Author Topic: Old Carnage Segment - Tweeder and Kyra  (Read 728 times)

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Old Carnage Segment - Tweeder and Kyra
« on: July 27, 2015, 04:44:14 PM »
In honor of Tweeders induction, here's one of the segments him and I did together... smh. Enjoy!


The Carnage-Tron lights up, as we go backstage.

PG-15. The following is for mature audiences only. Viewer discretion is Advised. 

The camera pans over as we see Kyra Johnson walking out of her locker room.  Tweeder is seen walking rather importantly, sees Kyra and makes a beeline for her.   He stops in front of her, blocking her way.

Tweeder:  Kyra, what the hell is Jake 'I am really a lightweight who passes out after one shot' whiskey doing in carnage!?!

Kyra: How in the hell do I know? Leave me alone.

Tweeder: Right... he is your lover and you have no clue? You two have a stranger relationship than Peanut Brittle and Brian Blood.

Kyra pauses for a moment and says under her breath:

Kyra: We don't have a relationship anymore...

Tweeder: Excuse me?

She looks up and yells.

Kyra:  He fucking left you inconsiderate prick!!  Now can I go, or are you going to ask more useless questions?

He seemingly ignored her last question and kept probing.

Tweeder:  So he left you? Interesting. I take it this has to do with the 'co-owner' of Carnage?  What? Let me guess.. next you are going to say Mr Lightweight decided to do a Virus and hit you.

Kyra touches her faintly bruised eye, and turns away from Tweeder.

Tweeder: You are kidding right? He hit you?

She doesn't say anything, just nods and continues to look away in embarrassment.

Tweeder:  Right... I wanted to kill him before, but out of respect and not wanting to bring personal and life outside wrestling, I wasn't going to touch him. Now because he might be causing a distraction when we have our next match, I am going to kill him.

Kyra: Leave it alone...

She looks over at Tweeder, her eyes starting to fill with tears.  The throws her hands up in the air.

Kyra: What do you care anyway? Just stay out of my business... Its handled, its over.

Tweeder:  It is far from over.

She shakes her head and looks down.

Kyra:  You've never given a shit about me before... why are you going to start now?

Tweeder: Because we have unfinished business and I am not about to let anyone fuck it up

Kyra:  I don't need you to handle my problems for me, and trust me... No one is going to keep me from paying you back for all the shit you've done to me.

Tweeder:  Fine, but if you see him, tell him he is a dead man.

He moves to walk away, as she sighs loudly.

Kyra:  Leave him alone Tweeder.

He turns back around and looks at her.

Tweeder: He is de --damn it, do you hear that noise?

The two heard something coming from one of the rooms, a loud banging sound.

Kyra: Yeah.... what IS that?

Tweeder:  I have no idea. This area is restricted to just Carnage wrestlers and staff right?

Kyra:  Who the fuck knows who Winn has running around back here...

They hear the sound again, and Kyra points toward a doorway across the hall.

Kyra: It sounds like it's coming from there.

Tweeder:  It better not be one of those damn interns. Always trying to impress. Lets check out.

Kyra:  Just what I want to be doing... walking into a strange room with Tweeder.... how can this night get any worse....

Tweeder and Kyra walk over to the door, and Tweeder motions to Kyra letting her know he is going to open it and go in first.  However when he opens the door, it is not some intern, but the Syd having a threesome with Violent Mist and Macho Libre. Tweeder quickly slams the door shut and looks as if he has seen a ghost.

Tweeder:  WOW!

Kyra:  What? What was it?

Tweeder:  Remember that one lass who had a MMA background, SYD?

Kyra:  Uh, yeah...

Tweeder: Well she must also have a porn background too.

Kyra: What do you mean she has a po--

Kyra pushes past Tweeder and opens the door... and sees the same thing Tweeder just saw... and proceeds to Slam the door.  She turns to Tweeder, her eyes as wide as saucers.

Kyra:  Oh. My. God.

Tweeder:  Yeah. and all I can say is...

Tweeder and Kyra: DAMN!

Kyra shakes her head and begins walking away from Tweeder and the doorway.

Kyra:  I cant handle this shit anymore.

Tweeder:  Neither can I. I suggest we warn others of this area so they don't go blind.

Kyra:  Why should we?

Tweeder:  Good point, we have a locker room slut and you know Sinc Mercier will want to tap that ass and Virus will want to beat it. .

Kyra:  Yeah. Great... Whatever.

Tweeder:  Maybe she will take a weed whacker to Virus for us.

Kyra:  She can do whatever she wants... as long as she leaves me alone.

Tweeder:  I can see it now, Girls gone wild in Carnage Wrestling! You do realize we could make a lot of money off this. We can Split it 50/50... just don't tell Winn or Mohr.

Kyra:  Go to hell Tweeder.

Tweeder: I own a house there and rent my flat out in Baltimore.

He begins walking away.

Tweeder:  Guess you don't want any of the money from the DVD; 'Kyra Johnson: Pleasures in the showers'.

Kyra walks up to Tweeder and pokes her pointer finger into his chest.

Kyra: You wish.....

Tweeder moves his head in closer to Kyra.

Tweeder:  I can think of a lot of things I want to wish for, but being with you isn't one of them... Now if you don't mind, I have to go say hello to a bonnie lass named Kiera Knightly and then get ready for my match with Virus. Just remember to tell Jake he is a dead man and remind Mohr that if he gets involved again, he will share the fate of one shot.

He continues walking away, leaving Kyra shaking her head and wondering what else is going to happen tonight... 

As the Carnage-Tron fades to black...

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Re: Old Carnage Segment - Tweeder and Kyra
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2016, 12:44:44 PM »
This was greatness.