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Chaos 45 Live! Results
« on: November 14, 2017, 01:34:49 AM »
Pre-Show: No I In Team

In the locker room, the Sandtown Kid and Treent Steel stand on opposite sides of the room, Steel glowering at the Sandtown Kid, while the Sandtown Kid seems to be refusing to make eye contact, actively trying to ignore him.

The Sandtown Kid & Trent Steel

Trent Steel: Fine. I'll blink. You know I didn't ask for this either...

The Sandtown Kid blows a raspberry back at Steel in a juvenile display of disrespect. Trent cocks an eyebrow.

Trent Steel:  Like it or not, this is what it is.  Crucifix and Zodiac are on the same page.  I've fought them before, and if they sense any weakness...

Sandtown Kid:  Oh, don't act like you're so special.  I've fought them before too.

Trent snickers. STK glares at Steel as he tries to hold back actual laughter.

Trent Steel:  Yeah.  And you got your ass beat.  Repeatedly.

Sandtown Kid:  They beat you too.  Or did you forget who actually gave them those fancy belts.

Trent Steel: Oh yeah. That match. That match where they CHEATED to beat me.  You?  They just flat out out-wrestled you. Which by the not that big of a feat if you want me to be perfectly honest with you.

The Sandtown Kid starts to say something but Trent cuts him off.

Trent Steel: Let me tell you something no one else here is kind enough to fucking say to your god damn face.  You've got a big mouth, and big hair, but you don't have any of the skill to actually back it up in the ring.

The Sandtown Kid glares at Steel, eyes burning with anger.

Sandtown Kid:  Listen you stupid piece...

Trent slams his fist into a locker, caving it in. He doesn't even flinch as blood trickles down it. Trent removes his shades and The Sandtown Kid stays quiet.

Trent Steel:  No, you listen! For once. You are going to listen. You are going to learn.  You were a big fish in a little pond.  No, fuck that.  You were barely a medium fish in a little pond.  But now the reservoir is open and you're swimming with the sharks. You know ever since Underground, every since Japan, you have basically done nothing but lose, lose, lose. You know why?  When the OWF went belly-up, Carnage got an influx of REAL talent, and you are totally out of league.  You are swinging above your weight class, kid.  Good for you for trying, but this whole thing is way more than you can handle.

The Sandtown Kid juts out his chin, clenching his fists at his side until his fingernails dig into his palms.

Sandtown Kid:  You and all yours walk in here like you own the place, taking a crap all over our legacy and trying to turn Carnage into some sort of OWF-Lite.  In case you didn't notice, we're the survivors.  We're the ones who are still here.  Your garbage is not what the people want to see.  So why don't you crawl back into your hole, and leave Baltimore to somebody who knows what Ultraviolence is really all about.

Trent Steel:  You guys had a legacy? What? The great and wonderful legend of Dr. Winn? The epic battles of Sinc Mercer? Please. Do not flatter yourself. I'll say this. You got spunk, kid.  You've got heart.  But what you don't have is experience, or skill, or the ability to actually win out there.  You're out of your league, and I don't need you messing this thing up for me.

Sandtown Kid:  You think I'm...

Steel crosses the room in a few short steps, pushing one open palm over STK's face to cover his mouth, shutting him up for a brief moment.

Trent Steel: I don't think this...I know you are fucking god damn nothing! Nobody actually likes you; you're only here because they're used to seeing you. You gave these piles of shit hope that they could come in here and become something. Now that's over because every fucking fan who boo's me and every fan who cheers everyone else knows the bar has been raised. You got in here as a fucking joke. You were a god damn ring boy. You are still a god damn ring boy who doesn't know the first fucking thing about professional wrestling. I'VE BEEN DOING THIS FUCKING SHIT SINCE I WAS GOD DAMN THIRTEEN YEARS OLD AND YOU WERE JUST A WET DREAM IN YOUR DAD'S BALLSACK!!!  You are not ready for a team like CON, and I don't have the time to fucking babysit your whiny, bitchy, arrogant little ass.  So fuck you; I don't need you ruining things out there because despite what you think I KNOW THIS ISN'T OWF!!! This is Carnage and I am going to do what's best for Carnage. And what's best for Carnage is for you to sit your ass back here and take some god damn notes if you actually want to be a professional wrestler because this is where the flesh meets the mat mother fucker.  I don't want you in my ring. I don't need you in my ring. You have got to think long and hard about what you want here because to be quite honest with you I don't think you have ever even thought about it at this point.  I'm fighting them all by my damned self because that's what this calls for. You don't have the fucking skill set, the team work, and most of all I don't trust you!

Trent removes his hand as The Sandtown Kid just glares at him.

Trent Steel: Listen to what I am saying. Stay. The. Fuck. Back. Here. I aint got time for your ego...your bullshit...and your lackluster wrestling skills. When you're ready to step the fuck up. Come find me. Until then. Go back to the ringcrew where you fucking belong bitch!

Trent kicks open the locker room door and starts heading towards the arena leaving The Sandtown Kid glaring at him.

Pre-Show: A Gift

As Lucas Silva and Boy are walking backstage and talking about how to get Boy into the Hall of Legends, a delivery guy from FedEx approaches them with a package for both Sand Town Kid and Boy.

Die Tweever!

A bit confused, they decide to open the boxes. Inside they find something with a terrible wrapping job and a note addressed to STK:

‘Since you don’t know when your birthday is and it is almost Thanksgiving and Christmas, why don’t we say your birthday is on Christmas Day. So Happy Birthday Lucas Silva! I hope it fits.’

Even more confused, STK and Boy glance at each other wondering who it could be from. STK decides to see what is in the terrible wrapping job and once he does, his eyes light up as it is a Baltimore Ravens #55 Terrell Suggs jersey. STK is taken aback, but has a huge smile on his face. Boy mumbles something, but STK nudges him to open his package. There isn’t a note, but there is a hat with ‘Make Carnage Orange Again’ and for once we see Boy smile like never before. The Calvin and Hobbs duo are on Cloud 9 and head off to get ready for their next adventure.

Exclusively on the
November 13, 2017
The Carnage Arena - Baltimore, Maryland



Terrra Skye, Johnny Vegas & Ray Payne

Time Keeper:


Ring Announcer:

Kelly Carmichael


White Rey, Ed Hawkersby, Ref Jeff & Silent Cal

It's another big night for the Carnage Legion, who roar in approval when "Uprising" by Muse plays on the speakers, signaling the start of Chaos 45. It's the show before Ultimate Carnage 3, which means the final matches will be put into place tonight. Terra, Johnny, Ray and Boy are already at ringside to call the action.

Terra Skye: It's time for Chaos 45! We're only two weeks away from Ultimate Carnage 3! That show will be main evented by War Games, and so far there's three people on each team.

Johnny Vegas: Oh yeah, and you just saw how great Team Kyra is getting along. What the hell was she thinking? Shithead Silva and Woman Beater Steel are expected to get along?

Ray Payne: Yo a-uh, I dink Kyra may needs to make some changes, yo.

Johnny Vegas: To say the fucking least. Bridges has Lord Raab and CON. His team is on LOCK.

Terra Skye: CON will team up tonight to take on Silva and Trent in our main event, with the winning team getting the advantage for Wargames.

Johnny Vegas: Might as well give it to Bridges. Silva and Steel can't get along and CON can. Easy win.

Terra Skye: I hardly doubt it's going to be easy.

Johnny Vegas: Well you would know about being easy.

Terra Skye: Asshole!

Johnny Vegas: Peg bitch!

Boy: My kingdom for a melon-stuffed turkey!

Before the show can kick off properly, we once again see a familiar face moving through the crowd, carrying a few signs with him. It's The Ultraviolent Icon, Tweeder!


Johnny Vegas: Oh not this shit again!

Terra Skye: I guess Tweeder's here to offer his review of the show again.

Ray Payne: Mebbies he likes it this time, yo.

Tweeder holds up a sign that reads: "BOY FOR HALL OF LEGENDS."


Creative Manipulation

We come back up with a shot of the back where we see Paragon in a secluded part of the locker room area. Amber Ryan stands in her street clothes and fiddles with a pen knife as Jack Michaels: stands in his wrestling gear. Jack methodically wraps athletic tape around his right wrist before holding the strand out to Amber. In one fail swoop, Amber cuts the tape awfully close to Jack’s hand who looks up at her with a raised eyebrow. Amber smirks sheepishly and shrugs.


Amber Ryan: What?

Jack just sighs and starts in on the other wrist when a knock on the locker next to them causes them both to look up. Standing with a big smile on his face is Jason Bridges: who puts on his best salesman voice.

Jason Bridges

Jason Bridges: Ah, if it’s not Paragon in the flesh! Our former World Champion Amber Ryan and the legendary Jack Michaels:. It is an honor to meet you sir.

Bridges extends a hand to Jack who looks up at him but keeps wrapping his other wrist. Jack holds the tape out as Amber slices it again but this time nearly nicks Bridges with her knife. He jumps back as Amber spins the knife away and Jack clears his throat.

Jack Michaels: Excuse my partner and her... Knife handling.  How can we help you Mr. Bridges?

Bridges keeps his eyes locked on the dangerous Amber before shaking his gaze loose and looking back at Jack.

Jason Bridges: Right... I will get right to the point then as I am sure you are ready for your match. As you may have heard, I am putting together a team for our Wargames match at Ultimate Carnage and I am sadly a couple bodies short of a full roster. So I am here to say that I am going to give you both the amazing opportunity to represent Team Bridges in Wargames!

Jack looks at Bridges and then at Amber. The two start to laugh as Amber steps forward.

Amber Ryan: Get the fuck out of here Jason... We aren’t doing jack shit for you.

Bridges opens his mouth to respond but Jack holds up a hand.

Jack Michaels: Save it Mr. Bridges because Paragon is here to take care of our own business and not be puppets for some... Interfed war. Thank you but no thank you sir. Have a great day.

Bridges bites his lip and nods his head before reaching into his coat and pulling out a DVD.

Jason Bridges: I sort of figured you two would say that so let me put this in a different way. I got security cam footage of you two fighting police and putting two of our fans in the hospital for damaging your rental car Jack. Now I don’t know how that stayed out of the news nor how you two stayed out of jail. What I do know though is that I am sure the newspapers would have a field day with two pro fighters who are about... Setting things right in wrestling damaging the good people of our fair city.

Jack narrows his gaze as Amber looks back and forth between him and Bridges.

Amber Ryan: Are... Are you blackmailing us?

Bridges smiles darkly.

Jason Bridges: Blackmail is such an ugly word... I prefer the term... Creatively manipulating you.

Amber Ryan: You mother f...

Before she can finish her train of thought, Jack holds up a hand and Amber quietly grumbles.

Jack Michaels: Okay... We will join your team at Ultimate Carnage then.

Bridges smiles and puts the DVD back into his pocket.

Jason Bridges: Great! I sort of figured you would see things my way. Good luck in your match tonight Jack... I think you are going to do good things here in Carnage Wrestling.

Bridges once again extends his hand and this time, Jack takes it. The two shake as Bridges tries to pull away. As he does, Jack clamps down and pulls him back in. Standing to his full 6‘3“ and 250 lbs bulk, Jack glares down at Bridges and lets a sneer pull up in his lip.

Jack Michaels: Before you go... Let me make one thing perfectly clear to you Mr. Bridges. I could give a rat’s ass about your cause and your problems... But I am telling you now that by doing this for you, we are going to be owed some favors down the road. Furthermore... If you ever get the urge to CREATIVELY MANIPULATE us again...

Jack starts to squeeze on Bridges’ hand as the knuckles can be heard cracking.

Jason Bridges: AHHH!!! LET GO!

In one flash, Jack lets go of his hand and suddenly uses his left hand to grab Bridges by the collar. He shoves him up against the locker and looks him square in the eye.

Jack Michaels: I will kill you and everyone you ever loved. Do I make myself clear?

Bridges sputters and nods quickly as Jack lets him go. He grabs his ring robe off the hook in the locker and turns to Amber.

Jack Michaels: I will see you after the match.

Jack exits the locker room area as Bridges lays on his back and cradles his hand. Amber steps over him and looks down with a grin.

Amber Ryan: And I bet you thought I was bad.

Amber chuckles as we fade back to the ring.

Match One: Jack Michaels vs. The Avenger

Terra Skye: Well that was fucking tense. And how low did Bridges go to secure his final two members?

Johnny Vegas: Who the fuck cares what he did? Bridges got fucking PARAGON on his team. Team Kyra is done. It doesn't matter who else she gets.

Ray Payne: Da night is still young, Mistah Jonnies. She coulds get..

Johnny Vegas: It doesn't matter! She's got herself and then two guys at each others throats. Meanwhile Bridges has a monster and two legit tag teams.

Terra Skye: He is playing the game very well but I've learned not to count Kyra out.

Johnny Vegas: You'll learn that in two weeks when she's eliminated.

Boy: Greetings from the Dylan of tomorrow! Dylan's midnight part two!

O Fortuna hits the loudspeaker as the lights darken and   the Smark fans begin to come to their feet. The first few seconds of the song plays as “The Blast” Jack Michaels begin to walk down the ramp.

Jack Michaels

Kelly Carmichael: This match is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds...he is "The Blast"...JACK MICHAELS!

Jack wears a robe with “‘The Blast’ Jack Michaels” in golden, cursive lettering over a bold Paragon logo. Jack keeps his jaw locked and his eyes focused intently on the ring. Jack looks all business as he takes the steps into the ring.

Terra Skye: Well, here comes the newest member of Team Bridges, ready for action.

Johnny Vegas: And now he's going to beat the shit out of that green idiot Avenger, something long overdue.

Ray Payne: Yo Mistah Avengah is doin well in Carnage, yo. He gots rid of Raggy.

Johnny Vegas: And the show is worse for it. Don't tell me you don't miss him!

Terra Skye: Not really, no.

Ray Payne: He was spookies, yo.

Suddenly a green Avenger logo shines onto the rampway, signaling the arrival of Carnage Wrestling's only superhero. Then the voice of Chad Kroeger blares over the PA system.

I'm so high
I can hear heaven...
I am so high
I can hear heaven...
Oh but heaven don't hear meeeeee

As the duo of Kroger and Josey Scott sing about how a hero can save us, The Avenger leaps out on the stage, making heroic poses.

Kelly Carmichael: And his opponent, from the Hall of Justice, weighing in at two hundred and thirteen pounds...The AAAAAAVVVVEEEEEEEEEENNNNNGEEERRRRRR!!!

The Avenger

Avenger he moves down the ramp, shaking hands and signing autographs. He stands at the ring, makes sure his cape is attached and then leaps up onto the apron, before climbing up the turnbuckle and doing yet another heroic pose.

Johnny Vegas: This is what I'm fucking talking about.

Terra Skye: Avenger is a role model to the younger members of the Carnage Legion, and he called out Jack Michaels on the thumb to the eye he gave Boy at the last show.

Ray Payne: Mistah Jacks cheated, yo.

Johnny Vegas: What do the record books say?

Ray Payne: Dat Mistah Jacks won but...

Johnny Vegas: No buts. Jack won. End of story.

The bell rings and Avenger does the smart thing and removes his cape, handing it to Kelly at ringside. He cautiously approaches a tie-up with Michaels, who seems in no rush to get the match going. The two inch forward before eventually locking fingers, Avenger looking for a test of strength. It seems even at first, but Michaels has a good 35 pounds on his opponent and begins to bend the fingers back of Avenger, who has to think quick. He spins out of it to regain his grip and then pulls the veteran into a headlock. Michaels thinks quick delivers a quick jabbing forearm to the ribcage of the superhero, then grabs at Avenger's nose to bend his head back applying a side headlock of his own.

Terra Skye: Jack's not wasting any time in getting aggressive in the ring.

Ray Payne: Is pulling the nose cheatin, yo?

Terra Skye: It's frowned upon but I think it's within the rules.

Johnny Vegas: "Frowned upon." What a ridiculous concept. He can punch the nose but he cant grab it? That's fucking stupid.

Boy: Hamburglar!

Michaels then turns Avenger around into a front facelock and runs him into the nearest turnbuckle, driving back first against the pads. He takes a step back and gives a cocky smirk to Avenger, before waving him forward. Avenger does so and they lock up again in a collar-and-elbow, but this time Michaels abandons all pretense and uses his strength advantage to throw Avenger face first to the canvas out of the tie-up. The Carnage Legion boos him as Avenger rolls out of the way, holding his face from the stinger he received.

Johnny Vegas: Bwahahahaha! Did you see that? He punked the idiot out!

Terra Skye: What a total lack of disrespect from The Blast.

Ray Payne: Da fans don't like Mistah Jacks, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Who cares what they think? He's doing a great job of taking this punk to school!

Terra Skye: Avenger's skilled in the ring. Jack would do well not to take him lightly.

Avenger scrambles to his knees while Michaels brags to the crowd about what he just did. Avenger gets back up and gets in the face of Michaels, who doesn't seem bothered. Michaels then does the disrespectful action of patting Avenger on his cheek, who fires up and unleashes a front dropkick, knocking Michaels on his backside! A shocked Michaels backs into the corner to regain his bearings but Avenger quickly follows him in with a forearm to the jaw! Michaels tries to get away but he's grabbed and tossed into the ropes. Avenger tries to come back with a leaping clothesline but wait! Michaels attempts to lock in the Mean Machine Stretch early, but slips out, backs up through the legs of The Blast then executives a schoolboy roll-up! But Avenger follows it through and pushes Michaels up before rolling over and hitting him with a headkick to the temple! He follows it up with a cover!



THR-NO! Michaels shoves Avenger off of him.

Terra Skye: That's what I was talking about! He disrespected Avenger one too many times and it nearly cost him!

Johnny Vegas: That stupid idiot just got lucky! Jack's got this!

Ray Payne: He doesn't thinks that Avenger is on his levels, yo. But he is.

Johnny Vegas: Not even close!

Boy: Hitting potholes on the road to mother! Make Carnage Oingo Boingo Again!

Avenger gets Michaels to his feet and tries for another Irish whip, but Michaels reverse it. Avenger comes back and Michaels goes for a straight jab, but Avenger ducks that and baseball slides under the legs of the Blast again, stopping on his back. Michaels turns around and Avenger shoots a foot up into his face, staggering him. Avenger is back to his feet and Michaels, incensed, charges, only to get a drop toehold into the ropes! Avenger steps back and seems to be setting up for a Superhero Kick, but Michaels grabs the bottom rope and slides himself outside, shaking his head in disbelief.



He walks away but Avenger is on the apron and he runs in the veteran's direction, as Michaels turns around, Avenger catches with a flying forearm! Both men crash to the floor with Michaels taking the brunt of it.



Avenger is back to his feet to the roars of the Legion. He grabs the Blast and tosses him back in the ring. He climbs up top, perhaps to hit his Caped Crusade, but Michaels reaches out and kicks the top rope, causing the superhero to lose his balance and get crotched!

Terra Skye: Avenger looked like he wanted to finish things off but Michaels stops it with a cheap shot!

Johnny Vegas: What was so cheap about that? He used the ring to his advantage and that dumb fuck lost his balance!

Ray Payne: Now Mistah Jacks gonna hurteds Mistah Avengah, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Good!

Boy: Disqo sandwich! Going back to the days of dysentery!

Michaels grabs Avenger and hangs him upside down, with his chest facing the turnbuckles. He begins to deliver body blow after body blow to the kidneys of the masked grappler, ignoring referee White Rey's calls for a break. When the count gets to four, Michaels walks away and Avenger slumps off the turnbuckles to the mat. Michaels then grabs Avenger by the waistband of his pants and his head and launches him outside the ring, where Avenger crashes to the floor with a thud. Michaels seems perfectly willing to accept a countout victory, letting White Rey do his thing while he poses to the booing Legion.





Avenger is up to his knees, holding his lower back from the blows he's received.



He gets up to one knee now, shaking out the cobwebs.



Avenger finally dives into the ring to break the count, only to be met by a leaping knee drop to the small of the back by Michaels!

Terra Skye: Avenger doesn't seem to be able to catch a break now. He avoided the countout loss but Michaels is back on the attack!

Johnny Vegas: And he's focused on his back. Can't fly with a hurt back. Unless Michaels throws him again, of course. Heh. Heh. Heh.

Ray Payne: Yo, dat's not funnies, yo.

Johnny Vegas: It's hilarious! You shut up and let me have this!

Michaels drags the body of Avenger, which is still face-down, to the nearest turnbuckle. The fifty-year-old then climbs up to the top, to the shock of the crowd. Michaels then jumps off with a top rope elbow drop, right to the center of Avenger's spine! Avenger actually cries out in pain and Michaels turns him over.



THRe---NO! Avenger kicks out!

Ray Payne: Whew, yo. I thought dat mighta been its.

Johnny Vegas: Me too, but the idiot doesn't know when to quit.

Terra Skye: The Blast is wearing him down, this might not be Avenger's match to win.

Johnny Vegas: This is what I've been trying to say!

Michaels demands a faster count from White Rey before getting in position to try to apply his MMS again. He cinches it in, but Avenger reaches his legs out and grabs the ropes! Michaels retains his hold and tries to yank him off, but as he Avenger bounces off and flips over, driving Michaels down to the mat with a standing shiranui! Avenger scrambles to his feet and gets in position as Michaels is slow to stand...SUPERHERO KI...NO! Michaels ducks it, then reaches up and YANKS AT THE MASK OF AVENGER! He spins it around his face, obstructing the superhero's vision! Avenger attempts another kick, this time wildly missing, but Michaels ducks his head low and scoops Avenger up with a double leg, then spins back around in one fluid motion to drive him into the mat with the Blast From The Past! Avenger has all the wind knocked out of him from the spinning spinebuster and Michaels covers!




Kelly Carmichael: Here is your winner....JACK MICHAELS!!!

Terra Skye: Well shit, he did it again.

Ray Payne: He blocked Mistah Avengah's sight yo! Just like he dids to Mistah Boy!


Johnny Vegas: If Avenger didn't want his sight obscured, maybe he shouldn't have had on an easy target!

Terra Skye: It didn't change the fact that Avenger was making a comeback until then. He might as well have poked him in the eye again!

Johnny Vegas: I agree, but only because I want to see Avenger get his eyes poked.

Boy: The graves seek sustinence, so says the four who rule the lunch hour!

Michaels has the look of someone who didn't take his opponent seriously enough, but he got the win and that's all that matters to him. He smirks to the crowd and notices Tweeder holding up a sign, "RATING: 3. Only The Avenger can save us!" He slides out of the ring and gives Tweeder a hearty middle finger, before backing away and heading back up the ramp.

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Re: Chaos 45 Live! Results
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2017, 01:44:37 AM »
Finally...A Response

The lights dimmed down, a swirling series of flashing crowd lights in shades of red filling up the Carnage Arena. The upbeat tempo of "Gossip" by Sleeping With Sirens begins to play over the PA system. As the intro delves into the chorus of the track, the small but vicious Melody Lennox appears on the stage, being greeted by an unrelenting mixed reaction.

Melody Lennox

Apathy is written across the face of the woman known as "The Villainess," rolling her eyes as she posed on the stage. Undoing the grommets to her entrance jacket, Melody walked down the ramp, ignoring the outstretched hands of the fans with a roll of her eyes, the former crowd favorite rolling her eyes and scoffing at their pleas.

Climbing onto the apron with the assistance of the middle rope, Melody walked along the outer edge of the apron and bent into the ring, pulling her blonde and red hair from her face, reaching for a microphone nearby. The boos were permeating, even over the sound of "Gossip" as it faded to nothingness slowly. A hand rested on Lennox's hip, the hand holding the microphone urging the boos on by rolling her wrist. That only seems to incense the Carnage Legion more, making Lennox roll her eyes.

Melody Lennox: Are we quite finished yet?

The boos only increase further, making her eyes roll and her lips press tightly together, scowling.

Melody Lennox: This show pretty much revolves around me, just so you know. I can stand here ALLLLLL night...

The boos continue, Melody's boot tapping to the canvas. It's clear her threats aren't going to get her anywhere.

Melody Lennox: But, I won't, because Baltimore... you're as revolting as you've ever been. But, I'm out here for one person even more revolting, and even more useless than ALL of you put together, and that's the supposed champion, AJS. Amy Jo Smyth. I told you, AJ... I don't like being ignored.

A hand went to her hip, her eyes narrowing coldly.

Melody Lennox: And yet... here you are. Treating me like you treat that championship... like I don't exist. I didn't think it was possible to be as stupid as you look, yet HERE we are! And nothing has changed. The more I think about it, the more I realize that maybe, just maybe, it's my fault. Maybe I've been too nice. Maybe I haven't been 'in your face' enough, Amy. Or maybe I just expected too much for you to actually carry that championship like it means a damn thing to you! You, Ellen, you're the champion that Carnage Wrestling DESERVES. The barely-there, barely-present, uncaring, worthless husk that just so happens to have a title because you were a big fish in a small pond.

Her blue gaze goes to the hardcam, narrowing wickedly in the lens.

Melody Lennox: And here I am... the biggest, hungriest shark in the tank, ready to devour you. You may be the champion the Carnage deserves... but I'm the champion that is needed. More importantly, I am the champion that is still owed a shot, and if you're not going to acknowledge me, then I'm gonna make DAMN sure your future plans include me, even though I know that sends a horrified shiver down your spine. Which, like I said, I don't blame you for. The end is a scary place to be at, and you're looking at the end of you and your sham of a title reign EVERY time I show up here! It's just unfortunately for you, Ellen, that you're not getting a choice but to accept the inevitable. You're not getting a choice and you're NOT getting a free defense by going against any one of those wastes of flesh in the back. I'm entitled to my rematch, and since you're not going to accept that... I've got a backup plan.

A grin crossed her face, a delighted nod following.

Melody Lennox: I'm cashing in!

Lennox smiled, a mixed reaction roaring through the Carnage Legion now - not that she paid too much attention to that.

Melody Lennox: You wanted to avoid me? You wanted to run and hide? Well, I'm going to hunt you down and MAKE you face your date with the reaper! And that date, Ellen? That date is November 26th. I'm giving you until then to realize that I exist, to acknowledge that I am not only a threat to your well-being but I am the END to your reign. At Ultimate Carnage 3? Your FIRST title defense is your LAST title defense, because like it or not? You will be facing me, and at the Royal Farms Arena? I will reclaim my place as THE Carnage Wrestling WORLD CHAMPION.

Tossing the microphone over her shoulder, she ascended the turnbuckle and made a title motion around her waist. As the boos for The Villainess poured in, she orchestrated them like a maestro, grinning wickedly before hopping down from the turnbuckle. That’s when the music cuts off and every single light in the arena turns off, plunging the entire arena in darkness. The only noise comes from the crowd and even they are hushed, concerned about the blackout.

After a few moments, the lights come back on. The crowd erupts in cheers when their eyes adjust and register what’s going on in the ring. The Carnage World Champion, Amy Jo Smyth, is standing right behind the new number one contender, Melody Lennox. Lennox is completely unaware of who stands behind her; she just soaks in the cheers that she believes are for her. Smyth shrugs and bored with waiting, taps Lennox on the shoulder.

Amy Jo Smyth

Lennox tightens up, shows concern in her face, and slowly turns. As soon she makes the complete 180-turn, Smyth grabs Lennox by the arm, wraps her up, and lifts her into the air with a gorilla press as if the woman weighs nothing. The crowd cheers even louder as Lennox screeches and fights to get free.


Doctor’s Orders.

Lennox is laid out on the mat, having had all the air knocked out of her lungs and her ribs sent through her back. Smyth jumps to her feet, rips off her t-shirt, a black one reading Amy Jo Smyth in big, glittering gold letters on it, to expose her black sports bra, biceps, and six-pack abs, and grabs the microphone. The Champion kneels over her contender, gently lays the t-shirt over Lennox’s face, covering it, and making sure the name is clearly legible to everyone, especially Melody Lennox.

Amy Jo Smyth: That’s for you, darlin’. I know you’re a huge fan of mine and I love giving back to my fans. Consider it a consolation prize, because, aside from an ass kicking, it’s the only thing you’re getting from me.

Smyth stands up, throws the microphone back at the ring announcer, grabs the title from its resting place on the apron, and jumps up the turnbuckle. She throws up a fist and holds up a title as ‘Shoot to Thrill’ starts playing.

Match Two: Kyra Mohr vs. Will Prydor

Terra Skye: Well we now have our World title match for Ultimate Carnage 3!

Ray Payne: Miss Mellie wants da title and she cashes in da points.

Johnny Vegas: Who knew that points froze when you leave?

Terra Skye: Either way, Melody Lennox vs. Amy Jo Smyth is going to tear the house down. Speaking of great matches, this next match is one I've been looking forward to for a few weeks.

Johnny Vegas: What?  Why? 

Ray Payne: Becuz Mistah Prydy iz da You-vee champz yo, an Miss Kyrah iz a--

Johnny Vegas: No, no no... You're wrong.  Prydor is a fatass and Kyra is a psycho bitch.  This match is going to be a clusterfuck. 


Terra Skye: Kyra and Will are very capable of putting on an amazing match..  I just hope it actually happens.

“Mz Hyde” by Halestorm hits the PA and Kyra Mohr wastes little time in walking out onto the stage.

Kyra Mohr

She stops, looking from one side to the other before turning her attention to the ring.  She stretches her arms as she makes her way to ringside, greeting a few fans as she goes.  Once at ringside, she rolls under the bottom rope, entering the ring as her music begins fading out.  She turns around, facing the entrance – waiting for her opponent this evening with a smirk on her face.

Johnny Vegas: Apparently this entire situation amuses our former boss.

Terra Skye: Of course it does.  Bridges has got his nuts in a vice.

Ray Payne: He doez, yo?  I dinks dat wuld hurts, yo.

Johnny Vegas: No you fucktard.  She means that Bridges challenging Kyra to the wargames match is going to be his undoing... which I disagree with BY THE WAY.  Have to seen Kyra's team so far? 

Terra Skye: I have and that's why I think she's going to get her match with Bridges... and cost him his job.

Darkness engulfs the arena, not changing for a few seconds before the speakers finally come to life.

Get yourselves together!
Stand up and life your lives!
Get yourselves together!
Hands up, hands up high!

Will Prydor

Sixx:A.M.'s "Rise" fully kicks in at this point, and a spotlight shines at the top of the entrance way to reveal Will Prydor, holding the Ultraviolent championship over his right shoulder as he stands in the light.  He lets out his traditional battle cry of "For the Fallen" to the rafters above.  Then, lowering his head to stare at the ring, one can see the focus intensify on his face as he strides to the ring in time with the beat of the song, preparing himself for yet one more battle in a career filled with them.

Johnny Vegas: And Fatass.

Terra Skye: One of these days, Johnny. 

Ray Payne: Whut?  Onnnah dese days Mistah Prydy iz gunna gets yah fur callin him fats, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Not if he can't catch me, he won't.  Besides Mr. UV champ has his hands full here tonight with a crazy bitch who just beat his little woman beating friend, Trent Steel.

Prydor steps into the ring and drops his title onto the mat under the turnbuckles, and turns his head to keep an eye on Kyra, who seems a little bit reserved tonight as she sizes up her competition as Silent Cal calls for the bell to get this match underway.


Will circles to his right, forcing Kyra to follow suit in order to keep her opponent in front of her.  Collar-and-elbow tie-up, and Prydor has the clear strength advantage as he backs Kyra into the ropes, and eventually into the corner.  Silent Cal steps into the peripheral vision of Will, gesturing for a break, and the Ultraviolent champ complies, breaking clean and backing out of the corner towards the center of the ring.  Mohr looks askance at her opponent, but Will simply gestures for her to come out of the corner.  A small smirk crosses Kyra’s face as she comes rushing out of the corner and into another tie-up, which Prydor quickly transitions into a hammerlock.  A moment later, Mohr uses her smaller frame to duck around Prydor and into a hammerlock of her own, and throws a forearm to the back before releasing the hold and creating some distance between herself and her opponent.  Prydor staggers forward a step, then turns to eyeball Kyra, who mimics Will from earlier and gestures for Will to come at her.

Ray Payne: Dey luuks lieks dey is havings funs yo.

Terra Skye: I knew these two would come out of the gates swinging.  This kind of shit is fun to me.

Johnny Vegas: And this is why you've got someone like Harry Hampton trying to get into those old lady drawers of yours.

Boy: Fifteen oranges giving the wink to grape salad.

Ray Payne: Mistah Boy! Yah can't sayz stuffs lieks dat yo.

The camera catches Will talking to Kyra, and an expert lip-reader can see him ask “This is how you wanna do it?”  Kyra nods, a smirk becoming a grin, and charges at Will with a forearm to the face.  Prydor responds with a forearm of his own, sending Mohr staggering back into the ropes.  She uses the momentum to spring back off the ropes and a dropkick to the chest sends Will back-first into the opposing ropes.  A moment later, Kyra again charges forward, going into the air with a flying clothesline that sends both wrestlers over the top rope and to the floor at the base of the entryway.  Kyra is up first, putting the boots to Will as the big man tries to regain his bearings.  As he gets to all fours, Mohr stops her assault and climbs onto the apron, looking behind her to time whatever she has in mind as Prydor gets to a vertical base.  As Will starts to turn towards the ring, Mohr jumps onto the middle rope and leaps backward, turning in midair to hit Prydor with a cross-body block…but Will simply catches her in mid-air and despite her struggling, Prydor throws her back into the ring between the bottom two ropes before sliding in afterwards.

Johnny Vegas: This is boring... Give them guns or something, seriously.

Terra Skye: And this is exactly why you will never go into the Hall of Legends.. you don't appreciate a good WRESTLING match.

Johnny Vegas: HAH! You said it was only GOOD. 

Ray Payne: Yah misseds da points Mistah Johnnie.

Johnny Vegas: Well you miss ALL the points, Ray.  So who's the bigger idiot?  NOT ME, that's who.

Kyra is the first to her feet, and she tries to use her quickness to her advantage but runs right into a Japanese-style arm drag from Prydor.  She’s back up in a hurry and tries a second time to rush in, but a hip toss stops that in its tracks before Prydor hooks up an armbar, looking to immobilize his opponent and wear down Kyra in the manner to which he is accustomed to.  Mohr moves around for a bit, trying to figure out a way out of a tight armbar from the technical Ultraviolent champion.  Finally, she manages to create enough space to get to her knees, and then to her feet as Will follows suit, still keeping a hold of the arm.  She turns to face him, a left hook to the jaw, and a second one finally jars him loose to let her get away.  Now she brings her right hand into the fray, peppering Will with punches and backing him into the ropes.  She goes for an Irish whip, which is rather ill-advised as Will uses his size to reverse the whip.  Off the rebound, Kyra looks for a clothesline which Will ducks. On the second rebound, Kyra looks again for a cross body block, thinking that this time it will succeed…but instead Will once more catches her and wastes no time in delivering a fallaway slam, sending Mohr out to the apron closest to the hard camera.  Will gets to a knee, sizing up his opponent as Kyra rolls to the outside of the ring, shaking her head as she slowly walks around the ring to regain her composure.

Johnny Vegas: PUSSY!

As Silent Cal reaches the count of three, Kyra stops near the timekeeper’s table and asks Kelly Carmichael for a mic.  Confused, Kelly hands the former owner of CW the stick as Mohr turns back to the ring to look at Will, who is now wearing a slightly confused look on his face.

Johnny Vegas: Oh God damnit... DONT TALK! 

Terra Skye: Shut up! 

Kyra Mohr:  Alright, alright.. I think we've made our point out here tonight.  We both have said it before, Will... we have no beef with one another.  We both know that Bridges has an issue with both of us.  Plus... lets not forget Amelia and what his two little Bitchboys did to her. 

Prydor sets his jaw as Kyra continues.

Kyra Mohr: I need a fourth for War Games.  If you want it, the spot is yours.   Put that technical knowledge to good use.. helping me make Bridges' team of asshats tap like the bitches they are?

Terra Skye: OH SHIT!!!

Johnny Vegas: I just lost all respect for her.. Why in the fuck would she want that fatty on her team?!  I mean its not like her team has ANY chance to begin with... but now?

Ray Payne: I dink its a guud decidies yo.   Mistah Prydy iz nots lieks Mistah Bridgy, yo.

Terra Skye: She's building one hell of a team.  All people who hate him as much as she does. 

While the commentators have been talking about this development, Kyra has gotten a second mic and tosses it over the top rope, towards Prydor in the center of the ring.  The big man catches the mic, shifting his gaze between Kyra and the crowd in general before raising the stick to his mouth.

Will Prydor:  You’re right.  Bridges deserves our attention more than each other.  Plus let’s face it, someone with experience in a War Games setting would be a huge help to you.  This should be a no-brainer, even if I’m not the type of wrestler that should be in this type of match, right?  But…I have one condition, though.

Kyra gestures for him to go on, curiosity clear on her face as she starts to climb the stairs to re-enter the ring.

Will Prydor:  The last time I stepped into that particular cage, I had someone on my team turn on me and my tag champion partner in the middle of the match to try to cripple my partner so that he and his partner could later steal our tag titles.  That man and his partner?  JC and Trent Steel.  We’ve obviously made amends since…but excuse me if I’m leery given that there’s a certain someone on your team who’s due a rematch at the title I won from him, and whose reign I ended after fifteen months.

Johnny Vegas: In other words.. he's a bitch.

Terra Skye: You're an idiot. 

Will Prydor:  So my condition is this, Kyra.  Make sure that Lucas Silva doesn’t decide to cheap-shot me in War Games.  Make sure I don’t have to watch my own back from those I’m teaming with.  I don’t care how you go about it.  And if Silva decides to come after me instead of C.O.N., Rabb, and whoever else Bridges throws at you…then I want your word that you’ll stay the hell out of my way when I take him apart down the road, when the War Games are done.  You give me your word on this, and you have your fourth for the games.

There’s a slight pause, as the anticipation builds within the Legion.

Kyra Mohr: Then come dressed for war, Will.  You have a deal.

She sticks out her hand to shake, and Will returns the gesture a moment later as the Legion pops at the sight.  The two talk for a moment longer, the camera unable to pick up what is said, before both step apart and head for the ropes to start heading into the back. As Kyra leaves she walks by Tweeder, who simply has up a sign, "Kyra, Sinc called and he wants his egg wolls." She tries not to laugh as she goes backstage.

Johnny Vegas: Oh my God... Bridges is going to murder them. 

Terra Skye: I think you're underestimating them, Johnny.  Kyra is putting together a team that's more than worthy of taking on anyone that Bridges picks.

Ray Payne: Wellz.. I dinks dat itz gunna be's a wars yo.


Johnny Vegas: Obviously, but there are some wars that are won within minutes, and this is going to be one of them.

Terra Skye: Hardly.

The Rogues Reunite..For The Last Time?

We fade in on JC's locker room. He walks into it and stares for a moment.


Sitting in the locker room with his head down is Trent Steel, looking worse for wear as usual.

Trent Steel

Trent Steel: Hey...

JC doesn't respond he just drops his bag and clinches his fists.

Trent Steel: Relax I'm not here to fight. I'm here to talk some sense into you.

JC snorts as he shakes his head turning away from Trent as Trent stands up.

Trent Steel: Just listen for a minute. I know I don't deserve it, but give me that at least.

JC turns to Trent.

JC: You have a minute. Talk.

Trent Steel: I'm not worth saving Joe. You got a chance to take out Redemption. Let him put my career on the block. It'll give you some leverage if this doesn't work out. We've been thru a lot, but this past year with OWF closing and coming here I've learned one thing. I'm not worth it. Every time except with that Kill Trent match I've done everything wrong. Wrestlers like me don't get to pick a good retirement match it's forced on them. I deserve it. For everything I put you and everyone else thru Joe. Take up Redemption on his offer because if you lose and it's me on the line. Carnage just loses a guy that they are better off firing because of a bad reputation. If they lose you it's going to tank the place.

JC starts to say something but Trent cuts him off.

Trent Steel: You know me. I don't beg. I've never begged in front of anyone, but please...don't do this to yourself. It's what he wants. You know he's going to do something. You know he's got something planned. You've got to play this out the way. He's hurt. You beat him. You threw everything at him and it beat him. If he thinks he has you fighting for something you care about Joe it's going to make him cocky. I know you probably don't give two fucks about me anymore and that could be your advantage. Do you want me to get on my hands and knee's and beg Joe? I'll do it.

JC looks at Trent solemnly for a moment, then sighs. He sits back down, dropping his guard but not really caring.

JC: You truly haven't gotten it, have you? This isn't about me. It's never been about me. He hurt my brother, he hurt you, he hurt your kids. Somebody's gotta stand up for that. Somebody's gotta stop him before he does it again.

He runs a hand through his hair, then begins to look through his bag some more, he pulls out a photo. It's a photo of Trent, JC and JC's wife Stacy at JC's wedding several years ago.

JC: You think you're not worth it? Bullshit. I know what kind of man you are Trent. This...

He shoves the photo into Trent's hands, a record of happier times.

JC: This is who you are. Not "The Son of A Bitch." Not Redemption's lackey and not the stepping stone for everyone else to make a name. You're the man who saved my life by putting you own on the line.

JC stands back up now, towering over Trent and looking down into his eyes.

JC: Maybe you don't think that was anything, but I wouldn't be a father now if it wasn't for you. I might be locked up in an institution somewhere or worse. THAT is who Trent Steel is. THAT is who I'm trying to protect. I've had a good run. If Redemption beats me on the 26th, I'm okay. Trust me.

He then gives a classic smirk, one that he hasn't really shown since he used to be Joe Cool. It's carefree, almost as if a weight was lifted from him since the Carnage Wrestling audience last laid eyes on him.

JC: Besides, it's not going to come to that. I've got Redemption's number now. His career and his mask are mine.

Trent looks at the photo and then looks up at Joe.

Trent Steel: I figured you wouldn't listen to reason...why change now.

Trent smirks back at Joe and holds out his hand.

Trent Steel: Just remember one thing. He's learned from everyone in OWF and everyone he's ever faced. He'll try to get inside of your head and you and I both know one thing about that. It's the most dangerous place to get in and the worst hell to get out of.

JC takes it, warily, and regards his friend for a moment before concluding with what he wants to say. He opts to say nothing, not wanting to ruin the moment.

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Re: Chaos 45 Live! Results
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Match Three: The Sandtown Kid & Trent Steel vs. Robert Zodiac & Brian Crucifix.

Terra Skye: If Redemption gets his way at Ultimate Carnage 3, that really will be the last time we see The Rogues together.

Johnny Vegas: About damn time. Although I wish they were both leaving.

Ray Payne: Dat's not nice Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: Look, JC is already leaving. I'd rather it be Trent but if he wants to stop that then he can get the fuck out too.


Johnny Vegas: No, you idiot, I HATE. Trent. Steel. He's awful. He beats women and more importantly, he steals my stuff!

Boy: It's a cold war. Mother's time has come.

Ray Payne: Boy says you could use less alcohol Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: I need more just to deal with your Golem-sized ass.

The crowd is restless as they murmur among themselves until finally the ominous opening of "15 Minutes" by Shattered Skies begins to droll through the PA system as the lights dim down, engulfing the arena in almost complete darkness as the crowd begins booing.  The song pauses before the lights suddenly come back on full blast and the song picks up, with the lights focusing completely on the top of the stage where Robert Zodiac now stands, staring at the ground for the time being as the crowd begins to boo him profusely.

Robert Zodiac

The lyrics pick up as he begins making his way down towards the ring.

One more day, until I pour this emptiness out
One more way, you tear at my seams again
No one sees, no one can see the scar, it darkens
Soon they'll see, my 15 minutes of fame.

Zodiac never takes his eyes off the ring the entire time he makes his way down to ringside.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah! My man! Double champion! Woo!

Terra Skye: Ugh, every time with this.

Johnny Vegas: I work for a fed with a fat idiot. A woman-beating idiot. A masked idiot. An idiot with an afro and two idiots at the commentary team. I'll cheer for whoever I want!

Boy: The cell tower has fallen into the orange grove!

Johnny Vegas: Sorry, Boy. THREE idiots.

His music fades out and almost immediately the image of a blue mask appears on the tron as "Parade of The Dead" by Black Label Society begins to play over the sound system. A man in a hood walks out on the entrance ramp, looking down at the floor.

Terra Skye: Well the champions were handpicked by Bridges to fight for the team advantage tonight. That means whoever wins, their team will get the right to enter first after the first two entrants.

Ray Payne: So ifs dah Cons win, den Team Bridges will have advan..

Terra Skye: Yes, Ray. Let's say it's Crucifix and Steel that start Wargames out. The next person to enter would be someone from Bridges team, and then Kyras and so on. Bridges would basically have the advantage all match long.

Brian Crucifix

He slowly raises his head to look to the ring before throwing back his hood to reveal a mask that resembles the one on screen. Crucifix throws the mask down on the ground before charging down to the ring, stopping beside his partner before both men turn and slide into the ring beneath the bottom rope! The crowd continues to boo both men as they hoist their CW Tag Team Championships into the air and taunt the Legion here tonight.

Johnny Vegas: You might as well say that's what's going to happen, because CON are unstoppable and they're fighting guys that hate each other!

Terra Skye: That's one way to look at it. The other is that STK and Steel will get their shit together for the benefit of the team and win.

Kelly Carmichael: This tag team match is set for one fall and it is for the advantage in the Wargames Match at Ultimate Carnage 3! Introducing first, weighing in at a combined Three hundred and eighty five pounds... they are the CARNAGE WRESTLING TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, ROBERT ZODIAC AND BRIAN CRUCIFIX.... CON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johnny Vegas: Well, I guess we'll find out now, won't we Peg Bitch?

Terra Skye: Why the fuck do you keep calling me that?

Johnny Vegas: It's an inside joke. You wouldn't understand.

Ray Payne: I dot jokes wa supposta be funnies, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Fuck you, mushmouth.

"Bleed the Freak" by Alice in Chains starts to play as the lights flicker and go down. Out of the entranceway comes Trent Steel as smoke comes out of the entranceway.

Kelly Carmichael: Their opponents, first...from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in at an even two-hundred pounds...TRRRREEEEEEEEENNNNT SSSSTEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLL!!!

Trent Steel

Trent runs down to the ring and slides in. He then removes his black oakleys with red lenses and his trench coat. He goes to one of the ring corners and does a quick "Hail Mary". He then turns out of the corner, waiting for the match to start.

Terra Skye: CON'S waiting outside the ring to pounce, but Trent has backup here tonight.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, sure. Perhaps you're forgetting one thing. Trent TOLD Silva not to come out here.

Terra Skye: You really think Silva would listen to that?

Ray Payne: Mistah Sandy is a good kids, yo. He will do da right thin and help.

Johnny Vegas: He hasn't done anything right since he got here. Why start now?

The upbeat punk rock anthem of 'Reckless and the Brave' by Baltimore local band All Time Low fires up over the PA, with the spotlights painting over the stage, but the curtains remain eerily still.  After the first chorus of Do It For Baltimore, the sound technicians fade out the music, the Sandtown Kid nowhere to be seen, while Trent Steel remains entirely unphased in the ring, pointing at both Zodiac and Crucifix and making a breaking motion with his hands.  Referee Jeff steps up to Steel, consulting with him about his absence of a partner, and then hesitantly turns towards Boy and gestures, signaling that the match will commence regardless.

Terra Skye: Well damn. I guess Silva's not coming out after all.

Ray Payne: Da fans arent happies, yo. But Mistah Steely don care.

Johnny Vegas: Bahahaha! The little shit chickened out against CON! I told you he would!

Terra Skye: That's not it at all. Clearly he has issues teaming with Steel tonight.

Johnny Vegas: Looks like Team Kyra better start looking for a replacement because Steel is about to get massacred. Hey, maybe Garbage Fence is available!

Crucifix starts things off for the Creatures of Night, as Boy sounds the bell and the match gets underway.  Crucifix looks toward Zodiac, making brash comments about his intentions to break Steel by himself, only to be walloped by Steel from behind with a running forearm shot.  Steel jerks Crucifix's head backwards and drives him to the canvas with a reverse ddt, bouncing immediately to his feet and clapping his hands over his chest, taunting Zodiac on the apron.  Zodiac begins to step through the ropes, but Ref Jeff is there almost immediately, admonishing him to abide by standard tag rules or risk disqualification.  With the advantage for War Games at stake, Zodiac reluctantly returns to the apron, but holds Steel's attention just long enough or Crucifix to rally behind him and deliver a stiff crotch kick from behind that stuns Steel momentarily while Ref Jeff's attention is focused on Zodiac's return to the apron.  Crucifix hooks Steel up, hiking him vertically and then drives him to the mat with a powerslam.

Terra Skye: Motherfucker. Even two on one these fuckers have to cheat.

Johnny Vegas: They don't HAVE to cheat. They want to cheat. There's a big difference.

Ray Payne: But it's not right, Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: Have you seen the state of the world? Since when has "right" gotten anybody anything?


Johnny Vegas: Am I drunk or did I just understand him?

Crucifix pulls Steel back to his feet, swinging him out with a dos-e-do, then bringing him back into a short arm clothesline which batters Steel back to the canvas.  Hoisting him up again, Crucifix turns Steel into scoop slam position, only for Steel to slip over Crucifix's shoulder and land on his feet behind his opponent.  Crucifix throws a stiff back elbow, which Steel ducks before seizing Crucifix around the midsection and dumping him backward with a side belly to back suplex.  Zodiac begins slapping the top turnbuckle in the corner, pushing his partner for a tag, Steel surprises him by pulling Crucifix back up and then sending him crashing into the corner with an irish whip.  Zodiac slaps Crucifix on the shoulder to tag himself in, but Steel races in close after, delivering a running forward kick which drills Zodiac in the face, sending him careening off the apron and crashing to the floor, while Crucifix remains slumped against the turnbuckles.  The referee turns his attentions toward Zodiac, beginning to administer a mandatory ten count, while Steel instead steps onto the bottom rope at the corners, perching himself above Crucifix, and starts hammering down fists to Crucifix's head while the audience counts along. 

One.  Two.  Three.  Four.  Five.

While Trent is distracted, Zodiac is able to slip back inside the ring undetected by anyone but the referee.

Terra Skye: Zodiac beats the count, stopping Trent from getting a backdoor win in what I guess is a handicap match.

Johnny Vegas: Are you actually holding out hope that the Kid will come out here?

Ray Payne: I ams, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Well don't! He's finally showing his true colors! He's a lying coward who only ever cared about himself! I don't even like Trent Steel and I wouldn't pull shit like this.

Terra Skye: If you were booked against Trent Steel you'd stay on the apron and drink the entire time while he did all the work.

Johnny Vegas: But at least I'd be out here! That's better than Silva!

Zodiac claps a hand over the bottom rope, shaking the perch where Steel stands, and Steel is left off-balance for a precarious moment, allowing Crucifix to take hold of him around the midsection and bring him back down to the mat with an inverted atomic drop.  Steel doubles over from the powerful knee to the groin, and Crucifix draws back to sock Steel with a big right hand, only for Ref Jeff to step between them, making the sign for the tag and ordering Crucifix back to the apron.  Zodiac rolls in under the bottom rope, picking up where his partner left off, and staggers Steel backward with a European uppercut.  Pivoting on his heel, Zodiac catches Steel into position for a three-quarters shoulder face crusher, but Steel gives Zodiac a stiff shove from behind, breaking free of his grip and sending Zodiac down to the canvas solo.  Zodiac rolls through, quick to his feet, and explodes forward with a running shoulder block which drives Steel against the ropes.  Then pacing away in a broad circle, Zodiac races in on Steel again, leaping against him with a forward body splash, and bringing his arms together on impact to additionally box Steel about the ears.  Steel hooks an arm over the top rope to brace himself, refusing to fall down.

Terra Skye: CON are meticulously picking Trent apart here, but he's refusing to go down.

Johnny Vegas: Fucker's being stubborn. Just take the L and let Team Kyra try to regroup at UC3.

Terra Skye: If he takes the loss then this handicap situation will affect all of his team on the 26th.

Ray Payne: Mistah Steely is takin da blows so da rest of his team don't hafta, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Oh god, why don't we crucify him while we're starting with the Christ comparisons?

Ray Payne: He already dids that to himself onces, yo.

Johnny Vegas: I...that doesn't fucking surprise me.

Zodiac throws a knee into Steel's midsection, then hooks him by the leg, dumping him up and over the top rope, but with Steel's arm already hooked over the ropes, Steel lands on his feet squarely on the apron, then takes Zodiac by the head and brings him down throat first over the top rope while Steel drops to the floor.  Zodiac snaps upward after impact with the ropes, clutching his neck for a moment in shock, and Steel sweeps his legs out from under him, dragging him along the apron by his ankle until they reach the corner.  Steel draws back Zodiac's leg and then slams the side of his knee against the metal ring post.  Then a second time.  Then gripping Zodiac by both ankles, Steel pulls backward and stiffly crotches him around the steel turnbuckle post until Zodiac rolls himself off the apron and falls to the outside, doubled over in pain.  Steel pulls Zodiac back towards his feet, swinging him around for a head shot to the turnbuckle post, only for Zodiac to get his leg up, stopping himself just short of impact.  Zodiac hooks his arm over the back of Steel's head, pulling him into a side headlock, and then headlock bulldogs him down, driving Steel's face into the metal ring steps.

Terra Skye: Shit! That's a good way to give someone a concussion!

Ray Payne: Dat coulds be it, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Probably not. Because that asshole won't let me enjoy anything.

Boy: Chocolate rain!

The edge of the metal steps splits Steel open with a deep gash above his eyes, but Steel barely seems to notice the blood freely pouring down his face.  Zodiac pulls Steel up from behind, only for Steel to throw his head backwards, cracking Zodiac over the bridge of the nose.  Steel hip tosses Zodiac down on the cement, then begins stalking back up the ring steps, glowering at Ref Jeff as he reaches the eight count towards a count-out.  Steel steps into the ring, resetting the count, then alleyoops himself over the top rope and drops down at Zodiac with a guillotine leg drop.  Except Zodiac rolls aside just before impact, and Steel smashes into the concrete solo.  Crucifix drops down from the apron, circling the ring and coming to his partner's side, helping Zodiac to his feet and guiding him towards the apron, while Steel struggles just to stand.  Zodiac rolls in under the bottom rope, gathering his faculties enough to shout at Ref Jeff, urging on the count out, while Steel has barely reached his knees.  Ref Jeff continues to hold up fingers, counting it out for the crowd.  Seven.  Eight.  Nine.  Steel claps one hand over the bottom rope and pulls himself up onto the apron, while Zodiac tries to adamantly insist that time had expired.  Ref Jeff shakes his head 'no', ordering the match to continue.

Johnny Vegas: What the fuck, Jeff? That's a countout! CON wins!

Terra Skye: Jeff says it was nine so Trent beat the count.

Johnny Vegas: Okay, I demand we test him for drugs. He's clearly on something that's affecting his work.

Terra Skye: I'm not sure that's a door you want to open, Johnny.

Ray Payne: Dey might takes your beers away, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Not my liquor! That's the only way I CAN do my job!

Zodiac grabs hold of a handful of Steel's hair, pulling him back to his feet, only for Steel to surprise him with a fist thrust directly to the throat.  Zodiac chokes for a moment, clutching his neck in pain, and Steel drops to his knees with a jawbreaker, staggering Zodiac backwards.  Zodiac has the sense to direct himself towards his own corner, extending a hand and being met with a tag from Crucifix, who all too eagerly bounds over the top rope and stalks towards Steel.  Crucifix takes hold of Steel by the shoulder, pulling him into a collar arm tie-up and powering him backward towards the far turnbuckle, until he's backed Steel into the corner.  Crucifix throws a stiff knee to Steel's midsection, stunning him momentarily, then swings him around with an irish whip, sending Steel crashing into the CON corner, and following it up with a spear to the midsection which folds Steel in half against the turnbuckles.  Steel hooks both arms over the top ropes, hanging at the corner limply, while Crucifix slings Steel up and over his shoulders, setting him into position for a death valley driver, only for Steel to work himself free, dropping to his feet behind Crucifix and then smashing him in the back of the head with a spinning heel kick which knocks Crucifix against his own turnbuckles.  Zodiac quickly slaps Crucifix's shoulder for a tag, while Steel follows in immediately after, overshooting Crucifix on purpose and landing a massive haymaker to Zodiac's face which knocks him off the apron and sends him again crashing to the floor.

Ray Payne: Smart moves by Mistah Steely, yo.

Terra Skye: He timed that just right to possible steal one here with a countout.

Johnny Vegas: How come it's okay when Trent does it but not when CON does it?

Terra Skye: Trent Steel is literally called the Son of a Bitch, Johnny. This is kinda his M.O.

Johnny Vegas: Fuckin' hypocrites, the lot of ya.

The referee turns his attentions to Zodiac, beginning to administer the count out, while Steel climbs onto the bottom rope, towering over Crucifix at the turnbuckles and raining down punches on him while the audience counts along.





As the series of punches continue, Ref Jeff realizes the counting has him out of sync with his own count out, and finds that he has to restart from the one, an error which allows Zodiac to recover in time.  Zodiac is back on his feet, but while Steel prepares to throw punch number ten, Zodiac grabs the bottom rope from ringside, shaking it violently and putting Steel off balance.  Crucifix capitalizes immediately, gripping Steel around the midsection and bringing him down from his perch, hard into the ring with an inverted atomic drop.  Steel doubles over from the impact to his groin, and Crucifix draws back a fist to follow through, only for Ref Jeff to interject himself between them, signaling the tag and admonishing Crucifix that he is no longer the legal man.  Crucifix begrudgingly returns to his corner, while Zodiac rolls under the bottom rope, stalking towards their downed prey.

Terra Skye: Ref Jeff is trying to maintain order in there but it's hard given CON's usual tactics.

Johnny Vegas: Just because our referee is stupid doesn't mean it's CON's fault!

Terra Skye: Well yeah, but I mean Silent Cal would have a hard time with them too.

Ray Payne: I cants ever undastand what Cal says, yo.

Johnny Vegas: He doesn't SAY anything! He's SILENT.

Zodiac pulls Steel back to his feet, hooking him into the front facelock, then wrenching him over with a swinging neckbreaker.  Steel hits the canvas hard, rolling over onto his hands and knees and crawling for the ropes to help himself back up, only for Zodiac to boot him hard to the ribs, knocking him over onto his side.  Zodiac heel stomps over Steel's ribs and back, before delivering a fierce curb stomp to the back of the skull, driving Steel's face into the mat.  Zodiac hooks a leg to roll Steel back for a pinfall, only for Steel to scissor his legs around Zodiac's leg, pulling Zodiac through into an inside cradle.


TWO!  Zodiac kicks out shortly after the two, looking utterly shocked at Steel's stubborn refusal to quit.  Stomping Steel again for his trouble, Zodiac braces a foot over Steel's throat and then pulls upward on the top rope to apply additional pressure, choking the life from Steel.  Steel bicycles his legs, grasping at Zodiac's ankle, while Ref Jeff cautions Zodiac about using a blatant choke.

Terra Skye: Come on Jeff! Get in there!

Johnny Vegas: And do what? He's a buck-twenty, soaking wet. Guaranteed. CON would massacre him.

Ray Payne: But dey can't just breaks da rules, yo.

Johnny Vegas: I don't see anyone able to stop them yet!

Zodiac releases his foot from Steel's throat, taking him by the hair and pulling him upright.  Zodiac hikes Steel up as if for a ddt, but Steel stomps forward into the front of Zodiac's knee and it buckles on impact, still twisted from the repeated beating against the turnbuckle post.  Zodiac crumples down to one knee, and Steel shin kicks him across the face, taking him down to the mat.  Crossing over Zodiac's legs, Steel begins to turn him over into the X-Treme Prejudice lock, only to immediately be broken off by a running forearm shot to the back from Crucifix, making the save for his partner.  Ref Jeff admonishes Crucifix to return to his corner, but Crucifix doesn't relent, hiking Steel up and whipping him down with a spinebuster while the referee begins a threatening five count.  At the four, Crucifix drops to the mat and rolls out under the bottom rope, narrowly avoiding disqualification, while Zodiac slowly makes his way crawling towards his corner.  Zodiac is in position to make the tag, but Crucifix hadn't quite reached the apron yet to await him, and by the time he's into position, Steel has Zodiac by the ankle, pulling him backwards just out of his partner's reach.  Zodiac kicks backward, striking Steel in the face, then throws himself forward, clapping hands with Crucifix.

Terra Skye: Trent's putting up a lot of fight but it's still two on one.

Johnny Vegas: And...?

Terra Skye: And what?

Johnny Vegas: It's two on one...AGAINST THE TAG CHAMPS.

Ray Payne: He's right, yos.

Terra Skye: I'm aware they're the champions. But that doesn't change anything here.

Crucifix bounds into the ring while Steel struggles back to his feet, Crucifix clipping Steel with a running lariat that flips Steel head over heels.   Pulling Steel back upright, Crucifix grips him up into a fisherman's hoist, then drives it backward into a modified brainbuster.  Steel hits the canvas hard, bouncing like a rag doll.  Crucifix stalks the ring, measuring him up as Steel stubbornly insists on returning to his feet.  Crucifix sprints forward, smashing Steel in the head with a running pele kick, driving Steel backward into the turnbuckles.  Crucifix lifts Steel, sitting him on the top turnbuckle, priming him for the Crucifixion.  Zodiac stands behind Steel at the corner, cheering his partner on while Crucifix hooks him up, yet at the last possible moment, Steel hooks Zodiac over the head, and when Crucifix pulls backward with the double knee facebuster, Steel is anchored fast and pulled free of Crucifix's grip, jerking downward instead and smashing Zodiac's face over the top turnbuckle, sending Zodiac falling to the apron.  Steel stands, taking his perch high on the top turnbuckle with Crucifix stunned below him, and leaps with the Black Winged Angel, crashing down over Crucifix with a devastating blow.  Hooking a leg, Steel rolls Crucifix backward into a pinfall. 



TH...An explosion of pyrotechnics interrupt the arena and 'Monster' by Skillet blares out over the PA, the lights flickering as Lord Raab appears on the stage, moving down the ramp in long strides that carry him with unnatural speed without the need for running.

Lord Raab

Terra Skye: WHAT THE FUCK?

Johnny Vegas: Oh shit, it's Lord Raab.

Terra Skye: I can see that, dipshit, but why is he here?

Johnny Vegas: Do you really think he needs a reason?

Steel looks up, his attention turned to Raab.  Ref Jeff pauses, glancing towards Raab, and in that narrow window of distraction, Zodiac pulls his partner's ankle and drapes it on top of the bottom rope.  When Ref Jeff moves to complete the three count, he sees the altered footing, and waves Steel off with a 'no pin' indication.  Steel releases Crucifix, who is still reeling from the blow.  Then sprinting across the ring, Steel suicide dives over the top rope as Raab reaches ringside, crash landing into the German monster with a blacksplash.  Raab seems utterly unphased, catching Steel on impact without so much as a budge, and then rolling Steel backward over his shoulders into position for a crucifix drop.  Ref Jeff leans against the ropes, warning Raab against interference, but Raab seems to have zero regard for the match outcome, carrying Steel across his back until he is positioned directly in front of the commentary table for the drop.

Terra Skye: Everybody get out of the way!

Johnny Vegas: Damn it Trent, if you spill my drink...


Ray Payne: Priorities, Mistah Jonnies!

'Reckless and the Brave' fires up for a second time, only this time the curtains do not remain still.  The Sandtown Kid explodes across the stage, tearing down the ramp at a sprint and slamming into Raab with a running shoulder block that barely forces the big man to take a single step backward.

The Sandtown Kid

Johnny Vegas: WHAT THE FUCK!?

Terra Skye: The Sandtown Kid is finally here!

Johnny Vegas: How dare you prove me wrong, you little bastard!

Ray Payne: Now he's fightins Mistah Robbie, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Well at least he'll be dead soon.

Raab releases Steel to the floor, turning his attentions towards the Sandtown Kid, gripping him around the throat.  Steel grabs hold of the apron, pulling himself upright, only for Zodiac to slide across the ring and deliver a stiff baseball slide dropkick to the face.  Zodiac rolls Steel back into the ring, while Crucifix has finally recovered his footing.  Ref Jeff fully turns his attentions away from the legal men in the ring, shouting warnings at Raab as he hoists the Sandtown Kid up by the throat, as if for a chokeslam, yet Crucifix greets Steel with an irish whip that sends him racing into the referee, smashing Jeff between Steel and the turnbuckles and knocking him out cold.  Zodiac tosses a steel folding chair over the top rope, sending it clattering into the ring while Crucifix hooks Steel up for a ddt, driving his head down hard into the flattened steel.  Raab hikes the Sandtown Kid over, chokeslamming him hard to the cement.  Zodiac climbs into the ring, joining his partner and hoisting Steel up and over with a flapjack, while Crucifix grabs Steel's head in mid-air and brings him down with a hangman's neckbreaker.

Sixx:AM's 'Rise' begins blasting out over the PA and Will Prydor races through the curtains, hustling his way down towards ringside.

Will Prydor

Johnny Vegas: Oh this is getting ri-fucking-diculous.

Terra Skye: I guess we're having a preview of War Games right now!

Ray Payne: But wes has da match goin on, yo!

Johnny Vegas: Yeah! What he said! There is important stakes here, people!


Johnny Vegas: Yes, blargh! Everybody get outta here! Except CON. And Raab.

Raab hikes the Sandtown Kid up with a gutwrench, and Prydor runs right past them, narrowly passing underneath the Sandtown Kid before he is driven home with a powerbomb over the exposed concrete floor.  Prydor slides into the ring while Zodiac is threading Steel's leg through the opened chair.  Prydor rushes at Zodiac, but Crucifix blindsides the Ultraviolent Champion, taking him down the discus lariat.  Zodiac stomps down snap the chair shut around Steel's endangered leg, but Steel kicks backward with the leg, driving the legs of the chair upward into Zodiac's midsection instead.  Kicking his leg free, Steel raises back to his feet, cracking Zodiac across the side of the head with a spinning heel kick that sends him spilling to the canvas.  Crucifix locks Prydor into a double underhook, but Steel rushes across the ring, stepping onto Prydor's back and then driving Crucifix off of him with a forward double foot drop kick to the face.  Raab tosses the Sandtown Kid aside, grabbing hold of the middle rope and climbing to the apron in a single step.  Raabs stands on the apron, delivering a clubbing hammer fist over the back of Steel's head, knocking him roughly to the mat.  Prydor jacks Raab across the jaw, rocking him with a powerful right hand.  Raab clutches the top rope, refusing to fall, and Prydor lays in closer, hammering away with a series of stiff, boxing style body shots.

Terra Skye: This thing is entirely out of control. Prydor and Raab are picking up where they left off, there are now weapons involved...

Johnny Vegas: Well we don't have a damn referee!

Ray Payne: Jeff is hurteds, yo.

Johnny Vegas: And whose fault is that?

Terra Skye: Take your pick.

Zodiac raises the steel chair, cracking it down over Steel's back, battering him against the canvas in a disgusting display of poor sportsmanship.  Prydor rocks Raab with a European uppercut, and Raab teeters on the apron, looking for a brief moment as though he may fall, only for Crucifix to smash Prydor in the back of the head with a superkick, cutting short his assault.  Raab takes hold of Prydor, turning him around, and then hikes him up with a German suplex that lifts Prydor over the top rope as Raab topples backwards to bring Prydor headfirst to the exposed cement on the outside, a twelve foot drop.  The Sandtown Kid slides underneath Raab before impact, cutting him off with a double-knee backbreaker which stops Raab's decent short, Prydor's head bobbing harmlessly a few inches shy of the ground in a miraculous last second save.  Raab doesn't stay down long, raising back to his feet in an almost supernatural manner and throwing a thundering right hand at the Sandtown Kid.  The Sandtown Kid ducks and weaves, dipping in close and shouldering into Raab as if to lift him into a samoan drop, but Raab is simply too big and the young rookie is incapable of lifting him.  Raab batters the Sandtown Kid over the back with a double axe-handle, driving him back to the ground.  Crucifix pulls Steel back to his feet, swinging him around for an irish whip while Zodiac brandishes the chair in 'Batter Up' position.  Crucifix whips Steel forward and Zodiac swings, but Steel steps to Zodiac's knee and drives a knee into the chair with a shining wizard, slamming Zodiac's chair back into his own face, then springboarding backward off of Zodiac and taking Crucifix down with a cross body block.  With Steel covering Crucifix, a still-dazed Ref Jeff lifts a hand, making an extremely slow three count.



THR- Raab grabs Ref Jeff by the ankle, pulling him out of the ring and sending him crashing to the floor and bouncing against the security railing, dropping into a crumpled heap.

Terra Skye: Oh come the fuck on!

Ray Payne: Mistah Steely was gon ta wins, yo!

Johnny Vegas: Would you like to explain to Raab that he can't do that?

Ray Payne: Mebbies Mistah Boy can.


Ray Payne: No no, Mistah Robbie.


The Sandtown Kid leaps onto Raab from behind, grabbing him by the back of the mask and bulldogging him forward, bringing Raab's face down over the top of the security railing, while Prydor circles the ring to the steps and makes his way back inside in time to cut off Zodiac who is approaching Trent Steel from behind with the chair. 'Midlife Crisis' by Disturbed begins chiming through over the PA, and Amber Ryan and Jack Michaels appear on the stage to a rousing chorus of boos, making their way down towards the ring at a jogging pace.


Terra Skye: Sure, why the fuck not. Bring out everyone else.

Johnny Vegas: Show's over! No more match! Let's get the fuck out of here!

Terra Skye: Oh no, you're not leaving us out here with this mess.

Ray Payne: Yeahs. Sit down, Mistah Jonnies...

Prydor grabs Zodiac from behind, sweeping his legs out and pulling him into a wheelbarrow clutch, causing Zodiac to drop the chair.  Prydor hikes Zodiac up with the wheelbarrow slam, and Steel joins in, grabbing hold of Zodiac's head and bringing him face first into the chair with a facebuster, splitting Zodiac wide open.  Ryan and Michaels each grab Prydor by an arm, sending him slamming into the corner with a whiplash two-man irish whip.  Ryan follows up with a running bicycle kick, smashing one foot into his midsection and the other into his face before passing over him and taking her perch on the top turnbuckle.  Michael flips Steel over with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Ryan leaping from the top with a somersault axe-kick that clips Steel's head just as his back makes impact with Michaels' knee, snapping him backward violently.  Prydor staggers out of the corner and throws a shot at Michaels to make a save, but Michaels blocks the punch, toe kicking Prydor in the midsection.  Michaels gutwrenches Prydor up overhead with an impressive powerbomb, and Ryan claps onto Prydor's back at the peak of the arc so Michaels slams Prydor down into a double knee backbreaker from Ryan.  The Sandtown Kid scrambles onto the apron, but Lord Raab reaches up, grabbing STK by the shoulder while Raab is still only standing on the outside, plucking him down from the apron and throwing him back to the concrete with a gorilla press slam. 'Mz Hyde' by Halestorm fires up over the PA and Kyra Mohr bursts through the curtains at a sprint, Referee White Rey following close behind, looking over the scene with disapproval.

Kyra Mohr

Terra Skye: Well finally, another referee. Thank goodness for Kyra.

Johnny Vegas: At least someone's doing something. These fucks don't care.

Ray Payne: Who knows who is gonna wins now, yo.

Terra Skye: Well if White Rey can restore order, maybe we'll find out, Ray.

Raab bends over to drag the Sandtown Kid up again, and Mohr uses Raab's back as a springboard to run across him and then hurdle the top rope, entering the ring with a senton backsplash into Jack Michaels, sending him crashing into the ropes.  Ryan unleashes a spinning heel kick for Mohr's head, but Mohr ducks under, slipping through behind Ryan and then bringing her down with the Osaka street cutter.  Over It!  Ryan rolls under the bottom rope, slipping out of the ring, while Mohr smashes into Michaels with a cross body block, flipping Michaels over the top rope and sending both of them spilling to the outside of the ring.  Referee Rey slides into the ring now with only the actual competitors, though with no real clue which member of CON is presently the legal man.  Zodiac pulls Steel up to his feet, Crucifix joining him as both men hook Steel up for a two man vertical suplex.  Referee Rey steps in threatening them, demanding one return to the apron, and the Creatures of Night hesitate for one moment too long, Trent Steel snapping backwards instead and delivering an implant ddt to both men at once.  Crucifix wobbles back to his feet while Steel rolls through, Steel hoisting him onto his shoulders and driving Crucifix hard into the turnbuckles with the Pittsburgh Nightmare, crumpling Crucifix into a heap.  Zodiac leaps onto Steel's back with a rear naked choke, strangling away, but Steel fishes back, taking Zodiac by the head and snapmaring him down over the discarded folding chair, bowing Zodiac up in pain.  Steel laces through Zodiac's legs with the X-Treme Prejudiced lock.  Jack Michaels slides halfway into the ring to make the save, but Will Prydor hooks him around the waist from behind, suplexing him backwards.  Amber Ryan grabs hold of the ropes to pull herself back in, but Kyra Mohr leapfrogs over Ryan's shoulders, landing on the apron and then mule kicking backward into Ryan's face.  Lord Raab climbs to the apron in a single step, but the Sandtown takes hold of him by the ankles, pulling his feet out from under him and clipping Raab's skull against the apron as Raab crashes to the floor.  Crucifix crawls towards Zodiac to help, but Zodiac's knee is already wrenched painfully in terrible direction, and he reluctantly begins tapping the canvas.


Terra Skye: Holy shit! Trent actually did it!

Johnny Vegas: Oh come the fuck on! That shouldn't count! Have you seen this mess?

Ray Payne: Yo, a win is a win, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Don't use my own stuff against me you fuck!

Terra Skye: Either way, Bridges' team will be fighting from underneath at Ultimate Carnage, which can't sit well with our President.

Kyra climbs into the ring, calling her teammates up by her side, while Bridges' crew backs away from the ring, gathering together towards the bottom of the ramp, Paragon and the Creatures of Night already having words, arguing back and forth while assigning blame.  Kyra Mohr, the Sandtown Kid, Trent Steel, and Will Prydor stand victorious against all odds, with the camera taking in a wide-angled shot for the big screen.

Terra Skye: Well, that's it for tonight, folks.  We'll see you at Ultimate Carna--

Ray Payne: Waits a minutes yo!  Luuks!

The commentary team and the crowd all divert their attention to the stage and Jason Bridges who is standing there, microphone in hand.  The crowd boos out, and Bridges sneers as he brings the mic to his lips.

Jason Bridges

Jason Bridges: So here we are, on the eve of the greatest Ultimate Carnage in the history of Carnage Wrestling and I.. on the eve of proving to not only the lot of you... but to your so-called savior, that there is no place here for any of you. 

He turns and begins pacing back and forth on the stage.

Jason Bridges: There's no place in the new age Carnage Wrestling for people like you, who believe that I'm here to do anything but take Carnage into the future, and into greater and greater profits and success.  And while my team didn't procure us the advantage leading into War Games... No matter.  Our opponents won't last for long, considering their esteemed leader hasn't yet found a fifth member for her team of misfits.

He laughs heartily while the crowd continues to boo him.

Johnny Vegas: I'm not sure why they're booing.  She really hasn't found a fifth.. and what she does have?  It's like she scraped the bottom of the barrel on talent. 

Terra Skye: You're gonna see. 

Johnny Vegas: See what?  See Kyra lose all hope?  Her pathetic band of losers face off ANOTHER handicapped match.  Yeah, I will.  And so will all of you.

Jason Bridges: It's a shame really that Kyra couldn't find another pitiful soul to--

Kyra Mohr: Aren't you tired of doing this?  This whole, come out.. talk a bunch of shit... and then I HAVE to come out to defend myself... Like we've been doing the same shit over the last month. 

Kyra crosses the ring, approaching the ropes, while Bridges' recruits fall further back, up the ramp, framing their boss's sides as a barricade of security.  The brunette looks around and raises her eyebrows as she pulls the mic back up to her mouth.

Kyra Mohr:  You could save yourself a bit of embarrassment and just come on down here now.  I've already had a match tonight; this will be the closest thing you get to a chance at survival.  But if you want to hide behind your security...

Jason Bridges: There's no need to have my security out here now, and I have nothing to prove to you, or to anyone else.  If you attack me now, you lose any right you'd earn to a match with me... And that's only IF you and your team would happen to beat mine at War Games. 

Kyra laughs.

Kyra Mohr: IF my team happens to beat yours, huh?  Look around.  I'm perfectly content to patiently await my chance to beat the piss out of you... because my team WILL win at War Games... Just like we did tonight.

Jason Bridges:  And that's why you aren't in charge around here anymore.  You have no business sense; you could never handle the numbers.  Perhaps one too many kicks to the head went and scrambled your brains, and maybe it happens that you never knew how to count to five in the first place.  Look around you.  You've had a bit of trouble finding people to rally to your cause.  I've had no such trouble.

Kyra nods her head.

Kyra Mohr: No, you haven't had much trouble finding people willing to fight for you... I'll give you that... but you assume too much, Jason.  I haven't had any trouble at all.  There are still people around here who hate you and what you're doing to this place.

Jason Bridges: Then why does your team only have four?

Kyra moves a step closer, a wide grin on her face as the crowd erupts in cheers.

Kyra Mohr: That's where you're wrong, sweetie.  My team has five...

Bridges shakes his head and looks confused as Kyra points behind him.  Bridges eyes widen as the crowds cheers drown out anything else, and the man turns around – coming face to face with Tweeder!!!!!!   Tweeder grins at Bridges, tugging at a cord and firing up a weedwhacker, brandishing it menacingly.


Terra Skye: HOLY SHIT!!!!

Tweeder smiles at Bridges, taking a step forward and staring down at him.  Bridges backpedals hurriedly, scrambling to place himself behind Raab, while the remainder of his team frames around him for protection, ushering Bridges backward and lifting him into the crowd.

Kyra Mohr: Hope you're ready for War... WE are.

The crowd cheers, and Tweeder advances, waving the whirring weedwhacker over his head as he approaches the ring, his teammates advancing towards the ropes to welcome him.  All but one.

Sandtown Kid:  What.  The.  Freaking.  Hell?

Kyra looks back at the Sandtown Kid, who is holding her discarded microphone, shaking his head in disbelief.

Sandtown Kid:  I didn't say anything when you brought that butt-trumpet on board.

The Sandtown Kid motions towards Steel.

Sandtown Kid:  And then, I kept my mouth shut when you invited the 'technical prowess' ballerina.

He motions similarly dismissively towards Prydor.

Sandtown Kid:  I took it, 'cause even though those guys are a part of the problem, they aren't actually the cause of it.  But, if you think I am ever climbing into a ring with mother-loving Tweever, then clearly you're not as smart as either of us thought.

Tweeder rolls into the ring under the bottom rope, advancing towards the Sandtown Kid while their team watches on tensely.  Then Tweeder lowers the weedwhacker and extends a hand to shake.  Sandtown Kid only glowers at him.  Tweeder leans forward, whispering to the Sandtown Kid, his voice faintly caught over STK's microphone.

Tweeder:  As I recall it, you still owe me a favor.

The Sandtown Kid shakes his head, backing away, then rolling under the bottom ropes and hopping the security railing, leaving his team behind in the ring without him.

  • Pre-Show: No I In Team - Caleb/Jay
  • Pre-Show: A Gift - Tweed
  • Opening - Joe
  • Creative Manipulation - Dustin
  • Jack Michaels vs. The Avenger - Joe
  • Finally...A Response - Melody/Amy Jo
  • Kyra Mohr vs. Will Prydor - Duane/Barbie
  • Rogues Reunite For The Last Time? - Joe/Jay
  • Trent Steel & The Sandtown Kid vs. Brian Crucifix & Robert Zodiac - Caleb
  • Post-Match Shenanigans - Barbie/Caleb
  • Judges - Barbie