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« on: November 30, 2017, 10:18:03 PM »
Pre-Show: An Ominous Meeting

The Sandtown Kid stands in the crew breakroom, near a sound tech and a couple of gaffers who are both enjoying a quick cup of coffee.  The Sandtown Kid is laughing and joking with the crew, a roll of duct tape shoved around a wrist in the crude fashion of a bracelet, reflective of the assistance he had been providing with the set-up at the Royal Farms Arena.

The Sandtown Kid

Sandtown Kid:  So then I says to the dude, I'm burning that freaking Yankees hat, and if you don't take it off, most of your head is probably going up with it.

The other crewmen begin to laugh, but stop short as a shadow is cast over the room, immediately scrambling about to make themselves look busy.

Jason Bridges:  Pardon me, gentlemen.  I thought the OSHA mandated fifteen minute break was supposed to have been over four minutes ago.  I'll just come back later.

Jason Bridges

Bridges doesn't leave, however, instead clearing the room as the other employees scatter from their new, less-understanding employer.  Only the Sandtown Kid is left behind, casually picking a piece of lint off of his Ravens' jersey.

Jason Bridges:  Ah.  Mr. Silva.  Just the man I was hoping to see.

Sandtown Kid:  Ah.  Mr. Bridges.  Just the man I was hoping to punch.

The Sandtown kid replies in a mocking, nasally imitation of Bridges' own voice, causing the daper executive to wince, and then take a deep breath to regain his composure before continuing.

Jason Bridges:  You know, it occurs to me that I may have misjudged you.  We're not so different, you and I.  We both want what's best for Carnage, and we're both willing to do whatever it takes to see that happen.

Sandtown Kid:  No.  I want what's best for Carnage.  You want what's best for you.  And one look at you and your no-visible-scars makes it pretty dang obvious:  you ain't Carnage.

Bridges swallows hard and nods, trying to remain amicable despite the accusations.

Jason Bridges:  Perhaps our visions are slightly different, but our aim is the same.  You want to give the fans the greatest possible program.  I want the fans to bring in the greatest possible revenue.  In the end, that means we both just want a quality show that the crowd can feel.. invested in.

The Sandtown Kid eyes Bridges over suspiciously.

Sandtown Kid:  But also, I want to help Kyra kick your ass out of here.  Because I don't like you.

Bridges nods, as though he can accept this on principle.

Jason Bridges:  You don't like me.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  I looked over Kyra's band of self-proclaimed revolutionaries, and you don't fit the profile.  You're not like those others.  Your relationship here wasn't with Ms. Mohr, any more than it's been with me.  All you've ever cared about out there was those people.

Sandtown Kid:  US people.  See that's the problem with you rich people.  You don't understand us little guys.  You don't know what it's like to not be special.

Bridges frowns, chewing on his bottom lip for a moment before continuing.

Jason Bridges:  Well, it does all too often come down to money.  And it occurred to me that, in the eighteen months you've been here, you've never actually cashed one of the Carnage payroll checks.  And Kyra Mohr, did she ever bother to ask you why?  Did she never care you did all this out of the good of your heart?  Or did she never pay enough attention to you to notice?  Because I notice.  And I care.

Sandtown Kid:  Well I don't.  You can't just buy me off.

Jason Bridges:  Not, nothing so crude.  I wouldn't dream of, say, offering you your pay as in cash under the table.  I know you won't be swayed by money.  But opportunities, now that's an entirely different form of currency.  Eighteen months you've been here in Carnage, with more matches under your belt than anyone else in Carnage history.  How's that make you feel?  More fights here than the great Sinc Mercier, than Bryan Styker or Dazi Miyashita.

The Sandtown Kid spits on the floor distastefully at even the mention of Miyashita's name.

Jason Bridges:  And yet, Dazi, Lennox, Sabiru, all these others who have done so much less for Carnage, they've each been granted not just one, but multiple shots at the Carnage Championship.  So how many times did Kyra allow you to challenge?

Sandtown Kid:  Well, none.  But that's just-

Jason Bridges:  Because you still haven't paid your dues?  Because somehow Amy Jo Smyth deserved a title shot for her runner-up role in Monarchy of Anarchy, a feat which you matched and then followed up by beating Smyth herself.  Kyra Mohr has never seen you as anything more than a pawn to be used, someone she can exploit and then toss aside.  But when I look at you, I see a King.  You could be the face of this company.  I could have you out there tonight, challenging the winner between those two women and showing them what a real champion looks like.  Or I could even add you to the mix, if you prefer to do it that way. 

The Sandtown Kid scowls at Bridges.

Sandtown Kid:  I've already got a match tonight.  Putting an end to you.

Jason Bridges:  But that doesn't have to be case.  Anything you want could be yours.  Rematch against Prydor?  Done.  You and Boy want a shot at Tweeder; I'll give him to you on a silver platter.  I'm telling you, you could be Carnage Champion by the end of the night.  All you have to do is take just one night to do what's best for Lucas Silva, instead of putting everybody else first.

The Sandtown Kid turns his back, picking up one of the empty Styrofoam coffee cups left behind by the crew.  Turning it from side to side, he looks down at the cup, refusing to meet Bridges' gaze the sarcastic tone leaving his voice for once.

Sandtown Kid:  The Legion would hate me.

Bridges places a hand over his shoulder.

Jason Bridges:  The Legion loves a fighting champion.  You could do things with that title that no one else has ever imagined.  Like you did with the Ultraviolent Championship.  Like you've done for all Carnage.  You could stop the revolving door of World Champions, give us someone to really believe in.  I can do that for you.  But I can't do that if Kyra gets her way.  Just one night, that's all I'm asking.  One night where you take care of you.  Forget Mohr and her one-woman crusade; the only one she's taking care of is yourself.  But me?  You and I could be the best of friends.

The Sandtown Kid crushes the empty cup in his fist, turning back to Bridges and spiking the empty coffee cup to the floor.

Sandtown Kid:  You and I will never be friends.  And I don't need your damn charity.

The Sandtown Kid steps forward, shoulder checking Bridges out of his way as he practically walks through him on his path out the door.  Bridges goes red in the face.

Jason Bridges:  There is the other thing.

The Sandtown Kid pauses in the doorway, looking back over his shoulder.

Jason Bridges:  When you were hired here, it was as stage crew.  That's your contract.  You're hear to set up chairs, to rig lighting and cameras, to clean my toilets.  That's your job.  Kyra might have put you in the ring, but you have never been a real wrestler.

Sandtown Kid:  I am getting so sick and tired of people claiming you've got to go to some stupid school to learn to fight.  Seven years and school never taught me a damned thing.

Jason Bridges:  I don't care what you know or what you've done.  Your contract still says you're only ring crew.  I am under no obligation to ever book you for a match again.

The Sandtown Kid balls his hands into fists, digging her fingernails into his palms.

Sandtown Kid:  I already have a match signed for tonight.

Bridges grins smugly.

Jason Bridges:  Yes.  You do.  You can have a bright career as a champion, or you can have one LAST match tonight.  Something for you to think on.  Has that woman ever done anything for you worth giving all this up.  You oppose me, and you will never, ever be anything more than stage crew.

The Sandtown Kid lashes out, striking the break room door with a fist, bouncing it backward against the wall and leaving a divot from the impact of the handle.

Sandtown Kid:  You're scum.  You're even worse than I thought.

Jason Bridges:  If it helps you sleep easier, just remind yourself, you never really had a choice anyway.

I don't know what you had in mind
But here we stand on opposing sides
Let's go to war
Let's go to war

We arm ourselves with the wrongs we've done
Name them off one by one
Let's go to war
Let's go to war

Everything you say
Everything you do
You push it in
And you cut me down
And you cut me down
(War, war, war!)

Screaming at the ones we love
Like we forgot who we can trust
Screaming at the top of our lungs
On the grounds where we feel safe
Do we feel safe?
Do we feel safe?

Hush, my baby, make no sound
Maybe we can wait each other out
It's a cold war
Let's go to war

With every settled score
I thought that fighting with meant fighting for
But you turn it around
But you turn it around
(War, war, war!)

Screaming at the ones we love
Like we forgot who we can trust
Screaming at the top of our lungs
On the grounds where we feel safe
Screaming at the ones we love
Like we forgot who we can trust
Screaming at the top of our lungs
On the grounds where we feel safe
Do we feel safe?
Do we feel safe?
Do we feel safe?

Do we censor? Do we flow?
Are we drunk on the chemicals?
Every feeling in my bones
Tells me to lash out and tell you fuck off
You've got my heart and I've got your soul
But are we better off alone?
With every battle we lose a little more
Remember everything that we'd die for
You are everything that I'd die for

Screaming at the ones we love
Like we forgot who we can trust
Screaming at the top of our lungs
On the grounds where we feel safe
Screaming at the ones we love
Like we forgot who we can trust
Screaming at the top of our lungs
On the grounds where we feel safe
Do we feel safe?
Do we feel safe?
Do we feel safe?
Do we feel safe?
Do we feel safe?
Do we feel safe?
Do we feel safe?
Do we feel safe?
Do we feel safe?
Do you feel safe?

Exclusively on the
November 26, 2017
Royal Farms Arena - Baltimore, Maryland



Terrra Skye, Johnny Vegas & Ray Payne

Time Keeper:


Ring Announcer:

Kelly Carmichael


White Rey, Ed Hawkersby, Ref Jeff & Silent Cal

“Go to War” by Nothing More begins playing over the PA system here inside the Royal Farms Arena as Ultimate Carnage 3 is set to get underway!  The crowds cheers nearly drown out the sounds of the music, the excitement in the air palpable here tonight!

Terra Skye: What a dickhead.

Ray Payne: Uh, Miss Terra...

Terra Skye: What? I mean come on... Bridges just threatened Lucas Silva's career if he decided to fight for Kyra's team here tonight.

Johnny Vegas: The kid wasn't ever going to help Kyra, not after she put Tweeder on her team.


Ray Payne: Mistah Boy, yah knows dat Mistah Silvers does nots lieks Tweedah yo. 

Terra Skye: Don't change the subject!  The point is, if he does fight for team Kyra then he's out of a job!   That's terrible business sense.  STK is the heart of this place.

Johnny Vegas: He's a prick.  I hope he does get fired.


Johnny Vegas: Oh, up yours you giant fucking mop.

Terra Skye: Mop?

Ray Payne: Dat wuz nots a guud insults, yo. 

Johnny Vegas: Fuck you all.  At least I'm willing to admit what I am, A SOON TO BE HALL OF FAMER!!!

Terra Skye: Ugh.  As if.

Ray Payne: Meybez we shulds talks about da shows yo.  Dere is a lots moars goin on hear tonites other den da Halls of Legendz yo.

Boy: Friggen Frog splashing with spring waters!

Johnny Vegas: What's there to talk about?  I'm going into the hall of legends and there's other matches happening but they PALE in comparison to THE BEST COMMENTATOR IN THE WORLD GOING INTO HIS RIGHTFUL PLACE IN THE HALL.... OF....

Terra Skye: ASSHOLES!!!

Johnny Vegas: ….Bitch.

Ray Payne: Guyz!  Well we gots Mistah Fordy goins up againsts a mystery opponents yo.

Johnny Vegas: Boring.

Terra Skye: JC is going up against Redemption in a career vs. career match.

Johnny Vegas: DOUBLE BORING.

Boy: Mothers Graves piling with leaves and fecal matter.

Johnny Vegas: Get the fuck out of here.

Ray Payne: He wuz talkins about Miss Melly an Miss Amy Jo'z going up againsts each othah fur da world titles yo.

Terra Skye: That's going to be a crazy match.

Johnny Vegas: WHATEVER.

Ray Payne: An Miss Kyra, Tweedah, Mistah Prydy, Mistah Steely an Mistah Soundtown iz--

Terra Skye: Well if Bridges didn't fuck that all up...

Ray Payne: He will nots betrayz hiz teams yo.

Johnny Vegas: Either way, Bridges team is going to murder them.  There's no way those five beats Amber Ryan, Jack Michaels, Brian Crucifix, Robert Zodiac and Lord Raab.  There's no fucking way.

Terra Skye: I guess we're going to find out.

Ray Payne: But fursts, we iz gunna find outs who goes intah da halls of legendz yo.

Johnny Vegas: YAS!!!

Hall of Legends

The cameras pan in on the ring, where two cloth draped plaques stand in the center of the ring.  The crowd cheers out as Ray Payne stands up from his place at the commentators table and grabs a microphone from in front of Boy.


Ray moves out from the table and makes his way to ringside, where he ascends the ring steps and climbs into the ring to get the induction ceremony underway.  At the same time, the crowd begins softly booing as The Sandtown Kid comes out quietly from backstage, walking down the ramp and taking his place stoically beside his tag team partner.

The Sandtown Kid

Johnny Vegas: Well we can ask him ourselves... SAY LUCAS, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TONIGHT?!?!

Silva ignores him while Boy gives Johnny a nasty look.

Boy: Growths with fat man in french fried dreams.

Terra Skye: He called you fat. 

Johnny Vegas: Well he's tall, and stupid.  And has a stupid little friend with bad hair.

Finally the crowd dies down enough that Ray moves into the center of the ring, between the two covered plaques and puts the microphone up to his mouth.

Ray Payne: Furst off, I wunts ta welcomes tah to Ultimate Carnages Dree! 

The crowd erupts in a frenzy.

Ray Payne: I guesses yah knows whut we is out hear fur right nows, yo.  Befur we gets tah any of da matches tonite, we gets tah inducts two peoples intah da Carnage Wresslin Halls uf Legends! 

Terra Skye: It's the moment of truth, asshole. 

Johnny Vegas: Well you aren't even in contention, bitch.  So keep dreaming.  You and that big piece of dog shit over there.

Terra Skye: Just shut up and let Ray talk!!

Ray moves to the side, standing beside the first of the two stands, again waiting for the crowd to quiet down before beginning to speak again.

Ray Payne: Dis furst person iz sumone dat haz been wif See-Dubbayah since da beginnins.  He iz sumones dat fur bettah, or wurse... always shows up tah wurk and does his job... well mosts uf da time, I guess.  I means, I shulds be happies tah be inductin dis person intah da Halls but sometimes he iz jus means, yah knows?

The crowd murmurs among themselves as Ray stops.

Johnny Vegas: GOD DAMNIT!  That can't be me!

Ray Payne: Buts, wifouts him, See-Dubbayah wulds nots be da sames, yo.  So I gives tah yah, da furst inductee intah da Halls of Legends tonite... Mistah JOHNNIE VEGASS!!!!

Ray uncovers the first plaque to reveal Johnny Vegas' face!

Terra Skye: BAHAHA!  Ray said mean things about you for your induction!



STK pats Boy on the shoulder, looking a bit disappointed to have Johnny Vegas be the one going into the hall tonight.  Johnny looks angry as he climbs out of his seat, grabbing his glass of whiskey and moving towards and then into the ring – which takes a few minutes, considering the man is large and slow... and carrying a drink.   He steps into the ring, as the crowd reacts very little to his induction, and he ignores them, pulling the microphone from Ray's hand and turning out towards the crowd.

Johnny Vegas: THANK YOU!  I always knew this day would come... And lets be honest here, it should have happened WELL before this guy over here.  Am I right?!  I can't believe you tried to lie to these people Ray!  Why would you try to deny me my grand moment in the spotlight!  You can't possibly be jealous!  I mean, you're already in the hall.  You dont deserve it, but still.. These people decided you were. 

The crowd boos.

Johnny Vegas: AH, fuck you all.  Fuck you all for putting Dazi fucking Miyashita in the hall before me.  Not to mention Ray Payne, Dr. Winn, and the rest of the losers in the hall of legends... Seriously.  There should have been no one on that ballot except ME.  I AM CARNAGE WRESTLING AND I WILL ALWAYS BE CARNAGE--

Ray Payne: Johnnie!

Johnny stops and glares at Ray, who has gotten another microphone from Boy and is not standing directly beside Johnny.

Ray Payne: Congraties, Johnnie... but we needs tah moves on.

Johnny Vegas: THIS IS BULLSHIT.  Always shitting on my moment, Ray.  That's it.  We're not friends anymore!

Ray Payne: I did nots dinks we were anyways, yo.  Yah nevah respects me, yo. 

Terra Skye: GET EM RAY!

Johnny scoffs and crosses his arms over his chest as Ray turns back out toward the crowd, who are very happy to see Ray standing up for himself.  Ray smirks.

Ray Payne: Dis second persons is anothah person dat everone dinks uf when dey dink of See-Dubbayah, yo.  He iz nots only funnies, but he iz a... well he iz ah very misundahstoods mans yo.  But he haz mades friends and in his haydays yo, he wuz a very hard competitah yo.  Dese days, he haz settleds intah a more subdued roles, sometimez dough, he wrestles wif his friends an well... I dink yah alls knows who I is talkin abouts yo.  Hiz mothah iz in da graves an hiz brothah dillan leaveds notes fur him.

Terra Skye: OH MY GOD!!!

Ray Payne smiles big and points out to ringside.

Ray Payne: Da second pursons in da halls of legunds tonite iz none odah den MISTAH BOYYY!!!!

Ray uncovers the second plaque to reveal a picture of Boy and the crowd cannot contain themselves as Boy looks around, and STK is bouncing up and down beside him, cheering his best friend on as he brings himself up to his feet.  The big man approaches the ring and climbs in with Johnny and Ray.  Johnny couldn't look anymore disgusted as he glares at Boy, while Ray is obviously giddy as he hands his mic to Boy.


The crowd cheers out, even though they have no idea what in the hell boy is saying.  Boy chuckles happily as he points outside the ring at his friend, STK who is happily sitting in his timekeepers seat, clapping his hands for his friend.

Boy: Gross miscarriages for things that grape soda can fix.  Dylans notes obvious things for grass greenery and hooters with owl fangs.  FAT MAN! 

Johnny rolls his eyes.

Boy: Gravy trains of toys where broomsticks have less to bring than rice! 

Boy lowers the mic and gives it back to Ray before raising his arms into the air!  He turns and looks at his own plaque before turning his attention to Johnny and his plaque.  Boy nods his head and extends a rather large hand to Johnny, as if to congratulate him for making it into the hall as well.

Terra Skye: Come on John... Don't be a dick... Come on...

The crowd quiets down in anticipation as Johnny looks down at Boys hand, and then back up into the mongoloids face, contemplating his next move.  Instead of shaking his hand, however, Johnny puts the mic up to his mouth.

Johnny Vegas: This should be MY moment... Instead I'm sharing it with YOU!

He throws the mic down and stomps from the ring, garnering the loudest boos of the night as Boy stands there with Ray and the two shake hands as the Induction ceremony comes to a close.

Terra Skye: You're a real cocksucker, Johnny.

Johnny Vegas: They all ruined my moment.  Fuck off. 

Terra Skye: Just think, you've gotta sit with them all night long... so have fun.  Asshole.

Johnny Vegas: I've got Mr. Beam over here, I don't need the rest of you.

Match One: Bryan Ford's Open Challenge

Kelly Carmichael:  The following contest is an OPEN CHALLENGE INVITATIONAL--

The crowd pops for the announcement, but quickly settles back down so Kelly can continue with her announcement.

Kelly Carmichael: --And is scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first...

The lights cut off for a few moments leaving the fans in the dark until the following words are heard

B'Ford: I'm gonna Whoop! That! Ass!

The lights cut back on as Earthquake by Labrinth glares over the speakers. Bryan Ford stands on the stage with his back to the fans the words


Kelly Carmichael:  From Terell Texas, weighing in at 185 pounds...The Innovator Of Greatness, BRYAAAAN FOOOORD!

Bryan Ford

On the back of his black hoodie. He turns around with his arms extended nodding his head and big smirk on his face as a few light sparklers go off on the side of him.

Terra Skye:  Bryan Ford has been impressive every time he's stepped into the ring, but still hasn't found that all-elusive W that he needs to really get going here in Carnage.

Johnny Vegas:  Too bad he'll never earn anything other than a pity prize, because Mr. 24/7 can't win a match! HA!

Ray Payne:  Youse should be nicers to Mistah Fordies, he's a good wresslerz yo, an' da fans like him.

Johnny Vegas:  Since when does getting cheered earn you anything?  Look at Crucifix & Zodiac, look at...well there's nobody else I really like.  GIVE C.O.N. EVERY BELT!

Terra Skye:  Are you EVER unbias?

Johnny Vegas: Pfff, are you even not a whore?  No.

Terra Skye:  I will murder you in your sleep.

Johnny Vegas:  Okay, okay...Terra Hampton.

Terra Skye:  MOTHER FU--

He runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, climbing the turnbuckle and sits on the top looking around at all the fans before he hops down, awaiting the arrival of his mystery opponent.

Kelly Carmichael:  And his opponent...

There is a long moment of silence as if nobody is about to come out...Suddenly, The opening chords to Ridicule" by American Head Charge plays softly as the lights dim, silver and red spotlights alternating from the stage down the ramp to the ring. The frontman opens up, murmuring the opening lyrics as a sort of chant. As the chant crescendos, a guitar riff cuts in, then the only thing heard is the frontman's chants with no music behind them:

"All my needs giving in. Blow me a kiss and leave me to the DOGS"

Rogan steps from the curtain and spreads his arms, walking through the first silver spotlight and making his way to the red spotlight.



Rogan MacLean

Terra Skye:  Holy shit!  Rogan MacLean has answered Bryan's challenge!!  This will hands-down be the hardest fight Bryan has ever encountered!

Johnny Vegas: ...Should I know this guy?  I mean he's not in Carnage so he can't be that important--

Terra Skye:  NO!  He's more important to Carnage than you are to our announce team, you wrinkled fuck!  Fuck you!

Johnny Vegas:  So what, you're blowing Rogan now, too?  I don't think Harry would be happy about that.

Ray Payne:  He's right, Miss Terras--

Terra Skye:  Are you SERIOUSLY siding with him on this?!  Fuck you both!

The lyrics to the first verse intensify, and Rogan's determined stare towards the ring intensifies as well. He climbs to the apron and turns, bringing his hands up in a single swipe, with his fingers in the shape of scissors, closing his fingers as if cutting invisible strings. He takes a moment to look around at the fans before climbing through the ropes and stepping into the middle of the ring. He takes in the atmosphere again, then kneels to one knee, placing a single palm down on the canvas, showing respect for the ring in which he competes in.  Rogan stands up straight and makes his way to the corner opposite of Ford, awaiting the start of the match.

Referee Ed Hawkersby motions for the two men to head to their respective corners and they do so, giving Hawkersby the prime chance to call for the bell, which Boy responds by ringing the bell one time, then two more times in quick succession.  This confuses Rogan a bit since he's never encountered Boy before but he doesn't let it throw him off of his game.  The two begin to circle each other before they Ford calls for a Test Of Strength in the middle of the ring, to which Rogan obliges and locks his left hand with Bryans right hand before he ducks around behind him, trapping Ford in a hammerlock before transitioning to a side headlock.  He quickly takes Bryan down with a side headlock takeover, clamping down on the pressure around Bryans head.  Ford knows he needs to get back to his feet, so he shifts his weight and rolls MacLean backwards onto his shoulders, but before Ed Hawkersby can even start to go for a pinfall count, Rogan lets go and rolls through, preventing Bryan from attempting a surprise pinfall as Ford scurries up onto his knees and Rogan scrambles back to his feet.  Rogan rushes him and Ford attempts a wild lariat, but Rogan ducks underneath and traps him in a rear waistlock.  He wastes no time in rolling himself, and Ford backwards so he is pinning Ford to the mat with an O'Connor Roll, but Ford quickly kicks out.  Rogan somersaults through and rebounds onto his feet. The crowd cheers slightly for the two but quickly quiet back down as they get back up to their feet and begin to circle each other once more, only this time much more wary of the others' ability.

Terra Skye:  Bryan has adapted quickly to Rogan's offense, so he's going to need to come up with something else if he wants an early advantage in this match.

Ray Payne:  Mistah Roganz is doing good, but Mistah Fordies is hangin' in dere wit' him.

Johnny Vegas: I've already finished half a bottle and this match hasn't even started yet...I'm gonna need more Whiskey.

Terra Skye:  Instead of focusing on the BOTTLE, why don't you try calling the match?

Johnny Vegas:  MAKE ME!


Ford and MacLean engage in a collar-and-elbow tie-up, which leads to Rogan slowly powering the smaller Ford into the corner.  Ed Hawkersby tell him to back off of Ford and he does, just before pie-facing B-Ford and drawing heat from the crowd in doing so.  Ford takes it on the chin and brushes it off, circling out from the corner and eyeing up Rogan once again.  Ford shoots for a double leg takedown but Rogan manages to catch him in a waistlock as he does so.  He looks as if he is attempting to lift him for a powerbomb when Ford lets out a gutteral scream and stands up with Rogan on his back while holding his legs before dropping backwards on top of him!  The crowd cheers this as Ford rolls off of MacLean, pushing himself back up onto his feet.  Rogan is sucking air from the 185-pounder landing on him and compacting his ribs, but manages to roll himself over onto his hands and knees.  Ford is already up to his feet however and sees that Rogan is still down and runs off the far set of ropes to get as much speed as possible before delivering a shining wizard that catches Rogan flush just as he sits up onto his knees!  Ford drops into the pin, hooking the inside leg but Rogan already has the ropes and is pulling himself out as Ford is forced to break the pin attempt.  He knows he can't allow his opponent any breathing room however and rolls out after Rogan, however the wily veteran planned this and spun around to deliver a roundhouse kick right to the beck of Fords' right knee!!  Mr. 24/7 screams in pain as his leg buckles and he drops to both knees, having to catch himself with his hands leaves him wide open for the curb stomp Rogan spikes him with!  Rogan laughs and begins trash talking Ford, who are now both at the mercy of Ed Hawkersby and the dreaded 10-count!


Rogan MacLean grabs Ford by the right ankle with both hands before he starts stomping away at the back of Fords' knee for what seems like forever as Hawkersby continues with his count!





Rogan finally releases Bryans leg as he rolls around on the floor in pain, clutching at his knee.  Rogan chuckles again as he grabs him by the throat, dragging him up against the barricade before delivering a thunderous kick right to the chest of Ford who crumbles immediately afterwards to the floor beside him.  Rogan, finally satisfied with what he's done for damage outside, rolls him back in just as Hawkersby reaches the count of six.  The camera can audibly register Rogan talking trash to Ford, who is still writhing in pain.

"What's the matter, kid?!  This is what happens when you issue an open challenge!"

Terra Skye:  Ford looks like he is hurt, and I'm not sure how bad but it doesn't look good.  Ford is going to need to do something to keep Rogan away from that knee otherwise this match isn't going to last much longer.

Johnny Vegas:  Maybe he should just quit and save himself the embarrassment of going home injured.

Ray Payne:  Mistah Fordies won't gives up, yo.  He has da heart of a champeen, an' will one day be da champ.

Terra Skye:  Little bit of bias there, Ray?  You're supposed to be the one who calls things fairly.

Ray Payne:  I am, yo.

Rogan grabs Ford by the ankle again and begins dropping elbow after elbow onto the inside of his knee.  Rogan stops after about a dozen elbow drops and moves Bryans leg up against the bottom rope before stomping directly onto the side of his knee!  Bryans leg instantly recoils back towards him as he clutches it again, flailing in pain.  Rogan is nowhere near finished however and grabs him around the ankle and calf with both arms, rolling him over into a single leg boston crab that causes Bryan to begin screaming in agony, but he refuses to tap out to the painful submission.  Instead, he starts clawing his way towards the bottom rope and manages to make it after an excruciatingly long time!  Ed Hawkersby begins to enforce the mandatory 5-count as MacLean continues to wrench back on Fords leg.





Rogan lets go of Bryan as he pulls himself to the outside, attempting to nurse his knee back to health but its obvious that he won't be able to do it during the match.  He sees Rogan begin making his way over to him after Hawkersby finishes accosting him for not breaking before the count.  Ford begins to crawl away as Rogan rolls out, pulling himself up using the steel steps.  Rogan moves in towards him, but Ford spins around and grabs him by the trunks, pulling him face first into the steps out of sheer desperation!  The nearby crowd members gasp as Rogans nose begins bleeding almost immediately on impact.  After a moment of regaining his senses, Rogans pushes himself off the steps and onto the floor, and it is there that we see a small gash above his right eyebrow as well as a bloody nose.

Terra Skye:  Desperation move from Ford but it was definitely effective!

Johnny Vegas:  Look at him taking shortcuts, it makes me sick!

Ray Payne:  Mistah Johnnies, don't yous think you are bein' a hypo...hip...contra...

Terra Skye:  A contradictive hypocrite?

Ray Payne:  Yeh, dat.

Ford continues to crawl away as Rogan checks his nose and his eyebrow where he feels the blood trickling from.  He sees he's been busted open and this only serves to anger him.  He stands up quickly but stumbles into the barricade, the shot to his head had him more off-balance than he anticipated.  He staggers around the stairs just as Ford rolls himself back into the ring.  He slides himself back in the ring, only for Ford to continue rolling over to the right side, back out of the ring just as Rogan gets up onto one knee.  Rogan growls in frustration as he rolls back out and heads over towards Ford, who is still heavily favoring his knee but has enough left ot hobble away from the incoming MacLean.  Rogan takes off in a dead sprint towards Ford, but Ford throws himself into the ring at the last second, avoiding a wild lariat from a charging, pissed off MacLean.  Rogan roars in anger as he grabs Ford by the right ankle and pulls him shin first into the steel post, cutting off any sort of momentum Bryan was gathering as Rogan keeps ahold of his right ankle, now reaching up with his other hand to clutch behind his knee.  Rogan then begins pulling on both his ankle and knee, pressing Fords shin against the ringpost as Bryan screams out in pain and Ed Hawkersby finally begins the count!





Rogan lets go of Bryans leg, but since he is still on the outside Hawkersby continues the count.

Terra Skye:  It didn't take long for MacLean to regain control of this match, now Ford is in deep trouble!

Johnny Vegas:  It serves him right for using the steps illegally!

Ray Payne:  It wasn't against da rules doe Mistah Johnnies, or da ref woulda calleded for da bell.




Rogan is taking his time to recover and wipe the blood from his brow so he can continue his assault on Fords leg unhindered.



Rogan rolls back in the ring to break the count, eyeing Ford as he sits against the bottom turnbuckle, clutching his right leg.  Rogan quickly slides in and takes a dead sprint towards Ford and plasters him with a running knee right in the face!  Rogan drags him out and pulls him back up to his feet before he hooks Fords bad leg, then sends him flying overhead with a huge T-Bone suplex.  Rogan floats over into the pin, hooking the right leg of Ford as Hawkersby drops down and counts the pinfall attempt.



Ford throws his left shoulder up off the canvas, forcing Ed Hawkersby to declare a two count much to the chagrin of Rogan, who is yelling at Ford to "just stay down" but the Carnage Legion begins trying to usher Ford back into this match with rhythmic clapping and stomping of the bleachers.  Ford seems to begin feeding off this energy as he starts crawling towards the ropes, still under the stalking eyes of Rogan however.  The sadistic Irishman take a run up and punts Ford right in the back of his right knee, but Ford jumps up over the kick and wraps his legs around Rogans neck, swinging himself and MacLean back around so they face the center before Ford fires him off with a hurricanrana that sends Rogan flying across the ring as the crowd pops big time for Ford!  He immediately goes back to tending to his leg after that however while Rogan rolls out onto the apron.  Ford sees that he is out on the apron and slowly works his way over to him, using the ropes for support.  He finally gets over to Rogan, and delivers a right hook to the ribs of Rogan which doubles him over and allows Ford to grab him around the head with a front facelock.  Ford pulls a page out of Tweeders' book and hits a Ruck Over right off the middle rope which drops Rogan to the outside!  Ford is down on the mat, holding his knee and trying to get feeling back into it and Rogan is down on the outside, so referee Ed Hawkersby has no choice but to begin the ten count!

Terra Skye:  For these two having never faced off before, Ford seems to be venturing outside of his normal offense.  Rogan is sticking to what he knows and while it's working well, Ford seems to have a counter just in time to keep things from swinging too far into MacLeans favor at pivotal points in this match.  That move just now was Tweeders Ruck Over and it snapped Rogans throat right down onto that middle ring rope.

Johnny Vegas:  I'm hoping this Rogan guy breaks Fords knee, he's cocky and he's always hogging the spotlight...MY spotlight!

Ray Payne: But you don't wressle, Mistah Johnnies...

Vegas says nothing and simply looks away from Ray, sipping his drink loudly and audibly through the headset.








Rogan is up to his knees and hears the refs count so he throws himself into the ring underneath the bottom rope.  Ford immediately scrambles over into a pin as Ed Hawkersby drops down to make the count!




Terra Skye:  Almost a three count there but Rogan able to get out of the pin.  I also have reason to believe that Rogan might have tweaked his neck on that Ruck Over, I saw him clutch it after he landed but our cameras didn't, unfortunately...

Johnny Vegas:  Damn it!  We can't have him getting hurt when he's so close to putting Ford out of his misery!

Ray Payne:  Mistah MacLeans was lucky dat da ropes were right dere yo, but I hafta agree wit' Terra on dis, Mistah Rogans looks like hes in pains.

Ed Hawkersby waves it off when he sees Rogans foot UNDERNEATH the bottom rope!  Ford rolls off, pressing his palms to his face before sitting up and tending to his knee.  Ford knows it's now or never and works his way over to Rogan, who is working his way up onto his hands and knees  Ford goes to turn but Rogan grabs him by the trunks and pulls him back.  He ducks down and in one fell swoop, powers Ford up onto his shoulders with everything he has before dumping him forward with a thunderous Call Of Cthulu!!  Rogan and Ford are both down but Rogan manages to keep the legs of Ford tucked under his armpits as Ed Hawkersby drops down to count the pin once again!



Ray Payne:  He is Mistah Johnnies, calms down or you're gonna gives yaself a heart attacks!

Terra Skye:  God forbid it would make me happy...




Bryan Ford just barely gets his LEFT HAND onto the bottom rope!  Rogan rolls off in disbelief as he clasps his hands over his head.  He is not finished however and grabs Ford again BUT FORD POPS UP AND CATCHES HIM WITH A B-FORD BOMB!!  Ford immediately drops backwards onto to the mat, clutching his knee but Rogan is spiked hard in the process, the back of his head bouncing off the canvas.  Rogan immediately clutches at the back of his neck and roll around in pain out of a possible injury.  Bryan Ford crawls his way over to the ropes and uses them in helping him stand.  Rogan makes his way back to his feet at the same time, sees that Ford is up and charges at him full speed BUT GETS CAUGHT WITH A B-FORD AND AFTER BICYCLE KICK RIGHT IN THE MOUTH!!  Rogan crumbles to the mat as Ford drops on top of him, not even enough in him to hook the leg as Ed Hawkersby drops down into the pin!



Ray Payne:  Calm downs, Mistah Johnnies!


Ray Payne:  Dats right, Boy.  See Mistah Johnnies, even Boy doesn't wants ya droppin' dead on us!

Johnny Vegas:  BUT I WANNA DROP DEAD!!







Terra Skye:  Major win for Bryan Ford!!  That B-Ford & After caught him just under the chin and stunned Rogan long enough to get the pin!

Ray Payne:  Mistah Fordies has won his first match, yo!

An Indomitable Debut

The lights go out.

Ray Payne: Yo, what dis?

The entryway is flooded with white light, and an angelic chorus is heard over the speakers. Three silhouettes make their way through the blinding light.

Johnny Vegas: It appears to be a divine intervention! Just what this joint needs.

A hulk of a man in a suit and tie steps forward, his company remaining obscured in the flood of light, which dims to just a spotlight on the man in the suit.

Terra Skye: Wrestling fanatics may recognize that face as the man behind the masked El Masacre!

Johnny Vegas: That's a stupid thing to say, Terra - how would they know his face if he's usually wearing a mask?

Terra Skye: Like I said, if they're fanatics, they - just forget it, Johnny.

The man produces a mic as the chorus on the soundtrack fades.

Saint Peter

Saint Peter: We are all born sinners, but some of us become saints! And that is I, Saint Peter. Some of you may know me, perhaps under a different moniker. Some of you may know my past, and for others, I may be a new face. I am a man who has made mistakes, but I am a changed man! And maybe that's what all of you need right now. Some change! Some hope. Even when you look at the misfits and miscreants here in Carnage Wrestling, that you unwisely cheer for, just maybe you aren't as hopeless as you seem.

The fans boo.

Terra Skye: Not the best first impression.

Johnny Vegas: But where's the lie, Terra?

Ray Payne: Seems like he's disrespecting the fans, yo.

Saint Peter gestures towards the darkness around him, sticking out his microphone. From the shadows into the spotlight, steps a fit man in white wrestling tights and vest, with a wide smile.

Scott Herman

Terra Skye: That appears to be a fighter that may be familiar to some of you...

Johnny Vegas: I've certainly seen him in a ring or two in Vegas! Looks like he's cleaned up his act!

Ray Payne: But all that white he's wearing must be hard to keep clean, though, yo.

The fighter takes the mic from Saint Peter.

Brother Herman: Call me "Brother Herman!" And gimme some sugar, I am your neighbor!

Herman waves his hands to the crowd to welcome their applause, getting boos instead.

Ray Payne: Yo, I don't think they find Loco Hermano too sweet!

Johnny Vegas: That's Brother Herman to you!

Terra Skye: You can take the Loco off the marquee, but can you take it out of the Herman?

Johnny Vegas: His opponents are hoping so, otherwise they don't have a chance.

Herman shrugs.

Brother Herman: I was on a dangerous path, and then Saint Peter reached out and gave me the opportunity to come here. I've gone from fighting for scraps in the streets to wrestling for the most powerful new group in Carnage, in wrestling as a whole! I appreciate Saint Peter, and I hope you out in the stands appreciate him like you should, too!

The crowd boos. Another figure appears out of the shadows, a brunette in red wrestling gear, and the crowd reaction wavers to some cheering and wolf whistling.

Riveting Rosie

Ray Payne: Yo, I think I know this chick from workout videos. Was it that diamond-whatever-yoga, or T-1000-Sanity program, or... I don't know, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, we agree - you DON'T know, Ray.

Terra Skye: Some of our fans do, apparently from the welcome she's getting!

Brother Herman bats his eyes at the woman and hands her the mic.

Riveting Rosie: Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a woman of fitness and strength. Riveting Rosie here to get your blood flowing! Everybody get up out of their seats now, let's see who can keep up, huh?

Rose hands the mic to Saint Peter and starts doing jumping jacks. The crowd boos.

Johnny Vegas: These lazy Carnage Wrestling fans.

Terra Skye: I don't see you keeping up with her, Johnny.

Johnny Vegas: I can't, I'm working here!

Ray Payne: Yo, her name is Rose. She's a fitness model, yo, but I guess now they call her Riveting Rosie.

Terra Skye: That may be how she presents herself now, but that anger on her face because the fans aren't following along with her workout routine? It reminds me of a certain THORN in the paw of the women's wrestling circuit.

Johnny Vegas: Very clever, Terra. Not as clever as Rosie in when you throw her into a fight, however! She'll get the blood flowing, alright!

Saint Peter raises the mic.

Saint Peter: What you have here is nothing less than brains, brawn, and beauty! And that's just me.

Brother Herman and Riveting Rosie laugh as the audience boos Saint Peter's self-aggrandizing.

Saint Peter: We are going to radiate positivity, an optimistic attitude yielding triumphant results. One-on-one, tag team on tag team, even a six PERSON tag, it doesn't matter. No matter who they are, no matter where we go, Carnage Wrestling will always be faced with the three of us. A holy trio. And you will know us by the trail of pinfalls and submissions. You will know the power of... INDOMITABLE SPIRIT!

The Doctor & The Medics version of "Spirit In The Sky" plays to a booing crowd, the spotlights scanning the stage and the stands. Saint Peter, Brother Herman, and Riveting Rosie dance and wave their arms in time with the music.

Ray Payne: I don't think the people like them, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Well, they will learn to love Indomitable Spirit! Saint Peter, Brother Herman, Riveting Rosie... with that combination of talent and positive attitude, they should be the fan favorites!

Indomitable Spirit walk backwards out of the light and disappear back behind the curtain.

Terra Skye: I don't know what snake oil they're trying to sell, but this tent revival isn't convincing the Carnage Wrestling fans!

Johnny Vegas: Each of them may have a checkered past, but who among us doesn't?

Terra Skye: You have a checkered past and present.

Johnny Vegas: And Indomitable Spirit has a bright future in Carnage Wrestling!

Ray Payne: Yo, who we got coming up next?


The cameras cut back to the ring where Rey Lobo is seen in his ring gear, ready for a fight.

Rey Lobo

Rey Lobo: It's been a little bit since I was in a Carnage Wrestling ring, but I think one thing is clear: we are in much need for some championship matches on this show, AND since my championship match was stolen from me by the departure of that arrogant asshole known as Aries Reed, and then Cerberus eliminated me from a battle royal that didn't even need to take place! So, since I don't give a damn about his match later tonight, I want to face Robert Zodiac one on one for his Baltimore City Championship. Right here ... RIGHT NOW!

Robert Zodiac and Brian Crucifix walk down to the ring, Crucifix carrying his bat over his shoulder, and Zodiac carrying the Baltimore City Championship.

Robert Zodiac & Brian Crucifix

The two enter the ring, Zodiac standing in front of Lobo while Crucifix stands behind. Zodiac puts his hand out, as if to accept the challenge. Lobo goes to shake Zodiac's hand, but Crucifix swings the bat around as hard as he can, causing it to practically explode across the skull of Rey Lobo!!! Zodiac and Crucifix continue to beat down Rey Lobo before Zodiac drops him with a vicious End of the Line!!! Lobo falls flat on the mat as Zodiac pulls him up and rips off his mask, revealing him to be ... TJ ADAMS!?

TJ Adams

Zodiac yells at Crucifix to hit Adams with an Eradication Syndrome, but Crucifix stands still. Zodiac yells again. There is a moment of hesitation. Crucifix stares at Zodiac before shaking his head and leaving the ring. Confused, Zodiac drops the body of TJ Adams, raising his mask high above his head.

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Match Two: JC vs. Redemption

Terra Skye: Well, that was an interesting development. Who knew that Rey Lobo was TJ Adams the whole time?

Johnny Vegas: I knew.

Ray Payne: You dids not, Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: I know EVERYTHING. Although I'm worried about the disagreement CON just had. I hope this doesn't affect their tag title run.

Terra Skye: And wouldn't it just be the WORST THING if they split up?

Johnny Vegas: It would, actually.


The opening to Walter Sickert's 'Whole Way Down' begins to blare out of the speakers and the crowd rise to their feet, craning their necks towards the stage. Suddenly, a spotlight. Suddenly Redemption is standing in the centre of the stage, his head bowed towards the ground.



Kelly Carmichael: This match is a CAREER vs. CAREER Match! Introducing first, from Green Bay, Wisconsin, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-nine pounds...RRRRRRRREEEEDEMPTION!

Redemption looks up, his hands gesturing downwards as he mouths off - making his way down on to the ramp in purposeful strides - eyes fixed directly on the ring. He slides underneath the bottom rope and climbs straight up on to the turnbuckle where he raises both his hands before vigorously pointing them downwards.

Terra Skye: Well shit, now it's time for career vs. career. I feel like we should specify that the loser doesn't just leave Carnage, they leave wrestling entirely.

Johnny Vegas: Big deal.

Terra Skye: Both of these guys have had long careers and their hatred has esclated to get to this point.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah yeah, we heard it all for months. I'm just glad this shit will be over.

Ray Payne: Its gona be violent, yo.

Terra Skye: Their match at Season of the Witch certainly was. It was Redemption who put his career on the line first, so maybe he knows something we don't.

The lights go out, bathing the arena in darkness except for a familiar dark shade of blue. The first notes of a song begin to play, causing the arena lights to flash, before a voice cries out in the arena.


"The Man Without Fear" by Drowning Pool and Rob Zombie kicks in and blue pyro blasts from the sides of the stage and JC comes out wearing his trenchcoat, staring out at the audience. Lights start to flash in the arena as he makes his way to the ring to the sounds of the chorus.


Suddenly you rule the universe
Everything was shapeless now clear
I visualize like a drop of sound
I am The Man Without Fear
You can't hurt me...NO!
You can't stop me...NO!
You can't beat me...NO!
You can't bring me DOWN!

Kelly Carmichael: And his opponent, from Jersey City, New Jersey! Weighing in at 255 pounds...JAAAAAAAYYY CEEEEEEEEE!

Terra Skye: JC's career is on the line tonight because Redemption offered up Trent Steel's but JC refused to let that go down.

Johnny Vegas: Which has to be, hands down, one of the dumbest decisions in the history of dumbest decisions.

Ray Payne: Whys dat, Mistah Jonnies?

Johhny Vegas: BECAUSE WE COULD HAVE BEEN RID OF TRENT STEEL! Carnage would have lost Steel and maybe Silva in one night. We would be one stroke away from no more Fatty!

Terra Skye: You really are a disgusting, loathsome human being.

JC steps over the middle rope, only for Redemption to kick the middle rope, jarring it upward and crotching JC sharply before he's even made it inside the ring.  JC doubles over in pain, and Redemption hooks him over the head, jerking him into the ring with a snap suplex and then immediately rolling over into a lateral press.  Referee Rey signals for the bell, setting the match under way, and then drops to the canvas for the count.


TWO! JC pulls a shoulder up, denying Redemption the easy win he had hoped to steal.

Terra Skye: Well shit, Redemption almost caught JC quick!

Johnny Vegas: Bwahaha, I love it! That huge moron almost lost his career in seconds!

Ray Payne: Mistah JayCee is stronga dan dat, yo. Gonna take mores to put hims away.

Terra Skye: Considering Redemption wasn't able to do it last month, you're right.

Redemption raises back to his feet, pulling JC up by the hair, but JC throws a side elbow to Redemption's midsection, stunning him momentarily, and then wraps him up and tips him backward with a Russian leg sweep.  On impact, JC rolls through, grapevining Redemption's left leg into a standing toe twist. Redemption rolls through onto his side, then kicks his right foot into the back of JC's knee, causing him to falter his vertical base and allowing Redemption to slip free of the hold.  Redemption is on his feet behind JC, locking him up around the waist and then flipping him over with a belly to back suplex.  Redemption straddles JC in a mount, delivering a stiff fist to the throat.  JC bucks his hips, forcing Redemption up enough that he can push Redemption off, and both men scramble back to their feet.  JC rocks Redemption backward with a European Uppercut, putting him on the ropes, then closes the gap with a big right hand, only for Redemption shoulder low into JC, tipping him up and over the top rope with a back body drop.  JC crashes to the floor below, and Redemption drops to the canvas, rolling out under the bottom rope to join him at ringside.

Terra Skye: Here we go, this thing's spilling to the outside.

Ray Payne: I is surprized it takes dis long, yo.

Terra Skye: Last month got crazy, but you'd think they'll be less reckles with what's on the line here.

Johnny Vegas: I guess we'll see one way or another. I'm going to reach into my personal stash so I can get through this.

Redemption pulls JC back toward his feet, swinging him around with an arm drag which throws JC into the side of the metal ring steps.  The stairs jar, unlatching from the ring on impact, while JC arches his back in pain.  Redemption heel stomps JC in the crotch, then throat punches him again, leaving JC clutching his throat and gasping for breath.  Then rolling JC over onto his knees, Redemption places JC's face over the metal stairs, taking a quick pace around in a circle and picking up speed before hopping up and driving down for the back of JC's head with a double-foot curb stomp.  JC shoves the steps, pushing them out from beneath him in the nick of time, an act which still ends with him taking a vicious stomp to the back of the skull, but very likely spares him serious injury.  Redemption pulls backward on JC's hair, wrenching his head back at a painful angle, and then locks him down with a dragon sleeper.  JC arches his back, trying to keep the pressure off his neck, while Referee Rey checks for a submission.  Redemption leans back further to gain leverage, which is just the shift in balance JC is waiting for.  JC drops to his knees, jerking Redemption forward in the process, and then waistlock snapmares Redemption over his shoulder, flipping Redemption onto his back laying at JC's feet.

Terra Skye: I can't see either one submitting in this one. I mean, they could leave forever if they did.

Johnny Vegas: It depends on what happens. I mean, you think JC wouldn't tap out if Redemption pointed a gun at his head?

Ray Payne: Guns aren't alloweds, yo.


Terra Skye: Yeah, but a stupid one.

JC stomps for Redemption's head, but Redemption rolls out of the way, regaining his footing.  JC follows up with a low kick, battering Redemption across the left shin, knocking one of Redemption's legs out from under him.  Redemption falters for a moment, and JC takes hold of him around the waist and flipping him over with a tilt-a-whirl, only for Redemption to slip free in mid air, bringing JC down to the concrete with a twisting bulldog which drives JC's skull hard to the floor.  Redemption pulls JC up by the wrist, irish whipping him into the steel turnbuckle post, JC's head rebounding with an audable thud.  Redemption then delivers a spinning heel kick at the back of JC's head, but JC ducks at the last possible moment and Redemption blasts his left leg solo against the metal post.  JC takes hold of Redemption by the ankle and dragon screws him to the floor.  JC wrenches on Redemption's leg, rolling him over into a half-crab, but Redemption's hand finds grasp over the ring skirting, tearing down the Ultimate Carnage 3 banner from the edge of the ring and whipping it backwards, draping it over JC's head and blinding him, causing enough confusion he can worm his way out of the hold.

Terra Skye: Oh come on! Redemption's going out of his way to avoid playing fair!

Johnny Vegas: Um, hello, dumb bitch? HIS CAREER is on the line!

Terra Skye: So is JC's and you don't see him blatantly cheating.

Johnny Vegas: He's stupid if he doesn't.

Ray Payne: Mebbies he doesn't think he needs to, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, sure. Just wait until Redemption starts kicking out of his best stuff.

JC tears his way free of the ring skirting, while Redemption busies himself with the opportunity at hand.  From beneath the ring, Redemption drags out a large cardboard box, flipping the lid back to reveal dozens of replacement bulbs for the ring lighting.  Redemption grabs JC just as he frees himself, Redemption arm dragging JC towards the box of lightbulbs, but JC pivots through, keeping his footing, and hip tosses Redemption in response, sending Redemption the opposite direction  and getting both men clear of the hazard.  JC tackles Redemption to the ground with a running shoulder block, but Redemption rolls through and launches JC off of him with a monkey flip, JC landing flat on his back while Redemption rolls through back to his feet.  Redemption flips the commentary table over, sending it spilling over JC and pinning him beneath the upside-down table, then jumps on top of the table base, crushing JC between the table and floor.  Redemption continues jumping up and down on top of the table, until JC finally gets his knees up from beneath the table, bracing it firmly enough that Redemption's weight causes the table to crack and fold.

Ray Payne: I nevah seens someone break a table like dat, yo.

Terra Skye: Redemption's trying anything and everything to hurt JC enough to pin him here.

Johnny Vegas: As he should! If my job was on the line I'd light a guy on fire!

Ray Payne: Shuld we be callins da cops, Missus Terra?

Terra Skye: No, I think Vegas is just drunk.

Johnny Vegas: I'll tell YOU when I've had enough!

Terra Skye: Better sober up, Vegas, we've got a long night ahead of us.

Redemption teeters off balance when the table gives way beneath him, and JC blasts a fist up through the broken fold in the table, taking hold of Redemption by the ankle and pulling his feet out from under him.  JC stands, tearing the broken table in two in the process, while Redemption scrambles to crawl away.  Grabbing Redemption by the ankle, JC pulls him backward, twisting Redemption's legs together into a cloverleaf, only for Redemption's hand to take grip on one of the metal legs from the broken table, jerking it free of the wreckage and swinging it backward over his shoulder, smacking the steel tube over the back of JC's head.  JC wobbles for a moment, dizzied by the blow, and Redemption is back on his feet, two-handing the metal table leg and braining JC with it over the head and shoulders.  JC tries desperately to cover up, taking several shots to the forearms until he manages to find his footing and then power his way into Redemption with a Lou Thesz press, knocking Redemption down to the floor.

Terra Skye: No one's went for a pinfall in a while, but I guess they still have a lot of hatred for each other.

Johnny Vegas: Please don't get into JC's tragic backstory again. We get it. Friend hurt, brother hurt, yadda yadda yadda.

Ray Payne: Danks for savins Missus Terra da troubles, yo.

Johnny Vegas: DAMN IT!

JC delivers a stunning double-axe handle over Redemption's forehead, bouncing his opponent's skull off the unrelenting concrete floor.  Then knocking the table leg free from Redemption's grip, JC drags him back up, hoisting Redemption overhead and gorilla pressing him through the ropes and into the ring.  JC grabs hold of the bottom rope and begins to climb to the apron, but Redemption cuts him short, kicking backward with a boot to JC's face that knocks him from the apron to the floor and leaves him staggered.  JC leans against the apron, taking a moment to regain his bearings, and Redemption is quick to capitalize, nailing JC squarely in the skull with a baseball slide drop kick.  JC stumbles, but catches hold of Redemption's left ankle, refusing to let go as Redemption tries to break away.  JC shuffles forward, still dazed but dragging Redemption along the apron while Redemption desperately claws at the canvas in an attempt to break free.  Parting Redemption's legs around the metal turnbuckle post, JC pulls Redemption into the corner, while Redemption wraps both arms around the bottom turnbuckle, clutching it close to his chest in a way which prevents JC from being able to crotch Redemption around the steel post.  JC, however, has other things in mind.

Terra Skye: I don't like that gleam in JC's eye.

Johnny Vegas: He's just as crazy as his friend! Get outta there Redemption!

Ray Payne: Since whens do yo likes Mistah Dempers, yo?

Johnny Vegas: Since he made Trent lose to Garbage Fence. Fan FOR LIFE.

Terra Skye: That's just one of the reasons JC is trying to end his career here tonight.

JC crosses Redemption's legs over, taking a firm grip and then tipping backward, locking down a figure four around the ring post.  Redemption clings to the bottom turnbuckle, his muscles straining against the weight of JC's entire body trying to pull him in the last of the way to cinch down the incredibly destructive hold.  Redemption holds fast, supporting JC's weight against his interlocked knees, clearly in pain while Referee Rey kneels into position to check for a submission.  Redemption adamantly shakes his head No, breaking his grip with one arm and making a desperate and dangerous transition until he is now hugging around the middle turnbuckle, pulling himself up the post and lifting JC up further along for the ride.  Referee Rey continues to consult with Redemption, while JC hangs upside-down at the ring post, Redemption's legs locked around the metal pillar, JC showing no signs of releasing his grip.  Redemption bobs his head in a circle, making a motion that could be either a 'yes' or a 'no', and Referee Rey leans in closer, asking about the submission.  In a flash, Redemption releases the turnbuckle, both hands clasping Referee Rey by the shoulders.  JC's weight drags Redemption down with a crashing boom against the canvas, JC fully locking the figure-four into position, Redemption's knee wrenching horrifically forward, and yet Redemption's grip on the referee allows him to pull White Rey into the corner, sending Referee Rey spilling between the ropes, the two-hundred pound referee crashing into JC and breaking the hold.

Terra Skye: OH COME ON!

Johnny Vegas: Come on, what? Did you expect him to just let JC continue to hurt his knee?

Ray Payne: Mistah Rey did has nuthin to do wits it, yo.

Johnny Vegas: I think he had a lot to do with it. HAHA!

Terra Skye: More disgusting comments from a disgusting drunk. Nothing to see here, folks.

Boy: Crazy voodoo and mojo locks on the crowning of a new ape!

Redemption scrambles across the canvas, crawling across the ring, while JC disregards Referee Rey, gathering himself up and rolling back into the ring.  JC stalks after Redemption, while rolls under the bottom rope and out onto the apron.  Redemption uses the ropes to help himself stand, while JC closes in, taking hold of Redemption by the head as if to snapmare him back into the ring, when Redemption jerks downward on JC's skull, bringing him throat first over the top rope.  JC snaps upright, clutching his throat and coughing as he struggles for breath, and Redemption follows up quickly, standing on the apron and marching JC down along the ropes before bouncing JC's skull off the top turnbuckle.  JC staggers backward, then returns with a backhand chop across Redemption's chest which echoes a smack throughout the arena.  And a second.  JC hooks Redemption up in a front face lock, then hoists him into vertical suplex position, but JC stalls as Redemption hooks an arm over the top rope, and when JC moves to tip backwards, Redemption holds fast, landing back on his feet on the apron while JC slips awkwardly, leaving himself wide open.  Redemption spears his head between the ropes, nailing JC in the midsection with a shoulder thrust and doubling him over in pain.  Then hooking JC up and into position, Redemption flips JC backwards, over the top rope with the Neon Lights Suplex, sending JC crashing downward into the opened crate of light bulbs with an explosion of breaking glass.


Terra Skye: What they said!

Ray Payne: Dat is nasties, yo. Mistah JayCEe's back gonna be cuts up.

Terra Skye: It's one thing to have something to break your fall but that can't have helped.

Johnny Vegas: When he wakes up in a hospital bed tomorrow out of a job, maybe he'll wonder if this was all worth it.

Terra Skye: The match isn't over yet, Vegas.

Redemption drops down from the apron, limping over towards JC, clearly favoring his left leg.  JC shifts his weight, letting out a second cry of pain as any direction he moves only seems to cause more broken glass to dig into his arms and back.  Redemption paces around the crate, motioning several times as if he were about to help JC up from the glass, only to withdraw his hand and cause JC to dig deeper in.  Pausing to give a golf clap sarcastic applause, Redemption taunts JC, only for JC to kip himself back up to his feet and explode into Redemption with a spear, driving him backward against the security railing.  Redemption rakes his fingers across JC's eyes, temporarily blinding him, then scoops JC up for a running powerslam, however Redemption's leg gives out after the third step, unable to support JC's weight on top of his own, and Redemption fumbles JC, dropping him on the back of his head instead of planting him squarely on his back, still peppered with shards of broken glass.  JC raises to his knees, placing one hand on Redemption just to steady himself as the arena seems to spin, and muscles Redemption forward, flipping him over and taking him to the ground with a kneeling fireman's carry takedown.  Redemption lays flat on his back at ringside, breathing heavily, while JC lingers on his hands and knees, trying to shake the cobwebs free.

Terra Skye: JC has a history of concussions, so any time he gets his bell rung there's always a chance it happens again.

Johnny Vegas: If the poor guy can't get hit in the head without injuring himself, then maybe he should just give up and leave!

Ray Payne: She din say dat, yo.

Terra Skye: Not at all. I was just saying that he has to be smarter here.

Johnny Vegas: Good fucking luck with that.

JC makes his way to his feet, stumbling towards Redemption and grabbing him by the head to pull him up, only for Redemption to swing around gripping a piece of wood from the broken table, clobbering JC across the side of the face and smashing his weapon to splinters.  Toe kicking JC in the midsection, Redemption doubles him over and then gutwrenches him up overhead, bringing JC down with an arc of a powerbomb that clips the back of JC's skull against the security railing.  JC cradles his head in both arms, defensiveless as Redemption hoists him up a second time, as if to deliver the second in a series of powerbombs, but Redemption's knee buckles beneath him and he topples backward while JC is at his peak, JC tipping over in a reverse electric chair drop and smashing into the ring apron while Redemption falls to the floor.  Clutching hold of the ropes, JC pulls himself up and rolls back into the ring, leaving large, bloody smears on the canvas anywhere his back lays.  Redemption raises to his feet, limping around ringside until he searches out the discarded table leg, then uses it as a makeshift cane, halfway supporting his weight while he climbs onto the apron.  Redemption steps through the ropes, approaching JC while brandishing the metal table leg, with JC only barely having managed to reach the corner and use the turnbuckles to help him recover his footing.

Terra Skye: This match is getting vicious, and again, no pinfalls have been attempted.

Ray Payne: Mistah JayCee did tries to make Dempy tap out, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah and it didn't work.

Terra Skye: He has done significant damage to that leg though, so who knows?

Johnny Vegas: I do. Did you see those shots to the head he took? JC is done.

Redemption canes JC across the back with the metal tube.  JC howls in pain.  A second and a third time, Redemption whacks away across JC's bloodied back, bits of glass knocking free from JC and scattering across the canvas.  JC throws a back elbow, catching Redemption square in the mouth, then spins around with a discus clothesline which flips Redemption head over heels, but leaves JC dizzy enough that he has to grab hold of the top rope to steady himself.  Redemption raises back to his feet, stalking around the disorientated JC and feeling out his prey.  A low swing of the metal tube, cracking JC across the shins.  JC leans forward, as if to protect his legs, and then is surprised by a high angled strike which clubs him over the back of the head.  JC's eyes are swimming, his posture unsteady, one hand maintaining an iron grip over the top rope just to keep himself orientated.  Redemption steps forward with a baseball style swing of the metal tube, directly at JC's face, but JC sidesteps, wrapping over Redemption's shoulders and baring him down to the canvas in a crossface, the pipe safely trapped at bay, that arm scissored between JC's legs.  Redemption hooks his foot over the bottom rope to break the hold, but JC refuses to release him and Referee Rey cannot threaten disqualification, leaving Redemption utterly trapped.

Terra Skye: Oh damn look, a crossface! JC hasn't used that since his early days!

Johnny Vegas: How the hell do you even know that?

Terra Skye: Unlike you, I like to be a professional about my job.

Ray Payne: Yeah, dat's right, yo.

Johnny Vegas: I'll be professional once I work for a professional company.

Terra Skye: No professional company would have you.

Boy: OH, BURN!

Hooking his legs around the bottom rope, Redemption drags both men towards the apron, moving JC inch by inch until Redemption is finally able to secure a hand on the edge of the ring and muscle himself under the bottom rope.  JC keeps the crossface locked down tight, despite the fact Redemption continues to drag them, and as Redemption finally passes over the edge of the ring, both men topple together to the floor, crashing hard to the cement and Redemption finally escaping JC's grasp.  Redemption pulls himself upright with the assistance of the apron, watching as JC flounders to his feet, and then toe kicks JC in the midsection, doubling him over before taking JC down with a three-quarters front facecrusher. 

Johnny Vegas: Great. We're back to the floor again.

Terra Skye: Gotta give Redemption credit, he was dead to rights and he knew it, so he had to think his way out of the submission hold.

Ray Payne: Mistah JayCee sure is usin a lots of dose, yo.

Terra Skye: Maybe he's trying to prove a point.

Johnny Vegas: Wasn't it you that said NO ONE is going to tap out here?

Terra Skye: Has anyone tapped out? No? Then shut your damn mouth!

Redemption knuckle thrusts JC in the throat, then spins him around with a dos-e-do, whipping JC into the security railing with an impact that causes droplets of blood to bounce off of JC's back and spray over the first two rows.  Redemption comes forward with a running big boot, but JC pushes off of the barricade, shoulder blocking into him and slamming Redemption down with a brutal spinebuster.  JC pulls Redemption back upright, rolling him into the ring, and follows in close behind.  Redemption lays still, playing possum, while JC advances slowly.  JC reaches down to take hold of Redemption, and Redemption pulls JC into a small package.


TWO! JC kicks out, breaking Redemption's grip, but on the defensive as Redemption rolls him over with a big right hand to the face.  Redemption recovers his footing, blasting JC in the fast with a knee lift which snaps him upright.  Delivering a blatant low blow, Redemption doubles JC over in pain, then hooks him into piledriver position.  Undeserved Salvation!  Redemption drapes himself over JC with a cover, breathing a visible sigh of relief.



THR--NO! JC pulls his shoulder up.

Terra Skye: Redemption tried to take the cheap way out and JC still managed to hold on!

Ray Payne: But dey is both gettin tires, yo.

Johnny Vegas: At least JC won't be able to father any more children after tonight, heh heh.

Terra Skye: Anyway, Redemption seems determined to send JC out of here forever but so far it hasn't happened.

Johnny Vegas: Yet. It's only a matter of time. They can't keep up this pace.

Redemption looks entirely deflated, looking to Referee Rey and getting the disappointing assurance that it was only a two count.  Redemption keeps the pressure on, pulling JC up and swinging him around with an irish whip.  JC bounces off the ropes, returning with a head of steam, and Redemption drops flat, JC jogging over and colliding with the far ropes instead, bouncing again as Redemption keeps up the disorientating display.  JC zeroes in on Redemption, baring down on him and ducking his head low.  JC pushes through with a shoulder block, but Redemption leap frogs over JC's shoulders.  JC races through colliding with the ropes again, bouncing back, this time stumbling as he spins dizzyingly around.  Redemption catches JC on the return, flipping him over with a tilt-a-whirl slam.  Redemption takes hold of JC by both ankles, stepping through to tie him up in the Gesture of Friendship, but JC scissors his legs down hard Redemptions, jerking him down into a grapevine ankle lock.  Redemption kicks his free leg directly into JC's face to break the grip, Redemption scrambling free while JC pulls himself back to his feet.

Terra Skye: Again Redemption avoids the submission. He's very calculating and this late in the game he knows his legs are his weakness.

Johnny Vegas: Meanwhile JC keeps letting himself get kicked in the head like a moron.

Ray Payne: I don't dink he's letting anything happen, yo.

Terra Skye: That's right. Johnny's just being ignorant again.

Johnny Vegas: Stop calling me names, whore!

Redemption rocks JC with a right hand to the face, staggering him backward, then jerking JC back in with short-arm elbow shot to the teeth.  JC staggers backward, leaning against the turnbuckles, his head swimming.  Redemption backs up across the ring, racing back towards JC and leaping into the air with a big body splash.  JC moves himself out of the way at the last moment, Redemption coming up empty, crashing into the turnbuckles and stumbling backwards, and JC snaps forward, drilling Redemption with an explosive big boot of death.  JC's boot catches Redemption squarely under the chin, knocking his head backward with a whiplash blow that strips Redemption's mask from his face.  Redemption looks dazed, his eyes dilated at the sudden flash of light.  Redemption drops to his knees, slowly touching one hand to his face in shock.

Johnny Vegas: Holy shit! REDEMPTION IS DRAKE MUNDAY!

Terra Skye: You asshat. We already knew that.

Johnny Vegas: It's weird seeing this guy without a mask. He looks like everyone else.

Ray Payne: He doesn't seem to likes bein maskless, yo.

Terra Skye: To say the least. It's broken something inside it seems.

JC hesitates for a moment, watching as Redemption slowly raises back to his feet, looking at JC without being hidden behind a mask.  JC paces around in a broad circle, clearing his head, then moves forward with another big boot of death.  Redemption drops backward, dipping beneath the big boot, then delivers a combination palm thrust-leg sweep that knocks JC off his feet. Redemption pulls JC up into a rear chin lock, cinching down tight and choking the life out of him.  JC arches forward, bracing his legs beneath him and raising to his feet.  Redemption stays clamped on tight, riding JC with a backpack sleeper, while JC wobbles on his feet.  JC throws himself backward against the turnbuckle, smashing Redemption against the turnbuckles, bits of glass from JC's back leaving a crosshatch of scratches over Redemption's chest.  Redemption's grip slips, and JC throws an elbow backward to the midsection, breaking his way free.  JC shoulder blocks Redemption against the turnbuckles.  Then a second time.  Redemption crowns JC's shoulders with a double forearm chop.  Redemption claps his arms together, boxing JC's ears, leaving JC stunned and disorientated.  JC stumbles backward, and Redemption pushes himself up, taking a seat on the top turnbuckle and starting to stand, but JC is still too quick to recover, lifting Redemption off the turnbuckle and planting him on the canvas with a powerslam.  JC slowly climbs the turnbuckle, taking his own position, towering over the downed Redemption.

Terra Skye: Um, JC isn't a guy who goes to the top anymore...what the hell is he doing?

Johnny Vegas: Preparing to kill himself?

Ray Payne: Dat's not funnies, yo.

Johnny Vegas: It's a little funny.

Terra Skye: Not really.

JC takes a deep breath, then leaps from the turnbuckle.  He flips himself backward in shooting star fashion, and the audience explodes with cheers, but JC doesn't get quite as much air as he did in his younger days and cannot quite complete the flip rotation, coming down head first into Redemption's chest, the move devastating Redemption, but taking every bit as much out of JC in the process.  JC and Redemption both lay on the canvas, writhing in pain, JC clutching his head while Redemption is doubled over in the fetal position.  Redemption crawls over towards JC, hooking a leg and rolling him backward.




Terra Skye: FUCKING SHIT! JC threw out everything he could just now and it almost cost him!

Johnny Vegas: Dumbass.

Ray Payne: I seen a match where he actually dids dat, yo.

Terra Skye: But that was almost twenty years ago! What the hell was he thinking?

Redemption raises back to his knees, clapping both hands over his face, while JC crawls towards the ropes and pulls himself back up to his feet.  Redemption turns, and then lays eyes on the metal table leg laying discarded on the far side of the ring.  Redemption crawls on his hands and knees after it, while JC stalks after him.  JC lunges, grabbing Redemption by the ankle, just as Redemption catches grip on the metal tube, swinging it around and connecting with the side of JC's face, sending him spilling to the canvas. Redemption raises back to his feet, caning JC over the back with the metal tube.  JC scrambles for the ropes, Redemption slamming him with the table leg repeatedly over the back.  JC wilts under the assault, being driven down to the mat, then trying to muscle his way back up.  Redemption dips the metal pipe under JC's chin, pulling backward against JC's throat and using the pipe to choke the life out of him.  JC thrashes and struggles against it, going red in the face, his hands trembling and knees shaking.  Redemption pulls back and up, dragging JC up off his knees, strangling away at JC.  JC grabs hold of the metal pipe, struggling against Redemption, trying to press it away for enough slack to catch a breath, but Redemption's iron grip will not be budged.  JC's face begins to shift from red to purple, ears going dark and his legs wobbling.  Then JC reverses his tactic, pulling backward with Redemption and forcing it against himself, their combined strength kinking the metal tube against JC's throat and folding it at an angle, buying JC a breath as he bends his way free of the metal.  JC gets a much needed gasp of breath as Redemption's weapon folds.

Terra Skye: Redemption tried to outright choke JC out and it was only barely avoided.

Ray Payne: I dun dink he woulda stopped deres.

Terra Skye: Maybe not, but we forget that his opponent does have a strength advantage here.

Johnny Vegas: How about more praise for Redemption for trying to save his career by any means necessary?

Terra Skye: Yes, he's pulling his weight here. He almost had JC gone for good.

JC falters to one knee, wheezing and panting, while Redemption hooks him around the skull, twisting him around for The Darkness. JC pivots through, hooking Redemption behind the knee and hoisting him over JC's shoulders.  JC drives Redemption down hard with the Solitaire Unraveling.  Throwing himself over Redemption with a lateral press, JC makes the cover.



tHR...NO! Redemption pulls up his shoulder.

Terra Skye: At this point I have no idea what either guy can do to put the other one away.

Ray Payne: Mebbies dey gon use Johnnies gun idea.

Johnny Vegas: YES! USE A GUN!

Terra Skye: You're sick and deluded.

Johnny Vegas: And you're a Hampton-fucking moron!

JC looks distraught, rolling over into a sitting position, still trying to catch his breath, while Redemption limps his way back to his feet. Suddenly, a figure is seen out of the crowd, carrying a sledgehammer. The man slides into the ring...


Johnny Vegas: WHAT THE HELL!?

Terra Skye: Holy shit! That's GI! That's JC's brother!

Ray Payne: Dat's not goods for Mistah Dempy, yo.

Terra Skye: Not at all!

GI eyes both men as he gets in the ring, still with a slight limp on his heavily braced knee. The maskless Redemption looks distraught but he charges forward anyway, hoping to get GI out of the ring before any damage is done. GI throws his still-healing leg in the air and kicks Redemption in the mouth with the brace! Redemption sputters and stumbles into the ropes, as GI winces putting his leg down. As Redemption turns back around, GI swings the sledgehammer down right into Redemption's bad knee! Redemption falls to the ground holding his leg as security has already spilled into the ring. They grab GI and tackle him down as they would any fan, dragging him out of the ring. GI, a look of rage on his face, still holds his hands up and lets himself get escorted away from the ring. He gets a glare at JC, who looks a shocked to see him as anyone, and demands that he "END IT."

Terra Skye: Well I think GI's message is clear! He wants this over with!

Ray Payne: Not even Mistah JayCee knows day he was here, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Bullshit! I call conspiracy! Shenanigans! They were in on it!

Terra Skye: Redemption is in a lot of trouble, because he's down and in pain and JC is not!

JC stares down at Redemption, who is holding his knee in agony, before seizing his ankles. JC steps over and sits in deep, locking Redemption down in his own Gesture of Friendship.  Redemption lets out a scream, clawing at the canvas to pull himself towards the ropes, only for JC to purposely lower his center of gravity.  Then, in an instant, Redemption's knee buckles sideways, entirely blown out and no longer hinged.  Redemption nods to Referee Rey, who pushes JC away, Redemption's broken husk left in the center of the ring.

Kelly Carmichael: HERE IS YOUR WINNER.....JC! Therefore, Redemption MUST RETIRE!

Terra Skye: What a fucking WAR that was. JC and Redemption beat the hell out of each other and then...I don't know, is GI back?

Ray Payne: He was still limpins, yo. I dun know.

Johnny Vegas: Those fucking guys were in cahoots to do this!

Terra Skye: And given all the things Redemption tried just in this match, I think he deserved it!

Johnny Vegas: You fucking hypocrite! It's okay with JC does it but Redemption can't do anything!

Ray Payne: He din know, Mistah Jonnies. You see his face, yo.

Redemption lays on the canvas, his knee twisted virtually sideways, still writhing in pain.  EMTS scramble at the stage, beginning to work a stretcher down the ramp, climbing into the ring and swarming Redemption in an attempt to immobilize his leg and remove him from the ring.  Redemption shoves them back, shouting threats, remaining firmly seated in the middle of the ring.  Redemption rolls over onto his hands and knees, crawling towards the ropes under his own power.  JC bends over, touching the canvas, then turns and follows after Redemption, closing in on the broken man.  As Redemption rolls out under the bottom rope, hobbling one legged while clutching the apron for support, JC leans down, offering Redemption his mask.  Redemption takes his mask in hand, looks at it for a moment, then tosses it to the ground, resting near the security railing at ringside.  Using the guard rail as support, Drake Munday limps one legged, pressing his way up the ramp and out of the prying eyes of the crowd.

Terra Skye: Well I guess that says everything it needed to. Drake Munday, Redemption, whoever, is done in wrestling.

Ray Payne: It was nice of JCs to show respect after, doh.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah. "Hey Redemption, sorry I stole your career with my hobbled-ass, shouldn't-even-be-here-ass brother!"

As if summoned, GI comes back out to ringside, still with a slight limp, and rolls into the ring. He hugs his brother and they stand there side by side celebrating JC's victory.

A Message From Tweeder

At all Carnage Wrestling events, there is a ball pit strategically placed by one member of the ring crew. It is never in the same location twice and each time, a different member of the ring crew sets it up. It is up to them to decide where to place it which means they have to arrive early before anyone else to set it up. These ball pits do not have the same magic powers that the one in the Carnage Arena has. This has become a quest for Carnage wrestlers to find so they can claim they have found the ball pit. Only Tweeder has managed to find it more than once and now he has struck lucky once again. Of all place, the ball pit is located in some old unisex toilet in the Royal Farms Arena which even the staff there has forgotten about. Sitting on the edge of the ball pit and making sure his feet didn’t touch the ground, Tweeder has a bottle of Jamison Irish whisky in one hand and a cigarette in the other.


Tweeder: It is kind of fitting that the ball pit is in a toilet area. The foul stench is horrific, but that has it’s own analogy. For six months Carnage Wrestling has been a toilet in a way. Gone are those who seemed to honestly care about it and enter those who only care about what they can get or how much money they can generate. Dr. Winn and JD Mohr didn’t seem to care too much about making millions of the Legion. They cared about bringing wrestling back to the humble beginnings and giving people a product people could enjoy. Some called it garbage and I remember when people said we wouldn’t last six weeks. Yet here Carnage Wrestling stands and yet again, we are being called garbage. It would be one thing if it was an outsider, but it is people who actually work for Carnage.

Taking a drag and then a gulp of whisky, Tweeder continues.

Tweeder: Kris Kristofferson once said that freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose. It seems that people don’t realize the freedom they have. You have groups of people who rather ruin that freedom while there are people who have or are willing to kill just for the freedom people here have. While everyone says I had turned my back on Carnage Wrestling after The Network let their virus, also known as Jason Bridges in and I showed how little I cared about Carnage. I was asked to play nice to The Network and work with them. I did and as he took control, he slowly, but surely started breaking things that was never his to begin with. I never wanted him fired, but reassigned to the pencil pushing job he deserves. I waited until the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. I have seen how he has treated Will Prydor, Lucas Silvia, Kyra, and worst of all, the Legion who has been with Carnage through the thick and thin. That isn’t something Bridges or his lap dogs understand. Did I turn my back on Carnage and the Legion? No I didn’t. I was just waiting for the perfect time to act and when Kyra asked me to join the team she was forming, how could I refuse at the opportunity I have been waiting for. I will show them the freedom they have been throwing away and bring them back to it.

Tweeder laughs knowing he has hit a sore spot.

Tweeder: I have been watching Carnage while I tended my school in Florida. Just because I am not always seen doesn’t mean I am not watching. I have been paying attention to who has been doing what, but some people think that just because they have improved in a year, means they are ready to take on the greats of wrestling. Yet they wouldn’t stand a chance against the best that are out there. They can’t conceal the pain no longer, because, from my vantage point, no matter how cleverly Zodiac and Cruxifix may sneak upon a mirror, their reflections are always right there, to stare back at them. And do you know what they see? They see two troubled, tortured, tormented souls. I wish I could help them, but this is their destiny and I feel their pain.

Tweeder pauses to take a drag from his cigarette before he continues.

Tweeder: Rodiac acts like he is the Wizard of Oz and knows why Amy Jo Smyth and I haven’t been a tag team lately. If you haven’t noticed, we both have different schedules and while we are planning on teaming up again, we both have bigger fish to fry. Now if you would like us to take the tag team titles off your hands, then we will be more than happy to do so. Your little partner thinks you two have held your own against the best, but living in a bubble just makes you a big fish in a little pond. Yes, you haven’t tried to take on the best in other places now have you? That is why I say your little boy band is not as dominate as you think you are. I know you both are just scared bunny rabbits who try to act tough. You two are the blind and green ones.

Now drinking some of his whisky, Tweeder pauses on a more delightful subject.

Tweeder: Oh Jackie boy, you misunderstand me. In fact, I don’t think you really understand how these things work. This is like a game of cheese where strategy is involved. Surely a man with your experience knows this? Think of it as a play at a theatre. You see the finished product, but unless you know the actors and actresses personally, you don’t know what they have done to get to the polished product. This is excluding all the stage hands who are also part of the play. I do like one thing you said, about fighting to make dreams a reality. That is something kids these days don’t understand. My dream is still a reality and there are things in motion that you don’t even realize. You see Jack, I have been fighting, but just now you are seeing it. It is sad that we have to face each other this way. Instead of wrestlers being mercenaries, there was a code of honor. Maybe you have forgotten about it. Perhaps you have because Amber Ryan doesn’t seem to hold the same as I remember what she said when she won the Carnage World title. She threaten to hold it hostage and didn’t seem to give a damn. While she may have been a better champion than Lennox, she is ok sacrificing her values for Bridges who she called a power hungry cockroach. The teacher has failed the student in teaching her about wrestling tradition.

Tweeder stops for a moment and pulls out an Arsenal jersey with Lukas Podolski #9 on it. Tweeder just smiles.

Tweeder: Oh Raab, it is so good to finally hear from you. The only real people I have a true issue with is Bridges, Rodiac, and Brucifix. The rest I really don’t care about, but you do provide an interesting challenge. I heard people comparing you to Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee. As for taking things to the extreme, you can try, but Trent Steel and I are more likely to have a hold my beer while outdoing each other. As for you putting me on a stretcher and retiring me, many have tried and all have failed. So if you want a scrap, who am I to say no? Speaking of football, you talked about how Koln beat Arsenal and I support the wrong team. Funny you forgot about the first time Arsenal played Koln in the Europa Cup, Koln lost 3-1. So if add up all the goals from the two games, Arsenal wins 3-2 on aggregate. Besides, your team is a yo yo going up and down. No wonder Podolski left when he had the chance. Fate has brought me to these crossroads and I WILL NOT be held accountable for my actions. We are your judge. We are your jury. We are your executioners. Welcome to Ultra Violence.

Coming Soon

Sitting demurely in an airport lounge is the newest potential wrestler for Carnage Wrestling, Goto Mai. Mai waves at the camera, carefully checking that her ladies style orchid colored suit is just so, and that her legs are crossed in demure and professional fashion. Her dark hair is up in two pony-knots, and she pats them as well before she turns a huge warm smile to the camera, her hands moving animatedly as she speaks.








She then stands and bows a little to the camera, taking the handle of her rolling carry-on bag she teeters on her high heels as she walks, apparently having heard the boarding call for her flight.

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Match Three: Amy Jo Smyth vs. Melody Lennox

Terra Skye: Well, it looks like we've got ANOTHER debut on the way in Carnage Wrestling!

Johnny Vegas: You actually understood that?

Terra Skye: I understood the coming soon part.

Ray Payne: Yo, I doght I was duh only ones, yo.

Johnny Vegas: For once I felt what it was like to be you all the time. I hate you even more now.


Terra Skye: Anyway, up next we have our World title match. It should be interesting as Melody Lennox lost her belt to Sabiru at this event last year.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah but Sabiru's probably dead somewhere. Now we have Amy Jo representing us.

Ray Payne: I likes Miss Ames, yo. She is a lot nicer to me backstage dan miss Mellie.

Johnny Vegas: That's because you're a guy and she likes...

Terra Skye: Johnny, don't you even continue that sentence.

Johnny Vegas: I'm a HALL OF FAMER. I will say whatever I want. Now what was I saying?

The lights dim down, a swirling series of flashing crowd lights in shades of red filling up the Carnage Arena. The upbeat tempo of "Gossip" by Sleeping With Sirens begins to play over the PA system. As the intro delves into the chorus of the track, the small but vicious Melody Lennox appears on the stage, being greeted by an unrelenting mixed reaction. Apathy is written across the face of the woman known as "The Villainess," rolling her eyes as she posed on the stage. Undoing the grommets to her entrance jacket, Melody walks down the ramp, ignoring the outstretched hands of the fans with a roll of her eyes, the former crowd favorite rolling her eyes and scoffing at their pleas.

Melody Lennox

Kelly Carmichael: The following contest is set for one fall and it is for the CARNAGE WRESTLING WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, from Huntington Beach, California, weighing in at an even one-hundred pounds...MELODY LENNOX!

Climbing onto the apron with the assistance of the middle rope, Melody walked along the outer edge and ascended the outside turnbuckle. Climbing to the top and posing once again, she shrugged her open jacket off and let it fall to the floor, revealing one of her self-promotional tops and a pair of very short shorts. Stepping from the turnbuckle, she jumped from the top rope to the apron and showcased herself, the arrogant gloating earning her a rousing round of boos while "Gossip" faded to the distance and Melody made her way to a corner, stretching her arms across the top rope and staring across the ring with contempt.

Terra Skye: Melody tried very hard to get the champion to acknowledge her for the past month and when Amy Jo finally did, Melody probably didn't enjoy the result.

Johnny Vegas: It was a fucking cheap shot! Melody was just announcing her cash-in and what did our champion do? Assault her! For what?

Ray Payne: It could bes all da insults, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, because I'm sure Little Miss Perfect has never insulted anyone ever.

Terra Skye: Either way, Melody finally got what she wanted and tonight she'll try to take the world title back.

Ray Payne: I can'ts decide who is gunna winz, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Amy jo Smyth is no Sabiru, so I think Melody will take it.

Terra Skye: Nice unbiased commentary, Johnny.

The lights suddenly drop to nothing, plunging the entire arena into pure darkness. “Shoot to Thrill” by Halestorm starts slowly but the arena still remains dark. A single spotlight lands on the entranceway, falling on Amy Jo Smyth in a golden hood. She slowly lifts her arm, showing off a metallic gold elbow sleeve that covers her elbow, and raises a clenched fist into the air. The lights pop back on and Smyth spins around on her toes to face the crowd, glitter cannon in hand. She wears brand new ring gear, including matching metallic gold elbow sleeves, black and gold boots that match knee pads, all of it offset by a long, hooded cape made of that same metallic gold.

Amy Jo Smyth

I got my gun at the ready gonna fire at will
‘Cause I shoot to thrill and I’m ready to kill
I can’t get enough and I can’t get my fill
Shoot to thrill play to kill
Pull the trigger, pull it
Pull it, pull it
Pull the trigger

The Good Doctor aims the cannon upward and pulls the trigger. Large pieces of golden glitter shoot into the air and rain down over the crowd. She moves to her left and fires off another round.

Kelly Carmichael: Ladies and gentlemen, hailing from Dirty Jersey, weighing in at 160-pounds…She is the Good Doctor and the CARNAGE WRESTLING WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… AMY JOOOOOOOO SMMMMYYYYYYYTH!!!

Smyth hands the cannon off to the nearest person who has been waiting in the wings and opens the cape to expose her black t-shirt that reads, “Rise Up!” in golden letters. She slowly makes her way down the ramp as golden lights flash around her, giving the occasional fist bump, and stops just before the ring. After a quick moment of listening to the crowd, she rushes forward, slides into the ring, and stands. She throws down her hood and glares at Roberts more before jumping up on the turnbuckle. She throws up a fist, leaps down, slides out of her robe, gently folding it up, and passess it off to the ringside staff. She throws up another fist and turns to expose the back of her sleeveless t-shirt, it reads, “WITH FISTS!” in that same gold lettering.

Terra Skye: And here comes the champion, hoping to make her first defense!

Johnny Vegas: I've talked to some of the guys in the back...

Terra Skye: Nobody likes you in the back!


Ray Payne: Nobodies likes dem eeders, Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: Anyway, the scuttlebutt is that the world title is cursed right now. Nobody's been able to defend it since Sabiru's first reign. Think about it. Altus, Sabiru, Ryan...

Terra Skye: All very talented individuals.

Johnny Vegas: And they all lost the belt in their first defense. Amy Jo's just gonna continue a trend.

Ray Payne: Missus Ames deserves more credits dan dat, yo.

Boy: IRON ORANGES! The sixth hour for Mother's awakening is upon the Dylan!


The two stand in their opposite corners for a moment, with Amy Jo stretching out and Melody staring a hole through her with a look of contempt on her face. They finally begin to circle with the much taller Amy Jo attempting to close the distance on Melody, who is having none of it. It becomes a chase of sorts, with Amy Jo finally get her hands on Lennox as he attempts to get out, with Melody screaming at referee Silent Cal to back her up. Cal gets in between the two and silently asks Smyth to step back, so she does so and they're back to square one. They begin to circle again and Amy Jo quickly tries for a double leg, but it's a half-hearted attempt meant to spook Melody. Lennox avoids the grab and gets in a defensive position, not wanting to make any contact at the early start.

Johnny Vegas: Oh come on, get to the hair pulling and the blood spilling.. JESUS!

Ray Payne: I does nots dinks dat dis wills be's dat kindah matches, yo.

Terra Skye: There have been many times tonight when I've wondered WHO in their right mind actually voted YOU into the Hall of--


Terra Skye: Ugh.  Let's get back to the match.  Melody is keeping her distance here in the early going, possibly trying to get into Smyth's head? 

Ray Payne: Possibilies yo.  I dink she iz jus tryins tah get Miss Smyfies tireds, yo. 

They finally get closer and the two get in a collar-and-elbow tie-up, but AJS uses her strength advantage to transition that into a waistlock, before picking up Melody and slamming her abdomen-first to the mat. She then spins on Melody's back and gets her in a front face-lock on the ground, holding her there. Melody spots her opening and takes it, however, picking the arm of Smyth and twisting it to slide out of the hold, before moving around and getting a wrist and armlock combo! Smyth cries out in pain as Lennox sits down on the hold, but manages to get to her feet when Lennox maintains control of the wrist, pulling AJS forward into a side headlock.

Johnny Vegas: The only time I want to see two women laying down together is when--

Terra Skye: JOHNNY!

Ray Payne: Doins whut, yo?

Terra Skye: RAY!  Don't encourage him.  Aren't you supposed to be mad at him?

Ray Payne: I knows Boys iz, yo.

Boy: Twist of orange slices after three in the afternoon when mothers hemorrhoids!

Terra Skye: That didn't sound like it was nice.  I think I'm just going to leave that alone, and Johnny.. you should too.  I'm fairly certain Boy is going to kill you in your sleep tonight... So you might want to be nice to him.

Johnny Vegas: LIKE HELL I WILL! 

Smyth quickly peppers Lennox with right hands to the abdomen to get her to release the hold. She grabs Melody's arm, ducks underneath and pulls her into a side-headlock of her own. Melody tries to fight out of it, but Smyth simply unleashes a basic headlock takedown to send her to the mat and maintain control. Melody attempts to push out but Smyth has the hold on tight. Melody, completely aware of where Silent Cal is positioned, reaches up and grabs a hand full of Smyth's hair, knowing the referee can't see, and pulls her head down applying a legscissors on the head of the champion. AJS kicks her legs to try and push out, instead rotates her body with the back of her head facing the front of Lennox. She then slips her head out from between Melody's legs and pops her in the mouth with a hard open-hand strike to the side of Melody's face, literally slapping the spit out of her opponent's mouth! Melody moves away with her hand at her lip, more offended than outright hurt.

Terra Skye: They were going at it pretty even keel there, until Melody decided to blatantly pull the hair.

Johnny Vegas: Listen, she did what she needed to do to get that Motherfucking--

Ray Payne: Dats not nices, Johnnie.  Miss Smyfies iz nots all dose mean names, yo.  Whut Miss Mellie dids wuz not nices, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Then she shouldn't have all that fucking hair! 

Terra Skye: You're ridiculous.  But it's going to be interesting to see how Melody copes with the size difference.  She's taken on much bigger people before, but that was in a different time. 

Smyth gets to her feet and seeing Melody in a prone position, unleashes a soccer kick to her ribcage. Lennox quickly creates distance from the champion and moves to the ropes nearest her, but AJS is like a shark in the water and follows her in, nailing her in the jaw with another open-handed palm thrust. Melody staggers past the corner into the ropes, where Amy Jo unleashes a huge chop to her upper chest. The pain causes Lennox to drop to her knees, crawling to avoid more strikes. AJS calmly pursues, and when Lennox is against the ropes again, Smyth grabs her by the wrist and Irish whips her across the ring, but Melody surprises her with a reversal, sending Smyth into the ropes. As the champion comes back, unleashes a deep Japanese armdrag, before scrambling to her feet, hooking Smyth's arm and flipping her with another one. Smyth spills near the corner, so Lennox charges in with a corner forearm, before taking a step back and leaping up with a dropkick, connecting flush with the face of Amy Jo! Melody quickly pulls Smyth out of the corner and goes for the pin.



NO! Smyth throws her shoulder up.

Johnny Vegas: THAT WAS THREE!

Terra Skye: Was not, dumbass.  Stop trying to suck up to Melody.  She can't even hear you, nor does she WANT to hear you.

Ray Payne: Dat wuz a nices drop kicks yo.  But its gunna takes moar den dat tah takes Miss Smyfies outta da matches yo.

Terra Skye: Well this one is just getting started, I'm sure these two fine competitors have a lot left in them.

Melody yells at the referee to count faster, screaming at Cal who is flinching at the high pitch. But unbeknownst to the referee, Melody Lennox has her knee across the throat of Amy Jo Smyth! Smyth begins to kick her legs to draw attention of the referee, but when he tries to look, Melody gets in the way of his vision and continues to choke the champion! Silent Cal moves Lennox out of the way just enough to see the choke and finally forces her to break it with a five count. Lennox breaks it in three, before picking up AJS and hits her in the jaw with another forearm strike. She turns her back and runs toward the ropes, but Smyth follows her in and unleashes a running knee strike to the ribs! With Lennox dazed, AJS grabs her head and arm then flips her over with a snap suplex. Lennox holds her back in pain but Smyth quick floats over for a cover.



No! Lennox kicks out.

Johnny Vegas: Oh come on, you can't tell me this little mean streak that Lennox is on isn't the HOTTEST thing on the planet earth.  Like seriously.

Terra Skye: No, because unlike you, I see these two competitors for their wrestling ability, not their looks. 

Ray Payne: Dats rite yo.  Miss Mellie chokin Miss Smyfies wuz nots nices an den she hided it frum da reffy. 

Terra Skye: Agreed, but then again.. Lennox sees Smyth as an unworthy champion and she's looking to undo the stigma of what happened to her at last years Ultimate Carnage when she lost the title to Sabiru. 

Johnny Vegas: There is no stigma, you all are just making that up.  It's in the past!  Let it go!

Amy Jo now gets in the face of Silent Cal, but it turns out to be facetious as she's blatantly choking Melody with her leg! Silent Cal catches it immediately and orders her to break it, so AJS does before a count is even started. Lennox scrambles to her feet and gets in the face of Cal, demanding he do something about the choke. She takes her eyes off the match, however, which allows Smyth to score a crucifix pin when Melody's arms are out!



NO! Lennox kicks out.

Terra Skye: Smyth giving Lennox a taste of her own medicine!  Doesn't look like she liked it very much!


Ray Payne: Miss Melly cheateds too, yo.

Johnny Vegas: LIES!  I want to see proof!

Terra Skye: You were sitting RIGHT HERE.  We ALL saw it!

Johnny Vegas: I saw nothing.  I only saw one of the greatest wrestlers to ever grace this Carnage Wrestling ring. 

Now Lennox is angry, so she gets up right in the face of AJS and gives her an open-hand slap of her own, snapping Smyth's head to the side. Smyth turns her head back, checking her mouth for blood and gets a smile on her face before firing up and hitting a right hand of her own that knocks Melody down. As the challenger returns to her feet, Smyth charges forward with a running European uppercut! This knocks a staggering Lennox back into the corner. Smyth comes forward and hits a shoulder thrust to the abdomen of Lennox, followed by another and another. Lennox is now breathing hard in the corner with a look of pain on her face, before Smyth decides to lay into the punishment with a series of forearms to her jaw! Silent Cal, seeing that Lennox is all tied in the ropes with no way to defend herself, begins to count to five. Smyth gets in a flurry of shots before she stops at four. She walks away with her arms outstretched, to the cheers of the Carnage Legion.


Terra Skye: Stop being so damned salty. 

Ray Payne: He iz bittah, iznts he?

Terra Skye: SO Bitter.

Johnny Vegas: Oh, go chomp down on Hamptons dick... get the fuck out of my face. 

Smyth does a circle around the ring and charges in for another shoulder to the ribs, but Lennox gets both of her knees up, cracking the head of the champion. When Smyth lands on the mat, Lennox jumps off the middle rope with a double stomp to the chest! Smyth gets up in a prone position, coughing furiously with the wind knocked out of her. Lennox bounces off the nearest ropes and comes in with a shining wizard! Smyth is down and out, so Lennox covers!




Smyth manages to kick out again. Lennox runs her hands through her hair in frustration before getting up to maintain control. She grabs the champion by the hair, something which referee Silent Cal admonishes, and drags her into the corner. She takes a few steps back and hits a corner splash, transition to the apron by sliding between the ropes and quickly hopping up top. Smyth walks forward, still trying to catch her breath, and turns around, spotting Lennox before she's ready for whatever she's planning. Smyth charges forward and thrusts her leg up for a Southern Charm Superkick, but Lennox jumps off the top and does a somersault to get out of the way. Smyth turns around and Lennox charges again, only for Smyth to launch her in the air with a pop-up, catching her in the hopes of a powerbomb, but Lennox uses her momentum to land on the back of AJS' shoulders before lurching forward down the champion's back, hooking her arms with Melody's legs and turning her over into a flipping power bomb of her own called the OFF-KEY SYMPHONY! The champion landed hard on the back of her head! Lennox covers with her legs over Smyth's shoulders, a fist in the air thinking she's won the title!





Johnny Vegas: Holy shit!  THAT WAS OVER.

Terra Skye: No it wasn't, but I thought it was too.  Jesus Christ, another millisecond and Smyth would have lost the belt right then and there.

Ray Payne: Jus goes tah shows how muchs dis titles means tah dese twos yo. 

Johnny Vegas: OR that Silent Cal is a TERRIBLE Ref. 

Terra Skye: I figured you'd find some way of blaming it on someone else. 

Now Lennox is incredibly upset, screaming about how the belt is hers. She grabs Smyth by the head and pulls her up to her feet, before Irish whipping her into the corner. She charges in for another corner splash, but this time it's the champion's turn to block it! Smyth does the splits to dodge and Lennox's head smacks the top turnbuckle, causing her to stagger backward holding her chin. Smyth gets back to her feet and pushes herself to the middle rope, before diving off and catching Lennox with TWO FRONT TEETH! The double knee strike off the middle rope connects with Lennox's face who falls flat on her back before rolling to the outside to catch her breath and get to safety. Silent Cal starts a count, which is immediately interrupted when Amy Jo goes outside to bring her challenger back in. Cal resumes his count once Smyth is also outside.



Amy Jo gives Melody a softer kick to the head, just to wake her up more than anything else. She then grabs her and attempts to throw her back in, but grabs the ropes and spins her body around, kicking Smyth in the side of the head and forcing her to fall backward into the guardrail!



Melody climbs up onto the apron now and gets inside the ring, then goes back out onto the apron, resetting the count. She looks back at Amy Jo. It's unknown if Lennox is religious, but she does the sign of the cross over her chest before jumping onto the onto the middle rope and springboarding off to the outside with a crossbody! Amy Jo barely has any time to react before Lennox crashes into her, breaking down the guardrail from its hinges and causing both women to hit hard on the busted rail and the floor!


Terra Skye: Holy fuck!  I didn't expect to see Melody Lennox dive out there like that! 

Ray Payne: Dat jus eveneds da odds dough. 

Johnny Vegas: Good.  Now they're both back at square one.  NOW COME ON MELODY!

Terra Skye: It could go either way from here.  That's the God's honest truth.

With both laid out, Silent Cal has no choice but to begin a countout that could end this match without a winner.





With Lennox getting more support by using Smyth for a cushion on her landing, she is the first to stir. She rolls off the guardrail and pulls herself up with a standing portion of it, doing a weak bow to the Carnage Legion to more boos.



Lennox grabs Smyth by the hair and hoists her up to her feet, using the remainder of her strength to throw her at the apron, fully aware that she can't win the title out here.



Lennox hoists Smyth into the ring, before climbing in herself, just beating the count. Smyth is trying to get to her feet already, but is dazed. Lennox somersaults over Amy Jo as she's on her hands and knees, grabbing her as she does and rolling her into a cradle pin!



THr---NO! AMY JO IS OUT AGAIN! Lennox scrambles to get to her feet before flipping forward with a one-legged scorpion kick she calls Common Sense! It connects with the top of the champion's head! Lennox covers again!



THR--NO! ANOTHER KICKOUT! Lennox begins to pound the mat in frustration!

Terra Skye: Melody came into tonight thinking this was going to be an easy win--

Johnny Vegas: It should have been!

Terra Skye: BUT.. She's seeing now that beating Amy Jo Smyth is nothing to scoff at.  She's proving why she won the belt to begin with.

Ray Payne: Dats rite yo.  Bof uf dem does deserves it, yo.  If we's bein honests.

Lennox sees the prone champion and with no other options, she begins to climb up top with her back facing the ring, holding her sore ribs as she does so. She makes it up to the middle rope and looks backward, fully prepared to hit a dive of some kind. She shakes her head no, then begins to go up higher! However, before she can get her second leg up top, she is stopped by Amy Jo, who is desperately hanging on! Smyth pulls Melody back down to the middle rope and begins to climb up the ropes with her, but Lennox is ready and begins to hammer backward with elbows, trying to knock her down. One of the elbows catches AJS in the nose and immediately bloodies it, knocking her to the mat. Melody begins climbing again, and Amy Jo tries another approach, pushing her self to the apron. Once Melody is up top, she looks behind her and sees no one, but then notices Amy Jo on the apron. Melody Lennox has a scowl on her face which begins to change to a look of "oh crap" when AJS gets to her feet and Melody realizes she's stuck with nowhere to go.

Johnny Vegas: Oh shit...

Terra Skye: Smart move from the champion, moving out to the apron.  But now, what's she going to do?


Melody tries to slowly climb down, hoping perhaps she can get away before anything happens...but AMY JO HITS THE SUPERKICK! It connects flush with the chin of Lennox, who doesn't fall backward. Instead, she simply slumps across the top turnbuckle, out cold.

Ray Payne: Oh mah gawds yo!  She is outs colds!

Terra Skye: This isn't looking good for the challenger!

Amy Jo then gets an idea in her head, and begins to climb up the ropes with her back facing the ringside area. Once she's up top, she grabs the lighter Melody Lennox, who is slowly coming too and hooks her arms, before lifting her up in a gorilla press! The Carnage Legion cries out when they see what Smyth has in mind. She jumps off the top with Melody in her grasp, dropping to her back in mid air with her knees up, causing Melody to crash ribs-first across her knees when they finally land in the ring! TOP ROPE DOCTOR'S ORDERS!


As Lennox comes down, she slumps off of Smyth's knees to the mat, clutching her bruised or possibly broken ribs and trying to get any breath she can. Smyth, who took a hard bump as well, rolls over to her stomach and covers the smaller Lennox, making sure to hook both legs as she does. Lennox doesn't put up much of a fight as she's trying to regain her breath. Silent Cal drops down to make the count!






Terra Skye: Jesus, what a fucking match!  Both of these ladies went to hell and back.. all for the Carnage World Championship.

Ray Payne: Jeezies yo.  Congraties tah Miss Smyfies dough! 

Amy Jo gets to her feet and holds up the Carnage World title to the cheering Carnage Legion, with another hand holding her head after all the shots she took over the match. Her nose is still bloodied. Meanwhile, Melody Lennox is laying on the apron, holding her abdomen and finally breathing while EMTs check on her.


The camera focuses on a shot of the locker room where Paragon are finishing putting on their gear for Wargames. We notice that both members are wearing slightly different attire than what they normally would wear. Amber Ryan wears a blue compression shoulder sleeve underneath a Paragon tank top with black cargo pants, sealing the last couple pockets of God knows what, and combat boots. Jack Michaels has opted for tan cargo pants over hiking boots in addition to wrapping both his fists in tape. We notice both are quiet as Jack velcros his pocket shut on his pants and he picks up his ring robe. He turns to Amber and lets out his breath.


Jack Michaels: You ready for this?

Amber nods quietly as she ties of her left boot. Jack lets the air sit quietly for a moment before he speaks again.

Jack Michaels: Look… I know we haven’t talked about it since it happened but uh… I’m not going to tell you what to do here. You know how I feel about you going in first and if that’s what you have to do, I won’t stop you. Just promise me you will keep yourself safe okay? I’ll see you out there.

Jack leans in and gives Amber a fatherly kiss on the cheek before taking a step towards the hallway. Amber suddenly reaches a hand out and grabs Jack by his wrist.

Amber Ryan: Wait.

Amber looks up at Jack and we see a strange wave of emotion come over her. She quickly shakes it off and clears her throat.

Amber Ryan: I never said I was sorry for what I put you through and well… I am. I owe you my life which as fucked up as it might be… It’s the only one I got.

Jack chuckles slightly and pats her hand with his.

Jack Michaels: You don’t need to apologize baby girl, it’s what people do for those they care about.

Amber turns her head away from Jack and we see another wave of emotion seem to come over her.

Amber Ryan: Yeah… I know.

Amber takes a deep breath and turns back to look at Jack.

Amber Ryan: I also know that what you said about me not going in first was not you being a dick but rather being… Well… You.

Jack chuckles.

Jack Michaels: Thank you… I think.

Amber is forced to smile as well as she reaches into her pocket.

Amber Ryan: The point being you are the way you are and I am the way I am. Because of that, I can’t just let you go into this match first instead of me unless you earn it. So…

Amber pulls a coin out of her pocket.

Amber Ryan: Way I see it, this is the only fait way to sort this. Heads you go in first and tails I go in. It’s the only way I am going to step down.

Jack smirks lightly.

Jack Michaels: Amber… You can’t be serious.

Amber Ryan: As a fucking heart attack.

Amber flips the coin in the air and catches it. She opens her hand to reveal it’s heads.

Amber Ryan: I guess you win Jack. Good luck and don’t get yourself killed in there.

Jack Michaels: That won’t ha…

Amber suddenly rushes forward and gives Jack a big hug which comes as a huge shock to him. He accepts it quickly and holds her close as the two embrace. Amber breaks it with a small smile on her face and takes off out of the locker room. Jack is about to follow suit when he notices the coin she tossed is sitting on the bench in the locker room.

Jack Michaels: Amber… You forgot your…..

Jack picks up the coin to reveal heads on one side… And heads on the other side. Jack looks at the coin incredulously for a second and then back up at Amber walking off before smiling lightly. He pockets the coin and walks off as the scene fades.

Silver Lining

We cut backstage to see Trent Steel preparing for his match. He tapes up his wrists and stands up.

Trent Steel

He's wearing his jeans and combat boots already. He puts on his black fingerless gloves and pulls out a t-shirt. It says “The Rogues” on it. He smiles as he looks at it. He pulls it on over his scar covered body. The more we look at him the more we realize this man is a road map of pain. Trent pulls out a marboro from his trenchcoat pocket and strikes a match. He takes a drag off of the cigarette and then reaches for the last thing. His cross. He picks it up and puts it on.

Trent Steel: You know. It's nice to know that some things work out just the way that you want it to. I do not, however, take joy in the loss of Redemption. He was a great opponent and a better man. That's the thing everyone doesn't seem to grasp. can you be worse than Redemption. Redemption is heartless, sadistic, and manipulative. You. You try. I'm trying to be the better man, but you ignorant fucks just want me to be the bastard I use to be. So you know what...tonight...Joe did his job...

Trent picks up his trenchcoat and his black oakleys with red lenses and puts them on.

Trent Steel: It's time I do mine. Every good team needs an enforcer and I'm the best in the business. Everyone thinks that they can take me. Mother fuckers. I have wrestled five people who have wanted to kill me in my signature match for years. All of you at once against me! I'll still win! You know why? Because deep down you all want to win for your own reasons. Gore, glory, favoritism...not getting arrested. However there is one thing you don't have that I do...I like hurting idiots who get in my way. Kyra is the best person to run this place. To many Chase Johnsons have made me realize Bridges deserves what's coming to him. I think it's time I turn over a new leaf. I think it's time I start doing something for me...

Trent cuts out the lights as he starts to leave. All we see is his face slightly lite by the cigarette's lite end.

Trent Steel: This is purely fun time...AHAHAHAHHAHAHA....


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Match Four: WAR GAMES

Johnny Vegas: Great. That fuckin' asshole is in a good mood.

Terra Skye: That should be good news for Team Kyra, though.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah but it's bad news for me. At least I don't have to see that brat Lucas Silva tonight.

Ray Payne: You donts knows dat, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Well he'll either not come out or he will come out and lose his job. PRETTY EASY FUCKING DECISION.

Boy: Sand of the town where kids visit mother! Dylan is irresponsible!

Terra Skye: As you guys can see, the cage is coming down for War Games, which means people are about to get fucked up.

The cage begins to lower with ominous lights flashing as the Carnage Legion cheers with excitement. Kelly Carmichael is standing near the announce tables, away from the cage.

Kelly Carmichael: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for your MAIN EVENT! WE. ARE. AT WAR!

The Carnage Legion roars in approval.

Kelly Carmichael: Here are the rules for War Games:

  • Five minute opening period
  • Participants are added to the match every two minutes thereafter until everyone is in
  • Eliminations can only happen after all ten people have entered the match
  • Eliminations are pinfall or submission only

Once again, more cheers as the cage has finally lowered. “Mz Hyde” by Halestorm hits the PA and Kyra Mohr wastes little time in walking out onto the stage.

Kyra Mohr

Kelly Carmichael: Entering at #1! From right here in Baltimore, Maryland, weighing in at 125 pounds...KYRA MOHR!

She stops, looking from one side to the other before turning her attention to the ring.  She stretches her arms as she makes her way to ringside, greeting a few fans as she goes.  Once at ringside, she wastes little time in walking into the cage as her music begins fading out. She goes to the second ring, giving herself a full ring of space between herself and the door.  She turns around, facing the entrance – waiting for her opponent this evening with a smirk on her face.

Terra Skye: Well this just doesn't seem fair, does it?

Johnny Vegas: What the hell are you rambling about now?

Terra Skye: Kyra JUST HAPPENS to be the first entrant in War Games? Like that wasn't pre-arranged by Bridges?

Ray Payne: It do seem fishies, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Oh for fuck's sake. It's random! And besides, wasn't she saying on Twitter she'd love to start this thing?

Terra Skye: I wouldn't be surprised if Bridges sent Lord Raab out next just to destroy her.

Johnny Vegas: I never thought I'd say this but give Kyra a little more credit. She can handle herself. She's a stupid bitch that should never run this company again, but she can handle herself.

Terra Skye: As always, lots of tact from Hall of Famer Johnny Vegas.


O Fortuna hits the loudspeaker as the lights darken and   the Smark fans begin to come to their feet. The first few seconds of the song plays as “The Blast” Jack Michaels begin to walk down the ramp.

Jack Michaels

Kelly Carmichael: And entering at #2, from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds...he is "The Blast"...JACK MICHAELS!

Jack wears a robe with “‘The Blast’ Jack Michaels” in golden, cursive lettering over a bold Paragon logo. Underneath that robe, he's wearing cargo pants, hiking boots and wrapped fists. He keeps his jaw locked and his eyes focused intently.

Terra Skye: Well we knew this was happening after that interaction Paragon had backstage.

Johnny Vegas: Made me sick. Bridges wanted those two because they're ruthless! But I guess not everyone can live up to the standards set by CON.

Ray Payne: Dat is a low bars ta clear, Mistah Jonnies.


Terra Skye: Wow Ray, you got called a whore. Normally he saves those for me.

Johnny Vegas: Don't think I'm not thinking it!

Terra Skye: Either way, Jack's a War Games veteran, so he's a very dangerous opponent for Kyra to start out.

Jack looks all business as he takes the steps into the ring. After taking a full lap around the double ring, he pauses at the steps to compose himself before climbing in. However, as he steps between the ropes, Kyra jumps onto the top rope on her ring, hops to the ropes on the adjacent ring, and launches herself forward to connect with a shotgun dropkick to send Michaels into the corner!


Terra Skye: Holy shit! And Kyra gets the first shot in War Games!

Johnny Vegas: Fucking told you.

Ray Payne: She is fightins for da whole place, yo. She wants to win.

Johnny Vegas: She was running this place into the ground six months ago! She's fighting because someone pissed her off.

Boy: Old-fashioned mares aren't what they orange. Interns fetch the tacos.

Kyra gets into a top mount and starts raining down right hands on Michaels.  After about a dozen shots, she gets back up and makes some distance before charging in for another dropkick, this one a basement variety that sends Michaels back-first into the cage under the bottom rope. Kyra pulls Michaels to his feet between the ropes and cage and bashes the back of Michaels' head into the cage a few times, using the ropes to add momentum to each bash.  After a half dozen or so of these, she lets off the pressure as Michaels slumps back to the mat and rolls in under the bottom rope.  There's a slight laceration on the back of Michaels' head.

Terra Skye: Good lord, Kyra's like a woman possessed in there!

Ray Payne: Didn't Mistah Jacks say dat he was a vetrun of da War Games, yo?

Johnny Vegas: It's hard to use your experience when you're dealing with crazycunt in there.

Terra Skye: Only you could see a powerful woman and automatically resort to insults.

Johnny Vegas: Show me a powerful woman and I'll show you a man who needs a drink.

It takes a moment for Kyra to see the blood but once she does it's like Pavlov's dogs hearing the bell. As Michaels is trying to get to his feet, Kyra closes in and hits a forearm to the back of the head and neck. Michaels tries for a blind elbow, misses, momentum spins him around for Kyra to hit a seated jawbreaker.  She closes in to follow up, but Michaels grabs her pants and pulls her between the ropes and head-first into the cage. It takes a few moments for both people to get to their feet, but Michaels seems to have gotten his bearings back quicker as he fires off a few jabs to keep Kyra at arms reach before closing in with a series of body shots, capped off by a right hook that drops her to the mat.  Michaels taunts the crowd at this point, with the advantage on his side and knowing that in one minute he's going to have temporarily neutralized the handicap advantage.

Terra Skye: Jack Michaels finally gains some momentum as the clock begins to wind down.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, but thanks to that idiot Silva interfering last show, Team Bridges doesn't have the advantage.

Terra Skye: You mean Silva the match he was signed up for?

Johnny Vegas: He stayed backstage so he made it a handicap match.

Ray Payne: Gud ding da refs don't see it da same way as you.

Johnny Vegas: They should all be fired.

Pulling Kyra to her feet, Michaels whips into the ropes nearest the entryway and catches her on the rebound, gorilla pressing her into the roof of the cage once or twice before dropping her throat-first against the top ropes in a hot shot-type maneuver. With a quick glance at the Carnagetron, and seeing that there are fifteen seconds left in the period, he hauls Kyra to a vertical base by her neck and biels her over the ropes of both rings, sending her to the back ring as he turns to face the entrance way, awaiting whomever is coming to back up Kyra.


"The Reckless and the Brave" by All Time Low hits, drawing a mixed reaction for the first time in the Sandtown Kid's life. It goes for about fifteen seconds, but fades into silence when no one appears. Camera cuts to Kyra looking confused, then pissed off as Michaels turns to her, a shit-eating grin on his face as he realizes that thanks to STK deciding to no-show that his team now will have the advantage in War Games.

Terra Skye: DAMN IT! No! Don't tell me that Bridges actually got to STK!

Johnny Vegas: Bwahahahahaha! The little bastard finally smartened up!

Ray Payne: I cants bedeve dat Mistah Silvers would do dat, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Believe it mushmouth. Silva finally saw the light.


Johnny Vegas: Don't worry Boy, I'm sure he will now that it's 5-on-4! Silva finally showed his true colors and I'm a Hall of Famer. LIFE IS GLORIOUS!

He steps between the ropes to go between rings, Kyra charges in to try a comeback, but Michaels sidesteps her attempted shoulder block to the gut.  She's hung up in the ropes and a punt to the face sends Kyra back into the ring. Michaels completes the transition, hauls Kyra up to a vertical base again, only to bring her back down on her face again with a snap DDT.  He gets to a sitting position, rubbing the back of his head, and sees the blood from the small laceration.  He looks over at Kyra, then the cage wall, and one can see the gears turning in his mind as he gets back to his feet, approaching Kyra who is still down on the mat.

Terra Skye: Well going by the rules, the next member will be on Team Bridges.

Johnny Vegas: I told everyone from day one that Silva was a fuck-up, and he did it again! You all know exactly who to blame for this mess.

Ray Payne: Mistah Silvers is a good kid, yo. Dat Bridges got insides his hed.

Johnny Vegas: Don't blame Bridges. If Silva wanted to be out here he would, and you know it.

Boy: Old man spoons with the tangerine. PINEAPPLE DELIGHT!

Johnny Vegas: Shut up, ya mongoloid. You lost. Deal with it.

Kyra lifted to her feet, and thrown head-first into the side of the cage away from the hard camera in the second ring.  He repeats this on the side facing the hard camera.  Instead of a third time facing the announcers, though, he rakes Kyra's face across the mesh fencing, opening her forehead up.  As the crowd starts the obligatory ten-second countdown, he rears back and delivers a short hook to the liver, watching with satisfaction as Kyra falls to the mat.


"Sex Metal Barbie" by In This Moment plays and it signals the arrival of Amber Ryan.

Amber Ryan

Terra Skye: You've got to be kidding me! Amber Ryan comes out immediately after Jack Michaels? STK no-shows? Something is really fucking fishy here, guys.

Johnny Vegas: Hey Terra, sometimes a rock is just a rock. It's not a secret hidden government camera.

Terra Skye: What the fuck are you talking about?

Johnny Vegas: It means quit being a bitch and stop seeing conspiracy theories everywhere!

Ray Payne: She is rights doh, yo. It's gonna be Missus Kyra against da whole team of Paragon.

Johnny Vegas: Luck of the draw. If Bridges were fixing the order he'd have sent CON out first. They're the tag team champions and a lot better than Paragon.

Terra Skye: Yeah we'll see...

Ryan is in no rush to get into the ring at all as Michaels taunts Kyra and the crowd from his position in the center of the second ring.  Ryan enters the cage as Michaels hauls Kyra to her feet again, and this time unceremoniously throws over both sets of ropes and into the first ring.  Amber wastes no time, hitting the near side ropes and hitting a baseball dropkick on Kyra as soon as Kyra lands in the first ring. Michaels takes this opportunity to rest a bit as Ryan maneuvers Kyra into the far corner in the center of the cage and driving her fists into any exposed part of the face and torso that she can find on Kyra, only stopping when Kyra drops to a knee, looking out on her feet.

Terra Skye: It's hard to call the action right now. Kyra had a short burst in the opening but Team Bridges has the numbers advantage now.

Johnny Vegas: Once again, it would be 2-on-2 right now if Silva hadn't fucked things up.

Ray Payne: But at least Kyra will get some helps soon, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Or whatever's left of her.

Ryan backs away to size her opponent up before charging in, looking for a knee to the side of Kyra's head.  Kyra avoids the attack, sends an elbow into the back of Ryan's head to stun her opponent, and then throws Ryan shoulder-first into the steel post. This drawn the attention of Michaels, who starts to move towards ring one, but Kyra catches him coming in by going up top again, leaping mostly vertical to grab the roof of the cage, and swing forward to catch Michaels and deliver a Rana to send the older man down.  Ryan is starting to get back to her feet, but is again cut down a moment later as Kyra hits the ropes and leaps through both sets in the middle, connecting with a spear to send Ryan down.  Kyra starts to rain down rights from a side mount as the crowd counts down yet again.


"Bleed the Freak" by Alice in Chains blares on the speakers and the crowd erupts as Trent Steel comes down the aisle, evening the odds for Kyra's team as he makes his way into the cage.

Trent Steel

Terra Skye: Fucking finally! Trent Steel is here to give Kyra some much-needed support!

Johnny Vegas: FUCK. Of all the people to come out next it's this lunatic asshole. I'd settle for Fatty or Tweeder over him.

Ray Payne: Mistah Steely is just what Missus Kyra needs yo!

His first stop is to put the boots to Ryan as Kyra continues her assault, the two of them working over the fresher opponent in Amber Ryan.  After a few seconds of this, Trent breaks off to head into the second ring, where Michaels is starting to stand.  That lasts all of about a second, though, as Trent blatantly kicks Michaels in the balls, and has the nerve to look shocked as Michaels crumples to the mat before a feral smile crosses his face and he hooks up Michaels in X-Treme Prejudice.  He knows a submission won't do any good here but wearing the opponent down to make it easier to force the submission later is a sound strategy.  Back in ring one, Kyra is perched on the second turnbuckle, waiting for Ryan to stand before leaping off with a tornado DDT that spikes Amber on the top of her head.  Kyra gets to her feet, letting out a war cry that the Legion echoes back as she gets what has to be her third wind of the match.

Johnny Vegas: SHUT UP BITCH!

Terra Skye: You shut up! Kyra deserves to let off some steam after kicking so much ass.

Ray Payne: 'Spechuly after she was hurt befores, yo.

Johnny Vegas: She'd better enjoy it while she can, because a member of Team Bridges is next.

In ring two, Michaels has managed to get to the ropes, which does no good given no DQs.  Trent keeps the hold on for another few seconds before he lets go and proceeds to tie up Michaels' arms into the bottom two ropes.  Michaels fights to break free as Trent takes a step or two back to prepare a punt of his own.  But Michaels manages to get his arms free to stop that from happening, so instead Trent turns back to see that Kyra seems to have things under control.  As he turns, though, he hides from Michaels--but not the camera--that he's loaded up his right hand with what looks to be a roll of quarters. Trent heads towards the ropes as if to change rings, but Michaels comes up to put a stop to that.  Michaels then gets blasted by the foreign object--which turns out to be a small roll of iron and thus far more sturdier than a roll of coins.  Michaels collapses, Trent pockets the roll and comes back to help Kyra.

In the first ring, Kyra has backed Ryan into the corner with a knee to the gut to soften the opponent up.  Kyra goes for a whip across the ring, which Ryan reverses.  Kyra manages to hop onto the second turnbuckle to keep from hitting the corner, and jumps back, turning in midair to hit a flying clothesline, only to be met with the front of Ryan's boot as she executes a backflip kick to the already lacerated forehead of Kyra, opening the wound a little further.  Trent changes rings, and he and Ryan exchange blows, with Trent getting the upper hand due to being fresher as the countdown begins again.


"15 Minutes" by Shattered Skies hits now, signaling the arrival of Robert Zodiac. Zodiac is looking ready to throw down as he stares daggers at Trent.  Trent stops his pummeling of Ryan, turning to wait on Zodiac to enter the war zone.

Robert Zodiac

Terra Skye: Team Bridges is about to have the advantage again but hopefully Kyra and Trent have done enough damage to survive this next period.

Johnny Vegas: And you talk about me being biased.

Terra Skye: I don't want to see good people hurt by an unfair advantage. Sue me.

Johnny Vegas: I would if my lawyer would agree to it.

However, Michaels has managed to recover and comes up behind an unsuspecting Trent to deliver a backdrop driver.  Zodiac now finally enters the cage, where all three active members of Team Bridges are in the same ring.  Ryan slumps in the corner, trying to regain her bearings from the pummeling at the hands of Trent.  Michaels is a little slow to get back to his feet, still feeling the effects from the weapon shot from Trent.  So it falls to Zodiac to haul Kyra to her feet and then make a run to the ropes, leaping off the middle strand to hit his Pain Killer springboard enzuigiri.  The impact sends Kyra down and rolling towards the center of the cage, ending up just under the ropes of the first ring.  Meanwhile, Trent is fighting to get to his feet, but he's finally met there by Ryan, who still hasn't fully recovered but has enough in her to charge forward with a left-handed clothesline to take Trent down.  Zodiac gestures for Ryan to head towards the ropes as he kicks Trent onto his stomach.

Terra Skye: Didn't think I'd ever see Robert Zodiac and Amber Ryan working together.

Ray Payne: Paragon wants da tag titles, yo, and Zody has dem.

Johnny Vegas: Paragon better just keep playing nice if they know what's good for them.


Zodiac looks like he's going to apply a camel clutch, but Trent tries to fight it off with a wild back elbow. However, this serves to hinder Trent more than help as Zodiac manages to lock the arm in a half nelson, transitioning to a full nelson a moment later as Trent swings back with the other arm.  Zodiac sits on the hold, pulling Trent's face up into perfect position as Ryan finally charges towards the ropes, rebounds to gain momentum, and hits a basement dropkick flush into Trent's face.  Blood immediately comes pouring out of the nose of Trent, and the situation isn't helped a moment later as Ryan hits Signal 25, driving Trent's already damaged face hard into the mat.  All three heels are still in the first ring, starting to surround Trent like a pack of wolves.  It's Michaels who sees the threat first and tries to get Zodiac's attention...but it's too late as Kyra again uses the roof of the cage to her advantage by swinging both feet into the upper back and neck of Zodiac.  He stumbles over Trent and goes down as Kyra finishes her forward swing and arches backward, her momentum enough to carry her over the ropes to the second ring as she lands in said ring, stumbling to a knee on the landing.  She gets up, wanting to let off some sort of attack but Ryan is ready for this, a spinning backhand fist to the cheek that stuns Kyra.  Ryan then throws Kyra over the top rope and face first into the cage as the ten-second countdown begins.  Ryan moves forward to join her partners in the first ring, but Zodiac waves both her and Michaels away, wanting whoever is coming out next on his own.  Michaels just shrugs as he hauls Trent to his feet and pulls him into the second ring, bloody face and all.


"Rise" by Sixx AM hits and the arena erupts as the UV Champ heads towards the cage.  Zodiac is taunting Will the entire time he's coming down the ramp.

Will Prydor

Terra Skye: Here comes the Ultraviolent champion!

Johnny Vegas: Blegh. Minus the violence. What a fat disgrace.

Ray Payne: He is here just in times, yo.

Terra Skye: Prydor is also a veteran of War Games, having competed in one during his NLW days. He's got a prime position now.

Johnny Vegas: And you thought the order was rigged.

Prydor enters the cage, and is immediately jumped by Zodiac, who pummels the back of Will's neck as the vet tries to get in the ring.  After several shots, Will shoves Zodiac away to give him a moment to get fully vertical again.  Zodiac charges forward, right into the arms of Prydor, who delivers an overhead belly to belly suplex, sending Zodiac over the ropes and back-first into the cage.  Zodiac is able to land on the apron without going head-first into it, which is a lucky break for him.  Will turns as Michaels crosses over into the first ring, and it's Michaels who gets the first couple of blows in, working the body of Will and maybe trying to hamper the big man's breathing. Will counters with a European uppercut, staggering Michaels back into the ropes.  Will closes in and hits another overhead belly to belly suplex.  Michaels rolls onto the apron at the end of the entryway. At this point the only people left standing in the cage are Will and Ryan.  The former Carnage World champ turns in her ring to face Will in his, and the crowd starts to buzz at the possibility that's unfolding right before their eyes.

Terra Skye: Oh shit, I've been wanting to see this!

Johnny Vegas: Why? Fatty's about to die from something other than cardiac arrest!

Ray Payne: Both of dem are great rasslers, yo.

Terra Skye: Exactly. This right here is a main event anywhere in the country.

Ryan can be seen saying something to Will, though the cameras cannot pick it up.  Will says something in reply, to which Ryan simply gestures for Will to come at her.  Some of the Legion try to get Will's attention to look behind him, but it's too late as Ryan's talking has distracted Will long enough for Zodiac to recover and connect with a leaping clothesline to the back of Will's head.  Prydor goes down, and Zodiac immediately plants a knee between Will's shoulder blades and grabs the chin, trying to wear down the surgically-repaired neck of Prydor.  Seeing that her teammate has things well in hand, Ryan turns her attention to Trent, whom she lifts to his feet and ties his arms up in the top ropes.  This leaves Trent open for a rapid-fire combination of body blows, making it harder for Steel to draw a full breath in with the probable broken nose factored in.  Trent coughs a bit, spits some blood on the mat, and dares Ryan to stop holding back and hit him already.  Amber gets a but pissed at this, and moves back into reach of Trent...but misses Kyra coming up on her from behind.  One backstabber later, Kyra helps Trent out of the ropes, and the pair of them head towards the first ring, where Michaels is kicking the ribs of Prydor while Zodiac still has the variated rear chinlock on Will.  Trent hops over Will's feet to cut off Michaels, pushing him into the corner with right hands as Kyra hits a superkick to break the hold.  Zodiac scrambles to get back to his feet after the impact, but Kyra sends him down with a hurricanrana, rolling back into a top mount position to rain down right hands on the temple of Zodiac.  As the start of the ten-second countdown begins, Trent headbutts Michaels in the face, clearly not caring about his own physical health.  Michaels lands on his ass in the corner as Kyra gets up from atop Zodiac, and the two hardcore wrestlers take a moment to compose themselves.


"Parade of the Dead" by Black Label Society hits, meaning that entrant #8 is Brian Crucifix. Crucifix isn't wasting any time in charging towards the cage.  Trent moves towards the door to meet the new opponent.  Kyra attempts to do the same, but Ryan has recovered enough to trip up Kyra from behind.

Brian Crucifix

Johnny Vegas: Wooo! CON is in the house!

Terra Skye: Yeah and with two completed tag teams on Team Bridges, that's bad news for everyone else.

Ray Payne: Plus Mistah Robbie is next.

Johnny Vegas: I told you. Kyra picked a shitty team and Silva made it worse. Sometimes you have to know when to back the right people.

Terra Skye: God I hope Bridges loses just to wipe that smug look of your drunk, bloated face.

Johnny Vegas: FUCK OFF, WHORE.

Kyra gets back to her feet, seeing Ryan standing between the two rings, and goes out to fight Amber between the two rings.  Trent and Crucifix are fighting each other to a stalemate, neither man backing down for the other's fists.  Michaels is slowly getting to his feet in one of the far corners, Zodiac doing the same in one of the corners near the middle of the cage, and Prydor hasn't moved from where he was caught in the hold just a bit ago.  Ryan starts to get the upper hand on Kyra, slowly backing her towards the hard camera side of the cage.  Trent ducks a Crucifix swing, and whips him towards the two women.  Kyra goes for an enzuigiri to Amber, who ducks, but Kyra's foot still manages to catch Crucifix in the face as he gets to the ropes. Ryan ducking the foot gives her an advantage and she tries to rush forward to press the advantage, but gets intercepted by a barely-recovered Prydor, who drives a shoulder into the side of Amber, sending her through the ropes and into the second ring. Kyra turns to thank Will, but instead slingshots over the top rope to catch an approaching Michaels with a tornado DDT.  Trent, still on his feet in the first ring, charges forward to catch an onrushing Zodiac with a jumping knee to the face.

Terra Skye: It's hard to follow the anarchy in the right right now, but it looks like Team Kyra is managing to hang in there.

Ray Payne: Dey only has to hold ons a little bit longer, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, they only have one guy left and we know who it is.


Surveying his surroundings, Trent waits for Will to get to his feet before getting his attention and pointing towards Crucifix, then at the roof of the cage.  Prydor nods as the former Carnage Tag champs get on the same page, at least for the moment.  Steel whips Crucifix into the ropes nearest the entryway, and Crucifix runs into the grasp of Prydor, who lifts Crucifix into a gorilla press, pressing his opponent's back into the roof of the cage.  A moment later, Will simply drops Crucifix behind him...into the waiting grasp of Trent, who leaps up and grabs Crucifix's head as he's falling to deliver a Codebreaker.  Before Will can follow up on this, Zodiac drives a forearm into the back of Will's neck, and uses the moment that Will is stunned to throw the big man head-first into the cage between the top two ropes.  Prydor falls to the mat, holding his head as a little bit of blood starts to show between his fingers.

In the second ring, Ryan is starting to recover after the shoulder to the ribs that she took from Prydor.  Michaels has slowly rolled his way into the second ring from the first.  Both members of Paragon are in a bad way as Kyra crosses over to that ring, leaving Trent to deal with Zodiac.  Despite being outnumbered, Kyra wades in to the pair of opponents, fists flying as tries to hit anything moving that isn't wearing stripes or allied with her.  For the moment, she seems to be holding her own, but that ends a moment later as Michaels ducks a wild left hook and counters with a right uppercut to the jaw that stuns Kyra.  Ryan finally gets a little bit of room, backing up a step or two before charging forward with a yakuza kick to send Kyra down.  In the first ring, Trent has taken down Zodiac with a Russian legsweep, and is now simply pressing Zodiac's head into the mat, with Trent resting all of his weight on the one knee that is pressing into Zodiac.  The ten-second countdown begins, and Trent sees the side ropes shake a little.  The veteran knows that someone's about to jump him from behind, so he rolls forward off of Zodiac's head and barely gets to his feet before both members of Paragon start to pummel him.  There's only one member left on Team Kyra, and will be a welcome sight in about five seconds.


"Walk" by Pantera blasts on the speakers. Tweeder wastes no time heading to the ring, looking decidedly pissed off.


Terra Skye: Oh shit. Somebody's not happy with tonight's events.

Johnny Vegas: Hey, it sucks to find out you're on a losing team.

Ray Payne: You should shuts it, Mistah Jonnies.

Terra Skye: You tell him, Ray! Fuck off, old man!

Boy: The Tweever is made for the dying. DIE TWEEVER!

Ray Payne: Even Mistah Boy wants you to shut up.

Johnny Vegas: He said "Tweever" twice! That wasn't for me you lying fuck!

Both members of Paragon break off of Trent to deal with the new threat coming in.  Ryan is first to close in, trying to take a swing at Tweeder as he enters the ring, but Tweeder sees it coming, blocks the punch, and hops backwards onto the ring steps with Ryan's right hand still in his grasp. Ryan staggers back to the center of the first ring, holding her arm to make sure it wasn't hyperextended. Michaels waits for Tweeder to get into the ring, and goes to punch Tweeder, but being in this war zone for damn near 20 minutes has taken its toll on him, and Tweeder is able to dodge the punch before dropping Michaels with a snap DDT.  Ryan comes over to try to get a cheap shot on Tweeder, but she also eats a DDT for her efforts. As Tweeder stands, his back is to Crucifix, who is lining up his opponent in his sights. Finding the right moment to strike, Crucifix moves forward...but only gets a step in before a pair of arms wrap around his waist and heave him backwards, as Prydor lands a hard German suplex.  Crucifix rolls with the impact to the second ring, where Kyra is still recovering from the kick to the head a few moments ago.  Trent wanders over to the second ring as well, kicking Crucifix in the ribs in passing as he surveys the carnage in the cage and tries to figure out where he's going next.

Terra Skye: You can just tell this match is taking everything out of the people in it.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, and Lord Raab is the last one out. They're all going to die.

Ray Payne: Dats why dey has to get momentums now, yo. They need to be readies.

Johnny Vegas: No one is ready for Lord Raab.

Prydor has gotten to his feet, where he and Tweeder are the only ones standing in the first ring.  Tweeder picks up Zodiac, and whips him towards Prydor, who hoists Zodiac up for an Immolation death valley driver that connects flush.  The two members of Team Kyra are the only ones on their feet in the first ring, as they try to take a few moments (especially in Will's case) to recover.  In the second ring, Trent pulls Crucifix to his feet and runs with him towards the cage, throwing Crucifix head-first into the cage wall nearest the announcers' table.  Trent makes it a point to wave at Johnny Vegas, bloodied face making the smile more sinister as Kyra gets to her feet and moves towards the first ring.  Tweeder gestures for her to stay put as he picks up Ryan and sets her up for a powerbomb.  A moment later, he lifts her into the air rather effortlessly and trots forward towards the center of the cage, throwing Ryan as he nears the ropes to send Amber over both sets and into the second ring.  Because she was thrown more horizontally than vertically downward, the impact isn't as bad as a normal powerbomb, but it's still effective as it evens the people out in the two rings and does damage to Ryan at the same time.  Kyra picks up Amber only to whip her towards Trent, who connects with a stun gun maneuver to drape Ryan over the top rope throat first.  Glancing at the Carnagetron, Kyra sees there are twenty seconds remaining until the last entrant enters the match.  She whistles to get everyone's attention, and gives the order to move all of the opponents into the second ring.  She knows that everyone is going to be needed to try to wear down the last member of Team Bridges.  Everyone seems to be on the same page as Michaels and Zodiac are unceremoniously thrown into the second ring.  All four members of Team Kyra stand united, with Will and Kyra standing to keep an eye on both the entryway and the second ring to make sure they aren't sneak attacked, as the final countdown begins to start the match beyond.


"Monster" by SKillet is the last song to play, and the Carnage Legion gasps when they see who is next. The towering figure of Lord Raab appears center stage, and slowly begins a purposeful march down toward the ring.  The lights flicker ominously, Raab reaching ringside and shoving the cowering ring attendant out of his way.  Raab takes hold of the cage door in both hands, shaking it roughly and tearing it free from its lock and hinges.  Even Raab's own teammates take an apprehensive step backward as he tosses the cage door inside the cage, stepping up to the apron and then over the top rope with a second step to enter the ring.

Lord Raab

Terra Skye: WHAT THE FUCK? Raab just removed the cage door!

Johnny Vegas: I guess no one's getting locked in tonight!

Ray Payne: Dat is scaries, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Good thing we're over here, protected by know what? I think I'm going to go refill my drinks.

Terra Skye: You sit the fuck down and call the match!

Trent Steel is the first reckless enough to confront the German Monster, racing in with a running shoulder block which collides with Raab as though he were a brick wall.  Steel buffets away at Raab with body shots, landing rights and lefts.  Raab throws a lumbering right hand, which Steel ducks and avoids, slipping to Raab's side and then batting him with a shin kick to the thigh, followed by a spinning heel kick to the small of his back.  Raab swings with a backhand, striking Steel across the chest and slamming him into the cage wall.  Grabbing Steel by the throat, Raab lifts him into the air, pressing Steel high against the cage wall, then dragging him back and forth across the fencing as though it were a cheese grater.  Will Prydor plants a stiff kick to the back Raab's knee, faltering his footing just enough that he releases Steel, only to unfortunately find himself having taken Raab's full attention.  Raab makes a grab at Prydor, who backpedals out of his reach.  Tweeder steps to Prydor's side, both men shooting forward at once, Prydor going low and grabbing Raab at the knees while Tweeder goes high with running forearm shiv to the skull.  They don't quite manage to knock Raab down, but they do force him backward, at which point all hands swarm.

Terra Skye: I just don't see how these four tired athletes are going to stop a fully-rested Lord Raab.

Ray Payne: It dus seem kinda hopeless, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Correction there, Terra. Three athletes and Prydor. And calling Trent an athlete is pushing it.

Terra Skye: Prydor has more athleticism in his pinky toe than you have in your entire body, jackass.

Zodiac pulls Steel up from the canvas, hoisting him upside-down with a vertical suplex, while Crucifix kneels into position before impact to turn it into a combination suplex-backbreaker.  Mohr blasts Ryan in the side of the head with a spinwheel kick, following up with a right hand that is cut short when she is grabbed from behind, Michaels holding Mohr in a full nelson.  Ryan plants a knee stiffly into Mohr's midsection, before Michaels swings her around and plants her with nelson lock slam.  Ryan wishbones Mohr's legs, then drops in with a double foot legdrop across Mohr's midsection.  Prydor lifts one of Raab's feet from the mat, tipping him off balance, while Tweeder steps onto the middle rope, leaping off with a double axe-handle which cracks Raab across the back of the head.  Prydor twists Raab's leg for a dragon screw, Tweeder passing by Raab and rocking Michaels to the mat with a Lou Thies press.  Tweeder lays into Michaels with rights and lefts, while Mohr catches Ryan with a back elbow to the sternum, stunning her momentarily and then bringing her down to the mat with a facebuster.  Prydor left alone with Raab takes a thundering overhand hammer fist across the collarbone.  Prydor stumbles backward and Raab kicks the discarded cage door, tipping it upright and then punching it forward directly into Prydor's body and knocking him to the mat.  Pinned face down on the mat with the cage door over his back, Prydor is trapped for a moment, and Raab marches across the cage door, crushing Prydor beneath his weight.  Crucifix hikes Steel up with a belly to back suplex, while Zodiac takes hold of Steel mid-fall to combo the suplex with a neckbreaker, the tag champs double-teaming the man who had embarrassed them at Chaos.

Terra Skye: Well, looks like we're back to Chaos 45. Trent Steel being assaulted by the champs while carnage erupts around them.

Ray Payne: You mades a pun, yo.

Terra Skye: It wasn't by choice.

Johnny Vegas: She's not clever enough to do it by choice.


Johnny Vegas: Isn't that what Hampton said to you last night?


Michaels locks up with Tweeder in a collar-arm tie-up, Michaels muscling Tweeder backwards towards the cage wall.  Tweeder responds with a vicious headbutt to Michaels' nose, pulling him into a side headlock and then braining him against the cage wall.  Michaels splits open across his scalp, crimson mingling with his hair color, but Michaels doesn't miss a step, gripping Tweeder around the waist and wrenching him up and over with a side belly to back suplex that dumps Tweeder on his head.  Ryan arm drags Mohr, bouncing her off the cage wall, then catches her on the rebound with a yakuza kick.  Mohr snaps backward, bouncing her head off of the cage wall for a second time.  Ryan steps up, driving a knee into the side of Mohr's face with a shining wizard, except Mohr bearhugs Ryan around the waist in response and smashes her down to the canvas with a spinebuster.  Mohr soccor kicks Ryan in the side of the ribs, Ryan rolling over and backing away as she tries to get back to her feet.  Mohr delivers a standing side kick to Ryan's midsection, doubling her over, and then driving her back to the mat with a leg assisted face crusher.  Mohr pulls Ryan back upright by the hair, only for Raab to complete walking across Prydor's crushed body, devastating Mohr with a big boot to the side of the head.  Mohr tumbles across the ring, with Raab stalking close behind.  Prydor starts to lift the cage door, freeing himself up from beneath it, yet Ryan breaks at Prydor with a sprint, using Prydor as a ramp and running straight up the inclined cage door, soaring into the air with a corkscrew plancha which smashes into Tweeder, taking him hard to the mat, while Michaels freed up.  Prydor moves as if to help with Raab, but Michaels catches Prydor blindsided, pulling him backward and driving him down with an inverted DDT.

Ray Payne: Anytime anybody tries ta get aheds, someone else stop dem, yo.

Terra Skye: That's just the way these matches work. Although the fact it's 5-on-4 isn't helping Team Kyra.

Johnny Vegas: Gee, I wonder whose fault THAT is?

Terra Skye: STK has to have a good reason for bailing. It can't just be that he's mad about teaming with Tweeder. He's leaving people out here to sacrifice their careers.

Johnny Vegas: He is what I've always said he was!

Raab lifts Mohr in one hand, holding her like a dart and throwing her face first into the cage wall.  Mohr bounces roughly from the caging, rolling across the canvas.  Raab places a big foot over Mohr's throat, choking the life from her.  Then, pulling upward on the top rope, Raab increases the pressure of his already massive weight, Mohr clawing at his boot unable to free herself.  Ryan bulldogs Tweeder to the canvas, bouncing back to her feet and then driving a double foot curb stomp to the back of Tweeder's head.  Michaels lifts Prydor into a fireman's carry, hauling him effortlessly towards the side of the cage, then flipping him over with a death valley driver that buffets Prydor against the cage wall.  Steel lashes out, throat punching Zodiac, then jerking Crucifix's face down into a Thai knee lift, blasting Crucifix in the face.  Steel takes hold of Zodiac around the waist, flipping him over with a tilt-a-whirl slam, but Crucifix drills Steel with a vicious knee to the small of the back in mid-flip, Zodiac landing on his feet instead and then taking Steel down with a discus clothesline.  Raab releases his foot from over Mohr's throat, grabbing a handful of her hair and dragging her across the ring, then locking her into position for a German suplex directly onto twisted cage door.

Terra Skye: SHIT! Raab is trying to take Kyra out permanently!

Ray Payne: Dat is problies what Mistah Jaysun wants, yo.

Johnny Vegas: He's not alone. She was a terrible President.

Terra Skye: Says you, Kyra made Carnage what it is today!

Johnny Vegas: She also gave Fatty, Silva and Steel jobs. Worst. President. Ever.

'Reckless and the Brave' by All Time Low fires up over the PA for a second time, and this time the curtains do move, the Sandtown Kid slowly moving through the entrance, wrenching his back and dragging a wheeled dumpster behind him. 

The Sandtown Kid


Ray Payne: But whose side is he ons, yo?

Terra Skye: Do you even have to ask that, he's out here so he's backing Kyra!

Johnny Vegas: Fuck that mop-headed, parentless, homeless, Boy-loving, Ultraviolent division-ruining piece of shit!

Terra Skye: Plus it's pissing Johnny off, so he must be here for us!

Circling the dumpster, the Sandtown Kid shoves it to the edge of the stage, and as it slips over and begins to careen down the entrance ramp, the Sandtown Kid hops onto the back of the dumpster, spinning with it until the dumpster crashes into the side of the cage.  Dropping off the back of the dumpster, the Sandtown Kid circles around it, only to be cut short by the shouting voice of Jason Bridges, standing center stage, holding a microphone.

Jason Bridges

Jason Bridges:  You do this, and you will never set foot in that ring again.  I mean it!  You're done here.  You hear me?  DONE!

The Sandtown Kid hesitates for a moment, then flips Bridges the middle finger, tossing open the dumpster and revealing Garbage Fence's full collection.  The Sandtown Kid reaches over the top, grabbing a few items and then rolling quickly into the ring.  Michaels greets the Sandtown Kid with a big right hand, but the Sandtown Kid ducks, slipping behind him and then hucks a long object across the ring, landing just in front of Tweeder.  Amber Ryan grabs Tweeder by the head, raking his face along the fencing, until Tweeder catches grip on his new toy, a battered, oil-stained weedwhacker.  Tweeder thrusts it backward into Ryan's midsection, doubling her over, then uses the metal length of it in both hands to clothesline her across the neck.  Prydor catches Michaels with a single leg takedown, bringing him down behind the Sandtown Kid and keeping the pressure off, while the Sandtown Kid steps to the middle rope and then leaps, gripping an object in both hands and clubbing Raab directly across the face with a distinctive 'Ding!'

Terra Skye: I knew it! I knew Silva couldn't possibly give up on Team Kyra like that!

Ray Payne: He dids da right ding, yo.

Johnny Vegas: There isn't a drink strong enough to dull the anger I'm feeling right now. At least this will be his LAST MATCH.

Terra Skye: Yeah, unless Kyra wins. Then Bridges is out of here.

Johnny Vegas: STK is using Boy's ring bell as a weapon.  That's.. that's a conflict of interest, or something!

Boy: The bell tolls for the melons on the plains of midnight.

The Sandtown Kid cracks Raab over the skull with a second distinctive 'Ding!' and the big man falters to one knee, Kyra wrapping him around the head and bringing him down squarely over the twisted cage door with a brainbuster ddt.  Zodiac hikes Steel up with a pancake, Crucifix joining it for a combination bulldog, but the Sandtown Kid spears into Crucifix from the side, smashing him into the cage wall, Steel kicking a leg up and over Zodiac's shoulder and reversing the pancake, bringing Zodiac down with a headscissors takedown.  Zodiac rolls back to his feet, but Steel cuts him off short with a forward elbow across the chin, snapping him upright before following up with a knee to Zodiac's midsection and a facebuster from Steel that smashes Zodiac hard to the canvas.  Prydor pulls Michaels into a rear chinlock, keeping the powerhouse grounded, though Michaels begins a series of over the shoulder back-fists, blasting Prydor to the face three separate times before Prydor's grip slips, which gives Michaels the opening he needs to pull a seated snapmare, flipping Prydor over and flat on his back.  Tweeder jerks at the pull cord on his weedwacker and it sputters for a moment, but before he can fully get it up and running, Ryan kips back to her feet, knocking Tweeder in the chin with a back flip toe kick.  Tweeder stumbles, and Ryan drives him down with a forward Russian leg sweep which slams Tweeder chest first over his own weedwacker.

Terra Skye: FUCK! If that thing had been on Tweeder might have died!

Johnny Vegas: Don't be so melodramatic. He's suffered worse.

Ray Payne: Dis is gettin' nuts, yo.

Terra Skye: Welcome to War Games. Even if a team wins there won't be much left.

Ray Payne: And if Missus Kyra gets da match with Bridges, she gonna be hurteds.

Terra Skye: That's true. But Bridges has no experience in the ring so he'd still be fucked.

Johnny Vegas: I bet you'd just love to see an innocent man lose his job, wouldn't you?

Terra Skye: Innocent? PLEASE.

Mohr alleyoops onto the intermediate ropes separating the two rings, springboarding to the opposite side of the cage and smashing into Ryan with a somersault axe kick.  Ryan stumbles backward against the cage wall, then sprints against the cage wall, holding enough traction to reach about four feet up the cage wall before arcing herself backward and crashing over Mohr with a moonsault.  Mohr goes down hard, but as Ryan starts to pull Mohr up by the back of her head, Mohr knife-edge chops Ryan just below the nose, splitting her lip and knocking her back, before dragon screwing Ryan into the corner.  Tweeder raises back to his knees, firing up the weedwacker on his second attempt, following Mohr into the corner and brandishing it towards Ryan, only for Michaels to shoulder block Tweeder from behind.  Tweeder whips the weedwacker around, buffeting Michaels' across the shoulder and biting at his flesh.  Swinging around with a second pass, Tweeder misses when Michaels ducks low, powering in close and taking Tweeder down with a falling side slam.  The Sandtown Kid cracks Crucifix over the skull with a Ding! of the ring bell, but as he draws back to do it again, he finds his hand stopped short, his entire forearm wrapped firmly in one of Lord Raab's oversized hands.  Raab arm drags the Sandtown Kid, whipping him overhead like a rag doll and slamming him onto the canvas.  Raab stomps the Sandtown Kid over the chest, crushing him against the canvas, then jerks him upright by the arm again, swinging the smaller man around smashing him against the cage wall.  The Sandtown Kid falls to his knees, while Raab stalks in after him, gutwrenching the Sandtown Kid up and over his shoulders into crucifix position, then reverse backslides the Sandtown Kid, throwing him upward with a crucifix powerbomb that bounces the young rookie against the cage roof before knocking him back to the canvas.

Ray Payne: Oh noes, Silvers got bashed into da cage, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Good! Do it again! Little fucker shouldn't even be out here!

Terra Skye: You know, this could be the Kid's last night here in Carnage. The least you could do is show some respect.

Johnny Vegas: When he earns it, I will.

Terra Skye: When will that be?

Johnny Vegas: NEVER!

Steel drags Zodiac back to his feet, but Crucifix clubs Steel over the back with a double axe-handle, stunning him for a moment.  Zodiac rallies, and Zodiac and Crucifix both hook an arm, hiking Steel up and delivering a double brainbuster.  Zodiac pulls Steel up, launching him at Crucifix, while Crucifix flips Steel over with a back body drop that sends Steel over the top ropes and spilling out of the cage through the missing cage door.  Steel smashes to the concrete floor below, rolling over onto his hands and knees, while Zodiac races towards Crucifix with a head of steam.  Crucifix laces his hands into a cradle, Zodiac stepping up into Crucifix's grip and then getting the alleyoop, clearing the ropes as he soared through the cage opening after Steel, smashing over Steel with a flying leg drop.  Crucifix begins to follow out through the ropes, only for Prydor to grip Crucifix from behind, dropping Crucifix with a gutbuster.  Crucifix doubles over in pain, and Prydor hooks him by the wrist, flipping him over with a pumphandle slam.  Prydor pulls Crucifix up into a front face lock, only to be caught off guard when Crucifix throws a blatant low blow, stunning Prydor momentarily, then hoisting Prydor up and dumping him backward with a fallaway slam that sends Prydor spilling out the cage door as well.  Crucifix hurdles the top rope, dropping to the outside with a double foot drop kick that drills Prydor squarely in the back, knocking him forward against the security railing.  Zodiac takes Steel by the wrist, swinging him around with an irish whip and sending him slamming into the side of the metal dumpster.

Terra Skye: Now the action's spilling outside, which probably wouldn't happen if Raab didn't tear the door off.

Johnny Vegas: I'm sure these fucks would figure out a way to break it anyway.

Ray Payne: Nobody's tried to put anyone out yet, yo.

Johnny Vegas: How can they? There are bodies everywhere.

Terra Skye: It seems they're all content with just hurting each other for now.

Michaels keeps his distance while Tweeder takes another swipe with the weedwacker, skirting the edge of danger and then closing the gap, seizing Tweeder into a side headlock, then driving him to the canvas with a headlock bulldog.  Tweeder grabs hold of Michaels' ear and twists, catching Michaels off guard, then driving a back elbow to Michaels chin.  Michaels hooks Tweeder into a half-nelson, pressing him downward and pinning him against the bottom corner of the cage.  Tweeder drives a knee up into Michaels midsection, but Michaels holds fast, fishing his other arm between Tweeder's legs and then hiking Tweeder up with a half-nelson slam, flipping him up and over from a kneeling position and dumping Tweeder squarely on his head.  Mohr stomps away at Ryan in the corner, who tucks herself under the bottom turnbuckle, shielding herself momentarily, then kicking Mohr's legs out from under her.  Scrambling up the turnbuckle, Ryan forward senton rolls over Mohr, their bodies colliding in a heap.  Ryan pulls herself back up, dragging Mohr by the hair, jerking Mohr face first into a knee strike, then slamming her against the turnbuckle.  Ryan steps up onto the bottom rope, raining down punches against Mohr's face, hammering away at leaving Carnage's former owner black and blue.  Ryan then steps up, scissoring Mohr by the head and flipping backward with a huricanrana, but Mohr holds fast to the top ropes, anchoring herself in position so Ryan slams solo to the mat.  Mohr takes Ryan by the ankles and jerks her backward, catapulting her back upward and slamming Ryan face first into the cage wall.  Shouldering into Ryan with a shove, Mohr seats Ryan on the top turnbuckle, then steps up onto the bottom rope and hoists her up and over, drilling Ryan to the mat with a top rope brainbuster.  Raab manhandles the Sandtown Kid, tossing the Kid casually against the cage wall, then kicking the discarded cage door upright from the floor and shoulder blocking it into the Sandtown Kid, pressing him between both segments of cage like a vice.  Raab shoves at the cage door, the wall of the cage bowing outward as Raab's strength threatens to force the Sandtown Kid through the wall of the cage.  Releasing the cage door, Raab drops it deliberately at the center of the ring, wrapping the Sandtown Kid up and hiking him overhead with a german suplex, driving the Kid's head and shoulders squarely into the discarded cage door, folding the boy in half like an accordion, the metal framing of the cage door breaking on impact, then fencing rattling loose as Raab literally breaking steel with his blows.  Standing on the edge of the cage door, Raab bends over, taking grasp on the door's framing and pulling it fully apart, producing for himself a lengthy metal spear.  Raab swings the metal length down and slams it over the Sandtown Kid's shoulder, curling the boy up into the fetal position, only for Raab to step on Silva's leg and then kick him in the face, laying him out flat again and raising the metal pole to strike.

Terra Skye: The way Raab is attacking the kid, you'd think he has a personal problem with him.

Johnny Vegas: Maybe Raab watched Silva's matches on the Carnage Network and saw what he did to the Ultraviolent title for FIFTEEN MONTHS.

Ray Payne: Mistah Robbie is unstoppabables, yo.

Johnny Vegas: That was almost a word, Ray! Congratulations!

Zodiac takes hold of Steel by the hair, bouncing Steel's head against the side of the metal dumpster.  Then a second time, splitting Steel open over the bridge of his nose.  Steel responds by delivering a stiff headbutt to Zodiac's face, then grabs up Zodiac around the waist, hiking him up and face-raking him down the outside of the cage.  Zodiac lands on his hands and knees, and Steel gives the dumpster a shove, slamming Zodiac's skull between the dumpster and the cage wall.  Crucifix big boots Steel in the back of the head, drilling him face first into the metal dumpster.  Hooking Steel around the knee, Crucifix hikes him up and dumps him over the top of the dumpster, sending Steel spilling inside with a sound of clanking metal and breaking glass.  Crucifix pulls the dumpster away from the cage wall, freeing up Zodiac, but leaving himself wide open as Prydor tags him from behind, sweeping Crucifix's legs out from under him and driving him into the floor with a sit-out facebuster.  Prydor meet Zodiac as he stands, clubbing him down with a hammer fist, and then driving Zodiac to the floor with a double underhook ddt.  Wrenching Zodiac's shoulder, Prydor twists Zodiac into an abdominal stretch, grounding the double champion, but Crucifix leg sweeps Prydor, hiking him up.  Zodiac takes Prydor up and over his shoulder, driving him to the cement with a death valley driver.  Crucifix hikes himself up and over the edge of the dumpster, dropping inside only to be greeted by Steel and a barbwire baseball bat.  Steel smashes Crucifix across the face, knocking him down into a bundle of lumber, but Crucifix rallies back with a swing of a two by four, cracking Steel across the side of the ribs.  Crucifix begins tossing hefty two by fours up and out of the dumpster, sending them scattering over the top of the cage roof.  Zodiac tries to climb into the dumpster as well to arm himself, but Prydor grabs him by the ankle, pulling Zodiac back down to the floor, grounding him hard to the floor and then rolling him over into a single leg boston crab.

Terra Skye: It's amazing that even with all of this insane action, Prydor sticks with what brought him and it's working.

Johnny Vegas: He's nothing if not consistent.

Ray Payne: Yeah he's..


Terra Syke: And there it is.

Johnny Vegas: My wit is unmatched.

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Raab brings the long, metal pole crashing down over the Sandtown Kid, who narrowly gets his hands on the discarded ring bell and brings it up as a shield, blocking the blow with a resonating 'DING!'  Raab swings again, and this time the Sandtown Kid rolls to the side, narrowly escaping the path of impact as he pulls himself back to his feet.  Raab brings around a crosswise swing of the pole, and the Sandtown Kid hurdles over top of it, landing at Raab's flank and blasting him to the face with a two-handed swing of the ring bell.  'Ding!'  Raab staggers for a moment, but keeps his footing, bringing his head back around face to face with the Sandtown Kid who clearly expected him to fall.  Dropping the metal pole, Raab seizes the Sandtown Kid around the throat and hikes him up, tossing him down with a casual choke slam which smashes the Sandtown Kid back over the mangled cage door.  Raab raises one foot, moving as though to stomp the Sandtown Kid.  The Sandtown Kid grips one hand over the loose cage fencing of the door, unraveling it like an old sweater, then ducking between Raab's legs, the Sandtown Kid circles around the German monster, tangling one of Raab's legs in the process.  On the opposite side of the cage, Mohr drills Michaels in the back of the head with a high angle kick, buying Tweeder a moment's reprieve.  Tweeder hoists Michaels up and over his shoulders, tossing him off with a flapjack, while Mohr kneels into position to break Michaels' fall over her knee with the assisted gutbuster.  Mohr drags Michaels up and into position for a tornado DDT, but Michaels claps a hand over the top rope, stopping Mohr cold when she tries to topple them backward.  Wrapping Mohr up around the waist with a bear hug, Michaels squeezes the life out of her, while Tweeder recovers the weedwacker and fires it up again, running the spinning blade down Michaels back and leaving behind a series of welts and cuts.  Michaels releases Mohr, turning towards Tweeder, and Tweed brings the weedwacker about with a shot squarely for Michaels face, Michaels only barely managing to get his hands up in time to protect his eyes and mustache, another series of cuts and welts painting down his left forearm.  From behind Michaels, Mohr turns and hooks him by the head, leaning forward and lifting Michaels onto her back into position for the jawdropper, but it's Amber Ryan this time who makes the save, leaping from the top turnbuckle and drilling a double foot drop kick to Mohr's face, sending her spilling to the canvas before she can bring Michaels down.  Ryan follows up with a knee to Mohr's face, sending her sprawling across the canvas, but Tweeder catches her off-guard, slamming Ryan in the back of the head with the weedwacker, an act which sees the blades viciously tangle into her hair, stalling the machine and knotting it up at the back of her skull.  Ryan throws a stiff reverse camel kick, catching Tweeder squarely in the midsection, then turns around while Tweeder is buckled over, locking him into a double underhook for Original Sin, except just before bringing Tweeder down, Mohr grabs hold of the weedwacker tangled with Ryan's hair and pulls back on it, jerking her away from Tweeder like a leash and hair dragging Ryan to the canvas.

Terra Skye: This thing is just getting hard to watch. I can't believe Bridges is making ten people go through this just to keep his job.

Johnny Vegas: Um, it was nutbag Kyra that wanted the match!

Terra Skye: She wanted to face him one on one. It's a bit different than what we have now.

Ray Payne: Yeah butz Mistah Bridges is nots a rassler, yo.

Terra Skye: Don't tell me you took his side too!

Ray Payne: No, Iz just sayin.

Johnny Vegas: Terra's a hypocrite. She'd be okay with a non-wrestler getting beat to shit, but not people that trained for it that she likes.

Terra Skye: Up yours you geriatric fuck.

Steel brings the barbwire bat down with an overhead chop, and Crucifix brings up both arms to block the shot, the barbwire biting away at his flesh as he tries to guard his face.  Crucifix kicks back hard into Steel's knee, knocking his footing out from beneath him on the unstable pile of trash, debrees, and weapons.  Pulling the bat from Steel's hands, Crucifix brings it around with a large, crosswise slash, cracking Steel over the temple.  Steel takes hold of Crucifix by the wrist, wrenching his arm around behind his back with a hammerlock.  Crucifix heel stomps Steel's foot, then throws his head backwards, smashing Steel in the face.  The two muscle back and forth for a moment, fighting over possession of the ballbat, before Crucifix blatantly bites Steel on the cheek, and Steel recoils in pain, throwing the bat over the top of the dumpster to clatter on the floor at ringside, right into the floundering grip of Robert Zodiac.  Zodiac clutches the hilt of the barbwire ballbat, lashing it backwards and cracking Prydor across the hip, breaking Prydor's grip on the half crab.  Prydor backpedals for a step, and Zodiac charge rushes Prydor with the bat, presses it with a horizontal shove to the chest, pinning him against the outer cage wall.  Prydor steps through and takes Zodiac down with an inside leg sweep, rolling Zodiac over into a camel clutch and cranking back on Zodiac's neck.  Zodiac reaches for the bat at his feet, but Prydor pulls back further on Zodiac's head, kicking his foot out to knock the bat further out of Zodiac's reach, but placing himself off balance enough that Zodiac can pull Prydor's leg out from under him, leg dragging him down to the floor.  Prydor and Zodiac both scramble to their feet, which Prydor shooting in for a single leg takedown, but Zodiac chin-ups on the edge of the dumpster, up and out of Prydor's reach, and then dropping down on the back of Prydor's head with a double foot stomp.  Zodiac begins a scramble up the cage wall, while scoop slams Steel inside the dumpster, laying him out prone underneath Zodiac.  Zodiac scales higher and higher up the cage, rapidly approaching the roof, while Prydor looks up at the man's ascension, torn between his friend's need for help and Prydor's own apprehension about any form of climbing.  With a moment of insight, Prydor shoves the dumpster, slowly pushing it around the cage until it rests near the commentary table, out of reach of where Zodiac could leap.  Crucifix raises up over the brim of the dumpster and smashes a wooden pallet down over Prydor, blasting a hole clear through the wood as Prydor falters backward and fumbles at the feet of the commentary team.  Streel grips Crucifix around the legs, dumping him up and over the edge of the dumpster and sending him spilling outside.  Then scaling up until he is precariously balanced on it's lips, Steel raises one hand and holds up a burlap sack, leaping from the top of the dumpster and swinging the sack beneath him so that he can drop over top of Crucifix with the sack between them.  There is a sound of breaking glass as Steel impacts Crucifix, with blood spilling from the back of Crucifix's skull.  Crucifix staggers backward against the cage wall, and Steel swings the sack around with both hands, smacking it against Crucifix's body, the bag tearing open while shards of broken glass and showers of thumbtacks spill through the cage wall and litter the canvas.  Crucifix crumbles to one knee, and Steel shoves him aside for Prydor to handle, gripping up the cage wall and beginning to climb in pursuit of Zodiac.  Slowly but surely, Steel ascends the cage, while Zodiac makes challenging gestures as if daring Steel to approach.  Prydor pulls Crucifix back to his feet, but Crucifix surprises Prydor with a possom play, backhanding Prydor to the groin and then dumping him unceremoniously over the security railing and into the first row of the crowd.  A crowd of eager fans close in around Prydor, patting him on the back and cheering him closely, while incidentally forming enough of a barricade that they slow Prydor's return to cage side, giving Crucifix the time he needs to grab Steel by the ankle, pulling him backward while Steel's attention was locked on Zodiac.  Steel kicks a heel down, smashing Crucifix in the face, and then continues to climb, and with his distracted play unsuccessful, Zodiac backs away from the edge of the cage, seemingly significantly less eager about the approaching Trent Steel.  Zodiac stomps at Steel as he reaches the top edge of the cage, trying desperately to knock him back down, but Steel grabs Zodiac by the ankle and sweeps his legs out from under him, buying Steel the time he needs to roll onto the roof.  Crucifix immediately begins to scale the cage wall as well to assist his partner, and by the time Prydor can free himself from the crowd, Crucifix is out of reach, Prydor forced to abandon his friend to a two on one in the most dangerous place a wrestler could ever find himself.

Terra Skye: Oh shit! Trent is all alone up there with both members of CON!

Johnny Vegas: YES! TAKE HIM OUT!

Ray Payne: Dat's not nice, yo. He coulds die.

Johnny Vegas: And your point is?

Terra Skye: Why haven't you had a heart attack or stroke yet?

Ray Payne: Mebbies his drinkin pickled his organs, yo.

Terra Skye: Either way, it's very dangerous for Steel now, and for CON, but at least they have a numbers advantage.

Prydor climbs back through the opened cage door, hooking Michaels from behind and driving him down hard with an inverted ddt.  Ryan jerks the weedwacker from Mohr's hands, shoving it backwards into Mohr's midsection and stunning her, then ripping at it until she manages to tear the spindle free from her hair.  Mohr staggers Ryan with a powerful right hand, whipping her around with a hairpull and sending her crashing face first into the side of the steel cage.  Mohr takes Ryan from behind by the shoulder, but Ryan stops her cold with a back elbow to the sternum, hooking Mohr by the head and dropping her into a sit-out shoulder facecrusher.  Mohr recoils backward and to the canvas, while Ryan follows up with a curb stomp to the back of Mohr's head, ending her attempt to get back at her feet.  Prydor hoists Michaels up and over with a samoan drop, while Tweeder latches onto Michaels' head, joining in with a swinging neckbreaker.  Prydor grounds Michaels, wrenching him over into an octopus stretch, while Ryan starts to pull Mohr back upright, only to take a shoulder thrust to the midsection, Mohr lifting Ryan off her feet and flipping her over with a fireman's carry forward slam, Mohr dropping to her knees, breathing hard with exhaustion as she sits beside Ryan's body.

Ray Payne: Rite dere you's can see dat dey are all tired, yo.


Terra Skye: Yes, you get the feeling that once eliminations start to happen, it won't be long before the match is over.

Johnny Vegas: Plus crazy bitch Kyra has been in there since the beginning.

Terra Skye: Yes, that too. Minus the crazy part.

Johnny Vegas: What are you, her press secretary? Stop censoring me!

The Sandtown Kid dives between the intermediate ropes, rolling into the far ring, and Raab tries to pursue, moving slower while dragging the massive cage door, it's wires and fencing tangled and digging into his leg.  Raab steps over the intermediate ropes with one leg, but the cage door catches, binding Raab in place, and the more he pulls against it, the deeper the wires seem to cut into his flesh.  The Sandtown Kid skirts at the edge of Raab's reach, lunging and thrusting, battering away at the monster with a series of body shots, and falling back each time it seems Raab has nearly taken hold of him.  Carefully ducking and bobbing, the Sandtown Kid boxes the Masked German Monster, tucking in close enough the scores a big right cross to the ribs, Raab letting down his arms just enough that the Sandtown Kid slips through the defenses and scores a massive left-handed uppercut, Raab teetering for a brief moment, genuinely rattled.  The Sandtown Kid takes hold of Raab by the head and steps up onto his thigh, drilling him in the face with a shining wizard, only to find himself in too close and exactly where Raab needed him.  Raab latched an iron hand over the Sandtown Kid's left arm, whipping him down to the mat, then swinging him around and batting him effortlessly against the cage wall, before lifting the Sandtown Kid with a one-handed chokeslam and depositing him back on Raab's side of the intermediate ropes, ending the game of cat and mouse.  The Sandtown Kid reels on the canvas from the impact of the Chokinator, and Raab kneels down over the rookie, twisting his arms over and cinching him down into the Killerlock.  Referee Cal hovers into position, watching for the Sandtown Kid to submit.

Terra Skye: Oh shit! Raab's got that hold in tight! It could be it for the Kid!


Ray Payne: Even if Mistah Silvers goes, Team Kyra coulds still wins, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Doesn't mean Lord Raab can't end his career right now!

Terra Skye: I wish he'd come over here and end YOUR career.

Johnny Vegas: This show would fall apart without me and you know it. I'm a Hall of Famer! It needs me!

Ray Payne: I's iz a Hall of Famah too, Mistah Jonnies. And Mistah Boy.


Steel throws a gut punch, doubling Zodiac over while they wobble on the roof of the cage.  Taking Zodiac into a double underhook, Steel butterflies Zodiac up into powerbomb position, marching forward towards the edge of the cage as if it send Zodiac for the long drop to ringside, but Crucifix is close behind, catching Steel with a drop toe hold that tips him backwards, depositing Zodiac instead towards the center of the cage.  Crucifix hoists Steel upright into a delayed vertical suplex, tipping backward as Zodiac kneels into position to assist with a backbreaker.  Zodiac drags Steel back up by the hair, marching him towards the edge of the cage and swinging him around with an irish whip, but Steel pivots on his heel, short-arming back into Zodiac with a body check.  Hooking Zodiac behind the knee, Steel hoists him up to his chest, toppling backwards with a fallaway slam that takes Zodiac past the edge of the cage.  Zodiac wraps his fingers into Steel's hair, dangling from the top of the cage, slowly dragging Steel over the edge with him, until Crucifix takes hold of Steel's ankles, dragging him back towards the center of the cage, pulling the human chain far enough that Zodiac can roll safely back onto the roof.  Crucifix keeps hold of Steel's ankles, while Zodiac takes Steel by the wrists, both men swinging Steel from side to side with a jumprope sway before tossing him high.  Steel hooks one arm in the crook of Zodiac's elbow, redirecting his through up and over Zodiac's shoulder, rather than spilling over the edge, and spins through bringing Zodiac's skull down into the cage roof with a tornado DDT.  Steel's back on his feet in a flash, and blasts into Crucifix with a spear, but Crucifix catches Steel low, using his momentum against him, and rolls him up and overhead, toppling backwards and planting Steel with an electric chair drop that causes their half of the cage roof to sag from the force of the impact.  Crucifix licks his chops, hooking Steel again with a fisherman grip, hiking him up, and then kicking both of them down to the cage roofing with a package piledriver.  Black Heart Crisis!  The fencing comprising the roof splits down the center at the force of the impact and Steel collides twice, first with the steel cage, and then a second time as Crucifix and Steel plummet through the roof with Crucifix's grip in tact, Crucifix spiking Steel's head into the canvas as both men hit with a thunderous impact, sprawling out across the canvas.


Terra Skye: FUCKING SHIT! There's no way Trent didn't suffer a concussion from that drop! He could be paralyzed!

Ray Payne: I dinks dat Mistah Cruci took the brunt of the fall, udderwise he woulds be.

Johnny Vegas: Should have just dropped him straight down and broke his neck.

Terra Skye: JOHNNY!

Johnny Vegas: Fuck off, I'll cheer who I want to.


Raab presses down with the Killerlock, the Sandtown Kid utterly trapped, when assistance comes from the most unlikely of places.  Tweeder picks up the weedwacker, gripping it by the business end, and whirls it around with a grand slam swing, smashing the box engine into Raab's skull with a blow that utterly destroys the lawn tool.  Gas and oil spray over Raab's face and shoulders, while chunks of broken metal litter the ring floor.  Raab topples backward from the impact, losing his grip on the Sandtown Kid before he can force the boy to submit, but breaking free from the twisted remains of the cage door as he rolls to the floor.  Tweeder helps the Sandtown Kid back to his feet, who looks beaten half to death from his attempts to keep Raab at bay, and both men close in on Lord Raab in unison.  Raab rocks Tweeder backward with a powerful right hand.  The Sandtown Kid shoots low with a single leg takedown, grabbing one of Raab's legs and pulling, barely managing to get a single foot from the ground, but as Raab wraps one powerful arm around the Sandtown Kid, Tweeder comes in high with a bulldog, both men working in unison enough to send Raab staggering off balance, though the Masked German Monster still refuses to fall.  Wrapping his other arm around Tweeder, Raab holds both men at ones, tucked under each arm like a suitcase.  Then bringing them both to his chest in unison, Raab doubles backwards, drilling both Tweeder and the Sandtown Kid at the same time with a single German suplex.

Johnny Vegas: YEAH! Kick their asses, Raab!

Terra Skye: What in the hell is it going to take to eliminate Raab? Can Raab BE eliminated?

Ray Payne: I dun knows, Missus Terraz. He just suplex two guys at onces, yo.

Terra Skye: That's my point. And that was AFTER a machine was broken over his head!

Johnny Vegas: Sounds like President Bridges made the right choice in picking him for his team!

Prydor clenches Michaels down in the octopus stretch, but only for the briefest of moments before Ryan rolls over his back, snapping Prydor's neck viciously with an overcastle and breaking the hold.  Ryan pulls Prydor back up, whipping him hard to the corner and slamming Prydor against the turnbuckles with a case of whiplash, then racing in after him and drilling him with high knee.  Mohr grabs Ryan from behind, slamming her down with a sit-out neckbreaker and freeing up Prydor, who in turn catches Michaels with an arm drag that stops Michaels cold just before he can land a big haymaker on Mohr from behind.  Prydor reverse arm bars Michaels, working his elbow back awkwardly, while Mohr ascends the turnbuckle, flipping forward with a corkscrew plancha and smashing down over Ryan with authority.  Michaels lobbies his strength advantage, dropping to one knee to ease the leverage, and then hiking Prydor up and over with a fireman's carry takeover, Michaels drives Prydor down on his head and shoulders.  Prydor reels and Michaels smells blood in the water, dragging Prydor back up and hooking him into a double leg fisherman's suplex, driving Prydor down hard over his head and neck for a second time.  Then taking hold of Prydor by the legs, Michaels hikes him back up for a wheelbarrow spinebuster, but Prydor hooks Michaels by the head at the apex of the toss, bringing Michaels down instead into a double-knee facebreaker.  Mohr pulls Ryan up into a guillotine choke, jerking back on her with enough force that lifts Ryan's feet from the mat with each tug, until Ryan performs a standing crocodile roll, twisting through to find herself behind Mohr and kneeing Mohr squarely in the back, driving Mohr's skull forward into the cage wall.  Mohr splits open under the left eye with a deep gash, blood spilling down her face and her eye rapidly swelling, but still shows no sign of letting up.

Terra Skye: These ten people are going at it full tilt. Something's gotta give.

Ray Payne: Mebbies dey is gonna go all nights, yo.

Terra Skye: I can't see how that would even be possible. The only thing that hasn't been broken are the rings!

Johnny Vegas: Don't give them any fucking ideas!

Terra Skye: Oh I'm sure they're way ahead of me on that front.

Crucifix slowly raises back up onto wobbling feet, stumbling towards Steel who is crawling on his hands and knees.  Crucifix pulls Steel upright, staggering Steel backward with a big right hand, forcing him to the corner.  Then hooking Steel around the waist, Crucifix hoists him up and seats Steel on the turnbuckle, Steel's bloodied face looking back at him as he's set into position for the Crucifixion.  Crucifix climbs to the middle rope, taking control of Steel's head, only for Steel to do the unthinkable, biting Crucifix along the flank and clamping down with his teeth, tearing into Crucifix from the side.  Crucifix howls in pain, pummelling Steel in the back of the head with repeated elbows until he finally breaks Steel's grip, which only happens when Steel takes a chunk of Crucifix's flesh with him, and as Steel's grip with his teeth tears away from Crucifix's side, Steel drills Crucifix with a straight right to the solar plexus, knocking Crucifix down to the mat and driving the wind from him.  Already seated on the turnbuckle, Steel stands upright, leaping into the air with the Black Winged Angel, only to be spiked out of mid-air by a missile drop kick from Robert Zodiac, Zodiac leaping from the top of the cage and drilling Steel mid-flight!!!!


Johnny Vegas: See, Terra? Trent was fine...for about two minutes.

Terra Skye: I wouldn't necessarily call it fine. Pretty sure he's going in instinct at this point.

Johnny Vegas: And his instinct is to bite. Like a fucking animal.

Ray Payne: Mistah Zody sacrificied himself to saves his partnah, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Once again proving that CON is the best tag team on the planet.

Zodiac drags himself back up with the assistance of the ropes, Crucifix coughing up blood into his palm as he slowly raises to his knees, but both of them look entirely shocked when the mangled frame of Trent Steel reaches out with one hand, bracing a palm on the mat, and then begins pushing himself back up with simply an inhuman desire to keep going.  Steel smiles at them.  Crucifix shoulder blocks Steel into the corner.  Zodiac races in after them, with Crucifix dropping to his hands and knees to provide a springboard position, and Zodiac stepping off of his partner and drilling Steel in the skull with the Pain Killer.  Steel crumples backward against the turnbuckle, one arm draped over the top rope as he struggles to keep his footing, but somehow continues to stand.

Johnny Vegas: Damn it, just pin the old, scarred-up fuck!

Terra Skye: You talking about Trent or yourself?

Johnny Vegas: Fuck you!

Ray Payne: Mistah Jonnies is just mads because he knows his team gonna lose.

Johnny Vegas: What the fuck match are you watching?


Ray Payne: Dat's right Mistah Boy.

Johnny Vegas: What was that supposed to mean?

Ray Payne: I iz nots tellin, yo.

Johnny Vegas: COME ON!

Raab drags the Sandtown Kid up from the carnage, slinging the boy over one shoulder.  The Sandtown Kid throws a knee into the side of Raab's face, battering the big man but leaving him utterly unphased, Raab baring his shoulder down to the mat and driving the Sandtown Kid down hard with a powerslam.  Raab then turns his attentions towards Tweeder, stalking after the Ultraviolent Icon.  Once Raab steps over the Sandtown Kid, the Sandtown Kid raises to his hands and knees in a low crouch immediately behind Raab, and Tweeder bursts forward and slams into Raab with a schoolyard bully, knocking Raab backwards and causing him to trip over the Sandtown Kid's body, taking the big man off his feet with the crashing sound of falling timber.  Raab sits up immediately, slowly returning to his feet, but the Sandtown Kid is waiting, hammering away at Raab with body shots and face punches, keeping him slightly off balance and stumbling backwards.  Raab lashes out with a left handed shove, and the Sandtown Kid ducks the shot, pushing in close and shouldering into Raab, trying to lift him but still unable to hoist the unstoppable monster.  Then Tweeder joins at his side, taking hold of Raab by the legs and also lifting until the big man is raised horizontally over both their shoulders at once, the two enemies working together to carry Raab's massive frame.  Tweeder and the Sandtown Kid hold Raab aloft for a brief moment, then topple backwards in unison, delivering a two man Safe Haven Drop.  The Sandtown Kid drapes an arm over Raab, while Tweeder collapses into a seated position in the corner, striking up a cigarette mid-match.



THRE..Raab presses his arms up, throwing the Sandtown Kid off of him and sending the rookie tumbling to the far side of the cage.


Ray Payne: Wowzers, I dun even knows, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Lord Raab is fucking unstoppable.

Terra Skye: Tweeder, get your ass up, this is no time for a smoke break!

Raab raises back to his feet, moving slower but still with determination and strength, following after the Sandtown Kid, until Tweeder cuts him off, stepping into Raab's path.  Raab grabs Tweeder around the throat for the Chokinator.  Tweeder plucks the cigarette from his own mouth, then flicks it into Raab's face.  With a flash, the oil and gasoline soaking Raab's mask and hair seem to ignite in a burst of flame, a portion of Raab's mask blistering a crackling, Raab staggers backward, clapping both hands over his face to extinguish the flames.  Tweeder steps up off of Raab's own knee, hooking him around the head and spinning through as he drills the monster to the mat.  Ruck Over!  Tweeder rolls back holding one of Raab's legs.




Kelly Carmichael: LORD RAAB has been eliminated!

Terra Skye: Apparently it takes setting the man on fire just to get rid of him!

Johnny Vegas: NO! I can't believe this! Raab went out FIRST?!

Ray Payne: Its makes sensies, yo. He was da biggest threat so dey hads to.

Terra Skye: Ray's right. It was smart to double team him like that. Otherwise they might have never got him out.

Johnny Vegas: FUCK! This night fukcing sucks. There is nothing that could make me happy now.

The Sandtown Kid rolls out of the ring through the opened cage door, shuffling his battered body around the dumpster and reaching inside, fishing around as though he were looking for something particular.  After a few moments, he holds aloft a six pack of beer, dropping down from the dumpster and making his way back towards the cage, yet as he passes the commentary team, the Sandtown Kid hesitates for a moment, then draws one bottle out from the case and places it in front of Johnny Vegas.  Vegas, who has been deprived of a drink since Redemption shattered the commentary table and spilled his alcohol earlier, looks at the Sandtown Kid in complete shock.

Johnny Vegas: He.. he finally brought me that drink I asked for.  It only took him nearly two years.

Terra Skye: Seriously?  You just spent the past, oh, twenty months tearing the kid down, and he brings you a beer?  All you've ever done was mock him and tell vicious lies.

Ray Payne: It's true.  You've not been very nice, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Lies.  The Sandtown Kid and I have always got along.  I've respected his dedication to this company, his work ethic being here every single show, the way he stands up for what's right, like defending Megan Harris.  Honestly, when you think about it, Lucas Silva and I have basically everything in common.

Boy:  Silence of the fat man in worlds of sands.

Terra Skye:  I cannot believe you.  You rail on this poor kid forever, for no damn reason, and then one beer later, you pretend like you've always been best friends.

Johnny Vegas:  I have never stopped championing the Sandtown Kid.  After his team loses here tonight, I'm going to personally go talk to Jason Bridges and see about getting the kid his job back.

Ray Payne:  It would be nice if you could do that, yo.

Terra Skye:  You are such a two faced hypocrite.

Johnny Vegas:  I am no such thing.  I am a man of principles, just like the Sandtown Kid, and someday he-

Johnny Vegas opens the bottle of beer that Silva had provided him, only for it to explode immediately, spraying him with lukewarm domestic beer from the rough shaking it had taken being jostled in the dumpster and bounced around throughout the match.  Vegas is livid.

Johnny Vegas:  That damned sonnovabitch did that on purpose!  I told you guys you couldn't trust him.  He's been lying from the beginning, trying to manipulate everybody.  But I'm the only one who was smart enough to see through his ruse.  Fuck you, STK.  I'm glad your fired, and I never have to see that stupid hair again!

The Sandtown Kid scales back into the cage, tossing a bottle to Tweeder, who immediately opens it and takes a swig.  Michaels slams into Mohr with a shoulder block, punishing her against the turnbuckles, only for Tweeder to hot potato his bottle to Mohr, and Mohr to smash the glass bottle down over Michaels' head, splitting his scalp wide open.  Mohr pushes herself up into a seated position on the top turnbuckle, and then brings Michaels down hard to the canvas with a whirlwind ddt.  Michaels rolls over, his back spotted from the broken glass and thumbtacks strewn about that corner of the ring, then grabs Mohr by the ankle, pulling her feet out from under her with an ankle trip.  Michaels swings around Mohr, delivering a standing elbow drop to her chest, then scooping her up into his arms, Michaels swings Mohr around with the Blast From The Past!  But this time, it's Will Prydor who pulls Michaels back into a full nelson, peeling his grip from Mohr, who drops free and somersaults back to her feet.  Prydor slams Michaels down with a sitout full nelson driver, jarring the veteran up the full length of his spine, before scissoring his legs around Michaels and transitioning into a crossface chickenwing.  Ryan somersault rolls, delivering a backsplash over Prydor which stuns him enough that Michaels can power out of the hold, then Ryan ducks a spinning heel kick from Mohr, planting her head into the crook of Mohr's knee and sweeping her legs out from under her with the stretch muffler.  Mohr responds by scissoring her legs around Ryan's head and flipping her over with a huricanrana.  Prydor irish whips Michaels against the ropes, Michaels jarring into the cage wall while Prydor follows in close behind with a head of steam, but just before Prydor reaches him, Michaels delivers a back elbow deliberately into the cage wall, jarring it again, and one of the discarded two by fours laying on the roof of the cage falls down through the split and directly into Michaels waiting hands.  Prydor tries to put the breaks on, but it's too late, and he races forward directly into a crosswise swing where Michaels cracks him across the skull with the hefty chunk of lumber.

Terra Skye: FUCK! I think Will might be done!

Johnny Vegas: Good! With Raab gone we need to even the odds!

Terra Skye: Who the fuck is we? You're not on the team!

Johnny Vegas: Again. OFFICIAL spokesperson for CON.

Ray Payne: Den mebbies you shuld gets in dere, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Are you crazy? I would die.

Terra Skye: Good.

Crucifix lifts Steel for a second time, seating him on the top turnbuckle, but this time is cut short when Tweeder crashes into Crucifix from behind with a forward body splash.  Tweeder drags Crucifix out of the corner, driving him face first to mat with a bulldog into a pile of broken fence wire.  Raking Crucifix's face across the twisted remains of the cage door, Tweeder drags him back and forth like a cheese grater.  Crucifix throws a back headbutt to Tweeder's face, stunning him momentarily, and then grabs Tweeder by the beard, jerking it upward in a manner that twists Tweeder's head backward.  Hooking Tweeder under one arm, Crucifix hikes Tweeder up and over with a half nelson hip toss, dropping Tweeder flat on his back, and then driving a standing knee drop down over Tweed's face.  Crucifix drags Tweeder back upright, pulling him in close for powerbomb posturing, but Tweeder hooks Crucifix behind both knees, sweeping his legs out from under him and then hiking Crucifix up and slamming him down with an Alabama slam.  Zodiac stumbles towards Tweeder, clubbing him from behind with a forearm shot, until Steel leaps from the top turnbuckle with a falling double axe handle, slamming Zodiac in the back of the head and buckling him in half.  Steel hooks Zodiac by the waistband and tips him upright, driving him down hard with a stump puller piledriver.  Steel scours the ring for a moment, spotting the partial case of beer, and retrieves a bottle, returning to Zodiac and pressing the bottlecapped neck of the beer against Zodiac's eye, grinding it against the sensitive flesh, while Zodiac thrashes and kicks, trying to free himself from Steel's grip.  Fishhooking a finger into Steel's cheek, Zodiac tears at Steel's face and forces him to pull back, but Zodiac is quick to withdraw his hand when Steel snaps his teeth, threatening to bite Zodiac's finger off.  Steel begins pulling Zodiac back upright, only for Zodiac to jerk Steel down instead, bringing Steel down over both Zodiac's knees with a rolling gutbuster.  Zodiac and Crucifix each grab Steel by an ankle, jerking his legs apart with the wishbone legsplitter, before Tweeder blasts Crucifix with a legsweep lariat, literally flipping Crucifix upside-down on impact.  Zodiac responds with a kidney shot that stuns Tweeder, then taking hold of Tweeder's head for the Crimson Sunrise, but Steel instead socks Zodiac in the jaw with a big haymaker, holding the beer bottle as a fist pack, blasting him with the force of a cinder block.  The bottle shatters in Trent's hand, shards of glass digging into his palm, and Zodiac's eyes swim back in his head, his knees beginning to buckle.  Steel scoops Zodiac up and onto his shoulders, flipping him over with a death valley driver directly into the top turnbuckle.  Pittsburgh Nightmare!  Zodiac crumples at Steel's feet, and Steel ties him down into an inside cradle.




Kelly Carmichael: ROBERT ZODIAC is eliminated!


Terra Skye: I guess Bridges didn't do as good a job as you thought, did he?

Ray Payne: Missus Kyra is definites gonna wins now, yo.

Terra Skye: I wouldn't dare count out Crucifix or Paragon, but the odds are definitely stacked on Kyra's side now.

Johnny Vegas: I can't fucking believe this. Ugh, I'll drink this shitty beer Silva  gave me. I don't even care.

The Sandtown Kid squares up with Michaels, throwing a boxing style jab, and Michaels takes defensive posturing, blocking the undisciplined youths strikes before landing a left cross that knocks the boy for a loop, staggering the Sandtown Kid backwards while he stubbornly keeps his footing.  Michaels follows up with a series of body blows, smashing away at the Sandtown Kid's ribs, only for the Sandtown Kid to pull him forward into a clench, holding Michaels tightly by the head.  Mohr leapfrogs over the Sandtown Kid, and STK releases Michaels in that moment, Mohr sliding down behind Michaels with a sunset flip powerbomb which plants the veteran down hard.  Ryan springboards from the interior ropes, hitting Prydor to the back with a somersault double foot stomp between the shoulderblades, battering him down against the mat.  Outnumbered and rapidly becoming overwhelmed, Ryan maintains a game of hit and run tactics, ducking a right hand from the Sandtown Kid and sending him racing with an irish whip, then taking off herself with a head of steam, stepping onto the ropes and moonsaulting backwards to crash into Mohr with a cross body block.  As the Sandtown Kid returns from his rebound on the ropes, Michaels is back to his feet to greet him with a toss up, catching the Sandtown Kid out of the air and driving him down with a sit out powerbomb.  Ryan races to the turnbuckles, driving forward with a forward drop kick at Prydor, but this time Prydor shoulder blocks forward into her, clipping Ryan out of mid-air.  He marches around into position, Ryan draped over one shoulder, then flips Ryan forward with a sit-out side powerslam.  Prydor plants Ryan hard, while Mohr scales the turnbuckles this time, and a split second after Prydor's slam, Mohr crashes down over Ryan with a devastating shooting star press.  Mohr drags Ryan back up, but it is Michaels, pulling the Sandtown Kid to his feet, who evens the playing field with a single dirty move.  Michaels swings the Sandtown Kid around with an irish whip, smashing the Sandtown Kid into Prydor from behind and driving Prydor hard into the cage wall.  Prydor clings to the ropes, retaining his footing, and when he turns around, he finds only the Sandtown Kid standing behind him as the source of this attack.  Prydor hauls back and rocks the Sandtown Kid with a big right hand.

Terra Skye: No Will! What are you doing?!

Ray Payne: Mistah Wills, it was an accidents, yo!


Terra Skye: This is serious, this is not the time for those two to be fighting!

Ray Payne: Dey almost gots Bridges outs, yo!

Johnny Vegas: At least the odds are even now. After your team cheated to eliminate two people!

Tweeder toe kicks Crucifix, catching him in the midsection, then flips him over with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.  Dumping Crucifix into a seated position, Tweeder presses his knee into Crucifix's back, pulling backward on Crucifix's arms with an airplane stretch.  Steel approaches from the front, kicking Crucifix squarely in the face.  Michaels grabs Mohr by the hair, tossing her into the cage wall with a hairpull snapmare.  Michaels shoulder blocks for Mohr to batter her against the cage wall, but Mohr side steps and Michaels slams into the cage wall solo.  Mohr takes hold of Michaels by the head, tugging him back towards the center ring and taking him down with a sit-out neckbreaker, but is greeted as she stands up by Ryan smacking a two-by-four across her lower back.  Mohr reels from the impact, and Ryan swings the board around again, blasting Mohr across the jaw, Mohr tumbling to the canvas and rolling across the mat.  Steel stomps down over the back of Crucifix's head, stepping up and over both Crucifix and Tweeder and hurdling the intermediate ropes, smashing into Ryan with a flying leg lariat, both of them crashing to the mat in a heap.  Prydor pulls the Sandtown Kid into a front facelock, twisting him over with a swinging neckbreaker.  Then twisting the Sandtown Kid's arm through, Prydor cinches his teammate down into a koji clutch, cranking back and applying the pressure.

Terra Skye: The match is still going on but someone has got to get Prydor to calm down! He still thinks that Silva attacked him!

Johnny Vegas: Let him go! I can't wait to see his face when he realizes he cost his team the win.

Ray Payne: Mistah Boy, mebbies you should go, yo.

Boy: The melting snow is superior to the frosted oranges!

Johnny Vegas: You sit your big ass down! We're supposed to be impartial!

Terra Skye: Yeah fucking right. Have you heard your own commentary lately?

Johnny Vegas: At least I'm not getting involved!

The 3 on 3 is firmly split into two handicap matches, with a special one-on-one between Prydor and STK elsewhere. Prydor wrenches in the hold on Silva, who tries to cry out and explain himself but the koji clutch is choking the air out of him. Prydor is unusually enraged, perhaps because he was promised he could trust his teammates and now believes he can't. Meanwhile, Tweeder and Steel, who moved back into the other ring, are now working together against Crucifix. Tweeder grabs two of the remaining bottles of beer and tosses one to Trent. Trent takes his bottle, chugs it down completely, then smashes it across the shoulder of Crucifix! Crucifix holds his arm in pain as blood trickles down. He looks at Tweeder and says something along the lines of top that. Tweeder grabs Crucifix and hits a simple suplex, before placing his bottle over the crotch of his opponent. He lifts up Crucifix's legs and DROPS DOWN WITH A LEG DROP! The bottle shatters, with Crucifix howling in pain and Tweeder rolling back clutching his legs.

Terra Skye: Oh great. Trent and Tweeder and trying to one up each other.

Johnny Vegas: And you APPROVE of this?

Terra Skye: I'm not saying that. I'm just calling the action as I see it.

Ray Payne: I likes it, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Brian Crucifix may never be able to have kids again!

Terra Skye: Would that REALLY be a bad thing?

Over in the other ring, Jack Michaels has decided he's tired of playing around. He pulls something out of one of the pockets in his cargo pants and flings it outward, revealing it to be a collapsable baton. Just as Mohr gets to her feet, he charges forward and throws the baton's full weight right into her stomach, doubling her over.  He then tosses the baton to Ryan as he hooks up Mohr's arms and locks her in the Mean Machine Stretch! Mohr is already exhausted and looks to be fading, and it doesn't help as Ryan now begins to tee off on her with several shots. Tweeder pulls himself away from Crucifix, now that Trent has things in control, and immediately begins to make his way to the other ring. However the glass appears to have cut his own leg enough that he has a limp and it slows him down. Michaels forces Mohr down to her knees and Ryan takes a step back, hoping to run in and crack her over the head for the kill. However, right as Ryan swings, Tweeder pushes Kyra out of the way and takes the blow across the bridge of the nose! The baton snaps on his face! Michaels sits back up, with Mohr still in the hold, and forces her to now watch as Ryan grabs the wobbly Tweeder, and drills him head-first into the mat with the Original Sin! The double underhook kickout DDT hits the mat with 100% accuracy. Ryan rolls over Tweeder and Ref Jeff moves over...




Kelly Carmichael: TWEEDER has been eliminated!

Terra Skye: Shit! Tweeder took a sick shot with that baton and paid the price!

Johnny Vegas: That's what he gets for looking out for someone else!

Ray Payne: He was tryin's ta stop Missus Kyra from getted hurts, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah and look where that got him!

Meanwhile, Prydor has finally come to his senses and released the hold on STK after hearing the announcement that Tweeder is gone. He moves over to the ring to help Kyra but as he gets in the ring, Ryan is having none of that and she hits him in the head with a feint kick, taking him out of the fight for now. Meanwhile, Trent grabs the legs of Crucifix and attempts to turn him over into the X-Treme Prejudice, but Crucifix rakes the eyes to put a stop to that. Trent reaches around and grabs a piece of wood while Crucifix grabs a piece of the cage that fell from the top and they swing at the same time, knocking each other senseless for the moment. Over in Ring 1, Michaels is trying to choke out Mohr, but he moves his arm in front of her mouth and pays the price as she bites down hard! He is forced to let go and she immediately spins around with the energy she has left and grabs his head, dropping him with a single-knee facebreaker! Ryan spins around and sees what's going on, charges forward and lowers her head for a spear. Whether it's from exhaustion or reflexes, Mohr manages to get out of the way and Ryan drives her own head into the cage wall!

Terra Skye: Kyra found a gasp of relief, but if she doesn't pin somebody it might be her last one!

Johnny Vegas: She had to fucking bite Jack to get out of the hold! That should be illegal!

Ray Payne: Itz nedin goes, Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: I KNOW THAT.

Boy: He who is without oranges...

Johnny Vegas: You stay out of this!

Kyra lets out another roar to the crowd, although it doesn't last long due to fatigue. However, suddenly a man sneaks into the cage and gets behind her, and the crowd begins to shout at Kyra to turn around.

Jason Bridges

Terra Skye: Turn around Kyra!

Johnny Vegas: No, don't turn around! This will be great!

Jason Bridges is behind her and he has a singapore cane with him. He rears back for a swing but Kyra turns and sees him! Bridges gulps and Kyra gets a wicked grin on her face. Bridges swings the cane at Kyra's mid-section but she no sells the shot and grabs a hold of it, yanking it away! Bridges begins to beg off, realizing he's well and truly fucked.

Ray Payne: Mistah Bridges dun did it nows, yo!

Terra Skye: Kick his ass, Kyra!

Johnny Vegas: She hasn't earned a fight with him yet! GET OUTTA THERE, BOSS!

Terra Skye: "Get outta there boss!" Geez, you want some chapstick so you can go in there and kiss his asshole or what?

Ray Payne: Dat is grossies, Terras.

Johnny Vegas: Pardon me for respecting those in positions of authority!

Kyra swings the singapore cane up and connects with a crotch shot on Bridges, who immediately collapses to the mat! She tosses the cane behind her and grabs the Carnage President by the head, seemingly no longer paying attention to the bodies around her as they try to get up and brawl with each other. STK is finally stirring in his corner of Ring 2, Trent and Crucifix are trading punches on their knees and Prydor and Ryan have found each other and begin to trade chops. All Kyra sees is Bridges. She puts his head between her legs and actually lifts him up into a powerbomb, before situating him in the position fo the Jawdropper! She yells out at the Carnage Legion, but as she turns around to get in the right place to drop him, Michaels swings the Singapore Cane into Kyra's midsection! The cane cracks but doesn't break, but it's more than enough to drop Kyra and cause her to let go of Carnage Wrestling President! She drops to her knees, gasping for air, but Michaels immediately scoops her up. Amber Ryan delivers a back elbow to Prydor to stun him and then charges in their direction. Michaels lifts Kyra into a flapjack with ease, and Ryan hits her in the head with a superkick! The Generation Gap! Cover by Michaels!




Kelly Carmichael: KYRA MOHR has been eliminated!

Terra Skye: Oh shit, the team captain is gone!

Johnny Vegas: Fucking good! That's what she gets for putting her hands on our President!

Terra Skye: That motherfucker might not even be President before this is over! Although we're now at 3-on-3!

Ray Payne: Dat means its evens, rights?

Terra Skye: That's right. It's a fair playing field once again.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah and YOUR TEAM lost their two-person advantage because Fatass couldn't stop beating up that little shit Silva! Not that I blame him.

Silva finally gets in the ring and helps Kyra to her feet, even though she has to leave. He escorts her out of the cage, apologizing profusely. Kyra stays at ringside. Silva turns around and sees Prydor, and now it's his turn to get angry. He gets in Prydor's face and blames him for the losses their team has suffered and shoves him into the cage! This time Prydor tries to take the high road, but STK is not having any of it! He repeatedly shoves him and Prydor rears back and flattens him with a punch to the face!

Terra Skye: Oh shit, not this again!

Johnny Vegas: Those two might as well get their aggression out now, Silva's going to help cost his team the match!

Ray Payne: Come on guys, dis is gonna hurt your team, yo.

Terra Skye: They need to get on the same fucking page already. Let your personal shit go!

Kyra has moved over to the area where her team is fighting and begins cursing at them to stop, but their anger has overcome their logical thinking. Paragon are trying to recover and are just fine letting Prydor and STK fight each other for the moment. Trent Steel is back up and attempts a superkick on Crucifix, but Crucifix ducks it and hits a low blow, some vengeance for something Trent's team did. He immediately whips Trent into a corner and charges in with a running bicycle knee, hoping to his his partner's End of the Line! Trent just manages to get out of the way and Crucifix's knee hits the turnbuckle! He stumbles out and Trent gets the superkick! He covers!



TH-NO! Crucifix kicks out! Trent wastes no time in getting up, grabbing Cruciix and body slamming him on the bottle pieces from earlier! Crucifix yells out in pain yet again and Steel begins to climb the top rope, his face caked with blood and his body fatigued. He looks over and stops mid-climb, as both Amber Ryan and Jack Michaels have stepped over into Ring 2, ignoring the scuffle between Prydor and Silva. Trent surveys the situation and gives them both a defiant double bird before resuming his climb, but the distraction was all Crucifix needed! He steps up to the top with Trent in surprisingly angile fashion and DIVES BACKWARDS WITH THE CRUCIFIXION! Trent is spiked face first INTO THE BROKEN BOTTLE SHARDS! Crucifix took advantage of the momentary distraction!




Kelly Carmichael: TRENT STEEL has been eliminated!


Terra Skye: Damn it! Trent had Crucifix where he wanted him and Paragon were able to cause a distraction because Prydor and Silva can't get their act together!

Johnny Vegas: Man I'd hate to been Will 'Fatass' Prydor when he wakes up in the morning. You expect this from dumbass Silva.

Ray Payne: Dis is nots ovah yet, Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: It's 3 on 2! It might as well be!

Prydor and Silva both hear the announcement of Trent's dismissal and their brawl ends, as they look over into the other ring and see Paragon and Brian Crucifix staring back at them. Kyra yells at them to get their shit together and now it looks like they're going to do just that. The three remaining member of Team Bridges circle their opponents and Prydor and Silva are forced to stand back to back. It doesn't last long as the three attack at once. STK and Will try to turtle up as they're hit with a variety of punches and kicks. The melee breaks up with Crucifix going after Silva and Paragon teeing off on Prydor. Crucifix grabs Silva by the hair and tosses him into ring 2 so they can have their own space. Crucifix hits Silva with a toe kick and backs him into a quick headlock, an odd choice given the match type. Silva gets a quick elbow to the ribs to break that up, pushing Crucifix off of him. Crucifix comes back and scoops up a bar from the top of the cage roof as he does so, taking a wild swing at the head of Silva, but Silva ducks that and scoops Crucifix over his head, driving him into the cage wall with a modified SAVE HAVEN! Silva's up and begins to move over to help protect Prydor.

Ray Payne: Shouldn't Mistah Silvers go for da pin, yo?

Terra Skye: He probably sees Paragon attacking Will as the more pressing threat at the moment. He doesn't want to be left three on one.

Johnny Vegas: Little asshole finally does something useful and it's too late! Hahaha!


Paragon have been stomping away at Prydor in the corner, who is trying to use the tried-and-true method of 'rope-a-dope' to absorb the punishment. Silva grabs Michaels by the waistband and drags him off of Will, grabbing him for a possible standard back suplex. Michaels, however, unleashes a mule kick that connects right in Silva's knee, forcing him to back off for the time being. This gives Prydor the chance to recover, as he charges forward with a HUGE European uppercut, staggering Michaels back. Silva grabs him again and falls back with a back suplex, but Michaels' spine catches the top rope and he's dumped on his head in between the two rings! This gives the two a momentarily advantage over Amber Ryan, having inadvertently played 'divide and conquer.' Ryan realizes what's going on and out of nowhere smirks, as if she wants the fight.

Terra Skye: I don't know if Silva and Prydor meant to work together there, but they've got the advantage back for now.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah because that's going to last a while. They just got lucky!

Ray Payne: Dey needs all da lucks dey can gets, yo.

Johnny Vegas: They'd better take advantage of it while they got it, that's all I have to say.

Kyra is heard calling Silva's name and he looks over and she slips something through the cage wall...and it's HANDCUFFS! She knows exactly what's going on and is trying to still help however she can. STK smirks and grabs the handcuffs, moving over to Michaels to put them on. Michaels, however, uses the crafty veteran manuever of shoving his thumb in Silva's eye, damn near gouging it out if he pushed any more. STK drops the handcuffs and Michaels quickly snatches them up. He holds his back and neck by latches the arms of Silva and handcuffs them around the top turnbuckle!

Terra Skye: Oh no! Kyra tried to help out and it backfired!

Johnny Vegas: Serves her right! She shouldn't even be out here anymore.

Ray Payne: Now Mistah Jacks pokies Silver in da eye to do its.

Johnny Vegas: Getting it done anyway they know how, which is GREAT.

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« Reply #5 on: December 02, 2017, 01:50:36 AM »
Will and Amber Ryan have been trading chops, and the bigger man attempts a huge lariat but Amber Ryan ducks under and quickly moves to the corner where Silva is tied up, hitting him with a single-leg yakuza to the back of the head! Silva slumps down as far as he can go. Crucifix has now recovered and the three begin to surround Prydor. Will, to his credit, begins firing off European uppercuts to anything that moves, first Ryan, then Jack, then Crucifix. However the numbers quickly backfire when Crucifix kicks him in the back of the knee and Michaels grabs his arms and locks him in the MMS! He begins to choke Prydor down, but throws him forward into Ryan once he's weakened and she kicks him in the gut...then drops him with the Scissored DDT called the Calling Card! Crucifix then gets an idea and begins to bark orders. He and Michaels hoist Prydor up and each hold him above the ring in a double flapjack position, while Ryan climbs up top. They move him over and Silva can only watch while she grabs his head, and all three drop him with a TRIPLE TEAM VERSION OF RYAN'S CALLING CARD! Ryan tries to roll Prydor over, but Crucifix dives over her and lands on top of Prydor.




Kelly Carmichael: WILL PRYDOR has been eliminated!

Terra Skye: Oh...oh shit. It's now 3 on 1.


Ray Payne: And Missus Kyra looks hearted brokens, yo.

Terra Skye: You have to feel bad for her, she got them all into this.

Johnny Vegas: I don't have to feel nothing! SHE REAPS WHAT SHE SOWS!

Kyra has a sullen look on her face, then she looks at STK and gets another idea. Amber Ryan pulls Cruciifx off of the eliminated Prydor and gets in his face for stealing the pin. Prydor rolls over to the side of the cage but he's too out of it to leave yet. Crucifix and Ryan are now at each other's throats while Michaels tries to play peacekeeper. Meanwhile, Kyra has dragged a toolbox out of the ring and pulls out a large pair of bolt-cutters, which causes the Legion to roar with approval. She begins to cut pieces of the cage open with Team Bridges unaware, then slips the cutting end in to SNAP SILVA'S HANDCUFFS! Silva is a free man, with only the cuffs on each of his wrists. Kyra hands him the bolt cutters and he turns to face the team, which has Michaels stepping in between Ryan and Crucifix to keep them from coming to blows.

Johnny Vegas: Um..guys? GUYS!

Terra Skye: Looks like Team Kyra isn't the only team with communication problems!

Ray Payne: And now Mistah Silva is frees, yo!


Brian Crucifix is the first to see the Sandtown Kid coming, but for some odd reason he doesn't move. Instead he latches on Ryan's arms in a double underhook position and once Silva swings the metal end of the bolt-cutters, he does a switcheroo and Ryan takes the shot to her spine! He lets go and lets her drop to the canvas, and now her partner Jack Michaels is seeing red. He pulls a chain out of another pant pocket and wraps it around his fist. Meanwhile, STK tries another swing on Crucifix and the tag team champion again sidesteps, knowing a shot with that thick metal piece will end his night. However, what he doesn't see is that Michaels has stepped forward with a chain-covered fist and socked him right in the jaw! Crucifix goes down for what he did to Ryan, but Silva comes up from behind and hits Jack Michaels in the ribs with the bolt cutters! Michaels falls down as well.


Terra Skye: Crucifix started it by being a shit! I guess there is no honor among thieves!

Ray Payne: But none of dem stoles anytin, yo.

Terra Skye: It's a figure of speech, Ray.


Amber Ryan has made it back to her feet, but is holding her back and is still wobbly. Silva, seeing that they are the only ones on their feet, actually tosses his bolt cutters through the cage's fence as he doesn't need it anymore. He makes his way over to Ryan and lifts for a Safe Haven drop, but Ryan somehow manages to slip out. She hooks Silva's legs and tries to lift him up for Sawdust in the Blood, but the pain in her spine is immense and she is immediately forced to let go. This lets Silva turn around and DROP HER WITH THE SAFE HAVEN! Ryan falls right on her back and her partners are dazed from the weapon blows!



Crucifix is up, and he begins to move over to break it up, but stands back and lets it happen!


Kelly Carmichael: AMBER RYAN has been eliminated!

Terra Skye: Did you guys see what Crucifix just did?

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, he um...Fuck even I can't defend this! WHAT THE HELL, CRUCIFIX?

Ray Payne: Mistah Silvers has a chance now, yo!


Ray Payne: Well, yeah, Mistah Boy. But minus da Tweev.

Crucifix grabs Jack's chain and hoists it up, preparing to to take a huge shot at Silva as he gets up, BUT WAIT! WILL PRYDOR IS STILL IN THE CAGE! He's seen enough! He grabs Crucifix and pops him up into the air, THEN DRIVES HIM DOWN WITH THE REQUIESCAT!


Terra Skye: Will Prydor attempted to make up for his mistakes and aid his team!

Johnny Vegas: THAT FAT FUCK WAS ELIMINATED! What is with Team Kyra trying to hang around?! Get some damn security out here!

Ray Payne: Dere are no rules, Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: And what makes it OKAY?!?!

Prydor gives Silva an apologetic look and a nod of respect before he is forced to leave the cage by two of the four referees and security, who are out here to try to maintain order. He goes willingly and Silva wastes no time and falling onto the prone Brian Crucifix.




Kelly Carmichael: BRIAN CRUCIFIX has been eliminated!

Terra Skye: We're down to two!

Ray Payne: It's now ones on ones, yo!

Johnny Vegas: Come on, Jack! Do it for Carnage!

Terra Skye: I was about to say the same thing to the Kid! Think of Kyra! Think of the Legion! Think of your own damn career!

Johnny Vegas: You and I have very differing opinions on what this place should fucking be.

Silva looks across the ring at Michaels, who has dragged himself to his feet using the ropes. The two eye each other up and dive at one another, grasping each other by the back of their heads and hammering forearms into each other's faces! Jack, being the stronger of the two, manages to get the advantage there, and he scoops up Silva to attempt the Blast from the Past Spinebuster, but Silva flips over his back, as Jack's too weak to maintain the grip. Silva clumsily lands on his knees instead of his feet, but grabs Michaels and spins him around, SAFE HAV...NO! Michaels slips out the side, he grabs STK and gets him in the piledriver position, then JUMPS IN THE AIR WITH THE LAST BLAST! Silva's hair is flatted into the mat as his head spikes it! Jack makes the cover!



THRE----NO!!!! SILVA barely rolls his shoulder up at the last possible second!

Johnny Vegas: Oh my God. I'm gonna have a heart attack. That's all there is to it.

Terra Skye: I cannot believe that The Kid was able to kick out of that! He was dropped right on his head!

Ray Payne: We's always seds dat Mistah Silvy has da hard heads, yo!

Johnny Vegas: This is NO TIME FOR JOKES! The future of Carnage is on the fucking line!

Michaels can't believe that Silva was able to kick out, and looks around to find something to help him put him away for good. He grabs the chain and looks to tie it around Silva's neck, but Silva manages to slip under, he hooks Michaels and drives him down with the little-seen STK.O! The reverse Russian Legsweep forces Michaels' face to smack the chain! STK collapses into the cover, his back on top of Michaels chest and his energy completely spent. Silent Cal drops down to count the pin.




WAIT NO! NO! MICHAELS IS UP! Michaels slipped out MILLISECONDS before Cal's hand came down! Cal motions to Boy that it's not over yet but while he does that, Michaels locks in the Mean Machine Stretch while on the canvas! He still has the chain around his arms and now it's locked around the arms and throat of Silva! Silva scrambles trying to reach for anything that can help him, but Michaels shuts that down with a bodyscissors! He has STK wrapped up completely as if he were a boa constrictor! Only one of Silva's arms is free, but it's rapidly losing energy. Finally it drops to the mat! Kyra runs around to the entrance and tries desperately to get into the cage, but the security now stands in her way! KYRA MOHR BEGINS TO TAKE FOREARM SHOTS AT THE CARNAGE WRESTLING SECURITY!

Terra Skye: Oh my God! Our former President is attacking the security and Silva is barely hanging on in the ring!

Ray Payne: Can shes get dere, yo?

Johnny Vegas: She shouldn't! She should mind her own damn business! CHOKE THAT FUCKER OUT, JACK!

One of the larger members of security tackles Kyra down to the floor, restraining her. She's forced to look on as Cal now begins to check the motionless arm of the Kid.

He drops it once...


THE ARM DROPS THREE TIMES! Silva has been choked out! Cal waves at Boy to ring the bell, which he does, reluctantly.

Kelly Carmichael: THE SANDTOWN KID has been eliminated...therefore, JACK MICHAELS is the sole survivor and the winning team is TEAM BRIDGES!

Boy: Disappointment reigns supreme in the hour of Dylan's last snowfall.

Terra Skye: I'm with you Boy, this fucking sucks.

Ray Payne: Bridges is still heres, yo. And Mistah SIlvers is fireds.


Terra Skye: Shut your fucking mouth. The Sandtown Kid was the heart and soul of this place and now he's gone...and the future of Carnage is fucking dark.

Michaels rolls off of the Kid and goes to the entrance of the cage, where he locks eyes with Mohr, back on her feet. But now that the match is over, he decides not to fight her and just continues to walk to the back, head held high as the winner. Kyra slips inside the cage and sees Silva on the mat, just now coming to. She gets to her knees and he looks at her, dazed, saying slurred words that the camera just barely manages to pick up.

Sandtown Kid: I'm sorry.

She places a hand on his shoulder to console him as the EMTs begin to enter the ring to check on him after he was choked to near-unconsciousness.

Terra Skye: I..I don't even know how to react to this. Silva's gone, Team Bridges won...I'm fucking done for the night. Good night everybody.

Ray Payne: Me toos, yo. I'm gonna go say goodbye to da kids.

Boy: Orange.

Terra Skye, Ray Payne and Boy all depart the commentary table to make their way around the ring and pay their respects, while Johnny Vegas is left all by himself.

Johnny Vegas: WELL FUCK YOU GUYS TOO! Well, folks, I'm HALL OF FAMER Johnny Vegas, aka the greatest commentator that ever lived! This has been the greatest PPV ever! SEE EVERYONE AT CHAOS 46, WHERE I WILL CONTINUE TO BE AMAZING!


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