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Jacob Cass
« on: January 11, 2018, 09:12:57 PM »
Out of Character

Your Name: K.O
Your Age: 23 Years Old

The best email address to reach you:
Would you be okay with CW Staff emailing you?: 
AIM, Messenger, Skype, Yahoo, Etc: Twitter, Skype

How did you hear about Carnage Wrestling?


By posting this application, I hereby agree to follow the rules of Carnage Wrestling and its Hosts.

New Wrestler Application

Wrestlers Name: Jacob Cass
Nicknames/Aliases: "Devil of Dark Arts, Human Nightmare"
Desired Picture Base: Kenny Omega (NJPW)

Height: 6'4
Weight: 240 Pounds
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan by way of Tokyo Japan

Your Wrestlers Biography: At the young age of 13 years old, Jacob Cass would both lose his mother and father to a tragic fire in their home of Detroit Michigan. With both of his parents being lost, his anger and rage would be adverted to martial arts and professional wrestling.

The young man would go on to having very little faith in such human nature as far as religion and activities that required friends. Was he a lone wolf? Nope. He was evolving into a growing boy that felt no need to worship a god. With this newfound life and a growing yet active imagination... an alternate universe and someone would soon appear. A mythical world known as Apocalypse and a being named Sebastian would appear in his thoughts, guiding his every move from that moment on.

Desired Starting Alignment: Heel (Crowd Boos)
All new wrestlers in CW start out Neutral.  Their actions, both in Promo and in segments/matches on the shows determine how the crowd reacts over time.

Entrance Music: CFO$ ft Tommy Vext - End of Days
Entrance Description: The opening rift of End of Days would blast throughout the PA System as a man in a black hoody would walk out onto the stage with a set of leather tights, kickpads and black boots would. walk down the ramp. Slowly yet methodically the crowd would boo him in unison as the announcer introduces him to the Carnage scene.

"Ladies and Gentlemen.. this next contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first from Detroit Michigan  standing at six feet four inches tall, weighing in at 240 pounds... This is the "Devil of Dark Arts" Jacob Cass!"

Cass would now reach the ropes and step through them with a cheeky smile of sadistic proportions. Pointing a gun to the camera with his fingers, and sitting in the corner moments later as he waited on his opponent.   

Move Set: (Optional)

1) Spinning Backhand
2) Spinning Backfist
3) Fujiwara Armbar
4) Roundhouse Kick
5) Superkick
6) Calf Crusher
7) Kotaro Krusher (Leapfrog into one handed bulldog)
8) Snap Dragon Suplex
9) Tope Con Hilo (With "Rise of the Terminator" Theatrics)
10) Reverse Frankensteiner
11) Spear from the corner (Edge version)
12) Sleeperhold
13) Death Valley Driver
14) 450 Splash
15) Standing shooting star press
16) Package Piledriver
17) Second Rope DDT
18) Underhook Piledriver
19) Blue Thunder Bomb
20) Headlock Driver

Signature Moves:

Apocalyptic Thunder (V-Trigger)

Fate of the Masses (Fireman's Carry Neck breaker)

Advanced Match Writing Aides(Optional)

Create your Wrestler - Tell us about your characters strengths and weaknesses.  These points do not determine whether your character wins or loses, only your promos (RPs) can do that.  This is designed more to aide the match writers, but also totally optional.  

Each Category is 0-10 (0 being the least possible, and 10 being the most possible).  You have 35 Points to spread out between these 5 Categories.  Use them wisely. 

Power (Slamming and Striking): 7

Toughness/Stamina: 8

Speed/Agility: 8

Charisma: 2

Wrestling Knowledge: 10