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Hey! How's your news?
« on: November 22, 2017, 12:44:46 PM »
It's been a spell since we've seen a news or rumor update here in Carnage Wrestling, but we have three items to report to you, and it's no coincidence they are all in the same post. One might say it's even the prologue for a story soon to be told, a harbinger of things to come...


After months of speculation, the American born masked horror known as La Masacre has had his profile scrubbed from the ADLM (Alianza de Lucha Norteamericana) website. According to inside sources, the veteran behind the mask missed his family in the States and had been recuperating from a career of hardcore matches. ADLM kept the lines of communication open, even keeping him paid doing work for the office remotely, but the relationship has apparently ended. We are told it was amicable, with the door left open for a return.


The gossip about a certain up-and-coming fitness model, who has been appearing in countless YouTube exercise routine clips and has been seen in personal training gyms with stars around the country, is that she was dismissed from the set of a popular high energy yoga workout shoot. Apparently, the extras in attendance were wrestling fans and the model was recognized from her former life as an extreme wrestler on the women's independent circuit. The star of said yoga series was said to have intervened and squashed the awkward situation by referring the model to a different opportunity with a new management company. The wrestler turned model is reportedly close to signing with a sports entertainment company that will have her in action once again.


Controversial mixed martial arts fighter Scott Herman, who also had a stint wrestling in ADLM and on the independent circuit as Loco Hermano, has resolved his issues with the Nevada Athletic Commission. While we are told he has no current plans to return to the cage, this red tape being cut through does open up other opportunities and licensing that he had been prevented from due to his past troubles. There is a rumor being passed around that a high end liquor company who had pulled a previously planned endorsement reached out again to mend fences, but Herman declined the offer saying he didn't feel right as a salesman for alcohol. So perhaps Herman has changed his path in more ways than one.
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