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OOC NOTE: Before you read the show proper, I wanted to give my apologies that it's up so late. As you know, I work hard, along with those who help out, to get these things up in a reasonable amount of time while maintaining the level of quality you've come to expect. We had some unforeseen issues this week that delayed things, but I wanted to thank Caleb, Raggy, Dustin and Barbie for their help in making this show the best it can be. They're the real reason Carnage is great and the reason it will continue to go on strong.  Thanks again, you guys. Enjoy the show.

- Joe

Pre-Show: All that Glitters

We fade in on the backstage area where Will Prydor is just arriving in his locker room a couple hours before the biggest match in his life. As Will opens the door, he comes to a dead stop.

Will Prydor

Will Prydor: ...the hell?

He steps into the locker room and the cameraman is right behind him, revealing what has Will off guard for a moment. Several black boxes surround an unfolded steel chair, which itself has a manila folder on the seat.  A puzzled look on his face, Prydor walks over to a bench to drop his duffel bag when an explosion of noise comes from his phone. To be exact, “Happy Boys and Girls” by Aqua. The puzzled look becomes one of consternation as Will pulls out his iPhone and sets the call to speaker.

Will Prydor: Not that I have a problem with a call, Trent, but this couldn't wait till later?

Trent Steel: I figure you'd want your presents now instead of later.

Will Prydor: Presents?

Trent Steel: I came bearing gifts before heading out to Vegas.

Will walks over to one of those boxes. Boxes we've seen Trent place under the ring before full of extremely “original” hardcore weapons. Will, obviously, is not happy about this, as is clear from his voice.

Will Prydor: Call your couriers and have them take your toys home. I'm not gonna use them.

Trent Steel: Why?

Will Prydor: Do you really have to even ask that?

Trent Steel: Yes. I do. Because you're being a fucking moron if you don't think she's going to tear you apart with something similar or worse.

Will Prydor: I'm going to win this with straight wrestling Trent.

Trent Steel: No. You're not.

Will Prydor: What are you going to do, force me to use weapons?

Trent Steel: I've done it before with a few well placed words...

Will sighs and shakes his head as he grabs a chair and sits directly opposite the boxes and folder that Trent left for him.

Will Prydor: Don't push me. We've become pretty decent to each other since you got your head out of your ass years ago. I know you are upset with Joe getting you this tag team match, but trying to goad me into losing my temper has never and will never end well for you.

Trent Steel: Would you call us friends?

Will Prydor: I'd say that'd be a good word for us. Granted we have some trust issues as our failure to keep the tag titles...

Trent Steel: That was my fault Will. Not yours, and don't argue with me on this.

Will Prydor: Fine...but why are you now suddenly interested with how I'm holding this belt. You know me. Hell, you get why I'm doing this. Straight up wrestling is what this place needs Trent. I'm not going to go back on my word just to win a match your way.

There is a slight pause and a faint clacking sound on the other end of the call, as if someone was taking off a pair of sunglasses and folding them up. When he next speaks, the smirk is apparent in Trent’s voice.

Trent Steel: Have you ever thought about trying it my way?

Will Prydor: Your way? Cause as much pain as possible? Break someone? No. That's not me.

Trent Steel: Your focusing on the wrong part of me Will, and for that I am shocked. Tell me. What made me stand out against all the other foes you've faced.

Will Prydor: Well you did insult someone who just died that was close to me, so that put you in a special category of hell for a while.

Trent Steel: That's one thing, but what else...what do I do that no one else does?

Will Prydor: Even if you lose you would attack. You would keep going. So what exactly are you trying to push me to do here Trent.

Trent Steel: Try looking at the folder, Will.

Will Prydor: Your file on Amy Jo, I presume?

Trent Steel: It's there if you want to look it over. I even highlighted the strategy that I would try, but you do what you want.

There is a pause for a moment as both men ponder the other’s words.

Trent Steel: Going to open your presents?

Will Prydor: I'm not going to use your weapons.

Trent Steel: Who said they were weapons?

Curiosity now piqued, Will picks up one of the boxes and in it is a title. A world title. Will looks at it for a moment. It says “NLW” on the front, with his old moniker on the nameplate that he never got to have put on after he lost it three minutes after winning it. He touches it for a moment and turns to another box, opening them one by one.

The NLW Legacy title, which became synonymous with his name during his runs in that promotion.

The OWF Tag Team titles, which he held for all of five minutes before they were stolen from him by a pair of opportunists.

The OWF Public Display of Aggression title, which was his claim to fame in that dead promotion, back when grief surrounded him like a cloak.

And finally, a replica of the OWF World Heavyweight Championship. The same belt that he nearly died competing for on his second attempt.

Trent Steel: As you saw, each one is a title belt. Each one is something you either obtained or could have obtained if you just took the opportunity. Pound for pound out of all the other technical wrestlers you are, without a doubt, the hardest person to beat in that realm. As much as I am good at hardcore and technical wrestling I bow to your prowess in technical wrestling. Yes, Will. I admit it. You're better than me. You are a person this company can build on. You are a person this company can win with. You are a person who can turn the tide of this place not just being known for hardcore. That's the first step to this place turning into something even greater than before. You just lack the confidence. And I am here to tell you I'm sorry if I ever played a part in making you doubt yourself. That was never my intention even when we were having our issues. You are a very dangerous man when you get fired up. So go out there and if it helps just pretend she's some asshole who said something really inappropriate about your wife and daughter. You know. Like me.

With that Trent sighs and sounds like he’s about to hang up, but Will’s voice stops that for the moment.

Will Prydor: What about JC? You gonna do this tag match right?

Trent Steel: We shall see how my headspace is Will. Don't worry about me...nothing's going to rattle my cage anymore.

With that Trent hangs up the phone, leaving Will surrounded by everything in his career that never was, but should have been.

Hold it

Hovering over
Looking over the shoulder
Suspense suspect
Who got next game
Hanging us by the necks
Hold onto your purses and wallets
By George, he's the new Wallace
Show no shame, no malice
Wondering who's this new Alice
Check check 1-2 1-2
Alabama Indiana
They be coming around asking
Who the fuck is you?
He be coming around that mountain
How the West was won
Mother fucker didn't ever run
Hero here he come

All hail to the chief
Who came in the name of a thief
To cease peace
He'll be comin' around that mountain

All hail to the chief
Who came in the name of a thief
To cease peace

And he didn't even run [x4]

They lie when they say we matter
Lies of a whole new chapter
Smile when you meet your master
Lookin' in the eye of the rapture
They lie when they say we matter
Some rather believe in a liar
Pride in the heart of believers
While the city ignites like a fire
While ya life hangs in the balance
The innocent caught in the violence
Silence everybody that ain't like us
Devising words to divide us
Fear in the heart of the millions
One percent with their billions
Savage politicians got the whole world ripe for the pickin'

All hail to the chief
Who came in the name of a thief
To cease peace
He'll be comin' around that mountain

All hail to the chief
Who came in the name of a thief
To cease peace

And he didn't even run [x4]

666 666 suspense
Sick sick sick sick sick sick suspense
666 666 suspense
Sick sick sick sick sick sick

Here he come [x4]

All hail to the chief
Who came in the name of a thief
To cease peace
He'll be comin' around that mountain

All hail to the chief
Who came in the name of a thief
To cease peace
And he didn't even run

Exclusively on the
January 21, 2018
Fort McHenry - Baltimore, Maryland



Baltimore Team: Terrra Skye, Rick Daniels & Ray Payne


Las Vegas Team: David Love, Johnny Vegas and Boy

Time Keeper:

Michael Maddox

Ring Announcer:

Kelly Carmichael


White Rey, Ed Hawkersby, Ref Jeff & Silent Cal

“Hail to the Chief” by Prophets of Rage plays over the speakers, with the video wall at Fort McHenry showing images of Jason Bridges to boos, but those boos turn to cheers when the Carnage Legion in attendance realizes that Act of Defiance is starting. The music and the cheers almost make it too loud to hear our announce team, even in this open environment.

Terra Skye: Well, this is a new experience for me.

Ray Payne: Yeahs, yo. Normally we gots Johnnies out heyah. And Mistah Boy.

Rick Daniels: But it's me instead! I knew keeping Carnage on speed dial would work in my favor!

Terra Skye: In case you're wondering where the old fucker is, he got his wish. He gets to go to Las Vegas. In fact, we have that announce team here via satellite. Johnny, can you hear me?

The feed cuts over to Las Vegas, where indeed the streets have been cleared in preparation for tonight's Las Vegas Street Fight. Rowdy fans in the area are chanting for Paragon and we see Johnny Vegas, David Love and Boy, all dressed in tuxedos (even Boy). Vegas looks particularly angry.

Johnny Vegas: Fucking Boy ruined my damn trip here! Do you know how much money he lost me on the slot machines?


Johnny Vegas: You don't pull the damn lever after we've already won!

David Love: And I'm here too, against my better judgment. I guess Bridges needed someone to balance out the insanity.

Johnny Vegas: That's why we fucking left you in the hotel. And I would have left Boy too if he'd LEAVE ME ALONE.

Boy: Mother's clothing! WARM EMBRACE BY THE SNOWMAN!

We cut back to Fort McHenry, where Ray and Terra can't help but laugh at Johnny's situation. Rick Daniels doesn't seem to care either way.

Terra Skye: Have fun, Johnny! I'm sure you'll enjoy watching the show on your monitor for most of the broadcast.

Ray Payne: Mistah Jonnies, tries ta get me Wayne Newton's autograf, yo!

Rick Daniels: What are you, seventy?

Ray Payne: Yes.

Rick Daniels: Oh. Well you look it.

Terra Skye: Don't become mini-Johnny just because he's watching, Rick.

Rick Daniels: Johnny Vegas is my idol and he's the only way I keep my job after this show!

Terra Skye: Holy shit, did he tell you that?

Rick Daniels: Um...maybe?

Ray Payne: You is in for disapoints, yo.

Terra Skye: Anyway, we've got SIX huge matches tonight and as you may have noticed on Twitter, the order got moved around and we're OPENING with the Starmaker ladder match!

Ray Payne: Dat's nine peoples gonna fight for a briefcase, yo.

Terra Skye: And it gives them any title shot they want, any time and at any place. They could cash in tonight!

Rick Daniels: Well what are we waiting for, let's get to it!

Match One: Starmaker Ladder Match

Kelly Carmichael: This next match, scheduled for one fall is the STARMAKER LADDER MATCH!!!  The first person to ascend the ladder and claim the briefcase hanging above the ring will be awarded with a title shot for any title at any time of their choosing!!!

"Courage" by Alien Ant Farm comes over the speakers and The Avenger leaps out of the entrance tunnel making heroic poses. As he moves down the ramp, he shakes hands, kisses babies, and signs autographs.

Kelly Carmichael: First to the ring, standing in at five foot eleven inches, and weighing two hundred and thirteen pounds, he is THE AVENGERRRR!!!!

The Avenger

Ray Payne: Mistah Avengy luuks readies fur tonites yo.   I really lieks da supah hero pozes he does, yo.

Rick Daniels: You would, but personally I think his schtick is tired and old.  DO SOMETHING NEW!

Terra Skye: You’re just jealous that people like him more than you, Rick.  Avenger has become a core member of this roster, and whether or not people take him seriously - Carnage would miss him if he were gone.

Rick Daniels: Would they really?

He stands at the ring, makes sure his cape is attached and then leaps up onto the apron, before climbing up the turnbuckle and doing yet another heroic pose as his music fades.  Almost immediately though, the lights within Fort McHenry go out and “Carry on Wayward Son” starts playing over the speakers. Once the opening vocals end, the lights shoot on as Eli stands at the entrance tunnel with his arms out in a T-pose. He is wearing a leather jacket with this entrance. He lowers his arms looking at the crowd.

Kelly Carmichael: Next to the ring, standing in at five feet, six inches and weighing one hundred and sixty pounds… ELIIIII GOOOOODEEEE!!!!!

Eli Goode

Terra Skye: And here’s one of our new acquisitions.   I’ve heard a lot of good things about him and I’m looking forward to seeing how he does in tonights opening match amongst a few of our other new roster members.

Rick Daniels: Well I’ve heard that he and a couple of his opponents here tonight have a history with one another, so I think shits going to get real.

Ray Payne: Iz shizz not alreadies reals yo? 

He starts walking down toward the ring as the guitar solo starts playing as he rolls his shoulders around. The vocals start again as he reaches the ring steps and walks up to the side of the ring. He walks over one of the corners and hops to the middle turnbuckle. He extends his arms out again looking at the crowd with a smile on his face. He hops back to the ring mat taking off his jacket. He tosses it over the top rope to the side of the ring ready to fight.  As he and Avenger look at one another, "I will Show You" By From Ashes To New blasts from the PA system and Matt Angel walks out with his arms raised. 

Kelly Carmichael: Next to the ring, standing in at six feet, two inches and weighing one hundred and eighty pounds, MATTTT ANGEELLLLLLL!!!!

Matt Angel

Ray Payne: Mistah Angie iz in hiz thurd match heere tonites, yo.  Meybe he’s will has a bettah turn outs den he’z hads in hiz last few.

Rick Daniels: Why are you so nice all the time?  You do realize not everyone deserves it.

Terra Skye: Ray prefers to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and unlike Johnny and you, he thinks everyone has a chance to win the big one, just like Matt Angel has here tonight. 

Ray Payne: Anyding can happens yo. 

He walks down the ramp way high-fiving the fans. He jumps onto the apron and climbs the turnbuckle and also celebrates cheering to the fans as his opponents look on.  As the three men stare one another down, and scoping out the venue and the ring for ways of getting to the briefcase, Kelsi Parr steps out of the entrance tunnel as “Hell Yea” by Rev Theory begins playing over the PA.  She walks towards the ring, pumping her arms to the fans and pointing to each side as the fans sing along with her song.

Kelly Carmichael: Next to the ring, standing in at five feet, nine inches and weighing one hundred and thirty five pounds… KELLSSIIII PARRRRRR!!!!!

Kelsi Parr

Terra Skye: And here’s another of our new wrestlers, Kelsi Parr.  You know, four people have come out for this match and there are four very different sizes of people in this match so far.

Rick Daniels: You’re right.  Everyone brings something different to the table.  As to which is going to have the advantage…. Your guess is as good as mine. 

Ray Payne: I dinks we wills be surpriseds yo.

Rick Daniels: I thinks this bitch looks like she’s about to rip someone's head off.

Terra Skye: She does not!  You’re just trying to start shit.  Although I do believe she and Mr. Goode have a history with one another and as we said earlier, I wonder if that’ll play a factor in this match.

She gets to the ring where she walks to the corner and stands up on it, holding both hands up for the fans.  She then drops down and leans back in the corner, waiting for the match to start as she stares down her opponents.  The four people stand in the four corners of the ring as “Hell” by Disturbed begins playing over the PA.  James Ceno steps out of the entrance tunnel and looks around the Fort as he begins walking towards the ring, not wasting time to showboat. 

Kelly Carmichael: Next to the ring, standing in at six feet, six inches and weighing two hundred and sixty one pounds, JAMESSSS CENOOOOO!!!!

James Ceno

Ray Payne: Dats a big mans, yo.

Terra Skye: Oh yeah, James Ceno is easily the biggest man in this match so far.  I don’t see how that wouldn’t be an advantage…

Rick Daniels: Except when it comes to getting that big frame up a ladder to get that briefcase. 

Terra Skye: You’re right, but it won’t matter if everyone else is down and out.

Ray Payne: I is scareds yo.

Ceno walks to the ring as the lights within Fort McHenry begin changing from red back to their normal shade.  He climbs into the ring, and moves around in a circle, making eye contact with each of his opponents as his music fades out.  Everyone begins shifting around, the ring filling up as the Carnagetron statics and the lights within the fort dim down once again.  Suddenly a countdown is shown on the tron.


Harry Hampton: Hae a guid day!

After Hampton's voice booms through the fort, The lights cut off as "Final Countdown" plays. A single spotlight hits the entrance as Harry Hampton stands in it his back to the audience. Wearing a leather jacket with the name Hampton on the back, An image of a lock hanging from the 'O'. He turns around holding his arms wide with thumbs up then he turns them down as fireworks go off behind him.

Kelly Carmichael: Next to the ring, standing in at five feet, ten inches and weighing two hundred and two pounds… HARRRYYYY HAMPTONNNNNN!!!!

Harry Hampton

Rick Daniels: What the hell is wrong with your face, Terra?

Ray Payne: Miss Terra Lieks mistah Harry yo.

Terra Skye: Hey, I uh… Well, he’s nice and he’s a good wrestler.  I think he’s got a good chance at winning this entire thing! 

Rick Daniels: What have you all been doing a little extra training….

Terra Skye: We have.. We--

Rick Daniels: Under the sheets?!?!?!

Terra Skye: NO!  Oh my God…

Ray Payne: I ships ya’lls yo…

He makes his way down the ring high fiving fans taking off his shades and putting them on one of the fans. He slides under the ring getting on his knees and extends his arms again as fans throw mini Scottish Flags into the ring.  His opponents begin kicking the flags as Harry turns around, eyeing up his opponents as the music fades out and "My Medicine" by The Pretty Reckless hits over the PA system. The peppy blonde from Austin steps out onto the stage with a smile, a cowboy hat perched upon her head and a denim vest on over a plain singlet. Turning her back to the crowd on the stage, Pearl gives her vest a little pop with a smile perched on her face. Tipping her hat just a bit while it was perched on the crown of her head, before turning to face the ring and making her way down the ramp with a hand extended to the crowd at either side. As a camera zoomed in, she opened her vest to reveal the "Sugar and Vice" logo on the tee that was worn over her singlet.

Kelly Carmichael: Next to the ring, standing in at five feet, six inches and weighing one hundred and thirty pounds…. PEARLLLL ATTLEEEEE!!!!

Pearl Attlee

Terra Skye: Pearl has been on a tear since joining Carnage Wrestling.  I wouldnt be surprised to see her take this one for herself.

Ray Payne: She iz nices as pies, yo.  I hopes she does guuds.

Rick Daniels: Not surrounded by the amount of huge man that she is.

Terra Skye: Hey!  Sometimes size doesn’t matter!  Like we said earlier, anything could happen! 

Rick Daniels: They’re going to throw her around like a damn rag doll.  Tis a shame though, she’s kinda cute.

Climbing the steel stairs that led to the ring, she threw a single finger into the air to pose on the outside of the ring, poised against the ropes. Bending into the ring, she kept hold of her hat, before handing it to a stagehand with a smile. The Belle of the Borderland climbed the nearest turnbuckle, posing and pointing to the crowd, giving a sweet wave before jumping off of the middle rope and turning in the air, all energy and all smiles as "My Medicine" begins to fade off and the rest of her opponents begin moving around, eyeing her up.  As everyone begins to get antsy for the match to begin, “Koi Suro Fortune Cookie” by AKB48 begins playing over the PA and Mai Goto steps out of the entrance tunnel, her smile practically lighting the fort as she stops for a few seconds, playing to the crowd!

Kelly Carmichael: Next, standing in at five feet, two inches and weighing one hundred pounds… MAIII GOTTTOOOOOOO!!!!!

Mai Goto

Terra Skye: Now I think Mai is the smallest competitor in this match.  She’s such a nice girl though, I wonder how she’s going to do in a clusterfuck like this.

Rick Daniels: I feel like someone could sit on her and that would be that.

Terra Skye: You really are a piece of garbage sometimes.

Rick Daniels: Nice to be here, Terra.  Thank you for the warm welcome.

Ray Payne: I lieks talkin tah Miss Goaty yo.  Hur an Mistah Boy woulds gets alongs yo.

Terra Skye: Except Boy is speaking jibberish and Mai is actually speaking a real language. UGH….

Mai's music plays and the happy go lucky beat follows her down to the ring where she waves at all the fans and says simply adorable sounding things to them. She then climbs the steps and gets into the ring, going to the ropes and waving again before she hops down and waits for the match to start.   She turns around to find seven other people staring at her and she waves happily as she takes her place next to one of her opponents as they await their mystery opponent.

Rick Daniels: So now we get to finally see who this MYSTERY person is… Someone who wants to make Carnage Great again…

Terra Skye: I feel like it’s someone from the past, but I’m not sure…

Ray Payne: I dink its Mistah Stony, yo. 

Terra Skye: Why?

Ray Payne: Jus a hunchies, yo.

The lights go dark in the fort. The fans begin to squirm in their seats, anticipating the arrival of the mystery opponent. The tron screen lights up, displaying the current date 01-21-18. Similar to vignettes on the weekly shows a narrator speaks.

Voice: For weeks I have told you the time is growing near that a true champion shall grace your presence. Today is that day. He has returned to show Carnage what it means be a real champion.

The "18" on the screen morphs into an exclamation point.

Voice: Though my words may have been harsh, my truth is all that matters. Greatness has returned to Carnage Wrestling.

The "01" of the date morphs into a "G"

Rick Daniels: No… No, it can’t be…

Terra Skye: SHHHH!!!


The final chunk of the date, the "21", morphs into an "I". The crowd screams in excitement at the revelation. The lights shoot back on accompanied by pyro from the stage. "Made for This" by ASN starts to play and Kelly Carmichael can be seen standing in the ring reading from a sheet of paper that was given to her.

Kelly Carmichael: Making his return to the ring after being side-swiped by the coward known as Redemption. From East Rutherford, New Jersey, weighing in at 228 pounds... He's the man who would like to be known as the current OWF PDA Champion for 428 days and counting, the TRUE Champion of Violence, Belty's number one fan and your favorite wrestler's favorite wrestler! Your idol has returned! G.....I!


Rick Daniels: NOOOO!!! WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?!?!?!

Terra Skye: This is GREAT!  I don’t know what you’re bitching about Rick!  JC’s brother GI is back!!!

Ray Payne: Oh goodies!  Dis iz a grat--


Terra Skye: Chill the fuck out.

Rick Daniels: I will not.  This is horse shit.  I am so upset right now.  You honestly expect me to sit out here and CALL Another match with this giant piece of rat feces in it?!?!  I was fine.. FINE with filling in for Johnny because let’s face it… I’m the only one that could, but the fact that I was BLINDSIDED BY THIS… IS NOT OKAY.  FUCK GI and FUCK THIS…


Terra Skye: God damn, Ray.

GI walks out onto the entrance ramp and the crowd shows their adoration as they cheer loudly at the sight of him. He slaps his hand on Belty and spins around with his arms wide open, mouthing something to the crowd. He slowly starts to walk to the ring, eyeing his competition and basking in the cheers from the crowd.  He gets to the ring and climbs in with everyone else, removing belty from any danger as he gives the belt to the ring attendant.  The music fades out and everyone remains, just staring at one another as the tension begins to build as they all wait for the opening bell. 

Terra Skye: Shits about to get real.

Rick Daniels: It already has… This is some bullshit.

Ray Payne: Jus does yah jobs yo. 

Rick Daniels: Why are you being so mean?!

Ray Payne: Becuz yah bein dumbs.


Terra Skye: Why don’t you like GI, anyway?

Rick Daniels: He’s a prick. 


The bell sounds and Ceno immediately slams into Avenger from behind with a clubbing hammer fist.  Then taking Avenger by the arm, Ceno swings him around and sends him racing with an irish whip.  Angel open-palm shoves Goode backward and Avenger crashes into Goode in the heavily congested ring.  Goto runs up Goode's back as he stumbles, and then launches herself into the air, crashing into Parr with a cross body block.  Parr topples backward from impact, rolling through and coming back up in a three point stance.  Parr explodes forward, with Goto dropping flat to the mat to avoid Parr, and Parr instead smashes into Attlee with a running lariett and taking her to the mat.  Ceno scoops up Avenger, hoisting him overhead in a gorilla press and throws Avenger over the top rope, sending him crashing to the floor outside, before GI slams Ceno from behind with a double axe-handle, barely budging the larger man.  Ceno throws a back elbow to GI's face, but GI hooks Ceno by the elbow.  Ceno draws back with his free arm, only for Hampton to take hold of him on the other side, GI and Hampton working in unison to flip Ceno over with a double hip toss.

Terra Skye: This is pandemonium right from the get go! 

Rick Daniels: Yeah, yeah…

Terra Skye: Please stop pouting. 

Ray Payne: Its hards tah tells whut everyones is doesing when dere is so many peoples in da rings, yo.

Rick Daniels: Why is everything plural with you?  Does you not know how you not put an ‘s’ on the end of every single word?

Ray Payne: . . . . . . .

Parr pulls Attlee back to her feet, swinging her around and tossing her into the turnbuckle.  Then racing into the corner, Parr steps up to the middle rope and drives a hard knee to Attlee's face, slumping her in the corner.  Then hooking Attlee behind the head, Parr springboards from the middle ropes with a bulldog out of the corner, but Angel catches hold of Parr by the ankle, jerking her out of her grip on Attlee so Attlee crashes solo to the canvas and Parr plummets down on her face and chest.  Angel takes up Parr by both arms and launches her backwards with a catapult, directly into the path of a forward drop kick from Goto.  Parr tumbles backward, but Goto turns her attention to Angel, catching him in the back of the head with a spinning heel kick.

Terra Skye: You’re right though, Ray.. It’s hard to really keep track of everything that’s going on, but I do have to say that there isn’t anyone inside that ring right now that isn’t giving one hundred percent.  The ladies are certainly holding their own too.

Ray Payne: I lieks watchin dem goes at it, yo.  I dink dey really wanteds it, yo.

Rick Daniels: Of course they want it.  They’re fighting for a title shot.  Any title.  Any time.  That’s huge. 

Terra Skye: This is the first match of its kind that we’ve had here in CW, I’m sure this isn’t going to be the last, not with this response.

Angel staggers to the ropes, and Goto leaps onto his shoulders, pivoting around and then dropping backwards, bringing Angel over the top with a huricanrana.  Hampton pulls Ceno back to his feet, only for Ceno to thrust his head backwards, striking Hampton across the nose.  Ceno bursts forward with a running shoulder block, but GI leapfrogs over Ceno and then plants both feet into Hampton with a forward drop kick.  Hampton topples backward, while Ceno bounces off the ropes and returns into GI from behind, crashing into him with a chest thump and clapping his arms together, boxing GI about the ears.

Rick Daniels: Your boyfriend isn’t doing too well, Terra.

Terra Skye: He’s doing just fine!  You’re just nit picking him because you know I like him.  But you’re not going to bother me with that bullshit. 

Ray Payne: Mistah Ceno iz a big mans yo… He is gunna be hards tah gets downs.  Mistah GI--

Rick Daniels: DONT SAY HIS NAME.

Ray Payne: I has tah, he iz in da matches yo.

Terra Skye: Yeah, and GI is looking really great, considering that he was taken out months ago with that knee injury that Redemption gave him.  We know how all that ended up though.  It’s nice to see him back.

Rick Daniels: Well, I think Ceno is going to whoop that ass.  GO CENO! 

Ceno wraps GI up around the body and flips him up with an overhead belly to belly suplex, but GI somersaults through and lands squarely on his feet behind Ceno.  GI throws a spinning back kick, smashing Ceno in the side of the head, stumbling him forward and directly into a Harry Cutter by Hampton.  Hampton takes Ceno down hard, only for GI to crash down over top of both Ceno and Hampton with a somersault backsplash.  Avenger is in the process of propping up a large metal ladder, until Goto delivers a black flip kick through the rungs of the ladder and directly into Avenger's face.  Avenger topples backwards, taking the ladder with him and propping it upright against the side of the ring in the process.  Goto runs halfway up the clumsily balanced ladder before moonsaulting backwards and crashing into Angel, but Angel doesn't go down.  Instead, Angel catches the smaller Goto over one shoulder and then powerslams her down to the concrete.

Rick Daniels: Bahahaha Avenger is getting beaten up by a little girl! 

Terra Skye: I’m sure that little girl could whip your ass.  But damn, Angel got her good outside the ring, didn’t he? 

Ray Payne: Mistah Avengah iz smarts fur goin fur da laddah, yo.  Dats da points of dis matches, yo.  But I dunno if its tah earlies, specially wif almost everyones still ups and fightings yo.

Terra Skye: That’s true.  It might be a better idea to wait until a lot of the competitors are down to try for the ladder.  That’ll reduce the risk of being knocked off because the number of people able to do it is less too.

Rick Daniels: Blah, blah, blah.. You talk far too much.

Terra Skye: Fuck you, Daniels.

Attlee drags Parr up by the arm, swinging her around and throwing her into the ropes.  Parr returns with a head of steam and swings with a running lariett, but Attlee ducks and Parr stumbles past and directly into a back body drop from Goode.  Goode drags Parr up by the hair, but Attlee locks onto Goode from behind and drops him backward with a reverse ddt.  Parr thanks Attlee for the save with a spinning headscissors, sending Attlee spilling across the ring.

Rick Daniels: I don’t appreciate all the hate that’s being spewed in my general direction.

Terra Skye: I don’t appreciate you focusing on that instead of calling the god damned match!  These women are fun as hell to watch; don’t you think Ray?

Ray Payne: Oh yes’s yo.  Miss Parry an Miss Atleez is really goins at it’s yo.  I dink dese two could be da ones fightin fur it at da end.

Rick Daniels: Except there are seven other people out there trying to do the same thing.  Well six and a prick. 

Terra Skye: Lay off of it.  You just sound like a bitter battered bitch right now.

Avenger begins scaling the ladder, ascending higher than the apron, but when Ceno whips Hampton around and bounces him off the ropes, the ladder jarring from the ropes and slowly toppling backwards from it's upright position.  Avenger leaps from the falling ladder, crashing into both Goto and Angel with a flying crossbody and taking both of them down to the floor.  Avenger raises back to his feet, making a move back for the ladder, but Angel sweeps Avenger's legs out from under him, taking him down to the ground.  Angel rolls over, straddling Avenger and cranking back on his head with a camel clutch.  Goto tips the metal ladder back upright, then lets it tip over, Angel's head passing between two rungs while the supports crash down over his shoulders, hammering hard on his collarbones.  Then picking up the end of the ladder, Goto balances it over Angel's shoulders before giving it a shove, the rung in front of him smashing into his jaw and knocking him backward and onto the floor.

Ray Payne: Ouchies yo!  Dat laddah wills nots be very forgvins yo. 

Terra Skye: You’re right about that.  Avenger was trying, but he ended up taking out Goto and Angel in the process.  Probably not what he intended but not exactly a bad thing either if you’re Avenger.

Rick Daniels: Blame your boyfriend for that, Terra.

Terra Skye: He’s not my boyfriend and it wasn’t even his fault!  Stop it!

Ceno hikes Hampton up and into a fireman's carry, toppling backward and slamming him to the canvas.  GI springboards off the middle turnbuckle, spinning in mid-air and drilling Ceno in the back of the skull.  GI pulls Ceno back up, pushing him towards the corner.  Ceno staggers GI with a European uppercut before whipping GI around into the ropes.  GI rebounds backward and Ceno catches him, flipping him over for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but GI swings through taking Ceno down instead with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors.  Hampton blindsides GI with a high knee, doubling him over, and then grabbing GI by the waistband and the back of the neck, Hampton swings him around and sends him through the middle ropes, GI crashing down outside the ring.  Ceno raises to his hands and knees, only for Hampton to cut him off with a stiff boot to the face.  Hampton scales to the top turnbuckle, striking a pose above Ceno, but Atlee and Parr each take Goode by an arm, launching him forward with a double irish whip that bounces Goode against the ropes, jarring Hampton and sending him crashing down from the turnbuckle and to the outside of the ring.  Goode returns with a head of steam, gunning for Attlee and Parr with a pair of double clotheslines, and catches Attlee under the chin, while Parr ducks the shot, swinging around behind him and bringing Goode down with a floatover DDT.

Terra Skye: I’m beginning to see that coming out of this there are going to be a few feuds that are gonna be something to watch in the future.  GI and James Ceno being one of the front runners.

Rick Daniels: OR… Hampton and Ceno.  Maybe that other guy can just go the fuck away or something.

Ray Payne: I dink Miss Terra iz rite, yo.  It culds be anyones dough. 

Terra Skye: Thank you Ray.  And that was really good thinking from Atlee and Parr to whip Goode into the ropes and take Hampton down. 

Rick Daniels: I can’t believe you’d want him to get hurt!


Avenger pulls Angel back to his feet, hooking him into a front facelock and then hiking him upwards with an implant ddt to the unforgiving floor, only for Goto to jerk on the ladder, sliding it across the floor and beneath Avenger before impact so that Avenger's back jars loudly against the steel while Angel's scalp splits wide open from striking a metal ladder rung.  Goto hops onto the security railing crowdside and darts forward with an impressive balance-beam style run, leaping from the security railing and crashing down over Avenger and Angel with a somersault backsplash, jarring them both against the ladder again with another loud crash.  Goto rolls Avenger off of the ladder, but when she reaches for Angel, he sweeps her legs out from under her, rising back to his feet.  Angel sets the ladder upright at ringside and begins to scale it, reaching towards the top and then leaping from the ladder to clear the ropes and return to the ring with a flying drop kick that drills Ceno in the back.

Terra Skye: And there’s the first casualty, Matt Angels head! 

Rick Daniels: We knew the blood was going to be coming.  It’s not really surprising, but watching that Goto girl run along the barricade was pretty damn impressive.

Ray Payne: Angels wif dat drop kicky tah get Mistah Ceny in da back wuz pretty nices too…. Yo.

Terra Skye: Everyone is really showing off their best stuff here.  I’m enjoying this.

Rick Daniels: I would be… * Grumble *

Ceno stumbles to one knee, and Angel follows up by bulldogging him the rest of the way to the mat.  Angel bounces triumphantly back to his feet, only to be blindsided by Parr with a spinning heel kick to the side of the head, knocking him against the ropes.  Parr leaps into the air, flipping backwards while dragging Angel over in a headscissors takedown, sending him spilling towards the middle of the ring, only to find herself rolling directly into the path of Ceno and one of his massive hammer-fists.  Parr staggers, his powerful arms hitting like a truck, and tries to skirt the edge of the ring to keep herself safe.  Ceno stays on Parr like glue, dropping into a three point stance and then barreling down on her with a running shoulder block, but Parr performs a flawless cartwheel to the side out of his path and Ceno smashes into Attlee instead, crushing the woman against the turnbuckles.  Ceno doesn't seem to care about the change of targets, backing up and then slamming into Attlee a second time with a shoulder block, doubling her over in pain before picking her up and seating her on the top turnbuckle.  Ceno climbs to the middle rope, hooking Attlee up as if to superplex her from the top, but Parr steps him from behind him, wrapping him up around the knees and throwing him off balance. Ceno topples backward from the ropes, and as Parr displays impressive flexibility, she bridges her back, guiding his decent so that Ceno drops squarely on the back of his head.

Ray Payne: Now we is startin tah sees some differents pairings yo.  I dink everyone is gettin tirurds.

Rick Daniels: I would have been tired ten minutes ago.  Actually, I was.

Terra Skye: It seems like ganging up on someone as big as Ceno is going to give everyone else the best chance of getting that briefcase.

Ray Payne: Yeahs buts I dink dats gunna be hards. 

Outside the ring, Hampton slowly raises back to his feet, wobbling back towards the ring, until GI cracks him from behind with a forearm shiv.  GI swings Hampton around, sending him towards the security barrier with an irish whip, only for Hampton to leap up to the top of the security railing, balancing precariously for a brief moment, and then flip backwards crashing down over GI with a moonsault.  Hampton rolls GI aside, taking a moment to pose for Terra Skye, only for Terra bark back at him to restore his attention to the match.

Terra Skye: I can’t believe him…

Ray Payne: I sees yah blushin Miss Terra. 

Rick Daniels: Just admit it to yourself.  You’re fucking smitten with that idiot. 

Hampton reaches under the apron, drawing out a wooden painter's style ladder, and props it against the apron, climbing up onto the apron after it to drag it into the ring.  GI cuts that idea short, however, when he hooks Hampton between the legs and brings him off of the apron with a one armed powerbomb, smashing Hampton back to the floor. GI then shoves the wooden ladder under the bottom rope and into the ring, an act which catches Parr's feet out from under her and trips her to the mat.  Attlee then leaps from the top turnbuckle, raining down over Parr with a shooting star press, while Ceno slowly swaggers back to his feet.  GI hops up to the apron, and Ceno greets him with a massive right hand.  GI tips backward, only avoiding falling off the apron by clutching one hand to the top rope.  Ceno follows it up with a second clubbing fist.  Then a third.  GI reels from the powerful blows, then redirecting himself, he releases the rope and grabs both hands over Ceno's head as he falls backward, bringing Ceno down throat first over the top rope.

Rick Daniels: Looks like fucking Godzilla in the damn ring.  Ceno is ridiculous.

Terra Skye: He’s taking some hard hits though, it’s going to catch up with him.

Ray Payne: I dink it alreadies is, yo.  I dink Miss Attleez, Miss Parry, Mistah Gee an Mistah Harry iz getting tah hims yo.

Ceno chokes for a moment, while Hampton scrambles to the apron as well, and Hampton and GI both brace one of Ceno's arms over their shoulders, hoisting him up with a two man vertical suplex, then tipping backwards and delivering a double brainbuster for the four foot drop to the floor.  Ceno crashes down over the crown of his skull, crumpling up on impact, but Hampton and GI's allegiance is short-lived, with Hampton promptly tossing GI aside with an arm drag.  Hampton scrambles back onto the apron, rolling under the bottom rope and begins setting up the wooden ladder in the center of the ring, only for Attlee to drop kick Hampton from behind, knocking him forward so he was standing directly underneath the ladder, and then Parr to rebound off the ropes and crash into the ladder, knocking it over with a spinning back elbow and snapping the ladder shut with Hampton clapped between both sides.  Attlee delivers a double-foot stomp over the top of the ladder, clapping it shut over Hampton a second time for good measure, then opens the ladder and begins to roll the man out from the middle so that she can set it up again.  Parr assists Attlee in removing Hampton, pulling him upright by the hair and then driving him down with an axe kick, while Attlee props the ladder upright, but Parr has no intentions of letting Attlee climb unopposed, and Attlee barely makes it to the fourth rung before Parr catches hold of her by the ankle, pulling her backwards so she falls from the ladder, clipping her chin on three separate rungs on her way to the ground.  Attlee bunches up on the mat, her chin split open and blood spilling down the front of her shirt, while outside the ring, Avenger scrambles onto the apron to come to her aid, only for Goode to sprint across the ring, stepping off of Attlee's back as a springboard and smashing into Avenger's face with a high knee.  Goode Deal!

Terra Skye: Beautiful move from Eli Goode!  Some we haven’t gotten a whole lot of a chance to talk about yet in this match!  There’s no doubt that he’s a talented fighter, and he’s more than held his own in this one.

Ray Payne: Poor Mistah Avengy, yo… Mistah Goody jus about takeds his faces off.

Rick Daniels: So now Avenger has two faces.

Terra Skye: Technically… he does. 

Rick Daniels: Whatever.  Let’s just keep it to the fighting.

Terra Skye: This from the asshole that can’t keep his mind off of how much he hates GI?!

Ray Payne: Ohh Sicks burns yo.

Avenger topples backwards off of the apron, crashing down at ringside, while Goto rolls into the ring under the bottom rope, and Angel pushes the metal ladder up and over the top ropes, Goto dragging it into the ring.  Goto tips the metal ladder over the top, dragging it into the ring while Angel climbs in after her.  Parr begins her own ascent towards the belt, making it halfway up the wooden ladder before Goode gives the ladder a stiff shove, tipping it over and sending Parr crashing to the canvas.

Rick Daniels: Looks like Goode is trying to get himself into a better position.  Taking out the Avenger, taking out Parr, and now is he gonna grab the ladder and try for himself?

Terra Skye: Parr was the first one to actually try to climb the ladder to get to that case… It definitely didn’t end well but I guess if you don’t try, you’ll never know.

Ray Payne: Yah cannots dink dat anyones gunna be outta dis yet..

Terra Skye: I don’t.  It’s still anyones game, even as they begin to wear down.

Goto props the metal ladder against one of the turnbuckles, positioning it like a ramp and then climbing on top of it so she is standing above the other competitors in the ring.  Leaping off the side of the metal ladder, Goto smashes into Goode with a corkscrew plancha, taking him down to the mat, while Hampton drags Parr up by the hair.  Hampton hoists Parr up, dropping her down on top of the inclined metal ladder with a scoop slam.  Parr jars viciously off the metal, bouncing to the canvas, and Hampton turns his back on her, setting the wooden ladder upright again.  This time, when Goto lashes out for him with a spin wheel kick, Hampton turns towards her, rotating the ladder between them as a shield so Goto cracks her own knee against the side of the wooden ladder and then topples backward in pain.

Terra Skye: Ouch! 

Rick Daniels: She kicked that ladder hard!

Ray Payne: Good dinking from Mistah Hammy dough. 

Terra Skye: True, but Goode and Parr are still right in there with them! 

Hampton shoves the ladder forward, tipping it into Goto, it's awkward shape and weight forcing her backwards until she is pressed against the corner.  From the outside, Ceno boots GI in the midsection, hiking him up and then spiking him down with a fisherman's ddt.  Ceno then turns toward the ring, pulling Goto's legs out from under her and then jerking her backwards, crotching her against the steel ring post.  Taking hold of the middle rope, Ceno climbs up onto the apron, closing into the middle of the ring while Parr is setting up the metal ladder.  Ceno gives a big boot to the back of Parr's head, knocking her down to her hands and knees, and then curb stomps her skull for good measure.  Then Ceno begins his own ascent up the ladder, but Avenger appears, standing heroically on the top turnbuckle.  Avenger leaps from the turnbuckle, catching his feet on either side of Ceno's neck, and then flipping backward, peeling him off the side of the ladder with an impressive six foot drop of a huricanrana.

Rick Daniels: Holy shit, Avenger can fly.

Terra Skye: Not quite as heroic as you’re making it sound.  But that was a nice hurricanrana from Avenger to keep Ceno from making his own ascent up that ladder.

Ray Payne: Is dis Mistah Avengy’s time tah try fur da wins?  Dis wuld be bigs fur him yo.

Rick Daniels: Please… You’ve gotta be kidding.  Ceno isn’t staying down that easily, but I do hope that fucking GI stays down for fucking ever. 

Terra Skye: Of course, back to the GI hate.  What about everyone else?  Pearl Atlee, Kelsi Parr, Mai Goto, Eli Goode, Matt Angel?  What about them?

Rick Daniels: I’m an equal opportunity hater.  I thought we had already figured that out about me.

Ray Payne: Dats not nices yo.

Avenger pulls Ceno back to his feet, gripping him for a chokeslam only to discover he cannot actually lift Ceno.  Goto tips the wooden ladder to the canvas, freeing herself from the corner, and joines Avenger, both them working in concert, trying to tip Ceno over the ropes to send him back to the outside.  Ceno instead claps one palm on either opponents' head, smacking their skulls together like a pair of cymbols.  Attlee leapfrogs over Goto's back as she falters, catching hold of Ceno between her legs, only for the big man to spike her down effortlessly with a jackknife.  Then Hampton tags Ceno with a  drop kick, before being joined by Avenger, Goto, and Atlee, each of them taking Ceno by a limb and again tipping him up against the ropes to remove the match's strongest competitor from the equation.  Then Goode and Parr lift the metal ladder, holding it horizontally while they stand on opposite sides of the ring, and race towards the crowd, clotheslining all five of them with the metal ladder and sending them spilling in a heap through the ropes.

Terra Skye: Holy shit!  That was fucking crazy! 

Ray Payne: Dey gotted Mistah Ceny out of da dingie, but den… dey paid fur its yo!  Mistah Goodie an Miss Parry gotted da rest uf dem wif dat laddah!

Rick Daniels: Whoop de doo!

GI slides through the ropes on the opposite side, setting the wooden ladder upright, and begins his own climb behind their backs, and is halfway to the briefcase before Goode and Parr turn around to catch him.  Goode races over, giving the wooden ladder a shove to tip it over, but GI has the foresight to leap from the ladder, crashing into Goode with a leg drop, rather than simply falling.  Parr lifts the wooden ladder upright, positioning it upside-down and snapping it open like a V.  As GI stands, Parr tips the ladder forward so that it lands with the rungs on either side of him, then stomps it flat, snapping it shut around GI's lower legs and smacking him to the canvas as though the ladder itself had delivered a drop toe hold.

Rick Daniels: YES!  HAHAHAHA!!

Terra Skye: That was really forward thinking from Kelsi Parr, using that ladder in that way.  Smart. 

Ray Payne: I dink she gunna go fars, here yo.

Goode bounces on the middle rope, springboarding backwards for a big body splash over the top of the wooden ladder to snap it shut over GI's knees, but GI tucks himself into a ball, bracing the ladder open, and when Goode hits, the wooden ladder buckles, one side breaking in two.  Goode bounces from the ladder, reeling in pain and hugging his ribs, while Parr begins the scramble up the metal ladder towards the briefcase.  GI chases up the ladder on the opposite side, still holding a mini step-ladder comprised of the last four rungs of the wooden ladder which Goode had broken.  Parr reaches the top first, reaching out for the briefcase, but GI swings out with the broken portion of the wooden ladder, hooking Parr over her arm as she extends it for the briefcase, and pulling her arm backward while he continues to climb.  Parr jerks her arm free, wobbling on the upper rungs of the ladder and threatening to fall, before finally recovering her balance.  GI takes advantage of that time, reaching the top of the ladder as well, and Parr and GI begin exchanging precariously balanced blows at the top, the ladder rocking from side to side as each tries to shake free of the other.

Ray Payne: OH GAWDS YO… Dis iz nots gunna ends guuds yo.


Terra Skye: Tell us how you really feel, Rick.

Ray Payne: I dinks he already dids yo.

Terra Skye: Ugh.  I will admit though, GI almost had her off balance… But Parr showed her skill in regaining that balance to not give this away to GI. 

Goode recovers, rolling back to his feet, and strides over to the metal ladder, giving it a fierce shove while both competitors as struggling at it's top.  Parr leaps from the top of the ladder to avoid falling, crashing down over the top of Goode instead to break her fall with a devastating swanton bomb.  GI, on the other hand, claps both hands on Parr's back as she leaps, using her as a momentary springboard to launch himself upward above the toppling ladder with a leapfrog.  The ladder clatters to the canvas below, but GI dangles above the ring, having reached one arm over the top of the hook which suspended the briefcase, and now finding a hard metal hook gouged into his underarm and piercing the muscle of his shoulder.  GI screams in pain, droplets of blood raining down from his body and spotting over the ring like a spring shower.

Terra Skye: OH MY GOD…


Ray Payne: Oh mag gawds.. I dunno whut ta does yo… Dis iz nots guuds… Dis is nots guuds yo.

Terra Skye: How is he going to get down?!  How is anyone else going to get up there? 

Rick Daniels: THE LADDER.. DUH.

The other competitors hesitate for a moment, looking upward in shock, with Avenger immediately setting about to retrieve the metal ladder and rescue his opponent.  But then, wrapping his free hand around the suspension cable, GI slowly hoists himself up and off of the hook, wrapping both arms around the briefcase before plummeting the fifteen feet back to the canvas.  GI crashes hard to the canvas, shaking the ring in the process, while paramedics begin racing down the entrance ramp with a stretcher to provide assistance to the Starmaker winner.


Kelly Carmichael: And your winner…. GIIIIIII!!!!!

Terra Skye: WOW.

Ray Payne: Mistah Giy hads everyones in shocks yo… I know I did nots knows whut tah does jus lieks dey did. 

Rick Daniels: Why?!!?!  WHY ME?!?!?!

Terra Skye: Everyone put in a hell of an effort here tonight, it’s almost a shame that only one of them could win it. 

Ray Payne: Dats true, yo.  Mistah Goody, Mistah Ceny an Miss Parry really showeds whut dey is about here… and Miss Goaty an Miss Atleez I dink is some uf da bests we gots here in See-Dubbayah.

Rick Daniels: The Avenger even put in a good showing here tonight. 

Terra Skye: Well rumor has it, he’s going to have a crime fighting partner soon…

Rick Daniels: Oh god…

Ray Payne: YAYZ!  Also, Mistah Angely an Mistah Hammy dids greats.. I is sorries Miss Terrah dat Mistah Hammy did nots wins.

Terra Skye: Oh, its okay.  Harry did great.  I’m really proud of him. 

Rick Daniels: You make me want to puke.

Terra Skye: Good.  You fuck head.  Anyway, looks like we’re heading into a break… Congratulations to GI and see you all back in a few moments!!!

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More Mysteries

The lights completely go out in the Carnage arena as the crowd would begin to wonder what was the meaning of this disruption. A bolt of lighting would fly upon screen and they could see words the color of blood red appearing. What could this all mean?

Voice: Carnage. The meaning is the killing of a large number of people. However for your establishment... This is no decimation. This is a matter of change. A change to your roster and to your way of thinking. Have you thought about the future? What you hold dear to your heart after the most lucrative contract in your company tenure has been signed? What you hold here is no mortal being that will abide by your standards of justice.. You have in front of you the mortal compass of guidance, rightfulness and faith. Soon not only will the fans see the breath of fresh air that awaits the squared circle but you as well management will understand that my words are law. My words are truth. My words ... Are... Immortal.

The flash of light would now fade away into the darkness.. An omega symbol appearing in the center of the titantron as the crowd and everyone else in the arena was left puzzled as to what this cryptic decree could mean for them.

Match Two: Bryan Ford & Asahi vs. Indomitable Spirit

Terra Skye: Um..okay, well that was weird.

Rick Daniels: Didn't you guys just have a mystery gimmick?

Ray Payne: You shud nots break da fourth walls, yo.

Terra Skye: People like their mysteries, I guess. Might explain why CSI lasted as long as it did.

Kelly Carmichael: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a tag team match. Making their way to the ring first being accompanied by Saint Peter...They are Scott Herman and Rose Marie Rifkin...Indomitable Spirit!

Scott and Rose Marie enter as "Spirit In The Sky," Doctor & the Medics  starts to play. Saint Peter walks out with them talking up the crowd. They get into the ring and await their opponents.

Indomitable Spirit

Terra Skye: We haven't seen a lot of Indomitable Spirit since they debuted at Ultimate Carnage 3. They beat the Masked Debaters and then kind of vanished until now.

Rick Daniels: Well now's there chance to make a statement, isn't it.

Ray Payne: Dey got booeds da last times, yo.

Terra Skye: And they're fighting a fan favorite tonight, after he answered their challenge. He even found himself a tag team partner!

Kelly Carmichael: And their opponents...introducing first...he is the wrestler formerly known as Macho Libre...Ladies and Gentlemen...Welcome Back...Asahi!!


“Beer is Good” by Psychostick starts to play as Asahi walks out to a standing ovation for his return to Carnage from the fans who knew him as Macho Libre. He waves to them as he gets into the ring. Suddenly as his music ends Scott and Rose Marie start attacking him from behind. Silent Cal tries to get the two to stop attacking Asahi.

Terra Skye: Oh come on, what the hell is this?

Ray Payne: Dey is tryin to get an unfair advantage, yo!

Rick Daniels: Hey, I said they needed to make a statement. This is it!

Terra Skye: This is the wrong kind of statement you want to make!

The lights cut off for a few moments leaving the fans in the dark until the following words are heard

I'm gonna Whoop! That! Ass!

Bryan Ford

The lights cut back on as "Earthquake" by Labrinth glares over the speakers and we see Bryan Ford running into the ring with a steel chair and waylays Scott in the face sending the man down to the mat. Rose Marie gets out of the ring and Silent Cal decides to start the match as soon as Bryan drops the chair to the outside of the ring. Scott shakes his head and charges into the ring trying to spear Bryan, but Bryan ducks it and Scott gets grabbed into a belly to belly release suplex from Asahi!

Terra Skye: Looks like that plan backfired as soon as Ford hit the ring!

Ray Payne: Ford's gonna whoop dats, you knows.

Rick Daniels: This kid's got charisma out the ass. He's doing well here, right?

Terra Skye: So far, yeah.

Silent Cal starts a count for one of the team of Bryan and Asahi to get out of the ring, but Rose Marie slides into the ring and hits Cal in the back of the head with the chair. Bryn and Asahi charge at Rose Marie and hit a double dropkick to the chair sending it into her face! Both men get up and then turn hitting a double standing side kick to Scott! Coming into the ring is Saint Peter who charges at both men with a double clothesline. Bryan ducks and runs to the ropes. Asahi ducks the clothesline and when Saint Peter turns he gets hit with a double axe handle.


The fans cheer out for the former signature move of Asahi. Bryan comes off of the ropes. “Bford and After”! The ax kick takes down the large manager. Silent Cal starts to get up and shakes his head. Asahi rushes to the corner and leaps off hitting a second rope bodysplash on Rose Marie! Not to be outdone Bryan waits for Scott to get to his feet and then hits him with a “B-Ford Bomb”! Silent Cal shrugs and starts a three count!




Kelly Carmichael: Here are your winners, the team of BRYAN FORD AND ASAHI!

Terra Skye: Holy shit! That might be one of the fastest wins in Carnage history!

Ray Payne: Yo's, dey did want to put da efforts in an dey paid for it.

Rick Daniels: Please save the "Crime Doesn't Pay" lecture. I don't want to hear it.

Terra Skye: Well, it didn't!

Rick Daniels: Doesn't mean I have to get hammered over the head with some after-school special message.

The two men celebrate in the ring as the returning superstar and the up and comer have won over the viciously outclassed bad guys.

Match Three: Tweeder vs. Lord Raab

Terra Skye: And from that we go to a match where someone is going to burn. We're going to smell burning flesh.

Rick Daniels: Ugh, don't remind me.

Ray Payne: I broughts a bucket just in case I pukes, yo.

Terra Skye: Good idea, Ray. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Kelly Carmichael: This next match is scheduled for one fall and is an INFERNO MATCH!!!  The first person to be caught on fire will LOSE!!!

“Walk” by Pantera begins playing over the PA and The Ultraviolent Icon Tweeder walks out of the entrance tunnel and into the historic Fort McHenry.  The Legion gives him a rousing cheer as he stops and lays his trademarked weed whacker on his shoulder.

Kelly Carmichael:  First to the ring, standing in at Six feet, three inches and weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds.. He is the Ultraviolent Icon, TWEEEEEEDERRRR!!!!


Rick Daniels: The man carries around a weed eater.  Hasn’t anyone thought to make him get checked out by a psychiatrist?

Terra Skye: All the time, but he’s stubborn.

Ray Payne: Yeah, yo.  Mistah Tweedah knowz he crazies yo.

Rick Daniels: I mean, I guess you could say that this match that he’s participating is the icing on the cake.  Both him and his opponent are officially batshit.

Tweeder grins devilishly as he begins walking towards the ring, revving up the weed whacker as he gets to ringside, drawing even more cheers from the Carnage Legion.  He climbs the ring steps and steps into the ring after he drops the weapon at ringside.

Terra Skye: Now why would he leave it out there?  That makes no sense.

Ray Payne: Maybes he dinks dat Mistah Rabby will be easy wurks yo.

Rick Daniels: Doubtful.  Raab is pissed. 

“Monster” by Skillet plays over the sound system as Lord Raab comes out through the tunnel wearing his red and black wrestling trousers with his nickname The Masked German Monster on the front of them with Monster Energy logos on the side of his trousers with black gloves on both of his hands and wears a black and red stripy mask.

Kelly Carmichael: And his opponent, standing in at six feet and four inches, and weighing two hundred and fifty pounds, he is the Masked German Monster… LOORDDD RAAAAABBB!!!!!

Lord Raab

Terra Skye: It’s hard to beleive that Tweeder is actually out manned in this one.  Raab is a good twenty pounds heavier than Tweeder, if only an inch taller.

Ray Payne: Tweedah may haz hiz wurk cuts out fur hims, yo. 

Rick Daniels: That much was obvious from the start.  Bold prediction here, but I think someone’s gonna end up dead by the end of this one.

Raab ignores the fans as he goes up the stairs before going in-between the ropes and crouches down in the corner moving backwards and forwards, rubbing his hands and moving his neck around while looking at his opponent with anger in his eyes while waiting for the match to start.

Ray Payne: I does nots knows, but meybes Mistah Danny iz rights yo.

With both Raab and Tweeder in the ring, referee White Rey motions to a ringside attendant, who lights up the bars surrounding the ring. There is now a ring of fire surrounding the ring, which gives off a hellish visual. The Legion pops just at the sight of the flames, with some audible gasps in the crowd.


The bell rings and Raab makes the first move, charging at Tweeder and knocking him down with a shoulder block. He then runs and bounces off the ropes, showing no fear of the fire on the other side, then comes off and leaps high into the air with an elbow drop on Tweeder's chest. As he lands, the flames shoot up around the sides of the ring. Raab wastes no time in hoisting Tweeder to his feet, only to move around with a reverse waistlock and spike him into the mat with a German suplex. Raab forcefully grabs Tweeder by the back of the head and drags him over to the nearest ropes, trying to shove his face into the flames on the other side.

Rick Daniels: Raab isn’t wasting any time here.  He’s already using his size to his advantage.

Terra Skye: Jesus… This one just started and I’m starting to regret the fact that I’m going to be watching someone burn.

Ray Payne: I hopes it does nots gets messies yo.

Tweeder is seen breaking out in a sweat due to the proximity of the flames. With no other options at the moment, he twists his head to the side and bites down on the gloved hand of Raab, forcing him to let go. Raab takes a step back and shakes his hand then lunges to hit Tweeder, who ducks the clothesline. He runs behind Raab, bounces off the other side of the ropes and comes back with a headscissors, sending Raab falling into the middle rope! His hands are dangling over, as is his head, with the flames dancing just in front of him. Tweeder runs over and jumps on Raab's back with both feet, pushing him down onto the rope in a choke and preventing him from getting away from the fire.

Terra Skye: But here comes Tweeder back with some good offense, but he’s gotta get Raab into the fire in order to get out of this unscathed.

Rick Daniels: I don’t think either man is going to end up without something to ail them at the end of the night.

Ray Payne: Dats rights yo. 

Terra Skye: This all stems from Wargames, and the blows they both sustained from each other in that hellish match. 

Rick Daniels: In other words, they're both dicks.

Raab pulls his arms in and clutches the rope, pushing it forward and then snapping it back, pushing his own body off just enough for Tweeder to lose his balance. Tweeder lands on his feet and begins to kick away at the bigger Raab, knowing he has the advantage as long as The Masked German Monster isn't on his feet. Raab gets to a knee and Tweeder bounces off the ropes, nailing the big man in the face with a shining wizard! However, Raab surprisingly stays on a knee, instead holding onto his head and not falling. Tweeder shows no signs of frustration, but he does decide to do something about it. He walks over to the northwest turnbuckle, keeping an eye on the flames as he begins to untie the pad. Eventually the pad comes loose and Tweeder rips it off the rest of the way, revealing a chain was tucked inside!

Ray Payne: Oh mah gawds yo!  Mistah Tweedah hides a chains insides da turnybuckles yo!

Terra Skye: That explains why he left the weed whacker outside.

Rick Daniels: Wow.  I didn’t expect such ingenuity from Tweeder.

Terra Skye: Then you don’t know Tweeder.

Ray Payne: But I woulds nots has undahestimates Mistah Raaby yo.  He dids nots goes down when Mistah Tweedah hitted him wif dat kicky thingie yo. 

Rick Daniels: True, but can’t both of them just fall into the fire?  I feel like that’s a win/win for all of us.

Raab is up to his feet and begins to move toward Tweeder, who lunges forward with the chain and whips the bigger man directly across the abdomen! The force of the metal links hitting his stomach doubles over even Raab, who falls to his knees, holding his ribcage. Tweeder then makes it worse, as he begins to whip Raab's back with multiple shots! Raab's back arches in pain as he walks on his knees, trying to get away from the blows. Tweeder has a smirk on his face, as each blow forces Raab to inch closer to the flames.

Terra Skye: Fuck!  That’s just terrible to watch.

Rick Daniels: I think it’s great. 

Terra Skye: You would.  How about we throw you in there and let him do it to you?

Ray Payne: Miss Terra!  Dats not nices yo.

Terra Skye: Sorry.  I’m dealing with Johnny Jr.  I’m already at the end of my rope.

Rick Daniels: RUDE!

Raab's back is a bleeding mess, but he soon gets close to the ropes and puts together Tweeder's plan. He grabs the top and begins to pull himself up, while Tweeder frantically keeps swinging the whip down. Raab feels the pain but blocks it as he turns around. Tweeder tries for a side swing, but Raab lowers his arm and catches the chain! He twists it around his fists and then jerks it backward, pulling Tweeder straight into a choke! His face can't be seen, but the camera is able to get a shot of his rage-filled eyes. Tweeder, knowing he's in trouble, suddenly kicks a leg forward and  connects with a desperation low blow! Raab lets go of Tweeder and the chain, as he sways in pain.

Rick Daniels: What a piece of garbage!  Shit, my nuts hurt.

Terra Skye: Hey, anything goes.  I mean Tweeder did what was necessary to get out of that choke… But at what cost?

Ray Payne: Mistah Raaby iz way more angers now… An I thoughted he wuz angers before.

Rick Daniels: But he’s not going down!  I’d be on the ground crying if someone did that to me!

Terra Skye: Lord Raab is not like most men, so it seems.

Tweeder nails Raab with a DDT to put him on the mat. Raab rolls over to his back, breathing heavy. Tweeder climbs on top and begins to punch away at the big man's mask, doing so until his knuckles are bleeding. He then wipes the bleeding knuckles on his shirt and continues, delivering as many blows to Raab as possible. When he's satisfied, he climbs off of him and moves near a corner. He reaches down in his tights and pulls out a $20 bill.

Rick Daniels: What in the hell does he think that will do?!

Terra Skye: Something tells me that one of two things are gonna happen… Tweeder is going to try to pay Raab off… or Doctor Winn is going to show up… Neither of which are going to help Tweeder one damn bit.

Ray Payne: Dats rite yo, Doctah Winnie don’t even lieks Mistah Tweedah.

Rick Daniels: Well I think Raab likes him even less.  Just saying.

Tweeder barks an order at the ringside attendant who lit the flames in the first place. The scrawny man comes forward, and Tweeder tosses the $20 bill at him. The man looks at it, then up at Tweeder as he's given instruction. Suddenly he grabs the lighter fluid and tosses it up, which is caught by Tweeder! Tweeder picks up the chain and begins to pour lighter fluid on half of it, picking up the other half with his gloved hand. He dangles the fluid-soaked half over the flames AND THEY CATCH ON FIRE. TWEEDER HAS CREATED A FLAME WHIP!

Terra Skye: WHAT THE FUCK?!

Rick Daniels: Well NOW the twenty dollar bill makes sense. 

Ray Payne: Well dis isnt guuds, yo.

Terra Skye: I guess he figured if he can’t bring Raab to the flame that he’d bring the flame to Raab.  It’s actually pretty damn smart on Tweeders part.

Meanwhile, Raab has had plenty of time to recover and just like a horror movie villain, he sits up immediately. He turns his head and sees what Tweeder has done, and warily gets to his feet and stares him down. Neither man is ready to move at this point. Raab steps forward first, attempting to grab Tweeder before he can use the chain, but Tweeder side-steps him and swings the flaming chain forward! IT CRACKS RAAB IN THE MASK! The masked man is knocked down, but not on fire, as the lighter fluid burns through quickly. His mask and flesh sizzle as they were momentarily seared.


Terra Skye: But he’s not on fire!  Holy shit though! 

Rick Daniels: I’m beginning to dislike how close we are to…. That.

Raab is dazed and Tweeder steps above him, ready to swing the flaming chain whip down. However, Raab catches it in a gloved hand and quickly yanks his arm to the side, spilling Tweeder through the ropes. Tweeder is dangling precariously just above the flaming rig, fractions of an inch away from the flames! Raab sits up again, holding his scorched head in agony before seeing Tweeder in trouble. He runs over and it looks like he might kick Tweeder into the flames....but he grabs a leg and pulls him back inside the ring!

Rick Daniels: He could have finished this right there!!! 

Terra Skye: Something tells me he wants to punish Tweeder a little more before ending him.

Ray Payne: Dats not very nices, yo.

Terra Skye: Well neither of them are especially nice, Ray. 

Rick Daniels: Kinda stupid though.

Terra Skye: I wouldn’t let them hear you say that, unless you wanna be next… Daniels.

Raab grabs the chain, which is quickly burning out but is still red hot, and lashes it down onto Tweeder's exposed arms, choosing to hit the bare areas instead of the clothed ones. Tweeder cries out as his skin burns, with multiple hits to his arms and legs. Raab then tosses the chain outside, and grabs Tweeder by the throat. He lifts him up in a choke...AND THEN DROPS HIM WITH A CHOKESLAM! Raab reaches down to grab Tweeder again, then gives him a SECOND CHOKESLAM!

Terra Skye: Jesus Christ!  Two Chokeslams! 

Ray Payne: I dink it mights be ovah nows… yo.

Rick Daniels: I don’t know how it couldn’t be.

Tweeder lies flat on the mat and Raab quickly lifts him up with his head in a cravate. He then scoops Tweeder up and puts him over his shoulder, before carrying him to the side of the ring nearest the ramp. Raab stomps the mat a little to get the flames shooting up again, and it appears as though he wants to drop Tweeder face first onto the lighting rig. He walks over and starts to lower Tweeder....BUT NO! Tweeder reaches back and starts prying at the mask of Raab! He starts ripping at the eye hole and then reaches in, jabbing a thumb into the eye of the monster!

Terra Skye: Holy shit!  Tweeder jabbing at the eyes of Raab!  I can’t believe this!

Ray Payne: I cans, yo.  Mistah Tweedah doez nots gives up withouts a fights, yo.

Raab lets go of Tweeder, who slides down the back. Raab turns around, furious, as Tweeder charges forward for something...but Raab ducks his head and BACK DROPS TWEEDER OVER THE TOP! Tweeder just misses the fire rig as he lands hip first onto the floor and rolls for about a foot. Raab looks at what he's done, and realizes he has no way to get out of the ring due to the flames.

Rick Daniels: Oh shit…

Ray Payne: Whut iz mistah Raaby gunna does now?

Terra Skye: Someone is going to have to do something because someone’s gotta be on fire for this to end!  And I don’t think either man is going to set himself ablaze for the sake of the other one!

Rick Daniels: Well that’s a giant DUH, Terra. 

Raab looks around the ring trying to decide what to do, when he notices that the ripped turnbuckle pad from earlier has exposed the bolt holding the ropes in place. He quickly moves over to it and begins to twist the hand instead of by wrench, and begins to loosen the entire top rope!

Terra Skye: What the hell is he doing?!

Ray Payne: I does not knows how dis helps Mistah Raaby gets tah Mistah Tweedah yo.

Rick Daniels: Obviously he thinks its going to do something.

The top rope around the ring begins to shake as it loses its stability, and it falls down enough that Raab can just step over the other two with ease and move his massive frame onto the steps, just past the wall of fire! Raab steps over the flames cautiously while the fans actually cheer the Monster for his ingenuity. Those cheers turn to boos when as soon as he's up, he kicks the still recovering Tweeder with a boot to the face.

Terra Skye: He fucking figured it out.  I’ll be damned. 

Rick Daniels: Well go figure, he’ll do whatever it takes to kick Tweeders ass.  Sounds about right.

Ray Payne: Could yah imagines if dey would be friends yo?  Dey wulds--

Rick Daniels: Kill everything in their path? 

Terra Skye: Pretty much. 

Raab actually begins to tear at the protective padding on the floor nearby his opponent, as he seems to have abandoned all pretext of winning the match. He tears off a good chunk and then looks over at Tweeder, who is up to his knees. He rushes over and grabs him by the throat, dragging him to the concrete area of the floor. Raab then hooks both arms, and it looks like he's going to try his Killerbuster on the concrete!

Ray Payne: Oh mah gawds yo!  He tryins tah really hurts mistah Tweedah!

Rick Daniels: Ummm.. That’s been the whole fucking match, man.

Terra Skye: Rick is right, Ray… They’ve been trying to kill each other the entire time.

Tweeder wiggles to get an arm free, and as soon as he does, he goes low again! Tweeder grabs Raab...RUCK OVER ON THE EXPOSED CONCRETE FLOOR!


Terra Skye: RUCK OVER!!!

Rick Daniels: JESUS!

Tweeder then reaches near the flame rig and grabs another bottle of lighter fluid....but this time he starts spraying it all over Raab! Raab seems to get woken up by the smell of it, shaking his head but not moving that fast after having his head spiked. Tweeder reaches down to help, getting Raab in a bulldog position and pulling him by his neck towards the fire! Raab is soaked in lighter fluid, so all Tweeder has to do is put a small part of him in the flames for his whole body to go up!

Terra Skye: Oh my GOD… He’s soaking Raab in lighter fluid!

Ray Payne: If Mistah Tweedah even gets him too closes, dis one iz ovah yo.

Rick Daniels: I don’t know if crispy Raab is something I want to see right now…

Terra Skye: Oh God…

Tweeder inches closer wth Raab, closer...but Raab suddenly places a hand on Tweeder's back and shoves him forward! Tweeder stumbles a step or two and quickly turns around to get Raab...BUT NO! Raab catches him in a choke! Raab lifts him up....CHOKESLAM ON THE FLAME RIG!!!!!

Terra Skye: HOLY SHIT!!!

Ray Payne: OH MAH GAWD!!! IZ HE---

Tweeder immediately throws himself off the rig to the floor, where it's revealed the back of his shirt and pants are on fire! The match is over!

Kelly Carmichael: Here is your winner....LORD RAAB!!!

Rick Daniels: I can’t believe how that ended.  Chokeslammed through the flame rig…

Terra Skye: I would say I’m surprised, but really this match could have gone either way.  Both men showed that they’re forces to be reckoned with… And Tweeder almost had Raab with that lighter fluid.

Ray Payne: I is glads we is outsides, yo…

Rick Daniels: Yeah, the smell would absolutely suck if we were inside. 

The ringside attendants are being threatened by Raab to put out the flames, but one of the brave souls turns on his fire extinguisher and sprays Tweeder down with it...only to get booted in the face by Raab. However, it did the trick, and the flames are gone. Referees, security and EMTS all run out to stand between Raab and Tweeder, who will likely need medical attention. Raab decides he's done enough and begins to back away.

Terra Skye: He wanted Tweeder to burn… God damn.

Rick Daniels: That’s not really a surprise.

Ray Payne: No, not reallies yo. 

Terra Skye: Well, while the ring crew cleans up for the next match… Lets go into a break. 

Rick Daniels: Yeah, I need a drink after that. 

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« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2018, 07:02:39 PM »
Match Four: Kyra Mohr vs. Melody Lennox

Terra Skye: Thanks for sticking with us, fans. Everything's getting cleaned up. Hopefully we'll have a medical update on Tweeder soon.

Rick Daniels: Yeah, I'd like to know if he's original style or extra crispy.

Ray Payne: Grosses, yo. Dat is too farred.

Terra Skye: Yeah, that was a living person, Rick!

Rick Daniels: If I don't make jokes, I'll puke.

Kelly Carmichael: This next match is scheduled for one fall and is to determine the number one contender for the Carnage World Championship!!!!

“Mz. Hyde” by Halestorm hits the PA and the crowd within Fort McHenry bust out in cheers as Kyra Mohr steps out of the tunnel and into the chilly Baltimore night.  Despite the cold air whipping around, Kyra stands tall in her trademark orange tank top, her baggy gray sweats and her worn out sneakers.  She stands at the entrance, simply looking around at the sell out crowd and lastly at the ring in the center of the fort.  Her face stays emotionless, her jaw set as she finally begins moving towards the ring.

Kyra Mohr

Kelly Carmichael: First to the ring, standing in at five foot, seven inches and weighing in at one hundred and thirty pounds...  From Baltimore Maryland... KYRAAA MOHRRRR!!!!!

Ray Payne: Miss Kyrah luuks readies tonights yo.

Terra Skye: She’s gotta be.  This is the biggest opportunity she’s had in her career as a wrestler. 

Rick Daniels: You don’t think being able to face Bridges if she’d of won Wargames was a huge opportunity!? I mean Bridges was willing to put himself on the line if she won and she couldn’t even do that.

Terra Skye: Shut up.  You’re no better than Johnny.  And here I thought we were getting an upgrade.

Ray Payne: No’s yo.  We gots da store brand modelz. 

Rick Daniels: RUDE!

Kyra moves around the ring, ascending the ring steps and climbing through the ropes to enter the ring.  She stops as she crosses the threshold and looks back outside the ring at the people cheering her on.  It’s then that she climbs back through the ropes and moves towards the barricade and begins slapping high fives, shaking hands with and talking to the fans as her music slowly fades out. 

Terra Skye: Well that’s something we’ve never seen Kyra do.

Ray Payne: Mebbe she has changeds yo.

Rick Daniels: If she thinks those fans are gonna give her any chance at beating her opponent then she’s got another thing coming.

Terra Skye: I think she’s realized a lot since losing CW and then having to come back under that scumbag boss of ours.  It’s nice to see her actually appreciate those who believe in her.

As Kyra continues moving around the ring, the lights illuminating the fort dim down, a swirling series of flashing crowd lights in shades of red filling up Fort McHenry.  The upbeat tempo of "Gossip" by Sleeping With Sirens begins to play over the PA system. As the intro delves into the chorus of the track, the small but vicious Melody Lennox appears at the entrance, being greeted by an unrelenting mixed reaction. Apathy is written across the face of the woman known as "The Villainess," rolling her eyes as she poses on the stage. Undoing the grommets to her entrance jacket, Melody walked down the ramp, ignoring the outstretched hands of the fans with a roll of her eyes, the former crowd favorite rolling her eyes and scoffing at their pleas.

Kelly Carmichael: And her opponent.... Standing in at five feet, and weighing in at one hundred pounds... She is MELODYYY LENNNOXXXX!!!!

Melody Lennox

Rick Daniels: And there she is folks!  The NEW number one contender to the Carnage World championship! 

Terra Skye: Are we sure he’s not Johnny dressed up in a Rick Daniels costume?

Ray Payne: We can nevah be sures, yo. 

Rick Daniels: I’m just saying.  Melody Lennox is one of THE best wrestlers if not THE best wrestler here in Carnage Wrestling.  The fact that Amy Jo Smyth cheated her out of that World title before is appaling.

Terra Skye: Uh… Did you even watch that match?  Amy Jo won fair and square.

Rick Daniels: And you’re a part of the conspiracy I see. 

Climbing onto the apron with the assistance of the middle rope, Melody walks along the outer edge and ascends the outside turnbuckle. Climbing to the top and posing once again, she shrugs her open jacket off and lets it fall to the ground, revealing one of her self-promotional tops and a pair of very short shorts. Stepping from the turnbuckle, she jumps from the top rope to the apron and showcases herself, the arrogant gloating earning her a rousing round of boos while "Gossip" fades to the distance and Melody makes her way to a corner, stretching her arms across the top rope and staring across the ring with contempt at her opponent who is just now climbing back into the ring.

Ray Payne: Miss Melly iz guud yo.  Dere is no doubts.  Dis one iz gunna be a guud matches yo.

Terra Skye: You’re right about that Ray.  Regardless of who wins here tonight, I think we’re about to see one for the ages. 

Rick Daniels: If Kyra wins, I riot.

Terra Skye: Good luck with that.


The match begins with Lennox charging hard at Kyra. She backs Kyra into a corner and bludgeons her with balled fists in a rage. Mohr doesn’t just accept the onslaught, she fires back with a fury that matches her opponent and the Legion already knows that the pier-six brawl is on. Mohr trading places with Lennox, now has Melody trapped in the corner. Kyra with a hard knife-edge chop that makes the entire crowd shout Woo! in unison. Two more chops and two more reactions from the crowd later and Lennox breaks free from the corner clutching her chest as she steps toward the center of the ring. Mohr steps forward and spins Lennox around so that she can deliver a strong right hand punch on the forehead between Lennox’s eyes. Melody ducks the punch and delivers a knife edge chop of her own. The crowd reacts much in the same way, but Kyra shrugs off the pain and counters quickly with a knee lift into the sternum. Mohr then snapmares Lennox over into a seated position and applies a reverse chinlock.

Terra Skye: It's common knowledge that Kyra isn't a technical wrestler by far. 

Ray Payne: She mores so's lieks da hardcore stuffs, yo.

Rick Daniels: She's obviously out of her element here.  One more reason why Melody is ging to kick her ass.

Terra Skye: Just because she's a little out of her element does not mean that she can't win this. 

Rick Daniels: Or it could mean exactly that! 

The referee asks Lennox if she submits but of course the answer is no. Lennox fights her way back up and escapes the hold with a trio of back elbow smashes to the gut. Lennox shoves Mohr off into the ropes and drops down beneath her on the first pass. Kyra bounds back off of the far ropes and takes a dropkick to the button of her chin. Lennox springs up onto her knees and swipes her palms off as if Mohr is simply easy pickings to her. Lennox drops down into a lateral press cover.


Kyra Mohr kicks out at the count of one.

Lennox transitions quickly into a reverse chinlock of her own. She wrenches in the hold hard trying to exact a measure of revenge on her opponent for attempting the same move earlier. Melody takes Kyra all the way down to the mat, where she’s able to lay across Mohr’s back while pulling upward on her neck. The referee catches Lennox turning the hold into a choke, but Lennox breaks the hold anyway only to allow Kyra’s face to snap down into the mat. Lennox rolls right back up to her feet and follows up with a few stomps to the back of Mohr. Kyra rolls herself over to the base of a nearby corner. Lennox follows up with more stomps followed by a corner choke with her boot. The referee starts to count to five and Lennox breaks the choke just before the final count. The crowd lets her know exactly what they feel of the underhanded tactics.

Ray Payne: Miss Melly iz nots very nices yo. 

Terra Skye: She and Kyra have a history, and you can tell by the way she's treating her opponent that she believes that Kyra is truly beneath her. 

Rick Daniels: Isn't she?

Terra Skye: Now you're sounding like Bridges with that bullshit.  Just because Kyra has never beaten Melody doesn't mean--

Rick Daniels: That's precisely what that means, Terra.

Ray Payne: You stops dat now, Mistah Danny.  I does not lieks when yah talks lieks dat abouts Miss Kyrah.

Melody plays to the crowd for a moment with a bow as if she were a true princess gracing them with her presence. She responds to their boos by going right back to a second corner choke on Kyra, this time driving her knee down into her opponents windpipe. Once more the referee counts to almost five before Lennox releases the choke. With Kyra sitting in the corner, Melody bounces off of the far ropes and comes flying in with a hard facewash kick snapping Kyra’s head to the side. Lennox grabs Kyra by the ankle and drags her back out to the center of the ring where she hooks her for another cover…


Kyra kicks out again after only one.

Terra Skye: Like I said, Rick... She's one of the toughest women on this roster.  Carnage Wrestling is lucky to have her on their payroll, honestly.  This woman puts herself through hell inside that ring, and if you think something simple like that is going to put her down...

Ray Payne: Yah gots anothah thing comins, yo.

Rick Daniels: Yeah, okay.  Sure.  The match just started.  Tell me the same thing in about ten minutes... I'm sure you'll be singing a different tune. 

Melody pulls Kyra back to her feet and chops her in the chest again, backing her towards the ropes. Lennox follows up with a second chop followed by an irish whip that’s countered by Kyra. Lennox hits the far ropes and Kyra sets her up for a lariat, but Lennox hooks the top rope to stop herself from bouncing forward. Mohr instead charges the ropes and clotheslines Lennox so hard that she flips ass over eyebrows and lands hard on the Fort McHenry ground below. The crowd here in the tristate area fills this outdoor venue with cheers as Mohr shakes off a bit of the cobwebs and steps through the ropes to perch herself on the ringside apron. By the time Melody is able to pull herself up off of the grass, Kyra runs across the ring apron and dives off with a leaping left-arm flying lariat that takes her opponent right back down from whence she came. The crowd around them stand and clap as they are held back only by a thin metal railing between them.

Rick Daniels: What the hell are you doing, Ref?   

Terra Skye: Seems like he's content to just let this one go.  I mean listen to the Legion here tonight.  They're really getting fired up now. 

Ray Payne: Miss Kyrah provins dat she iz nots jus a easy wins, yo.

Rick Daniels: Whatever.  The fact that the ref isn't counting is preposterous.

Terra Skye: If he'd be counting, he'd be counting YOUR girl out too...

Kyra pushes herself back up and immediately shakes out her left shoulder after a hard fall. Lennox rolls herself over onto her side. Kyra the first back up, she kicks Melody in the ribs causing her to roll back over to her original spot. Mohr pulls Lennox back up to a stand and whips her into the ring apron. Melody’s lower back hits the edge of the ring apron hard and she screams and arches her body in sheer pain - setting herself up perfectly for the spear-like shoulder thrust that follows. Lennox now doubled over, Mohr grabs her by the back of the head and walks her over to the metal barricades where she tries to slam her opponents face into the top. Melody blocks the shot with her foot. She then follows up with a high kick that catches Kyra in the face that stuns her. Melody then follows up by grabbing Kyra by her left arm and yanking it so hard that Kyra slams shoulder first into the top edge of the barricade.

Rick Daniels: This is ridiculous!  This isn't supposed to be a Ultraviolent match!

Terra Skye: No one in this venue is going to complain about a Carnage match going hardcore.  That's for damn--

Rick Daniels: I AM!

Ray Payne: Wells... You is da only ones, yo.

Terra Skye: This match needs to have a decisive winner because whoever wins this match is going to face either Amy Jo Smyth or Will Prydor at Chaos 50.

Rick Daniels: Well there should already be a decisive winner because Kyra is a cheating Bit--

Ray Payne: Watches yah mouths, yo.

It’s now Kyra’s turn to display agony as she shakes out the left arm yet again. Kyra turns to Lennox but takes hard slap to the face that pushes her back against the barricade. Lennox, with a sneer etched over her countenance, backs up a few feet and checks her lip for blood before charging forward. She leaps into the air with a cross body block attempt to Kyra, but Mohr’s quick thinking turns the move against Lennox and she’s instead launched about two rows into the audience courtesy of a big back body drop!


Lennox lands in a circle of about eight or so members of the Legion while the rest in the area clear the way for cover. Kyra takes a little breather and hops over the barricade herself to go snag Melody from the crowd. Lennox is not out of this by any means, but as she pulls herself back up to her feet it’s clear that she took a hard landing on a few steel folding chairs that she wasn’t lucky enough to miss on her way down. With Legion members patting her on the back (and some trying to smack her ass) Lennox gets upright just in time to take a hard knee lift from Mohr followed up with a european uppercut that rings out despite the lack of actual roof on this venue.

Terra Skye: Hell Yeah! 

Ray Payne: Goes Miss Kyrah!

Terra Skye: Of course though, that shoulder is hurting her... you can tell that much. 

Rick Daniels: Good! 

Ray Payne: Dis jus shows how much Miss Kyrah wunts dis opportunites yo.

Rick Daniels: And you think Melody DOESN'T?  That's just stupid, Ray. 

Lennox trips over more chairs as she works to make distance between herself and Mohr. Kyra does the unthinkable and actually grabs up one of the steel folding chairs knowing full well that using it may earn her a disqualification after all. Kyra comes at Melody with every intention of using the chair but from out of nowhere Lennox snaps off with a superkick that catches Mohr right under the chin. Kyra flies backward from the impact and the chair goes toppling as well. The kick gives Melody the time that she needs to gather herself. Lennox grabs Kyra just before she makes it back to her feet and runs her towards the barricades. She tosses Kyra over the metal barricade and technically back to the ringside area and climbs over to follow. Kyra crawls towards the ring, still favoring her left shoulder… but as Lennox stomps on the back of that left shoulder she clutches her own lower back as well- this match taking its toll on both women clearly at this point in the contest.

Terra Skye: Well they both have something that's bothering them now.  Mohr's shoulder and Lennox's back.  Who's going to come out on top despite their injuries?

Ray Payne: Dis is anyones games at dis points, yo. 

Rick Daniels: Kyra should have been disqualified since the first moment she threw Melody into the barricade.  This is ridiculous. 

Kyra rolls over onto her side shielding the shoulder away from Melody but Melly pulls Kyra back up to her feet. Melody lines up Kyra with the ring steps and with a hard irish whip she sends her opponent left-shoulder first into the heavy and sturdy object. The ring steps don’t move much, but they do echo out the sentiment of pain that they have just dished out on poor Kyra. Mohr falls into a seated position with her back against the steps and pulls her head up just in time to witness Melody come crashing in with a lightning fast dropkick to that injured shoulder pancaking it savagely between her boots and the steel. The maneuver is enough to draw a reaction from a stunned crowd who think Kyra’s shoulder must have been separated or broken. Lennox wastes little time playing up to this kind of negative energy, waiving and flapping her arms to try to drive their vitriol even higher. She yanks Kyra up by the hair and pushes her underneath the bottom rope and back into the ring.

Rick Daniels: Bout time she gets a taste of her own medicine!

Terra Skye: Please.  Look at Melody.  She's practically feeding off the hatred of the crowd at this point.  As if she could get any lower.

Ray Payne: She iz nots very nices yo. 

Terra Skye: You already said that Ray.

Rick Daniels: It's not his fault that he's got a three word vocabulary. 

Terra Skye: Ray's right though.  Melody seems to use her mean streak and the resulting hatred of the crowd as a motivator of sorts.  It stems back to her epic battles with Sabiru... her encounters with him changed her into the vicious and callous individual you see before you.

Lennox pops herself back into the ring and slides right over to Kyra where she applies a tight fujiwar armbar on the left arm/shoulder of Kyra Mohr. Now that they’re back in the ring, this submission hold is 100% legal and the folks inside Historic Fort McHenry tonight know it as the referee immediately checks quite seriously for the signal-

Rick Daniels: TAP!!

Terra Skye: Shut up Rick!  But Jesus.. She looks like she's considering it. Melody has that armbar in tight on that injured shoulder.

The referee asks Kyra if she wants to give up!

Lennox wrenches the armbar back further and screams at Mohr to tap!

Mohr grits her teeth through the pain and claws at the mat. She pulls herself over to the bottom rope and grabs it with her right hand. The crowd cheers as the ref calls for the break!

Rick Daniels: Damnit!

Ray Payne: In spites uf all dats, she pulled herselves ovah ta da ropes and gots frees.  Dat shows how toughies she iz Mistah Danny.

Terra Skye: She could be seriously injured, and from that look of frustration on Melodys face, she might not be done with that shoulder.

Melody gets into the face of the referee to let him know of her displeasure, clearly Kyra was tapping out and apparently she’s the only person in Fort McHenry tonight that saw it. Oh well- Lennox turns back to Kyra and stomps on the injured shoulder once again, but this time Kyra is up enough to shove Lennox back away from her with her free right hand. Lennox staggers back a step but catches herself. Surprised by the fight in Kyra, she snaps off a spinning heel kick that Kyra ducks. Mohr bounces off of the ropes and comes in hard with a flying shoulder tackle that smartly uses the right shoulder instead of the left in this situation. Kyra hits a second shoulder tackle before catching Melody trying to get back to her feet a third time with an impressive and vicious snap german suplex. The crowd is surprised to see Kyra hold on and roll the german through, pulling Melody back to her feet just to drill her with a second german suplex. Rolling Germans! Kyra pulls the desperate Melody Lennox back to her feet for a third and final german suplex before her shoulder gives out anyway. The crowd claps as Lennox rolls around on the canvas clutching that same spot on the small of her back while Kyra further nurses that nagging left arm.

Terra Skye: It's funny.  You'd think with the two very different styles of these women that one would have ended up with a decisive advantage here tonight.  That's just not the case.

Ray Payne: Dey is showins dat not one iz bettah den da odah.

Rick Daniels: I'll give it that. 

Terra Skye: Is hell freezing over?!

Kyra struggles against the throes of her own pain to pull herself over to Lennox to make a pin attempt hooking the far leg with her right arm only…



Melody Lennox kicks out of the pin attempt at a count of a solid two and a half.

Terra Skye: If Kyra had bridged that third german suplex.. She might have secured the pin right there.

Ray Payne: Dat shouldah dough.

Rick Daniels: Please.  Lennox is too good of a competitor to fall to a triple German suplex.  It might be devastating, but it's not enough to kill the dreams of Melody Lennox.

Kyra pulls herself back to her feet clutching her shoulder in obvious pain. She says that the end is near to the fans and everyone inside Fort McHenry seems to cheer. She pulls Lennox up to her feet and kicks her in the midsection before hoisting her up for the Jaw Dropper! She has Lennox in position but as she goes to hook Melody’s jaw Melody squirms just enough that Kyra’s shoulder gives way. When Lennox drops to her feet she immediately turns and gouges Kyra in the eye with the point of her thumb before whipping around with a vicious spinning heel kick to the jaw.

Terra Skye: WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

Rick Daniels: FINALLY!

With Kyra stunned, Melody Lennox pulls Kyra back to her feet and drills her with the Final Serenade! The crowd boos loudly as Lennox drops down clutching her back as she makes the cover-





Kelly Carmichael: Here is the winner of your match: MELODY LENNOX!!!!

Terra Skye: Oh my God...

Ray Payne: Oh no's yo.

Rick Daniels: And I told you so! 

Terra Skye: That was bullshit and you know it!

Rick Daniels: Still sticking up for the bitch who got away with throwing Melody out into the crowd and trying to use a steel chair on her!?  Please, Mohr got what she deserved.

Ray Payne: No one deserves dat... yo.  Especiallies not Miss Kyra. 

Terra Skye: Well, Melody Lennox did what she said she was going to do.  She secured her spot in the Main Event of Chaos 50, against the winner of the Main Event here tonight.

Rick Daniels: As it should be.

Melody celebrates inside the ring as the crowd showers her with boos.  She laughs and points to her waist, obviously indicating to not only the crowd but to Amy Jo and Prydor in the back that she is going to be the Carnage World Champ after Chaos 50.  Kyra, however has already rolled out of the ring and is walking back towards the entrance tunnel, her face turned downwards as she ignores the shouts and the attempts of the Legion to get her attention.

Terra Skye: It's a hard sight to see Kyra so dejected.

Ray Payne: She saids dat dis wuz her only chances yo... an now it's ovah, yo.

Rick Daniels: The right person won here tonight.  Just get over it. 

Terra Skye: There's more to it than that you piece of shit.  You might not understand but people like Kyra are who made Carnage what it is today... Ugh, nevermind.  You'll never get it Daniels.  Looks like we're soon going to be heading to Vegas where Boy, David and Johnny are standing by to call the Tag Title match!  We'll see you all afterwards for the Main Event!!!

Rick Daniels: Please tell me we don't have to talk to them...

Terra Skye: I hope not.

Suddenly the large screen at the side of the complex comes to life and Johnny Vegas, David Love and Boy are all seated at a table on the side of the Las Vegas streets!  All three men look dapper as fuck as they sit, smug looks on all their faces. 

Johnny Vegas: WHATS UP CHUMPS?!

Terra Skye: Jesus Christ it's bad enough I have your son over here, but why do I have to see you tonight as--


Ray Payne: Oh Lordies, yo.

Rick Daniels: His SON?!  Really Terra?  I thought we had something...

Johnny Vegas: No, she's all wrapped up in the irish springs.


David Love: I hate it here.

Rick Daniels: And I hate it here.


Boy: Grovers!

Ray Payne: Hiyah Mistah Boy! 

Johnny Vegas: Vegas is fucking great.  I never want to come back to shitty ass Baltimore.

Terra Skye: Good, don't. 

David Love: Shouldn't we be getting to the match now?

Boy: Travis Kvapil has a screen print.

Johnny Vegas: FINE... Let me just get out my championship.... Gotta look good while I'm in the Big time, baby.

Terra Skye: Oh God... Get me the fuck out of here.

With that, Terra gets up and leaves the commentary table.  Ray follows suit and eventually Rick does too as the Vegas commentary team prepares to call the Tag Title match in Las Vegas tonight!!!

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Match Five: C.O.N. vs. The Rogues vs. Paragon

Johnny Vegas: Are we finally free of those fuckers?

David Love: Yes, I think so.

Johnny Vegas: Good. We're in MY CITY and I'm not about to let that cunt-rag spoil it.

David Love: It's no wonder you can't get the women to look at you here.

Johnny Vegas: Don't you start, Love. I'm the champion and I'll beat your ass right now.


David Love: This is going to be the second-worst gig I ever got paid for.

A man in a tuxedo steps forward, clearly the hired ring announcer for tonight. The rowdy Vegas crowd cheers, simply because that means the match they've been waiting for will start.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, it is NOW TIME for the Las Vegas Street Fight, for the Carnage Wrestling Tag Team Titles!

The audience cheers even louder at the announcement, as it's officially time for things to begin. The first theme to play is "As Thick As Thieves" by Dry Kill Logic, which has not played for a Carnage Wrestling match in a some time. However, the Las Vegas crowd is not appreciative of this fact, as they begin booing JC and Trent Steel, The Rogues, the second they step out of the building they were waiting in.

The Rogues

The two men look unfazed by the boos, as they have been booed many times in their careers. They make their way through the streets, aided by security to the designated area where the match will be held.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, at a total combined weight of 455 pounds...JC...Trent Steel...THE ROGUES!

Johnny Vegas: Does that ring announcer fucker even have a name?

David Love: It's not in my notes.


David Love: Right.

Johnny Vegas: That's actually the most normal thing he's said today.

David Love: Anyway, JC and Trent Steel have been a team for almost a decade now, so they've definitely got something that these other teams don't have.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, an unwillingness to just fuck off and die.

David Love: I was going to bring up their chemistry.


Johnny Vegas: Either way, there are two awesome teams here and one shit team. Guess which one is shit. I'll tell you. The one with Trent Steel in it.

David Love: I'm glad you didn't leave your class back in Baltimore, Johnny.

Johnny Vegas: Was that sarcasm? I didn't know you actually had a personality, white bread!

"Parade of the Dead" by Black Label Society plays next, signaling the arrival of at least one half of the tag team champions. However Brian Crucifix is not alone, stepping out of an alley with Robert Zodiac. The crowd boos them tremendously, as they're the ones they hate the most.


The two men move through the people, who want to take shots but keep their distance, choosing instead to throw various bits of garbage at them. Security gets involved to keep the rowdy and possibly drunk fans at bay. Zodiac and Crucifix keep their heads down, uncharacteristically solemn as they clear the crowd barrier and step into the appropriate area.

Ring Announcer: Their opponents, FIRST, at a total combined weight of 385 pounds, they are the Carnage Wrestling TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS....Brian Crucifix, Robert Zodiac..C...O...N!!!!!!

Johnny Vegas: YASSSS! My boys!

David Love: Oh yeah, Terra warned me about this. You're the...


David Love: Right. Why do you like them, anyway?

Johnny Vegas: Um, what's not to like? They get things DONE. Greatest tag team ever!

David Love: I was hoping you had facts to back that up.


David Love: You sure are excitiable today, Boy.

Boy: Boston natives play Othello. Newsperson smells of mother but knows nothing of Dylan's orange collection!

David Love: I see.

Johnny Vegas: I told you to stop trying to understand him!

The Rogues and CON stand in the designated area on the strip as we wait for the arrival of Paragon. The four men stare at each other intently as suddenly a loud guitar riff breaks the quiet of the night. The crowd starts to buzz as the lights die down on the strip and we suddenly shoot our attention to the top of the Treasure Island where two giant spotlights have come on.

Johnny Vegas: What... What the hell is going on here?

David Love: Search me.

Johnny Vegas: I'd rather not.

The spotlights give way to an illuminated stage atop the casino as MOTLEY CRUE are seen there! The entire band is decked out in Paragon shirts as pyro shoots off from the stage.

Johnny Vegas: I don’t fucking believe this... How in the fuck did Paragon pull this off?

David Love: Apparently Jack Michaels has a lot of pull in this city. A lot of contacts.


David Love: I don't think she's one of them, Boy.

The crowd is going absolutely insane as the band starts to play “Kickstart My Heart” with the crowd singing along. A giant Paragon logo is shined with laser lights on the side of the hotel as a helicopter comes flying over the casino. We pan to look at it as we see none-other-than “The Blast” Jack Michaels standing on the landing gear as the chopper makes it’s way down towards the fighting area.

Ring Announcer: At a combined weight of 392 pounds... They are the number one contenders for the Carnage Tag Team Championship belts... They are your hometown heroes... Jack Michaels, Amber Ryan... PARAGON!


Another huge rush of cheers as CON seem dumbstruck at what they are seeing and the Rogues try to keep their focus on the task at hand. The helicopter reaches the ground as Jack leaps down to street level. Jack is decked in a black Paragon compression jersey with combat boots and camo pants with a white towel tucked in around his neck. He keeps his eyes focused on the four men as he rips off the towel and throws it towards the fans. Every muscle in his body looks like hot steel as it bulges against his jersey. He steps into the block with the other four men.

Johnny Vegas: Even I got to say that this is a pretty amazing entrance for the Las Vegas native. Hell, the crowd is cheering so loud my god damn whiskey is vibrating on the table.

David Love: Yes, they do love Paragon here. Which is precisely why Jack wanted this, I expect.


Johnny Vegas: Hey wait a sec... You are right. Where is Amber Ryan?

David Love: You understood him?

Jack cracks his knuckles as suddenly we see another figure moving in from the crowd. Amber Ryan has snuck through the cheering fans under a dark hoodie and has snuck up directly behind CON. She unzips the hoodie and discards it to reveal she too is in camp pants and combat boots but with a black Paragon tank top.

Johnny Vegas: Hey... What the fuck is this? HEY!

Amber suddenly rushes forward and goes straight for Crucifix who gets tackled to the ground! Jack comes running fists first into Zodiac as the crowd goes wild!


The bell sounds as Jack and Amber are beating the tag champs into the concrete as the Rogues are at a loss at what they are seeing. They both look at each other and rush over as well to begin to stomp CON on the street!

Johnny Vegas: What the fuck is this??? Paragon jumps them and now the Rogues get to help?

David Love: It's a street fight, Johnny. Literally. There are no rules.

Johnny Vegas: This is more like a fucking mugging! Where's the cops?

David Love: Over there, cheering for Jack and Amber.

Johnny Vegas: FUCKING PIGS!


Johnny Vegas: Oh shut up!

The crowd is cheering them on as both Crucifix and Zodiac and struggling to cover up on the ground. The beating stops as there is a moment where Paragon and the Rogues just stare at each other in silence. Trent raises his hands up as suddenly fires a kick towards Jack’s crotch. Jack manages to catch the foot and mouth ‘not this time asshole’ before throwing a right cross at Trent! This leaves Amber to barrel into JC as the Rogues and Paragon start to brawl!

Johnny Vegas: Ha! The dick kick failed and now my 2nd favorite team is beating down those shit heads!

David Love: It's a good strategy by both teams. They took out the champions and now they're focusing on each other.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, and the champs get time to recover. They're playing the long game, Love.


Jack has hunkered down into his boxing roots and ducks a wild right by Trent and countering with a snap jab to his mouth. A welt of blood starts to form on his lower lip as Jack is laying into Trent with a variety of combos before hitting him with a big chest punch that knocks him back into the crowd. The crowd violently shove him back but not before he snags a bottle of beer from one of the fans. Jack doesn’t see it and SMASH! gets walloped over the side of the head with the beer bottle! Jack goes down in a heap as Trent drops to a knee to catch his breath.

Johnny Vegas: Fucker! Stop wasting alcohol!

David Love: We're in Las Vegas, Johnny. I don't think they're going to run out.

Johnny Vegas: It's the principle of the thing! Some brewery worked hard to make that!

David Love: Really? This is the hill you're ready to die on?

Boy: Fat Man poncho! The time of the diet is nigh!

Both members of CON are starting to get to their feet as Amber tries to use her speed to confuse JC. She catches JC with a liver punch and the two of them fight towards the crowd who are moved out of the way to let them fight. JC tries to grapple up Amber but she shoves him back towards a light post and nails him with a stiff knee to the ribs. She hits a kick and then backs up as she lines up for a kill blow kick. As she goes for a third stiff shot, JC comes back to life and catches her leg. He underhooks it and then grabs Amber around the shoulder with his free hand. He spins around and SUPLEXES her into the street with a THUD. Amber hits the concrete hard with her hands holding the back of her neck.

Johnny Vegas: Jesus Christ Almighty! That son of a bitch just tried to cripple Amber!

David Love: He's just trying to win the match, Johnny. You're going to see a lot worse as this goes on.

Johnny Vegas: I figured you'd see things that way. You're just like that bitch Terra.

David Love: I'll take that as a compliment.

Johnny Vegas: And you can go suck Hampton's dick right along with her.

Amber is hurting as JC rushes over to go for the 1st pinfall of the match. One of the two on site referees rush over and start the count.


TWO! Zodiac cracks JC with a punt to the head that spins him off of Amber.

Zodiac begins repeatedly stomping away at JC, motioning Crucifix to make his way over to assist him. Brian rushes as the assault on JC begins, Zodiac aiming boots to his ribs and Crucifix throwing bombs to his head. CON seem to be getting the best of the Rogues member when suddenly Trent hooks his arms around both of their necks and drives them back with a double Russian Leg sweep! The two men hold their necks as they hit the hard ground. Trent bends down checking on his partner before returning his attention to CON.

Johnny Vegas: FUCK YOU STEEL!

David Love: Trent with a nice save for his partner, and both members of CON are on the ground.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah well that's part of the plan! You'll see!

Before he can act a loud cracking sound is heard, and Trent stands motionless as Jack Michaels is seen standing behind him with a broken glass bottle. The man had tried to exact his revenge but his eyes widen as Trent simply turns around with the most evil smirk on his face. Jack raised his hands as if asking for forgiveness, but his cries fell on deaf ears, Trent proceeded to kick Jack in the gut before tucking the mans head in between his legs. He then lifted him up onto his shoulders in Powerbomb position. Before slamming the man onto the ground Amber comes up from behind and strikes Trent with a low blow, allowing Jack to hop down safely onto the ground, as Trent goes to his knees. Jack and Amber waist no time hooking Trent head as they execute a double DDT onto him!

David Love: Oh my goodness! Trent's head just got spiked on the pavement!

Johnny Vegas: "Oh my goodness?" What are you, three?

David Love: I'm censoring myself for the younger audiences.

Johnny Vegas: We're a TV-MA program streaming from LAS VEGAS. It's literally called SIN CITY.

David Love: You call it how you want, and I'll call it how I want.


JC is seen sitting up a bit recovering from the assault he had just taken. Crucifix crawls over to JC and the two begin trading blows as Zodiac shakes the cobwebs out of his head getting to a kneeling position. He looks up to see Amber Ryan and Jack Michaels standing over him “Oh… shit” as the two begin laying waste to the Baltimore City Champion he calls out for Crucifix to help but Brian doesn’t budge, focusing his attacks on JC. The two go blow for blow as they stand up together. Meanwhile Robert is desperately fighting from underneath the Paragon members.

David Love: Things are getting a bit chaotic now, its' going to be hard to follow the action at this rate.

Johnny Vegas: It's six people all brawling on the streets, I think we expected this.

David Love: At any rate folks, we'll do our best to call the action for you.

Johnny Vegas: Speak for yourself. I'm going to drink and get belligerent.

Jack Michaels yanks Zodiac up and locks a full nelson on him, Amber Ryan smirks before readying her hand, as she chops him hard. The impact was heard by everyone in the area as they cheered at the display from the former World Champion. She readies her hand again chopping him a second time Rob screaming out in pain. “BRIAN!!!!!!” JC throws a right hook connecting with Crucifix’s jaw, Crucifix fires back with a stiff forearm shot to JC’s neck. JC goes for a boot to the gut but Crucifix catches it and throws it back down leaping up hitting a bicycle knee strike catching JC in the jaw, staggering him back some. Crucifix wastes no time and runs at JC attempting a BIG BOOT OF DEATH! But NO!!! JC sidesteps it giving Crucifix a European Uppercut!

David Love: Going to be really hard to hit a guy with a move he's perfected.

Johnny Love: Well if anyone could, it would be my man B-Ri!

David Love: And yet he didn't.

Boy: Hold me while I open like a flower. HOLD ME RIGHT.

Amber Ryan readies her hand once more for another chop, this time Zodiac stomps on Jack’s foot breaking the hold and ducks as Amber accidentally chops Jack Michaels in the chest, he yelps as he holds it. Amber turned around and was caught in the face by a flying boot from Zodiac. Amber staggered back holding her jaw as Zodiac crouches down rubbing his chest from all the chops. Meanwhile, Trent begins to stir, sitting up a bit as he struggles to stand up. He stayed where he was catching his breath, desperation on his face seeing his partner square off against JC. He slowly made his way over to the two fighting. Jack Michaels sees the now standing Trent and rushes over to him hitting him with a clubbing forearm strike. The two begin to trade blows with each other.

David Love: Here we go, two veterans trading blows in a brawl.

Johnny Vegas: At least that bastard Trent isn't trying dick kicks again.

David Love: He could. There are no rules here.

Johnny Vegas: You don't have to keep reminding me of that!


Amber Ryan snarls at Zodiac as the two rush each other, Zodiac gets the upper hand quickly dropping down sending her crashing her with a drop toe hold. He spins around getting her into a crossface, trapping her arm with his leg and wrenching her head back as one of the refs heads over asking if she wants to quit. She screams out No!!!! JC and Brian’s battle rages on as the two fight moving through a crowd of people. JC hits Crucifix with a big knee lift shoving him into a rather large man holding two slushies. Crucifix snatches one of the slushies and turns around throwing it into JC’s face. The man is blinded wiping the cold slush out of his face, Brian roars running at JC and spears him through a glass wall, the two now inside of a Casino/Bar. The customers inside scream and scatter like roaches when a kitchen light is turned on. One of the refs rushes over seeing that he may need to keep track of what is happening inside.

David Love: Oh geez. Get out of the way, people!

Johnny Vegas: It's like they don't know there's a fucking brawl happening!

David Love: Some people just have no respect.

Johnny Vegas: I mean, if they expected this thing to stay on just the street, then they're fucking stupid.

David Love: Did...did we just agree on something?

Johnny Vegas: I won't tell if you don't.

Robert Zodiac continues to keep Amber in his submission, Amber tries pulling apart Zodiac’s hands to break the hold but it’s too no avail, Amber uses her strength to flip Rob onto his back as the ref makes the count!



Thr- Noooo! Zodiac gets his shoulder up at the last second releasing his hold on her. He turns lunging to grab her by the hair but is pulled down instead and rolled up into a small package pin.


Two! Kickout!

Zodiac pops up but drops back down being caught with a fierce Yakuza kick. Amber wastes no time jumping up and landing on him hard with a double foot stomp to the chest!

David Love: Now we have the Distorted Angel trading some fierce shots with the Baltimore City Champion!

Johnny Vegas: My man Zodiac has two belts and she has none. So that makes him better.

David Love: Does that mean you're better because you have one belt?

Johnny Vegas: Maybe?

David Love: Should we tell her?

Johnny Vegas: You'd better not! Fucking narc!

Jack hits Trent with a stiff forearm sending him back a bit, rushing into his gut with a running knee lift. Jack puts Trent’s head between his legs looking to get payback from the power bomb attempt. Trent pushes up however sending Jack crashing back first into a nearby metal trash can! Trent looks at the can and picks it up slamming it down onto Jack’s spine. He raises it up above his head and slams it back down onto Jack a sinister smirk glued on his face as he does so.


Johnny Vegas: What is wrong with that son of a bitch? Why does he always have to ruin everything?

David Love: He's trying to win the match like the rest of the people in it.

Johnny Vegas: Oh no, don't give me that. Fucker's out there having fun!

Meanwhile in the Bar..JC uses a pool table to help him stand up as pieces of glass can be seen stuck inside his back. Crucifix is already up and strikes JC’s spine with a pool cue, breaking it in half doing so. Crucifix grabs JC by the head and drives it onto the Pool Table. Crucifix throws the man onto the table before climbing up onto it. “GET UP OLD MAN… I”M GONNA RETIRE YOUR ASS” He picks JC up putting his head in between his legs while hooking his arms looking to put JC away with A package pile driver that he calls the Black Heart Crisis. JC suddenly spins out of it lifting Crucifix up onto his shoulders with a fireman’s carry, immediately he spins Crucifix around for a moment before driving him through the table with a Solitaire Unraveling! the table now collapsed as both men are laid out, JC throws his arm across the chest of Crucifix.



Thr- Noooooo! Either out of instinct or pure will Crucifix throws his arm and shoulder up ending the potential three count. JC’s eyes widen at the determination of the Twenty Six year old Crucifix. JC sits up a bit tugging at his hair.

Johnny Love: It's a good thing we have these damn monitors. I almost missed the action in the billiard room!

David Love: JC came very close to putting Crucifix away there, and the rest of the competitors wouldn't even have known!

Johnny Love: I don't think that's fair. JC should take him back where everyone else can see!

David Love: Johnny, Crucifix is the one...


Back outside, Amber Ryan is straddled on Zodiac raining punch after punch onto him. Amber quickly grabs his left arm and locks him in an Armbar, the hold gripped tightly as he stretches out his arm. Zodiac grits his teeth and squirms trying to get out of the submission. Zodiac was asked by the ref if he wanted to quit, Zodiac responds by spitting in the face of the official. Zodiac twists his body a bit now hovering over Amber who is still holding his arm. He begins swinging wildly with his right hand trying to get her to release the hold. She takes the blows but keeps his arm locked in. Zodiac looks around desperation on his face as he grits his teeth once more, crouching down and began to lift Amber up using all of his core strength. After a few moments Robert had Amber up in the air as she kept her hold. He took a run towards a parked car before slamming her down onto the front of the car, making a dent in the hood. The hold was released as Zodiac rubbed his arm. He glared daggers at the recovering Amber Ryan, then climbs onto the car pulling her up by the hair a bit. He smirks insanely as he hooks both of her arms turning around a bit, and drives her head into the Windshield! Zodiac executed The Epilogue made famous by Ragnarok as the glass cracks. Amber Ryan seems to go limp as Robert Zodiac goes for a pin.



Thr- The pin is broken up by a flying trashcan striking Robert in the face as he falls back landing on the ground holding his face.

Johnny Vegas: Who the fuck threw that?

Trent stands his shoulders shaking a bit as he laughs maniacally, dragging Jack Michaels on the ground.

Johnny Vegas: Oh. I should have known.

David Love: You have to believe that if Trent hadn't, CON would have retained just then!

Johnny Vegas: Oh, you just HAD to point that one out.


Trent drops Jack as he heads over picking the trash can up again. He makes his way back over to Jack, who is back on his feet groggily. Trent shoves the can onto Jack putting him inside it. Trent takes several steps back before charging giving the can a big boot dropping Michaels back onto the ground.

David Love: I gotta say, Trent Steel definitely seems like he's in his element here.

Johnny Vegas: Well of course he is! Fucker loves hurting people.

David Love: He's one of the most hardcore wrestlers on the planet.

Johnny Vegas: And one of the craziest. And he also beats women!

David Love: Don't you remember what happened the last time you said that?

Johnny Vegas: I GOT A TITLE BELT.

JC is up leaning against the bar, picking out glass from his back, watching the currently downed Crucifix beginning to stir, JC breaths heavily dragging his feet a bit as he closes in on Brian. Crucifix sits up holding his right shoulder a bit. Crucifix has no time to even remember exactly whats going on as JC lays some boots into Crucifix. JC grabs Brian’s head forcing him up to his feet as he drives the man into the bar table. Crucifix cries out in pain gripping his right arm. He rams his own head into JC’s face, busting his nose open. Brian spins hitting a kick right on the side of JC’s head knocking him back with the Eradication Syndrome! Crucifix storms off trying to create distance. He comes across a door reading a sign “ROOF ACCESS” He turns seeing JC who glares with a scowl making his way to him. Brian, holding his shoulder, kicks open the door and makes his way through beginning to climb up stairs.

David Love: Oh dear God...I don't like where this is going.

Johnny Vegas: I liked him before but if Crucifix dies I am holding Jack Michaels personally responsible!

David Love: Something could happen to JC as well.

Johnny Vegas: Well then I'd throw him a party.


Back outside, Robert Zodiac leaps onto the back of Trent Steel, locking in a sleeper hold, his arms wrapped tightly around the neck of Trent who begins spinning around wildly like a raging bull trying to throw the man off. Amber Ryan is up at this point holding her head as she leans against the car watching the event happening before her eyes. Amber staggers toward them and kicks Trent right in the gut doubling him over. Zodiac keeps his hold on Trent as he slowly begins fading away, Amber begins hammering at Zodiac’s head causing him to let go. Jack Michaels slowly gets back to his feet as Amber throws jabs and haymakers to both men. Jack Arrives and begins throwing some strikes as well. Jack focuses his strikes on Trent while Amber lights Zodiac up “WHERE THE FUCK IS BRIAN?!!!!” Zodiac screams out as he is pummeled down.

Johnny Vegas: I think I need to go over there and tell Zodiac that Brian is on the roof.

David Love: You sit down. You' here.

Johnny Vegas: You're damn right I am, but CON need me more!


Johnny Vegas: Alright, geez!

Boy: 49 times we fought that beast!

David Love: I guess I just needed a large foreigner to fight my battles.

Brian bursts out onto the roof rotating his shoulder a bit, letting out a sigh of relief. It then turns into one of disdain, as Crucifix motions for JC to bring it. The two meet in the center of the roof and trade shots once again, both men looking worse for wear. JC boots Crucifix in the stomach, putting him in suplex position. He lifts him up into the air, Crucifix brings a knee down onto JC’s head as his feet return to the ground, Brian immediately swings his body up slamming JC with a snap suplex onto the roof. A small cracking sound is heard.

David Love: It's getting really dangerous up there. Someone could get seriously hurt.

Johnny Vegas: Gee, you think? They're only fighting on the ROOF OF A BUILDING.

David Love: They shouldn't be up there in the first place. The referee should force them to come down.

Johnny Vegas: Maybe you should to tell them, Love. I'm sure they'd listen to you. Dumbass.

Trent begins fighting back up as he strikes Michaels in the throat with a straight chop, He turns his attention to Amber and strikes her with an elbow shot knocking her back. He grabs Zodiac’s arm Irish whipping him towards the car Zodiac jumps bouncing off the car with one foot and strikes Trent with an Enziguri, called the Painkiller. Trent is stunned as Jack comes behind him lifting him up, turning his body as he carries him over to the car, dropping him on the hood with a High Angle Back Suplex!

David Love: Oh my God! Jack Michaels just dented the hood of that car with a man's body!

Johnny Vegas: Trent's not a man, he's a monster! GOOD!

David Love: Those are human beings in there. Whether you like them or not.

Johnny Vegas: Hey, I like four out of six! That's not bad!

Robert Zodiac runs at both Paragon members catching them by surprise as he knocks them both down with flying knees! DOUBLE END OF THE LINE!!!!! Zodiac hits the ground hard and is unable to even attempt a cover attempt. He holds his back a bit as he sits up. He looks over to Ryan and Michaels who are holding their jaws, Robert crawls over to Amber hooking the leg.



NOOO! She throws a shoulder up avoiding being pinned.

Zodiac stares on in disbelief then looks over to the downed Michaels, and quickly crawls trying to pin him now.



NOOO! Jack kicks out with authority! Zodiac begins pulling his hair, barring his teeth as he turns to see a crumbled Trent Steel besides the beaten up car. Zodiac hastily makes his way over to Steel, using all of his remaining strength to turn the man over onto his back, going for another pin attempt.



Thr… NOOOO! Trent steel throws his shoulder up as he grabs Zodiac’s neck, beginning to choke him. Rob grabs at his own neck squirming a bit as he is trying desperately to escape. Trent’s hold never loosens as he slowly gets back to standing position, using the car as support. Zodiac struggles a bit feeling himself fade, at the last minute Zodiac rakes Trent’s eyes following it with a hard headbutt, being released. Zodiac bends over trying to catch his breath, moving away from the temporarily blinded Trent Steel.

David Love: An amazing sequence of moves there, with mulitple pinfall attempts.

Johnny Vegas: I got a feeling this one is going to end soon, they all look fucking tired. And look at that, Zodiac is still standing!

David Love: Zodiac is having to do the work of two men down here, as Crucifix has been busy with JC this entire time.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, I don't know what's in his head. He needs to get back down here and help his partner!

David Love: I don't think it's up to him right now, Johnny!


Back on the roof, Crucifix is laying boot after boot on JC’s body, the cracking sound on the roof becoming more consistent and louder, neither man seems to be paying attention to it. Crucifix locks a chin lock onto JC, squeezing tightly, Crucifix practically foaming at the mouth with rage as he keeps the hold tight. JC begins pushing up getting to a kneeling position. He begins throwing elbows to Brian’s midsection in an effort to break the hold. Crucifix grabs JC’s hair and slams him down onto the roof. The cracking sounds happens again, Crucifix licks his lips a bit seeing a bit of JC’s blood had spilt onto his face. Crucifix picks JC up by the hair as the cracking sound seems to be getting even louder, but he pays no mind to it. Crucifix tucks JC’s head between his legs and hooks his arms as well. Crucifix roars as he lifts JC up and slams him with a powerbomb! As soon as they connect onto the roof… it COLLAPSES!!! The men fall about 20 feet through the building landing hard onto the bar table, many wires are seen tangled around them surely the reason their fall was broken somewhat, and they were not dead. Zodiac, Trent, Amber, and Jack watch on wild eyed as the building is now clear of people. The crowd outside have all of their jaws dropped chanting


Johnny Vegas: HOLY SHIT!

David Love: Oh my word! The roof collapsed!

Johnny Vegas: Who was the shoddy engineer on THAT place?

David Love: We need to send some EMTs in there. I don't like the way they fell. They could be hurt badly!

Johnny Vegas: That's putting it mildly. I think they might be dead!

David Love: Luckily I see medical technicians going into the casino and surveying the damage. Hopefully the table and wires broke their fall enough to prevent anything serious.

Robert moves toward the building he just saw his partner go through. Trent follows suit but is stopped by Amber Ryan who dropkicks the back of Steel’s legs. Michaels quickly makes his way to Trent locking him in a crossface chicken wing, The Mean Machine Stretch!!! Trent finds himself in another predicament as Jack keeps him locked in the chicken Wing, the ref rushes over checking on Trent asking if he wants to give up. Trent simply gives the official a murderous glare which is enough for the Ref to back off a bit. Amber Ryan kicks Trent in the ribs as Jack holds him, trying to get Trent to tap out.

Johnny Vegas: Come on you fucker! Tap out! No wait, DON'T tap out! Where are CON?

David Love: Crucifix is being looked at by EMTs and I don't know where Zodiac went.

Johnny Vegas: Well then...don't tap Trent! Those are CON's belts!

Zodiac enters the Bar area checking the literal carnage around. Tables broken, pool cues broken in half, and a lot of glass on the ground. JC is seen laid out on the floor, his eyes open but it seems as if he is unresponsive to anything going on around him. EMTs are there, looking over the Rogues member as he is spotted flexing his hand around a technician's hand, indicating that his neck wasn't broken.  Zodiac looks around for Crucifix who is seen leaning against the wall, holding onto his shoulder, barely able to stand. His arm is dangling at a sickening angle.

Johnny Vegas: Oh, there they are. See? They're fine!

David Love: I would hardly call that fine, but at least they're breathing and not crippled.


David Love: Yeah, Crucifix's shoulder has to be dislocated or worse. It looks disgusting.

Johnny Vegas: And yet he's the first one to his feet! Good ol' Crucifix!

“WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK…” Zodiac checks on him trying to help him off the wall “Where were you when I needed help back there!” Brian doesn’t speak, simply breathing hard. The two men then watch with their jaws dropped as JC begins to stir a bit. “No….” Zodiac says in disbelief. Trent on the outside has rolled over onto all fours and lifts up rolling Jack off of his back. Amber continues hard kicks to the ribs of Trent, each one getting more fierce than the last one. Trent suddenly grabs his her foot, crouching down before lifting her up onto his shoulders, Jack rushes at Trent who swings around knocking Jack down as Amber’s feet smack him in the face. Trent waists no time throwing her off his shoulder falling with her as he slams her onto Jack with a Death Valley Driver! The Pittsburgh Nightmare!!!! Trent turns his attention to the building his partner and CON are in. Dragging his feet a bit he goes as fast as he can to reach the men.

David Love: Trent Steel just wiped out Paragon and now he has his sights set on CON!

Johnny Vegas: Paragon's down, JC is down, and CON just have Trent left!

David Love: Zodiac's angry, but you have to believe that if he puts that aside this match is theirs for the taking.

Johnny Vegas: Didn't I tell you? CON all the way! All day, every day! Greatest tag team ever!

Zodiac looks over his shoulder seeing Trent slowly but surely making his way over. Zodiac grabs Crucifix by the arm “Come on… we can win this!” Brian snatches his arm away from Zodiac who stares confused as Brian makes movements towards JC. Zodiac grabs at Crucifix’s arm again “Dude Trent is still up… let’s drop him” Brian snatches his arm away again turning to Zodiac shoving him away. Zodiac lands hard on his ass, fuming at this point. Crucifix turns his attention back to JC who is barely back onto his feet, blood covering his face in a crimson mask. Brian drags himself over to JC before being turned around agin by Zodiac who yanks on the bad arm of Crucifix. Brian cries out in pain as Zodiac jumps falling back forcing the arm onto double knees. Brian falls to his knees in pain. Zodiac grabs a pool cue and begins striking the shoulder that Brian had been holding repeatedly. The cue snapped yet Zodiac continued his assault before running at Crucifix hitting the End of The Line knee!!!!. Crucifix dropped as Zodiac hovers over him “FUCK YOU!!!!!!”

Johnny Vegas: WHAT THE HELL!?

David Love: Robert Zodiac just betrayed his tag team partner! And he might have broken his arm at the same time!

Johnny Vegas: No but...CON...DAMN YOU CRUCIFIX!

David Love: Wait, CRUCIFIX?!?

Johnny Vegas: He should have done as Zodiac said! But no, he just wanted to focus on one guy! This is all his fault. And now Zodiac is gonna have to retain by himself!

David Love: He was dazed and dealing with a possibly dislocated shoulder. I think Zodiac was more than a little inconsiderate.

Boy: Creatures at midnight! The hamster's wheel has no spokes!

Johnny Vegas: Fuck Brian Crucifix! Zodiac never needed him anyway!

David Love: Your loyalty is staggering.

Zodiac stands up turning around into a super kick by Trent!!!! Zodiac flew over the bar table crashing into the wall holding bottles  of liquor. Trent walked over to Crucifix picking him up by the neck, the sinister smile on his face returning as he threw the man towards JC, who used his last ounce of strength to strike him with a Big Boot of death! Crucifix spun around after the hit as Trent lifted Crucifix up onto his shoulders, slamming him through a table with the Pittsburgh Nightmare!!! He then covered Crucifix.




Ring Announcer: Here are your winners and the NEWWWWWWWWWW CARNAGE WRESTLING TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...JC and Trent Steel...THE ROGUES!


David Love: After everything these teams went through, it's finally over! I can't believe it!

Johnny Vegas: That's it, I'm breaking out the hard liquor.

Ref Jeff, who was in Vegas along with everyone else, brings the tag team belts to JC and Steel, who are extremely fatigued by still happy about their win. Paragon are getting up on their own and angry that they weren't even involved in the decision, while medical technicians tend to Crucifix. Zodiac is strangely nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, Paragon see The Rogues celebrating with the belts...and attack!!

David Love: Oh come on! You guys lost! Accept it!

Johnny Vegas: No, don't accept it! Beat their asses!

Suddenly, music is heard from somewhere, but no one can quite place it. “The Man” by The Killers starts to play as white pyro goes off from the sides of what appears to be a party bus that has driven up unnoticed on the street. Standing with his back to us wearing a glittery blue and white feathered robe with the words “Salvation” on it is a mysterious figure. Everyone stops brawling and turns to look, with Trent glaring at the mystery man. The lights cut on as the man turns carrying a microphone. Trent lets out a gutteral roar as...

Sebastian Steel


Trent Steel is now frothing with anger. JC says not to but Trent doesn't listen as he charges headfirst at Sebastian up the street. Sebastian smiles as he drops the microphone and as Trent gets close to decking him he lets loose a white fireball into Trent's face! Trent falls to the ground holding his face as Sebastian smiles. JC starts to go after Sebastian but the nephew of Trent Steel simply laughs as the party bus drives away.

David Love: What in the hell just happened?

Johnny Vegas: Apparently SALVATION happened, Love. Didn't you hear him?

David Love: According to what I'm hearing, that's Sebastian Steel, Trent Steel's nephew! But why is he in Carnage? And why did he attack Trent?

Johnny Vegas: Well why don't you chase after that bus and ask him?

David Love: On that note, we're signing off here in Las Vegas...after this quick break it'll be back to the team in Baltimore.

Johnny Vegas: Fuck you guys!


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« Reply #4 on: January 28, 2018, 07:49:45 PM »
Match Six: Amy Jo Smyth vs. Will Prydor

Terra Skye: Oh thank God, the Carnage Legion no longer has to listen to that trainwreck of a commentary team.

Ray Payne: Mistah Boy should onlies be on da bells, yo.

Rick Daniels: Why does he scream so much?

Ray Payne: Who, Mistah Boy?

Rick Daniels: No, Johnny! Geezer tried to ruin my eardrums.

Terra Skye: Now we're moving on to our main event, which might be the biggest main event we've ever had.

Ray Payne: Bigger dan War Games?

Terra Skye: Maybe. This is only the second time ever we've had a match for both the World and Ultraviolent titles.

Ray Payne: Oh yeahs, Mistah Jacks won dem at da first Ultymate Carnage.

Rick Daniels: Who?

Terra Skye: A former World Champion, and possible future Hall of Legends inductee. Read up on your history.

Rick Daniels: Reading isn't fun.

Terra Skye: Anyway, Will Prydor shocked the world when he cashed in to get the World title shot that Bridges initially denied him. Then Amy Jo picked the stipulation of a submission match and here we are.

Ray Payne: It gon be toughs for both, yo.

We go the ring now, where Kelly Carmichael is standing and smiling at the Carnage Legion.

Kelly Carmichael: The following contest is your MAIN EVENT of the evening! It is a SUBMISSION MATCH for both the Carnage Wrestling World Heavyweight Title and the Carnage Wrestling Ultraviolent Title!

The Legion roars with approval. Suddenly, darkness engulfs the arena, not changing for a few seconds before the speakers finally come to life.

Get yourselves together!
Stand up and life your lives!
Get yourselves together!
Hands up, hands up high!

Sixx:A.M.'s "Rise" fully kicks in at this point, and a spotlight shines at the top of the entranceway to reveal Will Prydor, who lets out his traditional battle cry of "For the Fallen" to the rafters above. 

Will Prydor

Kelly Carmichael: INTRODUCING FIRST! From Bel Air, Maryland, weighing in tonight at 259 pounds, he is the CARNAGE WRESTLING ULTRAVIOLENT CHAMPION....WILLLLLLL PRRRRRYYYYYYDOR!

Lowering his head to stare at the ring, one can see the focus intensify on Will's face as he strides to the ring in time with the beat of the song, preparing himself for yet one more battle in a career filled with them.

Terra Skye: This is it, possibly the biggest match in Will Prydor's career, especially if he can do the unthinkable and make Amy Jo submit.

Ray Payne: But Mistah Wills is good at da submissions, yo.

Rick Daniels: Yeah, but Amy Jo picked this match! Don't you think that means she thinks she's better?

Terra Skye: Perhaps. We've seen Will go through some hellacious battles since arriving in Carnage, and I would think that in his mind, if he can win the title here, it will all have been worth it.

The lights suddenly drop to nothing, plunging the entire arena into pure darkness. “Shoot to Thrill” by Halestorm starts slowly but the arena still remains dark. A single spotlight lands on the entranceway, falling on Amy Jo Smyth in a golden hood. She slowly lifts her arm, showing off a metallic gold elbow sleeve that covers her elbow, and raises a clenched fist into the air. The lights pop back on and Smyth spins around on her toes to face the crowd, glitter cannon in hand. She wears brand new ring gear, including matching metallic gold elbow sleeves, black and gold boots that match knee pads, all of it offset by a long, hooded cape made of that same metallic gold.

Amy Jo Smyth

I got my gun at the ready gonna fire at will
‘Cause I shoot to thrill and I’m ready to kill
I can’t get enough and I can’t get my fill
Shoot to thrill play to kill
Pull the trigger, pull it
Pull it, pull it
Pull the trigger

The Good Doctor aims the cannon upward and pulls the trigger. Large pieces of golden glitter shoot into the air and rain down over the crowd. She moves to her left and fires off another round.

Kelly Carmichael: And his opponent...hailing from Dirty Jersey, weighing in at 160-pounds…She is the Good Doctor and the CARNAGE WRESTLING WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… AMY JOOOOOOOO SMMMMYYYYYYYTH!!!

Smyth hands the cannon off to the nearest person who has been waiting in the wings and opens the cape to expose her black t-shirt that reads, “Rise Up!” in golden letters. She slowly makes her way down the ramp as golden lights flash around her, giving the occasional fist bump, and stops just before the ring. After a quick moment of listening to the crowd, she rushes forward, slides into the ring, and stands. She throws down her hood and glares at Roberts more before jumping up on the turnbuckle. She throws up a fist, leaps down, slides out of her robe, gently folding it up, and passess it off to the ringside staff. She throws up another fist and turns to expose the back of her sleeveless t-shirt, it reads, “WITH FISTS!” in that same gold lettering.

Terra Skye: Here comes the Carnage World Champion!

Ray Payne: Yay! I likes Miss Ames, yo! But I also likes Mistah Wills! Dis is gon be hard.

Rick Daniels: Well I don't really care about either one of them, so...hooray?

Terra Skye: Amy Jo Smyth has been on an absolute tear in Carnage Wrestling so far. She took the Sandtown Kid to the limit, she beat Amber Ryan when no one else could, and just last month she nearly broke Melody Lennox in half!

Rick Daniels: And that's something to cheer?

Terra Skye: It just shows how she's taken on the best and come out a winner.

Ray Payne: Mistah Wills is toughs too. How are dey gonna makes each other tap out.

Terra Skye: I have no idea. As Prydor himself mentioned, he nearly died in his last submission match. Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself there.

Rick Daniels: Look, I'm not saying I WANT anyone to die, but that would be a really crazy way to end the show!

Terra Skye: Gross.

Rick Daniels: What? I said I DIDN'T want anyone to die!


The two circle each other, each competitor wary to go in for a lock-up and risk being twisted up by the other. Amy Jo settles for her speed instead, darting in and connecting with a kick to the left hip of Prydor. Even with his weight loss, she still has the quickness advantage. This becomes apparant when he reaches to grab the leg and she immediately lunges backward, before darting in again and kicking his right hip. She switches her stance and tries for the other side, but this time Will has it scouted and grabs the leg. He tosses it aside, forcing Amy Jo to pivot on her one leg, before he lunges forward to grab her for a back suplex. When he lifts her up, she flips in mid-air and lands on her feet, before wheeling around and connecting with a back kick to the abdomen of her opponent. Prydor takes a few steps backward, before dropping to the mat and rolling out to rethink his strategy.

Terra Skye: It looks like Amy Jo has the drop on Prydor so far!

Ray Payne: She got da speeds yo.

Rick Daniels: I guess Johnny would make a fat joke right now.

Terra Skye: Well thank God he's not here. And don't YOU start.

Rick Daniels: Hey, I didn't do anything!

Ray Payne: He was jus sittin dere, Miss Terras.

Terra Skye: I know, but I'm so used to Johnny being an old shit.

Prydor rolls back into the ring and Amy Jo greets him another side kick, this time catching him right in the ribs. Prydor is breathing a little harder now after two shots to his abdomen, but he takes a step back to distance himself. She moves in to try and split the distance and he surprises her by lunging forward and connecting with a knee to the gut of his own! He backs Amy Jo into the turnbuckle and lifts his knee up again, driving the wind out of her before taking a few steps back. He charges back and hits her in the jaw with a forearm, using his power advantage to leave her dazed. He does a quick sprint to the opposite side of the ring, hoping to charge in with a clothesline, but before he gets there Amy Jo somersaults forward, then when she gets to a knee she springs up with a standing pele kick, the front of her boot connecting with the back of Prydor's head! He stumbles forward and his head smacks the top turnbuckle, stunning him with temporary whiplash.

Terra Skye: Amy Jo is relying on her speed and agility to take the fight to Prydor, but eventually she will have to try for a submission.

Rick Daniels: Yeah, and that's when he'll get her. He's got 100 pounds on her, he's gonna twist her up.

Ray Payne: I don dink it will be dat easies, doh.

Terra Skye: Likely not, she's going to make him work for it. But if she can wear him down first, he may not have the energy.

Rick Daniels: Looks like she would target the neck, since he has a history of neck issues.

Terra Skye: She might also try to choke him out. We won't know until later on in the matchup.

As if she is listening to the commentary team, Amy Jo waits for Prydor to stumble backward out of the turnbuckle before she leaps up, latches both hands on his shoulders and drops backward, driving her knees into his back with a backstabber. Prydor bounces up and arches his back in pain, before falling back down. He knows he's in a vulnerable position and moves over onto his stomach, but as he pushes himself up Amy Jo gets him in a front facelock. She tries to slide her legs underneath him in order to apply a proper guillotine choke, but Prydor reaches forward and grabs her by the hips to prevent it. So instead, she drives upper leg into his face, knocking his head back. She does it again, forcing him to stand just to avoid the blows. When he does, she gets his head in a cravate and twists the head around until his back is to her, before grabbing his head in a reverse DDT position and driving it down into her knee with a neckbreaker!

Rick Daniels: Shit! That can't be good for Prydor's neck!

Terra Skye: You're not kidding.

Ray Payne: If dis had pins, she could does it now, yo.

Terra Skye: Maybe, but we'll never know because it's submissions only.

AJS pulls Prydor into a sitting position and applies the cravate again, twisting his neck at an angle before slowly lowering it across her knee, driving her kneecap into the back of his head. She maintains the twist, applying pressure to the tendons and joints in the neck. Will is in a lot of pain, but there's no where he can currently go. When he tries to roll to one side, she twists more and forces him to put himself back into the sitting position. When he tries to arch his back to avoid pressure on the neck, she delivers a forearm to the chest and forces him back down. He starts to lift his back up again and so Amy Jo attempts to strike him in the chest. However, just like earlier, he has the strike scouted and latches onto her arm with his free hands and twists out of the hold, quickly spinning around and yanking down, driving her down onto the mat shoulder-first!

Terra Skye: Damn, this is becoming a war of attrition. Amy Jo shuts down Prydor's defense, but he somehow manages to turn the tables! It's impossible to tell who will win at this point.

Rick Daniels: I think I know.

Ray Payne: Whos, yo?

Rick Daniels: I'm not going to tell you, you wouldn't believe me.

Terra Skye: If you don't know, just say so.

Rick Daniels: I do! But just in case I'm going to keep quiet.

Ray Payne: Dat makes no senses, yo.

AJS quickly rolls away from Prydor, out under the bottom rope and onto the ring apron. Prydor doesn't pursue, as his neck is clearly bothering him and he attempts to move it around and relieve the pain, cringing as he does so. He sees Amy Jo pulling herself up on the apron and charges forward to grab her, but she grabs his head and drops down to a seated position, yanking his throat and neck across the top rope! He drops to a knee and grabs his throat, trying to regain his breath, but she suddenly pulls his head forward between the top and middle rope and executies a knee lift, hitting Prydor right in the cheekbone! With the big man dazed, she lifts him to a standing position, using her position and gravity to her advantage.

Terra Skye: Amy Jo using those knees of hers to great effect tonight.

Rick Daniels: And now she's got something else in mind! Will gonna die!

Ray Payne: Why does you sounds excited, yo.

Rick Daniels: I'm not!

Terra Skye: It sure sounds like it. You're a weirdo.

Rick Daniels: Man, no wonder Johnny hates you guys.

Smyth grabs Prydor in a front facelock again, and once she has a good grip, she leaps into the air, hoping to come back into the ring with her Code 28 tornado DDT. She leaps up and attempts to clear the ropes...but Prydor's strength won't allow it! He holds her up in mid air and then LAUNCHES her forward. AJS comes down on her feet, but her ankle buckles as she does so and she falls backward, smacking her head against the guard rail!


Terra Skye: Damn! Amy Jo's head just smacked that rail hard!

Rick Daniels: I don't know if you guys noticed, but she fell right on her bad ankle.

Ray Payne: Dat's right, yo. She's had problems with that ankle befores.

Terra Skye: And if we noticed, you can bet that her opponent has as well.

Ray Payne: But now dey is evens again, yo.

Terra Skye: Yeah, she did some work on that neck of his before she went down.

Prydor goes through the ropes to retrieve his opponent, and when he does, he indeed notices that she's not putting any pressure on her left ankle. He wastes no time in bending the injured leg behind her, picking her up in a body slam and dropping her down on the apron! The wait of her own body comes slamming on top of the hurt ankle! AJS howls out in pain and scoots herself away from Prydor, back into the ring. Prydor gives chase, using a surprising quickness now that he smells blood in the proverbial water. AJS sees him coming and gets to her feet, before leaping off her good foot for a leaping! Prydor catches her in a belly-to-belly position, wraps up the leg behind her and then hits a rotating belly to belly, dropping her again on the bad ankle!

Terra Skye: That counter from Will earlier may be the worst thing that could have happened to Amy Jo's title reign.

Ray Payne: She was doins good, yo. But...

Rick Daniels: When you can't walk, you can't fight! At least she can't.

Terra Skye: It's still early, but yeah, she's definitely in trouble right now. 

With Amy Jo on the mat, Prydor keeps up the pressure by dropping a quick knee to the ankle, further weakening it. As Prydor contemplates his next move, Smyth is already up to her knees, attempting to regain her footing. Prydor quickly moves into keep that happening, kicking her right in the ankle again. Amy Jo loses her footing and staggers backward into the ropes. Prydor gets in a predatory stance and tries for a double leg takedown, but Amy Jo pops up the bad leg while jumping in the air and knees him in the chin with the Five-O! Will's head jerks backward and Amy Jo waits for him to regain momentum before hitting him with another one, and that sends the big man down to the mat, grasping his neck from the whiplash pain.

Terra Skye: Damn! Even on one foot Amy Jo managed to buy herself some time!

Rick Daniels: Yeah, but you know hitting those knees just send shockwaves down to that ankle.

Ray Payne: But shes cud nots jump from that legs, yo.

Terra Skye: No, it was a lose-lose as far as pain goes, so she went with the lesser of two evils. And now Will's taken more shots to the neck.

Ray Payne: Every times one of dem gets da advantage, de other takes it backs.

Amy Jo falls to a seated position and rapidly begins to untie her wrestling shoe to relieve some of the pressure on her possibly swollen ankle. She uses the ropes to pull herself up and limps over to Prydor. Prydor reaches out to pick the ankle but Amy Jo is way ahead of him, twisting around and dropping down on the arm, before placing it between her legs, grabbing his head and wrenching back on his neck with a crossface!

Terra Skye: Amy Jo with the first serious attempt at a submission!

Rick Daniels: No way she wins at this point, right?

Ray Payne: I dunno, yo. Mistah Wills taken damages too.

Terra Skye: Yeah, but both fighters have a lot of pride and I doubt they give up so soon.

Rick Daniels: Which is probably why Will almost died the last time he was in one of these.

Referee Ed Hawkersby is right there and asks Prydor if he submits, but he refuses. Will begins to grab at Amy Jo's hands to try and break the hold. He manages to get his hand on her middle finger and try to bend it back, but Smyth yanks back harder on his neck and that causes him to let go. Instead he tries another approach, pivoting his body until he's able to lift his body up with Amy Jo still pulling on the neck. Once he's standing, the pressure is relieved and with Amy Jo in a fireman's carry, he drops her with the IMMOLATION! He immediately rolls over onto his stomach, clutching the back of his head while Amy Jo lies here breathing heavily. Both fighters are currently unable to do anything.

Terra Skye: Damn! If pinfalls counted that may have been enough to score Will the victory.

Rick Daniels: Well they don't, so I guess we'll never know, will we?

Ray Payne: One of dem gotta gets up and do something, yo.

Terra Skye: They're spent at the moment. This match has been rough.

Prydor and Amy Jo are now on opposite sides of the ring, pulling themselves up. Both appear to be fatigued and in pain. Prydor begins cutting the distance and halfway across he breaks into a sprint, but Amy Jo manages to drop down, pulling the top rope with her and Prydor flips over and lands on the apron. He gets to his feet and grabs his head, attempting to snap his neck on the ropes again, but he holds on. So instead she fires off a stiff forearm to the jaw, dazing him, then snaps the neck as she previously planned. With Prydor, she turns him so his back faces the ropes and then SNAPS the back of the neck across the top! Will collapses down to the floor as Amy Jo moves to the other side of the ring. Prydor pushes through the throbbing pain and gets to his feet, only to see Amy Jo hopping on on leg across the ring before she DIVES OUT WITH A TOPE SUICIDA! The force of Amy Jo's body causes Prydor to crash into the edge of the announce table, back and neck first!

Rick Daniels: HOLY SHIT!

Terra Skye: Amy Jo is fighting on one ankle and Prydor is in unbelievable pain but they're still beating the fuck out of each other!

Ray Payne: Mistah WIlls hit hard out heres, yo.

Terra Skye: I don't think Amy Jo fared any better, coming out like that had to have put pressure on the hurt ankle.

Amy Jo uses the apron and pulls herself to her feet. Prydor has not moved since hitting the table's edge and so she limps over and grabs him in a cravate to maintain control, forcing him to pick himself up. She rolls him onto the apron and then shoves him back into the ring before climbing up herself, avoiding any pressure on the foot. The time she takes to gingerly get back inside is enough for Prydor to recover just enough to dive forward and nail her with a chop block! Amy Jo goes down and Prydor, without getting up, grabs onto the foot and LOCKS IN THE BLAZE OF GLORY!

Terra Skye: Holy shit! Where did he get that energy?!

Rick Daniels: What energy? Dude is locking in a submission while on the ground!

Ray Payne: Yah but even dat takes a lot at dis points.

Rick Daniels: Maybe he can't even stand.

Terra Skye: I hope that's not the case, but he did hit hard out here.

Prydor twists the ankle of Smyth, and she cries out in pain, trying to reach for the ropes. He can't get it grapevined, so Smyth uses her free leg to start kicking him in the head. He maintains hold of the ankle and gets up to his feet, twisting it even more. Amy Jo has pushed the upper half of her body up with her hands and is trying to tug her ankle out of Prydor's grip...when suddenly her foot pops free! Prydor is left standing there dumbfounded holding her empty shoe, but comes to his senses and charges. Amy Jo hops towards him, hooking him in a headscissors to take him down into a Fujiarwa Armbar...AND SHE LOCKS BACK IN THE CROSSFACE!

Terra Skye: Holy shit! Amy Jo slipped away and now she's back to working on the neck!

Rick Daniels: That was the luckiest fucking trick...

Ray Payne: She untieds her shoe earlier, yo. Mebbies she knew dis could happens.

Terra Skye: Either way, now it's Prydor back in the submission hold, and she used the Flying Fuck to set it up!

Prydor doesn't have the strength to pick Smyth up again, so he's left in agony with nowhere to go. His hand hovers over the mat and Smyth wrenches back. Ed Hawkersby is down asking Prydor if he wants to give up, when he pushes up to a knee and rolls back, but when he lands back on his stomach Smyth is right back on with the hold! Prydor has nowhere to go! It looks like Prydor might be fading, as now Smyth has lowered her hands right around the throat, pulling back as hard as possible. Prydor's face is turning crimson and Hawkersby is patting him to see if he will respond!

Terra Skye: She's going to choke Prydor out!


Ray Payne: Shuts up, yo.

Rick Daniels: He'd better tap if he wants to live!

Terra Skye: I think Prydor would rather die than not win the World title tonight, just like I think Smyth would rather have a broken ankle than lose it!

Hawkersby lifts Prydor's hand up once and it falls.

Twice, it falls again.

On the third time it falls halfway, but Prydor manages to stop it just in time! Smyth sees it and lets go of the crossface, readjusting herself to lock in a dragon sleeper! Prydor's head, neck and upper back are bending backwards and it looks like he might pass out again, but he pivots his hips and spins around, grabbing Smyth and tossing her overhead with a belly to belly suplex! Smyth lands hard, but she tries to ignore the pain and scrambles to her feet, hopping on her right ankle to prevent any more pressure on her left. She hops at Prydor and he pops her up into the air! It looks like he's attempting a desperation Requiescat..but Smyth extends her legs and flips backwards with a hurricanrana...NO! Prydor hangs on to her legs and LOCKS IN THE BLAZE OF GLORY AGAIN!

Terra Skye: BLAZE OF GLORY #2!

Rick Daniels: This fucking match! Someone tap out already!

Ray Payne: Dese two are evenly matched, yo.

Terra Skye: We could be here all night. We know how resilient Amy Jo is, and Prydor is proving to be just as tough!

Rick Daniels: She's got nowhere to go, though!

Amy Jo spends more time in the hold than she would like, but before Prydor is able to grapvevine she pushes up with her hands and tucks her head underneath, rolling in a somersault and launching Prydor into the turnbuckle! His head comes close to smacking it but he stops himself, spins around and nails Amy Jo with a rolling forearm just as she gets to her feet! The forearm connects right to her jaw and knocks her into the ropes, she bounces off, dazed, but extends the leg and hits the SOUTHERN CHARM SUPERKICK! Immediately after she collapses to the mat, holding the foot she used! Both fighters are down again!

Terra Skye: Another crazy sequence! Amy Jo had no choice but to kick Prydor with her bad leg, since she couldn't put her weight on it.

Rick Daniels: Yeah, and it might have cost her! There's no way she got all of it and now her ankle is shot!

Ray Payne: But it dids hurt Mistah Wills head and neck again. If she can crawl over mebbies she can do da submission.

Terra Skye: She doesn't look like she's in the position to do that now.

Hawkersby moves over to check on Amy Jo, while Prydor has a glazed look in his eye. Once again, this match may be over if there were pinfalls involved. He slowly rolls to the ropes to regain a standing position while Smyth shoves Hawkersby away and tries to do the same. Suddenly there's a murmur in the crowd and outright boos when someone in a hoodie hops over the guardrail...

Melody Lennox


Rick Daniels: Alright! Melly's back!

Ray Payne: Yo, dis aint her matches, yo.

Terra Skye: She didn't have enough fun stealing a match from Kyra and now she's out here to ruin this one?

Rick Daniels: Maybe she is just here to observe. She IS the #1 contender.

Terra Skye: Bull fucking shit.

Melody proves Terra right when she reaches into the pocket of her hoodie...and pulls out a baton not unlike the one Amy Jo Smyth likes to use. She rolls into the ring and looks right at Smyth, who is trying to stand and completely unaware of her prescence. She then looks over and sees Prydor, who is up to a knee and IS aware that she's in the ring. Curiously, she looks over at Prydor and demands that he 'stay down' by motioning at him, keeping her presence a secret from the champion.

Terra Skye: What the hell is this?

Rick Daniels: Okay, maybe she's not here to observe.

Ray Payne: Miss Mellies gonna hitteds Missus Ames, yo!

Terra Skye: That little, vile woman...

Melody gets an evil smirk on her face as she looks right at Smyth, perhaps hoping to smash her ankle with the baton. She runs forward...BUT WILL PRYDOR JUMPS FORWARD AND SHOVES HER OUT OF THE RING! Melody falls through the ropes and lands hard on the floor without knowing what hit her, as Prydor pushes himself back up to cheers from the crowd. He holds his head, clearly still in pain from Smyth's superkick.

Terra Skye: Fuck yes! Will Prydor doesn't want to win that way!

Rick Daniels: What an idiot.

Terra Skye: Some people have morals, Rick.

Rick Daniels: And those people are stupid.

Ray Payne: More and more like Mistah Jonnies every minutes.

Smyth has made it up to her feet and did not see the exchange between Prydor and Lennox. All she sees is that Will is on his feet and dazed, so she does a sort of gallop on one leg and pushes up into the air with the tilt-a-whirl headscissors...INTO A TRIANGLE CHOKE!

Terra Skye: Oh damn! Smyth wasn't aware of the distraction but it happened anyway. Now she's got on a...well a combination of two of her moves!

Rick Daniels: What do we even call that? It's not the Eat Me's not the Flying Fuck...

Ray Payne: Um, Eat A Fuck, yo?

Rick Daniels: Ew.

Terra Skye: Whatever it is, she's got it locked in tight! She's going to squeeze the life out of Prydor!

Smyth is hanging off of Prydor in the center of the ring, the triangle choke pulling him down as he loses oxygen. He drops to a knee and she's apply to fully apply it, before his hand goes limp again. Hawkersby is checking on Prydor and begins to shake his free arm for any possible response, but there is none! He lifts up the arm and it drops, with no movement whatsoever!

Terra Skye: I know Amy Jo doesn't know that Prydor was distracted but it's a damn shame it had to end like this!

Rick Daniels: A win is a win! But yeah she's gonna be pissed when she sees the tape.

Ray Payne: Mistah Wills is not dones yet, yo.

Rick Daniels: He's pretty much done, Ray.

Prydor's hand drops a second time and Hawkersby decides to use his discretion and turns to call for the bell....ONLY FOR WILL PRYDOR TO GRAB THE PANT LEG OF THE REFEREE AND TUG HIS FOOT BACK!

Terra Skye: Oh my god! He's still alive!

Rick Daniels: Yeah, but he's got nowhere to go!

Ray Payne: I tolda ya, it's not ovah yets, yo!

Prydor's hand is up but it's not up very high, and he uses the remaining bits of his strength to reach up, behind his head and grab the socked, injured foot of Smyth. He begins to YANK IT BACK AND FORTH! He's twisting the ankle to get her to release the triangle choke! Smyth yells out, as the ankle is clearly swollen and tender, but she shakes her head refusing to let go. Prydor gives it one final hard twist, in a direction it's clearly not meant to go, and he gets free of the choke! He wastes no time, maintaining control of the foot, BLAZE OF GLORY! AND HE DROPS DOWN INTO THE GRAPEVINE!

Terra Skye: What a fucking counter!

Ray Payne: Wowzers, yo!

Rick Daniels: Eh, I've seen better.

Terra Skye: That's been the story of the whole match. Every time one of these two has a move in mind, the other has a counter. It's been brilliant to watch!

Ray Payne: Now Miss Ames gonna have to taps, yo!

There is absolutely nowhere for Amy Jo Smyth to go as like before, the ankle lock is in the center of the ring! Prydor is yanking on the ankle, knowing that the World title is moments from his grasp. Smyth pushes up on her hands and rolls herself to her back! She begins to kick away at his chest, but Prydor twists on the ankle to regain control and they roll back over, with the hold applied properly! Smyth is now biting her hands in an effort to make her brain focus on pain somewhere else, but it's too much! She extends the arm...reaches for the ropes....but the strength in her arm begins to fade, as it appears she's passing out from the pain in her leg!

Terra Skye: Amy Jo's fading! The pain is too much for her body to take!

Rick Daniels: Why doesn't she just tap? She'll be able to fight another day!

Terra Skye: It's like we tried to tell you earlier, these two are very proud wrestlers and this title means a lot to them!

Ray Payne: Mistah Wills gonna breaks dat ankle, yo.

Terra Skye: Hopefully not, but he has no intention of letting go!

Prydor maintains his python-like grip around the leg and ankle of Amy Jo Smyth, and with his weight advantage and her fading strength she doesn't have much left to do. Her hand drops to the mat and she appears to be out. Hawkersby slides down to her and lifts the arm...

Her arm drops once...



Kelly Carmichael: Here is your winner as a result of a submission....AND THE NEWWWWWWW CARNAGE WRESTLING WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION....WILLLLL PRYYYYYDOR!!!!!!

Terra Skye: Holy shit! Will Prydor is finally a World Champion!

Rick Daniels: I can't fucking believe this. Johnny is gonna be PISSED.

Ray Payne: Poor Missus Ames, yo. She tried so hards to stay in its.

Terra Skye: Damn that's true. She worked hard to be champion and in spite of what Melody Lennox has to say, she has been a proud champion.

Prydor immediately relinquishes the ankle lock once the bell has rung, and is lying there with his hands on his face. A pair of hands reach down and offers to pick him up, and it's his wife Tori and friend (and former Carnage wrestler (Amelia Midnight)!!! They help Will to his feet and Ed Hawkersby walks over, handing Prydor his newly-won World title, as well as the Ultraviolent title! The Carnage Legion roars with approval!

Terra Skye: As heartbreaking as this moment is for Amy Jo Smyth, it's heartwarming for the new champion, who has dreamed of this moment for years!

Rick Daniels: Yeah it's...nice...

Ray Payne: Is you cryins, yo?


Prydor is all smiles for once and is hugging his wife and friend, when suddenly he locks eyes on the former champion. Amy Jo is sitting there, staring at what she lost and holding onto her swollen ankle. Prydor gently moves past his companions and extends a hand to Amy Jo, then lifts her up onto her good leg in a show of respect. She nods in his direction and offers a fist bump, which Prydor accepts. She then moves to leave the ring, refusing the help of the referee and deciding to do so under her own power.

Terra Skye: You have to give it to Amy Jo Smyth. She fought valiantly and I have no doubt she will be back in the world title picture sooner rather than later.

Ray Payne: Sometimes you just get beats, yo. It happens to everyone.

Terra Skye: It's unfortunate, but she can hold her head up high after that effort. This was truly an all-time classic match.

As "Rise" by Sixx AM blares over the speakers, Will climbs up to the second turnbuckle and holds both titles in the air, to the approval of the Carnage Legion. His wife Tori and Amelia are in the background, clapping and grinning.

Terra Skye: Will Prydor has worked for years to get to this point and a year after his Carnage Wrestling debut, where he lost, mind you, he has shattered the glass ceiing and made it to the top!

Rick Daniels: Alright, we did it. He did good.

Ray Payne: I'm happies, yo. He dids a great job!

Terra Skye: On that note we are out of time...see you in two weeks for Chaos 49! GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!

  • Pre-Show: All That Glitters - Jay and Duane
  • Opener - Joe
  • Match One: Starmaker Ladder Match - Caleb
  • More Mysteries - Jacob Cass
  • Match Two: Bryan Ford & Asahi vs. Indomitable Spirit - Jay
  • Match Three: Tweeder vs. Lord Raab - Joe
  • Match Four: Melody Lennox vs. Kyra Mohr - Chuck
  • Match Five: Las Vegas Street Fight - Dustin & Ragnarok
  • Match Six: Amy Jo Smyth vs. Will Prydor - Joe
  • Judges: Barbie, Chuck, Duane and Steven