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Chaos 41 Live! Results
« on: September 06, 2017, 01:43:24 AM »
Pre-Show: Fuck A Doctor's Note

Harry Hampton is seen sitting up in the medical office, wearing a neck brace and bandages on his forehead. He has a face of disappointment, as the doctor comes in.

Harry Hampton

Doctor: Hello Mr. Hampton... I'm Doctor Garcia... How are you today?

Harry Hampton: Me? Aam feckin' peachy

The doctor nods understanding his frustration.

Doctor Garcia: Well the good news is there are no fractures or anything broken... bad news is you have a mild concussion. I'd say take a month or two off before getting back in the ring.

Hampton looks bewildered at this and shakes his head holding his head in pain.

Harry Hampton: Nae... abso-fucking-lutely nae. Scott Grayse is gonnae gie his tonecht aam gonnae demain a match wi' heem. I'll be damned if Ah lit heem gettae France wi' thes.

Hampton starts to get up as the doctor puts a hand on his shoulder.

Doctor Garcia: Mr. Hampton... I wouldn't be doing my job if I let you go out and risk further injury. Just take at least a month off and come see me then. I assure you I want to see you get back in there as badly as you want to, but I can't let you do this.

Harry Hampton: Buck aff

Just then Terra Skye comes in quietly and Harry Hampton looks at her surprised.

Terra Skye

Terra Skye: Look Harry... At Chaos 40... what happened was not right... and I know how bad you want to get back at him... but please... listen to the doctor. Just stay home and rest... Come back when you're healed... please... For me?

Harry Hampton looks at her for a moment before walking up to her.

Harry Hampton: Terra... Ah cannae dae 'at... nae e'en fur ye.

She looks at him with a mix of awe and concern as Hampton leaves the office without another word.

Exclusively on the
September 4, 2017
The Carnage Arena - Baltimore, Maryland



Terrra Skye, Johnny Vegas & Ray Payne

Time Keeper:


Ring Announcer:

Kelly Carmichael


White Rey, Ed Hawkersby, Ref Jeff & Silent Cal

"Uprising" by Muse kicks in and the Carnage Legion is on their feet, excited for another night of action. Johnny Vegas, Boy and Ray Payne are all in their usual spots, with Terra Skye rushing down to the ring to join them. Vegas has a sly look on his face as he begins pouring a brown liquor into a shot glass.

Terra Skye: Don't even give me that look, Vegas.

Johnny Vegas: Who, me? What look?

Ray Payne: Is Mistah Harries okay?

Terra Skye: He's being stubborn and refusing to listen to his doctor, but that's his decision.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, because, you know, it's not like you two are DATING or anything.

Terra Skye: That's exactly right. We're not.

Johnny Vegas: Sure,  you just went into the ring two weeks ago for a random stranger.

Terra Skye: Look, Harry's....nice. And he didn't deserve what Scott Grayse did.

Ray Payne: I dink so too Missus Terra.

Terra Skye: Thanks, Ray.


Terra Skye: And thank you, Boy...I guess. Anyway, we should probably get started with the show, right?

Johnny Vegas: Whatever.

Ray Payne: Mistah Boy is rasslin tonite, yo!


Johnny Vegas: Joy. Rapture. What a tremendous waste of time.

Terra Skye: Plus we have that huge tag match in our main event. JC and CJ Wylde, of all people, teaming against Redemption and his...

Johnny Vegas: I'll finish, his LACKEY, Trent Steel! It's wonderful!

Ray Payne: Dat should be a tough fights, yo.

Terra Skye: And we're opening with a tag team match too, so let's get right to it!

Match One: The Matthew Boys vs. The Masked Debaters

Psychostick's "Beer is Good" begins to play as Johnny Love walks out posing. Garbage Fence comes out as well, doing similar poses.

The Masked Debaters

Kelly Carmichael: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, the team of Johnny Love and Garbage Fence, THE MAAAAAAASKED DEBAAAAAATERS!

Terra Skye: These two guys have been making a lot more appearances lately.

Johnny Vegas: And the fat one...beat...Trent...Steel! AHAHAHHAHHA!!!

Ray Payne: You're gonna keep on dat Johnny and Mr Steely is gonna come down here.


Johnny Vegas:...Hah!

"Help!" by The Beatles hits the PA System and out comes the Matthew Boys, Jakob and Larkyn. They smile as they place their hands flat atop each other and bow their heads. They then release and raise their arms in victory.

The Matthew Boys

Kelly Carmichael: And their opponents, from Wichita, Kansas, coming in at a total combined weight of 378 pounds...Jakob and Larkyn...THE MATTHEEEEWWWW BOOOOOOOOYSS!

They run toward the ring and slide in under the ropes, hitting adjacent turnbuckles and surveying the crowd. They make their way back to the center of the ring and once again place their hands on top of each other in the ring for one last time and 'break' as the music dies down.

Terra Skye: These two have a pedigree of wrestling being the sons of WARPED promoter Joey Matthew.

Ray Payne: Second Generations at der finest.

Johnny Vegas: I just wish they'd take a second to find a decent entrance song. I'm a Stones guy. This shit sucks.


Johnny Vegas: Kiss. My. Ass!

The bell rings and Ed Hawkersby signals the match to start. Johnny Love and Jakob Matthew start off. Love starts off by going to a lock up with Jakob and Jakob wins the power battle by shoving Love down to the mat. Love shakes his head for a moment and gets up. He heads over to tag in Garbage Fence but instead gets hit with a dropkick to the back of the head! Jakob gets up and hits a brainbuster on Love! Jakob then walks over and tags in Larkyn. Larkyn does a little shimmy dance up the turnbuckle post and leaps off hitting a moonsault variation on Love!

Terra Skye: Well we can tell who has the charisma on this team.

Ray Payne: Dat might cost him doh.

Johnny Vegas: Psh. Doesn't matter. They can't hold a candle to my boys.

Boy: Elton John is Bae!

Johnny Vegas: ...

Ray Payne: Hold me closer tiny danceeeerrr...

Johnny Vegas: I'll kill you all!

Larkyn gets up and stands over Love's face, shakes his ass to the side a few times with his arms up, then hits the ropes and stops as he reaches the downed Johnny Love. He turns and 'twerks' over Love's face before executing an elbow drop.

Terra Skye: ...

Ray Payne: ...

Johnny Vegas: I finally found a tag team I dislike more than The Rogues.


Larkyn gets up and grabs Love and tosses him into his own turnbuckle. Love is a few feet from Garbage Fence who holds out his hand to shakes tag in! The fans react mixed to Garbage Fence wanting to actively fight. Still high off of his win against Trent Steel Garbage Fence poses and points to Larkyn who just starts laughing at the big guy only to get taken down by a punch to the face! Larkyn lands in his corner and tag in Jakob and both guys start beating the hell out of Garbage Fence and Love in an all out brawl!

Terra Skye: It's mayhem in there!

Ray Payne: Mayhem sounds like a good pay per view name later on down da line.

Johnny Vegas: Come on Fence! Tag Love so you don't lose your streak!

Boy: Streak?

Johnny Vegas: If your pants come off I swear to God...

Ray Payne: Boggie der boggie der...

Johnny Vegas: I loathe you...

Jakob and Larkyn grab Love and place him in their corner much to Hawkersby's plight. Jakob picks up Love into a Tombstone Piledriver position. Larkyn leaps up and hits a springboard moonsualt off of the top rope and flies over both men. He grabs ahold of Love's legs as Jakob slams him down into t he piledriver giving his brother and assist!

Terra Skye: Legacy Driver!

Jakob gets up and grabs Garbage Fence and hoists the huge buy up into a powerbomb position as Larkyn heads back up top and springboards off the top from from the apron into a somersault. They hit a blockbusting neckbreaker and powerbomb combo onto Garbage Fence! Jakob covers Garbage Fence and Larkyn puts his foot on Love's chest for a cocky pin.




Kelly Carmichael: Here are your winners...Jakob and Larkyn...The Matthew Boys!

Terra Skye: A great match for The Matthew Boys and these fans love them!

Johnny Vegas: The fans have bad taste...they're from Baltimore.

Ray Payne: Aw now don't be mean live in Baltimore too.

Johnny Vegas: I commute thank you.


Against Doctor's Orders

The Carnagetron statics as the lights dim down, suddenly a countdown is shown on the tron.


Hae a guid day!

After Hampton's voice booms through the arena, The lights cut off as "Final Countdown" plays. A single spotlight hits the stage as Harry Hampton stands in it his back to the audience. Wearing a leather jacket with the name Hampton on the back, An image of a lock hanging from the 'O'. He turns around holding his arms wide with thumbs up then he turns them down as fireworks go off behind him. He makes his way down the ring high fiving fans taking off his shades and putting them on one of the fans. He slides under the ring getting on his knees and extends his arms again as fans throw mini Scottish Flags into the ring.

The fans notice a head wrap bandage on their favorite Scotsman as he grabs a microphone and leans against the ropes scratching his chin.

Harry Hampton

Harry Hampton: Loon diz it feel guid tae hear yer brammer voices again. an' it also feels guid tae be able tae eat a big mac Ah steid ay 'at mingin' hospital scran.

He says this as he wipes some big Mac sauce off of his mouth.

Harry Hampton: But oan tae th' matter at hain... lest week ye bonnie fowk got tae see a stellar fatal fower way match tae determine th' number a body contender fur th' baltimair city championship...

Fans cheer at the mention of the match and a loud Harry chant erupts.

Harry Hampton: Yer words ur kin' but Ah didne win th' match... Rey Lobo did.

He chuckles as a pop for Lobo is heard now. Harry Hampton boss encouraging the fans to keep up the noise level.

Harry Hampton: An' Ah cannae say th' cheil doesnae deserve it... cuz laird knows he diz... an' Rey if ye beat Aries fur it... Ah expect tae be th' next in line tae coopon ye fur it...

Fans again cheer at the thought of those two facing off in one on one competition.

Harry Hampton: Noo... th' problem Ah hae isnae wi' rey... it's wi' 'at feckin' piece ay trash haggis Grayse... Carnage is a place foo ay violent individuals... an' Ah am okay wi' 'at... whit Ah am nae okay wi' it th' hoddin shot 'at th' camel blower took against me...

A clip on the tron shows Grayse cracking Hampton in the face with the hammer after the match which receives a large chorus of boos from the fans.

Harry Hampton: Ah ken... an' coz ay heem... th' doctors say Ah hae a mild concussion... an' hae advised me tae tak' at leest a month aff frae wrestlin'...

Another sea of boos comes from the fans realizing that Harry may not be able to compete.

Harry Hampton: An' Ah pure shoods listen tae th' doctur... but aam Harry freakin' Hampton! an' Ah will be damned if Ah lit anither cheil teel me whit Ah can an' cannae dae! sae Ah cam it haur tae say Grayse... yoo've bin pit oan notice! next shaw ye an' me a body oan a body! Buck waitin' until a paper-view... Buck waitin' fur medical clearance... an' Buck ye! hae a guid day!

Hampton drops the mic as the fans erupt at the challenge, Harry looks over to a concerned looking Terra Skye and shrugs as he rolls out of the ring his music playing as he exits.

Match Two: The Golden Dragon vs. Candyman

Johnny Vegas: Well, Terra, looks like your boyfriend didn't listen to you after all!

Terra Skye: Harry's know what, forget it. He's an adult, he knows what he's doing.

Ray Payne: I hopes Mistah Harries doesn't get hurteds again, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Someone should probably make sure there are no hammers around if he finds Grayse.

Terra Skye: That's not really funny, Vegas.

As the music begins to play, the lights lower and a hauntingly pretty voice repeats:

The lights go dead out, and the final recital is an over the top excited shout.

The lights flip on and he is standing in the ring, long dirty looking overcoat with a furry collar on, wearing a ripped t-shirt over very expensive looking tailored pinstripe pants. He pulls a big glass Mason jar out of one of the overcoat's pockets and shakes it menacingly.


Kelly Carmichael: This match is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Cabrini Green, Chicago, Illinois.. via the other side of the mirror...this is CANDYMAN!

Terra Skye: I don't know about you two but I'm excited to see this Shinjiro Yamamoto in action.

Ray Payne: Yeah dis is going to be a pretty good fight. 'sepcially if Candyman is on his Eh Game.

Johnny Vegas: I look forward to this Ham Tomato guy to.


As the slow guitar rifts begin gold lights begin to flash slowly throughout the dark arena. As the rifts grow so does the speed of the flashing as red flashed now joins the gold flashes. As the rifts reach a climax the flashes stop and a bright golden light shines at the top of the entrance way where we now see "The Golden Dragon" Shinjiro Yamamoto standing.

Shinjiro Yamamoto

Kelly Carmichael: And his opponent, from Tokyo, Japan...weighing in at two hundred and thirty-three pounds. He is The GOLDEN DRAGON, SHINJIROOOOOOOO YAMAMOOOOOOOTOOOOOOOOOO!!!

He poses with his arms spread out wide to the sounds of cheers form the crowd. Shinjiro then makes his way down the isle slapping hands with the fans. Once he is at ring side he makes a standing jump and lands on the ring apron and then sprints to the corner where he climbs the turnbuckle and hits his pose again as the fans continue to cheer. He then hops into the ring and goes to each corner posing for the fans to the sounds of cheering.

Terra Skye: Well these fans are certainly on their feet for Shinjiro.

Ray Payne: Dey hyped up for surez.

Johnny Vegas: I'm sure Hamtaro will do well as long as he quits playing to these idiots.


Ray Payne: Eh! I got dat one!

Johnny Vegas: You also have chlamydia but you don't see anyone bragging about it.

Ray Payne: No dat'd be you Johnny.

The bell rings and referee White Rey signals the two wrestlers to being. Golden Dragon walks over and extends his hand to Candyman who responds by hitting Dragon with a thumb to the eye. Candyman goes to the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Dragon leaps up and hits him hard with a dropkick! Dragon runs to the ropes and keeps bouncing back and forth until Candyman gets up only to take the man back down to the mat with a running knee strike to the face!

Terra Skye: Candyman went for a dirty trick and paid for it.

Ray Payne: Dis kid is fast.

Johnny Vegas: So was your mom before The Great Depression I hear.


Johnny Vegas: He's starting to make sense again.

Ray Payne: So did yer mom during da Great Depression.


Golden Dragon, feeling the hype from this excellent crowd, heads up to the top of the ropes and hits a Top Rope Senton onto the downed Candyman.

Terra Skye: He calls that move "Oh No Godzilla!".

Ray Payne: I tink I saw dat movie.

Johnny Vegas: It was a film about a giant scaley beast...or as I call it the Kyra Mohr story.

Boy: Creature from the chocolate lagoon!

Candyman rolls out of the ring after taking that top rope senton and tries to catch his breath, but that won't stop Golden Dragon who leaps over the ropes hitting a spring board shooting star press! Candyman is down and out as White Rey starts his count.






By that point Golden Dragon is up and tosses Candyman back into the ring. He starts clapping his hands and the fans respond.

Terra Skye: He's really got the fans on his side guys!

Ray Payne: Looks like he's got a big fan.

We cut to Boy trying to clap in time with the crowd.

Johnny Vegas:...It's like a white guy at a club. Offbeat and odd.

Golden Dragon gets into the ring and waits for Candyman to get back up. He hits him with "Decapitation", a "Rain Maker Clothesline"!


Terra Skye: ...

Ray Payne: ...


Johnny Vegas: POT TO KETTLE!

Golden Dragon signals for the end as the crowd gets to their feet chanting "Dragon! Dragon! Dragon!" He rushes up and slams Candyman into "FLAMING DEATH!"

Ray Payne: Emerallldddd Fusssionnn!!

White Rey counts as Yamamoto makes quick work of Candyman and goes for the cover...




Terra Skye: What an impressive win and fanfare for Carnage's new international star.

Ray Payne: He's speed and power are quite an interesting mix for here dat's for sure.

Johnny Vegas: SHINJI!! Get in the fucking Eva!


Suddenly, the lights go out as Yamamoto is celebrating. When they come back on, a large masked man is in the ring, one that looks vaguely familiar to Carnage Wrestling fans.

Lord Raab

Terra Skye: Wait, I know who that is! That's Lord Raab! We haven't seen him since the Monarchy of Anarchy tournament!

Johnny Vegas: What the hell is that huge fucker doing back here?

Yamamoto looks back at Raab, who spots Candyman and grabs him by the throat! CHOKESLAM! Candyman hits the canvas hard and rolls out of the ring, before Raab turns his gaze to the new star Yamamoto.

Terra Skye: I think we have our answer.

Ray Payne: He's dere to beats people ups, yo!

Johnny Vegas: Well I'm all for that! Take out the other guy too, Raab!

Yamamoto isn't going to wait around to be assaulted, so he rushes forward and begins to pepper the much larger Masked German Monster with a series of slaps and shin kicks, but Raab doesn't seem fazed. If he is, he's not showing it. He grabs Yamamoto by the throat and attempts to chokeslam him as well, but The Golden Dragon slips behind. He grabs Raab's arms behind him and signals for a Dragon Slayer, apropos given the size of his opposition, but Raab wrenches his arm free and throws an elbow back to the side of Yamamoto's head. Raab spins around on his feet and kicks a large boot into the abdomen of Yamamoto, before hooking both arms, lifting him up with the double underhook brainbuster he calls the Killerbuster!

Terra Skye: Lord Raab just took out The Golden Dragon! But why? What's he after?

Johnny Vegas: Maybe he doesn't like the new guy taking a spot he thinks is his. Maybe he wanted to send a message.

Ray Payne: Mebbies he just likes hurtin peoples, yo.

Johnny Vegas: That too.

The lights turn out again and when they switch back on, Raab is gone, leaving the bodies of Candyman and The Golden Dragon in his wake. Candyman hasn't stirred much, but Dragon can be seen trying to pull himself up with the ropes as EMTS rush out to check on him, swearing in his native Japanese, possibly vowing vengeance.

A Surprise For Ram

Just when we thought this version of Carnage couldn't have been more interesting, we go to a live feed of the strangely inadequate and up and coming CW star Ram Vulture sitting in the locker room hallway outside the dressing room door of the woman he competed against on the last edition of Chaos. The camera finds Ram sitting with his legs comfortably spread in front of Charity Jones locker room singing a far out of pitch and nowhere near catchy tune that he seems to have made up on the fly.

Ram Vulture

Ram Vulture: Charity, oh Charity, please forgive me for kicking your derrierity! You are so pretty, you are so fine, if only you could be mine!

Despite his horrendous efforts of trying to woo the athlete he faced off against previously, he gets no response. Ram bequeathes a large sigh and cups his chin into his hands in dismay.

Ram Vulture: I just don't understand it. Did I forget to wear my deodorant in our faceoff? Perhaps it was the choice of cologne? Charity I feel like we just got off on a bad start, all those things I said before our match, I did mean it! I just want us to remain friends and keep a good chemistry on a professional level. We had to fight, it's in our contracts! I had no choice but to face you. We could forget it happened and just watch some Stranger Things! We don't even have to keep the lights on! Donating my time to Charity is all I've ever wanted!

He still of course gets zero response. Perhaps he can develop a new meaning behind the word, pathetic, something much more humiliating and more somber sounding.

Ram Vulture: I dropped everything to move out here in Maryland and join the C Dub Club, and now I just feel like the uncool cat that got kicked out of the Carnage treehouse. I was just maybe hoping after meeting you I could be so cool like everyone else, we could rise up together as the fierce duo of CW. But I didn't even get a match this show. You and me, we met on difficult terms Charity Bones, and now that our match is over and done with, we can get passed that and still be cool as one chill unit you know? Win all the matches together! And talk about our days and cook and clean and stuff too after each of our matches going forward! It'll be so cool right!?

Nothing, not even a noise behind Charity's door in response to Ram's pleading.

Ram Vulture: Yeah...maybe not. We could do other things if you want, something else maybe?

The question is not answered.

Ram Vulture: Huh? What was that? Did you say something?

He turns around and faces the door and places a hand upon it leaning an ear into it, but hears nothing.

Ram Vulture: Oh, okay then.

He goes back to moping and sitting with his back against the door and sobs his head. He doesn't even seem to make note of the camera in front of him recording all of this. But something causes him to draw his attention off of Charity's silent treatment as foot steps sound making their way towards Ram. He tilts his head up and his eyes beam with envy at two figures that now approach him, the camera doesn't catch them on film, just Ram sitting and his beaming reaction to this sudden presence.

Ram Vulture: You....You two are...I know you! I've seen you guys fight and totally kill it in that ring when I watched some Carnage tapings back in California! You guys are legends!

Voice 1: We need to talk kid.

Ram was too busy reveling in the moment to give a prompt response.

Voice 2: I think you broke the poor guy buddy.

Voice 1: ME?! Look at you, you're the giant in the room, quit eye balling him you fat f*ck. You're the one scaring him! I'm David, you're Goliath, and this kid, well, he's gonna be the rock in the slingshot for us pal.

Ram finally manages to muster some words.

Ram Vulture: What? Wow! I get to be The Rock!?

Voice 2: Eh....he needs work doesn't he? Do we even have time to get him into Carnage title shape?

Ram Vulture: What? Carnation shapes? Me? Oh goodness!

There is a quiet for a few seconds but eventually a confirmation is given, that Ram's career in Carnage Wrestling was going to be taken in a very different direction.

Voice 1: We will make time. Kid, your life....starts now. Your career? It starts here. That anonymous guy that called you to join the Carnage ranks? You're lookin at him. I've seen what you can do, and I want to see that here in Carnage. Follow us, we got a lot of work to do.

Ram couldn't believe what he was hearing, he was going to be taken under the wing of true greatness!

Ram Vulture: That call, was YOU? I would never have knew it! I'm ready to get a make-her-over! Let's do this!

He gets up from his mopey state and says a quick goodbye to Charity through her door before he leaves.

Ram Vulture: Bye Charity, I WILL come back for you!

He kisses the door and turns to his two new friends and longtime Carnage Wrestling veterans....The camera zooms out to reveal more of the scene, and we reveal the once legendary team of-



Ray Payne: YEAHZ! Stink is back yo! STINKY AND NACHOS!

Terra Skye: Things just reached a whole new What The Flying Fuck level boys.

Ram, with a big poo eating grin on his face, begins walking through the locker room area and towards the arena exit with his new friends. Now, he won't be so afraid to find his place in the Carnage ranks any longer. It was the start of....well....something. The camera does a slow fade, and this cliffhanger ends with so many future questions to follow.

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Re: Chaos 41 Live! Results
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2017, 02:08:23 AM »
Match Three: Amy Jo Smyth vs. Justin Jones

Johnny Vegas: So Avenger comes back at the last show, fuckin' Sinc Mercier is back for some reason and now what? What else can make my life go wrong?

Terra Skye: Did you ever think that maybe the universe doesn't revolve around you?

Johnny Vegas: That's bullshit and you know it!

Ray Payne: Mebbies we should..


Boy: The Last Temptation Of Christ tonight. Fill Dylan's grave with the rind.

Ray Payne: Not yet Mistah Boy. You gotta wait until after dis match first.

Terra Skye: Let's hope Johnny doesn't have a coronary before then.

Johnny Vegas: I bet you'd fucking love that, wouldn't you?

"Evil Ways" by Blue Saraceno hits the pa system as the lights goes out as Justin and Traci Jones comes walking out with the fans booing.

Justin Jones

Kelly Carmichael: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada...weighing in at 228 pounds...JUSTINNNNNNN JOOOOOOONNNNNES!

Justin is wearing his black hoodie with the hood up as the red spotlight follows them down to the ring. Justin doesn't even pay attention to the fans as he just slides in the ring and gets up. Walks around to the turnbuckle and sits in the corner.

Terra Skye: We actually received word earlier today that Justin Jones is leaving Carnage Wrestling. He's only here to do this match because of a contractual obligation.

Johnny Vegas: If he doesn't like Carnage then fuck him!

Ray Payne: Dat's not nice, mebbies he had another reason...

Johnny Vegas: FUCK HIM!

Terra Skye: It would be a shame for him to possibly get a win tonight just to leave, but he has some tough competition.

The lights suddenly drop to nothing, plunging the entire arena into pure darkness. “Shoot to Thrill” by Halestorm starts slowly but the arena still remains dark. A single spotlight lands on the entranceway, falling on Amy Jo Smyth in a golden hood. She slowly lifts her arm, showing off a metallic gold elbow sleeve that covers her elbow, and raises a clenched fist into the air. The lights pop back on and Smyth spins around on her toes to face the crowd, glitter cannon in hand. She wears brand new ring gear, including matching metallic gold elbow sleeves, black and gold boots that match knee pads, all of it offset by a long, hooded cape made of that same metallic gold.

Amy Jo Smyth

I got my gun at the ready gonna fire at will
‘Cause I shoot to thrill and I’m ready to kill
I can’t get enough and I can’t get my fill
Shoot to thrill play to kill
Pull the trigger, pull it
Pull it, pull it
Pull the trigger

The Good Doctor aims the cannon upward and pulls the trigger. Large pieces of golden glitter shoot into the air and rain down over the crowd. She moves to her left and fires off another round.

Kelly Carmichael: And his opponent, hailing from Dirty Jersey, weighing in at 160-pounds…She is the Good Doctor… AMY JOOOOOOOO SMMMMYYYYYYYTH!!!

Smyth hands the cannon off to the nearest person who has been waiting in the wings and opens the cape to expose her black t-shirt that reads, “Rise Up!” in golden letters. She slowly makes her way down the ramp as golden lights flash around her, giving the occasional fist bump, and stops just before the ring. After a quick moment of listening to the crowd, she rushes forward, slides into the ring, and stands. She throws down her hood and glares at Roberts more before jumping up on the turnbuckle. She throws up a fist, leaps down, slides out of her robe, gently folding it up, and passess it off to the ringside staff. She throws up another fist and turns to expose the back of her sleeveless t-shirt, it reads, “WITH FISTS!” in that same gold lettering.

Terra Skye: Amy Jo Smyth came up short in her match against The Sandtown Kid at We Are Relentless but...

Johnny Vegas: She should be ashamed! We finally had the chance to take the belt off that little fucker and she ruined it!

Terra Skye: We? What exactly were you doing?

Ray Payne: He was bein means and shouting bad stuffs, yo.

Johnny Vegas: I was moral support!

Terra Skye: Anyway, she has the chance to rebound tonight and put herself back in title contention.

Johnny Vegas: She came close last time...maybe she should just keep fighting Brillo Pad until he dies. Or just shoot him.

Ray Payne: We don't want Mistah Silvers to die, yo!

Johnny Vegas: Who's "we"?

Amy Jo Smyth actually offers a handshake to Jones, but Jones outright refuses it, to boos from the crowd. The two lock up and Jones uses his weight advantage and upper body strength to back AJS into the corner. White Rey slips in and forces the break. When Jones doesn't, he begins to administer a standard count. Jones then immediately lets go and slaps Amy Jo right in the face! He backs away laughing as the crowd boos the jerk move, while Amy gets irritated and charges forward, ducking a right hand from Jones, then leaps onto the middle rope. She springboards off and turns her body around in mid-air, connecting with a superman punch to the jaw! Jones takes the full blow of the strike and staggers backward. AJS presses forward and hits a fancy cartwheel kick, hitting him in the cheekbone and causing him to fall through the ropes to the outside.

Terra Skye: Jones with the blatant disrespect early on and Amy Jo's making him pay for it!

Johnny Vegas: You'd think a guy like that would know better to anger someone who came within an eyelash of being Ultraviolent champion.

Ray Payne: Dat's pretteh insightful, Mistah Jonnies.

Terra Skye: Did they give you non-alcoholic beer by mistake?

Johnny Vegas: Damn it! I do actually know wrestling!

Terra Skye: Could've fooled me.




Amy Jo slides under the bottom rope to press the advantage. She grabs Jones and picks him up, pulling him into a knee to the abdomen.



She then whips him into the nearest turnbuckle so he smacks face first, but doesn't let go of his arm. Instead, she pulls him back into a knee to the back, then rolls the weakened Jones into the ring.

Terra Skye: Damn, Amy Jo is not playing around with her opponent tonight!

Ray Payne: She gots a point to proof, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Maybe if she did this at WAR, fucking STK wouldn't still be a champion.

Terra Skye: Bitter much?

Johnny Vegas: YES.

Amy Jo joins Jones in the ring, then stalks him as he tries to stand. She takes a few steps back and as Jones pushes himself up, she leaps up with the Five-O jumping high knee, connecting with the chin of her opponent! Jones mouth clamps shut and he bites his lip due to the force of the blow with blood streaming down his chin. He collapses to the mat and Smyth falls into a cover. White Rey counts!



THR--NO! Jones actually gets the shoulder up!

Terra Skye: Jones managed to kick out but AJS hit him so hard he almost bit his lip off!

Johnny Vegas: Accidentally or not, we got some GORE and I'm excited!

Ray Payne: Is just a lil blood Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: I'll take what I can get!

AJS moves off of Jones and gets to her feet, perhaps getting ready to hit one of her many finishers. She reaches down to grab Jones, but he moves his hand up and gets a thumb to the eye! Smyth takes a step back with her vision blurred, and Jones pulls himself up and kicks her in the stomach. He pulls her forward, into positon for the Jones' Effect! He hooks both arms and is ready to hit it, but AJS pushes him backward into the turnbuckle. Jones begins to hammer blows onto her back, knocking her down to her hand and knees. He steps off her back and takes a few steps to the middle of the ring to get some space and attempts a superkick with the left leg.

Terra Skye: It took a cheap shot to do it, but Jones trying to kick Amy Jo's head off now!

Johnny Vegas: It's not how you get it done, just that you get it done.

Terra Skye: It would be very pathetic if the only thing Jones could muster is a thumb to the eye to get a win.

Ray Payne: He goins for a supahkick now, Missus Terra.

As Jones attempts the superkick, Amy Jo ducks it, but grabs onto the leg, catching it next to her head! With Jones' left knee over her left shoulder, she drops down to her knees, using her shoulder to hit a kneebreaker! Jones cries out in pain and hops on one leg as he backs out of her grasp, and Smyth smiles.

Terra Skye: I've actually got it in my notes that Jones has a bad left leg, and it looks like Amy Jo scouted her opponent!

Johnny Vegas: The fuck is she doing thinking?

Terra Skye: Is that a sexist thing or...

Johnny Vegas: YES!

Ray Payne: Dat's not nice at all Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: I don't care! She lost the right for me to be nice when STK retained his title!

Terra Skye: One loss doesn't automatically make someone bad in the ring, Vegas.

Johnny Vegas: It does if they disappoint me!

Amy Jo grabs the hand of Jones and pulls him forward into a headlock, then springboards off the turnbuckle behind her, spinning around with the Code 28 Tornado DDT! She quickly picks up Jones' head and locks on Eat Me Out, her version of a Triangle Choke! Jones has absolutely nowhere to go, and with the match never once going his way, he opts to tap out quickly.  White Rey jumps up and calls for the bell.

Kelly Carmichael: Here is your winner...AAAAAMMMYYYY JOOOOOOO SMMMMYYYYYYYYYTH!!

Terra Skye: Well that's an inauspicious way to end your career here in Carnage if you're Justin Jones.

Johnny Vegas: Guy got punked out and he tapped like a bitch.

Ray Payne: Missus Ames looked good, yo!

Terra Skye: Yes she did, and that was just the kind of win she needed to put the roster back on notice.

Amy Jo Smyth reaches through the ropes, asking for a microphone. She gets one and returns to the center of the ring. After taking a moment to catch her breath and listening to the crowd, she raises the microphone to her mouth. But then she stops before she even starts, looking down at the body of her opponent. She kicks him. In fact, she starts pushing him with her foot toward the apron. It only gets him so far.

Amy Jo Smyth: Can someone please remove this - this trash from the ring?

White Rey moves into position to help Jones out of the ring, giving the figurative spotlight to Amy Jo.

Amy Jo Smyth: Thank you.

Smyth goes silent again, basking in the sound of the crowd; a mixture of cheers and boos surround her.

Amy Jo Smyth: Okay, okay… I have something important I need to announce. Now, as I’m sure most of y’all know, Carnage works on a point system. When I came into this ring tonight, I had five points.

She holds up her open palm, showing five fingers.

Amy Jo Smyth: For those of you who are good at math, well, y’all already figured it out. With tonight's win that gives me six points. Six points enables me to cash me in for a super-duper awesome prize at the ticket counter and it ain’t a stuffed elephant.

The crowd makes a lot of noise and she waits it out.

Amy Jo Smyth: Though I highly doubt she’s here tonight, let me say this to her: consider yourself on notice, Ms. Ryan, because I’m cashing in. I’m coming for you and that title.

More noise from the crowd. She raises a fist into the air and chucks the microphone back to Kelly.

Terra Skye: Holy shit! That's one way to turn things around! AJS has been building her points up and now she's challenged the World champion!

Johnny Vegas: More than challenge her, she's cashed in her points. The champ doesn't really have a choice in this.

Terra Skye: I guess it'll be up to Jason Bridges when the match happens, but Amy Jo and Amber Ryan are going to have a rematch from Underground: Legacy!

Ray Payne: And dis time its for da World titles, yo.

Boy: I am a departing Boy, but this you already knew.

Terra Skye: That's right! Your match is next, Boy! You'd better get backstage and get ready!

Johnny Vegas: Who's going to ring the bell?

Voice: Hi guys.

Michael Maddox

Johnny Vegas: OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE

Does Ragnarok Accept?

In the ring stands a skinny young man holding a microphone.

Skinny Young Man: My name... is Steve Walters! And I am here to make a name for myself... so I am hereby answering Ragnarok's open challenge he made last show!

Fans boo and laugh at the string bean before the lights cut off... as they turn on Ragnarok stands in the corner his back turned to the young man. Who turns around slowly, his eyes wide with fear. He looks around unsure of what to do and charges at Raggy hitting him in the back with a forearm.

The Savior of Truth turns and tilts his head as if confused, then leaps up cracking Steve in the jaw with a knee, the impact echoing through the arena as fans cringe at the sound. Ragnarok picks the man up onto his shoulders and throws him forward bringing a knee up again striking him in the jaw, executing the Sudden Silence.

At this time a referee has arrived and counts the three pin as Ragnarok simply places his boot onto the kids chest. Ragnarok sits indian style now with a mic in his hand and raises it to where his mouth would be on the mask.

Ragnarok: Avenger.... I.... ACCEPT.

Ragnarok stands prepared to leave... then turns his attention to the young man helping him up. He grabs him by the face glaring into his eyes.

Ragnarok: GET OUT.

Raggy lifts him up onto his shoulders spinning him in an F-5 like maneuver but finishes him off with a Codebreaker.

The fans pop at the move as well as the anticipated Avenger vs Ragnarok.

Ragnarok looks around at the crowd and raises a finger to his mouth as all ragdolls in attendance follow suit - "SHHHHHHHHH."

Match Four: Boy vs. Brian Crucifix

Johnny Vegas: Hallelujah! Ragnarok is going to get rid of that green idiot once and for all! I might become a Ragdoll after this!

Terra Skye: Ragdolls are typically quiet, so I'm in favor of that decision.

Ray Payne: Din Mistah Jonnies won't talk no more, yo.

Johnny Vegas: I'll just cut a mouth hole in the mask. I'll need one to drink anyway.

Terra Skye: Can't even commit to a fan club right.

Johnny Vegas: I'm committed to my alcohol, what more do you want from me?

"Gone With You" by the Finnish rock band 'Am I Blood' begins it's thrum over the PA, and the curtains part for the towering figure of Boy.  Boy marches forward to the front of the stage and thrusts his fists up above his head, to the cheers of the Carnage Legion.  Close behind, Boy is followed by the tightly wound Sandtown Kid, slapping him on the back and urging him on. 

Boy (w/ The Sandtown Kid)

Johnny Vegas: Oh what the shit? That mop-headed asshole isn't supposed to be out here!

Terra Skye: That's true, actually. Tag partners were banned from ringside.

Johnny Vegas: And you see Robert Zodiac anywhere?

Ray Payne: I doan see Mistah Cruci anywhere edder, yo. He not out here yet.

Johnny Vegas: But at least CON will stick to the rules!

Terra Skye: When do the members of CON ever stick to the rules?

Johnny Vegas: UP!

The members of Die Tweever advance to ringside where Boy lifts the Sandtown Kid to the apron with one hand, and the Sandtown Kid responds by holding the ropes open for Boy.  Climbing inside the ropes, Die Tweever takes their positions, with the Sandtown Kid taking up a microphone.

Sandtown Kid:  Yeah.  Yeah.  I know.  I'm not allowed at ringside for the match.  But I've got a few things I at least got to get off my chest.

Boy:  Ragtown Skidz to for me.

Boy claps a fist over his chest, directly over his heart.

Sandtown Kid:  A year ago, my main man, Boy, took a stand.  Two psycho nutjobs were running around Carnage like they owned the place, messing with matches, attacking people for no reason, sticking their noses into everyone's business.  The whole roster of Carnage just sat around with their thumbs up their butts, pretending like it was okay.  But one man didn't.  One person showed what it meant to be a real man, a hero.  Boy stepped up and took a stand, and by doing that, he started a revolution.  People who believed in actual competition, in letting the best man win, in fighting their own fights, and win or lose, putting it all out there and leaving no regrets.

Boy:  Snowballs crashing into walls of Dylan's grapes.

Sandtown Kid:  Eventually, those guys hit the bricks.  But now we find ourselves invaded by a new generation of stupid butt-trumpets who can't seem to keep their noses out of other people's business.  People who want to interfere in something every night.  People who want to mess everything up, and screw the Carnage Legion out of a good show.  Punks like Brian Crucifix.  Punks like Robert Zodiac and Will Prydor!

A murmur of gasps and surprise is expressed by the crowd.

Sandtown Kid:  Those three dillholes have been messing up matches every night.  So I, for one, am glad that the dude who's not Kyra totally fired Prydor.  He had that coming.  And I'm going to pry the tag titles off those other two morons, then he'll finally be able to fire them too.  We're cleaning house here, me and Boy.  We're bringing back Carnage, the way it was always supposed to be.

Boy:  Seven oranges after midnight!  Gold of patting hands, forever for Die Tweever!

Cheers return across the crowd.

Sandtown Kid:  Now I don't know why they thought they needed to ban me from ringside.  I'm not the one who has to interfere in everything.  I'm not like those other guys.  I'm the one that STOPS guys like that.  But if boss-man says that me and Zodiac can't be out here, and he doesn't bother mentioning jerkoffs like Ragnarok, then we all know this can't be a fair fight.  So if they've got more goons waiting in the wings, then we'll just have to find someone trustworthy too, someone to keep an eye on things and make sure everyone plays straight. 

"Hell Yeah" by Rev Theory plays and Megan Harris enters.

Megan Harris

Megan Harris:  Sandtown Kid, it would be my honor to keep an eye on things here tonight.  After all, for a long time now, I've already been watching you-  I mean, watching out for you.

The Sandtown Kid and Boy entirely miss her slip, applauding Harris as she approaches the ring.

Sandtown Kid:  There you have it.  I might not be here, but somebody will be looking out for my main man.  It's good to know there's somebody left here who still believes in trust and integrity.

Terra Skye: I don't know if you guys heard, but Silva just said that Die Tweever will be challenging C.O.N. for the tag team titles!

Johnny Vegas: I heard, and I'm pissed the fuck off. Is ruining one division not enough for him?

Ray Payne: I likes it. I dink Mistah Boy would be a great champeen!

Terra Skye: It would certainly be weird to see a member of our team with a belt.

Johnny Vegas: Well at least Megan Harris is back, that's some good news.

Terra Skye: I'm more shocked at Silva lumping in Will Prydor with the likes of CON. He was only out here to get revenge on Zodiac!

Ray Payne: Yah, Mistah Wills wasn't tryin' to hit Mistah Silvers, yo!

Johnny Vegas: Well, fatso did hit that little brat and he paid for it, because he doesn't have a job!

Terra Skye: I'd trust Will Prydor over Megan Harris, who has got into STK's head in the past.

Johnny Vegas: Oh no, I will not hear you talking shit about Megan! She is a classy and respectful gal!

Ray Payne: Mebbies she is just out here to watch Mistah Boy's back, yo.

Terra Skye: That is what the Sandtown Kid said, so maybe we should believe him.

Johnny Vegas: I like Megan but we didn't need her out here! I have it on good authority that Crucifix was going to come out alone!

The image of a blue mask appears on the tron as "Parade of The Dead" by Black Label Society begins to play over the sound system. A man in a hood walks out on the entrance ramp, looking down at the floor. He slowly raises his head to look to the ring before throwing back his hood to reveal a mask that resembles the one on screen. Crucifix throws the mask down on the ground before charging down to the ring.

Brian Crucifix

Kelly Carmichael: And Boy's opponent, from Charlotte, North Carolina and weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds...he is one half of the Carnage Wrestling tag team champions....BRRRIIIIIIAAAANNNN CRRRRUUUUUUUUUUCIIIFIIIIIIX!

He slides in under the bottom rope before walking to the side that would be to his right, and leaning over the top rope to yell something to the fans. Crucifix walks back to his corner and crouches up against the middle turnbuckle.

Johnny Vegas: Huh? You see? All alone! No help whatsoever! So maybe it's STK who should keep out of other people's business!

Terra Skye: Think about it Johnny, what could Megan Harris possibly do to help Boy?

Ray Payne: Mistah Boy is huge, yo.

Johnny Vegas: That's not my point! STK is a damn hypocrite, calling out CON for interfering when he's got plans to do the same!

Referee Silent Cal motions for the bell to be rung as Brian stares acrossed the ring at the giant man-beast known as Boy before Boy attemps to run towards Brian, but he is much slower than Crucifix as Brian sidesteps him and delivers a stiff swinging kick to the back of his right knee.  Boy simply turns around and swings wildly, almost clocking Silent Cal as he does so but Crucifix ducks underneath and delivers a kick to the front of his knee this time on the same leg that staggers Boy.  He runs off the ropes and this time delivers a dropkick that takes Boy down to a knee.  Crucifix grins and then runs off the ropes, coming back with a shining wizard but due to Boys massive size he does not go down.  Crucifix sticks to his gameplan and scrambles back to his feet as Boy is reeling, he runs off the ropes one more time before he comes back but Boy pops up and flattens him with a lunging shoulder block that sends Crucifix flipping head over heels almost out of the ring!  Boy is trying to walk off the pins and needles in his leg, yelling random things as he does so. Megan Harris approaches him at ringside and shouts some encouragement, but does not get involved.

Terra Skye:  Crucifix clearly came out here with a gameplan, but whether or not it will work remains to be seen.  Right now it looks like Boys leg might be bothering him already though, so we're going to need to keep an eye on that.

Johnny Vegas:  Yeah just like you've been keeping YOUR eyes on Harry!

Ray Payne:  Be nice Mistah Johnnyz, Miss Terraz has been

Johnny Vegas:  Good job Ray, you said a four syllable word!

Ray Payne:  Yeh.

Crucifix quickly rolls out to regain his composure, moving around to the far side of the ring to get away from Boy and his long limbs.  He moves past Megan, who gets out of his way. He gets back on the apron and forces Silent Cal to keep Boy back from him as he climbs in through the ropes.  He takes advantage of this and rushes past Cal who has Boy distracted so he can catch him in the right knee again, this time with a front dropkick.  This forces Boy to drop down to a single knee again, but instead of running off the ropes he starts slugging him in the head with forearms and boots but Boy still doesn't go down.  Crucifix now opts to scale up to the middle turnbuckle, and then leaps off with a dropkick but Boy stands up and swats him away!  Boy is still trying to regain feeling in his leg but he lumbers over to Crucifix who is attempting to retreat but Boy grabs his ankle and pulls him back.  He grabs Crucifix by the back of the neck and pulls him up to his feet and then throws him into the nearest corner chest first before he clubs him in the back.  Crucifix yells in pain but Boy turns him around and delivers a devastating overhand chop that almost immediately leaves Crucifixs chest red.  He tries to drop down to roll out but he gets grabed around the throat and beil tossed almost the entire way across the ring!

Terra Skye:  Boy just launched Brian Crucifix across the ring!!

Ray Payne:  Boy is a lot strongahz than Mistah Brucifix, so he is gonna be ablez to do tings like that."

Johnny Vegas:  No shit, he's like fucking twice his size!

Crucifix tries to scramble away but Boy isn't having it as he grabs him by the ankle again and pulls him back, this time stepping on the back of Crucifix before stepping over with all his weight that forces Crucifix to cry out in pain mid-step.  He quickly rolls towards the ropes to keep Boy off of him which works, as nBoy is trying to get to Crucifix and Cal keeps intervening, motioning that Crucifix is still in the ropes.  Crucifix uses this to his advantage as he jumps up and springboards off the middle rope, delivering a springboard rolling savate kick that takes Boy down onto his bad knee again.  Crucifix this time runs off the far ropes and delivers a basmement dropkick to the outside of Boys right kneecap.  He yells in pain before dropping to the ground and Crucifix takes advantage by stomping away on Boys knee and leg.  Boy reaches up and shoves Crucifix back with one hand, almost sending him off-balance with the shove.  Crucifix manages to catch himself and rushes back in after Boy who suddenly pops up with a stiff clothesline!  He roars defiantly and grabs Crucifix by the throat, lifting him straight up off the ground and overhead before sending him crashing back down with a thunderous chokeslam!  Boy hooks the outside leg as he presses his massive hand onto the chest of Crucifix with Silent Cal sliding in to non-verbally count the first pinfall attempt of the match.

Terra Skye:  Sweet jesus, what a chokeslam!

Ray Payne:  He coulda just brokeded Mistah Brucifix in halfz, yo!

Johnny Vegas:  GET UP BRIAN!!!



Crucifix muscles his left shoulder up and Boy yells incoherently, seemingly frustrated.  A camera catches several people in Ragdoll outfits gathering at the front row of the audience. Two of the Ragdolls near ringside part, clearing a path as the real Ragnarok hurdles out of the crowd at ringside, making a dash for the ring.


Megan Harris leans in over the apron, jarring the bottom rope and getting the attention of the referee as she frantically points at Ragnarok.  The referee turns towards Ragnarok, spotting him and stopping him short before he can interject himself in the match, threatening disqualification.

Terra Skye: You were saying, Johnny?

Johnny Vegas: I can't predict the future! Ragnarok clearly didn't listen to Crucifix's pleas to keep this one on one and did this of his own accord!

Ray Payne: Dey all interfere all da time, Mistah Jonnies.

Terra Skye: Crucifix clearly knew this was the plan, he's using the distraction to regain his bearings!

Johnny Vegas: You don't know what he knows! I'll sue you for slander!

Terra Skye: I'm not slandering YOU, you old-ass, wrinkled drunk!

Johnny Vegas: NOW I'll sue you for slander!

Crucifix wisely takes this time to roll out onto the apron so he can recover undisturbed.  That is ruined rather quickly however, as Boy gets back up to his feet and makes his way over to Crucifix, grabbing him by the hair as he pulls him back up.  Crucifix reaches up though and manages to snag Boys hair as he jumps down off the apron, snapping Boys throat down onto the top rope and forcing him to drop to both knees.  Crucifix quickly climbs back up onto the apron and scales the turnbuckles all the way to the top.  He manages to jump off and graze the back of Boys head with a double foot stomp that takes Boy down but is unsuccessful at keeping him down.  Boy is already working his way back up to his knees but at a much slower pace than before.  Crucifix sees this and rushes off the ropes before delivering a running boot to the side of Boys head that floors both Boy and Crucifix from the force he put behind it.  Boy looks to be out however, as Crucifix works his way into a pin attempt.  Silent Cal slides in to issue a silent pinfall count, indicated by number of times he slaps the canvas.



This time it's Boy who powers out, almost throwing Crucifix as he kicks out.  Crucifix screams and pounds the mat in frustration, looking over at Boy who is still groggy.  Crucifix gets back to his feet and plants himself firmly behind Boy as he begins to work his way back ot his feet.  Boy begins looking around the ring for Crucifix as soon as he reaches a vertical base but just then, Crucifix reaches out and superkicks the back of Boys nright knee that instantly drops him back down to one leg before Crucifix shuffles off to the side and then drill Boys in the jaw with an Eradication Syndrome superkick!  However, Boy falls forwards instead of sideways or backwards.  Crucifix now has to roll the giant human being onto his back which takes longer than he anticipated, but manages to get him over and hooks the leg as Silent Cal drops back down to non-verbally count another pin as the crowd counts with him!




Terra Skye:  Crucifix caught him flush with that Eradication Syndrome but it wasnt enough to put him away!


Ray Payne:  Youz are suppose to be callin' dis match right downz the middle, Mistah Johnnies.


Boy begins getting up once more as Crucifix loads another Eradication Syndrome, only this time Boy catches his foot!  Boy shoves him back but Crucifix rolls through and runs back up to Boy who reaches out and clocks him with a stiff right hand!  At ringside, Ragnarok, reaches beneath the bottom rope for Boy's ankle, but Harris grabs him from behind by the back of his mask, jerking him backwards and just out of reach.  Ragnarok throws a back-elbow, catching Harris in the eye.  Harris drops to one knee, but manages to grab Ragnarok by the ankle as he tries to climb into the ring.  Ragnarok throws a kick backwards, catching Harris in the midsection, knocking her to the ground.  Ragnarok pulls himself up and onto the apron.  but stops cold as the crowd roars, with WILL PRYDOR making a beeline down the ramp and rushing the ring!!!!

Will Prydor


Terra Skye: I guess he was in the audience! Maybe he bought a ticket!

Ray Payne: Or mebbies he was visitin friends, yo!


Ragnarok leaps from the apron and at Prydor, crashing into him with a forward roll plancha, but Prydor seems to hold his footing, keeping Ragnarok up for a few delayed moments, and then spiking him down with a powerbomb.  Prydor moves to stomp Ragnarok, but Ragnarok rolls out of the way and under the commentary table, putting some distance between himself and Prydor. In the ring, Boy has Crucifix in a double-handed choke and lifts him high into the air, only to slam him back down onto his back! However, he quickly becomes distracted by the situation at ringside, looking over at the announce table's direction and mumbling something about oranges. Ragnarok shoves Ray Payne from his seat, lifting his chair and brandishing it as Prydor attempts to chase him around the table.

Ray Payne: Whoasies! Dat's my chair, yo!


Terra Skye: This is getting out of hand! Where the fuck is security?

Johnny Vegas: Oh NOW you want security? You didn't say anything when he first got out here!

Ragnarok takes a swing with the chair, but Prydor stops it cold, clapping it in his hands and wrenching it from Ragnarok's hands.  Drawing back, Prydor swings with it next, but Ragnarok throws himself to the ground and the blow passes over Ragnarok's head and mistakenly smacks Megan Harris instead.  Prydor looks alarmed, dropping the chair and stepping towards Harris to check on her.  'Reckless and the Brave' fires up over the PA, and the Sandtown Kid bursts through the curtains, rushing across the stage, only to be tackled from behind by Robert Zodiac bursting through the curtains, the two rolling across the stage and then falling into the crew pit.

Terra Skye: And there's Robert Zodiac, right on cue!

Johnny Vegas: Are you fucking kidding me? He's only out here because Sandtown Kid is!

Ray Payne: Yeah but Mistah Silvers didn't go to ringside, yo!

Johnny Vegas: Oh like that little shit wasn't thinking of coming out here and helping his mongoloid friend!

Terra Skye: Actually, I think Boy has this one in the bag! Look in the ring!

Boy turns his attention away from what's going on up the ramp and  drops down into the cover but Crucifix has his foot already underneath the bottom rope. Silent Cal notices it, pointing it out to Boy.  Boy grabs Crucifix and pulls him out away from the ropes before he begins to lift him up onto his feet.  Eradication Syndrome right to the bad knee of Boy!  Crucifix follows it up with another Eradication Syndrome right to the side of the head this time!  Crucifix collapses into the pin as Boy drops sideways, Silent Cal coming in to issue another silent pinfall count as the crowd counts with him again!




Terra Skye: Even after the distraction, Brian has blasted Boy twice now with that superkick he used to win the tag belts, but Boy keeps getting up!

Ray Payne:  I'm shockeded that Mistah Brucifix hasn't broken his footz yet offa Boys hard headz, yo!

Johnny Vegas:  I swear to god if Brian loses to him...I'm gonna be really upset!

Terra Skye:  Really Johnny?  JUST upset--

Johnny Vegas:  No, bitch!  I'm gonna be upset because Brian lost to that big lumbering dumbass and drunk because the show will be over!

Crucifix screams as Boy rolls away from him.  Crucifix rolls out of the ring past Boy and grabs his leg, propping his foot up on the steel post for leverage as he pulls Boy close enough to slam his knee off of said post!  Boys leg quickly recoils back towards his chest as he clutches at it, but Crucifix is not done as he slides back in the ring and begins stomping away at the bad knee, even through Boys hands as he attempts to grab at it.  He does so until Silent Cal pulls him off, which he then uses to regain his breath briefly before going back in on the attack.  He grabs Boy and drags him over to the ropes, grabbing one of Boys arms and tying it up in the ropes.  It doesn't take long before he has the other arm tied up as well, propping Boy up before he starts teeing off with lefts and rights into the head of Boy.

Terra Skye:  This is just wrong, that's a borderline mugging going on right now!

Ray Payne:  Dis is makingz me sick, yo.


Terra Skye:  .....

Ray Payne:  .....

Michael Maddox:  .....I like pancakes!

All Three:  SHUT IT!

Terra Skye:  Were...we just...

Johnny Vegas:  We will never speak of this again, fucking ever.

Back in the ring Silent Cal is trying to get Boy free but befre he can Crucifix changes his stance and blasts Boy with a knee right under the chin!  He steps back and drills him with a third Eradication Syndrome!  Crucifix drills him again right under the jaw with a fourth Eradication Syndrome!  Silent Cal steps in and tries to pull him off, but Ccrucifix sidesteps him and delivers a fifth kick right in the same spot, a sixth, seventh, eighth Eradication Syndrome!  Silent Cal quickly turns back around and finally gets Boy free but he drops to the mat and Crucifix wastes no time in rolling him over and stacks up both of his legs as Silent Cal begrudgingly drops down to count the pin while the crowd boos profusely.





Terra Skye:  God damn him!  Even when he's not technically breaking the rules he still makes me sick, just like the other two!

Johnny Vegas:  THAT is how you win a match!!  THAT is how you prove you're one half of the tag team champions, and one half of the greatest tag teams of all time!

Ray Payne:  I'm worried aboutz Boy, Miss Terraz...He got hit with a lotta supakicks, yo.

Crucifix scoffs as he looks down at Boy before dropping down and rolling out of the ring, going backstage as medical staff begin coming to the ring. Likewise, The Sandtown Kid storms towards the ring, rolling under the bottom ropes and helping Boy back to his feet.  Boy looks angry, but the Sandtown Kid is furious.

Sandtown Kid:  You see?  You see!  That is exactly the bullshit I was talking about!  Ragnorok and Will Prydor butting in again, screwing up Boy's match.  It's a load of crap, and I ain't going to stand for it.  Crucifix, Zodiac, Ragnorok, Prydor-

Sandtown Kid is counting them out on his fingers while putting them on notice, but it cut off abruptly when Jason Bridges steps through the curtains, standing on the stage at the far side of the ramp, looking down at the Sandtown Kid.

Jason Bridges

Jason Bridges:  Now I understand your frustration-

Sandtown Kid:  No.  No, you don't.  When you're sitting in your office, pushing pencils around or whatever you do here, do you have random assholes just barge in through the door and take a dump on your desk?  No!  You get ticked off if someone just bothers you for a few minutes, messing with your schedule.  Us?  We got these butt-trumpets running around literally taking everything we work to build, and turning it into a pile of crap.  They're ruining everything.  And since you won't do anything about it, I will.  I'm putting all those retards on notice.  You can climb into the ring with me and take your beating like a man, or I will come to your house and do it in front of your kids.  But one way or the other, I'm not going to stop punching your ugly faces until you learn to mind your own damn business.

The crowd is deafening with approval.  Bridges looks around nervously, eyeing the bloodthirsty Carnage Legion and knowing what they're capable of.

Jason Bridges:  Now, now.  There's no need to overreact.  I am addressing this.  Why just last week I fired Will Prydor, and after that stunt tonight, I'll see him arrested for Trespass.

Sandtown Kid:  Like hell you will.  He ain't getting off that easy.  I tried doing things your way.  I gave you your chance.  But you are not Kyra Mohr, and you don't know how to back up your words with action.  So I'll handle Prydor my way.

Jason Bridges:  No.  No, you won't.  You may be some midcard champion around here, but you do not make the rules.  Will Prydor is fired, and I'll never allow him to wrestling in a Carnage ring again.

Sandtown Kid:  You don't seem to understand, "Boss".

Sandtown Kid makes sarcastic use of air-quotes, grating Bridges the wrong way.

Sandtown Kid:  I wasn't asking for your permission.  I'm telling you what's going to happen.  I am going to take Will Prydor, and I am going to put him in this ring, and then I am going to beat him half to death.  You don't have to sign the match.  I don't give a crap.  I'll grab him by his fat head and drag him into the ring anyways.  And if you try to get in my way, you'll get the exact same thing, because I am DONE putting up with people who interfere in my shit!

Bridges scowls while the audience hoots and screams with excitement.

Jason Bridges:  Is that what you think?  Is that what you really want?  Fine.  Prydor is reinstated.  For the Ultraviolent Title. And we'll even throw Robert Zodiac in there too and make it a triple threat.  Which, by my count, means you'll be facing off against one, two, three, FOUR opponents at Season of the Witch.  You know those paychecks you never take to the bank?  This time it's YOU who wrote a check that your ass can't cash.

Bridges goes backstage again, leaving Sandtown Kid and Boy to stew in the ring.

Terra Skye: Well, looks like we'll be getting a double dose of the Sandtown Kid at Season of the Witch!

Johnny Vegas: I can't decide if I hate Jason Bridges or if I love him. Right now I'm leaning toward hate. Double the STK AND I have to watch fatty jiggle again? FUCK!

Ray Payne: Its good dat Mistah Prydor is not fireds, yo.

Terra Skye: The real question is will he even want to come back?

Johnny Vegas: To keep fucking up CON's business he will, I bet. And to ruin my life.

Terra Skye: I'm pretty sure he doesn't know you exist.

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Re: Chaos 41 Live! Results
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2017, 02:24:33 AM »
A Special Announcement

The scene cuts backstage to the office of Jason Bridges, but the camera is just on a big black chair. That chair spins around as Bridges makes himself known to dramatic effect. Just seeing the man who fired Will Prydor two weeks ago has the Carnage Legion booing him audibly. The segment appears pre-recorded, considering Bridges was just out at ringside.

Jason Bridges

Jason Bridges: Good evening, Carnage Wrestling fans. As you are well aware, October 1 we will present our latest PPV, Season of the Witch. You also know that so far we've got most of the matches announced. I'm just here to fill in the gaps.

He smiles coldly, seemingly not caring about any of this but continuing nonetheless.

Jason Bridges: We've already got three titles matches set, but I'm all about preparing for the future. That's why at Season of the Witch, I went out and got The Matthew Boys the best competition I could. They will fight for a shot at the tag team titles, and to do that they will face the returning Razor's Edge.

The Carnage Legion gives a mixed response to that, liking the team but remembering their exploits the last time they were here.

Jason Bridges: That's not all, because I've got a stipulation to add. We already announced that Harry Hampton, if he's cleared, will fight Scott Grayse. Well, the doctor's clearance means nothing because Hampton has decided to waive that. So that match is not only official, but I'm going to take Grayse's hammer and attatch it to a pole connected to the top turnbuckle. The first one to grab that hammer can use it and the match can only end once the hammer is in play. That's right, if Grayse can grab "Helen," he'll get to bash "The Scottish Hotty" to his heart's content.

The Carnage Legion gasps at this, but he ignores their reaction. He's not done yet.

Jason Bridges: As you all saw tonight, Lord Raab made his return to Carnage Wrestling and targeted The Golden Dragon. Both men are part of the influx of talent I've tried to generate since taking over from...the last person in charge. I want to kick off Season of the Witch in a big way, which is why I'm going to take those two men, along with Ram Vulture and Trent Steel, and put them in a fatal 4-way for a shot at the Ultraviolent title. That shot, by the way, will happen in the main event of Chaos 43, the show immediately after the PPV.

He shifts in his chair a moment, before continuing with his announcements.

Jason Bridges: Finally, I'm sure you all saw Amy Jo Smyth challenge Amber Ryan to a World title match...

He rubs his goatee and grins a humorless grin, as the audience's reaction grows in anticipation to what he's about to say.

Jason Bridges: I'm here to confirm the cash-in. In our main event of Season of the Witch, Amy Jo Smyth will fight Amber Ryan for the Carnage Wrestling World Heavyweight title.

The video ends as soon as it began, leaving the Carnage Legion buzzing at the announcements.

Match Five: Redemption & Trent Steel vs. CJ Wylde & JC

Terra Skye: Well, Jason Bridges certainly spiced up what was already shaping up to be a stacked card.

Johnny Vegas: You realize that no matter who wins the title, it's not a Carnage regular, right?

Ray Payne: Maybe Missus Ames won't hold the title hostage like Missus Ambs, yo.

Johnny Vegas: And maybe I will go clean and sober!

Terra Skye: That's Johnny's way of saying it'll never happen.

Johnny Vegas: Right!

Terra Skye: Even if he has no idea what he's talking about.

Johnny Vegas: You bitch.


The opening to Walter Sickert's 'Whole Way Down' begins to blare out of the speakers and the crowd rise to their feet, craning their necks towards the stage.

Suddenly, a spotlight. Suddenly Redemption is standing in the centre of the stage, his head bowed towards the ground.



Kelly Carmichael: The following tag match is your MAIN EVENT of the evening! Introducing first, from Green Bay, Wisconsin, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-nine pounds....RRREEEEEEDEEEEEMMMPTION!

Redemption looks up, his hands gesturing downwards as he mouths off - making his way down on to the ramp in purposeful strides - eyes fixed directly on the ring. He slides underneath the bottom rope and climbs straight up on to the turnbuckle where he raises both his hands before vigorously pointing them downwards.

Terra Skye: These two were trying to kill each other twice earlier in the summer, how in the hell can they work together now?

Johnny Vegas: Because Trent has to! He gave his word and he doesn't want to disappoint his 'fans.'

Ray Payne: Why'd you use air quotes Mistah Jonnies?


Terra Skye: He'll certainly have less if he keeps working with someone like Redemption.

"Bleed the Freak" by Alice in Chains starts to play as the lights flicker and go down. Out of the entranceway comes Trent Steel as smoke comes out of the entranceway.

Kelly Carmichael: His tag team partner, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in at an even two-hundred pounds...TRRRREEEEEEEEENNNNT SSSSTEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLL!!!

Trent Steel

Trent runs down to the ring and slides in. He then removes his black oakleys with red lenses and his trench coat. He goes to one of the ring cornera and does a quick "Hail Mary". He then turns out of the corner and eyes Redemption, waiting for the match to start.

Terra Skye: And right there, the two are already wary of each other.

Johnny Vegas: Trent will do what's good for him and listen to Redemption. Who knows what Redemption would have planned otherwise.

Ray Payne: Mistah Dempy is a bad guy, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Gee, ya think?

Terra Skye: Trent seems to be slipping more and more into a dark mindset...

Johnny Vegas: Like that fucking psychopath wasn't there already!

Terra Skye: So only Trent knows how he's going to act here tonight.

Suddenly, a hard yet methodical beat begins to play softly over the Arena PA. Eleven seconds into this odd string of guitar and bass notes that grow increasingly louder, a cymbal is struck repetitively. Each time the cymbal chimes, The video feed on the tron flashes static and the lights in the arena cut out. The video feed continually degrades with each strike until it cuts to complete static at precisely twenty-two seconds. The fans all cheer as they begin recognize this now mildly volumed grungy tune. The tron screen goes pitch black, leaving all lights out inside the arena as the beginning to “Vicarious” by Tool continues to grow louder. All eyes turn towards the tron as the song reaches a raucous crescendo - the guitar notes bend upwards and what sounds like an alarm is going off. Then, the music completely stops. It’s pitch black for a few moments. Just the sounds of the audience clamoring to each other and reaching for their cellphones for more for light. Soon, the tron begins to glow as indigo colored words grow in size from something barely visible to words that fill the entire tron screen.


The loud alarm crescendo fades in along with the words - then a loud pyrotechnic blast goes off right on stage!

Kelly Carmichael: And their opponents, first from Baltimore, Maryland, weighing in at 220 pounds, he is The Ghost. C J WYYYYYYYYYLLLLDE!

The words remain on the tron screen as an indigo spotlight switches on, illuminating the center of the stage. Purple flames surround a hole in the center and burn wildly, as well as burn in a straight line along the back of the stage in a near six foot high wall of fire. The crowd bursts out in cheers as the deep green outline of a figure slowly rises through the flames on a slowly elevating platform!

CJ Wylde

The figure looks up towards the ring, and steps through the flames. “Vicarious” hits full song through the speakers with a blend of deep ripping guitar riffs and strong melodic bass. The indigo spotlight follows CJ Wylde as he walks with purpose down the ramp.  Wylde steps up the ring steps, stopping at the ring post. He walks along the side of the ring to his right until he reaches the turnbuckles on the hard camera side of the arena. Ascending to a stance on the second turnbuckle and middle rope, Wylde peers out among the cheering audience as the lights slowly fade on inside the arena.

Terra Skye: Well, that was an elaborate entrance.

Johnny Vegas: Who the fuck does this guy think he is?

Ray Payne: I liked it!

Johnny Vegas: You would.

Terra Skye: Wylde is teaming with JC tonight although both men have made it clear they don't like each other either.

Johnny Vegas: Shoulda just made this a fatal 4-way and let them all kill each other.

Terra Skye: It might turn into one before this match is over.

The lights go out, bathing the arena in darkness except for a familiar dark shade of blue. The first notes of a song begin to play, causing the arena lights to flash, before a voice cries out in the arena.


"The Man Without Fear" by Drowning Pool and Rob Zombie kicks in and blue pyro blasts from the sides of the stage and JC comes out wearing his trenchcoat, staring out at the audience. Lights start to flash in the arena as he makes his way to the ring to the sounds of the chorus.

Suddenly you rule the universe
Everything was shapeless now clear
I visualize like a drop of sound
I am The Man Without Fear
You can't hurt me...NO!
You can't stop me...NO!
You can't beat me...NO!
You can't bring me DOWN!

Kelly Carmichael: His partner, from Jersey City, New Jersey, weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds...JAAAAAAAAAAYYYY CEEEEEEEEEEEE!


JC slides into the ring and climbs up on the middle rope of the side with the hard camera, raising his arms up and down to try to pump up the crowd. He jumps down and walks over to the same side before doing the same thing. JC then moves to a corner and tosses his trenchcoat to the outside before stretching before the match. 

Terra Skye: And here's the fourth part of the equation, a man who is trying to take out Redemption at any cost.

Johnny Vegas: So far it's only cost him his brother and his best friend, so he's doing great so far!

Ray Payne: I dink Mistah JayCee is in da right though.

Terra Skye: At a certain point it's going to go beyond right or wrong.

Johnny Vegas: As long as people beat the hell out of each other and Trent Steel loses, I'll be happy.

Ed Hawkersby calls for the bell and this one is underway. After some discussion on both ends, Redemption orders Trent Steel to start while JC steps out, looking to avoid fighting his friend if possible. CJ steps forward, keeping an eye on Redemption but making sure not to take Steel lightly.  Trent and CJ lock up, went Trent quickly applying a headlock and dropping CJ with a headlock takedown. He tries to wrench the hold on the mat, but applies a headscissors to break that hold. Trent fights to get out of it and finally pushes his way free, leaping over and re-applying the headlock before CJ has a chance to react. The two work their way back to their feet and CJ steps on the back of Trent's leg, forcing him down into a kneel and he grabs the arm and twists it around, then snapmares Trent to the mat before applying a headlock of his own! Trent runs into a side of the ring and bounces off the ropes to push CJ off, CJ rebounds off the opposite side and nails Trent with a shoulder block, knocking him back into his corner. He demands that Trent tag in Redemption.

Terra Skye: After a surprising chain-wrestling sequence it seems CJ Wylde is done playing around.

Johnny Vegas: He just shows up, thinks he can do whatever he wants and now he's ordering people around in the ring? CJ Wylde has no say in what goes on in Carnage!

Ray Payne: I dink Mistah Ceej just wants to fight Mistah Dempy, yo.

Terra Skye: Yeah and he's not alone. JC is chomping at the bit for Redemption to get in the ring.

Johnny Vegas: Well, we don't always get what we want, do we?

Redemption refuses to tag in and Trent doesn't seem to want to exit the ring yet. Instead, he gets back to his feet. He runs at CJ, hoping to catch him off guard, but gets a arm drag for his troubles. CJ wrenches on the arm, then just as before he snapmares Trent to the mat. He then pulls the arms back and puts a knee to the back of Trent. Trent easily slips out of the hold, spins around and CJ tries to grapple him. Trent slips out and kicks CJ in the gut, then fires off a haymaker to the side of the head. He delivers another and forces him back into the corner. Trent reduces the match to a brawl, alternating in the corner with rights, lefts and stomps. He grabs CJ and whips him into the ropes but CJ reverses it. As Trent bounces against the ropes, Redemption reaches over and makes the blind tag. Trent swings for a lariat that CJ ducks, but he doesn't see the dropkick from Redemption as he enters the ring.

Terra Skye: Redemption played that one smart, letting Trent lull CJ into a false sense of security.

Johnny Vegas: Redemption's been playing them all for weeks!

Ray Payne: Yo, I dink mebbies Mistah Dempy was just scared, yo.

Johnny Vegas: That's why you're not paid to think.

Terra Skye: Either way, Redemption's made it into the match and it should get interesting.

As CJ works his up to his hands and knees, Redemption drops down with a double axe handle, then another, forcing CJ back down to the mat. He applies a kick to the ribs to force him over, then stomps him directly in the chest. CJ crosses his arms over his chest and begins coughing, in a lot of pain. Redemption pays no attention, stomping his shoulder and then adding a boot to the head. Satisfied, he quickly tags back in Trent, who comes in with a stomp of his own.

Terra Skye: Well, Redemption didn't stay in there long.

Johnny Vegas: He's got a strategy. He comes in when he needs to and targets where he needs to.

Ray Payne: Mistah JayCee is on da apron and he wants in, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Well he opted not to start, so he's going to have to wait!

Terra Skye: I just wonder how long he'll be content with waiting.

Trent reaches down and grabs CJ by the head, lifting him up, twisting the neck around and hitting a neckbreaker! He waits for CJ to get up to his knees then backs up and lunges forward with a flying knee to the kneeling CJ Wylde! He quickly drops down and hooks the leg, with Ed Hawkersby making the count.

TW--NO! CJ Wylde is up right at two. Trent doesn't seem surprised, so he simply gets up and stomps CJ in the chest, similar to how Redemption did earlier, keeping him prone. He tries another, but CJ grabs the foot! Wylde scrambles up to his feet, still holding the ankle. Trent's hopping on one leg. He jumps up to connect with an enziguri, by CJ ducks it, causing Trent to land face first on the mat. CJ hops forward and applies a headlock again, but Trent moves up to his feet before CJ can really have an advantage. He grabs him for a back suplex and dumps him behind, but CJ lands on his feet, grabs Trent and throws him back with a German suplex! He bridges to hold the cover!


TWO...Trent kicks out!

Terra Skye: Trent Steel and CJ Wylde are trading pinfalls now, with the two that really want their hands on each other waiting on the apron!

Ray Payne: I dink I'd ratha see dese two fight one on ones, yo!

Johnny Vegas: Do you really think CJ's a contracted wrestler? I'm still not sure how he's in this match!

Terra Skye: That is a good question, but I guess Bridges is doing whatever he wants.

The two get to their feet and charge, and Trent moves just a second quicker to hit CJ with a spinning forearm, hitting CJ in the jaw! As Wylde backs up in the corner opposite his tag partner, Trent wastes no time in moving to his corner and tagging in Redemption. Redemption aligns himself with CJ and charges forward, rocking CJ's head back with a running European uppercut. CJ drops to his knees and falls forward onto the mat. Redemption forces him up to a standing position by grabbing the waistband of his pants, then begins to drive his knees up into CJ's chest, driving the air out of his lungs. Wylde staggers backwards, trying to regain his breath. Suddenly, Redemption grabs the head attempting The Darkness! CJ pushes him off and as he turns back around, CJ spins and attempts a Roaring Elbow. Redemption sidesteps that and locks CJ in a full nelson. He lifts CJ up, looking for a dragon suplex, but CJ rolls forward into a Victory Roll!



Th--NO! Redemption pushes out of the hold.

Terra Skye: A surprising cover from Wylde but Redemption is not fatigued enough for it to work yet.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah and for a "great wrestler" you'd think he'd know that!

Ray Payne: I dink he was just hoping to pull a fast ones, yo.

Terra Skye: Exactly. Score a quick pin and embarrass Redemption.

Johnny Vegas: I wonder how his partner would have taken that. Wants to hurt Redemption and wouldn't even get into the match!

As the two jump up hoping to hit moves, it's CJ that moves quicker than Redemption this time, hitting a shuffle side kick to Redemption's midsection! With Redemption doubled over, he moves around behind him and applies a sleeper! He steps on the inside of Redemption's leg to force him down, then hops up and put a bodyscissors on Redemption, putting all of his weight on him and cutting off his air! Redemption struggles with Wylde hanging on him, trying to lift himself up to his feet. He falls to his knees, but with one last gasp of energy, flings himself backward into the nearest turnbuckle, forcing CJ to break the hold. Before either has a chance to recover, Redemption fires off an elbow to the side of Redemption's head, then leaps up with a standing enziguri! CJ falls down in a heap and Redemption makes the cover!



THr-NO! CJ throws his shoulder. His partner, JC, can be seen on the apron, growing irritated and stomping his feet, getting the Carnage Legion to clap their feet and get CJ back into it.

Terra Skye: JC is getting tired of waiting. I'm surprised he's been patient so far.

Johnny Vegas: Hey, if he thinks Wylde is a capable wrestler, then he should let him handle himself!

Ray Payne: But Mistah Ceej hasn't tries to tag Mistah JayCee, yo.

Terra Skye: Not at all, and I wonder if he ever will.

Johnny Vegas: They don't like each other, so maybe not! That's what happens when assholes team up.

CJ reaches for the ropes, attempting to pull himself to his feet with Redemption simply watching. Wylde moves toward his corner but Redemption dives forward and applies a front headlock to prevent it. CJ pushes forward, trying to reach and tag his partner, and Redemption lifts up a knee to his jaw to stop his momentum. CJ Wylde spins around holding his mouth and Redemption grabs him, but CJ leaps up, grabs Redemption by the head and DROPS HIM WITH THE WYLDE LIBERATION! Both men are down, as CJ is still recovering and Redemption has all his energy sapped from taking the finisher of Wylde. The Carnage Legion roars at Wylde to make the tag, as JC is practically jumping up and down waiting for him to dive forward. CJ crawls and inches his way to the corner and it looks like he might finally make the tag, when suddenly TRENT STEEL jumps over the ropes and runs forward, raining on Trent with a double axe handle!

Terra Skye: Damn it! Why did Trent help out Redemption like that?

Johnny Vegas: Come on, we've went over this. Trent wants to keep his word or some stupid shit.

Ray Payne: Dey is tryin to win da tag match, Missus Terra.

Terra Skye: I know but...I'm just sick of that psycho running around without getting any comeuppance.

Johnny Vegas: I agree but at least Redemption's keeping Trent under control.

Terra Skye: I wasn't talking about Trent and you know it!

Trent gets up and gives JC a smirk before punching CJ in the head to keep him back down. He quickly moves around to his corner, just in time for Redemption to get there and tag him in officially. Trent climbs back in and runs towards CJ, but just that moment of wasted motion allows CJ to spin around and hit a leaping back elbow, hitting Trent right in the jaw! Trent falls through the ropes and onto the apron! CJ once again begins crawling to his corner, but Trent scrambles to his feet, climbs through the ropes and charges forward, hitting a low dropkick to CJ's head. He moves quick now, grabbing CJ by the head and into a fireman's carry! He looks at one of the neutral corners and tries for a Pittsburgh Nightmare, but CJ slips out! He attempst the roaring elbow, but Trent dodges, steps back and hits Wylde with a superkick! Trent with the cover!



THR--NO! Wylde kicks out again!

Terra Skye: CJ Wylde has to be running on fumes right now but Redemption and Trent have been very smart in not allowing him to tag in JC.

Johnny Vegas: Smartest thing I've ever seen Trent do.

Ray Payne: It makin Mistah JayCee mad on the apron dough, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Exactly! If he does finally get in there, he's gonna make a mistake and they'll lose!

Terra Skye: JC has a history of anger problems so that may very well be their gameplan.

Johnny Vegas: Well, it's Redemption's gameplan. We all know Trent Steel can't think.

Trent reaches over and tags in Redemption, who immediately comes in and grabs Wylde by the head and arm, flipping him backward over his head with a suplex! Redemption floats over into the cover.



NO! Wylde kicks out again, although it's clear his energy is almost gone. Redemption wastes no time in applying a rear chinlock, keeping Wylde from going anywhere. Ed Hawkersby checks on CJ, but he's showing no signs of giving him. Instead, he feeds off the Carnage Legion to get to his feet, spinning around and grabbing Redemption, then throwing him backward with an exploder suplex! Redemption is on his back near his corner while CJ has an open shot at making the tag. The crowd is stomping as CJ moves toward his corner and dives forward to finally tag JC!

Terra Skye: Oh shit! Things are picking up now!

Johnny Vegas: Hooray, this loser is in the ring to make these idiots in our crowd happy.

Terra Skye: You are the grumpiest person I ever met.

Ray Payne: Yeah, you is definitely mean Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: Have you met me? That's part of my charm!

JC finally gets in the ring like a house of fire, charging into Redemption with a huge lariat! Redemption gets up and JC fires off a European uppercut, before grabbing Redemption in a half nelson and dropping him back on his skull with a half-and-half suplex! Trent actually comes in and runs toward JC, who opts not to fight him, instead moving backward and dropping the top rope, allowing Trent to sail over and to the floor. He is focused entirely on Redemption. He charges forward but Redemption used the time JC was dealing with Trent to his advantage and kicks the larger man in the kneecap, stopping him dead in his tracks. With JC hesitating, Redemption then hits a dropkick to the same knee, attempting to cut JC's momentum down.

Terra Skye: JC dumped his friend outside and even though Redemption was just dropped on his head, he managed to recover and stop the momentum.

Johnny Vegas: What did I tell you? He came in fired up and Redemption stuck to his gameplan and now he's got the advantage again.

Ray Payne: Its just a couple of hits to da knee guys, da match isn't over yet.

Johnny Vegas: Eh, what do you know?

Redemption doesn't waste any time, grabbing JC by the head as he tries to shake the pain out of his leg and flips him back with a snap suplex. He opts not to cover, knowing that JC is far too fresh. Instead he simply drops down and begins to outright choke the larger JC, driving his fingers into his opponent's larynx. Ed Hawkersby is right there, making the count.





FI---Redemption lets go, just short of a disqualification. JC is seen gasping on the mat, as even those four or five seconds of having his windpipe squeezed were enough to sap his strength. Instead, Redemption pulls the bigger man to his feet and forces him into the corner, applying a stomp to the midsection. He looks out at the crowd that is boong him and JC takes his opening and punches Redemption right through the mouth. He begins to fire off haymakers to fight his way out of the corner, when Redemption outright jabs him in the throat with a chop, sucking the fight out of him again. Ed Hawkersby admonishes Redemption, who instead moves over and tags in Trent Steel, frustrated.

Terra Skye: Redemption doesn't seem to have the patience to wear down JC as he did CJ Wylde. You have to wonder what's going through his head.

Johnny Vegas: Why should he waste his time when he can tag in Trent and make him do it?

Ray Payne: Mebbies he just didn't want to get hit anymores, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Nah, my idea is the right one.

Trent comes in and eyes up his fellow Rogue, hitting an elbow in the corner to keep him in his place. He grabs his arm and throws him toward the opposite corner, running forward and trying another elbow, but this time JC catches him and drills him to the mat with an STO! He looks over at Redemption and now full of anger, charges at him. He grabs Redemption and pulls him back into the ring, finally pushing him into the corner, hammering him with punch after punch. However, he took his eyes off of Trent, never a smart thing, and Trent comes up from behind with a back suplex! He bridges it!



tHR--NO! JC kicks out!

Terra Skye: If JC wants to win, he's got to fight Trent for now and deal with Redemption later.

Ray Payne: But Mistah JayCee already foughts Trent, and he wants his match with Mistah Dempers.

Johnny Vegas: Well that nutcase needs to wait like everyone else!

Ray Payne: You dink everyone is crazy dese days, yo.

Johnny Vegas: I'm a sane man in an insane world.

Terra Skye: Wouldn't that be a drunk man in a sober world?

Redemption crawls back to his corner, angry, orders Trent to finish JC off now. Trent eyes him suspiciously but grabs and arm and a leg of the fallen JC and drags him toward a neutral  turnbuckle. He climbs up and appears to be attempting the Blackwinged Angel already. He steadies himself, jumps off and begins his rotation...STRAIGHT INTO JC'S KNEES! Trent rolls off of his opponent holding his ribcage and JC pushes himself away, realizing that he needs to make a tag. JC has more energy than Trent, as he hasn't been in the match long, so he pushes himself forward and tags in CJ Wylde. Trent, meanwhile, tries to go for the tag on Redemption, but Redemption drops off the apron! He points at Redemption and once again orders HIM to finish it.

Terra Skye: Some tag team partner that is! Trent stuck to his word and helped him but Redemption isn't willing to do the same!

Ray Payne: Trent is da one dat needs a tag, yo!

Johnny Vegas: Haha, I love it! More beatdowns for Trent!

CJ wasn't exactly wanting to enter the ring just yet, but he does so. Suddenly we see what JC's endgame actually is. He hops down off the apron and begins running around the ring to Redemption! Redemption sees him coming and drops off the apron on his side, just in time to catch a lariat from JC! JC picks Redemption back up and throws him against the ring barrier, then hits another lariat, sending him over! Meanwhile in the ring, CJ starts walking toward a gasping Trent Steel, attempting to end the match and get outside and get his own shots. He grabs him from behind and attempts a wheelbarrow from the half-nelson, but Trent rolls through! He pushes out of the cover though and waits for CJ to turn around before getting a double-leg takedown! He locks him in his sharpshooter variant called the X-treme Prejudice!

Terra Skye: JC and Redemption are brawling around the ring and Trent's got CJ Wylde in a submission hold in the center of it!

Johnny Vegas: How many times are we gonna lose control tonight!

Ray Payne: I dought you likes violence, Mistah Jonnies!

Johnny Vegas: Only when it's the guys I like beating up the guys I don't like!

Terra Skye: Well, at least he's honest.

JC reaches forward to grab Redemption and pull him back over, but Redemption grabs the head of JC and slams it down into the top of the guardrail! JC's forehead appears to be what connected, as he backs away holding it. Redemption hops back over the apron and seeing his opportunity, tries to flip around and hit JC with the Unspeakable Horror! JC MOVES! Redemption's leg kicks the ring post, and he falls to the mat holding his shin! JC is trying to recover and Redemption is holding his leg in visible pain.

Back in the ring, Trent has CJ locked up in his submission, but CJ is inching his way to the ropes. Ed Hawkersby gets in close to make sure the rules are in play, and CJ finally reaches the ropes, which makes the referee force Trent to break the hold. Trent lets go and takes a moment to breathe, before turning around and grabbing the legs of Wylde and dragging him back to the center of the ring. He tries to apply the hold again but CJ reaches up and rolls Trent into a small package!




Terra Skye: This thing has now basically boiled down to two one-on-one matches, with all four men suffering from the blows they've recieved.

Johnny Vegas: Redemption might've broken his shin on that ring post for all we know!

Ray Payne: He looks like he's hurtins, yo.

Terra Skye: Yeah but he got a good shot in on JC before, so at least he has a moment to recover.

Both CJ and Trent are up to their feet. As Trent walks to his opponent, CJ lowers his head and rams his shoudler into the abdomen of Steel. He charges forward and slams him into the turnbuckle. He gets him into suplex position and puts him up top, then climbs up himself. As CJ fights to hit what could be a match-ending superplex, JC has noticed Redemption on the outside of the ring. JC lunges forward and grabs the hurt leg of Redemption, like predator noticing wounded prey, then locks him into the modified single-leg crab he calls The Beginning of the End! In the ring, CJ is trying to pull Trent down, but Trent suddenly unleashes a brutal headbutt to the bridge of the nose of CJ! He hits another and CJ loses his equilibrium and falls down to the mat! Trent steadies himself and gets into a standing position, as CJ has fallen perfectly to take a Blackwinged Angel. Suddenly he glances behind him and sees Redemption in pain, calling to Trent for help!

Terra Skye: Is Redemption really asking Trent to throw the match to help him?

Johnny Vegas: Trent had better do what he's told or there could be hell to pay!

Ray Payne: Mebbies he should tries to win da match for his team first.

Terra Skye: Who knows what Trent's thinking right now. It could go either way!

Trent turns his attention back to the ring, making sure CJ is still down. He is, although he's starting to stir, reducing the time Trent has left to make a decision. Redemption is reaching back and clawing at JC, who refuses to release the hold on the bruised, possibly broken shin of the masked man. Trent makes his decision, and that is to ignore Redemption! He steadies him and jumps down onto CJ Wylde...BLACKWINGED ANGEL!!!! Trent makes the cover with the last bit of energy he has while Ed Hawkersby makes the count!





Terra Skye: Holy shit! Trent ignored Redemption and won the match for his team!

Johnny Vegas: That idiot is in so much trouble now!

Terra Skye: Yeah but now who's going to stop JC? He could break the man's leg!

Ray Payne: I dun not know, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Isn't this what we have security for?

Trent pushes himself out of the ring and charges over to where JC, suddenly shoving him off of Redemption! JC is forced to release the hold or fall on his face, so he does and stumbles forward, then turns around and gets in Trent's face. The two begin yelling at each other and Redemption uses the ring barrier to pull himself to his feet, then he crawls over it and uses the arguing Rogues to slink away through the crowd, opting to fight another day after he gets medical attention. The entire roster of referees runs down to ringside, as does CW security, stopping another fight to break out post-match.

Terra Skye: Redemption doing the smart thing and getting away. Between the shot to the ring post off his missed finisher to being in that submission hold, he could risk further injury if he sticks around.

Johnny Vegas: I never said Redemption wasnt' smart, just that he was crazy.

Ray Payne: And now's the Rogues are fightins, yo!

Terra Skye: Well they're arguing, but security and referees are in the middle, stopping it from going beyond that.

Johnny Vegas: I get the feeling if those two really wanted to fight, our security couldn't stop them.

Trent says a remark to JC and opts to follow Redemption, hopping over the ring barrier and leaving through the Carnage Legion. JC can be seen cursing before he moves over and kicks the nearby ring steps, angry that he was denied vengeance on Redemption at this point in time. In the ring, CJ Wylde has pushed himself up to a a kneeling position, where Ed Hawkersby informs him of the result. Wylde too is angry, although it's unknown if it's at himself or JC for not even attempting to go in the ring and break up the count.

Final Scores[/u]:

CJ Wylde: 7.66
JC: 7.91
Redemption: 7.50
Trent Steel: 8.16

In Closing

Terra Skye: Well that was a real crazy match.

Johnny Vegas: This has been an absolutely terrible night. Prydor's back. Sinc's back, Trent Steel won a match...I'm gonna go get wasted.

Ray Payne: Aren't you drunk nows, yo?

Johnny Vegas: Not as much as I want to be.

Terra Skye: Either way the card for Season of the Witch seems to be set and at Chaos 42 we have a huge main event. JC will fight Brian Crucifix for the first time ever!

Johnny Vegas: Hell yeah! Crucifix will make him lose twice in a row!

Terra Skye: Ugh, and you'll be insufferable if that happens. Anyway, see you next time, everybody!

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  • JC & CJ Wylde vs. Redemption & Trent Steel - Joe
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  • Judges - Chuck & Barbie