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WE ARE RELENTLESS 2017 Results - Part One
« on: August 10, 2017, 10:02:07 PM »
WAR Pre-Show: A New Spokesman

Brian Crucifix and Robert Zodiac are seen backstage getting ready for their tag team championship defense later in the night.

Brian Crucifix & Robert Zodiac

Johnny Vegas walks past, and Crucifix hops to his feet out of push-up position.

Johnny Vegas

Brian Crucifix: Johnny, wait up a second.

Vegas turns to face Crucifix, who has a hand behind his back.

Johnny Vegas: Hey champs, was gonna wish you good luck in your match tonight and all, but I'm just real busy and all that with the pay per view, interviews, and all that.

Brian Crucifix: Thanks, I guess ...

Robert Zodiac: We didn't stop you for a 'good luck', though. Brian said we had a surprise for you, and we plan to deliver on that surprise.

Johnny Vegas: You mean right now? Come on guys, the show's about to start ...

Brian Crucifix: What are you gonna miss, Terra making an ass of her self for 15 minutes? Look, it won't take that long. What's your shirt size?

Johnny Vegas: I prefer not to say.

Robert Zodiac: Doesn't matter. Here, we bought you this.

Zodiac puts his hands out in front of him, revealing a black shirt with the C.O.N logo on it. Vegas stares down at the shirt, then back up at Brian and Rob.

Johnny Vegas: You bought me one of your shirts?

Brian Crucifix: Can't you see, man? We're letting you into C.O.N! Just think of it, the King of Baltimore, the two - time Rogue Killer in Robert Zodiac, The Savior of Truth and ... well, you! All you've got to do is help us out tonight. One night, and you can support us from the commentary table. Who knows? Maybe you can be like our Jeff Jarrett or something!

Johnny Vegas: I'm sorry boys, but I don't play guitar.

Robert Zodiac: Drinks will be on us.

Vegas grabs the shirt and slides into it.

Johnny Vegas: Looks like you two have yourselves a deal! I'll see ya' out there.

He's down, he's down
Step into my world and you won't come back
He's down, he's down
See how long you last once you've met your match
He's down and out
Pound for pound I'm gonna set you straight
He's down, he's down
When the clock runs down and it's make or break

And if you want it
You gotta take it
And I got it
So come and get it

No I won't quit, get over it, you'll never win
I will survive, I am relentless
And I will fight to stay alive cause you know I
I will survive, I am relentless
I am relentless

He's down, he's down
Don't step up unless you're ready to fall
He's down, he's down
You talk the talk, but I walk the walk
He's down, and out
Don't be caught cold with a sneak attack
He's down, he's down
I'm gonna bring the pain until you fade to black

And if you want it
You gotta take it
And I got it
So come and get it

No I won't quit, get over it, you'll never win
I will survive, I am relentless
And I will fight to stay alive cause you know I
I will survive, I am relentless
I am relentless

Now you're down on the ground
And you're down for the count
And you might get up
But you'll never get out
You'll never get out
You'll never get out
You'll never get out
You might get up, but you'll never get out

And if you want it
You gotta take it
And I got it
So come and get it

No I won't quit, get over it, you'll never win
I will survive, I am relentless
And I will fight to stay alive cause you know I
I will survive, I am relentless
I am relentless

Exclusively on the
August 6, 2017
The Carnage Arena - Baltimore, Maryland



Terrra Skye, Johnny Vegas & Ray Payne

Time Keeper:


Ring Announcer:

Kelly Carmichael


White Rey, Ed Hawkersby, Ref Jeff & Silent Cal

Of Mice and Men's "Relentless" continues to play over the speakers as the sold-out crowd in Baltimore is on their feet cheering as loud as possible for the night's action. Not even the late summer heat can keep the crowd from packing in like sardines, as it's clear there's not an empty seat in the house and it's packed to capacity.

At the announce table, Terra and Ray are already at their positions and Johnny Vegas finally makes his way from the back to join them.

Terra Skye: What in the hell are you wearing?

Johnny Vegas: Only the stylish t-shirt of the GREATEST TAG TEAM in Carnage Wrestling history!

Ray Payne: Dats a shirt for Mistah Zody and Mistah Crucy, yo.

Johnny Vegas: That's right! The best tag team champions we've ever had!

Terra Skye: Johnny, we've had like, three or four teams.

Johnny Vegas: And the C.O.N. could beat them all.

Ray Payne: Geesoos, Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: You guys should just learn to live with it, because after they take out Fatty, Protege of Fatty and whoever is teaming with Protege of Fatty, nothing will stop them from taking over this place!


Terra Skye: I don't know if I can take Vegas shilling for C.O.N. all night. I think I might have to start drinking.

Johnny Vegas: You touch my alcohol and I will cut you. Or better yet, I'll have Ragnarok cut you! He seems like the cuttin' type.

Ray Payne: Mebbies we should talks about the matchies, yo?

Terra Skye: Well we do have eight of them. All titles are on the line and we have three ultraviolent matches.

Johnny Vegas: It's going to be a GREAT night. The champs are going to keep their titles, Ragnarok will take out Wider...

Terra Skye: Wider?

Johnny Vegas: Don't make me explain the joke.

Terra Skye: We've also got two debuts tonight and they're kicking us off in the opening match!

Ray Payne: One of them looks like a doggy!


Match One: Rey Lobo vs. Scott Grayse

It becomes ominously quiet in the arena and everything goes black. The CarnageTron lights up showing blood dripping from a hammer, Scott Grayse's hammer known as Helen. "#BASH" is seen as "Reborn" by Stone Sour blares and the lights come on to see Scott Grayse standing on the ramp glaring into the ring.

Scott Grayse

Kelly Carmichael: The following is your opening contest at We Are Relentless and it is set for ONE FALL! Introducing first, from Cincinnati, Ohio...weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds...SCOOOOOOOTTTTT GRRRRAAAAAAAAAYYYYSSSE!

Grayse looks out into the legions of fans and forms a sick sadistic smile. He takes Helen and holds it up as he lets out a hortific yell. The Sinister Psychopath slides into the ring and stands in the middle raising both arms as red fireworks shoot off.

Johnny Vegas: Oh, fucking great. How the hell do we attract all the psychos?

Terra Skye: I'm told that Grayse is a veteran in the sport, with several titles in his history.

Ray Payne: Whys do he has dat hammer, yo?

Johnny Vegas: Did you not read the Tron? He wants to bash someone with it! Now I'm suddenly wishing he was in a match with Silva instead of this other new guy!

Terra Skye: He won't be able to use that hammer in this match, so it could be a way to intimidate his opponent.

Johnny Vegas: Plus, you know, he named the damn thing. What a freak.

A single wolf howl is heard over the sound system, followed by "Hungry Like the Wolf" by Duran Duran. Rey steps out of the curtain and raises a single arm, looking around the room for recognition from the crowd.

Rey Lobo

Kelly Carmichael: His opponent, from Bailey, Texas...weighing in at one-hundred and eighty-pounds....REEEEYYYYY LOOOOOBOOOOO!!!!

He walks down to the ring, high-fiving fans, but keeping his gaze on the ring the whole time. He hops into the ring and jumps on the middle turnbuckle in the southwest corner, throwing up finger guns and taunting to the crowd before jumping down and backing into the corner.

Ray Payne: Mistah Doggy!

Terra Skye: And now we have our other debut, Rey Lobo. This is not, however, his first match representing Carnage.

Johnny Vegas: Oh yeah, he didn't do shit at WrestleStock and we lost.

Terra Skye: He put up a fight and was unfortunately pinned, but now he gets a chance to actually compete in a Carnage ring.

Ray Payne: I likes him already.



The match begins with Lobo and Grayse shaking hands in the center of the ring. Grayse and Lobo lock up, and Lobo backs into the ropes. Lobo lets go of the hold and Grayse pats him on the chest. Lobo smacks Grayse in the face and gets him in a headlock. Grayse pushes Lobo in the ropes and bends down, looking to catch Lobo by surprise on the rebound. Lobo rebounds into Grayse and kicks him in the face. Grayse sits up and turns to Lobo, who smacks him in the face once again. Grayse elbows Lobo in the head and grabs him by the arm, locking in pressure. Lobo tries to fight the pain, but it is no use. Lobo rolls up to his feet and ducks under Grayse’s arm, using his free hand to push in on his elbow, forcing Grayse to let go of the hold. Grayse tries to grab Lobo again, but Lobo wraps Grayse’s arm behind his back and shoves him into the ropes. Grayse turns back to Lobo and hits him in the mouth with a forearm. Lobo retaliates with a headbutt, to which Grayse one-ups with a headbutt of his own.

Terra Skye: So far it seems like these two are evenly matched.

Johnny Vegas: They're both fucking' morons. One named his hammer and the other dresses like an animal.

Terra Skye: Have you seriously never heard of a luchador in your hundreds of years of walking the earth?

Johnny Vegas: I'm not THAT old!

Ray Payne: I hopes Mistah Doggy wins because he's looks like a doggy, yo.

Lobo hits the ropes and rebounds into Grayse with a jumping forearm. He kicks back up to his feet and turns around to see Grayse is also up to his feet, and is rocked with a backhand from his opponent! Grayse whips Lobo into the ropes and knees him in the gut. Lobo pushes Grayse away from him and returns with a bicycle kick! Grayse grabs Lobo and traps his leg with his arm. Grayse tucks Lobo’s head under his arm and lifts him up in the air, connecting with a fisherman suplex! Lobo rolls up to his feet and whips a charging Grayse into the ropes. Lobo falls to his hands and jumps back, looking for a handspring back elbow but Grayse catches him with a german suplex!

Terra Skye: And the veteran manages to avoid the elbow and take advantage!

Johnny Vegas: As it turns out, all that flying isn't doing shit for the wolf. And why is he a wolf anyway? Wolves don't fly!

Terra Skye: I guess you'd have to ask him that, Johnny.

Ray Payne: I feels like I'm the only one who likes dis mask.

Johnny Vegas: Because you are, you simpleton.

Lobo stands up in the corner, and Grayse connects with several strikes to the head and neck. Ref Jeff pulls Grayse off of Lobo, leaving Lobo with a little breathing room. Lobo meets Grayse in the center of the ring with a chop across the chest and hits the ropes. Grayse jumps up for a leaping Clothesline, but Lobo slides under it. Grayse turns to Lobo and shoots his foot out for a Last Call superkick. Lobo catches the kick and turns Grayse around and connects with a jumping knee strike! Grayse falls back into the ropes, and Lobo turns to the crowd, pointing out a pair of finger guns. Grayse kicks up to his feet and connects with a desperation dropkick, sending Lobo into the corner! Grayse backs into the opposite corner from Lobo and taunts to the crowd before charging at Lobo and lifting his foot up for a Yakuza kick. Lobo falls to the mat before Grayse can even hit him with the kick and grabs him into a roll-up!


TWO! Grayse rolls up to his feet and flips over into a roll-up on Lobo!


TWO! Lobo kicks out!

Terra Skye: An impressive sequence so far!

Johnny Vegas: Yeah but we've got seven matches after this so these two need to wrap it up.

Ray Payne: But none of thems is wearin aminal masks, yo.

Johnny Vegas: "Aminal? Did you seriously just say "Aminal?" What are you, 3?

Grayse gets back to his feet and turns around just in time to get kicked across the chest by Lobo! Grayse holds his chest in pain as Lobo hits the ropes, and Grayse connects with a high knee! Grayse lifts Lobo up, looking to drop him with an Omega Driver, but Lobo cartwheels out of Grayse’s grasp and drops him with a dropkick! Grayse kicks back up to his feet and lunges at Lobo, connecting with a hurricanrana that sends Lobo into the ropes. Grayse hits the ropes before kicking Lobo in the back of the head and pulling him up to his feet. Grayse looks around the arena before setting Lobo up for a piledriver, but Lobo falls back on his feet and connects with a back body drop on Grayse. Grayse gets to his feet, and is kicked in the chest by Lobo. Grayse gets up in Lobo’s face, neither man doing anything before Grayse spits in the face of Lobo and fires off with a forearm to the face of Lobo! Lobo connects with rapid fire forearms to Grayse, both men making sure they get enough fight out of the other. Grayse pushes Lobo away and goes for a discuss Lariat. Lobo lifts his foot up, kicking Grayse in the face, and slams him down with a falcon arrow. Grayse rolls onto the apron to get away from Lobo, but Lobo kicks him off the apron and down to the floor!

Terra Skye: I get the feeling Lobo is ready to fly.

Johnny Vegas: Wolves can't fly! It's biologically impossible.

Ray Payne: You is not a scientist, Mistah Johnnies.

Johnny Vegas: And you "is" not a thinker.

Grayse gets up to his feet as Lobo hypes up the crowd. He runs to the ropes before rebounding and charging toward Grayse, but Grayse hops on the apron and connects with a superkick as Lobo’s head makes it through the gap between the top and middle ropes! Lobo falls to the floor as Grayse taunts to the crowd. When Lobo gets up to his feet, Grayse runs towards the ringpost and uses it as a springboard, connecting with a moonsault on Lobo!!! Grayse pulls Lobo up to his feet and drags him over to the steel steps. He sets Lobo’s head on the top step and backs away from him. Grayse charges at Lobo before jumping in the air, looking for a curbstomp, but Lobo moves just in time! Grayse lands on the steps and jumps at Lobo, connecting with an enziguri! Lobo falls to the floor as Grayse bows down to the crowd. Grayse pulls Lobo up to his feet and rolls him under the bottom rope. Grayse hops on the apron and yells at Lobo to get up. Grayse jumps through the air, and Lobo catches him into a triangle choke!

Terra Skye: Lobo turned it around on the veteran with a submission hold!

Ray Payne: He got dat choke in good, yo.

Johnny Vegas: I'll admit it, the kid's got skill. Questionable fashion choices, but at least he's not dead yet.

Terra Skye: Damning with faint praise is better than your usual outlook.

Lobo holds Grayse in with all his might, but Grayse pushes himself up with everything he has, and drops Lobo with a powerbomb! Lobo rolls over to the corner, and Grayse falls right into his trap. As Grayse pulls Lobo up to his feet, Lobo wraps his arm around Grayse’s head and pulls him back, connecting with a mic check that causes Grayse’s head to bounce off the middle turnbuckle! Grayse holds his head in pain as Lobo taunts to the crowd. Grayse looks over at Lobo and taps him on the shoulder. When Lobo turns around, Grayse grabs him and drops him with the same move Lobo hit a moment ago! Both men are holding their heads, staring one another down. Grayse stands up and gets in Lobo’s face. Lobo waves at Grayse and hits the ropes and connects with a clothesline, but Grayse’s still standing. Lobo hits the ropes again and goes for another clothesline, and Grayse catches him with a codebreaker on Lobo’s arm! Lobo rolls around in pain as Grayse gets up to his feet and taunts to the crowd, pointing a finger gun at Lobo and yelling at him to get up. Grayse pulls Lobo to his feet and drops him with a piledriver! Grayse covers Lobo!



Thr..Lobo kicks out!

Terra Skye: Grayse almost had him there!

Johnny Vegas: Yeah and I think it's bothering him that he didn't.

Ray Payne: Mistah Doggy is tougher than that.

Johnny Vegas: How do you know? This is literally his first match!

Ray Payne: Cuz dogs are toughs, yo.


Grayse sits up in the middle of the ring, waiting for Lobo to get to his feet. Grayse charges at Lobo and lifts his foot up, but Lobo catches his foot and pushes Grayse down on the mat. Luke rolls up to his feet and spins around, connecting with a heel kick on the forehead of Lobo! Lobo hits the mat with a thud as Grayse climbs to the top rope, looking to make a name for himself. Lobo pulls himself up to his feet and runs up the corner, wrapping his arms around Grayse’s waist and connecting with an avalanche belly to belly suplex! Both men are down as Lobo covers Grayse!




Terra Skye: These two are competing like it's a World title match!

Johnny Vegas: Maybe we should enlist them to stop Amber Ryan from taking our World title tonight.

Ray Payne: Mistah Sabby gonna do that...can we just keep watchin Mistah Doggy!

Terra Skye: Yes, Ray. You can watch the puppy.

Ray Payne: Goodies.

Grayse sits up in pain as Lobo hits the ropes. He swings his foot out for a penalty kick, but Grayse falls to his back before the kick hits him! Lobo is swung around by the force of the kick, and Grayse grabs him in position for an Irish Curse, but Lobo elbows his way out of the hold! Lobo looks to the ropes and whips Grayse on the apron. Lobo charges at Grayse, but Grayse springs in with a slingshot spear! Grayse covers Lobo!


Lobo pushes Grayse off and rolls under the bottom rope. Grayse pulls himself to his feet and runs to the ropes, jumping over and connecting with a tope con hilo on Lobo, but Lobo catches Grayse mid-air and powerbombs him on the apron!

Terra Skye: Shit! Grayse just got dumped on his spine!

Johnny Vegas: Lobo is kicking ass tonight. I mean, Grayse is too, but I expected a psycho with a hammer to kick ass.

Ray Payne: Dat's because...

Johnny Vegas: I fucking know already. You think he's a dog. We get it!

Grayse hits the floor in pain as Lobo takes a breather. Grayse grabs Lobo by his foot and stands up, shaking his head. Lobo punches Grayse in the head and goes for an Enziguri, but Grayse holds onto Lobo’s foot and ducks under the kick! Grayse locks Lobo in an ankle lock and begins stomping away on the back of his head, yelling at him to give up. Lobo shakes his head and rolls under Grayse, sending his opponent into the barricade corner! Lobo gets to his feet and jogs towards Luke, lifting his foot and connecting with a yakuza kick! Grayse falls into the crowd, and Lobo pulls him up to his feet. Lobo drags Grayse over the barricade and drops him with a DDT on the floor! Grayse lays still as Lobo rolls Grayse into the ring. Lobo tries to grab Grayse, but Grayse rolls him up!




Terra Skye: If these two have their way, this match is going to go all night!

Johnny Vegas: I hope not. I have plans for after the show and want it to go by quickly.

Ray Payne: What plans?

Johnny Vegas: I have a very active social life.

Terra Skye: Drinking alone doesn't count!


Grayse gets to his feet as Lobo does the same, both men staring one another down before Lobo goes to grab Grayse by the waist, but Grayse locks him in a modified armbar! Lobo quickly escapes the hold and lifts Grayse up for a back suplex driver! Grayse is out in the middle of the ring as Lobo gets to his feet. He climbs to the top rope before flipping backwards through the air and connecting with a moonstomp on Grayse! Lobo goes for the cover!



THR...NO! Grayse powers out at the last minute!!! Lobo sits up in disbelief as Grayse sits up in the opposite corner.

Terra Skye: Lobo almost had Grayse there, but now they're back where they started!

Johnny Vegas: Who the hell are these guys? Whatever happened to brief debut matches against The Masked Debaters? WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS?

Both men get to their feet and charge at one another, Lobo going for a shotgun kick and Grayse going for a lariat, but both attacks miss! Lobo gets to his feet and charges at Grayse again, but Grayse grabs Lobo by the leg and goes to roll him up, but gets to his feet and connects with a superkick on Lobo, who shakes his head and stands on his feet before both Grayse and Lobo connect with superkicks on one another! Both men hit the mat hard, neither looking like they have anything left in them. Ref Jeff begins to count. 1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … 6 … 7 … 8 ... 9 … Both men use the ropes to get up to their feet! Lobo tries to sweep the legs of his opponent but Grayse jumps over the leg and drops an elbow on a grounded Lobo. Grayse beats down on Lobo before locking him in the anaconda vice! Lobo fights to escape the hold, but is unable to move! Grayse pulls back with all his might, and Luke lifts his arm! Is he going to tap out? NO! Lobo rakes the eyes of Grayse and gets to his feet! Both men are visually exhausted. Lobo connects with a forearm to the face of Grayse, who shakes it off and grabs Lobo, pulling him in for the short arm clothesline! Grayse covers Lobo!



TH-Lobo grabs the bottom rope!

Terra Skye: And now it's Grayse's turn to earn a nearfall!

Ray Payne: Go Mistah Doggy!

Johnny Vegas: Go anyone! I literally have no dog in this fight.

Ray Payne: I see what you did there, Mistah Jonnies.

Grayse looks down at Lobo in disbelief and drags him to the center of the ring. He pulls Lobo to his feet and attempts a second Seeds of Destruction, but Lobo falls under Grayse’s arm out of exhaustion. He gets back to his feet and wraps an arm around the head of his opponent and slowly steps up the ropes on the east side of the ring before reaching the top rope. Once he is there, he spins around, connecting with a tornado DDT! Lobo wastes no time, quickly ascending the nearest turnbuckle...he steadies himself and flips off, hitting Grayse with a 450 Splash!!

Terra Skye: Oh shit! He calls that The Great Feast!

Johnny Vegas: Fucker landed hard!

Terra Skye: Look! The cover!

Rey Lobo covers Grayse and hooks both legs, ensuring a win if he can. Ref Jeff counts...




Kelly Carmichael: Here is your winner...REEEEEYYY LOOOOOOBOOOOO!!!!


Johnny Vegas: I'll be damned, the kid pulled it off.

Terra Skye: Rey Lobo wins his debut match over a very game Scott Grayse. Really, this one could have went either way.

Johnny Vegas: You know they're going to rematch and when that happens I hope Grayse gets to bash him.

Ray Payne: Dats cruelty to aminals!


Lobo's hand is raised by Jeff and he slips out of the ring, not wanting to stick around for Grayse to get his hammer and seek revenge.

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WE ARE RELENTLESS 2017 Results - Part Two
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2017, 12:21:57 AM »

Match Two: Harry Hampton vs. Justin Jones

Terra Skye: Thank goodness Grayse is out of here. I hated having that hammer sitting near me.

Johnny Vegas: It was creepy. I think I saw dried blood on it.

Ray Payne: I dinks da hammer is a she, youse guys.

Johnny Vegas: Hammers don't have a gender!

Terra Skye: At least now we can get to our next match, whatever that is.

"Evil Ways" by Blue Saraceno hits the pa system as the lights goes out as Justin and Traci Jones comes walking out with the fans booing.

Justin Jones

Kelly Carmichael: This next match is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Toronto, Canada...he is the Canadian Badass...JUSTINNNNNNN JOOOOOONNNNESSSS!!!!

Justin is wearing his black hoodie with the hood up as the red spotlight follows them down to the ring. Justin doesn't even pay attention to the fans as he just slides in the ring and gets up. Walks around to the turnbuckle and sits in the corner.

Terra Skye: Justin Jones is making his return to Carnage after about a month away. His last match was a loss to Aiden Blake.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah and we haven't seen Blake since then. But Jones is back. So which one of the two is more dedicated?

Ray Payne: Mebbies Mistah Jons left because of da loss, yo?

Johnny Vegas: Or maybe he wanted to refocus himself and come back as a winner!

Terra Skye: Either way, he faces another younger talent tonight in...sigh....Harry Hampton.

The Carnagetron statics as the lights dim down, suddenly a countdown is shown on the tron.

Harry Hampton: Hae a guid day!

After Hampton's voice booms through the arena, The lights cut off as "Final Countdown" plays. A single spotlight hits the stage as Harry Hampton stands in it his back to the audience.

Harry Hampton

Kelly Carmichael: And his opponent...Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland. He is "The Scottish Hotty" Harry Hampton!

Wearing a leather jacket with the name Hampton on the back, An image of a lock hanging from the 'O'. He turns around holding his arms wide with thumbs up then he turns them down as fireworks go off behind him. He makes his way down the ring high fiving fans taking off his shades and putting them on one of the fans. He slides under the ring getting on his knees and extends his arms again as fans throw mini Scottish Flags into the ring.

Johnny Vegas: Hey look Terra, it's your lover!

Terra Skye: Would you please stop that? It got old months ago.

Johnny Vegas: What's the matter, has the romance lost its spark?

Terra Skye: There was never a romance there! Or a spark! Or anything!

The opening bell sounds and Hampton reaches his hand out to Jones to shake. The audience immediately boo this decision. Jones reaches out and grabs Hampton's hand and then short arm clotheslines him to the mat. Jones starts kicking the hell out of Hampton's ribs until Ref Jeff pulls Jones back. Jones is admonised by Ref Jeff and Jones responds by dropping an elbow into the throat of the downed Harry Hampton. He picks up Hampton and hip tosses him back first into the the turnbuckle pads!

Ray Payne: Why didn't Mistah Jonesy go for da handshakes, yo?

Johnny Vegas: Because he doesn't have time for that bullshit. Wrestlers don't get paid by the hour.

Terra Skye: I forgot about all those Carnage matches you've wrestled in.

Johnny Vegas: I talk to guys, I know things!

Ray Payne: I still thinks he should's polites, yo.

Jones goes to work on the downed Hampton quickly with a stomp to the throat. He picks up Hampton and sets him up for a lifting single underhook DDT. He connects. He then picks up Hampton and sets him up for a powerbomb, but instead of tossing him into the mat he tosses him back into the turnbuckle pads! The crowd winces at the hit. Jones quickly picks up Hampton and props him up on the top turnbuckle. Jones then climbs the turnbuckle and hits a Hurricanrana! Instead of going for the cover Jones goes for the ropes. Lionsault! Cover!

One...Ref Jeff stops his count as he sees Hampton has his foot on the ropes!

Terra Skye: Hampton going for the ropes early to prevent the pin!

Johnny Vegas: He can't be tired already...did you sex him too hard today?

Terra Skye: I didn't..ugh shut up!

Ray Payne: Mistah Hampty needs energy for wrestlins, Missus Terra.

Johnny Vegas: Haha! Tell her, Ray!


Terra Skye: Oh no, not you too!

Jones yells at the referee for a moment as Hampton tries to crawl to the corner to get back on his feet. Jones see's this out of the corner of his eye and waits for Hampton to get up only to superkick him back down to the mat! He grabs Hampton and hits a snap DDT! Jones does a cut throat motion and sets up Hampton for a piledriver! He hits it! He's calling for the end of this now by slapping Hampton into a sharpshooter! Hampton is screaming in pain as Ref Jeff asks if he wants to quit!

Terra Skye: Hampton has had a little trouble getting out of the blocks here, but then again, Jones is a veteran.

Johnny Vegas: And now he's going to make your boyfriend tap out.

Ray Payne: Mistah Jonnies, I think Missus Terra is really mads, yo.

Johnny Vegas: She's always mad at me.

Ray Payne: Yeahs, but now she's looking for her nail file.

Johnny Vegas: You keep that shit away from me!

The crowd starts chanting "Hotty! Hotty! Hotty!" as Jones just wrenches Hampton more. Hampton fines the intestinal fortitude to push himself up with his arms offsetting the sharpshooter and crawling towards the ropes with Jones still wrenching him. Ref Jeff counts...



Jones let's go of the hold. Then he doublestomps Hampton on the back of his spine! Jones starts to set up Hampton for the "Jones Effect", but Hampton counters out of it with a back body drop! The Scotsmas screams out as the fans pop loudly. Hampton points to Jones and wags his finger as Jones gets up and decks Hampton in the face. Hampton is unfazed as he starts unloading on Jones with lefts and rights and ending with a jumping double kick to the chest sending Jones into the turnbuckle pads!

Johnny Vegas: Hey Terra, you can put the weapon down, your boyfriend is winning!

Terra Skye: Johnny, I swear...

Ray Payne: Mebbies you should stops now, Mistah Jonnies...

Johnny Vegas: I've got liquor and she's got a nail file...who would win that fight?

Terra Skye: I could kick your old ass any day of the week!

Hampton starts giving Jones' a variety of chops to the chests, earning a "Guid Day" from the fans for each one he hits. After about the ninth one he decides instead to go for a dropkick sending Jones over the turnbuckle to the outside. Jones gets up and starts to walk if off until Hampton decides to suicide dive from the ring into Jones! Jones ducks it at the last second and Hampton hits the barricade head first!

Terra Skye: And now another counter, this time from Jones!

Johnny Vegas: He's winning because Hampton was too busy getting these idiots to play singalong!

Ray Payne: I liked sayins it, yo. Good Day!

Johnny Vegas: You're not even trying to use his accent!

Ray Payne: Good Day!

Johnny Vegas: Oh my god, stop it. You're embarrassing yourself. And me, by association.

Jones, quick to capitalize tosses Hampton back into the ring and then leaps over the top rope bringin his knee squarely on the back of Hampton's head! He starts wailing on Hampton's head with a fury of punches. Softening him up for his finisher! Jones goes to the top rope. Hampton starts to get up. Jones looks like he's going to for a shoulder check into the head of Hampton but at the last second Hampton hits a spinning European Uppercut! HARRY CUTTER! The fans pop loudly as Harry then sets up for the "Boot to Da Face"! Harry then drags Jones to the center of the ring. "Fall of Edinburgh"!

Terra Skye: Hampton's got that Anaconda Vice locked in! There may be no where for Jones to go!

Johnny Vegas: You would just love that, wouldn't you? Maybe he can take you out for haggis!

Terra Skye: Haggis? Isn't that...

Johnny Vegas: Oh no, that's just what he calls his penis!

Terra Skye: You fucking...

Ray Payne: Ref's checkin on Jonesy, yo!

Jones is refusing to tap out. Jones keeps fighting it and fighting it for a few minutes until he stops moving. Ref Jeff checks his arm.




Kelly Carmichael: Here is your winner as a result of a referee stoppage....HAAAARRRRYYYY HAAAAAAAAAMMMPTONNNN!!!

Terra Skye: Well, you don't see that finish every day!

Johnny Vegas: I can't believe it! Hampton actually got a win!

Terra Skye: And over Jones, who was taking the fight to him. Once again, it was another close contest!

Ray Payne: I dink mebbies we might be sayin' dat a lot tonight, yo.

Harry gets up a little worse for wear after that fight. His old ankle injury probably just now starting to register. He looks down at Jones who refused to tap out. Jones starts coming around and Harry waits for him to. Jones gets up and looks really pissed off as Harry holds out his hand again. Jones spits in his face and leaves the ring. Hampton just wipes it off and smiles as he basks in the cheers of fans. Jones and Traci head to the back with the veteran obviously upset that he lost to the younger Hampton.

Match Three: Ragnarok vs. Will Prydor

Terra Skye: Jones seems like has has a lot to prove here in Carnage.

Johnny Vegas: If he lost to someone like Hampton then yeah, he does.

Terra Skye: He's got talent so he'll be back for another go sooner or later.

Ray Payne: Now we has another match alreadies!

Kelly Carmichael:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall...AND IT IS A GRUDGE MATCH!

The crowd pops at this announcement, knowing what's about to happen and who they're about to see. The arena goes completely dark as the lights cut off, the Titantron lights up with static then shows Ragnarok hanging by his neck on a tree, swaying back and forth. Suddenly his head faces the camera as he raises a finger to the mouth area of his mask.


The titantron cuts off as Red Mist covers the stage. A shadowy figure is seen sitting Indian style. The lights cut off once more and when they turn back on Ragnarok is seen standing in the corner facing the turnbuckle. And simply stands there motionless.


Kelly Carmichael:  Introducing first...he is The Truth! The One Truth RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAGNNNNAAAAARRRROOOOOK!

The crowd boos Ragnarok for several moments before settling down again.

Terra Skye: This match is a grudge match because Ragnarok cost Will Prydor the tag team titles a month ago.

Johnny Vegas: It was fatass' own fault. He let go of the hold to chase after Ragnarok!

Ray Payne: Is you sayin' Mistah Cruci would have tapped?

Johnny Vegas: Of course not! But fatso didn't keep his eye on the ball!

Darkness engulfs the arena, not changing for a few seconds before the speakers finally come to life.

Get yourselves together!
Stand up and life your lives!
Get yourselves together!
Hands up, hands up high!

Kelly Carmichael:  And his opponent, from Allentown, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 273 pounds....WILLLLLLLLL PRRRRYYYYYYYYYDOOOOORRRRR!!!!

Sixx:A.M.'s Rise fully kicks in at this point, and a spotlight shines at the top of the entranceway to reveal Will Prydor, who lets out his traditional battle cry of For the Fallen to the rafters above.  Then, lowering his head to stare at the ring, one can see the focus intensify on his face as he strides to the ring in time with the beat of the song, preparing himself for yet one more battle in a career filled with them.

Will Prydor

Johnny Vegas: Here we fuckin' go. This self-righteous motherfucker getting into C.O.N's business.

Terra Skye: They interfered with him first!

Johnny Vegas: We're not going over this again, Terra. Blimpo's in the wrong.

Ray Payne: I dun think he's a blimp, Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: It's a figure of speech!

Ref Jeff signals for the bell to be rung as Ragnarok and Will Prydor make their way out of their respective corners, slowly inching towards one another but neither one showing any sign of backing down.  The two are right in each others faces trading insults just before they grab each other, Ragnarok grabbing Will by the back of the head and Will grabbing Raggy by the back of the mask as they start hammering away on each other for several seconds as the crowd begins to cheer this long-awaited showdown!  Ragnarok takes advantage by delivering a knee lift to the mid-section of Prydor, doubling him over before Ragnarok drops down and hits him with a stiff slap right in the side of the face of Prydor which stuns him long enough for Raggy to hop back up to his feet and grab him by the back of his head again before delivering a staggering european uppercut right underneath Wills chin.  This sends Prydor backwards into the ropes as Ragnarok pushes the attack by following up with a running forearm right on the jaw before landing a series of forearm shots.  Ref Jeff steps in to breakup the assault and Will takes advantage and begins firing back with alternating kicks to the mid section and forearm shots of his own, backing Ragnarok all the way across the ring and along the ropes into the corner by the ring steps.  The second Raggys back hits the turnbuckle, Will begins unloading with stiff shots to the top of his head that begin forcing Ragnarok to slump down in the corner as Ref Jeff allows the two to go at it unhindered.  Knowing the bad blood between the two men, Ref Jeff steers clear of Will when he comes out of the corner and rushes back with a gutteral scream, delivering a huge running back elbow in the corner that compacts Raggy!  Will drags Ragnarok out, knowing it might not be enough he still opts to go for the pin as Ref Jeff drops down into the count.



Ragnarok throws his left shoulder up after the two count as Ref Jeff declares it a two count.

Johnny Vegas:  Oh wow, look at fat boy go!  Someone must've offered him a tray of burgers if he wins.

Terra Skye:  Are you ever not a prick?

Johnny Vegas:  When I'm around people I like, and yes Ray, that means I have friends you dumbass so don't even fucking ask.

Ray Payne:  Ask whats, yo?

Johnny Vegas:  If I even have frie--GOD DAMN YOU!!

Terra Skye:  God, you're dumb Johnny.

Johnny Vegas:  Fuck you.

The focus shifts back to the ring as we see Will Prydor with a rear chin lock cinched in deep in the middle of the ring as Ref Jeff asks Raggy if he wants to give up, without a response Ragnarok begins attempting to shift his to the side as he breaks the leverage on Wills grip.  He works his way back up to one knee before delivering and elbow to the stomach of Prydor, and then throwing his legs out as reaches up and grabs Will by the head to connect with a jawbreaker that forces Will to break the hold.  With Will turned back-to, Ragnarok quickly gets back to vertical base and begins the assault with a front kick right to the back of the left knee of Prydor.  He staggers but does not fall as Ragnarok runs off the ropes and delivers a basement dropkick right to the back of the same knee that takes the big man off his feet and crashing to the mat as he grabs at his left knee.  We see a smile creep through the mask of Ragnarok as he begins hammering away at the knee of Prydor with everything he has before getting back up and stomping on it repeatedly as Will tries to pull himself to the ropes.  Ragnarok sees this and grabs his leg, turning him around so he can wrap Prydors left knee around the middle rope and press into it the crux of his knee with his foot as he pulls on his ankle in an attempt to tear muscles and ligaments in Wills knee.  Ref Jeff is forced to step in and tries to pry Ragnarok off Wills leg but when he can't he begins to administer the mandatory five count.  Ragnarok waits until Jeff hits 3 before he takes the extra second to quickly drop down to the mat, whipping Wills leg downward in the process as Will flails out of the ropes afterwards.  Ragnarok goes back in for the attack but Ref Jeff telling him he needs to stay back so he can check on Will and make sure he's able to continue.  Ref Jeff check to see if Will might be injured and Jeff informs him he has the medical team on stand-by ready rush out to his aid, but Will knows that and begins clawing his way back to a vertical base before telling the ref to have them stay back there for later on.  Ref Jeff insists on them checking on him but Will has had enough and is ready to take the fight back to Raggy as he stares daggers at Ref Jeff who then backs off and no longer continues to press the issue.  He backs out away from Will as he comes charging out of the corner to blast Ragnarok with a huge lariat as the crowd explodes for Will!

Johnny Vegas:  You have to give tubby credit, he was able to play possum well enough that even the ref was fooled into calling down the doctors and then he caught Ragnarok off-guard when he exploded out of the corner like that...probably from his own gas.

Terra Skye:  I doubt he was faking and really, Johnny?  I can't even deal with you tonight.

Ray Payne:  You havez to do ya jobz though, Miss Terraz.

Terra Skye:  Well then keep the crotchety old bastard away from me.

The attention turns back to the ring once again as Will Prydor lifts Ragnarok up by his mask before delivering a knee lift to the mid-section and tucking his head underneath his arm.  Will drapes Raggys inside arm around his neck before grabbing him by the waistband of the tights, lifting him up into the air but before he can commit the rest of the way for the suplex, Ragnarok shifts his weight and lands on his feet behind Will before drilling him the back of the head with a clubbing forearm.  Will is stunned temporarily as Ragnarok runs and springboards off the middle rope, catching Will just as he turns around with a dropkick right on the chin!  Prydor is sent crashing to the mat as Ragnarok scrambles to go for the pinfall, hooking the outside leg as Ref Jeff slides in for the count.



Will Prydor powers out with a defiant roar, throwing Raggy off of him completely before getting up onto his knees and staring right at Ragnarok who is also back to his feet.  Ragnarok stares right back at him as the two rush each other once again and begin pummeling each other with punch after punch, forearm after forearm until Will shoves him off into the ropes.  Ragnarok bounces off the ropes back first and is sent back towards Will who swings at him with a lariat but Ragnarok ducks underneath and catches Will in a rear waist lock.  Will tries to fight out but before he knows what's going on, his feet are off the mat as Ragnarok lifts the big man up and over with a snap german suplex that drops Prydor right on his head and neck as the crowd gasps collectively seeing Prydor folded up like an accordian!  Ragnarok takes this time to recover as he lays on the mat as well, forcing Ref Jeff to start the ten count.

Terra Skye:  Ragnarok showing his core strength right there, lifting Will Prydor completely off the canvas with that snap-like german suplex and Will looks dazed off of that judging from the way he landed!

Johnny Vegas:  Maybe he's winded from the match going for more than 2 minutes.

Ray Payne:  Mistah Prydorz has been in a lotta really long matches, yo.

Terra Skye:  Thank you, Ray.

Johnny Vegas:  Double teamed again by you two pricks.





Ragnarok begins to stir as he rolls over onto his front and begins to crawl toawrds the ropes for assistance while Will Prydor still lays flat on his back.




Ragnarok finally makes it back to his feet as Will is just now rolling over onto his front in the process of working his way back to his feet.  Raggy is recovering against the ropes when he notices Prydor up to his hands and knees before he takes off across the ring and divebombs onto Wills back with a running front flip senton, crushing Prydor back down to the mat as Ragnarok rolls off and positions himself by Wills head.  Raggy begins to lift him up by the back of his shirt before he tucks his head in between his legs, wrapping his arms around the waist of Will Prydor in a waistlock.  In a primal scream, Ragnarok somehown power Will Prydor up before slamming him back down with a sit out powerbomb.  Ragnarok rolls himself over on top of Will, hooking the outside leg as Ref Jeff slides in to count the pinfall attempt.




Ref Jeff declares it a two count as Will Prydor throws his shoulder up as Raggy falls backwards, clasping at his head with both hands in disbelief.  The crowd cheers for Will Prydor but this only fuels Ragnarok to continue the attack.  He quickly scrambles on top of Will and locks him in a side headlock before raining down punch after punch into Wills face as the crowd boos him.  Ref Jeff scolds Raggy for using closed fists but Ragnarok gets right up in Ref Jeffs face trying to intimidate him before turning his attention back to Prydor.  Prydor catches everyone off-guard when he pops up and quickly scoops up Raggy before drilling him with a ring-shaking spinebuster!  The fans roar in approval as Will lifts him back up and immediately transitions into a rear naked choke as he drops back down to the mat.  Prydors legs act like snakes as they wrap around and begins to squeeze the ribs of Ragnarok while the pressure around his neck intensifies.  The crowd is chanting for Raggy to tap out but he immediately starts assaulting the left knee of Prydor, who is unable to keep the submission in for long before the pain in his knee becomes too much and he lets Raggy go.  Ragnarok scambles away from Will as he recovers in the corner a good distance away.  Will begins working his way back up to his feet as does Raggy in the corner.  Will tries to get the feeling back into his leg before he attempts to charge Raggy in the corner, but Raggy runs out just enough to catch him with a basment dropkick to the left knee of Prydor, sending him face first into the middle turnbuckle before falling backwards as he is stunned.  Ragnarok rolls out onto the apron before he starts to climb up to the top rope.  He reaches the top just as Will Prydor gets to his feet.  Raggy stands straight up as he waits for Prydor to turn, and as he does so, Raggy jumps and turns, lands back on the turnbuckle facing backwards before he comes off with a beautifully excuted moonsualt but Will catches him on his shoulder!  Will quickly uses Raggys own momentum to spin around and drive Ragnarok down spine-first with a thunderous powerslam which causes the crowd to gasp collectively before erupting in cheers!

Terra Skye:  The fans are absolutely loving this match just as much as I'm enjoying calling the action here at ringside during this huge grudge match between Ragnarok and Will Prydor!

Johnny Vegas:  Why are you JUST NOW saying who it is?

Ray Payne:  For da peoplez just tuning in, Mistah Johnnyz.  I tot even youz woulda known dat.

Johnny Vegas: Really?  You 'tot' that?  Did you 'relish' the fact I didn't?

Terra Skye:  Will you PLEASE just SHUT UP JOHNNY?!

Johnny Vegas:  I will but sure as hell not because you asked me to or because your wrinkly old lips managed to mumble 'please' out through them.

Terra Skye:  I'm gonna kill him, Ray.  I am literally going to murder him...not today, but some day.  I will mount his head above my fireplace after I do so,  but only after i've ripped his head off and shoved it up his ass.

Ray Payne:  .....

Johnny Vegas: .....That doesn't even--


Commentary falls dead quiet as Will does not attempt a pinfall, but instead opts to lift Ragnarok back to his feet before he lifts him up in an Argentine Rack position, Raggy knows what is happening though and manages to slide down the back of Will, both men turn around and nail each other in the face with simulatenous jaw-rattling forearm shots!  Both of them stagger backwards into the ropes behind then before they come back towards each other.  They both deliver another pair of simultaneous stiff forearm shots, but this time it's Raggy who is sent back into the ropes as Will continues to push forward, hitting Raggy with another forearm after he rebounds off the ropes a second time.  Raggy bounces off the ropes a third time but this time ducks underneath of the forearm to duck behind Will.  Raggy takes off in a dead sprint before he springboards off the middle ropes and turns around to catch a now front-facing Will Prydor with a Ragna-canrana that sends Prydor stumbling chest first into the turnbuckle.  Ragnarok waits for Will to turn around before he jumps and wraps his hands around the back of Wills neck, bringing his knees up into his face before dropping backwards to the mat with a sickening codebreaker that flattens Will!  Ragnarok wastes no time in trying to roll the big man over onto his back before hooking the inside leg as Ref Jeff slides into the pinfall once again to count.



Will Prydor is able to throw is outside shoulder up as Ref Jeff declares it a two count!  Ragnarok is in utter shock as he lays on his back, once again clasping both hands over his head before he slowly drags them down over the face of his mask.  Raggy is wondering what he needs to do when he sits up suddenly as if he just got an idea before he stands up the rest of the way and grabs Wills left leg afterwards as Raggy tries to drape it over his neck, possibly going for Will Prydors own Eternal Requiem submission maneuver!  As Ragnarok is trying to lock it in, Prydor begins pulling his leg back in towards his chest before bringing his other foot up and uses all of his leg power to shove Raggy off but right into Ref Jeff which sends him into the corner by mistake!  Ref Jeff falls to the mat and Ragnarok falls backwards, rolling over onto his front before adjusting his mask just to be safe.  Will Prydor moves over to Ragnarok and bends over to grab him but right as he does so Raggy catches his with a slap right to the face.  This stuns Will and forces him to stand back upright and stumble back slightly.  Ragnarok quickly pops back up to his feet just as Will goes back in to press the offensive Ragnarok lifts his mask up past his mouth to spit a mysterious red mist into the face of Will Prydor as he immediately grabs at his eyes!  Ragnarok wastes no time in climbing to the nearest turnbuckle and ascending to the top rope.  He waits for Will to turn around before he jumps around backwards, springboards off and catches him around the head as Ragnarok lands on his feet behind him before dropping to the mat with a reverse ddt, spiking Will head first again with the Fools Repentance!  Ragnarok floats over into the pin and hooks both legs, but Ref Jeff is still out!

Terra Skye:  Ragnarok just spit some sort of mist into Wills face and then dropped him with a devastating Fools Repentance!  This man won't stop until he's not only beaten but humiliated Will Prydor!

Johnny Vegas:  YES!  Count you dumbass, do your job!

Ray Payne:  It's kinda hardz to do ya job when youz got knockeded out, yo.

Johnny Vegas:  Are you fucking with me?  'Knockeded' out?  You are so fucking dumb.

Terra Skye:  Leave Ray alone!

Ragnarok rolls off of Prydor to drag Ref Jeff over and wake him up to count the pinfall attempt as he hooks both legs again.  Ref Jeff slowly starts his count.




Will Prydor digs down deep to throw his right shoulder up off the mat defiantly.  Ragnarok is throwing a tantrum in the ring before he gets in Ref Jeffs face, arguing the two count.  Ref Jeff sticks to his guns and does not allow Raggy to intimidate him.  This gives Will enough time to recover, getting himself back onto his hands and knees.   Ragnarok turns his attention back to Prydor just as he stands back upright, but Will catches him around the waist before he heaves him up overhead with a surprise belly-to-belly that sends Raggy directly into the ring ropes, dropping him on his head and neck!  Ragnarok lays motionless as Will drags him out into a pinfall attempt.  Ref Jeff slides in to count the pin as Will hooks the inside leg as the crowd begins to chant.



THIS IS AWESOME! clap clap clap-clap-clap THIS IS AWESOME! clap clap clap-clap-clap THIS IS AWESOME! clap clap clap-clap-clap

Ragnarok barely manages to get his shoulder up as Ref Jeff informs Will that he must break the pin.  Will acknowledges the ref and does so, rolling off of Raggy before getting back to his feet.  Will grabs Ragnarok from behind by the mask, dragging him up to his feet.  Suddenly Ragnarok pops up and catches Prydor on the top of the head with a pele kick that stuns him, forcing him to stagger backwards.  Ragnarok quickly pops back up and rushes Will while he's off balance and catches him with a second codebreaker, driving both knees into Wills face as he drops to the canvas beside him.  Ragnarok does not stand up right away nor does he go for a pinfall, but instead rolls himself out onto the middle of the apron where he opts to finally get to his feet.  He grabs the top rope before he slingshots himself up onto it before he leaps off, performing an incredible 450 splash, landing right on top of Will Prydor with what Ragnarok calls the Archived Soul!  The impact is so great that it forces Raggy to roll off and recover briefly before going back in for the pinfall, hooking both legs just as Ref Jeff slides in to count the pinfall attempt




Will Prydor with everything he has, kicks out with another defiant roar only this time he immediately gets to his feet and begins pummeling away on Ragnarok!  He forces Raggy all the way back into the corner before he straight throws him back out with a huge biel toss, sending Raggy almost the entire way across the ring, he wastes absolutely no time as he moves over to Raggy quickly before he drags him up off the mat and lifts him up on he shoulder in an Argentine Rack position, only this time he spikes Raggy with the Immolation!  Ragnarok lands on the back of his head and neck again only he flips over onto his chest this time inadvertently away from Prydor.  Prydor musters up all his strength to crawl over to the cover as he rolls over Ragnarok and drapes his arm over his chest before Ref Jeff rushes to drop down into the pin count as the crowd is going ballistic!  The crowd counts with Ref Jeff as he counts the pinfall because they're certain Will has just put Ragnarok away for the finish!





Will Prydor rolls off of Ragnarok, almost getting frustrated but still able to maintain his cool after a few moments.  He gets up onto his feet and grabs Ragnarok by the left ankle, trying to pull Ragnarok out away from the ropes but he has a firm grip on the bottom rope.  Will finally exerts his strength and rips him out away from the ropes.  Prydor presses Raganroks left leg into the mat before he begins stomping on the ankle over and over again.  Ragnarok finally gets free after over a half dozen stomps to the ankle.  Ragnarok tries crawling away before Will grabs him around the legs and lifts him up for a powerbomb.  Ragnarok begins fighting back and hits Will with a series of right hands before he is able to shift his weight at the last moment and send Will tumbling out through the ropes with a hurricanrana.  Prydor spills out beside the steel steps before he drags himself up against them to recover.  He isn't allowed any time though as Ragnarok rolls out on the other side, still recovering from that Immolation he was spiked with.  Ref Jeff is lenitent with his countout due to the bad blood between Will and Raggy.  Ragnarok shakes the cobwebs out before he takes off towards the steps, leaving his feet and dropkicking the top set of stairs right into the back of Wills head and shoulderblades!  Ragnarok lands awkwardly on his shoulder and almost injures it as he gets up holding his left arm, working his way around to where Will is laying.  Ragnarok stands over the fallen Prydor before he steps on the back of Wills neck briefly before stepping over him using his neck as Will screams in pain as the crowd starts chanting once more.

Terra Skye:  Ragnarok has absolutely no regard for the health and well-being of WIll Prydor!

Johnny Vegas:  His health and well-being are probably shitty anyway, anything Ragnarok does can only be an improvement.

Ray Payne:  Why do youz always have to be such a buzzkillz, yo?

Johnny Vegas:  Because shut up and call the match so I can go home!

Ragnarok grabs Will arounds the head and drags him up, tossing him back into the ring as he climbs up onto the apron.  Ragnarok gingerly scales the turnbuckles before adjusting himself to the middle turnbuckle on the inside of the ring.  He waits for Will to stand up before he jumps off, catching Prydor right in the back of the neck with a stiff flying knee strike, sending Will crashing to the mat but also causing Ragnarok to grasp at his left ankle.  He is unable to capitalize immediately due to his ankle but is still able to roll WIll over into the pin, hooking the outside leg as Ref Jeff slides in to count.



Will Prydor throws his outside shoulder up just before Ref Jeff hits the mat for a third time as he declares it a two count.  Ragnarok rolls off onto his chest, clasping his hands over the back of his head.  Ragnarok wastes little time though as he goes to pick Will Prydor up when Will reaches out and picks the left leg of Ragnarok before sending him down with a dragon screw leg whip.  Will refuses to let go of Ragnaroks leg however and trasitions right into his signature Blaze of Glory ankle lock submission!  Ragnarok begins trying to crawl to the ropes but Prydor quickly drops to the mat, grapevining his legs around the knee of Raggy to prevent him from crawling!  Ragnarok is fighting with everything he has not to tap out before he reaches up and starts bashing Wills left knee, eventually fighting out of the hold before rolling out of the ring as the crowd boos him.  Will Prydor is not about to let him get away as he rolls out after him.  Will lifts Ragnarok up but Raggy drives his fingers into Prydors eyesockets, forcing him backwards before Raggy starts working his way around to the other side of the ring.  Will is not about to let that happen though as he gives pursuit.  He catches up with Ragnarok quicker than Raggy would've hoped for, spinning him around but Raggy uses this to catch Will with a right hand underneath the jaw, but Will fires back with a big boot that sends Raggy spine first into the ring post!  Ragnarok drops the floor ohn the outside before Will picks him up and rolls him back in the ring, rolling in afterwards.  Will Prydor wastes little time in lifting Raggy back to his feet and back up onto his shoulders for a second Immolation, but just as quickly as he lifts him, two figures rush into the ring from behind after jumping the barricade, assaulting Will as Ref Jeff signals for the disqualification upon seeing Zodiac and Crucifix attack Prydor!  The crowd begins booing immensly as Will Prydor is declared the winner by DQ.

Kelly Carmichael:  Here is your winner by Disqualification...WILL PRYDOR!

Terra Skye:  Are you fucking serious?!  Will was literally seconds away from beating Ragnarok when those two had to ruin things again!

Johnny Vegas:  Ruin?!  They just saved this match from ending in the worst way possible with Will winning clean!

Ray Payne: Dose two really needz to mind their ownz businessez, yo!

Johnny Vegas:  Ray will you shut up and let me enjoy this?!


Ray Payne:  Dats right Boy, dey always waitz until dey want to jump someonez and den boom, dere dey arez!

The crowd continues to boo as Zodiac and Crucifix continue to club and stomp away on Will.  They signal for Ragnarok to lift him, and Ragnarok drags Will up to his knees as Zodiac and Crucifix line up in opposite corners.  They both sprint out simultaneously, with Zodiac catching Will from one side with a running knee and Crucifix from the other with a superkick.  Ragnarok watches as Will crumbles to the mat, an evil smirk being shown through his mask before he signals for them to lift Will up and they do so.  Ragnarok lifts Will up onto his shoudlers and is held there with the help of Crucifix and Zodiac due to his left ankle, but he isn't held there for long as Zodiac and Cruifix both assist Raggy in hitting a devastating Sudden Silence that sends Will crumbling to the mat as the crowd boos them relentlessly before beginning to chant.


Zodiac and Crucifix both drop down and roll out of the ring, awaiting Ragnarok who is favoring his left ankle as the three of them head to the back with the official result being Will Prydor winning by disqualification due to outside interference.

Match Four: Aries Reed vs. 'Outcast' Christian Cain

Terra Skye: Well that was a clusterfuck.

Johnny Vegas: But at least the wrong man didn't win.

Ray Payne: Mistah Willy did wins, doh.

Johnny Vegas: DQ's don't count!

Terra Skye: In the record books it's going to show Ragnarok with a loss and Prydor with a win, regardless of what you say.


The lights go out and the arena is completely black. As I’m broken kicks in a light flashes on in the entrance way and illuminates Outcast. Water drips off of his body from his hair and down his shoulder. Outcast then quickly moves into the crucifix pose and the lights fully flash on and Outcast begins walking to the ring.

Christian Cain

Kelly Carmichael: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Baltimore City Title...Introducing first...the challenger..from Waco Texas..."Outcast" Christian Cain!

Terra Skye: "The Outcast" looks focused tonight.

Ray Payne: He looks pretty focuzed most nights, but it tis instense tonight.

Johnny Vegas: I just hope these two tear each other apart.

Boy: Lisa Lamponelli is a vice around my potatoes.

Terra Skye: ...

Ray Payne: ...



Kelly Carmichael: And his opponent...

The opening rant Jay-Z gives to begin "Public Service Announcement" begins, the crowd jeering as Aries Reed emerges from the entrance way! In a long black jacket and sunglasses, he smirks as he slowly takes the walk down the small ramp to glance over the crowd before chuckling.

Aries Reed

Kelly Carmichael: ...hailing from Atlanta, Georgia...He is the Silver Tongued Devil...He is your current Baltimore City Champion...He is  ARIES REED!

Without hesitation, he makes his way to the ring, all before hopping onto the apron and wiping his boots off before stepping into the ring. He quickly reaches a corner and climbs the turnbuckle to get a reaction, only getting jeers before he hops down and sneers as he starts getting himself ready for the match mentally.

Terra Skye: Aries has worked hard to get where he is in Carnage and I don't see him backing down tonight.

Ray Payne: He's a tough guy. I'm sure it'll be a great fight between des two.

Johnny Vegas: I just want blood!

Boy: Dyhydrogen Oxicide is dangerous to deserts made of shortcake.

Aries Reed and Christian Cain circle the ring, both man looking for an opening. Aries grabs Cain by the wrist and pulls him in for a headlock. Cain reaches in Reed’s face, trying to get him off of him, but Reed locks in tighter. Cain lifts Reed off the ground for a moment, but Reed falls feet-first on the mat, keeping the head of his opponent wrenched. Cain backs into the ropes of the east side of the ring, pushing Aries towards the west side. Aries rebounds off the ropes of the west side and ducks under a clothesline from Christian Cain. He turns and boots Outcast in the gut, looking for a DDT. Outcast wraps his arm around the waist of Reed and pulls him up for a northern lights suplex, letting go before he can bridge into the pin.

Terra Skye: Outcast knew not to go for the pin this early.

Ray Payne: Smart move.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah making the pain last longer. Good plan. BUST HIM OPEN!

Boy: Ripping into his soul like confetti cheesecake of delicious denmark.

Johnny Vegas: That almost made sense.

Ray Payne: Mista Johnny's starting to crack yo...

Johnny Vegas: I haven't done crack since...shut up!

Aries kips up to his feet and hits the ropes. Cain grabs a rebounding Reed and attempts to flip him into an irish curse, but Aries flips through onto his feet! Aries uppercuts Cain and pushes him into the northwest corner. Aries backs away from Cain before charging back at him, jumping into the air and connecting with a big splash. Cain grabs the ropes, holding himself up, and Aries attempts a second splash! Aries jumps in the air, and Cain moves out of the way! Aries hits his head on the top turnbuckle, and Outcast with the german suplex! Cain turns to Reed and swings his foot around, but the champ falls back. Aries grabs Cain and pulls him into a schoolboy!



Terra Skye: He's got him!

Cain rolls through the hold, grabbing the champ in a Coquina Clutch! Aries Reed frantically looks around the Carnage arena, trying to find a way to escape the hold. Aries Reed grabs the leg of referee White Ray, pulling him down. Ray looks at Reed and goes to DQ him, but Cain lets go of the hold and gets in Ray’s face! Reed scoots into the northwest corner as Ray and Cain yell at one another. Reed gets to his feet and yells at Cain. When Cain turns, Reed shoots his leg out, connecting with a vicious kick to the jaw! Cain turns back around from the force of the kick, and Reed connects with a leaping neckbreaker!

Ray Payne: Almost had 'em der.

Johnny Vegas: Reed isn't going to go out that easily! Come on you idiots! Hurt each other!

Boy: Spinebender purpose to finland chain.

Reed taunts to the crowd before pulling Outcast to his feet. He whips Outcast into the ropes and catches him on the rebound with a high knee, grabs him on the wrist, and connects with a stiff wristlock forearm. Outcast rolls out of the ring, but Aries backs away to the opposite side, holding the top rope. Reed lets go of the rope and begins hyping the crowd up before charging at the ropes and flying into Christian Cain with a suicide dive! Cain falls back into the barricade shoulder first, and Aries sees this. Reed pushes himself up to his feet and grabs Cain. Cain punches Reed in the gut and tosses him into the crowd! Cain jumps on the barricade as Reed gets on his hands and knees. Cain jumps off the barricade, landing foot-first on the back of Reed’s head, connecting with a Curbstomp on the floor!

Terra Skye: Ouch!

Ray Payne: 'Es gonna be feelin' dat tomorrow.

Johnny Vegas: Make him bite the curb!


Cain dumps Reed on the right side of the barricade, and follows him. Outcast slides halfway under the bottom rope, then dips back out. Cain grabs Reed by the head. He drags him over to the steel steps, and raises a single arm, but Aries pushes him shoulder-first into the ringpost! Outcast grips his shoulder in pain as Reed gets up to his feet, punching Outcast in the jaw. Reed rolls back into the ring, and Outcast follows. Outcast smacks Aries Reed across the face, and Reed returns with a punch to the jaw! Outcast punches Reed back, and explodes with a fury of strikes to the head and neck! Reed catches one of Outcast’s swings, and wraps him into a cross armbreaker, applying more pressure to the right shoulder of Cain!Reed pulls back as hard as he can, the pain from Outcast can be seen by the look on his face. Reed stomps away at the shoulder of Outcast before Cain grabs the bottom rope with his left arm, but Reed continues to hold on!

1 … 2 … 3 … 4 …

Aries Reed lets go of his hold on Cain, who rolls onto the apron to check on his shoulder. Reed gets to his feet and hits the ropes, running back and dropkicking Cain in the shoulder, sending him to the floor! Reed goes for another dive, but he lands in the arms of Christian Cain! Cain flips Aries Reed up before dropping him with a Money Clip on the apron! Both men lay on the outside, clutching their shoulders. Cain sits up, leaning on the barricade. Reed sits up next to the apron, and both men pull themselves up to their feet. Reed connects with a forearm to the face of Christian Cain, knocking him into the barricade. Reed backs into the apron and charges at Cain, flipping forward into a cannonball senton that knocks the barricade over!

Johnny Vegas: HOLY SHIT!

Terra Skye: These two are going all out to settle who is going to claim that title, but is it worth all of this?

Ray Payne: Of course it is to des two guys.

Johnny Vegas: Well the front row just became the nosebleed section if they didn't get out of the way quick enough.

Boy: Barracuda swims north upstream.

Both men are down as White Ray gets to the count of 7. Aries slowly gets to his feet and rolls into the ring at 9, then sliding out as White Ray is about to say 10, barely breaking the count! Reed pulls Cain up to his feet and rolls him under the bottom rope. Reed climbs to the top turnbuckle in the southeast corner, and jumps off, connecting with a frog splash! Aries hooks his opponent’s leg!



Christian Cain powers out!

Terra Skye: Close but no cigar!

Aries gets to his feet and backs into the corner, waiting for Outcast to get to his feet. When he does, Reed hops forward, twisting his body as he does, and connects with a rolling elbow! Cain doesn’t fall, and Reed pulls Cain on his shoulders for a lungblower, but Cain connects with a hurricanrana into the pin!



Reed quickly kicks out!

Ray Payne: Almost got him!

Both men stare one another down as the Legion watches on. Reed gets to his feet and lifts Cain back up for a lungblower attempt, but Outcast falls to his feet and pulls Reed up in position for one of his own! Reed falls out just as Outcast did, but goes for a german suplex! Cain lands on his feet, looking for a roundhouse kick. Reed ducks under the kick and lifts Outcast up for a falcon arrow! Reed throws an arm up as he goes to cover Cain, but Cain moves out of the way! Reed begins to curse under his breath as Christian Cain pulls himself up to his feet. Reed gets up on his knees, and Cain kicks him across the side of the head! Cain climbs to the top rope and turns his back to Reed. Aries kips up to his feet and pushes Outcast down, making him land crotch-first on the top turnbuckle! Aries climbs to the top turnbuckle and lifts Cain up, dropping him on the back of the neck with a reversed Frankensteiner from the top rope!

Aries Reed falls into the cover!





Boy: Like a fish I fly away

Ray Payne: One fish.

Terra Skye: Two fish.


Aries Reed looks down at Christian Cain, then up at White Ray, Reed’s eyes seem to be almost bulging out of his head as he shakes his head in disbelief. Aries Reed pulls Outcast to his feet and pushes him into the north side ropes. He knees him in the gut several times, then hits the ropes. He runs back and connects with a flying knee in the gut of Christian Cain, then tosses him to the mat. Cain gets to his feet, and Aries goes for a superkick. Cain moves out of the way of the kick, and grabs Aries, slamming him down with a half nelson suplex!Aries sits up on his knees, and Cain kicks him across the chest! He reels back and kicks him again! Now a third time! Cain backs away for a moment before shaking his head and connecting with a buzzsaw kick to the side of the head of his opponent! Cain falls into the cover!



Reed kicks out!

Terra Skye: Despite how you feel about either of these guys they are definitely giving this crowd their money's worth tonight.

Ray Payne: No doubt about dat.

Johnny Vegas: Well I paid nothing to get in and I demand a refund if I don't see some more violence!

Boy: God of Peace Outclassed by Abel.

Christian Cain gets to his feet and pulls Aries Reed up with him. Cain whips Aries into the corner, and slowly makes his way over to him. Cain beats on Aries, screaming at him as he does, then runs into the northwest corner, then turns back to the southeast corner, going at a jog now as he jumps up and connects with a knee to the chin of Aries, turns him around, and grabs him by the waist. Aries looks behind him, realizing White Ray isn’t paying close enough attention, and sends his foot back, kicking Christian Cain in the crotch! Aries turns Outcast around and throws him into the turnbuckles with a dragon suplex!  Christian Cain hits the mat hard as Aries Reed looks out to the crowd, grinning. He backs into the ropes and leans back, spreading his arms out as he does but is met with an uppercut from Christian Cain, sending Aries over the top rope and down to the floor.

Terra Skye: Whoa! I thought they were coming over here for a moment.

Ray Payne: Nah, Johnny's breath keep 'em at...Uh oh!

Johnny Vegas: My breath is not that...Oh shit!

Boy: Ba dah da dah dahhhh

Aries backs away from the ring, hopping over the barricade and holding his chin. Outcast hops on the apron and looks behind him before jumping on the top rope and shooting back into the first row, and Aries Reed, with an Asai Moonsault! Cain sits up in pain, gripping his right shoulder as he makes it to his feet. Cain rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring, still gripping his shoulder and backing into the south east corner. Aries Reed climbs over the barricade and walks over to the ringpost on the outside of the ring. Reed slides in the ring right by Outcast and dodges a boot. He gets to his feet and punches Outcast in the gut. Outcast headbutts Reed, causing him to back away. Cain lunges at Reed, but Reed grabs him by his tights and his hair, spins him around, and throws him shoulder-first into the ringpost under the top turnbuckle, and rolls Outcast up!

1 … 2 … Outcast kicks Aries Reed into the turnbuckles!

Terra Skye: How much more can either man take!

Ray Payne: Dis is taxing both of their skills.

Johnny Vegas: Skill? What skill? Hit guy. Make guy bleed. Don't get hit by other guy. Sounds simple.

Boy: All around the world the alacatraz eagle parts the spleen.

Outcast gets to his feet as Aries Reed turns to him. Reed grabs Cain and whips him into the ropes. Outcast rebounds before hopping into the air and landing a mushroom stomp on his opponent! Cain and Aries are both exhausted, neither man looks like they have much left in them. Cain sits up in the northwest corner of the ring, as Aries Reed does the same in the South east corner. Both men stare one another down, neither moving a muscle. Outcast stands and walks over to Aries, holding his hand out to him. Aries stands and shakes Outcast’s hand, but flips into a cross armbreaker once again! Aries wrenches back on the arm of Outcast, screaming at him as Outcast tries to fight out of the hold!

Terra Skye: He's fighting hard, but how much longer can he last?

Johnny Vegas: Break his arm and find out!

Aries keeps shaking his head, feeling the match’s end slowly approaching. Aries kicks Cain in the shoulder with the heel of his boot and pulls back on his arm as far as he can, continuing to scream at him. Outcast uses his good arm and pushes himself onto his knees. He stands, scoops Aries up with his good arm, and uses every last bit of strength he can muster to throw him over the top rope, but Aries doesn’t let go! All of Aries’ weight falls with him, putting an unimaginable amount of pressure on the shoulder of Outcast. Outcast yells out in pain as Aries continues to scream at him. White Ray begins to count for the hold to be broken, but realizes that if Outcast lets go of the hold, serious injuries could be on the horizon for Aries Reed with a 5 foot drop and a landing on the back of his head. White Ray rolls out of the ring and pries Aries Reed off of the arm of Christian Cain, but the damage has already been done. Aries grins as Outcast falls to the mat, gripping his arm and his shoulder. White Rey checks on Christian Cain, asking him if he wants to continue the match.

Ray Payne: No one would tink less of 'em if he quit.

Johnny Vegas: I wouldn't...I didn't think much about him to begin with.

Terra Skye: You're a real peice of work Johnny.

Boy: Two fifdy catch him inside for time of badness.

Johnny Vegas: I swear if that was something sexual I'll...I'll find out what it was first and then decide to smack you.

Cain nods to Ray, and yells for Aries to get back in the ring. Aries slides in from the east side and stands up, but is instantly kicked in the side of the head! Aries stumbles, then Cain uses his left arm to pull Aries in for a back suplex driver! Aries rolls to his knees, and Outcast bursts into him with a penalty kick!

Ray Payne: Da Mista Cain looks like he'z lost it.

Terra Skye: Is it euphoria from the pain or sadistic nature kicking in?

Johnny Vegas: Yes! YESS!!! GO FOR IT!!!

Boy: Timewarp to the future!

Cain looks as if he’s a rabid animal as Aries Reed pulls himself to his feet. Cain charges at Aries and knees him in the face! Aries falls to the mat, blood beginning to stain the mat as Outcast uses his good arm to flip him over into the cover, but thinks better of it. Cain pulls Aries up by the hair using only his left arm, and sets Aries on the second turnbuckle. Cain grabs Aries with both arms after three attempts and sets him up in position for the Burnout. He lifts but is unable to hold on due to his hurt shoulder. Aries grabs Outcast by the wrist and yanks downward, causing Cain to land right on the bad arm! There is an audible pop picked up by the camera as Cain yells out!

Terra Skye: Oh god, I think he may have separated the man's shoulder!

Johnny Vegas: There ain't no coming back from that one!

Ray Payne: He's been fightins wit one arm so fars, yo.

Both men are down. Cain tries to push himself up with his good arm but he's moving slower as the bad arm dangles like a limp noodle. He seems to be in too much pain to think straight, which Reed capitalizes on by hitting the lungblower from behind he calls the 3 Second Delay! Reed wastes no time in tying up Cain's good arm behind his back and rolling him over, hooking the legs for a variation of a cradle! Cain can't push out of it due to what may be a dislocated shoulder!




Kelly Carmichael: Here is your winner and STILL the Baltimore City Champion....AAAAARRRIIIIIEEESS REEEEEEEEEEEEED!

Reed slides out of the ring and demands his title, as Cain manges to get himself up. He glares at his opponent, cursing loudly as his injury let him down.

Terra Skye: Aries Reed pulls off another one, making his second defense in his second title reign!

Johnny Vegas: I knew he could do it! Now it's onto the next challenger!

Ray Payne: Outcast looks mads, yo.

In the ring, White Rey is trying to check out Christian Cain's arm, as well as an EMT, but he refuses medical attention. He pulls himself out of the ring and walks to the back holding his shoulder, with the fans actually starting an OUT-CAST chant due to the gutsy effort.

Terra Skye: Yeah, you have to feel bad for him. He got hurt early in the match and Reed capitalized. If he heals up quick and gets back, he might be able to win that title yet.

Johnny Vegas: I knew Reed would win all along but I have to admit, Cain looked like a badass.

Ray Payne: Hopes he is back soons, yo.

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WE ARE RELENTLESS 2017 Results - Part Three
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2017, 01:41:09 AM »
Match Five: Trent Steel vs. JC

Terra Skye: What a night it's been so far and we're only at the halfway point!

Johnny Vegas: Are you fucking kidding me? Who books an eight match show?

Terra Skye: Our new President, Jason Bridges. Perhaps you should complain to him.

Johnny Vegas: No, I'm fine. I happen to like my job.

"Bleed the Freak" by Alice in Chains starts to play as the lights flicker and go down. Out of the entranceway comes Trent Steel as smoke comes out of the entranceway.

Kelly Carmichael: Ladies and gentlemen, this is a thirty-minute Ironman match! If JC is victorious, then he'll get a match with Redemption at our next PPV! Introducing first, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in at an even two-hundred pounds...TRRRREEEEEEEEENNNNT SSSSTEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLL!!!

Trent Steel

Trent runs down to the ring and slides in. He then removes his black oakleys with red lenses and his trench coat. He goes to one of the ring cornera and does a quick "Hail Mary". He then turns out of the corner and awaits the match to start.

Terra Skye: Trent Steel is basically forced into this match by Redemption, but he seems to have undergone a change.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, this time he's not lying about being a fucking psycho!

Terra Skye: Ugh...anyway, it seems the fights with Redemption have unhinged something in Trent and Johnny if you chime in again...

Johnny Vegas: What the fuck are you going to do?

Ray Payne: Guyses, mebbies we shouldn't fights before da match.

Terra Skye: That's true. They're guaranteed to wrestle for half an hour tonight.


Johnny Vegas: At least it's ultraviolence. Maybe I can see some damn blood.

The lights go out, bathing the arena in darkness except for a familiar dark shade of blue. The first notes of a song begin to play, causing the arena lights to flash, before a voice cries out in the arena.


"The Man Without Fear" by Drowning Pool and Rob Zombie kicks in and blue pyro blasts from the sides of the stage and JC comes out wearing his trenchcoat, staring out at the audience. Lights start to flash in the arena as he makes his way to the ring to the sounds of the chorus.

Suddenly you rule the universe
Everything was shapeless now clear
I visualize like a drop of sound
I am The Man Without Fear
You can't hurt me...NO!
You can't stop me...NO!
You can't beat me...NO!
You can't bring me DOWN!

Kelly Carmichael: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Jersey City, New Jersey, weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds...JAAAAAAAAAAYYYY CEEEEEEEEEEEE!


JC slides into the ring and climbs up on the middle rope of the side with the hard camera, raising his arms up and down to try to pump up the crowd. He jumps down and walks over to the same side before doing the same thing. JC then moves to a corner and tosses his trenchcoat to the outside before stretching before the match. 

Terra Skye: JC, meanwhile, has to fight Trent if he wants to fight Redemption.

Johnny Vegas: Redemption's playing them against each other and I love it.

Ray Payne: Dey mights not go ultron violins, yo.

Johnny Vegas: ULTRON VIOLINS? You're talking like Boy!




JC gets in a defensive position and begins to circle his opponent, but is surprised when Trent immediately rolls out of the ring after the bell sounds. JC keeps his eye on Trent, who throws up the skirt around the ring and seems to be looking for weapons.

Terra Skye: It seems JC's gameplan didn't account for his friend looking for weapons right out of the gate.

Johnny Vegas: What the hell did he expect?

Ray Payne: Mebbies he wants to have a wrestlin match between friends, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Even if that were true, you know Redemption wouldn't want that and he's giving psycho his marching orders.

Terra Skye: Sad to say, Johnny's got a point.

Trent has found a chair, which he places on the ring apron and slides into the ring. He grabs it and holds it in a striking position, as referee Ed Hawkersby looks back and forth at both men to see who will make the first move. It's Trent, as he lunges forward with the chair to try and connect with JC's ribs, but JC sidesteps and grabs the chair. After a brief tug of war, JC turns to toss the weapon outside of the ring. Just as the chair leaves his fingers, Trent runs up and rolls him up with a schoolboy!



THr--NO! JC pushes himself off the canvas, kicking Trent off of him. The two are back to their feet and Trent has a wicked grin on his face.

Terra Skye: Trent almost pulled one over on JC there!

Johnny Vegas: Haha! I love it! I might come around on him yet!

Ray Payne: If Mistah Steely beat JC in two minutes...

Terra Skye: He'd just have to be on the defensive for the rest of the match. It was a smart move.

JC gets a smile on his face and nods in Trent's direction for throwing him off his game. Now back to square one, Trent still refuses to tie-in, ducking JC's grapple attempt and going behind with a waistlock. JC tries throwing elbows to break it up but Trent ducks both strikes, then catches a third and tries to force the bigger JC down into a Fujiarwa armbar! JC pinwheels his other arm, attempting to maintain a standing position. He uses his sixty-pound weight advantage and drops back the other way, sending Trent over with a sloppy but effective armdrag.

Terra Skye: Trent came out here with a gameplan, and it seems to be staying one step ahead of JC.

Johnny Vegas: And I always thought crazy people couldn't think.

Ray Payne: Mistah Steely def knows what he doins, yo.


Johnny Vegas: Either way, I'm sick of this wrestling shit. Violence now!

Trent gets back up and now JC catches him in a side headlock. Trent tries to slip out but JC hangs on, then flips him over on his back with a headlock takedown. He holds the headlock and wrenches on the neck. Trent tries to escape by firing knees to the back, but JC retains his grip. Instead, Trent reaches up and fishhooks JC's mouth, yanking him back far enough to deliver a sharp knee to the back of the head. JC's grips loosens and Trent slips out, before forcing JC's head to the mat and hitting quick knee drop. He makes the cover.


Tw--JC kicks out again.

Terra Skye: I think the story of this match so far is that Trent has had an answer for everything JC's tried.

Johnny Vegas: Isn't that always the case with tag partners?

Ray Payne: Mebbies he's doin what Mistah Dempers told him to, yo?

Terra Skye: That could be possible, but I wouldn't take any credit away from Trent like that.

Johnny Vegas: I would.


JC rolls over onto his palms and knees, slower now as he returns to his vertical base.  Steel reaches out, taking hold of the middle rope, and pulls himself off of the canvas and into a sitting position, both men showing the signs of wear as the minutes continue to move forward.  JC shuffles towards Steel, gripping him by the wrist and pulling him upright and straight into a collar-arm tie up, not giving Steel a moment's reprieve.  With the power advantage, JC presses Steel down, cinching hold of his head with a guillotine choke.  JC hoists up on Steel's head, increasing the pressure, until Steel masterfully hook-kicks around JC's thigh and drives his heel into the back of JC's knee, clipping his leg out from under him and bringing JC down on one knee.  JC keeps his grip tight, trying to bare Steel down towards the mat with him, but Steel somersaults over JC's shoulders, pulling him backwards with an overcastle neckbreaker.

Terra Skye: And again, Trent Steel is about to score an offensive move out of playing defense!

Johnny Vegas: Yeah yeah, he's doing great. I think it's all Redemption's coaching like Ray said.

Ray Payne: I was sayin' mebbies, but Mistah Steely is still goods, yo.

Terra Skye: I don't think discrediting one does either of them any favors, Johnny.

Johnny Vegas: I'm not trying to do them favors. They're both awful.

Steel rolls through, back on his feet in an instant, and delivers a standing elbow drop into JC's midsection.  Rebounding back to his feet, Steel rebounds off the ropes with a head of steam, dropping over JC with a running backsplash, but JC pulls up his knees, blocking Steel's back and sending his friend bouncing across the ring, reeling from the impact. JC makes his way back to his feet, standing tall, while Steel lays flat on his back and breathing hard.  JC stalks toward Steel, but when he grabs hold of Steel to drag him back up, Steel surprises him by pulling JC down into a small package.



Th-NO! JC powers through, kicking out and breaking Steel's grip.

Ray Payne: Mistah JayCee almost lost the first fall deres, yo.

Terra Skye: Trent's really on his game tonight.

Johnny Vegas: We're going to be here for a long time. Good thing I brought out the expensive liquor.


Johnny Vegas: Yes, Boy, that is spiced rum. I'm going exotic.

Steel kips himself up and onto his feet, drilling JC across the side of the face with a spinning lariat that staggers JC backwards while he tries to stand.  Steel takes JC by the arm and spins him around with an irish whip, sending JC to the far ropes.  JC slingshots back, hunkering down into a shoulder block, only for Steel to leap frog over the top of JC, keeping the big man running as he tries to gas him out.  JC collides with the ropes again, rebounding back towards Steel for a second time.  Steel greets him with a forward drop kick to JC's chest, but only throws himself forward into the impact, taking it hard as he folds Steel against his body, and then flipping Steel overhead with a capture suplex which dumps the crafty veteran on his head.  JC rolls himself over, draping an arm over Steel and hooking a leg.



THR--NO!  Steel kicks out.

Terra Skye: JC finally in control now, although it took him a long time to get in the swing of things.

Ray Payne: He does nots want to fights his friend, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Well the jerk needs to suck it up. This is wrestling, not a fancy brunch!

Terra Skye: I think you're mixing your metaphors. Or you're just stupid.

Johnny Vegas: Bite me, bitch!

JC halfway applauds, congratulating Steel as the two climb back to their feet.  Both men slowly begin to circle each other, maneuvering around the ring.  JC shoots low for a single leg takedown, but as he sweeps Steel's legs out from under him, Steel seizes JC by the head, rolling him through with a monkey flip.  Steel tumbles through, taking position on top of JC in a mount, then driving a forearm shot down across JC's face, splitting him open over the left eyebrow.  JC wraps Steel up into a forward guard, pulling him in close, and rocking his body from side to side to prevent both his shoulders from resting on the ground until he finally manages to tip the two of them over and into the ropes.  Both men break their holds, scrambling back to their feet, and JC staggers Steel backward with a European uppercut.  Then hoisting Steel up and over his shoulders, JC drives Steel hard to the canvas with a death valley driver.

Terra Skye: What a death valley driver! If JC goes for the pinfall he could go up a fall here!

Ray Payne: Mistah JayCees is tired already. Dey is takin a lots out of each others, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Someone should sit Trent down and ask him why he's fighting so hard. Maybe he actually doesn't like his tag partner.

Ray Payne: Mistah Dempys tolds him too, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah but what repercussions are there if Trent doesn't obey? The whole premise of this is flimsy.

Terra Skye: You're drunk already, aren't you?

Johnny Vegas: I'm not drunk, I'm just woke.


JC pulls Steel back to his feet, hooking him up and hoisting him with a vertical suplex.  Steel bicycles his legs, keeping JC off balance until he has to lower Steel, spreading his legs to broaden his base.  JC tries to hike Steel up a second time, but this time Steel leaps with him, driving both knees upward into JC's midsection.  Stunning JC for a brief moment, Steel wrenches him around with a swinging neckbreaker, taking JC down to the mat.  Steel races toward the ropes, springboarding off and crashing down over JC with a big body splash.  Steel assists JC back up while JC is still dazed, whipping into the corner, JC colliding with the turnbuckles.  Steel races after him, leaping into the air with a high knee, but JC braces his foot against the middle turnbuckle and pushes off, thrusting himself forward with a spear that chops Steel out of mid-leap, folding him in half and driving him down to the mat.

Terra Skye: Damn! What a spear! What a counter!

Ray Payne: What a match, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, yeah, it's fine. I'm still waiting on the ultraviolence part to kick in.

Terra Skye: These two are friends, I don't think anyone expected weapons to get involved.

Ray Payne: Mistah Dempers did, yo.


JC takes hold of Steel by the ankles, slowly beginning to rotating until Steel's body lifts from the canvas in a heavy swing.  JC releases Steel, sending him spilling across the ring and into the far corner.  Steel tries to stand, but is disorientated from the heavy swing and stumbles back to one knee, unable to retain a vertical base.  JC measures him up, crossing the ring in just a few quick steps before smashing into Steel's face with the big boot, flipping Steel backwards, hard to the canvas.  Closing down over Steel, JC ties him into a stepover toehold facelock.  Pulling back on Steel's head, JC applies pressure, but after tossing Steel across the ring, they are positioned too close to the corner and Steel is able to quickly clap a hand over the bottom rope and earning the ropebreak.  JC releases his friend, awaiting Steel as he stands and flipping him overhead with a release german suplex.  JC stalks after him, taking hold of Steel to pull him up again, but this time Steel is waiting for him, scissoring his legs around JC's arm and neck, pulling him down into a triangle choke.  Wrenching on the pressure, Steel twists JC's shoulder, threatening to take it out of the socket.  JC braces his feet, pulling backwards and dragging Steel across the ring, Steel's legs still wrapped around JC's head and shoulder until JC finally manages to take grip on the ropes.  Steel releases him even though he doesn't have to, still trying to give his friend a fair match.

Terra Skye: A lot of people are aware of JC's technical expertise, but Steel has a submission arsenal as well!

Ray Payne: Mistah JayCee has used dat choke befores, yo.

Johnny Vegas: And no one would know that better than his crazy little nutjob buddy there.

Terra Skye: That's true. But JC was able to power his way out of it, which is the only real advantage he has in this one.

Steel regains his footing, staggering JC backward with a haymaker punch.  Then tearing forward with a barrage of punches to the ribs and shin kicks to the legs, forcing JC backward against the ropes, and then stunning him with a staggering headbutt.  Steel hooks JC around the head for a ddt, but JC wrenches backward, lifting Steel from the ground and pivoting around, then driving Steel to the mat with a northern lights suplex.  JC raises to his knees, catching Steel as they stand and hoisting him over his shoulders into fireman's carry position.  Slinging Steel up and over into position for a spinebuster, JC brings Steel around with Solitaire Unraveling!  But Steel kicks his legs out horizontal, catching JC by the head and bringing him down hard, reversing the spinebuster into a facebuster on JC.  JC hits hard on his head, bouncing upright on one foot, then flopping over flat on his back, his head swimming from another near concussion.  Steel hooks him by a leg and rolls him up, making the cover. 




Kelly Carmichael: Trent Steel has gained the first fall with 17:45 remaining! The count is now 1-0!

Terra Skye: There's a little over half of the match left and JC is now at a huge disadvantage!

Johnny Vegas: After that shot to the face I don't think he'll be coming back to win this one.

Ray Payne: Dere's still lotso time left, Mistah Johnnies.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah and JC is going to lose after all of that time is gone.

JC's mind is still rattled from the impact, and Steel tries to follow up with a second cover.



JC pulls up a shoulder up sheerly through muscle memory, still looking foggy and dazed as Steel pulls his comrade back to his feet.  Steel twists JC around into a hammer lock, tugging JC's arm up behind his back.  Tying JC's other arm in, Steel hikes him up and over with a straightjacket suplex, slamming JC down over the back of his head and shoulders.  Steel skirts to the corner, scaling the turnbuckles and taking his perch up high, then turning back to face JC.  JC, however, raises to one knee, then lunges forward, clapping his arms over the top rope and jarring them and dropping Steel painfully astride the top turnbuckle.  Staggering towards the corner, JC hooks Steel up from his seat on the top turnbuckle, stepping onto the bottom ropes and then flipping Steel backwards with an elevated drop suplex.

Terra Skye: JC's got to go for a pinfall here if he wants to close the gap.

Johnny Vegas: At best he's going to push it to overtime. No way he takes two before the time runs out.

Ray Payne: Dese two beatens da hella outta each other, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah and I'm sure that Redemption fuck is enjoying every minute of it.

Terra Skye: Everything's going as he planned it.

1-0 Steel

JC sits Steel upright, clamping him down hard in a seated rear chinlock, using the time to rest himself and clear his head while also breaking down Steel.  Steel rallies back, pushing against JC and slowly raising to his knees while JC transitions his grip into a sleeper hold.  Steel throws a back elbow into JC's midsection, loosening his grip, then snapmares JC over his shoulder and sending him spilling to the canvas.  Steel delivers a stiff kick to JC's back, rolling him over onto his hands and knees, then delivers a standing elbow drop over the small of JC's back.  Pulling back on JC's head, Steel presses him down and into the dragon sleeper.  JC flounders, his arms waving for a moment as Steel cranks down, cinching in the hold.  JC curls forward, driving a knee up and into Steel's forward, causing his grip to slip slightly.  A moment's opening is all he needs, with JC grabbing Steel by the head and pulling him over his shoulder, standing up before dropping to his knees and driving Steel to the canvas with a piledriver.  Draping himself over Steel, JC makes a lateral press.



NO! Steel pulls up a shoulder. JC rises with deliberation, hanging back a moment while his friend stands, only to greet him with a short-arm clothesline.

Terra Skye: Steel's resilience is putting JC in a bad spot here, as he's yet to gain a pinfall.

Johnny Vegas: And the match is more than half over, he might as well just give up.

Ray Payne: Mistah JayCee isn't the type of peoples to give up, yo.

Terra Skye: Exactly, Ray.

Johnny Vegas: Well then he's stupid.

JC regains his bearings and glances up at the CarnageTron to see how much time he has left. He hoists Trent up to his feet, looking behind him to make sure he has enough room. He grabs the waistline of Trent's pants and attempts to float him over in a standard vertical suplex, but Steel blocks it with his leg. Steel tries to reverse, which would send JC back and neck first into the turnbuckles, but JC uses his upper body strength to prevent it. Instead, he unhooks Trent's head and shoves him back into the turnbuckle, then driving his knee into the abdomen to keep him from moving. He places him up on the turnbuckle and this time it looks like he wants a superplex. Instead, he gets a headbutt from Steel which forces him down to the canvas. Trent begins to stand up on the top turnbuckle, possibly looking for a Blackwinged Angel that would definitively put the match in his favor, but is shocked when JC scrambles to his feet, using a surprising amount of agility to bound up the bottom and middle ropes. JC then grabs Trent by the waist and launches him over his head with a belly to belly suplex! Both Trent and JC fall to the mat, with Trent taking the brunt of the punishment.

Terra Skye: HOLY SHIT!

Johnny Vegas: Trent nearly got thrown from the top to the outside...on the other side of the ring!

Ray Payne: Mistah JayCee needs to go a covers, yo!

Terra Skye: I think that took a lot of JC too.

Johnny Vegas: That's right, the old man's not getting any younger!

Terra Skye: You're one to fucking talk.

Johnny Vegas: What's that supposed to mean?

JC pulls himself over to his abdomen and reaches over, grabbing Trent by the ankle. He uses his strength to drag him over just far enough away from the ropes to make a cover.



THR--NO! Trent kicks out!

JC can be seen cursing as he now has to think of something else to get the pinfall and tie the match. He forces himself to his feet and backs into the corner, yelling at Trent to get up. JC is in running position and the crowd buzzes as they anticipate which move he's ready to use. As Trent gets to his feet, JC charges, looking for the Big Boot of Death. Trent manages to somersault forward out of the way, bounces off the opposing side of the ropes and then as JC turns around, he leaps for a flying knee but JC CATCHES HIM! Trent has nowhere to go and seems shocked that he got caught again. JC lifts Trent up onto his shoulders now...SOLITIARE UNRAVE...NO! Trent shifts his weight and pulls JC down into a crucifix pin!



NO! JC kicks out of it! They both move as fast as they can to get to their feet. TRENT HITS A SUPERKICK! JC is stunned and falls back into the ropes, then bounces off...BIG BOOT OF DEATH!!! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN ON THE CANVAS!

Terra Skye: FUCK! What a sequence! But now both men are down!

Johnny Vegas: It's not going to do either guy a lot of good if they can't capitalize.

Ray Payne: Dey mebbe both out colds, yo!


Both men are laying side by side, head to toe. JC tries to lift himself up, but he can only muster up enough energy to get his head up. Trent, meanwhile, can be seen moving his tongue inside of his mouth, perhaps checking for any loose teeth. They both roll away from each other now, each grabbing a side of the ropes to pull themselves up. Trent gets up to his feet first, then looks over at JC, who is only up to a knee. He uses whatever energy he has left to charge over, jumping up in the air and finally hitting the running knee to a kneeling JC! JC crumbles to the mat and Trent grabs and arm and a leg, maneuvering him towards the turnbuckle.

Terra Skye: Trent wants to make sure JC can't win this by putting him two down. He's looking for the Blackwinged Angel!

Johnny Vegas: After that running knee, I'm not sure how JC could come back from this.

Terra Skye: Me either, Johnny. Trent's been a thorn in his side all match long.

Ray Payne: A thorn wouldn't hurtsies as much, yo.

1-0 Steel

Trent steadies himself as he finally is in position. He flips over into a 450, but JC MOVES AT THE LAST SECOND! Trent crashes rib and face-first into the mat, and tries to stand but JC is back up to his feet. He scoops Trent up onto his shoulders for a Solitaire Unraveling...HE HITS IT! JC with the cover!



NO! Someone grabs JC's foot and pulls himout of the ring...REDEMPTION IS HERE!


Terra Skye: What the fuck? He just couldn't stay out of it!

Johnny Vegas: Haha! This is great!

Terra Skye: No it's not! He doesn't want to fight JC so he's here to cost him the match with less than ten minutes to go!

Ray Payne: Dis not fairs, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Damn right it's not, but it's ultraviolence rules! Just because these two were playing it safe doesn't mean Redemption will!

JC tries to get over his initial shock and goes for a clothesline, but the wear and tear of the match has taken too much out of him and Redemption is able to avoid it. In one fluid motion, he ducks the clothesline, scoops up the chair dropped earlier, spins around and as JC turns around he catches him RIGHT IN THE SKULL! JC falls down to the mat and his head is already opened up at the hairline as blood is trickling down the left side of his face. Redemption moves quickly and precisely, grabbing JC by the head and rolling him inside the ring. The problem is that Trent is also still recovering from the fall he almost lost.

Terra Skye: Well I guess the other shoe has fucking dropped here.

Johnny Vegas: There's a solid eight minutes left at least in this thing. Redemption and Trent can just beat the hell out of JC for the entire time if they want. Maybe even longer!

Ray Payne: Trent would nots do dat to his friend, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Trent will do whatever the hell Redemption tells him to, because he has to! It's brilliant!

Redemption now grabs Trent and begins to shake him, then pulls him to his feet and silently points at the turnbuckle. Trent looks down at JC and then back at Redemption, shaking his head. The Carnage Legion cheers at this, but it quickly turns to boos when Redemption once again points at the turnbuckle, reminding Trent that he has to obey him. Trent's fist can be seen shaking as he looks like he wants to punch Redemption. Instead, he ducks out onto the apron and climbs up to the top. He looks out at the Carnage Legion, who are telling him not to do it....then flips forward with the Blackwinged Angel 450 Splash!!

Terra Skye: Well this is it, Trent's going 2-0 and JC doesn't get his match.

Johnny Vegas: I told you so.

Terra Skye: You have no idea Redemption would come out here!

Johnny Vegas: You're stupid if you didn't think he would!

Ray Payne: Mistah Steely hasn't mades da covah yet, yo.

Trent now gets up in Redemption's face, asking if he's "happy now." Redemption points at JC and Trent curses audibly, turning around to make the cover. However, Redemption then grabs Trent by the arm, yanks him around and CONNECTS WITH THE UNSPEAKABLE HORROR! Redemption's twisting kick connects right into the temple of Trent's skull! Trent goes down and then Redemption looks out at the Legion. If he wasn't wearing a mask, it's possible he could be smiling. Instead, he grabs JC by the arm and pulls him over...ON TOP OF TRENT! The crowd gasps in confusion as Ed Hawkersby drops down to make the count.




Kelly Carmichael: The winner...of the second fall is JC! The count is now at 1-1, with 5:12 remaining!

Terra Skye: Um guys? I'm at a loss for words here.

Johnny Vegas: I think I know what's going on.

Terra Skye: Do you really know or is this just one of those revelations you get after every twelfth beer?

Ray Payne: Mebbies Mistah Dempers wants dis match to go into sudden deaths, yo.


Terra Skye: Sure you were, Vegas.

Johnny Vegas: Damn brain-damaged fuck stealing my thunder! This job sucks!

1-1 All

Redemption now looks at the CarnageTron and knowing there's no way the match ends with five minutes left, leaves the ring and heads back up the ramp. JC rolls off of Trent and doesn't even seem to be aware of what happened, except that he gained a fall. He glances at the clock and sees the time running down and weakly pushes himself to his feet.  He picks up Trent and backs him up into the corner. He ducks down and rams his shoulder into Steel's abdomen. He tries it again, but Trent barely manages to lift a knee up, getting a glancing blow off the side of JC's head. JC stumbles back and Trent moves forward, somehow managing to get the bigger JC up on his shoulders!

Terra Skye: Trent with a surprising amount of strength on the bigger JC, looking for the Pittsburgh Nightmare!

Johnny Vegas: How are these two even able to function after this match?

Ray Payne: Dey is fightins for pride, yo.

Johnny Vegas: I have no pride! I'm a humble man!

Terra Skye: You also have no shame.

Johnny Vegas: Fuck no I don't, you fucking whore.


Steel tries to get a running start to slam JC into the turnbuckles, but the weight and fatigue are too much and JC is easily able to slip out. JC holds onto the arms of Trent as he does and underhooks both arms, then drops back, flipping Trent forward with a double underhook suplex! JC holds on to bridge it it, clasping his hands together to trap Trent in a pin! Hawkersby is down!



THR--NO! Trent has to use his legs to kick out but he breaks up the pin!

Terra Skye: I don't like JC's chances here to get another fall before time runs out. He's only got a few minutes!

Johnny Vegas: We're definitely going into overtime on this one. I can feel it.

Ray Payne: I think that's da scotch, Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: Can't it be both?

JC refuses to relinquish the hold, however, and uses his leg strength to roll over, pulling Trent into a butterfly lock! Trent's arms are locked and his shoulders are being pulled, as is his head and neck. Ed Hawkersby is down in the fray, asking Trent if he gives up, but Trent is shouting no! JC frantically looks at the clock and sees the time ticking down, squeezing the shoulder blades of Trent together to apply more pressure. Trent yells out in pain but when asked he still refuses to submit.

Terra Skye: JC's got Trent trapped in that butterfly lock but Trent is refusing to submit!

Johnny Vegas: I think Trent actually knows how much time he has and is gonna let himself get injured to keep from losing!

Ray Payne: Mistah Steely can take a lot of ouchies.

Johnny Vegas: He's also nuts.

With just a minute remaining, JC uses his upper body strength to tighten and squeeze the hold, refusing to give Trent the chance to escape. The only options for Trent are to tap out or risk an injury, but every time he's asked he says no. The seconds keep ticking away and it's JC who decides he's getting nowhere. He pulls himself and Trent up to their feet and then gets Trent in a piledriver position. He lifts Trent up but before he can hook the legs and turn it into a possible package piledriver, Trent uses the lifting momentum to flip forward and grab JC and send him stumbling into the ropes with a headscissors! JC backs off the ropes clutching his chest, and Trent rolls him up!



NO! JC kicks out! Trent scrambles, backs up a few steps and tries for another superkick, but JC catches his foot! He tosses it away and Trent spins around, kick to the midsection from JC! He places Trent back in the piledriver position and lifts him up with the legs hooked! JC DROPS HIM WITH THE ANSWER!!! JC WITH THE COVER!




Terra Skye: What happened? Did he get it?

Johnny Vegas: No way! The time ran out!

Ray Payne: Mebbies we should looks in the rings, yo.


JC moves off of the cover and throws an arm in the air, thinking he's victorious, but Ed Hawkersby waves it off.

Kelly Carmichael: Ladies and gentlemen, the time of the match has elapsed, with both men having one fall apiece! This match is now going into SUDDEN DEATH!

1-1 ALL

Terra Skye: Ohhh shit.

Johnny Vegas: I told you! Get strapped in, kids, this one is going into overtime!

JC's head sinks as he realizes the match isn't won yet. He grabs the fallen Trent and tries to lift him up, only to be surprised with a small package! The overtime has officially started! Hawkersby drops down to make the sudden count.



NO! JC manages to kicks out. Both men now lie on the mat, exhausted. The two get up to their knees now and begins to trade shots, working their way to their feet still battling it out. Trent manages to win the slugfest, catching JC in the mouth with a right hand. JC staggers back and grabs the legs, going for a double-leg takedown. He gets JC on his back and seems to be ready to apply the X-treme Prejudice! He steps through the legs but just as he bends over to begin to turn the hold, JC grabs him and pulls him down into an awkward small package of his own!



NO! Trent has to release the hold to kick out but he escapes in time!

Terra Skye: Well if these two are no longer bound by a clock we could be here all night.

Johnny Vegas: And you thought my minibar was a bad idea.

Terra Skye: Getting drunk on the job IS ALWAYS A BAD IDEA!

Johnny Vegas: And yet I don't feel bad about it.

Trent and JC are now up to their feet now. JC runs at Trent but Trent moves out of the way, then kicks him in the gut. He looks at the turnbuckles, perhaps set to unleash his turnbuckle powerbomb finisher. Instead, JC back drops out of it, sending Trent over his head. Trent manages to land on his feet but he staggers. This gives JC time to turn around, only for Trent to drop down and connect with an overhead kick to the top of JC's skull! JC stumbles around, clearly dazed, and so Trent tries a superkick. JC catches it out of instinct, but Trent has that scouted and hits an enziguri! The bigger JC falls down to the mat and Trent immediately goes to the turnbuckle, using everything he's got to pull himself up to the top.

Terra Skye: Both men are spent but I guess Trent thinks he has one last 450 left in him!

Johnny Vegas: Trent's going to keep throwing himself to the mat until he wins or he dies.

Ray Payne: Hopefully nobodies dies here tonight, Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: I'll be okay if STK dies later.

Terra Skye: JOHNNY! NO!

Johnny Vegas: Shut up, I'll say what I want!

Trent is wobbly up top, with the match taking its toll on him. In his hesitation, he doesn't see that JC has stired and has moved over to the turnbuckle, hitting Trent with a hard slap to the jaw that rings his ears and causes him to stumble! Before he can fall off to the outside, JC catches him and climbs up there with him, eventually lifting him up on his shoulders, holding Trent in a standing fireman's carry on to the top rope!

Terra Skye: Oh shit! Oh shit!

Ray Payne: He's not thinkin' what I think he's thinkin' is he?

Johnny Vegas: He wants to end it!

JC swings Trent off his shoulders and jumps off the top, slamming Trent spine-first into the mat WITH AN AVALANCHE SOLITAIRE UNRAVELING!!!


Trent crashes into the mat and JC lands right on top of him! Neither man are able to move but with JC on top, Ed Hawkersby gets down and makes the count!




Kelly Carmichael: The winner of the match with TWO FALLS TO ONE IN OVERTIME...JAAAAAAAAYYYYYY CEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Terra Skye: What a fucking match that was!

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, no kidding. Those two beat the hell out of each other.

Ray Payne: Can deys be friends after dis, yo?

Terra Skye: They've been through worse, but they're definitely going to be sore for a while. At least now JC gets the match he wants with Redemption.

Johnny Vegas: So we get another great match and Trent gets nothing. Sounds like aces in my book.

Ray Payne: Mebbies Trent should come over and steal more of your stuffs, Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: He'd better fucking not!

JC finally moves himself off of Trent now, using the ropes to pull himself to his feet. He looks down at his opponent and puts an arm down, offering a hand in a show of respect. Trent looks up to JC and seems both angry that he lost and exhausted in general. He starts to reach his hand forward with the crowd cheering....Then suddenly JC is blasted from behind and hits falls to the mat!! Trent and the referee both look over and there stands Redemption, back in the ring.


Terra Skye: For fuck's sake!

Johnny Vegas: The beating ends when Redemption says it does!

Ray Payne: He's just mad that he has to fight Mistah JayCee nows.

Terra Skye: Well tough! That's no reason to do this!

Johnny Vegas: There will be no match if there's no JC!

Redemption starts methodically stomping on JC now and orders Trent to get up and do the same. Trent gets to his feet and this time he refuses, drawing cheers from the crowd. Redemption gets in his face and reminds him that he has to listen, but Trent is steadfast in his refusal to deliver any more pain to his friend. JC has made it up to his hands and knees and Redemption runs forward, delivering a punt to his ribs to put him back down. He is clearly exasperated with Trent and now points outside of the ring. Trent refuses again at first, but this time Redemption slaps him in the face and reminds him again that he lost the match, so he has to listen. Trent has a look of fury on his face but he goes outside the ring and looks underneath...only to pull out a sledgehammer.

Terra Skye: Oh no. Oh...oh fuck no.

Johnny Vegas: JC's about to join his brother on the injured list!

Terra Skye: This isn't right! Someone needs to stop this! Trent! Do something!

Johnny Vegas: He can't! He's contractually bound to serve Redemption!

Ray Payne: Mistah Boy, you can saves dem, yo! Mistah Dempers likes Tweeder!

Johnny Vegas: He's not gonna -


The fans around Boy actually cheer when he drops the bell on the table and takes a step or two towards the ring. Trent has went back inside and handed the sledgehammer to Redemption, who appears to be aiming at JC's head and neck. They hear the cheers of the crowd and turn to look at Boy, who is listening to Ray Payne and moving to the ring!

Johnny Vegas: I cannot fucking believe this.

Terra Skye: Yeah! Get 'em Boy!

Ray Payne: Mistah Boy! Go!

Boy lumbers to the ring but before he can do anything or Redemption and Trent can react, suddenly a cameraman has charged into the ring, dropping the camera to the mat and tackling Redemption over! He's nailing Redemption with a flurry of rights! Redemption demands Trent help him, so he moves over and grabs the cameraman by the hair, pulling off the hait and revealing...

CJ Wylde

Terra Skye: WHAT THE SHIT?!

Johnny Vegas: What the hell is he doing here?

Ray Payne: Dat's Mistah Ceej, yo!

Terra Skye: CJ Wylde is here and he's beating the holy hell out of Redemption!

Trent seems shocked and doesn't have time to react to a left hook from CJ, which stuns him momentarily. He turns his attention to Redemption, who could be shocked, but it's impossible to tell under the mask. He moves away from Wylde and gets closer to Steel, ordering him to attack. When Trent doesn't respond fast enough, Redemption shoves him forward...AND CJ WYLDE LAYS TRENT OUT WITH THE WYLDE LIBERATION!

Terra Skye: Can someone please explain to me why CJ Wylde is beating people up in a Carnage Wrestling ring?

Johnny Vegas: I wish I fucking knew!

Ray Payne: He's not beatins Mistah JayCee up, yo.

Trent is down and rolls out of the ring to prevent any more damage to himself. Meanwhile, JC has pushed himself up to a kneeling position and looks up to see the most unlikiest of saviors in CJ Wylde. CJ offers a hand to help JC up and JC tentatively accepts it, to more cheers from the crowd. The two cautiously eye each other as Redemption has escaped through the crowd and Trent is laying outside. JC leaves CJ's gaze and goes outside to help his friend, as we cut back to the announce table.

Terra Skye: I..I'm in total shock.

Johnny Vegas: Looks like Redemption just has enemies everywhere. When's the last time CJ was even in Carnage Wrestling?

Terra Skye: I'd have to check my notes. It's been a long time.

Ray Payne: I'm happy to see Mistah Ceej back, yo! Yo Mistah Ceej!

Match Six: C.O.N. vs. Amelia Midnight & A Mystery Partner

Terra Skye: On that note, I guess it's time for our tag team title match.

Johnny Vegas: No surprises here! Amelia Midnight comes out with some loser, they lose to C.O.N. We all get drunk at the after party!

Terra Skye: You've been drunk since the start of match two!

Ray Payne: I dink he's always drunk, Missus Terra.

The image of a blue mask appears on the tron as "Parade of The Dead" by Black Label Society begins to play over the sound system. A man in a hood walks out on the entrance ramp, looking down at the floor. He slowly raises his head to look to the ring before throwing back his hood to reveal a mask that resembles the one on screen. Crucifix throws the mask down on the ground before charging down to the ring.

Brian Crucifix

Kelly Carmichael: The following tag team contest is a Tornado Tag, Falls Count Anywhere bout scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Carnage World Tag Team Championship! Introducing first, from Charlotte, North Carolina and weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds...he is one half of the Carnage Wrestling tag team champions....BRRRIIIIIIAAAANNNN CRRRRUUUUUUUUUUCIIIFIIIIIIX!

He slides in under the bottom rope before walking to the side that would be to his right, and leaning over the top rope to yell something to the fans. Crucifix walks back to his corner and crouches up against the middle turnbuckle.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah baby! C.O.N. winning the night! Still champs!

Terra Skye: They haven't won anything yet, dipshit.

Johnny Vegas: They're the best champs ever. They're gonna win.

The ominous opening of "15 Minutes" by Shattered Skies begins to droll through the PA system as the lights dim down, engulfing the arena in almost complete darkness as the crowd begins booing.  The song pauses before the lights suddenly come back on full blast and the song picks up, with the lights focusing completely on the top of the stage where Robert Zodiac now stands, staring at the ground for the time being as the crowd begins to boo him profusely.

Robert Zodiac

The lyrics pick up as he begins making his way down towards the ring.

One more day, until I pour this emptiness out
One more way, you tear at my seams again
No one sees, no one can see the scar, it darkens
Soon they'll see, my 15 minutes of fame.

Zodiac never takes his eyes off the ring the entire time he makes his way down to the steel steps, slowly ascending them before proceeding to the middle of the apron and turning around to scan the hostile crowd.

Kelly Carmichael: His partner…standing in at five-foot-six and weighing in tonight at one-hundred and seventy-five pounds… from Downeast Maine, he is one-half of the Carnage World Tag Team Champions…ROBEEEEEERRRRRRT ZOOOOOOOOOODIAAAAAAAAAC!!!

Johnny Vegas: And now the other half of the greatest champs ever!

Terra Skye: Just two weeks ago you said he was the lesser of the two.

Ray Payne: Yeah Mistah Johnnies, you dids.

Johnny Vegas: That was before he killed The Avenger and gave me a t-shirt!

Soft music plays for a moment before the driving chords of Evanescence’s “Tourniquet” blare through the arena.  It takes a few seconds before the lyrics begin to echo throughout the venue.

I tried to kill my pain…but only brought more. (So much more.)
I lay dying, and I’m pouring crimson regret, and betrayal.
I’m dying…praying…bleeding…and screaming.
Am I too lost to be saved?  Am I too lost?

As the refrain hits, she emerges from backstage, garbed tonight in blood-red leather instead of her usual black garb.  She bounces on her feet for a few moments to the beat of the song before making a dash for the ring, stopping at the bottom of the entrance ramp to let out her traditional war cry to the skies above as she stares at her opponents.

Amelia Midnight

Kelly Carmichael:  And their opponents…first, hailing from the darkest corner of your mind, standing five-foot-three and weighing in at a hundred and thirty pounds…AMELIA MIDNIGHT!

Johnny Vegas: So let's see. The Avenger died. Trent and JC beat the shit out of each other...nope, she doesn't have anyone else!

Terra Skye: I don't think she'd enter a handicap match, Johnny.

Ray Payne: I heard dat she did finds someones.

Johnny Vegas: Oh you HEARD? Who the hell did you hear it from? Who would ever talk to you?

Ray Payne: You'll sees...

Kelly Carmichael:  And her partner….

Amelia’s eyes never leave those of her opponents, her face not betraying anything as the lights in the arena go out, save for a spotlight on Amelia herself.  For a few seconds, nothing happens as the tension builds in the arena.  When the tension seems like it’s at its peak…

Get yourselves together!
Stand up and life your lives!
Get yourselves together!
Hands up, hands up high!

Johnny Vegas:  Oh, fuck my life!  Not this fat asshole again!

Will Prydor

Sixx:A.M.'s "Rise" fully kicks in at this point, and a spotlight shines at the top of the entranceway to reveal Will Prydor, who lets out his traditional battle cry of "For the Fallen" to the rafters above.  Then, lowering his head to stare at the ring, one can see the focus intensify on his face as he strides to the ring in time with the beat of the song.  In a change from earlier in the night, he’s ditched his normal black and red ring gear for a set of gear colored a deep crimson red, similar to Amelia’s. 

Kelly Carmichael:  Her partner…from the End of Nowhere, weighing two hundred and seventy-three pounds... Will Prydor!

Terra Skye: Looks like Amelia found herself a damn good partner after all!

Johnny Vegas: Oh fuck no! I demand to see a rulebook. That fatass can't get another shot at the champs!

Terra Skye: Actually, the team of Trent and Prydor can't get a shot. This is a brand new team!

Ray Payne: It was a loopy hole, yo!

Johnny Vegas: I'm calling my lawyer!

Instead of getting into the ring immediately, Amelia and Will stand at the bottom of the entrance ramp, quickly discussing their plans of attack for this match.  It’s Will dominating the discussion for the most part, though the cameras aren’t close enough to fully make out what he is saying.  Inside the ring, the champions look restless, and Crucifix jerks his head towards the challengers outside the ring.  Zodiac immediately sprints to the opposite side of the ring.  The crowd tries to get the attention of the challengers, who aren’t paying attention as they finally nod in agreement and turn to enter the ring.  Their timing couldn’t be much worse though, as Zodiac takes a flying leap over the top rope, wiping out both Midnight and Prydor with a corkscrew plancha!

As Zodiac gets back to his feet, Crucifix exits the ring on the hard camera side, immediately lifting the apron of the ring to search for some sort of weaponry beneath the mat.  A moment later, he emerges with a pair of kendo sticks in hand and a sinister smile on his face.  Walking around to his left and the base of the ramp, he sees that Zodiac has noticed him approaching and casually tosses one of the kendo sticks to his partner.  As Zodiac grabs hold of the weapon, Crucifix stands next to Prydor and swings his kendo stick down, the crack of the impact against Will’s back reverberating through the Carnage Arena.  Not to be outdone, Zodiac takes a running start to bring his stick down across Midnight’s back.  Brian retaliates with another shot to Prydor’s spine, and Robert does the same with Amelia.  This repeats two more times before the heels look at each other and laugh at how quickly they got the upper hand on the upstart Midnight and her partner.

Johnny Vegas: Okay, I'm calm now. I don't know why I ever worried. The champs got this.

Terra Skye: So I guess there's no need for your lawyer.

Johnny Vegas: Oh I'm still calling him. They shouldn't be forced to do any heavy lifting! HA!

Ray Payne: Dat wasn't funnies, Mistah Jonnies.

Twirling the stick in his hand, Crucifix turns back to face Prydor as the veteran attempts to get onto his feet.  With an overhand swing, Crucifix brings the kendo stick down…but Prydor catches it in his hands about a foot away from the top of his skull.  With a shove, Prydor sends the stick away from his head and uses the time that his opponent is attempting to get back to a vertical base.  Brian goes for a baseball-like swing, but Will is ready for this, catching the stick between his side and his left arm.  Crucifix tries to get the stick free, but Prydor has a solid grip on the stick and refuses to let it go.  With a short whistle, Brian gets the attention of Zodiac, who quickly hits Midnight with the stick and comes to his partner’s aid.  Zodiac tries a baseball swing of his own to Will’s right side, but again Prydor grabs the stick and refuses to let go.  For a few seconds, both tag champions attempt to free their weapons from the grasp of the eighteen-year veteran.  Then, in an unspoken moment of communication, both Zodiac and Crucifix kick at the left knee of Prydor, which was worked over earlier in the night.  Prydor drops onto that knee, the impact of those kicks freeing up both weapons of the champions.  Crucifix smirks at this, as Zodiac raises his stick to smash Prydor in the face with it.  Before he can make impact, though, Amelia comes from behind the champions and leaps into the air, grabbing both of her opponents’ heads and somersaulting over the kneeling form of her partner, driving both Crucifix’s and Zodiac’s faces into the concrete with a version of a double facebuster!

Terra Skye: And just like that the momentum goes to the challengers!


Ray Payne: Is dat even a real phones?

Johnny Vegas: Don't you touch it! That's my lawyerin' phone!


With the champions now down, Amelia wastes no time in grabbing hold of Zodiac and driving him back-first into the security barrier.  She continues to put on the pressure, raining left hands onto the temple of one-half of the champions.  To her right, Will Prydor is finally starting to recover, grabbing a still-woozy Crucifix by the head and neck and pulling him back towards the ring.  A short Irish whip later, Crucifix’s back impacts the edge of the ring apron, and Prydor is quick to follow up by rolling Crucifix into the ring, then rolling inside himself.  White Rey follows Crucifix and Prydor into the ring, as Midnight continues to hammer Zodiac with punches and kicks against the barrier.  Prydor raises Crucifix into a seated position, then drives a knee into the champion’s back as he locks in a rear chinlock, clearly deciding to work over the back of Crucifix.  Outside the ring, Midnight backs up a couple of paces and charges forward, looking perhaps for a leg lariat, but Zodiac ducks the attempt and Amelia ends up in the front row of the crowd!

Zodiac pauses for a moment to get his bearings back about him, as Crucifix has worked his way out of the rear chinlock of Will Prydor.  Now in a side headlock, Crucifix backs Will into the ropes before shoving him off, sending Prydor into the left-side ropes.  Off the rebound, Prydor charges in with a right-side clothesline, sending Crucifix down.  Brian scrambles to his feet, back against the turnbuckles as Prydor moves into melee range, launching a quick European uppercut to the jaw.  Crucifix covers up, trying to limit the damage he receives in the hopes that Prydor will punch himself out.  As Will unleashes a second one, Zodiac slides into the ring out of the sight of Prydor, one of the previously-discarded kendo sticks in hand.  The former Phoenix goes for a third uppercut, but this time the tables are turned as it’s Crucifix who grabs the arm of Prydor, leaving Will open for Zodiac to take the kendo stick to the back of Prydor’s left knee.  Once more Prydor drops down to a knee, and as Crucifix grabs Will’s head, Zodiac lands a dropkick to the back of Prydor’s head that adds extra impact to the snap DDT that Crucifix delivers!  Off the impact, Crucifix shoots the half and hooks the near leg of Prydor as White Rey slides in for the count:


2… and that’s it as Prydor gets the left shoulder off the mat.

Johnny Vegas: Damn it! Stay down! You wouldn't stay down for Ragnarok, so do it now!

Ray Payne: Mistah Jonnies, youse gonna give yaself a heart a tacks, yo.

Johnny Vegas: I am in perfect condition for my age!

Terra Skye: If he does stroke out, I'm taking his liquor.

Ray Payne: I'll take his cell phone.


Knowing from experience that it’ll take more than that to keep Prydor down for three, Zodiac assumes a mount position and begins to pummel Will with right hands as Crucifix slides out of the ring and lifts the ring skirt.  A moment later, he slides a steel chair into the ring, keeping a second in his hands.  Looking to his right, Zodiac sees his partner slide the chair into the ring, and finally dismounts Will to grab the weapon.  A moment later, as Crucifix watches for interference, Zodiac winds up for a chair smash to the torso of Prydor, only for the big man to roll to his left and drop out of the ring as Zodiac drops the chair and tries to shake the pain out of his hands.  Crucifix comes around the corner with chair raised, ready to strike, but Prydor sees it coming and ducks a shoulder, sending Crucifix over with a back body drop on the mats outside the ring.  With some space to breathe a little, Prydor turns to consider his next move and promptly takes a Robert Zodiac flying knee to the face!  In the background of the shot, Amelia Midnight is seen climbing the far turnbuckles as Zodiac stands, sneering at the fans in the front row at ringside.  He doesn’t see Amelia fully stand on the turnbuckle, and run three steps down the rope before she leaps off and connects with a missile dropkick to the back of Zodiac’s head!  The champion staggers forward from the impact a couple of steps and rams his left shoulder into the nearby ring steps.  Despite taking some abuse herself from the attack, Midnight gets back to her feet with a war cry, prompting some cheers from the capacity crowd.

Terra Skye: Amelia is fired up!

Ray Payne: She wants to be champeen, yo!

Johnny Vegas: Well it ain't gonna happen, you bastards.

Looking around her, she sees Crucifix starting to get up and quickly puts the boots to him as Prydor shakes out the cobwebs from the knee to the face.  A moment later, Prydor is to his feet as he nods towards the ring, bending down to pick Crucifix up.  Midnight slides into the squared circle as Prydor throws Brian into the ring, sliding in himself a moment later.  Amelia stands to the side as Will gets both himself and Crucifix to a standing base.  Prydor whips Brian into the ropes nearest the hard camera, as Amelia goes to the right side ropes.  Off the rebound, Will catches Crucifix with a drop toe hold, and Midnight follows this up a split second later with a basement dropkick to the face of the champion.  Brian looks to roll away from his attackers, but Will grabs the left leg of Crucifix and lifts it off the mat, driving the knee into the canvas a moment later.  Will goes for this a second time, but before he can get started he hears Amelia tell him to drop down.  Prydor immediately drops to all fours as Amelia again goes off the right ropes, this time stepping up onto Will’s back and using him as a launchpad…as she goes over the top rope with a shooting star senton to take down Robert Zodiac!  A brief “Holy Shit” chant breaks out as Amelia gets back to her feet…but it’s clear that she landed wrong or something as she is favoring her surgically repaired right knee as she regains her base.

Terra Skye: Oh no, it looks like Amelia hurt her knee!

Johnny Vegas: Good!

Terra Skye: You can't seriously be wishing an injury to someone.

Johnny Vegas: Says the woman wishing for me to "stroke out"!

Ray Payne: We just saids if it happened...

Johnny Vegas: Fuck Amelia's knee. Fuck Fat Fuck and fuck you two!

Prydor gets to his feet and sees Amelia gingerly putting weight on her right side.  He gets her attention and gives her an inquiring look, which she just waves off, obviously thinking it’s not as bad as it could be.  With a slight shrug, Will turns his attention back to Crucifix, only to see Brian roll out of the ring to get away from the veteran.  Over

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Re: WE ARE RELENTLESS 2017 Results - Part One
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Prydor gets to his feet and sees Amelia gingerly putting weight on her right side.  He gets her attention and gives her an inquiring look, which she just waves off, obviously thinking it’s not as bad as it could be.  With a slight shrug, Will turns his attention back to Crucifix, only to see Brian roll out of the ring to get away from the veteran.  Over on the side facing the hard camera, Amelia is rummaging under the ring, looking for some sort of plunder but not finding what she wants.  Frustrated, she throws the ring skirt back down before her attention is grabbed by the steel chair dropped by Zodiac in the ring.  Prydor sees this and kicks the chair towards her, knowing she could do more with it than he can.  Now with chair in hand, Midnight turns and brings the chair down across the back of Zodiac, prompting another cheer from the crowd.  Turning around, Amelia starts to head around the ring to where Crucifix is starting to stir.  He sees the weapon in Amelia’s hands and scrambles back into the ring to escape the foreign object...but forgets that Prydor was waiting patiently in the ring until the moment the challenger grabs Crucifix by the waist and delivers a high-angled German suplex, bridging into a pinning attempt as White Rey slides in for a count:



Two and a half only, as Crucifix pops a shoulder up to escape the attempt.  Back outside the ring, Midnight still has the steel chair in hand as she jabs the top of it into the ribs of a barely-standing Zodiac, doubling him over for a perfect target to swing the chair into his back.  Zodiac drops to the protective mats, as Amelia calls for White Rey to come to where she is.  The referee does so as Amelia drops into a lateral press, hooking the near leg as the count starts:


2…and that’s it as Zodiac pops the right shoulder up off the mat!

Terra Skye: We almost had new champs right there!

Johnny Vegas: Please, it was only a two! Zodiac could have kicked out at one if he wanted!

Ray Payne: He looks like he hurties, yo.

Johnny Vegas: He's fine! Nothing to see here! Move along!

As Zodiac gets out of the pin attempt outside the ring, Will gets a half Boston crab locked in on Crucifix in the dead center of the ring, facing where Amelia is standing up after the lateral press.  It doesn’t seem that Prydor is trying for a submission despite the hold; it seems like for the time being he wants to keep his opponent immobilized and out of the action.  Midnight bends over to pick up the steel chair she had just been using, and eyes up another chair shot to her opponent.  Before she can wind up her swing, though, Prydor calls out loud enough for the camera to hear, “Split them up!”  Amelia looks as Will as if to ask for clarification, and he simply repeats his command, tilting his head towards the entrance ramp.  This time Midnight gets the idea and pulls Zodiac to his feet, dragging him to the barrier at the edge of the entrance ramp and driving his head into it.  As Zodiac staggers away, Amelia makes sure to herd him up the entranceway, creating some space between them and the other principals in the match.  In the ring, White Rey tries to find a position to keep an eye on both sets of action, but that’s becoming tougher as Amelia now has Zodiac up near the entrance to the backstage area. As the ref debates heading up the ramp to try to still keep them both within range to check a pin or submission, Crucifix manages to reach behind him and pick the left ankle of Prydor, breaking the hold as Will loses his balance and has to drop the hold to keep from faceplanting into the mat.  Getting back to his feet, he approaches Crucifix to pull him back to his feet, but the champion rakes the eyes to halt the momentum of the challenger.  Meanwhile, with a kick to the thigh and a forearm to the jaw, Midnight drives Zodiac through the curtain and into the gorilla position as they disappear from the sight of the fans in the arena.

Johnny Vegas: Someone get a camera back there! I have to see what's going on!

Terra Skye: Getting nervous, Johnny?

Johnny Vegas: Fuck no! I just want to see the champs' every move!

Ray Payne: He was movins drew da curtains after a spears, yo.


With one pair of competitors out of sight for the moment, the camera focuses on the ring, where Crucifix ducks a wild right hand from a still partially-blinded Will Prydor, using the momentum to spin around and drill Prydor with a right-handed discus clothesline.  Prydor goes down, as Crucifix backs up a step to add momentum to a soccer-style kick to the side and ribs of the challenger.  The impact sends Prydor about a foot from where he was, coughing as he tries to get some air into his lungs.  Brian wastes no time in pressing the attack, grabbing hold of Prydor’s left leg and locking in a knee bar, wrapping his legs around the one of Prydor to try to limit the challenger’s mobility while working on weakening the already damaged leg of Prydor.  The screen almost immediately afterwards converts to a two-picture screen, as a second cameraman has caught up with Amelia and Zodiac.  In the time they were off-screen, Zodiac seems to have gained the upper hand as he blasts Midnight with an elbow to the jaw, staggering Amelia back into the wall.  A side kick to the ribs follows this, which is then followed by a short DDT onto the concrete!  Zodiac floats over into the cover…

…but White Rey is in the ring as Prydor uses the ropes to pull himself outside and drag Crucifix with him, the impact from falling from the ring to the apron breaking the hold!  Backstage, Zodiac growls in frustration as he pulls Midnight back to her feet before throwing her back first into the concrete wall!  She staggers forward into the clutches of Zodiac, who grabs her by the shoulders and pulls her forward, falling back as he does to connect a variation of a facebuster to the challenger!  He looks around for a ref, still not finding one.  A voice can faintly be heard from off camera to “get out there and keep an eye on them!”  A couple seconds later, Ref Jeff can be seen running towards the two combatants, pulling on his referee shirt as Zodiac finally drops into a cover.  It takes Jeff another couple of seconds to get into position to make the count:



Kickout at two and a half by Amelia, who has been busted open by the impact on the concrete floor!

Terra Skye: Midnight kicked out, but things are looking really bad for her now!

Johnny Vegas: Good! Next time she'll learn before she challenges the best team ever!

Ray Payne: Dey hasn't wins yet, Mistah Jonnies.

Now with one referee officially monitoring each pair of combatants, there’s nothing stopping any of the four from pressing for the win—well, except getting beat up, that is.  Speaking of, Crucifix continues to work over Prydor’s left leg, stomping at it repeatedly as Prydor tries to get away to recover for even a moment.  Looking around, Brian spots one of the kendo sticks from the beginning of the match, and halts his assault on the challenger long enough to pick it up.  Prydor isn’t aware of this turn of events until Brian brings down the stick onto the back of Will’s left knee, drawing a cry of pain from the former Baltimore native.  A second shot…and a third…and then even more as Crucifix swings the stick like a man possessed.  Only after the eighth shot does the stick actually break, and then Crucifix drives the bottom half of the broken stick into the left thigh of Prydor, dealing a little more damage before throwing the stick away.  Prydor has managed to crawl in front of the announcers’ table, and is trying to use that to regain his footing as Crucifix lies in wait.

On the backstage feed, Zodiac continues to have his way with Midnight, hip tossing her into some equipment crates conveniently in the traveling area.  The crates roll into some pipes, which fall onto the ground with a loud clatter, and one misses Amelia’s head by about four inches.  Looking around, Zodiac finds an aluminum trash can and picks it up, looking to drive it into the head of Midnight…but the challenger rolls to the side, getting up a moment later and leaping off her right foot to connect with a leg lariat that didn’t have much behind it, but still enough to take Zodiac down.  However, the champion is first to recover, his eyes locked on the right leg of Midnight as she gets to her feet.  Turning, she walks right into the opponent’s grasp, and Zodiac is quick capitalize with what starts out as an inverted atomic drop, but Zodiac changes it before impact to drive his knee into the right knee of Amelia.  She goes down in a heap, but Robert keeps hold of the leg as he places said leg around his neck, and raises Amelia into a stretch muffler submission, driving his knee into the back of Amelia’s head to drastically reduce her escape options!

Terra Skye: With that knee injury I don't see how she can hold out much longer!

Johnny Vegas: Good! She should tap out and call it a night!

Ray Payne: She's not gonna do dats yo. She wants to wins.

Johnny Vegas: Then she can go to the hospital with an injury!

Ref Jeff is in great position to ask Amelia if she wants to give it up, and despite the knee on her head she’s still able to scream out a defiant “no!”  Instead of trying to bend Midnight’s back in ways it’s not meant to bend, Zodiac wrenches down harder on the right ankle of his opponent, trying to cause further damage to the knee of Midnight.  Once more the referee asks Amelia if she wants to give it up, and this time she doesn’t say anything as she tries to fight her way into a position to escape the submission hold.  As he waves her arms to try to give her even a little bit of momentum to shift positions, her hand brushes against the lid of a trash can.  It takes a second or two for her fingertips to move the object into position for her to grab hold, but once she finally does she swings upward, the lid impacting the leg of Zodiac.  It’s not very forceful, but it’s enough to move the knee just a little.  A second shot moves the leg further, and a third finally forces the knee off of her head, Allowing Amelia enough movement to switch the weapon into her other hand and drive the edge of it into the groin of Zodiac!  Though she couldn’t get a good angle on it, it’s still enough to force the champion to break the hold, allowing Amelia precious time to recover and maybe get herself into shape to press some sort of attack.

Back in the arena proper, Crucifix charges in, looking to chop block the left knee of Prydor.  Will avoids this by rolling up onto the announce table briefly, coming back onto the ground as Crucifix tries to recover.  However, he’s within arm reach of a technical wrestler, which usually means one thing if the defender isn’t grounded.  This time is no exception, as Will grabs Crucifix and delivers a sharp exploder suplex, sticking to his roots despite being outside the ring.  Looking around him, he sees far too many weapons for his liking outside the ring, and a few still inside the ring, but less is more in his mind as he hauls Crucifix to his feet and throws him back into the ring, with White Rey quickly following Will back into the squared circle.  Brian gets back to his feet, still a bit wobbly from the suplex moments ago, and again is grabbed by Will who hooks up a full nelson for a brief moment before transitioning into a dragon suplex that he holds on to for the cover:



Thr—no!  Two and three-quarters only, as Crucifix manages to barely get his right shoulder off the mat to keep the match going!

Johnny Vegas: Oh thank God.

Terra Skye: You're worried!

Johnny Vegas: You're damn right I'm worried! Fatass shouldn't even be out here, and now he's beating up one half of C.O.N. illegally. He could steal those belts, you know.

Terra Skye: You mean like how Crucifix stole them to begin with?


Ray Payne: It doesn't sound differnets to me, Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: Well it is!

Prydor clearly the momentum in his half of the match, and looks to press the advantage as he kicks Crucifix over onto his stomach and drives a knee into the back, reaching forward to pull Crucifix’s torso off the mat by his chin.  It’s not a submission hold designed to win a match, but instead to wear an opponent’s will to fight away.  With nothing interesting happening in the ring, the focus shifts to backstage, where Amelia has gotten to her feet and is noticeably limping, favoring her right side as she looks around for an equalizer that’ll be more effective than a trash can lid.  A moment later, a grin crosses her face as she goes out of the camera shot, leaving the focus on Zodiac who has almost recovered from the groin shot a few moments ago.  Looking around, he sees Amelia standing with her back to him, and he charges forward looking to catch her unaware.  However, this is exactly what Midnight was waiting for as she turns around with a fluorescent light in her hands, and promptly breaks it over the head of Robert Zodiac!  The champion falls to the ground, instantly busted open by the glass tube, as Amelia drops into a cover:


2… and that’s all as Zodiac gets the right shoulder up to stop Ref Jeff’s count.  Midnight looks around again, seeing one other light tube nearby and not much else she can utilize as a weapon, and instead decides to take the fight somewhere else backstage that’s more to her liking as she picks Zodiac up and begins to haul him further into the depths of the locker room area.

Back inside the arena proper, Crucifix has managed to fight his way to a vertical base, and a back elbow to the temple of Will Prydor breaks the latter’s chinlock.  A moment later, Crucifix takes a major shortcut and kicks behind him, catching Prydor low!  Will falls to the canvas, clutching his groin as Brian drops to the mat and rolls outside, looking for more weaponry to use as he searches under the ring.  A moment later, he emerges with an evil smile on his face and a baseball bat in his right hand.

Terra Skye: I don't like the looks of this.

Ray Payne: Me eiders, yo.

Johnny Vegas: I sure as fuck do! Break it over his head!

Crucifix looks to put a serious hurting on Prydor as he slides into the ring, weapon firmly in hand.  Will is on all fours, trying to ignore the pain emanating from below the belt.  That quickly becomes the least of Prydor’s worries, however, as Crucifix smashes the bat across the back of Prydor, dropping the challenger to the mat with extreme prejudice!  Instead of going for a cover, Brian instead heads to the nearby turnbuckles, hopping up onto the middle strand and eyeing his opponent up.  A moment later, Crucifix raises the bat and leaps off, using the added height to increase the damage of his next baseball bat shot as he lands it just below the neck of Prydor!  The challenger falls prone on the mat, barely mobile as Brian shoots the half and applies a lateral press, choosing to press his forearm across the eyes and nose of his opponent instead of hooking a leg:



Thr—no!  Prydor barely gets a shoulder up at two and a half, looking like he had to reach deep within himself to escape that pin!  Crucifix looks over at White Rey as if to protest the count, but the ref is having none of it as he tells Crucifix to focus on the opponent instead of himself.

Backstage, there is a loud clatter as Zodiac is sent head-first through a door and into one of the proper locker rooms, Midnight following in hot pursuit.  She turns towards Zodiac and has to immediately duck to avoid a duffel bag that gets thrown at her.  To her right, she sees a small bench and grits her teeth as she forces herself to bounce up onto the edge of the bench, and then leaps back off, turning in midair to lash out with her right leg for a Darkness Rising.  Zodiac throws a chair at her in desperation, and Amelia’s leg impacts the chair, causing her to cry out in pain.  The kick, however, sends the chair back into Zodiac’s face, causing him to go down as well.  Both competitors are unable to capitalize on the situation, as both lie on the floor of the locker room wounded, trying to recover before their opponent.

Terra Skye: I guess we don't have to worry about those two for a while.

Johnny Vegas: How the fuck is Crucifix going to win without his partner?

Ray Payne: Mebbies with his skills, yo?

Johnny Vegas: YEAH MAYBE! BECAUSE HE HAS THEM! Is it hot in here to anyone else? Why am I sweating?

While Amelia and Zodiac are down backstage, Crucifix has backed Prydor into the ropes, setting the bigger man up for an Irish whip across the ring.  Off the rebound, Crucifiz lands a picture-perfect dropkick to send Prydor to the mat.  He doesn’t go for a cover, instead heading to the corner.  A hop on the bottom rope, a second jump to the adjacent middle rope, and a third jump back towards the ring follows this, connecting with a knee to the forehead of Prydor in a sort of triangle knee drop.  Brian doesn’t delay much longer as he drops into a cover on the prone challenger:


2…and no more as Will again has to struggle to get a left shoulder up.  Crucifix rises to his knees, frustration evident on his face, as he tries to figure out what he needs to do to put Prydor down for good.

Backstage, Amelia has gotten to her feet, at least in theory as she is all but hopping around on her left foot.  Looking at her surroundings, she recognizes that she’s actually in her locker room, and immediately looks in her locker to grab a fluorescent light that has a hilt attached to the bottom of it.  With the weapon in hand, she turns and promptly drills Zodiac on the top of his head with the weapon, further opening the laceration on the champion’s head.  Zodiac crumples to the floor, and Amelia all but collapses on top of him for a cover:



Thre—no!  Two and three-quarters as Zodiac gets his right shoulder up!  Midnight struggles back to her feet, turning back to her locker to grab another hilted glass tube, when the lights suddenly cut out, sending the room into darkness!  The sound of a door opening is heard, there is a loud thud, and the sound of a door closing.  The lights come back up, and Amelia is now laid out on the floor, bleeding heavily from her forehead.

Terra Skye: What was that? Did anyone see what happened to Amelia?

Ray Payne: Mebbies it was...

Johnny Vegas: You don't know anything! Neither of you do! It was probably all Zodiac!

Terra Skye: That doesn't seem likely, as he was on the floor.

Ray Payne: I dink it was Mistah Raggy!


Terra Skye: Yeah, now he's not.

Whatever happened in the darkness, both combatants are now struggling to recover backstage.  In the ring, Crucifix is picking his shots, delivering a few stomps to various points of Will Prydor’s body.  A shot to the arm.  Another to the right leg.  A pair to the left leg, one to the left arm.  Crucifix goes for another stomp, this time to the chest of Will…but the challenger grabs the foot of Crucifix and shoves him away, getting to a knee as he tries to stand up.  Crucifix gathers his balance again and charges in, looking for a kick to the ribs of Prydor, but again Prydor catches the foot as he gets up to his feet.  Brian goes for an enzuigiri, but Prydor ducks the kick and hops into the air, pulling the leg of Crucifix back and wrapping his legs around the leg of Crucifix, grabbing the ankle and locking in the Blaze of Glory!  The Legion goes bonkers as Prydor wrenches on the hold, trying to cause the submission.  Crucifix claws his way to the ropes, grabbing hold of them to effect a break…but White Rey just shrugs at him, telling Crucifix that there are no rope breaks and then asking (almost demanding) him if he wants to give it up.

As Crucifix tries to fight the pain in the ring, Zodiac begins to stir, slowly sitting up and seeing Amelia laid out, bleeding profusely from her head.  A monitor is running in the corner of Amelia’s locker room, and Zodiac sees his partner in trouble.  For a moment, he struggles to get to his feet, as if to help his partner…but then he sees the remains of the light tube “sword” that Midnight used on him, and the smile that crosses his bloody face is sinister.  Picking up the weapon, he jabs the jagged edge of the glass tube into the back of the right knee of Midnight.  Amelia shouts in pain, trying to get away from the impetus of the pain, but Zodiac jabs the weapon into the joint again.  The jagged glass tears at the leather of Amelia’s outfit, exposing the flesh underneath.  A third jab now cuts the skin behind Midnight’s knee open, and the screaming from Amelia is now quite loud.

Loud enough, in fact, that in the ring Prydor is looking up at the Carnagetron, his face a mask of worry as he continues to wrench at Crucifix’s ankle, but not nearly with the force he had been using.

Johnny Vegas: Better give it up, fat man! I don't think Zodiac's kidding around!

Terra Skye: This is sick! He's going to cripple her just to win a match!

Ray Payne: Mistah Willy should go back dere, yo!

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, go back there and leave Crucifix alone!

Zodiac jabs the weapon again into the knee of Amelia, this time in the kneecap itself.  He twists the weapon before pulling it back, and the camera now sees shards of glass stuck in Amelia’s surgically-repaired knee.  As the groans from the audience ring out, Zodiac turns to the camera, knowing that his words will reach their intended audience.

Robert Zodiac:  Prydor!  I know you can hear me!  I’ll give you one chance…call this off now, give up, and I’ll spare this bitch’s career!

Amelia is barely able to groan out a “no, don’t” as Zodiac walks over to a steel chair, picking it up and bringing it back to where Amelia is holding her knee.  A kick to the head stuns Midnight, and Zodiac opens the chair to wrap it around the already damaged knee of Midnight.  In the ring, Prydor has let go of the Blaze of Glory and is watching with horror on his face as the drama unfolds backstage.  With the chair in place, Zodiac looks around before finding a second chair and standing over the steel-wrapped knee of Midnight.

Robert Zodiac:  Last warning!  Do it!

Amelia Midnight:  (weakly)  No, Will…don’t do it…

The anguish crosses Will’s face as Zodiac raises the second chair, ready to bring it down.  The camera at ringside can catch Will nodding slightly, closing his eyes.

Will Prydor:  Do it, Rey.  Ring it. I’m done.

White Rey looks at Will questioningly, as if you say “you sure?”

Will Prydor:  (shouting) I said ring the bell! 

Rey doesn’t look happy at all, but turns and calls for the bell, as Zodiac begins to laugh.  The bell sounds, as the Legion erupts in a chorus of jeers, unhappy at what has just happened.

Kelly Carmichael:  Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of this match, by submission…and STILL Carnage World Tag Team Champions…Robert Zodiac and Brian Crucifix!


Terra Skye: How the fuck can you celebrate this?

Johnny Vegas: A win is a win is a win!

Ray Payne: But dey didn't wins with dere skills, yo!

Terra Skye: Exactly! They had to resort to tricks yet again!

Johnny Vegas: As long as C.O.N. have the belts, I don't give a fuck!

Dejected, Will slumps against the ropes, his foot hitting Crucifix’s bat that he introduced to the match.  On the Carnagetron, Zodiac’s laughter is almost maniacal as he sneers at the camera…and then brings the chair down on the chair-wrapped knee of Midnight!  Amelia’s screams are nearly blood-curdling as Zodiac hits the knee again, prompting a roar of anger from Will in the ring.  Prydor moves forward as if to charge backstage…but his foot again hits the bat in the ring, and his head turns to see Crucifix starting to stand.  Bending down, Prydor picks up the bat and looks at it, anger dueling with the emotional pain of what’s happening backstage.  Crucifix sees what’s happening on the ‘Tron, and starts to chuckle knowing that they had once again outwitted their challenger.

This would turn out to be a mistake.  A moment later, Prydor raises the bat onto his shoulder and lets out a wordless way cry before swinging the bat at Brian’s head.  With a swing that would make Brady Anderson proud, Prydor literally breaks the bat across the head of Brian Crucifix, the head of the bat sailing out about seven rows deep into the Carnage Legion!  Crucifix crumples into a heap, body twitching as Prydor rolls out of the ring, moving as fast as he can up the aisleway with the broken bat in hand.  Seeing this, Zodiac takes one last swing at Amelia’s head, knocking her unconscious before leaving the locker room before an enraged Prydor can get to him.

Terra Skye: And Zodiac fucking runs away! What the hell is that!?

Johnny Vegas: He's smart! The match is over, he won, why should he fight anymore?

Ray Payne: I wouldn't wants to be Mistah Zody if Will finds him..

Johnny Vegas: Something tells me that piggy has other matters to attend to.

As the commentators are talking, paramedics rush the ring to tend to the still-unconscious Brian Crucifix, as Zodiac emerges from one of the side entrances to come to the ring to check on his partner.  A minute later, more paramedics are tending to Midnight as Prydor barges into the locker room, looking around for Zodiac.  Not finding him, Prydor turns his attention to the cameraman standing innocently in the locker room and roars at him to get the fuck out.  The cameraman quickly scurries out of the locker room, and the door slamming shut behind him has a sense of finality as Prydor’s voice roars out again, his voice cracking a little as the consequences of his actions finally register in his mind.

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WE ARE RELENTLESS 2017 Results - Part Four
« Reply #4 on: August 11, 2017, 02:09:04 AM »

Match Seven: 'The Sandtown Kid' Lucas Silva vs. Amy Jo Smyth

Terra Skye: What an incredible night that we've had so far boys, but the best may truly be yet to come!

Johnny Vegas: God damnit, you and your fucking clichés.

Ray Payne: Wuts a clee shays, yo?

Terra Skye: Don't worry about it, Ray. It's all water under the bridge at this point.

Johnny Vegas: You motherfucker.

Terra Skye: Anyway, up next we have the highly-anticipated Carnage Wrestling UltraViolent Championship match! Where we'll see Monarchy of Anarchy runner-up Amy Jo-

Johnny Vegas: Fucking QUEEN Amy Jo Smyth finally put an end to that brillo-headed pipsqueak once and for all! Hahahaha!!!

Terra Skye: Well, that's perhaps a touch on the racist side. Wouldn't you-

Johnny Vegas: Shut the hell up, snowflake. All I'm saying is that if there is a silver lining to Amy Jo getting robbed from her rightful victory at the dumb tournament, it's the fact that she now will be taking on, and crushing, the Slabbrown Skid Lucas Silva.

Ray Payne: Dats not nice, Johnny.

Johnny Vegas: And just like Smyth said, she's going to take that piece of shit UV Championship and turn it back into the gold that it once was... back before the skid tarnished its good name and great legacy.

Terra Skye: Yeah, well, if its such a piece of shit championship, then why does Smyth want it so bad? Hmm?

Johnny Vegas: Because she's magic. Because shes great at turning chicken shit into chicken salad.

Terra Skye: That's a cliché!

Johnny Vegas: No the fuck it isn't. It's a Johnnyism. You fuckers stole it from me and turned it into a cliché! But it was mine first!


Kelly Carmichael: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Carnage Wrestling ULTRAVIOLENT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!

The Carnage Legion cheer wildly.

Kelly Carmichael: Introducing first, the challenger:

The lights lower and the remaining lights turn to a golden color. “Shoot to Thrill” by Halestorm hits. The crowd explodes into cheers. Amy Jo Smyth steps out onto the stage, her back turned to the crowd, head covered by the hood of her jacket. The golden lights change and simulate a cascade of glitter over her. Smyth spins around on her toes and faces the crowd as a single spotlight falls on her.

I got my gun at the ready gonna fire at will
‘Cause I shoot to thrill and I’m ready to kill
I can’t get enough and I can’t get my fill
Shoot to thrill play to kill
Pull the trigger, pull it
Pull it, pull it
Pull the trigger

Amy Jo Smyth

She then throws her head back, the hood falling off her head, and arms upward and outward, letting the remaining glittering light wash over her. She slowly makes her way down the ramp, looking over the crowd, giving the occasional high five to a fan with a perfectly placed hand. She reaches the end of the ramp and throws a fist up in the air. The crowd pops.

Kelly Carmichael: ……Hailing from the great state of New Jersey… She has her Ph.D. in submissions… “The Good Doctor” Amy Jo Smyth!

After a quick moment of listening to the crowd, she rushes forward, slides into the ring, and stands. Smyth unzips her hoodie and spins on her toes with her arms raised. She throws both arms down triggering an explosion of glittering light over the ring.

She quickly strips of her hoodie and passes it off to the nearest person on the outside. The lights come back up but remain golden.

Terra Skye: Well Ray, what can be said about Amy Jo Smyth that hasn't already been said?

Ray Payne: I has seen da look in dat girls eyes before Mizz Terra. It iz da look of someone who feels like dey have been wronged. Mizz Jo sees herself as the rightful winner of the tourney but also feels the pain from dat de feet. If anythin, I tink dat makes Mizz Joey dat much more dangerous insides da squared circle, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Amy Jo Smyth is always dangerous inside of the ring, idiot. But I agree with you for once. Amy Jo was wronged at the Monarchy of Anarchy tournament and she will take it out on the skid in just a few short moments!

Terra Skye: Now hold on just a second. Something should be said about coming into these matches with focus. With both eyes squarely on the person that is across the ring from you.

Ray Payne: Mizz Joey Smith is focused, yo. Maybe more focuseded now than she has ever beens in her career. And wif da Ultra Violey rules, yo? I iz glad that I am nots the one facins her tonight.

Kelly Carmichael: And her opponent:

The screaming punk lyrics of 'Reckless and the Brave' hammer out fast paced over the PA, as the Sandtown Kid tosses aside the curtains, stepping out into the lights and hesitating on the stage as he appears to scan over the crowd.  An unbuttoned Orioles jersey hangs open over the top of a Carnage Wrestling tee sporting the CW logo.  He strides defiantly down towards the ring, chin out and head held high, extending his arms from his sides as he draws closer to the ring to allow the audience to reach his fingertips as he brushes past them. 

The Sandtown Kid

Terra Skye: Speaking of focused, I have never seen the Sandtown Kid this focused in all of the time that I've been here.

Reaching ringside, Sandtown Kid spit on the floor and appears to wipe his hands off on his pants before sliding under the bottom rope and taking his position within the ring.

Terra Skye: Sandtown Kid has held the Ultraviolent Championship since defeating blast from the past Matt Stone from all the way back at Ascension 2016! He has held the UV Championship for over a calendar year now, Johnny... and in all of that time, I have never seen him this focused.

Johnny Vegas: Focus-smocused. Who gives a crap if the mop is focused or not? Amy Jo Smyth is here with a purpose tonight, and she's finally going to dethrone that clown-

Ray Payne: Holdin' a championship for ova a year does not make Mista Silvy a clowns, yo.

Boy: I will murder sea urchins. Sky blue. Keep your eyes on all of the baseballs!

Ray Payne: Dat is a good point der, Boy. Silva said dat dis is no title defense, but dat it's a title attack.

Inside the ring, both Amy Jo and Silva charge one another and meet with a clash at the center, both trading forearm smashes and straight fists!

Terra Skye: Speaking of attack, neither of these two want to wait for the bell!


Boy sounds the opening bell as Kelly Carmichael has to duck out of the ring for her own safety. Senior Ref Jeff is the only thing that stands between Silva and Smyth and he's letting them swing free and wild. Silva appears to get the upperhand early but its Smyth with a knee lift that counters the momentum build. She backs Silva against the ropes and goes for another knee lift to the sternum that's blocked by Silva's arm. Silva follows with a forearm shiv that sends Smyth backing back towards the center of the ring. Silva charges with a clothesline that is ducked by Smyth. Silva pumps the brakes and turns only to take a knifeedge chop from Smyth. The crowd Woo's loudly as Silva staggers over into a nearby corner. Smyth coming in, she takes a boot to the midsection by Silva and Silva switches places with her, putting her in the corner. Silva rears back and delivers a knife edge chop across the endowed chest of Smyth and once more the crowd Woo's in response. Smyth still in the corner, Silva repeats the knife edge chop which slows the early pace down a little. With her arms hooked over the top rope, Smyth eats the sting of the chops like it's an early morning breakfast. Silva takes the wrist, Irish Whips Smyth to the far corner where she hits the turnbuckles back first pretty solidly. Silva charges the far corner but Smyth shoots out and nearly takes Silva's head off with a layout lariat, expertly using her whole body to perform the move. There's a large cheering section of many female members of the Legion and a few other wrestlers in attendance here tonight. Amy Jo appears to be fired up.

Ray Payne: I tink tha best thing so far is dat Mista Jeffy is lettin' dees two supastars settle dis one on deir own.

Terra Skye: Both Lucas Silva and Amy Jo have come out of the gate like a house of fire tonight-

Johnny Vegas: God damn you and your fucking clichés!

Terra Skye: -and you kind of hoped that they would considering the trash-talk that you heard from each of them throughout the buildup of this match. I do think that the best thing Jeff can do is count the eventual pinfall or submission, whatever that may be, and leave the rest up to these superstars to settle this one on their own!

Silva rolls onto his stomach before Jo can attempt a pin, but it didn't seem as though she would waste her time this early in the match. She stomps Silva on the back of his shoulder, near the head and neck, and Silva rolls his way over towards the ropes. Clutching the bottom rope, Silva works to pull himself up but is stomped back down to the canvas each time he tries. Smyth, with a grip on the top rope, adds more power to each downward kick that she throws. Silva reaches out and picks an ankle, sweeping Smyth's legs out from under her just enough that he can roll himself out to the ringside area and drag his opponent out with him. Jo lands on her feet on the thin WAR theme green pads situated around the ring and fires off a straight right hand that connects with a glancing blow as Silva sidesteps and counters with another knife edge chop. The chops are slowly wearing down the challenger as Silva grabs her by the head and slams her face first into the ring apron with no resistance. Smyth bounces off and staggers her way towards the ring steps where she is met from behind with a front double-leg dropkick that sends her slamming shoulder first into the steps. The sound of flesh on steel echoes throughout the arena as the stairs fly apart.

Boy: Bad Boys 2!

Ray Payne: Dat is right, Boy. A good dropkick by Mista Silvy!

Terra Skye: Oh my gosh, Amy Jo Smyth may have hit the steel steps face first!

Johnny Vegas: Oh my gosh? What the fuck are you? A choir girl? Get the fuck out of here-

Terra Skye: I've had just about enough of your shit, Vegas! Call the god damn match or I'm having you sent back to Shady Pines!

Despite the impact, Smyth pushes herself up off of the floor and shakes off the pain.

Johnny Vegas: Oh no, not the nursing home...

Terra Skye: Yes, the fucking nursing home, you ancient prick!

Boy: Smith with a y! She lived while others died. Die Tweever!

The challenger back up on all fours, Silva with a running kick to the ribs that misses when Smyth rolls through at the last possible moment. Looking like something from the Kimberly Hart Collection, by the time Silva gets himself turned around he is met with a somersault dropkick that sends him crashing hard back first into the steel barricade surrounding the ring! There are some cheers and some boos, some folks in the front row patting Silva on the shoulder trying to get him back into this match. Amy Jo pushes up off of the ground once more, charging, she slings herself at Silva with a high cross body off of the bottom section of the ring steps and the impact sends both competitors flying over the barricade and into the front row of spectators.

C-Dub! C-Dub! C-Dub! C-Dub!

Terra Skye: Oh my god! Amy Jo just took out Silva! They're in the front row!

Johnny Vegas: I told you that Amy Jo was going to take out Trashcan Skid here tonight! The reign of terror is finally at its end! Hahaha!!!

Boy: Cueball in the side pocket!

Ray Payne: Dat's not very nice, Boy.

Boy: Hatred has I for the Johnny.

Johnny Vegas: You've got something to say, Sasquatch? Say it to my face!


Ref Jeff hops the barricade to check on the two competitors, but by the time he gets over the railing, Amy Jo is already drilling STK with a massive headbutt, using the Champion's hair to hold him still while doing so. Silva falls backward into a row of empty chairs, the fans around that portion of the ringside area ducking for cover. Smyth battles Silva down into a seated position in one of the chairs with a series of vicious strikes. Smyth now takes a few steps backward, she charges and raises a knee looking for the Five-O. Silva lunges forward, catches Amy Jo beneath her knee and throws her high up in the air with a high angle back body drop counter! The Challenger comes crashing down hard on a row of empty folding chairs!

Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

Terra Skye: Amy Jo just landed on a row of folding chairs, and her body destroyed them all!

Johnny Vegas: That son of a bitch just tried to kill the rightful Queen of Carnage! He should be arrested! He should be hanged!

Terra Skye: Oh, calm the fuck down. It's an Ultraviolent Match fuckhead.

Johnny Vegas: How dare you talk to me that way – I'm a man – don't you know men are superior to you?

Terra Skye: Excuse me?!

Ray Payne: Ey yo guys...

Lucas Silva sees Amy Jo Smyth sprawled out on a pile of broken folding chairs. He drops down for the cover!



Amy Jo Smyth kicks out right after the count of two.

Terra Skye: Amy Jo kicks out at two! That was close!

Johnny Vegas: No it wasn't!

Silva looks up at Ref Jeff at the moment that Jeff signals the two count and he is not surprised in the least. He turns his attention back to Smyth who is somehow already working her way back to her feet with the aide of the barricade. Silva stays on the attack, kicking Amy Jo in the ribs before lifting her up and dropping her down with a snake eyes across that very same barricade. The challenger appears to hit her neck on the barricade on the way down, and is clutching the area around her neck as she coughs on the ground. Silva reaches down and grabs Smyth by the hair and pulls her back to her feet. Silva scoops her up onto his shoulder and turns himself back towards the crowd. With the pile of broken chairs down on the floor, Silva is looking for a running powerslam down on top of them. Just as he's about to leap up with Smyth on his shoulders, she pushes herself off of him and lands on her feet behind the champion. Silva turns around quickly, but he places himself right in position for Smyth to leap towards him looking for a version of the Code 28 Tornado DDT. As desperate as he is to block the attempt, Silva drops down and gets spiked on the top of his head in the pile of chairs, with Smyth taking more damage to her back as well. The Legion is on their feet and feeling the electricity in this match!

Johnny Vegas: Woohoo! Code 28 by the next UltraViolent Champion! Shoot to THRILL BABY!! BANG BANG!!!

Terra Skye: Despite my partners enthusiasm, that was indeed an impressive leaping Tornado DDT by Amy Jo Smyth. The Champion is reeling!

Ray Payne: I tink Mizz Joey should goes for da covers here!

Boy: Bath bubbles.

Amy Jo looks over at Silva who is clutching his head in pain. She's feeling it in her lower back area as well, her arm drifting back there for some sort of support. Smyth slides her upperbody over Silva and hooks the far leg with her left arm...



The Champion kicks out at the count of two and a half. The match continues.

Ray Payne: I really tought dat she'd uh had heem der, yo.

Johnny Vegas: That's your problem, Ray. You've been thinking again.

Terra Skye: Johnny, be nice.

Johnny Vegas: Fuck nice! Does being nice make me a winner? No.

Terra Skye: What does that have to do with anything?

Johnny Vegas: Look at our future champion Amy Jo. Is she being nice to that little bastard right now? No!

Terra Skye: Shut up and call the kid by his real name, for once. “The Sandtown Kid” Lucas Silva.


Ray Payne: Mista Silvy ain't a keed anymores, yo.

Amy Jo gets the signal from Jeff that the count had only reached a two, but she was well aware of that fact already. She works her way back to her feet and takes a moment to stretch before stomping down on Silva. Silva rolls himself to the side where he can get one foot under him but Smyth grabs Silva by the hair and yanks him back to his feet. The Challenger wraps her arm around Silva's head and runs forward towards the pile of chairs, and she drives him down with an EMF. The bulldog drives Silva's face into the pile of chairs and once more Amy Jo takes a bit more damage to the small of her back. Smyth back up through the pain, she sees Silva still down and drops the Hot Georgia Peach Cartwheel Legdrop down across his neck and face. Once more fighting through the pain, Smyth rolls herself over on top of Silva and this time hooks the far leg high and tight with her right arm. Ref Jeff drops down to count the fall-



Silva gets his shoulder up just before the count of three.

Terra Skye: Another nearfall by Amy Jo Smyth, but guys she is taking as much punishment as she is dishing out right here... its very clear that her lower back is giving her some issues at this stage in the match.

Johnny Vegas: Don't worry about it. Amy Jo Smyth is a warrior, not some kind of little fairy girl princess. She's used to the pain – didn't fighting her way to the finals of the UltraViolent Tournament prove that to you yet? Or are you just being that dense on purpose?

Terra Skye: I'm not being dense! I never discredited anything that Amy Jo Smyth has done. Ever.

Ray Payne: I tink Mizz Smyth is needin ta rememba that Mista Silvery always seems ta find a way ta survive dees thingies, yo. He's been da champs for a long times. I haven't counted out Mista Silvers yet.

Terra Skye: That is a great point, Ray. Anything to add, Boy?

Boy: Swiss Gear now makes backpacks!

Amy Jo pulls herself back up to her feet and her arm goes right to the small of her back. Despite the pain, she fights through to bend down to grab Silva by his hair once more, and she lets out a yell as she does. Silva appears to have blood beginning to trickle from his forehead and immediately Ref Jeff goes for the pair of latex gloves in his back pocket. Silva back up now, the crowd reacts to seeing him bleeding as Amy Jo grabs his wrist and rears back, pulling her own back to throw Silva with a hard irish whip into the barricade where he smacks it knees first and flips right back over into the ringside area. Smyth back up again, she gingerly climbs the barricade herself, placing herself across the ring from where Silva is slowly working his way back up. Amy Jo lets out another yell as she charges at the champion, leaping into the air with a double knee strike known as the Two Front Teeth. Silva sidesteps and shoves the flying challenger straight into the ring post! Amy Jo smacks the solid steel with a full frontal and slinks all the way down to the pads on the ringside floor.

Ray Payne: Mista Silvers just shoved Mizz Joey rights inta da ringposts, yo!

Boy: Send flowers to grave, no one shall eat guitar strings.

Silva looks up and out at the sold-out crowd as he has blood trickling from his forehead and down along the bridge of his nose and lips. Amy Jo Smyth rolls around on the padding beneath Silva but Silva wastes no time moving right to her. He grabs onto the bottom rope from the floor and starts laying a vicious series of boots to the small of Smyth's back, following up with a vaulting knee drop that drills the challenger right in the base of her spine. Its a viciousness that's rarely seen from Silva, but one that has been marked as of late. Silva pulls Smyth back up to her knees and places her head against the base of the ring post, and lines her up for the shot. He runs looking to stomp the challengers head into the post, but Smyth moves and Silva comes up with a boot-full of steel instead. Smyth shoots up and takes Silva down quickly with the Resisting Arrest, Silva rolls through and lands pretty well back on his feet anyway. The distance between them gives Smyth the time she needs to come through with a desperation clothesline, taking Silva down.

Terra Skye: The action is getting intense between these two competitors!

Ray Payne: I don'ts tinks dat dey are finished yet, yo.

Smyth goes under the ring and begins pulling out all kinds of weapons. Chairs, road signs, light tubes, kendo sticks. Ball bats, bags of foreign objects, and even something that resembles a plastic explosive are all that come out. Silva is stirring now, pushing himself back up to his feet. Smyth throws some of the weaponry back into the ring and retains a few items for herself, pouring one of the bags out on the ringside floor below her feet. It's a bag of legos.

Johnny Vegas: My girlfriend Amy Jo Smyth introducing some pain to the Scramground Bitch!

Terra Skye: That's not his name and she's not your girlfriend – but yes, there are legos all down on the ringside floor now!

Ray Payne: Why would Mizz Joey uses legos, yo?

Terra Skye: Have you ever stepped on one of those things barefoot? Could you imagine how much they must hurt being slammed on them?

Ray Payne: Dat doesn't sounds goods, yo.

Amy Jo turns to grab Silva by the hair, but an open palm thrust to the midsection briefly halts her, followed up by a vicious european uppercut that backs her away. Silva charges looking for a lariat of his own, but Amy Jo ducks it and before Silva can turn around, Amy Jo leaps up onto Silva's shoulders with the Liquid Poision! No! Amy Jo tries to throw her bodyweight back but Silva leans forward to block the inverted frankensteiner. With AJ Smyth down across his back Silva carefully steps backwards, locking Smyth's arms before leaping and slamming her down face and chest first with an inverted Styles Clash on the pile of legos!!! The crowd jumps to their feet as the challenger writhes around on the padding in pain...

Terra Skye: Holy shit! I can't believe it! Silva just improvised there – I've never seen anything quite like it in all of my history as a wrestling analyst! An inverted Styles Clash – my god!

Johnny Vegas: That cheating son of a bitch! I swear to god that I hate his fucking guts!

Boy: Die Tweever not cheat! Die Tweever kill the Johnny soon!

Johnny Vegas: Threaten me again and I'm hunting you down with a fucking mini gun you big dumb fuck!

Silva flips himself over and has to crawl along the pile of legos to push Smyth over to go for the cover. Ref Jeff has to brush some of the legos aside with his foot so that he can drop down as well...



Thr- No!!!

The Legion
: Awwwww!!!

Ref Jeff jumps up and signals only a two count to Boy. The crowd on hand tonight is stunned that Amy Jo was able to kick out of such a maneuver! And so is Silva!

Terra Skye: Wow! What tenacity by Amy Jo!

Johnny Vegas: Come on Amy, you've got this! Kill this little brillo pad headed fuck!

Ray Payne: Hey, dat's not very nic-

Johnny Vegas: I know it's not nice! It's not nice being forced to watch this loser be our UltraViolent Champion for over a year, but we've been forced to stomach it – haven't we?

Ray Payne: I don't really considers it stomaching, yo.

Silva is stunned that Amy Jo was able to kick out, but that doesn't stop him from wishing to continue his assault. Amy Jo is rolling on the floor in pain and Silva isn't looking fresh at this point in the match, either. But he does get back to his feet first; and he does notice the plethora of weapons that now reside inside the ring. Silva hops up onto the ring apron and begins to step through the ropes when Smyth reaches forward and snags Silva by the ankle. Smyth hangs on for dear life even as Silva starts to try to kick her away... just no dice. Silva repositions himself on the ring apron so that he can attack Smyth with back kicks, but Smyth slithers around in such a way that she's able to hop up onto the ring apron beside the Sandtown Kid. Silva with a knife edge chop catches her in the chest again, but the woman with the lego imprints on her face and chest counters back with a headbutt that stuns Silva for a brief moment. Smyth takes a step back and charges Silva along the apron, looking for a running elbow smash to the temple. Silva ducks looking for another high angle back body drop, this time on the apron, but the proximity to the ropes gives Amy Jo something to grab on so that she lands back on her feet behind Silva. Before Silva can turn, Amy Jo leaps up onto his shoulders from behind once more, and this time she thrusts her body back with all of her might and she drills Silva with the Liquid Poison off of the Ring Apron and down onto the pile of legos!!! Both competitors fall hard and writhe around on the green pads in severe pain!

Holy Shit!! Holy Shit!! Holy Shit!! Holy Shit!!

C-Dub!! C-Dub!! C-Dub!! C-Dub!!

Terra Skye: Oh my god! The second time is the charm for that reverse frankensteiner known as the Liquid Poison! She just flipped Silva backwards off of the ring apron and down onto those Legos right on the top of his head! I think he could have a broken freaking neck!

Johnny Vegas: One can only hope.

It takes Amy Jo a few moments to gather herself. The female fans here in attendance are all on their feet jumping and clapping and cheering for Smyth to make the cover. Amy Jo sides across the pile of legos and drapes her arm over Lucas Silva! Ref Jeff drops down to make the count!



Thre- No!!! Silva just barely manages to get his shoulder up before the count of three!

Boy: Life has the Silvers!

Terra Skye: My god! The crowd can't believe it, I can't believe it! Amy Jo can't believe it! And if Sandtown Kid is somehow still alive in there – he shouldn't believe it, either!

Johnny Vegas: Fucking slow count bullshit! Somebody fire that asshole Jeff!!!

Terra Skye: The back and fourth action that we're seeing inside of the Carnage Wrestling ring right now is insane!

Amy Jo looks up at Jeff giving the two count symbol and she's struggling to believe it. She slowly works her way back up to a seated position and then gingerly pulls herself back up to her feet with aide from the ring apron itself. Smyth bends over slowly and takes a grip of Silva's hair and uses it to force the bloody champion back to his feet only to roll him back into the ring. Amy Jo rolls back in after him.

Ray Payne: Finally yo da action is getting back into da ring.

Smyth is clearly the first one up and she grabs a nearby stop sign and uses it to beat down the champion. Each time Silva works to push himself back up onto all fours, Smyth slams the sign back down across his back again. Smyth shouts out for Silva to stay down, but this doesn't seem to be something that Silva understands. Finally, the last hard thwack of the sign sends Silva down for good, but it was almost all of the energy that Smyth had in her, so she drops the sign off to the side. She slides down for the cover on Silva...



Thr- Silva throws his shoulder up again at the count of two and three quarters.

Amy Jo presses down on Silva's shoulder-



Silva kicks out just before the count of three. Amy Jo slams the mat in frustration.

Johnny Vegas: What are all of these slow counts for by Ref Jeff?

Terra Skye: I don't think Jeff is counting slowly at all.

Johnny Vegas: Awh, quit the horseshit. Don't be a part of this conspiracy.

Terra Skye: Conspiracy? You had better watch your fucking mouth, Vegas!

Amy Jo reaches down for the second of the two bags that she had grabbed earlier. After showing the entire Carnage Legion the bag itself, she dumps the contents of it down in the center of the ring – thumbtacks. Thousands of them. The Carnage Legion reacts when they see that the entire center of the ring is now one giant bed of nails.

Terra Skye: What is Amy Jo looking to do here?

Johnny Vegas: Hopefully kill off that little prick before he breeds.

Terra Skye: Johnny!

The champion is fighting hard to work his way back to his feet, but gets some help when Amy Jo grabs him sharply by the hair. Silva screams out in pain, but Jo yanks him right up to his feet, and drills him between the legs with a knee lift that catches him right in the balls. Silva screams and tries to fall to his knees, but Amy Jo holds him upright and knees him in the groin again and again. Silva cries out in pain and holds his groin with both hands, giving Amy Jo the run of whatever she wishes to do with him now. Amy Jo pulls him forward and hoists the one-hundred and eighty-five pound Silva up over her head with an impressive gorilla press, drawing the shock and awe of the sold-out crowd. Silva flails his legs wildly as Amy Jo positions him over the tacks, but Amy Jo's lower back seems to tweak the moment that she tries to throw him forward, and Silva lands behind her but cannot stay on his feet.

Terra Skye: Amy Jo had him up, to the surprise of just about everyone here tonight at ringside, but it looks like her back gave out on her!

Ray Payne: Are you gonna say dat Mizz Joey's back is a part of da conspiracy against her too, yo?

Johnny Vegas: Aha! So you admit the conspiracy!

Terra Skye: Shut up.

Silva falls back into a near seated position with his arms against the middle rope. Smyth is holding her back with one arm but she's already got a back-up plan to follow. Silva senses that he has Smyth on the ropes and he comes charging out of his position at full force. Silva ducks as if he is going for a spear, but Smyth showing her veteran presence leaps into the air and clears Silva's body easily. Silva has to slam hard on the brakes to avoid throwing himself into the pile of tacks. Amy Jo is waiting, and she leaps into the air backwards connecting with a Pele Kick similar to her Scarlet O'Hara, and now Silva is standing at the precipice of the pile of tacks doing everything that he can not to fall backward.

Johnny Vegas: Go Amy Jo! Get him! End this!

Terra Skye: That Pele caught Silva squarely on the gash on his forehead! He's busted wide open now!

Johnny Vegas: Screw that! He's about to become a pin cushion! A human voodoo doll!

Amy Jo grins as she picks herself up, grabbing the nearby light tube. She points a finger at Silva as if it were a gun, and she pulls the metaphorical trigger. She cocks the tube back as if it were a bat, and she charges Silva, slamming the light tube across his forehead with a big league swing. The light tube shatters and glass flies everywhere, but the kid from Sandtown stands unfazed. He growls back at Amy Jo Smyth as the blood pours down his face, new cuts emerging from the glass that had just nearly missed his eyes. He shouts at Smyth to bring it on, pumping his arms to egg her to attack again. Smyth is stunned, but for just a moment. She throws the rest of the tube down to the mat and cocks her hips to the side. She comes forward with a Southern Charm superkick but Silva catches her foot in his hands!

Terra Skye: My god, I've never seen anything like this before in my life! I think that this is the third time that I've said that so far... this could be the match of the night!

Johnny Vegas: How in the hell is Silva cheating like this and no one is saying a damn thing? How?!

Silva spins AJ Smyth around and ducks down looking for the Samoan Drop known as the Safe Haven Drop, but Smyth wisely drills him in the back of the head with a well-placed elbow. Silva drops Amy Jo back down on her feet... she staggers backwards towards the ropes but bounces off of them. By the time Silva looks up, Amy Jo leaps into the air and catches him with a flying triangle choke!

Terra Skye: Eat me out!

Johnny Vegas: Eww, No thanks.

Terra Skye: Not that, it's her finisher. It's called the Eat Me Out, and she's got it locked in dead center of the ring, this one is over!

Silva drops down to one knee and the crowd is cheering wildly for Amy Jo. She's got Silva locked in so tight already that the kid is already turning blue in the face. Silva down to both knees now.

Ref Jeff checks on Lucas Silva to see if he's going to respond.

Silva looks like he's almost out of it and fading, fast.

Ref Jeff checks again on Silva...

Silva begins to stir!

Half of the crowd are cheering for Amy Jo, the other half are cheering for Silva. Silva's legs shake as he pushes himself back up to one knee, and then fights to get his second foot under him as well. Amy Jo wrenches back on the hold as tightly as she can, but Silva pulls Amy Jo up off of the mat with a sheer deadlift that puts her right back onto his shoulders. Silva turns, looking for a powerbomb counter to the triangle choke – Amy Jo senses this and counters his counter with a hurricanrana! Silva flips over the pile of tacks, landing on the far side of them, but may have caught a few on the back of his left shoulder. Silva rolls back up to his feet and to a vertical base. He just barely catches Amy Jo flying in with another attempt at the Southern Charm superkick that he somehow manages to barely duck along the way. Amy Jo hits the ropes chest first, and comes staggering back towards Lucas Silva backwards. By the time she spins herself around, she doesn't notice Silva ducking beneath her to throw her up in the air – SAFE HAVEN DROP ONTO THE THUMBTACKS!!!


C-DUB!!! C-DUB!!! C-DUB!!! C-DUB!!!

Terra Skye: Safe Haven Drop onto the tacks! This one has got to be over!

Johnny Vegas: No no no NO NOOOO!!!!

Silva slides along the pile of tacks to cover the screaming Amy Jo-

Ref Jeff drops down for the cover!




Terra Skye: NO WAY!!!

Lucas Silva sits up briefly to see Ref Jeff give him the two count symbol. He's got tacks along his back and along the backs of both arms... he simply slinks back down into the pile of tacks in disbelief.

Terra Skye: I can't believe this! Amy Jo just kicked out of the Safe Haven Drop on top of Thumbtacks, Johnny!

Johnny Vegas: I told you that this bitch was the shit!

Ray Payne: Dat's not... you know what? Screws it, yo. Mizz Smythie is straight toughs yo.

The crowd is on their feet and the atmosphere is almost like it's too thick to breathe in. The respect for both competitors inside the ring is palpable, and now both of these gladiators begin to stir.

Terra Skye: The first one back to his or her feet has to have the advantage here! I can't see this match going on much longer.

Johnny Vegas: Someone get in there and stop Sandtown Kid from standing up!

Lucas Silva is the first to stir, and he has to push himself up against the tacks to get back to his feet, embedding his hands in the sharps. Amy Jo rolls around on the mat, and she's got her entire back, including the back of her head, covered in tacks. Silva standing in wait. He perches, head lowered, its clear that he's looking for another Safe Haven drop.

Terra Skye: Silva is the first back up.

Johnny Vegas: No! No!!!!

Amy Jo staggering, the pain on her face and in her body is clearly evident. She turns looking for Silva, but Silva is low again. Silva scoops up Amy Jo with relative ease – looking for another Safe Haven Drop! It connects! No!!! Amy Jo counters with a back arm drag, that sends Silva flying across the ring. Silva rolls across his back and comes into contact with the ropes! Silva pulls himself up as Amy Jo now stands just above the pile of tacks. Silva charges looking for the spear, Amy Jo twists her hips and throws her legs up! THWACK!!! SOUTHERN CHARM SUPERKICK!!! Silva is stood straight up from the impact! Amy Jo has expended the last of her energy and she falls back down to the tacks back first! Lucas Silva staggers for a moment, before falling forward down on top of Amy Jo! Lucas Silva is out cold, too! Ref Jeff looks down and sees Silva on top of Amy Jo, he drops down for the cover!

Terra Skye: Amy Jo Smyth hit Silva with the Southern Charm, but Silva fell on top of her!

Johnny Vegas: What?! No!!!

Ray Payne: Der's a cover, yo!




Johnny Vegas: Kick out, kick out, kick OUT!!!

Terra Skye: I can't believe it! Again!!! This match is over!!!


Kelly Carmichael: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match, and still Carnage Wrestling Ultraviolent Champion - “The Sandtown Kid” Lucas Silva!!!

Silva pushes himself off of Smyth as the Carnage Legion cheers him on, rolling outside of the ring. He's given his Ultraviolent belt and clutches it to his chest, knowing he escaped a war. Smyth meanwhile, realizes what happened and is stewing in the ring.

Terra Skye: You have to feel bad for Amy Jo here, who did everything she possibly could and just barely came up short.

Johnny Vegas: It's bullshit, is what it is.

Terra Skye: It was impossibly close. You have to believe that if these two meet again it will be a different result. Or if she sticks around and gets another point, she could even challenge the world champion!

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, but STK still has the belt, so who cares?

Ray Payne: I likes Missus Smyth, yo, when she not beatin up Mistah Sandee!

Johnny Vegas: You fucking like everybody!

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WE ARE RELENTLESS 2017 Results - Part Five
« Reply #5 on: August 11, 2017, 02:26:10 AM »
Match Eight: Sabiru vs. Amber Ryan

Terra Skye: Yeah, and you hate everybody, so we have to have someone to balance you out.

Johnny Vegas: I keep you two honest and you know it.

Terra Skye: I'm honestly sick of your hate all the time.

Johnny Vegas: Then, honestly, you can fuck off back to the strip club, bitch!

Ray Payne: Were yous a strippah, Missus Terra?

Terra Skye: NO!

It’s the tinkling of the eerie music bx that brings the lights down, the crowd murmuring with anticipation. Red and white spotlights flash erratically across the crowd.

“I pirouette in the dark, I see the stars through a mirror
Tired mechanical heart, beats till the song disappears”

Squealing violin cuts through the building tension as the spotlights quicken, pulsing almost like a heartbeat from white to red sometimes doubling or tripling up on the same color.

“Somebody shine a light, I’m frozen by the fear in me
Somebody make me feel alive then shatter me!
So cut me from the line, dizzy spinning endlessly
Somebody make me feel alive then shatter me!”

As the bass drops, a female silhouette bathed in red and white spotlight almost materializes atop the aisle drawing a mixed reaction from the crowd. Most cheer in appreciation of the show that they’re about to witness but many jeer due to her previous affiliations and general devil-may-care attitude.

Amber Ryan

Dubstep violin leads Amber down the ramp, a few fans extend hands but receive little acknowledgement for their trouble. She circles the ring, methodical and deliberate before sliding beneath the bottom rope and crossing to one of the far corners where she climbs the turnbuckles, watching out over the crowd to gauge the reaction. Turning awkwardly, she takes a seat on the top turnbuckle with hands clasped and elbows resting on her knees- that familiar Distorted Angel smirk ever present across her face.

Kelly Carmichael: The following contest is your MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING! It is a WAR match for the Carnage Wrestling WORLD Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, the challenger...weighing in at 142 pounds AMMMMBERRRRRR RRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAANNNNN!!!!

Terra Skye: I understand the rules for each fall of the WAR match will be explained as they happen, but these two were already made aware of them in the back.

Johnny Vegas: Um, so were we. Two weeks ago. You were there.

Terra Skye: Yeah but our new President created a complicated match type and some might have forgotten.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah but most of us don't care. We just want to see violence.

Ray Payne: I cares, yo.

Johnny Vegas: I highly doubt you could even understand them.

The quiet, unassuming guitar riff opening of "Devil's in the Details" by Walter Sickert and The Army of Broken Toys signifies the beginning of Sabiru's entrance. As the hypnotic, rhythmic beat joins the song, members of the Carnage Wrestling crowd clap their hands and stomp in time with the beat - with this quickly spreading through the remainder of the crowd.


Kelly Carmichael: And her opponent, from Tombstone, Arizona...weighing in at 197 pounds...he is the Carnage Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion....SSAAAAAAABIIIIIIRUUUUUUUU!!!!

As if summoned, Sabiru walks out on to the entrance ramped - his head bowed. The Carnage Wrestling world title is not with him, as it's placed on top of the CarnageTron. He kneels and lifts his head, staring out among the crowd with a blank, unreadable expression on his face. Seemingly satisfied, he then stands and walks purposefully down the ramp - ignoring any distractions from the crowd. He climbs into the ring without theatrics and offers his hand to the referee, who shakes it. Sabiru then heads into the corner where he awaits the bell.

Terra Skye: Here we go folks, a woman who wants to keep our belt hostage vs. a man who can't be bothered to defend us.

Johnny Vegas: The future of our company seems to be screwed either way, but least if Sabiru wins the belt stays here.

Ray Payne: If he doesn't wants to be champs den why dids he fight Mistah Alty for its?

Terra Skye: I guess he just likes to hurt people. So I guess if we want to keep our belt we have to hope he hurts Ryan enough.


Terra Skye: What he said.


Kelly Carmichael: The first fall has begun and is under Ultraviolent rules!

Sabiru and Amber Ryan circle around each other, Sabiru with a cold, blank look on his face and Ryan with a look of determination. The Carnage Legion is noticably booing them both. Ryan starts the match attempting a jab to Sabiru, but he manages to catch it in his hand, before quickly nailing her in the nose with a palm strike. She backs up a step, holding her face and checking for blood, but he doesn't give her that moment. He kneels down and sweeps the leg, forcing her to the mat. She gets back up in a kneeling position. Sabiru takes a few steps back and runs forward, sliding in with a forearm strike that puts her back down. Knowing it won't end the match, Sabiru doesn't go for the cover.

Terra Skye: Sabiru's unfeeling nature wins the match so far, as he's got a gameplan and he's sticking to it.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, and apparently that gameplan doesn't include TRYING TO PIN HER!

Ray Payne: I dunno ifs a pin would do annie thing in dis match Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah but it's our belt! He should be trying to keep it in every moment!

Terra Skye: For once we agree, but that's not who Sabiru is.

Instead, he picks the stunned Ryan back up and flings the back of her head into the top turnbuckle, immobilizing her. Sabiru steps back again, calculating his next move. He runs back in for something, but before he can hit it Ryan raises her leg, getting the heel of her boot into the chin of her opponent. The Distorted Angel then pulls her self up to the middle turnbuckle and leaps off a left knee to the face that looks remarkably similar to Sabiru's BomaYe kick. She does a full rotation after connecting, landing in a crouched position. Sabiru sits up and his head turns to look at her, with the rest of his body following suit in a sitting position. She swings in the left leg attempting to go for a kick. Sabiru goes to block it but realizes too late that it's a feint, and she plants it back down and whips her right leg inward, crashing into the side of Sabiru's head!

Terra Skye: Ryan seems to be winning the strike game, especially after that feint kick.

Johnny Vegas: Sabiru needs to get off his ass and try something else!

Ray Payne: Gunna be hards to does that after a kick to the head, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Well you would know, wouldn't you?


Ray Payne: Mistah Sabby may be a weasel, Boy, but he is duh only champs we got, yo.

Ryan does not attempt a cover, instead choosing to back up into the corner and wait patiently. Sabiru stirs, although his bald head has a noticable welt on it due to the sharpness of the kick. Ryan charges forward, raising one leg in the air and jumping off with the other for a single-leg Yakuza kick! It catches Sabiru right in the chin! The champion falls to the mat and now Ryan goes for the cover!



NO! Sabiru throws the shoulder up. Ryan wastes no time complaining and gets back up to a vertical base, pulling Sabiru with her.

Terra Skye: Amber Ryan's strike game is on point tonight. Sabiru needs to switch it up if he hopes to close her out in two falls.

Johnny Vegas: She wants this match and he doesn't care. I said it before, our World title is fucked.

Ray Payne: Sabbys likes hurtin people, yo. So he gonna want to do dat later.

Johnny Vegas: He needs to do that NOW!

Ryan pushes Sabiru back a step and then, to the shock of the crowd, hauls off and slaps him across the face! While this doesn't erase the blank look on Sabiru's face, it does seem to wake him up because he lunges forward with a forearm. Ryan ducks it then hits him in the thigh with a kick from the right side. Sabiru clutches at it and limps for only a moment, as the pain is sudden. He recovers and tries a lariat, but Ryan sticks to her plan and ducks that too, hitting him in the same area with another kick. She runs past him off to the opposite side of the ropes, comes back in his direction and looks to go for the Yakuza again, but this time Sabiru sees it coming and side-steps it. Ryan regains her footing and turns around right into a huge chop to the chest!

Johnny Vegas: YES! GET HER!

Terra Skye: It was just a chop, Johnny. Relax.

Johnny Vegas: I'm just glad he's finally hitting things again.

Ray Payne: Dis mebbies duh only time we agree, guys.

Johnny Vegas: Oh god, it is! Shoot me now.

Sabiru then grabs her and Irish whips her to the far side. He runs in again, but she jumps up and slides her body over the middle rope to the apron to get away. Sabiru crashes into the turnbuckle and takes a few steps back. Ryan springboards off attempting what looks to be a meteora, but Sabiru ducks it. Amber crashes onto her knees and gets up, briefly limping around and Sabiru dives backwards with a pele kick, hitting Ryan right in her left ear! She doesn't go down, showing her toughness, but her legs are criss-crossed and she's wobbly. With her head bent over as she tries to regain her composure, Sabiru takes a step back and connects with a superkick to the side of her head! Ryan's head whips to the side and she falls down onto her face. Silent Cal gets down as the champion makes his first cover of the match.



NO! Ryan lifts her shoulder up, although she's clearly still shaken from the blows to the head.

Terra Skye: We've got a match now. You can't tell a lot from Sabiru but I think he wanted to prove he can keep up with the strikes.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah yeah, he proved his point. Now how about he try to win the match?

Ray Payne: He's got her on da ropes, yo.

Johnny Vegas: But she hasn't been beaten yet. It's about time he gets on with it.


Sabiru has had enough of the strikes and slides outside of the ring, hoping to make the match ultraviolent. He keeps an eye on Ryan, who is just starting to stir, as he searches for a weapon. He finally has the first one he can find: a singapore cane. The crowd "oohs" in excitement as he rolls back into the ring, stalking his opponent. Ryan has pushed herself upto her hands and knees Sabiru raises the cane above his head and brings it down right on her back, resulting in a loud CRACK noise that echoes through the arena. Ryan arches her back in pain rolls over to prevent another blow there, only then realizing her mistake as Sabiru brings it down again and again, hitting her abdomen, her chest, her arms and her legs, anything that he sees. After the barrage of cracks with the cane, he aims at her head. She gets her arms up to block and he brings it full force across her forearms, with welts developing almost immediately. When she lowers her arms due to the pain, Sabiru gets a sick gleam in his eye and brings the cane down again, connecting right across Amber Ryan's face!


Terra Skye: Fuck! This thing got violent in a hurry!

Johnny Vegas: Sabiru's tired of fucking around and now Ryan's going to see who she's in the ring with.

Ray Payne: She gonna be hurtins in da mornin, yo.

The challenger's eyes involuntarily well up with tears, due to the impact of the blow more than anything else. The damage reveals that her nose is bleeding, possibly broken, and her right cheek has a gash across it. Sabiru looks at the cane and seeing it's almost wore out its use, decides to give it one more task. He turns Amber over and grabs her leg, twisting it around his own and laying down on it, stepping forward into part of the set-up of an STF. He adds a sick twist to it, laying the broken Singapore cane across the wounds on Ryan's face, using the cane to pull her head back and raking the jagged wooden pieces into her skin! Ryan cries out in pain, clawing at the cane that's digging into her facial features.

Terra Skye: Fucking hell! I think the switch in Sabiru just flipped! He's got the challenger in the Kindred Shadow!

Johnny Vegas: TAP OUT BITCH!

Ray Payne: We reallies wants to keeps our belt, yo.


Terra Skye: What did he just say?

Johnny Vegas: I don't know but I agree!

Silent Cal is down in the middle of things, making tapping motions with his hands to ask Ryan if she gives up. She grabs the front of his shirt and pulls him forward, before shoving him away in an emphatic no. Sabiru opts to release Ryan's left leg and instead drives left knee into her spine, leaning on his right knee on the mat and pulling back even more with the cane. Ryan's pain is visible on her face  and it seems she will have nowhere to go. Suddenly the camera picks up an object in her hand. It appears she's grabbed a pen from Silent Cal's shirt pocket. Sabiru doesn't seem to suspect what's going on as she suddenly lunges back with her right arm and STABS SABIRU IN THE THIGH WITH THE PEN! Sabiru relinquishes the hold and backs off of Ryan, his attention drawn immediately to the pen that is halfway in his thigh about two inches above his knee. He yanks it out and blood spurts onto the mat briefly, before simply oozing out of a dime-sized hole in his leg.

Terra Skye: That's it, I'm going to fucking vomit.

Johnny Vegas: That's one way to escape a submission hold.

Ray Payne: How's is Mistah Cal gonna write withouts his pen, yo?

Terra Skye: THAT'S what you're concerned about? How about the man bleeding to death in the ring?

Johnny Vegas: Oh fuck off, Terra, it's just a flesh wound. I think.

Terra Skye: Well I hope so, because I'm pretty sure calling a wrestling match while someone bleeds out makes us accessories.

Sabiru places both hands over his open wound, attempting to put pressure on it. His distraction allows Ryan to recover, as she pulls a jagged splinter out of her cheek wound, tossing it to the mat in disgust. She looks back at Sabiru, who looks up at her and realizes he's wasted too much time. He pulls himself up to his feet and tries to take a step forward, but the pain shooting through his leg is immense and he stumbles without realizing it. Amber seizes her opportunity and grabs him by the head, pulling him forward and dropping down into the Scissored DDT she calls the Calling Card! She turns the champion over and hooks his leg, making a sitting cover. Silent Cal gets down to count....



THR--NO! Sabiru kicks out!

Terra Skye: Remind me to scream at Silent Cal for nearly costing us this match.

Johnny Vegas: He needs to learn to talk like everyone else!

Ray Payne: Cut him some slacks, guys. He didn't know Missus Ambah would use his talky pen to hurt Mistah Sabby.

Terra Skye: Shut up, Ray!

Ray Payne: Sowwies, missus Terra.

Johnny Vegas: When Terra gets nervous, she turns into a Johnny without balls! It's great!

Ryan wastes no time and goes outside of the ring to grab more weapons. She casually tosses in a pair of handcuffs, a steel chair and a bag of something which seems to be what she is looking for. She opens the bag up and tilts her head back, pouring tens of thumbtacks into her mouth! The crowd gasps at the audacity of what they're seeing. Ryan slides back into the ring and it's her to turn stalk Sabiru. When he's pushed himself off the mat, she gets near his head and spits the tacks into his face! Sabiru goes back down grabbing at his eyes, frantically trying to preserve his eyesight. Ryan simply smiles at him, a trickle of blood coming down her chin. She climbs up the turnbuckle near the prone Sabiru and dives off with a moonsault, turning it into a double foot stomp in midair! She comes down on Sabiru with all of her weight then jumps down onto him in a cover!




Terra Skye: Sabiru kept up on the striking game and now Ryan has kept up on the "being a sick fuck" game.

Johnny Vegas: You got that right.

Terra Skye: I think these two are more evenly matched then they'd like to admit.

Ray Payne: Mistah Sabbys is in trouble, yo.

Terra Skye: Yeah but he's been in trouble before. We have to hope he can pull through.

Johnny Vegas: And we're not even through with the first fall yet!

Ryan pushes herself back to the back of thumbtacks and this time spreads the rest on the mat in a pile. Sabiru picks himself up once again, like some horror movie serial killer that won't stay dead. He stumbles towards Ryan and she hits him in the gut with a toe kick, looking back at the tack pile. She hooks both of his arms and gets ready to kickout for a DDT, but Sabiru suddenly springs to life and worms his way out of the hold, maintaining a grip on one of Ryan's arms! He pulls her forward into a DDT, position, then picks her up for a vertical suplex, choosing instead to drop her forward into the tacks!

Terra Skye: And now it's Amber Ryan that tastes the tacks!

Johnny Vegas: She already tasted them earlier, that's how they got in the ring to begin with!

Ray Payne: I get it, heh heh heh.

Johnny Vegas: It wasn't that tricky of a joke to begin with, Payne.

Ryan crashes to the mat and pulls her self to a kneeling position, her body littered with the remainder of the tacks, including in her already injured face. Sabiru wastes no time, as he takes a step back and kicks forward, nailing Ryan with a superkick! She goes down and instead of going for the cover, he backs up towards the turnbuckle and waits patiently, never taking his eyes off of his opponent. Ryan peels herself off her back and gets back into a kneeling position, trying to get to her feet. Seeing her in the perfect spot, Sabiru rushes forward and connects with the BomaYe!!!


Johnny Vegas: Sabiru got it! Ryan is out!

Sabiru flips around into a cover off of the strike combination, and Silent Cal gets down to make the count!




Kelly Carmichael: The winner of the first fall......SAAAAAAABIIIIIRUUUUUU!

Terra Skye: Sabiru has made himself the first one ever in Carnage Wrestling to get a pinfall over Amber Ryan!

Johnny Vegas: Fuck yeah! We've got a shot now!

Ray Payne: Buts Mistah Jonnies, he has to do it again!

Johnny Vegas: So just wait for the cage to lower and hit her with it again! We get to keep our belt, kiddos, I'm calling it now!

Silent Cal forces Sabiru off of his opponent and back into the corner, allowing Ryan some breathing room as the cage begins to lower. Fans can see the barbed wire wrapped around the inside, as well as light tubes hanging in various positions. Sabiru and Amber Ryan are the only two not looking up. Sabiru is focused on his opponent and Ryan is focused on trying to get back to her feet. The cage finally lowers and locks into place, with Silent Cal motioning for both fighters to continue.

Kelly Carmichael: The second fall is inside of a steel cage! The winner can only come from pinfall or submission!

Terra Skye: Well that changes things. No cage escape.

Johnny Vegas: It's not going to matter, Sabiru's about to pick up his next fall right now!

Ray Payne: He looks like he listened to ya, Mistah Jonnies.

Sabiru eyes Ryan with an expressionless look on his face. As she gets to her hands and knees he charges forward with the BomaYe kick again, but this time she ducks it, using her agility to lean back from a kneeling position and just avoid the blow! Sabiru stumbles forward and she grabs his thighs to pull him into a sunset flip. When he won't go on his own, she shoves her thumb into his wound and pulls him down into the pin!



THR--NO! Sabiru rolls backward to get out of it!

Terra Skye: She almost caught Sabiru there! He got overconfident!

Johnny Vegas: He had the right gameplan he just waited too long!

Ray Payne: He's still in dis one doh, yo.


Ryan wastes no time and grabs the first light tube, yanking it from the cage and turning toward Sabiru. Sabiru forces himself to ignore the once-again bleeding wound and gets to his feet, grabbing another light tube near his end of the ring. The two takes swings at each other, but are able to avoid the blows. Ryan suddenly gets an idea and chucks the light tube at Sabiru. He dodges it and it shatters against the cage wall, but he's unable to avoid the front dropkick from Ryan that that sends him back first into the cage and the barbed wire! Sabiru yells out in pain. Ryan scrambles and grabs the light tube away from him as his grip loosens, then spins around and smashes it across his abdomen! Sabiru slumps to his knees off the cage wall, wounds opened up on his front and his back.

Terra Skye: This thing is just fucking gross at this point.

Johnny Vegas: I'm too drunk to notice.

Ray Payne: I dink Mistah Sabby is in troubles, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Gee, you think so? He's only bleeding out of a dozen different spots!

With Sabiru on his knees in front of her, Ryan pulls him up and back into position for her finish. She hooks both arms and tries to drop back, but Sabiru uses the strength he has left to lift her up over his head, sending her falling behind him! She lands on her feet and spins around, and Sabiru attempts the pele kick again! She side-steps him and he lands in a kneeling position. She tries for a headkick of her own but grabs her in a waistlock, appearing to attempt a German suplex. Instead, she lifts up her legs and wraps them around his, then rolls forward in a victory roll!

Sabiru kicks out, then rolls back into that same kneeling position, then rushes forward and catches Ryan with the! She ducks THAT, somersaults forward and grabs the chair she tossed in earlier, waits for Sabiru to turn it around and throws it at his head! Sabiru avoids it and it clangs against the cage! She charges forward and grabs him for the double underhook, Original Sin DDT coming, NO! Sabiru lifts her up and charges forward, ramming Amber Ryan's spine into a group of light tubes that were hanging on the cage wall! She falls to the canvas and he backs away, wiping the dust and glass shards off of his bald head.

Terra Skye: Leave it to Sabiru to ruin a wrestling sequence with violence.

Johnny Vegas: I don't care at this point, as long as he wins!

Ray Payne: I hates to says it, but Mistah Johnnies is right, yo.

Terra Skye: We ALL hate to say that, Ray.

Ryan is now clutching her back and walking forward on her knees, lacking the energy at this point to pull herself into a standing position. Sabiru grabs the chair that hit the cage earlier and looks at Ryan's head, hoping to smash it in. Before he can, Ryan pushes herself off of her knees onto her feet, then leaps in the air with a standing single-leg Yakuza kick, slamming the chair seat into Sabiru's head! Sabiru stumbles, but before he can fall, Ryan grabs him and gets a running start, tossing him head first into the barbed wire portion of the cage! Sabiru falls back to the mat, his head lacerated and bleeding. Ryan, exhausted from using that last bit of energy, falls on top in a cover!




Terra Skye: Ryan has yet to put Sabiru away, but these two are bleeding everywhere!

Johnny Vegas: It's official, we're going to have to burn that ring mat when this match is over.

Ray Payne: Don't give dem any ideas, Mistah Jonnies.

Terra Skye: Yeah, at this point I'm sure they would set each other on fire just to win this fall.

Ryan is up now and seems at a loss for what to do. She picks up the chair that hit Sabiru's head earlier and opens it up, sitting it in the middle of the ring. She reaches down and grabs the champion by the bleeding head, forcing him up to his feet. She places Sabiru's head on the chair seat then goes behind him, grabbing both of his hands in a surfboard position...then SHE CURB STOMPS HIS FACE INTO THE CHAIR!!!!


Johnny Vegas: You said it!

Ray Payne: Count to a millions, yo. Dis one is overs.

Due to the angle of the move, the chair doesn't break and she doesn't get all of the force she wants, but it may be enough to beat Sabiru. She pushes his limp body out of the chair and onto the mat, making the cover once again. Silent Cal makes the count..



THRe...NO! Sabiru limply throws his shoulder up, just barely breaking the count!

Terra Skye: Not that I want him to lose, but that the fuck is it going to take?

Johnny Vegas: Hopefully nothing! Come on Sabby!

Ray Payne: Mistah Sabby can do its, yo!

Even the Carnage Legion, knowing what's at stake, seems to be slowly getting behind Sabiru here due to his resilience. Ryan seems especially irritated by this and so she lifts Sabiru back up and places him on the chair again. She goes behind and locks the arms, placing a foot on the back of his head. She prepares to stomp again, but this time reaches out with his back leg, sweeping Ryan's legs and forcing her to leg go of the hold and fall to the mat. It's not enough to hurt her, but it is enough for Sabiru to quickly get some distance...he then rushes forward to close that distance and CONNECTS WITH THE FEAR NO EVIL!


Johnny Vegas: He's going to beat her two straight! This is fucking great!

Silent Cal drops down ready to make the count, with the fans cheering along. Sabiru collapses into a cover!




Johnny Vegas: WHAT THE SHIT?!

Terra Skye: Did Amber Ryan just kick out of the Fear No Evil? What the hell?

Ray Payne: Dids Mistah Sabby get all of its, yo?

Terra Skye: He caught her flush! I don't get how she could have kicked out there!

Johnny Vegas: This is bonkers. I need a drink.

Terra Skye: You've had enough!!

Sabiru looks up to the top of the arena, seemingly unsure of how to proceed. The Carnage Legion, knowing how close he is to expelling the outsider, actually begins to chant his name. SA-BI-RU! SA-BI-RU! Sabiru ignores them and focuses on the task at hand. He reaches onto the cage wall and pulls a length of barbed wire from it, and then begins to wrap it around his left leg, knowing exactly how he wants to finish the challenger off. He gets to the corner and points in Ryan's direction, as she's stunned and pulling herself off the mat.

Terra Skye: One more BomaYe, Sabiru, come on!

Johnny Vegas: He's got that barbed wire around his leg, I don't see how this doesn't do it!


Terra Skye: I think we've got it....

Sabiru runs forward, expecting to hit a brutal Fear No Evil, but RYAN DUCKS OUT OF THE WAY! ROLL-UP!



NO! Sabiru kicks out of it with authority. The two scramble around to meet each other, knowing every moment counts. However it's Ryan who is up first, delivering a forearm to the jaw of Sabiru! He returns in kind, nailing her in the face with a palm strike! They both stumble back then charge forward again connecting with dual forearms! Sabiru tries to shrug his off and goes for another, but Ryan counters by STOMPING the wound in his thigh she created earlier. Sabiru instinctively lowers his head to attend to the bleeding injury, and she grabs him and tucks his head into the crook of her arm! She hooks both of his arms and kicks out...ORIGINAL SIN DDT!!!! Ryan rolls him over and covers!




Kelly Carmichael: The winner of the second fall...AAAAAAMMMMBERRRRRR RRRRYYYYYYAAAANNNN!!!! Now is the third fall, with the first to retrieve the championship from the top of the CarnageTron being declared the winner!

Johnny Vegas: Fuck! FUCK FUCK FUCK!

Terra Skye: Relax, Johnny, we've still got another fall to go.

Ray Payne: But Mistah Sabby is out and she just has to climbs, yo.

Johnny Vegas: The moron's right. We've lost.

Terra Skye: Damn it! I will not be the only optimistic one out here!


The cage begins to raise up and Ryan rolls off of Sabiru, knowing she has time and choosing to take a moment to breathe. She crawls to the ropes and begins to pull herself up on the ropes. The crowd is giving her a mixed reaction. They don't want the belt to leave Carnage but they are applauding her efforts. She has managed to finally get to a standing base when she's suddenly HIT FROM BEHIND WITH A LIGHT TUBE!!!

Terra Skye: What the hell?

Johnny Vegas: It's Sabiru! He's somehow back on his feet!

Ray Payne: Peoples in C Dubs know not to turn dere back on Mistah Sabby, yo!

Terra Skye: And I think Ryan just learned that lesson too!

Ryan falls forward against the ropes. Sabiru reaches down and grabs something else, something Ryan herself threw into the ring earlier in the match...a pair of handcuffs. The crowd cries out as they realize what Sabiru has planned, and some of them actually cheer. Catching Ryan unaware, Sabiru closes a cuff around her wrist and then latches the other cuff to the bottom rope!

Johnny Vegas: Holy shit that's brilliant!

Terra Skye: I don't like Sabiru's tactics here but I'm not going to condemn him for them! He's got Amber Ryan trapped and he's free to climb up the tron and get his belt. OUR belt!

Ray Payne: Mistah Sabby got dis one won, I thinks, yo.


Ryan swings with her other hand to try and deliver a backfist to the champion, but he manages to dodge it and promptly exits the ring. Even though he has the advantage, he walks swiftly up the ramp, pausing only to move around the side of the stage and pull out a cart underneath, which contains several wooden tables. Sabiru begins to slide table after table onto the stage, looking back at the struggling Ryan the entire time.

Terra Skye: Why is Sabiru getting those tables out? Ryan's trapped. He can't surely be thinking of putting her through the tables instead of getting the belt, can he?

Johnny Vegas: No way, he's not that stupid!

He looks up at the Carnage Tron and then at the tables, pulling himself up onto the stage. That's when Sabiru's plan becomes clear. He begins to open up tables and stack them up, forming a platform with which he can climb up onto Tron! Ryan sees this and begins yanking profusely at the handcuffs, trying somehow to break them and get free. Sabiru now has two tables next to each other, with a third placed on top of the one closest to the Tron. He steadily puts a table onto the single table, forming double stacks. He sets up a fifth table next to those and climbs onto that. Satisfied, he climbs up the double stacked tables and then reaches onto the scaffolding, preparing to climb all the way up to the top of the Tron.

Terra Skye: Holy shit, Sabiru knows exactly what he's doing!

Johnny Vegas: Ryan's tied up and he's slowly climbing up that narrow scaffolding. I say we got this one in the bag!

Ray Payne: Missus Ryan is really angries in the ring, though!

Amber Ryan is watching Sabiru's actions and is furious. Without any other ideas, she reaches out and grabs the steel chair from earlier. She places her cuffed hand inside the seat of the chair and stomps down...HARD. She cries out in pain and pulls her hand away, which seems to be swelling already.

Terra Skye: Did she just break her own hand?

Johnny Vegas: She's about to lose so she lost it! She can't handle it!

Ryan, in a lot of pain but still as determined as ever, reaches forward and pushes her now dislocated thumb forward....THEN SLIPS OUT OF THE CUFF!

Terra Skye: Oh...Oh my god. She just dislocated her own thumb to free herself from the cuffs!


Ray Payne: He's only halfsies up dere, Mistah Jonnies!

Terra Skye: Well it's narrow and it takes a while to climb...GET UP THERE SABIRU!

Amber Ryan wastes no time and sprints up the ramp, stopping at the tables. As she's even lighter than Sabiru, she doesn't have to take as long climbing up the tables, pausing only briefly when one of them cracks. She reaches up to the scaffolding and begins to climb behind Sabiru, who has just now reached the top. He finally realizes she's there as he reaches over to begin shimmying across the frame, but stops and moves back, waiting for her to get to his level.

Terra Skye: I don't think we expected this thing to boil down to a climbing race.

Johnny Vegas: I didn't expect this thing to even reach a third fall. But Sabiru is higher. He just needs to get to the middle and grab the belt.

Ray Payne: Da belt is hangins in the middle, Mistah Sabby! Go for its!

The crowd is now audibly chanting Sabiru. Sabiru is only a few feet away from the belt, which is drapped across the middle of the top. He kicks downward at Ryan, who narrowly avoids the blow to the face. Sabiru tries again, but this time she swipes his leg pulling him away from the side rungs of the Tron! Sabiru swings out now, drawing screams from the crowd, but he manages to hang on with both hands. Ryan now reaches the top, then begins to shimmy across the top, the same as Sabiru. The problem is that Sabiru is trying to regain his grip and she's faster, which means she takes no time at all to reach him! The two are now hanging side by side, with the belt sitting about a foot and a half away from them!

Terra Skye: This is the most suspenseful fucking match I think I've ever called.

Johnny Vegas: There's a good thing one of them falls from there too.

Ray Payne: I hopes not, yo.

Johnny Vegas: I hope it's her. I guess it could be Sabiru too, as long as he pulls the belt down with him.

The two try to kick the other, but there's not enough space to get any good blows in without sacrificing their grip. Ryan pulls herself up and tucks an arm between the rungs, then swings forward with a knee to Sabiru's back! Pain is etched on his face, and she takes advantage of the lull in offense to shimmy forward, and actually climbs ONTO THE BACK of Sabiru! Holding onto the champion now, she reaches forward to try to grab the belt. Sabiru stops that with an elbow, but quickly realizes his mistake when he can't hold the two of them with one hand. He begins to slip but quickly grabs the top with his hand again, maintaining a hold. Ryan reaches again, but only grabs the top of the Tron and pulls herself off of her opponent. The two are now side by side again, but after switching positions. Ryan is closer to the belt. Sabiru reaches with his legs and wraps them around her waist, hoping to keep her from advancing. The barbed wire he wrapped around his leg earlier is now digging into her abdomen.

Terra Skye: I don't fucking like this. I get that the belt is important but someone could get seriously hurt.

Johnny Vegas: Welcome to Carnage Wrestling, Terra! We had the entire Tron fall on a guy earlier this year!

Ray Payne: It is kinda whats we does here, yo.

Terra Skye: I know, but not like this!

Amber Ryan tries to pull herself forward, but Sabiru weighs more and he's got a good grip. Instead, she pulls herself up, hooking her arms into the rungs of the top and actually climbing so that her chest and abdomen laying across it! Sabiru's body is now stretched out horizontally, pulling on his already tenuous grip on the metal bars top of the CarnageTron. Ryan's legs, which were never tied up with his own, begin to kick downward at his chest, her heel impacting the breastbone of the champion. Sabiru's grip loosens more....and he can't hold on anymore! Sabiru now dangles from the waist of Amber Ryan thanks to his own legs, and his weight risks pulling them both down to the stage below. Once again, there are screams and gasps from the crowd. Ryan maintains her grip, using her arms and not her fingers to hold on. Sabiru, meanwhile, lifts his head up and reaches toward her, attempting to grab onto her as she did him earlier. She begins to kick downward again, and one of her blows catches him on the chin....and his grip on her waist with his legs appears to be weakening.

Terra Skye: Oh God Oh God Oh God...

Johnny Vegas: I..I don't even know what to say. Sabiru's going to fucking die if he can't stop this.

Ray Payne: Plus we mights loses da belts, yo.


Johnny Vegas: No, I think his are in order.

Sabiru is dazed but reaches up again, and Ryan kicks down one more time, hitting him in the nose! That's enough to loosen his grip and SABIRU PLUMMETS FROM THE TOP OF THE CARNAGETRON THROUGH THE TABLES HE SET UP EARLIER!

Terra Skye: NO! Sabiru fell at least fifteen feet, back-first through those double-stacked tables!

Johnny Vegas: Can he come back from this, is there any way?

Terra Skye: I don't think so, and these fans don't either!

Ray Payne: They're booin Missus Ryans, yo!

Ryan pulls herself into a sitting position on top of the tron, looking out at the Legion and simply smirking at them. She then blows the crowd a kiss and scoots herself forward, collecting the Carnage Wrestling World title.



Terra Skye: I don't believe this! Amber Ryan beat Sabiru in two straight falls, sent him plummeting to the stage and she's now the Carnage Wrestling World Champion!

Johnny Vegas: What's worse, she's taking the belt with her to Four Cunts Wrestling, or whatever it's called.

Terra Skye: She said she's holding it hostage and who the fuck knows what that means.

Ray Payne: Is Mistah Sabby goings to be okay?

Ryan remains perched on top of the CarnageTron, now holding the belt above her head as the Carnage Legion continues to shout obscenities in her direction and boo. EMTs have already emerged from the back to tend to the now former-champion Sabiru, who is only barely moving in the wreckage of tables below.

Terra Skye: I never thought I'd say this, but I hope Sabiru is okay.

Johnny Vegas: I fucking don't! He lost us the World title! We depended on that emotionless fuck and he let everyone down!

Ray Payne: He trieds his best, Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: Fuck that! He said he didn't care and look where it got him! Now we don't have a fucking World title!

Terra Skye: Calm down, Johnny. Have another drink. I'm sure we'll...

Johnny Vegas: Don't tell me to calm down! Amber Ryan is stealing what belongs to us!

Ray Payne: Well, she did earns it, yo.

Terra Skye: I guess we'll all find out what happened to the belt at Chaos 40 in two weeks...hopefully we still have it by then.

Johnny Vegas: Hopefully she falls off that damn Tron and we don't have to see her anymore!

  • Pre-Show: A New Spokesman - Crucifix and Zodiac
  • Opening - Joe
  • Rey Lobo vs. Scott Grayse- Crucifix
  • Justin Jones vs. Harry Hampton - Jay
  • Ragnarok vs. Will Prydor - Zodiac
  • Aries Reed vs. Christian Cain - Crucifix
  • Trent Steel vs. JC - Caleb & Joe
  • C.O.N. vs. Amelia Midnight & Will Prydor - Duane
  • Lucas Silva vs. Amy Jo Smyth - Chuck
  • Sabiru vs. Amber Ryan - Joe
  • Judges - Chuck & Barbie
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