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« on: July 12, 2015, 09:42:36 PM »
Thank you for showing interest in CW!  Hopefully you've already registered for the forums, and if you have not, please do so now.  We're actively trying to make the process of joining Carnage Wrestling as fast and as easy as possible.  Copy the form below, and Paste it in a New Thread in this forum. (Please use your Wrestler's name as the subject title of the post.)  If you have any questions, please feel free to send a private message to CW Admin or KJ.

PLEASE NOTE: For Tag Teams/Stables, Please do a separate form for each of your teams members. (However, you may post them under the same thread topic!)

We're glad to have you on board.  Welcome to the CW Family! And as always, Good luck!

Out of Character

Your Name:
Your Age:

The best email address to reach you:
Would you be okay with CW Staff emailing you?:
AIM, Messenger, Skype, Yahoo, Etc:

How did you hear about Carnage Wrestling?

By posting this application, I hereby agree to follow the rules of Carnage Wrestling and its Hosts.

New Wrestler Application

Wrestlers Name:

Desired Picture Base: (Please consult the Taken Picture Base thread.)


Your Wrestlers Biography:
Tell us a little bit about your wrestler's backstory.

Desired Starting Alignment: Babyface (Crowd Cheers) or Heel (Crowd Boos)
All new wrestlers in CW start out Neutral.  Their actions, both in Promo and in segments/matches on the shows determine how the crowd reacts over time.

Entrance Music: (Please consult the Taken Entrance Music thread.)
Entrance Description:
This is how your wrestler acts as they walk down to the ring for their match.  This is meant to be generic, but will help the match writers greatly. For the moment, CW's productions happen in small venues with little to no pyrotechnics or intricate lighting.  Please keep this in mind while writing an entrance.

Move Set: (Optional)
Please list at least 8 wrestling moves that your character would do in a wrestling match, not including their signature maneuvers or their 'finisher'.  If you are not good with wrestling moves, then leave this blank.  Our staff would be glad to help provide your wrestler with a move set that best compliments the size, speed, and style that you've chosen.

Signature Moves:
Like your moveset, these are two or three signature moves that really get the crowd roaring when your wrestler performs them.  These are the moves that set your wrestler apart from all of the other wrestlers in CW.  Again, you may leave this blank if you are having trouble, the staff wouldn't mind to help.

This is the one move (or two) That your character uses as His/Her best chance to win.  This can be anything from a hard punch, to a high flying move, to a bone crunching submission hold.  Your finisher will usually have a catchy name, too.

Advanced Match Writing Aides(Optional)

Create your Wrestler - Tell us about your characters strengths and weaknesses.  These points do not determine whether your character wins or loses, only your promos (RPs) can do that.  This is designed more to aide the match writers, but also totally optional

Each Category is 0-10 (0 being the least possible, and 10 being the most possible).  You have 35 Points to spread out between these 5 Categories.  Use them wisely.

Power (Slamming and Striking):




Wrestling Knowledge:
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