Author Topic: Bryan Ford vs. Cerberus  (Read 66 times)

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Bryan Ford vs. Cerberus
« on: January 22, 2018, 07:07:09 PM »
Standard Match!

1 RP Limit
4000 Word Limit

Please check your word count

Deadline: Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 11:59pm Eastern

Good Luck!

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Re: Bryan Ford vs. Cerberus
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2018, 12:05:40 AM »
OOC: Nothing too much for ya'll this week since Bryan and I have both been dealing with things and haven't really been able to get into contact about what we wanted to do with these RPs in much detail, which is fine. Life happens, and it sucks. Anyway, here's some more sweet Cerberus and Raggedy man action, so yay!

A loud crashing noise shot out through the night sky. Cerberus, who had been working on a very important project, turned his attention to the noise only for a moment, thinking little of it. “Must’ve been a rat,” he muttered to himself as he continued to muddle about, looking for the right pieces. He continued to search until he heard the sound again, only this time it was louder.

“Orthrus, make use of yourself and see what’s making that infernal racket!”

Orthrus, the largest of Cerberus’ creations, dragged himself out of Cerberus’ workshop, only to return moments later in shock. Cerberus questioned Orthrus, but his minion seemed too startled to speak. The wind began to pick up, and the sky turned crimson, bringing a smile to Cerberus’ face.

“Don’t worry, Orthrus. It’s just your uncle, the man in Rags, bringing us a present!”

Orthrus stayed frightened, not seeming to remember who the man in Rags was. Or maybe he knew all too well about the man in red. A brief moment passed before the door to the workshop slung open, revealing the Raggedy man, holding a mangled corpse. The figure of the corpse came off as a warning to Cerberus, but the Raggedy man assured him this was his reward.

Cerberus thanked his brother before ordering Orthrus to lift the body onto the workbench. The man in Rags wiped his brow, and sat at the bench nearest Cerberus. He took a moment to look around the workshop, then turned back to his brother.

“Tell me, brother. How long did it take you to build this place?”

“It only took me a matter of moments to make this building, dear brother.”

“And this realm?”

“As long as I need to build it, I suppose. I’m not even half way done with this realm, brother. You should have seen all the monsters it was sprawling with when I put things together. It was like a box of Lego bricks, but instead of bricks there were thousands of carnivorous creatures attempting to have me on their dinner table.”

“Hm … I see … well, at least you’re all right. Actually, I don’t believe you’re right at all.”

“What do you mean?”

“You haven’t allowed the boy to return to his body, brother.”

“What boy?”

“Aiden Blake.”

“HaHa! You … you honestly think that I’m two different people!? I made myself this way, Rag! When you were leading your dark army in the streets of Baltimore, I was turning myself into something more than you’d ever be … and you know exactly why!”

“I thought we’d gotten over that, Cerberus.”

“I’ll never get over it, brother. You broke a promise … you hurt lost my trust. And for that, I no longer wish to be a slave to your game. Orthrus, throw this mortal back to Baltimore. Maybe then he’d realize what it’s like to live the life of poor old Cerberus.”

And with that, Orthrus did as told, sending the Raggedy man back to the streets of Baltimore, to lead his dark army and take over … but that left Cerberus alone, once again.


Bryan Ford, you were once my brother. We were once something complete, something strong, but you threw that all away. You threw that away when you didn’t want to help your younger brother out in a pinch, and left him in the rain to die. October 29th, 2013, I was alone. I was on the streets, begging for cash and injecting myself with adrenaline … and I needed more. I needed so much that I’d fallen into debt, and when I needed someone to help me get out of that debt, that someone just had to walk away at the last minute to take a booking.

You didn’t want to help me, Bryan. You wanted to laugh as my world burned down around me, because that’s the type of person you are. You didn’t care about my scars, you didn’t care about all the stitches in my face, back, and chest … you only cared about being “daddy’s favorite son”, carrying on the family tradition while your no – good brother fueled his addiction.

You don’t care about me, Bryan. You never did. The only thing you’ve ever cared about is yourself, and I’ll expose you to the entire world at the upcoming Chaos show when I take my Eye of Tyr, and I add your soul to my trophy case.

Your time has come, Ford … it’s time to pay your dues.

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Re: Bryan Ford vs. Cerberus
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2018, 03:05:25 AM »
( again I apologize for how short this RP was as I have been wanting to have a match and RP against crucifix for a while but as he said we both have had some stuff going on in our lives nonetheless. It is and I can't wait to see the match and I definitely hope we get the chance to do this again under better circumstances)

I swear... I tried to save you...

These past few days... I've been thinking... where exactly did we go wrong? Granted you and I never had the greatest start up to brotherhood... but we had a bond... one to rival all others... I lost my mother to her own selfishness... you lost your family... and yet we became just that... in and out of the ring.

Did we get off on the wrong foot? Sure... but what 14 year old wouldn't when some random kid is set to become his roommate and throw off the balance of his home? But despite that I thought we were bigger than whatever petty problems we came across...

I swear... I tried to save you.

I guess not... I guess the strain was too much for us... my little brother is no more... no more than a fucking memory... this new you... is a stranger from some weird as a dimension... but I'm sending him back... tonight.

Houston Texas, 2013. 2 am.

Bryan groaned turning over in bed. Many would probably respond the same way if their phone rang at Two o'clock in the morning, waking them up out of their sleep. He checked his phone and saw it was his father Nick Ford. He sat up a bit before speaking tiredly into the phone. "Hello?"

He quickly snapped out of it as his eyes widened a bit "Wait... what?! Slow down dad... where is he?"

Bryan grabbed a hoodie and was soon out the door, speeding down the road in his car. After a good fifteen minutes Bryan parked and rushed out  towards the hospital. As soon as he was in he asked around until he was pointed in the right direction.

He opened the door and saw his Father sitting on a chair beside Aiden Blake whose face was swollen, stitches across his face. Bryan walked up to the hospital bed just observing his brother's injuries.

"Well... you look like shit..." Bryan said half jokingly, Aiden moved his one open eye simply looking at Ford, then looked away.

"Just get out..." Aiden said softly dstill looking away. Ford just stood there for a moment, shocked at the request.

"Bro I was just..."

"GET OUT!" Aiden yelled coughing a bit as Nick Ford stood up "Son..."

Bryan turned to leave "Nah it's fine... I'm out of here..."

Bryan stormed off from the room heading back to his car. He slammed the car door and slammed his fist onto the steering wheel. Rubbing his temples he started the car and peeled out, driving off


I swear... I wanted to save you

I can't get that image out of my head... your face all puffed up... bruised... stitched... and in your eyes was pain... but not from the physical shit... it was the look of someone who got stabbed in the back... and I know it's because of what I did... or what I didn't do...

I told you... not to get involved with those motherfuckers... I warned your ass... you don't listen... you never listen! I wanted to stop what happened to you before it did...

People don't play about their money... and you... you said you were quitting... but maybe that's my fault for being so naive thinking you could quit cold turkey...

We all do things in life that we regret. We also do things in life that make us proud of the people that we are. Still, there are things in life that we hope to someday be able to do. All of these things make up who we are and how we've come to be ourselves. Occasionally we'd like to change the past because of regrets, though this would completely change who we are.
The past few years have been very trying for me. A lot of events had taken place, and sent me down a road I should never have gone down. The events themselves need not be spoken of; the affects that occurred due to them are the focal point.

But damn it Aiden... we... are family... we don't let shit like this get in the way of our greatness!

So you can put on that mask help put on as many masks as you want I'm getting my little brother back one way or another

I swear I wanted to save you... but now I'm starting to realize I never really tried.


Carnage arena
Present Day

Bryan is bouncing up and down giving a shimmy with his shoulders.

"Last show was one hell of a show and if you didn't see it you definitely missed out. You missed out on me and my new tag team partner Asahi takedown indomitable spirit. Maybe that'll give them the idea to maybe respect me and my partner a little bit more. And let that be a reminder to the tag teams and Carnage however very few there are that there's no blood and we are hungry for success.

But that's not why I'm here tonight no no no! I'm here because tonight for the first time in my time here in Carnage I am in the main event as against Cerberus. Cerberus used to be my brother Aiden Blake.

My little snot-nosed brother who for 10 plus years I have carried on my back of success who I instilled in his brain to be a wrestler the guy that I trained with ate with cried with and bled with for years and years.

And apparently he's got some personal Vendetta against me well Aiden, little bro, I don't give a damn about that because what I care about is kicking your head in knocking your teeth out and making you realize that belittling me the most charismatic man in Carnage wrestling has got to be the dumbest idea you have ever come up with in that tiny ass brain of yours. I came here to show out show off and show stop. I'm going to wrestle circles around you then I'm going to beat you and then you can call back and whatever little Dimension you want because in this Dimension Bryan Ford is the man of the hour. Because I am the most charismatic man in Carnage wrestling mr. 24/7 the innovator of greatness and tonight I'm your daddy boy. So get ready cuz I'm going to whoop that ass little brother."