from a few moments ago?

Kelly looks over at Will, and nods with a smile as Prydor puts down the microphone and stares down Johnny Vegas, holding both title belts high in the air.

Kelly Carmichael:  Ladies and gentlemen…the reigning Ultraviolent Champion, and the NEW Carnage Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion…Will Prydor!

Will stands in front of Vegas for another few seconds before settling his belts back on his shoulders, his stare boring a hole through the head of Johnny as the Legion again roars in approval.  Will then shakes the proffered hands of Ray Payne and Terra Skye before he turns to get back into the ring.

Will Prydor:  As much as I’d love to keep soaking all of this in, ladies and gents, there’s business that needs to be taken care of.  After all, Chaos number 50 is in two weeks and there’s a challenger already in the wings for the biggest prize in Carnage.  Now, as anyone who’s been paying attention can tell you, Miss Lennox has been hung up on the fact that the Carnage World Championship has been suspiciously absent from Carnage programming, except for big events and the like.  She likes to proclaim to anyone who’ll listen that she deserves the championship, that it’s hers for the taking, it’s her soon-to-be birthday present to herself and so no and so forth.  She has been so hung up on Amy Jo Smyth, who defeated her a month or two back, and the actual championship that maybe she doesn’t realize that the narrative has changed.  News flash, Melody.  I will not be a one-shot wonder, a transitional champion who is just a footnote in the annals of Carnage Wrestling just because you say so.  My name is Will Prydor and I am the mountain you’ll have to conquer to claim the top prize in the land. 

Johnny Vegas: Yeah and he's about the size of Everest!

Ray Payne: He is smallers since da last time you seent him, Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: Still a fatass!

Terra Skye: Says the geezer with a beer belly.

Will Prydor:  Now, that brings me to the other belt on my shoulder.  The Ultraviolent Championship.  It was no secret when I won this belt that my intent was to get to three defenses, take the Highroad Clause, and take a shot at the World title because I’m not your prototypical Ultraviolent champion.  After Act of Defiance, I’m at two defenses…but Jason Bridges forced my hand and made me change my plans.  As you see, that kind of worked to my benefit.  So, plan B.  Anyone who’s versed in Carnage history will know that on one other occasion, one person has held both the World and Ultraviolent championships simultaneously.  That man is Jackson, and is one of the men I have respect for in this sport.  He set the precedent after the first Ultimate Carnage that I’m going to follow here.

Will takes the Ultraviolent belt off his shoulder, holding it in his left hand.

Will Prydor:  Consider this my official announcement.  At this time, I am—

Voice:  You’ll do no such thing, Prydor.

Will Prydor:  Correction, ladies and gents.  My official announcement is that I am about to make an asshole appear!

The entire Legion erupts into jeers as Jason Bridges walks out onto the top of the entrance ramp.  Prydor’s facial expression is one of resignation, as if he knew this was coming.

Jason Bridges

Jason Bridges:  Now, did you really think your little stunt four weeks ago was going to go unpunished?  No one makes a fool of me and gets away scot-free.  I know what you were going to do, Will.  It’s not going to happen on my watch.  No…you’ll be doing double duty in two weeks at Chaos 50.  Not only will you be defending the Carnage World Championship against Melody Lennox, but you’ll also be defending the Ultraviolent Championship.  No one crosses me, Prydor.  You’ll find out in two weeks when you leave this arena twenty pounds of title belts lighter.

He smirks a bit, as it seems there is more to this announcement than he let on.

Jason Bridges: Not only are you going to defend against one opponent, but you're going to have three. The first is Tweeder. I don't particularly care for him but he's good at ultraviolent wrestling and I hope you two end each other. Finally, there are two more. And not just any two, but two very special opponents making their return to Carnage Wrestling...Dazi Miyashita and Marisol Hawkes. You will be defending in the first ever Carnage Scramble match.

With that, Bridges turns and walks back into the locker room as Will seethes in the center of the ring, standing defiant in the face of the odds stacked against him.

Terra Skye: Holy shit! Marisol Hawkes and Dazi Miyashita are back!?

Johnny Vegas: And Bridges threw them at porker in there! Good!

Ray Payne: Da last times we saw dem together, dey was in an inferno match.

Terra Skye: Yeah, and now if you throw Will and Tweeder into it, it's going to be nuts!

Match One: The Avenger & Sam Action vs. Indomitable Spirit

Suddenly a green Avenger logo shines onto the rampway, signaling the arrival of Carnage Wrestling's only superhero. Then the voice of Chad Kroeger blares over the PA system.

I'm so high
I can hear heaven...
I am so high
I can hear heaven...
Oh but heaven don't hear meeeeee

As the duo sings about how a hero can save us, The Avenger leaps out on the stage, making heroic poses.

The Avenger

Terra Skye: Well, we're kicking things off here with tag team action!

Johnny Vegas: Who in the hell did Avenger find as a tag team partner? Nobody likes him!

Ray Payne: I does, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Are you the tag team partner? Is BOY?

Boy: Dying grapes are only for the Tweever. Die a million times the stacked chairs!

Johnny Vegas: I guess not.

Avenger moves down the ramp, shaking hands and signing autographs. He stands at the ring, makes sure his cape is attached and then leaps up onto the apron, before climbing up the turnbuckle and doing yet another heroic pose. He then lifts both arms and points them at the entranceway, to signal the arrival of his partner.

Kelly Carmichael: The following tag team contest is schedule for one fall! Already in the ring, from the Hall of Justice, weighing in at 213 pounds...THE AVENGER!

Who's the super man
That saves the kittens with his bare hands
That's Sam Action.

Who's the awesome guy
With rock hard abs and a twinkle in his eye?
Saving the day, y'all.

Sam Action comes out to the funky theme of Shaft, with his arms in the air and sunglasses on his face, to a polite reaction from the crowd. He slaps hands on his way down the ramp, before giving Avenger a fist bump as he enters the ring.

Sam Action

Kelly Carmichael: And his tag team partner, from...Earth !!!!!, weighing in at 180 pounds...SAM ACTION!

Johnny Vegas: Earth WHAT?

Terra Skye: You got me.


Ray Payne: Boy says it's a different Earth, yo.

Johnny Vegas: That's just stupid!

Kelly Carmichael: And their opponents, being accompanied by Saint Peter...They are Scott Herman and Rose Marie Rifkin...Indomitable Spirit!

Scott and Rose Marie enter as "Spirit In The Sky," Doctor & the Medics  starts to play. Saint Peter walks out with them talking up the crowd. They get into the ring and stare down their opponents.

Terra Skye: And these two had a big loss at Act of Defiance and word is they're not happy with their standing here in Carnage Wrestling.

Johnny Vegas: These people preach positivity and these fans crap all over it. I wouldn't be happy either!

Ray Payne: Dey can wins if dey don't like it.

Terra Skye: Should be interested to see how they handle this...odd duo of Avenger and Action.


Avenger and Herman start things off in the ring, circling each other before locking up in a collar elbow tie up. Avenger is quick to circle around getting Herman in a waist lock. Herman crouches a bit sliding his hands between Avenger’s quickly breaking the hold and spinning around now locking Avenger in a half nelson. Almost immediately Avenger throws an elbow hitting Herman in the jaw turning around and attempting an Irish Whip on Herman who quickly reverses throwing Avenger towards the ropes. The superhero rebounds leaping up into the air, his feet landing on the shoulders of the now running Herman, throwing him to the ground with a hurricanrana!

Terra Skye: A quick rana from the superhero...

Johnny Vegas: DON'T call him that!

Ray Payne: But he is a supes, yo. He saved Boy's life.

Terra Skye: And rid us of Ragnarok.

Johnny Vegas: Two things I will NEVER forgive him for.

Herman sits up immediately now in the corner biting his cheek in frustration as Avenger poses for the fans and gives Herman a thumbs up. Herman pops up to his feet and the two circle again. Herman offers to do a test of strength. Avenger agrees reaching for his hand as Herman quickly brings a boot up into Avenger’s midsection. He follows it up with a clubbing forearm to his back. Herman then begins striking the upper body of Avenger with knee lifts.

Johnny Vegas: That's more like it! Drop his caped ass to the mat!

Terra Skye: You have a lot of hatred for someone that just wants to help others.

Johnny Vegas: I'm telling you, he's got ulterior motives!

Ray Payne: Mistah Sams seems to likes him, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Obviously he's been paid off.


Avenger reaches out for Sam Action but is brought down to the mat after Herman yanks him by the cape. Herman takes the cape and wraps it around Avenger’s throat beginning to choke him with it. The referee intervenes telling Herman to let him go! Herman keeps the hold on then releases Avenger taking the cape off of him. Herman stares at the cape and smirks starting to put it on. Avenger watches in horror and Sam shouts ordering Herman to take it off.

Ray Payne: Oh noes, dat is da source of his powahs, yo!

Terra Skye: Really?

Ray Payne: I dunno.

Johnny Vegas: I think it looks better on Herman! He looks good in green!

Herman jumps into the air pretending to fly around before taking the Cape and throwing it onto the mat, proceeding to stomp on it. Avenger kips up and charges at Herman only to get struck by a flying knee from Herman. Herman drags Avenger to the corner and begins stomping him out before tagging in Rose. Rose stomps Avenger in the corner backing up a bit, running crashing her knee into his face. She pulls him out and goes for a cover!



Terra Skye: Even without his cape, Avenger can't be put away that easily.

Johnny Vegas: He's been doing well without his brain so far, so why not go without a cape.

Ray Payne: You is means, Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: HAVE YOU MET ME?

Avenger sits up reaching for Sam again but Rose stomps on the man’s spine cutting him off from the tag. Rose elbow drops him right in the back and blows a kiss to Sam Action who is visibly becoming more and more upset. Rose grabs Avenger by the hair and picks him back to his feet. She throws the hero into her corner, tagging in Herman. More boots and elbows are used to punish Avenger in the Corner. Sam begins pounding the turnbuckle trying to rally the fans who are quick to make some noise for Avenger. The caped crusader fires some shots to Herman’s ribs pushing him back some. Herman Strikes him hard with an elbow stopping the potential offense of Avenger. He throws his arm over his head lifting him into the air in suplex position. Avenger shifts his body weight landing behind Herman Spinning him around grabbing him by the throat. He lifts him up and slams him down in the middle of the ring with a choke slam!

Terra skye: Holy shit! And you say he's not a superhero!

Johnny Vegas: He's done that before! You don't actually buy this do you?

Terra Skye: No, but Avenger's a good guy and it's fun to piss you off.

Johnny Vegas: Bitch.

Ray Payne: So means, yo. Too means.

Sam holds out his hand begging for a Tag as Rose does the same towards Herman. Avenger leaps making he tag to Sam as Herman tags Rose. Sam charges at Rose slamming into her with a headbutt dropping her to the mat, she scurries up only to be dropped back with another Headbutt. Herman Rushes at Sam but is lifted high into the air and slammed with a Spinebuster! Sam is pumped up now as Rose is back on her feet. Sam grabs her by the arm throwing her to the ropes, he runs spinning a bit as he slams into her with a discuss forearm smash a loud smack heard through the arena. Sam grabs the Cape on the ground handing it to Avenger who puts it back on receiving a huge pop from the fans seeing their hero with his cape on. Sam tags Avenger who climbs the top turnbuckle. Sam grabs him and throws him off as Avenger splashes onto Rose.





Kelly Carmichael: Here are your winners...The Avenger and Sam Action!

Terra Skye: I guess Sam really is a man of action.

Johnny Vegas: Ugh...

Terra Skye: What I mean is, once he got in there the match ended quick.

Ray Payne: Dat double team finish helpeds them yo. Wondah what dey calls it?


Ray Payne: Probably nots dat, Mistah Boy.

Avenger gets up and gives Sam a hug, who gently pushes him off and opts for a handshake instead. Indomitable Spirit leave the ring and are not happy about another loss, shouting expletives at the fans as they go.

The Savior Has Come

The lights flicker. Suddenly they pop up with all white lights. A spotlight hits the ring as a weasley thin man with wild hipster hair walks out in a black suit, gold sequined bow tie and matching gold sequined cummerbund.

Man: Ladies and Gentlemen...Or at least as much as you can be in Baltimore...

Terra Skye: Well this guy is making an impression.

Ray Payne: It's Mr. Jonnies Pee Har Guy...

Johnny Vegas: Hey. I might hire him if he is one with lines like that.

Boy: Like a good invader fried ham is there...

A chorus of boo's and expletives are thrown towards the man with the microphone. The man with the bombastic yet annoying voice continues.

Man: With that reaction I thought I was in Philadelphia...I am Scott Freeman...I am the herald of greatness...The private announcer to only the greatest wrestler to ever grace this low rent, low brow, low balled backwater bastille of blandness...Introducing to you...The newest...and greatest signing in Carnage...which shall now be pronounced via french as Carnarge Wrestling....I give you...your Salvation... “The Savior” Sebastian Steel!!!

The lights flicker and golden pyro goes off as “The Man” by The Killers starts to play. Out of the back come four beautiful supermodel quality women all wearing white, short, and revealing dresses. They pose towards the walk way as “The Savior” Sebastian Steel struts out on the rampway. Decked out in a white sparkling robe with black trim and black feathers comes the young good looking wrestler. He poses with his arms outstretched as the ladies all put their arms on him and turn him around. We see “Savior” in a rich font sewn into the back of the robe with gold and black lettering. The robe comes off and we see Sebastian is wearing a expensive armani suit that is all black save for a white tie. He pulls out a pair of black shades and pops them on as he blows kisses to each of the girls. He gets into the ring and bows to the audience who don't know what to make of him. He gets into the ring and Scott Freeman gets on his knees in front of Sebastian and holds up the microphone which Sebastian graciously takes.

Sebastian Steel

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: Greetings and salutations you wonderful people. Yes! Truly wonderful. Wonderful because you spent what little hard earned cash you scraped and clawed to keep from your baby mama's and drug dealers so you could come here and get your fix of this...

Sebastian holds up one arm. Curls it. And then kisses his bicep much to the fans disgust. The girls who have entered the ring all swoon. Scott Freeman holds up a smartphone and sets up a selfie stick taking a photo of the pose.

Terra Skye: This guy has an ego the size of the capital.

Ray Payne: To much ego. Not enough ring.

Johnny Vegas: I am actually entertaining by this higher class of athlete.

Boy: Hashbrown Tag you're it...

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: Now I know my arrival was not as noticeable the other night, but I assure you...from here on out. This is the highlight reel of this show. Now I could talk “shit” about those who are higher up than me, but just looking at them does it. I mean look at the champions...Well...Two of them are alright. My buddy Bobby Zodiac is holding his own and...this guy...

Sebastian points to Johnny Vegas.

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: The perfect class act. Johnny Vegas everyone!

Johnny Vegas: Oh...This guy is smart.

Ray Payne: One part of him is...

Boy: BOOTY!!

Terra Skye: Ahahhaha...

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: But I have come to bring you salvation from the others.  Ladies...I just might puke. Look at how horrid the world title is. First defended by a no showing hack bitch. Now The World Champion... “Broken Bird” Will Prydor? Hah! Hah! Hah I say. A hardcore champion who doesn't do hardcore...I could say that's the one classy thing the man has done in his life, but when he retired in disgrace when Jesse Williams broke his fat neck was probably the best move of his life. This is your world champion. Your tag team champions are the biggest jokes ever. Joe “Caveman” Cool? Please...If he were just to happen to walk down here I think my beauties would whip his sorry ass...and then there is his partner...I use the term loosely. See where as I am born of greatness. The lackluster genetics of a tired, woman beating, old, pathetic...

“Bleed the Freak” by Alice in Chains starts to play...

Terra Skye: Uh oh!

Ray Payne: Payback time!

Johnny Vegas: Boy hide my liquor!

Boy: My holy hole is a nopey no for you adult beverages...

Nothing happens. Sebastian laughs as he holds out a remote. He hits a button and “Bleed the Freak” starts to play again.

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: My uncle isn't coming out here. It's all just a ruse to get you people to actually think he cares about you. Trent Steel likes to pretend that he's the hero, but truth much as you all pretend to hate the glorious person that is me. The truth is...that man...he's the worst con man in the world. And I promise you when I am done...Carnage Wrestling will know the truth about...

From out of the crowd we hear a commotion as Trent Steel comes bursting through. He's not wearing his shades of his trench coat. He's in his street clothes and his eyebrows look burnt. He comes thru the crowd and grabs a microphone.

Trent Steel

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: Now...Trent. I know you don't like hearing the truth but...

Trent gets into the ring and Scott Freeman charges at him. Trent ducks his shoulder a bit and back body drops Scott over the ropes face first onto the ring floor! Trent points right at Sebastian and motions to come on.

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: think I'm going to give these people a pay per view quality fight for free? You must be jo...

Trent rares back and “DICK KICK CITY”!!!


The girls scatter as Trent leaps on top of Sebastian and starts whooping his ass like he owes him money. Trent get sup after a moment and grabs Sebastian's leg. He sets him up for X-Treme Prejudice! As he starts to slap him into the hold we see Security get into the ring and start restraining Trent. Trent starts fighting thru security as Sebastian rolls out of the ring. We see at the top of the entraceway is Bridges who laughs at Trent's frustrations. With a ring full of twelve security gaurds Trent is now being held down as “The Man” by The Killers starts to play. Trent is screaming at the camera looking like a man possessed as Sebastian heads up the ramp. Sebastian gets close to the camera.

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: Salvation is coming for you all... “The Savior” of Carnarge Wrestling has come!

Match Two: Jacob Cass vs. Oyabun Gin

Terra Skye: Well, that was certainly a debut for Sebastian Steel. I wonder when he'll get in the ring to back up his mouth?

Johnny Vegas: Whenever he damn well pleases. Finally, a Steel I can cheer for!

Ray Payne: It figahs you'd like hims, yo.

Terra Skye: Yeah, they're both assholes.

"XTC" by Psychic Lover begins to play, while the Oyabun calmly marches out, fronted by his twin children who in essence guide him to the ring.

Kelly Carmichael: This match is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Kabuchiko, Japan, weighing in at 225 pounds...OYABUN GIN!!

Oyabun Gin

Gin outstretches his arms, letting the crowd sing the opening line of the chorus before stepping into the ring, looking forward.

Terra Skye: This is the first of two debuts tonight, and he comes to us from Japan.

Johnny Vegas: Yeesh, between him and Mai Goto you'd think we have an exchange program open. Wait, do we? Can we send them Avenger and Trent?

Ray Payne: Dats not how dat works, Mistah Jonnies.

Terra Skye: If it was, we'd send you immediately.

The opening rift of End of Days blasts throughout the PA System as a man in a black hoody would walk out onto the stage with a set of leather tights, kickpads and black boots would. walk down the ramp. Slowly yet methodically the crowd would boo him in unison as the announcer introduces him to the Carnage scene.

Kelly Carmichael: And his opponent, from Detroit, Michigan... standing at six feet four inches tall, weighing in at 240 pounds... This is the "Devil of Dark Arts" Jacob Cass!

Jacob Cass

Cass would now reach the ropes and step through them with a cheeky smile of sadistic proportions. Pointing a gun to the camera with his fingers, and sitting in the corner moments later.

Terra Skye: And of course we found out after Act of Defiance that Jacob Cass here was the one who left that spooky message.

Johnny Vegas: Good. I'm sick of mysteries already.

Ray Payne: Mistah Jake is a mysteries too, yo.

Terra Skye: We don't know much about either of these two, but this match will definitely show us something.


The Bell rings as the two men begin to circle each other in the ring. Jacob then stops as he smirks giving Gin a bow clearly trying to do the opposite of being respectful. Gin simply glares as Jacob comes back up hit spins knocking the older man down with a spinning back fist! Jacob covers him and begins raining down punches all to the head. He quickly hooks the leg!


Terra Skye: Damn! Jacob Cass is firing away early. Gin doesn't know what hit him!

Johnny Vegas: I like this guy! He's got moxie!

Terra Skye: Moxie? What are you, a 1920s gangster?

Johnny Vegas: I'm not THAT old!

Ray Payne: Doesn't Moxies has a song on da radios?

Terra Skye: Not that one, Ray.

Jacob wastes no time and begins to stomp away at the man, then begins pressing onto his neck with his boot, the referee immediately heads over beginning the five count.


Jacob gets off of the man holding up five fingers stating he had till five. Jacob smirks as he grabs Gin by the head, picking him back up onto his feet. Jacob irish whips Gin to the ropes, immediately running after him as he slides through the bottom rope grabbing Gin’s foot sending him crashing face first into the mat. Jacob walks over to the announce table and leans against it aiming his finger gun at the downed Oyabun.

Terra Skye: Maybe it's his age or maybe he's not accustomed to the Carnage ring yet, but Gin can't seem to get anything going here.

Johnny Vegas: It's because Jacob Cass is a fucking beast!

Ray Payne: He is doins really gud, yo.

Johnny Vegas: That's putting it mildly.

He casually walks up to the ring getting back onto the apron. He turns aiming the gun at the fans mouthing off as he does so. Gin comes up behind Jacob wrapping his arms around his neck before lifting him up slamming him back into the ring with a reverse suplex! Gin snarls at Class as he then lands onto the back of Cass’ head with a knee drop. Gin flips him over and begins a pin attempt.




Jacob kicks out holding the back of his head. Gin grabs Jacob and puts him in a headlock tightening the hold as Jacob struggles for air. Gin holds Jacob there as the ref asks if he wants to continue.

Terra Skye: Gin finally mounts some offense here, as it seems Cass is mortal after all.

Johnny Vegas: Mortal or not, he was damn impressive. And it's not over yet.

Boy: It's nevah ovah!

Ray Payne: Dat was Mistah Boy's impressions of me, yo.

Terra Skye: It um...sounded just like Boy.

Ray Payne: He not goods at it.

Jacob Cass begins fighting back up to his feet, he is soon back up and shoots Gin off to the ropes. Gin rebounds as Cass attempts an arm drag, Gin flies over but hooks onto Jacob’s arm putting him into a fujiwara armbar. The hold is tightly locked in! The ref asks Jacob if he wants to quit. Jacob refuses to tap out as he starts clawing at Gin’s hands trying to get out of the submission. Cass shifts his body weight putting himself in a position where he is now on top Jacob brought his foot up and slammed it right into the sternum of Gin, breaking the hold!

Terra Skye: Cass is out of that nasty submission attempt and now it may be time for him to try some offense!

Johnny Vegas: I appreciate a violent man and so far Cass has been that. I hope he wins!

Ray Payne: Not oftens dat Mistah Jonnies likes someone, yo.

Terra Skye: Well, not a person that anyone else likes anyway.

Ray Payne: Does dat mean dat Mistah Jonnies is a hipster?


Jacob holds his arm in pain as Gin begins to rise back to his feet. Jacob rushes over and jabs his fingers into Gin’s eyes! Oyabun yells in pain rubbing his eyes. Jacob spins striking Gin with a roundhouse kick! He quickly steps back then thrusts forward with a super kick! The man begins to stagger a bit as Jacob runs bouncing off the ropes and leaps up executing a V- Trigger Knee strike right to the dome of Gin dropping him going for the cover!





Kelly Carmichael: Here is your winner...JACOB CASS!

Terra Skye: And just like that it's over! Outside of a short gasp, this one was pretty much all Cass!

Johnny Vegas: And now he can move onto bigger and better things, hopefully.

Terra Skye: Meanwhile, Gin is going to have to go to the drawing board and try again.

Ray Payne: Mebbies it was just bad lucks, yo.

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Re: Chaos 49 Live! Results
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Paragon's Demands

We come back from commercial where the Carnage Crowd is still buzzing after the last match. The lights suddenly dim as “Roundtable Rival” begins to play over the loud speaker. The Paragon logo is seen on the screens as a mixed reaction is heard in the arena.

Terra Skye: God, can’t we have one night where these guys don’t ruin the show?

Johnny Vegas: You shut your whore mouth Terra... You know god damn well how awesome Paragon is and the reaction they got in Las Vegas proves it.

The entire Paragon group comes through the curtain with Eli Goode leading the way with TJ Adams, James Ceno tailing behind them and Amber Ryan and Jack Michaels bringing up the rear.


Eli and James are in their ring gear, TJ is carrying a small box in a Paragon shirt and shorts, Amber wears a pair of black jeans and a grey Paragon hoodie and Jack wears a three piece navy suit. There is a nice Smark reaction for Paragon but the West Coast love they have obviously is not as strong back in Maryland. Jack whispers something to Amber who smirks as they ignore the crowd and head down to the ring.

Terra Skye: Sure sounds like the Carnage crowd aren’t as hot for Paragon as Las Vegas was huh?

Johnny Vegas: Vegas has class and Baltimore has a bunch of fucking douche bags who don’t know a wrist lock from a wrist watch.


The entire stable make their way to ringside and all enter the ring, except for James Ceno. The "Firestorm" decides instead to lurk around the ringside area, drawing the ire of at least Eli Goode, if not the rest of the team. Jack asks for a microphone from the crew and is handed one. He clears his throat and looks out to the crowd.

Jack Michaels: Well thank you for that... Warm reaction. I mean, this place is not quite like being back home but hey, that’s just fine with us.

Jack looks around at his teammates who all seem to agree with his statement in one way or another as Jack continues on.

Jack Michaels: You see Legion, Paragon is not just being the best wrestlers on the planet but rather about being the change combat sports needs for the better. Whether you like it or not, what we do it for the BENEFIT of pro wrestling and we will not stop until our goals are met.

Another mixed reaction from the crowd as dueling Paragon and Paragon sucks chants start to break out. Jack lets them have their fun for a second until moving on.

Jack Michaels: Now tonight isn’t about me spouting off what you all should already know but rather about picking up where we left off. To be more specific, I want to talk a bit about what has happened after Act of Defiance and where Paragon stands today.

Jack pauses for a second as he looks out towards the hard camera.

Jack Michaels: - There is no denying AoD was a bittersweet night for Paragon as not only were we unsuccessful in the Starmaker Ladder Match but Amber and I weren’t even involved in decision of the tag-team title match where the Rogues STOLE what are rightfully our belts.

Jack frowns and Amber raises an eyebrow as the crowd boos and Jack holds up his hand.

Jack Michaels: Save your hate for another time because I have more to say.

More boos from the crowd as Jack shakes his head.

Ray Payne: Da Lege does not likes Mistah Jacks, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Some people don’t like the fucking truth in this town.

Jack Michaels: So tonight, I am here to rectify a few of the problems we have as a group as well as a few problems we have with Carnage Wrestling as a whole. First... I am going to give my guys the biggest vote of confidence I can because Eli Goode and James Ceno are going to beat the hell out of Kelsi Parr and Matt Angel and prove once and for all why Paragon is the strongest group in pro wrestling today from top to bottom!

Both Ceno and Eli perk up a bit with Eli throwing his hands up towards the crowd. Still very mixed as Jack notes this and leans over the ropes.

Jack Michaels: Look... I know there are a lot of you out there who don’t like us. I also know there are a lot of you out there that do like us. The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter what you think of us personally as long as you respect what we can do in this ring. I want each of you to look to yourself and answer honestly... Is there anyone of you out there that thinks they are better than what we are? Are any of you strong enough to put down the ideals of Paragon in this ring? I mean... Is what we are really that damn bad for this industry?

The crowd murmurs as Jack looks out for an answer.

Terra Skye: What the hell is he on about now?

Johnny Vegas: You are fucking dense Terra... The man is talking about what Paragon is doing for wrestling. Maybe you should take some notes instead of acting like a dumbass.

Terra Skye: Up yours Johnny!


No answer comes to Jack’s ears as he nods his head.

Jack Michaels: Exactly what I thought Legion. But you know, maybe that is partially our fault. Maybe we haven’t had the right voice to reach out to you people. Maybe... Maybe it’s time for a small change. So today... It’s time to see about the new voice for Paragon... A Spokesman who understands this city and respects what we do for wrestling. So ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming the new Spokesman for Paragon in JOHNNY VEGAS!

Terra Skye: What?!?!? What the hell happened to you being the Spokesman for CON?

Johnny Vegas: Get with the now Terra... CON is gone. Paragon is now and today is the day I do my job!

Ray Payne: Mistah Jonnies solds out..again.


Johnny Vegas gets up from the announce table and begins walking towards the ring. The crowd pops shockingly as Johnny makes his way into the ring. Eli props open the ropes for Johnny as Jack walks over and extends his hand. Johnny shakes it and Jack smiles broadly.

Jack Michaels: Well John... Since we came on the scene here you have been a big supporter of ours even if you did get blinded by those two schmucks in Zodiac and Crucifix and their stupid crap. Regardless, since they never seem to appreciate what you did for them... We want to give you a small gift to show how much we care. TJ, if you please.

TJ steps forward with the box and opens it as Johnny takes a look inside with shock. He pulls out a custom title belt with “Paragon Spokeman” on it. He pulls it out and we see him shout out loud.


Terra Skye: Oh good lord...

Ray Payne: Now he wills nevah shuts up, yo.

TJ straps it around the waist of Johnny as Jack pulls out a piece of paper next. He hands it to Johnny who looks at it strangely but then begins to smile. He takes the mic from Jack and looks out into the crowd.

Johnny Vegas: Well it feels god damn good to be recognized by this fine group and it is a fucking honor to be the Spokeman for this group. With that though, I get to do the job I have been hired for. As my first official announcement for Paragon, I would like to say that the Rogues are shit out of luck at Chaos 50. That’s right boys and gals... Amber Ryan and Jack Michaels will be cashing in their points to get the belts that they deserve!

Terra Skye: Oh come on!


A big pop from the crowd as Jack puts an arm around Amber and she nods up at him. TJ, Eli and James clap too as Johnny feels the rush.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah! You heard it here first shitbirds! Your dick kick won’t mean shit when Jack breaks your neck! Your history of success is done when Amber burns you fuckers alive! They will kill you! They will destroy you! They will...

Jack walks over to calmly take the mic from Johnny and pat him on the shoulder to stop his tirade. Johnny pumps a fist in the air as Jack winks at him and turns back to the crowd.

Jack Michaels: We will see you at Chaos 50 Rogues and this time... We don’t go home without our belts.

Jack drops the mic and raises his hands in the air as the segment fades out...

Match Three: Eli Goode & James Ceno vs. Kelsi Parr & Matt Angel

Goode and Ceno are already in the ring, sticking around after the segment beforehand. They're trading words, but it seems to be just words and cooler heads prevail for the moment.

James Ceno & Eli Goode

Kelly Carmichael: The following tag team contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, representing Paragon, the team of Eli Goode and James Ceno!

Terra Skye: Well, Mr. Paragon representative, explain why it looks like Goode and Ceno don't like each other!

Johnny Vegas: They're both ultra competitive guys and they're still heated after Starmaker. It'll be fine!

Ray Payne: I dun nos, yo.

Johnny Vegas: That's right. You don't know. So shut your mouth!


"I will Show You" By From Ashes To New blasts from the PA system and Matt Angel walks out with his arms raised. 

Kelly Carmichael: Their opponents, first...standing in at six feet, two inches and weighing one hundred and eighty pounds, MATTTT ANGEELLLLLLL!!!!

Matt Angel

Terra Skye: You have to give credit to Matt Angel. Although he's yet to get a win here in Carnage, he's grinding every show and keeps his head up.

Johnny Vegas: He's just a loser that doesn't know he's a loser! That's even sadder!

Terra Skye: Yeah, I'm sure you'd know nothing about that.

Johnny Vegas: I am a CHAMPION.

Ray Payne: Yeah buts its da Lillies assies champeen, yo.

Terra Skye: My point exactly.

He walks down the ramp way high-fiving the fans. He jumps onto the apron and climbs the turnbuckle and also celebrates cheering to the fans as his opponents look on.  As the three men stare one another down, and scoping out the venue and the ring for ways of getting to the briefcase, Kelsi Parr steps out of the entrance tunnel as “Hell Yea” by Rev Theory begins playing over the PA.  She walks towards the ring, pumping her arms to the fans and pointing to each side as the fans sing along with her song.

Kelly Carmichael: Next to the ring, standing in at five feet, nine inches and weighing one hundred and thirty five pounds… KELLSSIIII PARRRRRR!!!!!

Kelsi Parr

Terra Skye: Meanwhile Kelsi Parr made her debut at Act of Defiance and came within moments of grabbing that briefcase.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, but she didn't. So you know what that makes her? ANOTHER LOSER.

Terra Skye: Fuck you're salty tonight.

Boy: Dilute with water to decrease sodium!

She gets to the ring where she walks to the corner and stands up on it, holding both hands up for the fans.  She then drops down and leans back in the corner, waiting for the match to start as she stares down her opponents.


Kelsi Parr offers to start things out and Angel relents, while Ceno steps forward without consulting Goode. The two lockup in the center of the ring but Ceno uses his superior size to shove Parr out, forcing her through the ropes to the floor! Luckily, she lands in a kneeling position and hops back up, sliding back into the ring. She slides back in and tries again, but Ceno, who is almost double her weight, shoulder blocks her back down to the canvas. Angel reaches in, asking for a tag and Parr quickly tags him in, hoping to try this from a different angle.

Terra Skye: Kelsi Parr having some trouble with Ceno early on, but she's got a partner willing to come in and help.

Johnny Vegas: He's still eighty pounds smaller! Ceno towers over these guys!

Ray Payne: Yeah buts mebbies Mistah Angel has a plans, yo.

Terra Skye: He must have something, because he's in and going right at him!

Angel springs over the top rope and lands on his feet, quickly ducking a lariat from Ceno and turning around, hitting him with a forearm smash in the back of the head. He grabs him by the wrist and attempts a whip into the corner, but Ceno reverse things and Angel crashes back first. Ceno charges in to try a clothesline in the corner, but Angel gets the knees up and they connect with his chest. He runs and sprints against the ropes, coming back and jumping in the air with a spinning heel kick but no! Ceno catches him in mid-air and drops backward with a high-angle back suplex! Ceno gets back up and into a charging stance, but a hand comes in and slaps him on the shoulder. Eli Goode has tagged in.

Terra Skye: And what do you make of that, Vegas?

Johnny Vegas: Um, Eli saw his partner needed help, obviously.

Terra Skye: Ceno doesn't seem to see it that way.

Ray Payne: He looks mads, yo.

Ceno glares at Goode but says nothing, choosing instead to go back to the apron for now. Goode immediately charges in and hits a basement dropkick on Angel, who made it up to a kneeling position. He quickly goes for a cover while Ref Jeff counts.


TWO! Angel throws the shoulder up. Goode wastes no time in lifting Angel to his feet before popping him in the mouth with a right hand. He throws him into the ropes and Angel comes back, ducking down so Goode leapfrogs him. Angel comes off the other side and ducks, so Goode jumps up for a leapfrog again but Angel stops short and catches Goode in a reverse atomic drop! Goode stands still, holding his bathing suit area in pain, before Angel leaps up in the air and catches him with a dropkick to the face! Ceno begins shouting something so Angel charges over and dropkicks him too, knocking him off the apron!

Johnny Vegas: The fuck was that for?

Terra Skye: Looks like Angel wants to eliminate any advantage they might have.

Ray Payne: It is smarts, yo. He want his first win.

Johnny Vegas: Well he aint gonna get it.

Angel turns back around and begins stepping toward Kelsi to make the tag, but Goode picks the leg as he steps over and pulls Angel to the canvas. He then leaps up in the air and hits a standing double foot stomp to the back! He rolls back and reaches to tag in Ceno, but Ceno is not on the apron. Goode never saw the dropkick so he leans over the middle rope, shouting at Ceno to get back up. Meanwhile, Angel is crawling over to Kelsi, wincing due to the sudden pain in his back. Goode comes back in and sees what's going on, diving forward to grab the ankle of Angel. Angel is back up, hopping on one leg, and he swings his other leg out and connects with an enziguri! Goode stands spaghetti-legged, and Angel tags in Parr!

Terra Skye: The communication errors between Goode and Ceno are not helping them in this match!

Johnny Vegas: They're not used to teaming together! This entire match is unfair!

Ray Payne: Now here comes Miss Kels, yo!


Kelsi quickly comes into the ring, and Goode charges over only to get caught with an arm drag. Goode turns around and catches another arm drag. He is back up and Parr tries for a dropkick, but he sidesteps it and she lands face first on the mat. She gets up to a kneeling position and Goode comes in with a running knee strike! It's the first half of the Goode deal! He points his hands at Parr, making gun symbols, before running in attempting the sling blade, but Parr spins out of it and hits a neckbreaker!

Terra Skye: A nice counter from Parr, and she looks to be on an even playing field with Goode!

Johnny Vegas: Even my ass! Just wait until Ceno gets in there!

Ray Payne: He is gettin back ups, yo.

Terra Skye: Yeah, but even if Goode can tag him, will he?

Ceno is up to the apron, on a knee, and calling for a tag. Parr hears him before Goode can and races over with a sliding forearm to the side of Ceno's head! She hooks his head and pulls him in on the second rope, hoping to hit a hanging DDT, but Ceno is struggling and not making it easy. Meanwhile, Goode is up and sees his partner in trouble, so he charges in to hit something. He attempts a shotgun dropkick, but while he's in mid air, Ceno has dropped his feet on the mat and backdropped Parr over the top rope! Parr lands on her feet and Goode accidentally dropkicks his partner in the chest! Ceno barrels over backwards through the ropes and falls to the outside!

Johnny Vegas: OH COME ON!

Terra Skye: It might have been a bad idea for Paragon to team these two together.

Ray Payne: Dat was just an accidents, yo.

Terra Skye: Yeah, but it doesn't change the fact that Goode now has no one to tag.

Johnny Vegas: Come on guys, get it together!

Goode realizes what he's done but has no time to apologize, seeing Parr in a vulnerable position. He grabs her for a suplex and tries to get her in the ring, but she lands on her feet yet again! She turns Goode around and sets his legs on the second rope before dropping him with a DDT! She then yells something at Angel, who comes in and runs at her, before she holds open the middle and top rope, allowing Angel to dive through with a tope suicida onto James Ceno! Goode stumbles to his feet and Parr puts him in a fireman's carry...KSTFO! She connects with the knee to the jaw out of the carry, then makes the cover!




Kelly Carmichael: Here are your winners...KELSI PARR AND MATT ANGEL!

Johnny Vegas: Fuck.

Terra Skye: What a win! I guess in terms of thrown-together teams, Parr and Angel did a lot better than Goode and Ceno!

Ray Payne: Did you sees dat dive from Mistah Matt? He wanted dat win, yo.

Johnny Vegas: The only reason they won was because Ceno and Goode couldn't get along! This was a terrible idea!

Kelsi and Angel share a brief high-five before exiting the ring. Goode, meanwhile, is coming to in the ring, with Ceno standing over him, incensed. Goode gets up and questions where he was, and the two begin to bicker back and forth. Suddenly Goode shoves Ceno and things get very heated! We quickly see both Jack Michaels and Amber Ryan coming back to the ring, getting in the middle of things.

Terra Skye: Oh damn, this thing escalated quickly!

Johnny Vegas: That Ceno is a damn hothead! This is all his fault, somehow! He should show unity!

Ray Payne: Goode mades mistakes too, yo.

Johnny Vegas: I gotta blame somebody, damn it!

Jack Michaels demands that Ceno shake Goode's hand, but instead, Ceno drops down and rolls out of the ring, prefering to cool off backstage. Both of the more veteran members of Paragon, Michaels and Ryan, don't seem very pleased at that decision.

Match Four: Harry Hampton vs. Pearl Attlee

Johnny Vegas: First day as Paragon spokesperson and this happens. What a fucking day.

Terra Skye: Don't worry Vegas, you'll have plenty of chances to suck up at Chaos 50.

Johnny Vegas: You're damn right I will!

The Carnagetron statics and the lights within the arena dim down.  Suddenly a countdown is shown on the tron.


Harry Hampton: Hae a guid day!

After Hampton's voice booms through the arena, The lights cut off as "Final Countdown" plays. A single spotlight hits the entrance as Harry Hampton stands in it his back to the audience. Wearing a leather jacket with the name Hampton on the back, An image of a lock hanging from the 'O'. He turns around holding his arms wide with thumbs up then he turns them down as fireworks go off behind him.

Kelly Carmichael: The following contest is schedule for one fall, and the winner gets a Baltimore City title shot at Chaos 50! Introducing first, standing in at five feet, ten inches and weighing two hundred and two pounds… HARRRYYYY HAMPTONNNNNN!!!!

Harry Hampton

Johnny Vegas: Speaking of sucking, how is the old Scottish Hotty?

Terra Skye: If you want to know, why don't you ask him?

Johnny Vegas: I don't go anywhere you've been unless I have to.

Ray Payne: Mistah Harries almost wons Stahmakah, yo.

Terra Skye: Yes, and so did Pearl. This is something of a second chance match for both.

He makes his way down the ring high fiving fans taking off his shades and putting them on one of the fans. He slides under the ring getting on his knees and extends his arms again as fans throw mini Scottish Flags into the ring.  The music fades out and "My Medicine" by The Pretty Reckless hits over the PA system. The peppy blonde from Austin steps out onto the stage with a smile, a cowboy hat perched upon her head and a denim vest on over a plain singlet. Turning her back to the crowd on the stage, Pearl gives her vest a little pop with a smile perched on her face. Tipping her hat just a bit while it was perched on the crown of her head, before turning to face the ring and making her way down the ramp with a hand extended to the crowd at either side. As a camera zoomed in, she opened her vest to reveal the "Sugar and Vice" logo on the tee that was worn over her singlet.

Kelly Carmichael: Next to the ring, standing in at five feet, six inches and weighing one hundred and thirty pounds…. PEARLLLL ATTLEEEEE!!!!

Pearl Attlee

Terra Skye: Pearl suffered her first defeat at Act of Defiance, but she was a little out of her element there. She is undefeated in singles competition.

Johnny Vegas: Gee Terra, you sound worried.

Terra Skye: I have confidence Harry can win, if that's what you mean.

Ray Payne: Dis is gon be goods edder way, yo.

Climbing the steel stairs that led to the ring, she threw a single finger into the air to pose on the outside of the ring, poised against the ropes. Bending into the ring, she kept hold of her hat, before handing it to a stagehand with a smile. The Belle of the Borderland climbed the nearest turnbuckle, posing and pointing to the crowd, giving a sweet wave before jumping off of the middle rope and turning in the air, all energy and all smiles as "My Medicine" begins to fade off.



Johnny Vegas: No he's not, he's working as the timekeeper!

Terra Skye: Don't start in on Boy just because Paragon lost.

Ray Payne: Yeah Mistah Jonnies, dey is just gon lose agains next week anyhow.

With the sound of the bell, Hampton leads off with a big right hand.  Attlee sidesteps, hooking him by the elbow, and flips Hampton over with an arm drag.  Hampton hits the mat with a roll, bouncing back to his feet and then lunging back towards Attlee with a running shoulder block.  Attlee leapfrogs over Hampton, and Hampton continues past, bouncing against the far ropes and returning with a head of steam.  Attlee pivots, swinging around with a spinning heel kick, clotheslining Hampton across the throat with her leg, flipping him end over end.  Attlee spins on the ball of her foot before delivering a standing elbow drop to Hampton's chest.  Attlee raises back to her feet, dragging Hampton up into a side headlock before pulling him forward for a headlock bulldog, but Hampton wraps his arms around her waist, lifting her feet off the ground and stopping her forward momentum, before spiking her down with an atomic drop.

Terra Skye: I'd say things are pretty even so far.

Johnny Vegas: That's surprisingly modest.

Terra Skye: Just because I like Harry doesn't mean I'm not going to do my job right, unlike some.

Johnny Vegas: I'm way better at my job than you are!

Ray Payne: I dinks dat Miss Terras is bettah, yo.

Terra Skye: Thank you, Ray. At least some old people appreciate me.

Ray Payne: Awwws.

Attlee is quick to her feet, tucking her arms together to block while Hampton throws a rear roundhouse kick.  Attlee presses in close, delivering a stiff knee to the midsection and doubling Hampton over.  Then Attlee hooks Hampton over the head into ddt position, only for Hampton to surprise her by hooking her behind the knees and sweeping her legs out from under her.  Hampton takes hold of Attlee by the ankles, jerking her legs apart with a wishbone legsplitter, but Attlee displays some remarkable flexibility, spreading her legs into a full splits with no sign of pain, and then sitting upright from the splits, driving an uppercut style punch to Hampton's solar plexus.  Hampton stumbles backward, faltering to one knee, and Attlee bounces back to her feet, tagging him in the chest with a low angle drop kick.  Hampton tumbles to the mat, rolling to put distance between himself and Attlee before raising back to his feet.  Attlee keeps the pressure on, closing the gap with a lariat which batters Hampton against the ropes, and then swinging him around with an irish whip that sends him crashing into the near turnbuckle.

Johnny Vegas: Damn, that lady is flexible. You should dump Hampton and get with her, Terra.

Terra Skye: Ew. Please leave your masturbatory fantasies to yourself.

Johnny Vegas: Me? Do that? About you? Gross!

Ray Payne: I hopes not, yo. I is sittin right heyah.

Boy: Leaning tower of snausages!

Attlee backs up towards the far side of the ring, turning towards Hampton with a sprint and leaping into the air with a big body splash for the corner, but Hampton hooks his arms over the top ropes and pulls up both his legs, greeting her with a double kick to the face as she crashes directly into the blow.  Attlee topples backward, spilling onto the canvas, and Hampton scales the turnbuckle, leaping backward and crashing down over Attlee with an impressive moonsault.  Hampton hooks a leg while the referee slides into position. 


TWO!  Attlee kicks out early, still plenty of gas left in the tank.

Terra Skye: Hampton looked good on that moonsault but it's still too early.

Johnny Vegas: All this for a shot at Zodiac.

Terra Skye: Oh wait, you don't like Zodiac now?

Johnny Vegas: As the official Paragon spokesman, I am obligated to hate him. Plus he ended CON so fuck him.

Terra Skye: But if he ended CON, isn't that a good thing now?

Ray Payne: Mistah Jonnies loyalties are hards to undahstands, yo.

Hampton raises back to his feet, pulling Attlee up by the forearm and hiking her upright into vertical suplex position.  Attlee bicycles her legs in the upside-down position, throwing Hampton's balance off until she slips free from his grasp, landing on her feet behind him.  Hampton spins around to face her and turns directly into a swinging neckbreaker, Attlee driving him hard to the mat.

Terra Skye: Attlee is back in this now, you can tell she wants that title shot.

Ray Payne: She beens real gud in matchies, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah yeah, whatever. This shit is BORING. Two people the fans like having friendly competition. Where's the violence?

Boy: Violence begets Dylan!

Attlee twists Hampton by the leg, turning him over into a single leg Boston crab.  Hampton scrambles, flailing his arms as he reaches for the ropes, but still too far out of reach to gain the ropebreak.  Attlee sits in deep, increasing the pressure on Hampton's lower back, while Hampton seems grounded and trapped.  But Attlee is leaning in deep enough that Hampton's body is supporting much of her weight, so when Hampton manuvers his free leg around and uses it to kick one of Attlee's feet out from under her, she spills to the canvas, accidentally allowing him to break free from the hold.  Hampton rolls to the side, using the ropes to help himself back to his feet, while Attlee rallies back, trying to follow up quick before he recovers.  Attlee clubs Hampton over the back and shoulders with a double axe handle, buffetting him down over the middle ropes.  Then, placing a knee over Hampton's back while tugging upward on the rope, Attlee squeezes Hampton in a ropenoose.  Hampton thrashes about, but referee Ed Hawkersby steps in, admonishing a ropebreak, which Attlee grants promptly rather than do anything risking disqualification.

Johnny Vegas: Come on, Ed! Let them go! That was the first time this thing got interesting!

Terra Skye: We do have rules here, Johnny.

Johnny Vegas: Well we shouldn't. It's boring as fuck.

Ray Payne: Mebbies you shuts up now, Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: That is no way to talk to a DOUBLE CHAMPION.

Terra Skye: Oh please. One of those belts is fucking fake. Maybe the other one too.

Attlee steps back and away from Hampton under the advisement of the referee, and Hampton pulls himself back to his feet, stepping up onto the bottom rope and bouncing on it as a springboard.  Launching himself backward, Hampton manages to leap over the referee between them in an impressive display of agility, crashing into Attlee with a cross body block.  Attlee goes down hard and Hampton is back to his feet, grabbing hold of Attlee by the wrist and pulling her back to her feet, only to blast through her with a short arm clothesline that flips Attlee over and dumps her on the back of her head.  Hampton pulls Attlee back to her feet, swinging her around and sending her to the ropes, keeping her moving and disorientated.  Attlee bounces against the ropes and returns with a head of steam, Hampton ducking low to greet her with a back body drop.  Attlee baseball slides between Hampton's legs, parking so she's stopped directly beneath him, and then delivers a straight jab to the chin, snapping Hampton upright again and leaving him reeling.  Attlee rolls Hampton over with a monkey flip, then rebounds to her own feet, springing into the air and rocking him backward with a leaping clothesline.

Terra Skye: Attlee is building momentum now, she could take this.

Johnny Vegas: And I bet that just burns you up, doesn't it?

Terra Skye: Do I want Harry to win? Yes. But I'm not going to get super biased like some people at this table.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, RAY.

Ray Payne: Wut did I does, yo?

Hampton staggers, struggling to maintain his footing, while Attlee continues at a sprint, rebounding off the opposite ropes and returning with a second leaping clothesline.  Hampton topples backward, crashing into the ropes and then stumbling forward while Attlee slingshots back at him for a third time.  Attlee springs into the air with a third leaping clothesline, only this time to find Hampton spinning around just before impact and plucking her out of the air with the Harry Cutter.  Attlee and Hampton both hit the mat, and Hampton lays still, breathing heavy for a moment before mustering the energy to roll over, draping an arm across Attlee's chest for a loose cover.



THR--Attlee pulls her shoulder up.

Terra Skye: Damn, that Harry Cutter just about got the job done.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, but it didn't. I can't wait to see your face when he loses.

Ray Payne: You is just a bittah olds man, Mistah Jonnies.

Terra Skye: And drunk. And fat. And stupid.

Johnny Vegas: And DOUBLE CHAMPION so fuck you both!

Hampton sits up, wiping off his face, then turns back toward Attlee, pulling her back to her feet.  Hampton powers Attlee into a collar-arm tie up, muscling back and forth.  Attlee pulls Hampton into a side headlock.  Hampton grips her around the waist, flipping her over with a side belly to back suplex, dumping Attlee on her shoulders.

Terra Skye: Attlee is in trouble now! This last stretch has been all Hampton!

Ray Payne: Mistah Harries wants to be champeen, yo.

Johnny Vegas: He already is a champion of sticking it to Terra.

Terra Skye: What's the matter old man, jealous?

Boy: Tired of these Dylans on this mother lovin' orange!

Hampton backs up while Attlee raises back to her feet.  Hampton rushes past her, stepping onto the ropes for a springboard and then slingshotting himself backward with a flying back elbow that connects squarely with her jaw.  Attlee twirls through, glancing as much of the blow off as she can.  Hampton pivots through with a standing side kick, but Attlee catches him by the ankle, taking hold of his leg while Hampton tries precariously to balance on one foot.  Hampton flips over with an inziguri, but Attlee ducks the second kick, Hampton passing over her head and landing back on one foot, now with his back facing Attlee.  Attlee sweeps Hampton's other leg, dropping him hard with a wheelbarrow facebuster.  Attlee steps through Hampton's legs, twisting his legs into a cloverleaf, then turning him over into the Pearly Gates.  Hampton is down, square in the middle of the ring, trapped flat on the canvas.  Hampton claws at the mat, trying to drag himself towards the ropes.  Attlee sits in deeper, pulling back hard on Hampton's legs.  Hampton struggles, but is simply too far away to have any hope of a ropebreak.  Regretfully, he begins tapping the canvas, Ref Jeff stepping into position to break the hold and raising Attlee's hand!

Kelly Carmichael: Here is your winner...PEARL ATTLEE!!

Terra Skye: Damn! Well, congratulations to Pearl, who clearly earned that victory.

Johnny Vegas: Haha, yes! Another loss for Terra's loser boyfriend!

Terra Skye: I'm going to ignore that. Pearl has been on a tear in singles matches and this is no different.

Ray Payne: Mistah Zody gon be in troubles at  Chaos 50, yo.

Hampton is back up to his feet and looks upset, but he walks over and offers a handshake to Pearl anyway. She accepts it and he then raises her arm, which draws cheers from the Carnage Legion.

Terra Skye: Zodiac definitely has his work cut out for him. He might wish he hadn't attacked Crucifix.

Johnny Vegas: He's gonna keep his title regardless. He may not be Paragon but he's still pretty damn good.

Ray Payne: I dun noes, yo.


Adding Insult to Injury

“Shoot to Thrill” by Halestorm hits. The lights don't lower and there's no excessive fanfare on the stage area as normally seen with the entrance of Amy Jo Smyth. Rather, Smyth appears from behind the curtain, out onto the stage, moving slowly thanks to the heavy black brace around her foot and ankle and the crutches she needs to walk. The crowd pops up with cheers and applause but at the same time, has some forlorn sounds in it, fans who are sympathetic to her plight. Each step looks more painful than the last and all she can do is force a smile at the fans who have their fists outstretched looking for her famous fan-friendly fist bumps. Nearly the entire song plays before she reaches ringside and once there, ringside production crew members and Kelly Carmichael all have to help the injured star into the ring. One guy takes the crutches, slides them into the ring, while another helps her up the steps with a strong, supportive hand on her waist. Once on the apron, Carmichael and crew hold open the ropes for her.

Amy Jo Smyth

As if it is the most painful thing she's ever done, Smyth climbs into the ring. No matter how far apart the crew pulls the ropes, it's still a daunting task. Ever so carefully, she swoops her braced ankle over the second rope and ducks under the top rope, holding onto the top rope and turnbuckle for dear life and out of fear. She balances and bounces on her good foot as she takes her crutches from the kind Carmichael.

Kelly Carmichael: In the ring at this time, please welcome, Amy Jo Smyth!

Smyth waves her hand to the cheering crowd. Carmichael extends the microphone to Smyth and somehow, probably from past experience, Smyth is able to remain on her crutches and hold the microphone to her mouth.

Amy Jo Smyth: Hi y'all.

The crowd pops.

Amy Jo Smyth: As I'm sure all y'all saw, not only did I lose the Carnage World Title to Mr. Prydor, but that same man also did a number to my ankle so I'm not competing here tonight...

She looks down at the heavy, bulky brace around her ankle then back up again.

Amy Jo Smyth: Doesn't mean I wanna miss out on this chance. There is something I want to tell all y'all, to the roster, to - to every wrestler out there today, past and present.

Smyth pauses as the crowd stands chanting ‘AJS.’

Amy Jo Smyth: I have been in this sport a very long time. I'm a seasoned veteran who has seen it all, done it all, been there, done that, and got a t-shirt for it. Doing this, wrestling night after night has been a dream come true - a dream I didn't even know I had until I got bit by the bug and I got bit hard. I won dozens of championships, awards, acclaim, notoriety… I was able to buy a house, cars, take care of myself and my wonderful wife who has put up with the comings and goings, ups and downs of this sport. I made friends, best friends, lifelong friends. I traveled the world, been to places I couldn't have dreamed I'd ever go, and meet hundreds of thousands of amazing people. Including all of you here in Baltimore.

The crowd explodes. Smyth grins at her own cheap pop.

Amy Jo Smyth: I've met and competed against some really talented and amazing wrestlers who challenged me and pushed me to my limit, men and women alike who made me better. They've seen me at my best and they've seen me at my worst. I've come back from the bottom so many times, returned from what we all thought was the end of Smyth as we knew her. Even I believed that. But, y'all believed in something else, you believed in me - the fans, my fellow wrestlers, the owners, trainers - and helped me get back, helped me get even better. Thank you.

The crowd starts ‘Thank you Smyth’ chants but they don't last long because the crowd isn't sure at all what is happening.

Amy Jo Smyth: This sport isn't easy, hardly, but I haven't got a single regret. The pain is worth it. Our bodies take a beating every night and anyone that willingly does that, they have my respect. On that note, some of y'all know, too, that I've been pretty beat up and I'm not getting any younger. The years and the injuries are mounting. 

She looks at the ankle again.

Amy Jo Smyth: I've had trouble with this ankle for a long time. Ever since I broke it a few years back. I'd been warned and I knew that I was playing a dangerous game with it. It was only a matter of time before, well…

Smyth pauses, inhales deeply, and looks to be swallowing back a huge lump in her throat. After composing herself, she gets back into it.

Amy Jo Smyth: I didn't listen. But my career begins and ends on my terms.

The crowd lets out a collective gasping oh.

Amy Jo Smyth: The doctors have given me bad news… The MRIs have revealed that the damage to my ankle is not what we had hoped for.

The arena falls into a hush. A cashier at a concession stand could drop a dime and it would echo throughout the entire arena.

Amy Jo Smyth: The reality is here.

Smyth lowers the microphone and her head, completely devastated.

Amy Jo Smyth: I've been preparing myself to say these words for a long time now and I can't get them out.

The crowd boos.

Amy Jo Smyth: Y'all, I'm not ready or happy about this, either, but this isn't my decision. It was only a matter of time. I love this sport. I never want to stop getting into this ring and putting on a show for you.

Melody Lennox: JANUARY 21st, 2018…

Melody Lennox

Amy had to roll her eyes as Melody Lennox pushed through the curtains, interrupting her without a care. The number one contender had a microphone in hand and a smirk etched across her face. After a rough battle with Kyra Mohr, coming out on top was by no means a guarantee. But, Melody kept up her perfect score in matches with Kyra, and the crowd booed as she interrupted her rival and fan favorite, AJS.

Melody Lennox: Act of Defiance took place and both the best and worst possible thing that could have happened to Carnage Wrestling happened! You lost your title… and unfortunately, it wasn’t ME who got to wipe that smug little smirk off of that unfortunate mug you’ve got to be miserable to call a face. That was the bad. The good? Your poor widdle ankle got hurt.

Melody mock cried, her fist balling and rubbing under her eye as she approached the ring with a slow strut and a bitchy grin planted right on her face.

Melody Lennox: Or… did it? You’d like for us ALL to believe that, wouldn’t you?

The crowd boos Lennox as she stirs the pot, the California native with an ego big enough for every single member of the Carnage Wrestling roster to latch onto circled the ring, to get to the steel stairs. Climbing them and running her hand along the top rope she was incredibly careful not to take her eyes off of Amy Jo. Every time she did, she received a Doctor’s Orders for it. She was careful to bend in in a way not to expose herself due to the dress that she was wearing. Everything about these two, eye-to-eye, showed their differences: Melody considerably more high maintenance and to the nines while Amy Jo was much more relaxed and easier to deal with. Lennox grinned wickedly at her rival, one hand going onto her round waist.

Melody Lennox: January 31st! Amy Jo Smyth replied to Pride of Puroresu’s tweet… “I’m under 215 pounds. I love a good title. A trip to Japan, too.” HMM. Career-threatening ankle injury here, but well enough to travel to Japan? That seems awfully suspicious. Why don’t you do us ALL a favor here, Amy? Why don’t you just admit the truth that I’ve ALWAYS known? The fact that I’m the number one contender and I’m going to leave that fat, bald hack aching and wheezing on the mat like any run of the mill treadmill would when I drive my feet into his ribcage and take MY title back means that you know that you’re never, ever, ever-ever-EVER going to see it again besides when you see it on my shoulder in a picture? Hmm? You’re trying to run to greener pastures where it’s going to be easier because once I’m the champ? You’re never going to be again.

Melody giggled, soaking in the absolute vitriol of the crowd. For the biggest fan favorite at one time, she’d abandoned all of it with gusto and glee.

Melody Lennox: Aww… well, you know, I could MAYBE be wrong. Maybe you’re hurt and you were hoping for that miracle comeback… again, to somewhere where you’ve be safe from mean ol’ Melody. I guess there’s really only one way to test that theory!

With an aggressive kick to the crutch, Melody knocked it out from under Amy Jo Smyth and caused her to fall face-first on the apron with a powerful thud! Melody laughed wickedly, pointing at her fallen foe. For someone who believed that Amy Jo was faking it, she clearly didn’t care if she wasn’t, laughing as she made the girl fall right onto her face. The boos and disgusted jeers in her direction made her giggle with glee, Melody turning to the crowd and giving a bow, pleased with her revolting actions.

Smyth makes an attempt to climb to to at least her knees and reach out for her crutches, but Lennox puts her body between Smyth and the crutches. Lennox leans over Smyth, grabs one of the crutches, and holds it up.

Melody Lennox: Is this what you want? Huh?

Lennox, brutal as she is, extends it toward Smyth, ready to give it over. Smyth is inches away from getting back the one thing she needs to be upright when Lennox pulls it back.

Melody Lennox: Too bad!

The number one contender flings the crutch out of the ring, sending it crashing to ringside.

Melody Lennox: C’mon, get up! Get up! Damn cripple!

With that, Lennox starts kicking at Smyth’s brace. Smyth let's out guttural screams of deep pain and tries in vain to push Lennox away. Lennox just laughs and smirks, taunting Smyth while finding all kinds of ways to cause the former Carnage World Champion pain to her already injured ankle, including grabbing it and slamming it back on the mat. The crowd erupts in boos and harsh chants of asshole. Lennox sucks it up, devouring the attention from the crowd, and finally relents, leaving Smyth flat on her back, writhing in pain, and possibly crying.

Voice: Excuse me, Miss Lennox, but maybe you should turn around and focus on me. You know, the guy who has the title you claim you have rights to?

Will Prydor emerges at the top of the entrance ramp and slowly makes his way closer to the ring. He’s left his belts in the locker room, obviously expecting a throw-down of some kind to happen, and clearly not wanting to give his future opponent a weapon to attack with.

Will Prydor

Will Prydor: So. Let me get this right. Bald. Fat. A hack. Incapable of exercise. Not bad, Melody.  One more and you get a bingo on the “tired old tropes” card. You seem to talk a good game, same old jabs aside. So how about you look in my direction and maybe say something creative to my face? Or would you rather use your feet for something besides kicking crutches and beating up on someone who can't defend herself?

Lennox has all her attention on Prydor and doesn't see what's happening behind her. Smyth leaps to her feet, boot and all. Upon seeing her standing with no problem at all and no crutches, the crowd explodes into cheers. Prydor grins, seeing what Melody can't. Smyth is given a microphone from someone at ringside.

Amy Jo Smyth: You've really gotta stop turning your back on me. It never goes well for you.

Melody Lennox flings her whole body around to see Amy Jo Smyth standing on both feet, unhindered by anything, especially a supposed career ending injury. Lennox just stares at the woman in front of her, shocked and unsure.

Amy Jo Smyth: Did you really think you'd get rid of me that easily?

Smyth grins. Lennox turns her head, looking for an escape, but Prydor is still standing at the end of the entranceway. The crowd is going insane, mostly in anticipation of what they hope will be yet another Doctor’s Orders on Melody Lennox. However, one can tell the exact moment when Lennox decides to take matters into her own hands as her facial expression changes from shock to anger. Then, without warning or provocation, she slingshots herself over the top rope, driving a forearm into the jaw of Prydor to knock him to the floor. Before the champion can recover, Lennox drives several more forearms into the face of Prydor, keeping him off-kilter and unable to put together any sort of comeback.

Having stunned the World Champion, Lennox gets to her feet, perhaps looking to soccer-kick Prydor’s head off his shoulders. Before she can line that up however, the entirety of the Carnage refereeing staff swarm from backstage, trying to restore some order out at ringside. Lennox can be heard from the hand-cameras yelling at the refs to get their dirty hands off of her as she turns to walk away. This lasts all of two steps, however, before she ducks under the outstretched arms of White Rey and Ref Jeff and charges at Prydor with the opening she was looking for to kick his face in. However, the few seconds the refs bought him are enough for Prydor to side-roll out of the way of the kick mere moments before impact. Before Melody can launch another offensive strike, Prydor is up to his feet, tensed up in a guard position and beckoning for Lennox to come try him now. Discretion finally wins the day here, as Lennox shakes her head and shouts “two weeks, fat ass!” before finally being escorted further up the entrance ramp by the officials. Will brings a hand to his mouth, pulling it away to see a small bloodstain, before casting his gaze at his next challenger and simply watching her leave. Forgotten by both parties, Smyth stands in the ring, an intense stare flicking between Prydor and Lennox as she watches the events unfolding in front of her. Because she is who she is, Smyth throws a pocketful of glitter into the air over her head and smiles.

Match Five: Bryan Ford vs. Cerberus

Terra Skye: Well that was certainly an intense segment.

Ray Payne: Was Miss Ames about to retiyahs, yo?

Terra Skye: She might have been suckering Melody in, but either way, it's not happening now.

Johnny Vegas: I wish they'd both retire and just give Melody the belt. She deserves it WAY more.

Terra Skye: You deserve a lobotomy if you think Lennox should be anywhere near that belt.

Johnny Vegas: She deserves it way more than Fats McFatFace!

Ray Payne: Dat wasn't even goods, yo.

The lights cut off for a few moments leaving the fans in the dark until the following words are heard:

Bryan Ford: I'm gonna Whoop! That! Ass!

The lights cut back on as "Earthquake" by Labrinth glares over the speakers. Bryan Ford stands on the stage with his back to the fans the words


On the back of his black hoodie. He turns around with his arms extended nodding his head and big smirk on his face as a few light sparklers go off on the side of him.

Bryan Ford

Kelly Carmichael: This is your MAIN EVENT and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Terell, Texas, weighing in at 185 pounds...BRYAN FORD!

He runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, climbing the turnbuckle and sits on the top looking around at all the fans.

Terra Skye: Bryan Ford picked up a win at Act of Defiance, and is hoping to get on a roll here in Carnage.

Ray Payne: He also beats Mistah Rogan, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah  yeah, he's doing fine and all I guess.

Terra Skye: Well I think that's as close to praise as we'll get from Vegas.

Johnny Vegas: YOU DAMN RIGHT!

Ford does a quick sprint around the ring, before stopping in the middle and posing for the Legion, who cheers him on. Before the cheers get loud, however, the lights suddenly go out. A single spotlight shines on the entrance ramp as a figure dressed in black crawls out on the floor, black smoke surrounding him. He places a single finger on the mouth of his mask, a hushed "SHHHHH" can be heard before he stands on his two feet.

Kelly Carmichael: And his opponent, from...The Gates of the Underworld...weighing in at 176 pounds...CERBERUS!


He places a finger gun to his head and fires. The spotlight cuts off, and when all the lights in the arena cut back on, Cerberus is seen sitting Indian style in his designated corner.

Terra Skye: And this guy is just odd.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah but he's got a grudge with Ford, which is why this match was made. Am I the only one that pays attention to anything?

Ray Payne: How cuds you wit da drinking yo.

Terra Skye: Ha! Good point, Ray!

Johnny Vegas: Fuck you, you mushmouthed asshole.

Bryan Ford and Cerberus actually lock up, instead of starting the match with fists flying. Cerberus manages to back Ford into the nearest turnbuckle, and referee Silent Cal immediately gets in the middle of it, breaking it up before it goes to far. Cerberus looks in the eyes of Ford and places a finger to his own lips, mouthing "SHHHHH." Ford reacts with anger and immediately hits an open-palm slap to the face of Cerberus, knocking him down on his back! Cal lectures Ford in the corner as Cerberus slinks away, although it's unable to tell if he finds the slap painful or amusing.

Terra Skye: Well they started respectfully enough but Cerberus put a stop to that one real quick.

Johnny Vegas: Ford was stupid to even expect that!

Ray Payne: Mebbies he wanted to conserve energes, yo.

Terra Skye: That's a good point, but it looks like Cerberus has no interest in a standard wrestling match.

Ford is finally allowed to get to the center of the ring and he quickly dodges a elbow strike from Cerberus, applying a waistlock. Instead, Cerberus simply fires an elbow back and connects with the side of the head of Ford. While Ford stumbles, Cerberus spins around and hits a leaping pele kick, with the toe of his boot catching Ford in the ear! He gets ready to run to the ropes, but Ford grabs him by the waistband of his tights and pulls him into a knee to the back, before spinning around and hitting a discus forearm to the back of the head! Both men are now stumbling now, taking huge blows to the head. Cerberus spins around and hits Ford with a discus forearm of his own, who is sent into the ropes. He bounces off and comes back with a HUGE lariat, flattening Cerberus onto the mat! Both men are now down, winded.

Terra Skye: That fucking escalated quicker than before!

Johnny Vegas: They're giving everything they got this early. Fucking stupid.

Ray Payne: Dey wants ta win, yo.

Johnny Vegas: They should have asked me for advice. I mean, I AM a champion.

Terra Skye: Oh great, here we go again. I wish you'd lose that belt, but you'd have to actually pin someone to do it.


Cerberus rolls out of the ring and drops to the floor in an attempt to regroup. Ford rolls out of the ring on his own and gives chase, so Cerberus simply slides back into the ring. Once Ford tries the same, Cerberus leaps up and connects with a leg drop to the back of the head! He gets up and bounces off the ropes as Ford rolls onto his back, jumps up in the air and hits ANOTHER leg drop, this time to the throat! He stays in a sitting position, making a cover..



Suddenly, Ford springs to life and rolls forward, moving into a jackknife pin on Cerberus!



THr--NO! Cerberus kicks out, scrambles to his feet and hits a short kick to the side of Ford's head, knocking him back to the canvas.

Terra Skye: Ford showed why he should never be counted out, but I think he just got knocked out.

Johnny Vegas: Where the hell did he even get the energy to try that after the leg drops?

Ray Payne: Its still earlies, yo. Dey just been hittin each udder so hard it doesn't seem dat way.

Terra Skye: Yeah, they're giving everything they got early.

Johnny Vegas: Which means one of them is going to burn out quickly.


Cerberus grabs Ford and tries to throw him into the turnbuckle, but even in a weakened state, Ford manages to reverse it and Cerberus hits back first. Ford then charges in and connects with a forearm, before grabbing Cerberus for a bulldog. However, Cerberus manages to hold on, and tosses Ford outside to the floor! Cerberus runs off the opposite side and tries to dive out with a suicide dive, but Ford is up and nails him with a forearm! Ford grabs Cerberus by the head and yanks him down to the floor, before bouncing off the ropes himself...he goes for a suicide dive and CERBERUS MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! Ford crashes into the guardrail headfirst!


Terra Skye: Damn it! Ford's head collided with that metal rail!

Johnny Vegas: He's got no one to blame but himself! Well and Cerberus. That was some quick thinking!

Ray Payne: He cuds have just hit him or somedin, yo. But I dink he did that to hurts him bad.

Johnny Vegas: You don't know what he's thinking! No one does! He wears a damn mask!

Ford is barely pushing himself up to his feet, which in itself is shocking. Cerberus wastes no time and slides in, hitting a glancing knee off the side of his head. He then grabs Ford and rolls him back into the ring, before immediately falling into the cover!




Terra Skye: the fuck...

Johnny Vegas: The kid wrecked his brains! He's too stupid to know not to kick out!

Ray Payne: Yo's, brain damages is nuthin to mess wit, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Really?

Terra Skye: Ray...

Ray Payne: Wut, yo?

Terra Skye: Nothing. That was a good point.

Cerberus gets into a mount on the prone Ford and begins to lay into him with punch after punch, before getting back to his feet. He's clearly showing frustration with his body language. He grabs the legs of Ford and drags him until his head and throat are under the bottom rope, then drops backward, catapulting him up into the rope! He then pulls Ford back  and flips over into another pin!



TH--NO! Another kickout!

Terra Skye: How is he doing this?

Ray Payne: I dun no, yo.

Johnny Vegas: I told you, his brains are mush. It's all reflex at this point.

Cerberus decides enough is enough, and he goes out onto the apron. He demands that Ford get up, but Ford is still dazed. He finally gets up to his feet and is hunched over, pushing with his hand to try to get upright. Cerberus decides to go for it anyway, and he springboards off the top with a knee, but Ford suddenly side-steps! Cerberus lands on his feet and stumbles forward, and Ford leaps forward and connects with a Bford & After bicycle kick to the chin!!! Ford then falls forward into the middle rope while Cerberus walks spaghetti-legged, holding his jaw. He tries to shake it, off, bounces off the other side of the ropes and comes back with the GIFT FROM HADES! The 619 catches Ford flush! Ford falls backward and Cerberus demands he get up again!

Terra Skye: I don't know where Ford got the strength for that bicycle kick, but that may have been his last shot.

Johnny Vegas: Those shots to the head can't be good for him. Just look at Ray.

Ray Payne: Huhs?


Johnny Vegas: Or Boy, too. I guess.

Cerberus gets tired of waiting on the apron as Ford is having trouble standing, so he enters the ring and lifts him up from behind. He hooks the arms and begins to try his "No More Heroes" backslide driver, but Ford suddenly unhooks his arms and reapples them into a simple backslide!


Ford uses his athleticism to push his legs over the rolled up body of Cerberus, forming a bridge!



Kelly Carmichael: Here is your winner...BRYAN FORD
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