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/ Re: Season of the Witch Sign-Up Thread
« Last post by Ragnarok on September 21, 2017, 11:52:57 PM »
Pre Show 2 seg 4 and seg 8 please
/ Re: Season of the Witch Sign-Up Thread
« Last post by Barbie on September 21, 2017, 07:34:27 PM »
Let Chuck take Lobo Vs. Aries Reed. 
/ Re: Season of the Witch Sign-Up Thread
« Last post by Crucifix on September 21, 2017, 07:19:30 PM »
So I'm guessing the triple threat is UV/Not entirely strict on rules because standard triple threat rules and whatnot and since it's for the UV title and I like writing insane spots but I also have a cool idea for the Prydor side of things since he isn't the most hardcore person on the planet.
/ Re: Season of the Witch Sign-Up Thread
« Last post by Sandtown Caleb on September 21, 2017, 07:07:36 PM »
Since Babs is going to step up and carry me on the tag match, I'm only obligated to one RP.  That frees me up enough that I can confidently commit to a match.

Unless you have some strong feelings about one you'd like me to do, I'd like to take the Fatal Fourway.  It's Ultraviolent, so I'm sure I can make it sufficiently messy, and writing Trent Steel is always a blast.
/ Re: Jay and Caleb discuss pro wrestling and e-wrestling fun thread!
« Last post by Sandtown Caleb on September 21, 2017, 07:02:22 PM »
I think this is a great idea.

I will start by bringing up one of my most prevalent real-world wrestling critiques, which I affectionately refer to as Cena-phobia.

Looking back over that attitude era high point, there was a big list of top notch competitors, with at least 4 viable World Champions at any given time.  It was reflective of a management approach where everything was focused around building the next big star.  Guys like Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Sid Vicious, Vader, and Undertaker were at the top of their game.  And in the Intercontinental bracket, there were essentially the up-and-comers, who were trying to impress.  That's where you found Steve Austin, The Rock, Owen Hart, and Mankind.  Each time somebody from that top tier got taken out of commission, there was somebody waiting in the wings who would make their name and break into the main event.  And that breaking into the main event typically happened by earning a key win over a big name, but in a non-title scenario.

Now, what all of these guys had in common was that they were exciting to watch perform.  This was accepting professional wrestlers as essentially being stuntmen, people who performed impressive physical displays that were choreographed and rehearsed, but then performed in front of a live audience.  You had to be able to perform in the ring.  Whether you were a flyer, or a strongman, or technician, you had to be able to deliver.

Fastforward 20 years.  WWE is riding on a title wave of John Cena.  The problem is that, in the ring, Cena is not that talented.  He's boring.  But he's selling more merchandise and making more money than other people, because he's really good on the mic.  The fans like him.  And so a newly defined top tier is thrown out there, where it's not the most exciting guys, it's the guys who are the most charismatic.  Personally, I suspect that essentially situations like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan hammered it home to the upstairs suits:  their big money-makers were getting hurt, and when they were getting pulled out (because they're trying to run 2 different World Titles at the same time in the way of the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship, which still confuses the fans which one is supposed to be more important), but that spread their top talent too thin.  So instead of having a clearly defined IC bracket to pull the next main eventer from, they now have 8-10 top guys split across 2 titles, which already requires them to lower the bar a bit.  And then, because they've already got some of these don't-really-belong guys in the main event, the Intercontinental/US bracket that should be the feeder talent is pretty much picked clean.  Those are guys who are not just putting in their dues and earning their shot; they're guys who are there because more talented people aren't interested.

Putting sloppy and untrained people into the main events, resulted in some key injuries, that took main eventers out of the picture.  So the WWE's response was basically to slow down the matches.  Make them slower, less impressive, with more brawling and more rest holds, and push more focus to the mic work.  Then this had a ripple effect.  Since the only way to climb the ladder wasn't through putting on good matches, it was by putting on good mic work, even low-carders who nobody was interested in somehow warranted mic time.  Everybody gets to talk, instead of just the important guys, so that they can try to coin the next big catch phrase or t-shirt idea.  And that pushed more of the show onto the mic, and less of the show in the ring.

These days, a 2 hour episode of Raw seems to have 4-5 matches, each of which is 10 minutes or less.  And the crazy thing is, they will actually taken commercial breaks IN THE MIDDLE OF A MATCH!  It's crucially important that we have to watch the entrances, and see some show-opener whine on the mic, but we can cut out 3 minutes of a main event match with the world champion to show a Toyota commercial and plug Sprint's cell service, because those main eventers can't actually perform well enough for long enough to hold interest.

That is the evolution of professional wrestling today, and it's why so many of us, the intelligent fans who enjoyed the sport, find ourselves actually still efedding and loving the idea of wrestling, while not truly bothering to watch Raw on a weekly basis.  Quite frankly, the product we put out here in Carnage is better than the one they do in WWE, and we feel that every time we read those results and get excited to see what happens.
/ Re: Carnage Q&A - Ask Tweeder Anything!
« Last post by Joe on September 20, 2017, 10:02:08 AM »
Wasn't me. I thought about doing that, but since DK cut off contact with everyone and hasn't even appeared online to say hi, I wouldn't have been able to get the passwords and junk to do anything with it.
/ Re: Carnage Q&A - Ask Tweeder Anything!
« Last post by Tweeder on September 20, 2017, 09:13:46 AM »
A bit of a back story on why I have taken a break. Before Carnage 1.0 ended, Chuck and Barb's lives got crazy so myself, Sinc, and Virus argeed to help out and run things. Well Sinc's life got crazy which lead him to having him to step back. So that left just Virus and myself. Long story short, Carnage lasted only a few months longer due to people either bailing for some odd reason(like Dark Shadow), no shows, batshit crazy Zane Rush(damn I wish we had some of the private messages he had sent us), and Virus' ego. So what does that have to do with Carnage 2.0 you might ask? Well when JC said he would help run things and not knowing JC that well, I saw this as history repeating itself and it felt like a punch to the stomach. So I figured take some time off so I don't become bitter, burned out, and I was working on getting certified to teach ESL. Kind of a wait and see approach. However, from what I can see JC and company have been doing a great job keeping things going and keeping the roster together. So I shall return, but right now work is crazy because we are short staffed. Hence when JC first sent a pm with an idea, I didn't commit to it. Plus I didn't want there to be issues like we had last year with W.A.R. where about half of Team Carnage disappeared and a few from Team Wrestling quit/no showed.

I understand your concerns.

I'd offer a counterpoint of my history and stuff but you wouldn't have known that. I do appreciate the kind words now though.

I think I remember you saying you used to run a fed and for some reason, I thought you were going to help run OWF after it closed or am I thinking of someone else?
/ Re: Chaos 42 Live! Results
« Last post by Joe on September 19, 2017, 10:19:48 PM »

Match Four: Ragnarok & Robert Zodiac vs. The Sandtown Kid & The Avenger


Terra Skye: No Boy, it's just STK. He's teaming with Avenger this week!

Ray Payne: Yah Mistah Boy, you gets to team with Silvers at da Pee Pee Vee!

Johnny Vegas: Oh my God, did you really have to sound it out that way? YOU JUST SAID PEE PEE!

Terra Skye: Let's just try to keep things professional, guys.

Johnny Vegas: Tell that to the guy who's making potty jokes!

The crowd pops at this announcement, knowing what's about to happen and who they're about to see. The arena goes completely dark as the lights cut off, the Titantron lights up with static then shows Ragnarok hanging by his neck on a tree, swaying back and forth. Suddenly his head faces the camera as he raises a finger to the mouth area of his mask.


The titantron cuts off as Red Mist covers the stage. A shadowy figure is seen sitting Indian style. The lights cut off once more and when they turn back on Ragnarok is seen standing in the corner facing the turnbuckle. And simply stands there motionless.


Kelly Carmichael:  This tag team match is set for one fall! Introducing first...he is The Truth! The One Truth! RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAGNNNNAAAAARRRROOOOOK!

The crowd boos Ragnarok for several moments before settling down again.

Terra Skye: I'm being told that this will be the first time that Ragnarok's ever fought the Sandtown Kid here in Carnage.

Johnny Vegas: Well we all know who I'm going to side with.

Ray Payne: You shoulds give Mistah Silver a chance. He wrestles good!

Johnny Vegas: No, I won't. Once I decide something I never change my mind!

Terra Skye: But what about that time when...

Ray Payne: But you did on...

Johnny Vegas: SHUT UP!

The ominous opening of "15 Minutes" by Shattered Skies begins to droll through the PA system as the lights dim down, engulfing the arena in almost complete darkness as the crowd begins booing.  The song pauses before the lights suddenly come back on full blast and the song picks up, with the lights focusing completely on the top of the stage where Robert Zodiac now stands, staring at the ground for the time being as the crowd begins to boo him profusely.

Robert Zodiac

The lyrics pick up as he begins making his way down towards the ring.

One more day, until I pour this emptiness out
One more way, you tear at my seams again
No one sees, no one can see the scar, it darkens
Soon they'll see, my 15 minutes of fame.

Zodiac never takes his eyes off the ring the entire time he makes his way down to the steel steps, slowly ascending them before proceeding to the middle of the apron and turning around to scan the hostile crowd.

Kelly Carmichael: His partner…standing in at five-foot-six and weighing in tonight at one-hundred and seventy-five pounds… from Downeast Maine, he is one-half of the Carnage World Tag Team Champions…ROBEEEEEERRRRRRT ZOOOOOOOOOODIAAAAAAAAAC!!!

Terra Skye: This is also the first time either of this teams have ever tagged together, since we're on that track.

Johnny Vegas: Crucifix has bigger things to do tonight than waste time on Brillo Head and Green Idiot.

Ray Payne: Dose aren't dere names, Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: Don't tel me how to say things! I've had it with you two bossing me around!

Terra Skye: Does that mean you're going to leave?

Johnny Vegas: NO, it means I'm going to stay here until I die, just to piss you off!

Boy: Oranges hang in the trees for now is the time of digging!

"Courage" by Alien Ant Farm comes over the speakers and The Avenger leaps out on the stage, making heroic poses.

Kelly Carmichael: And their opponents, first, from the Hall of Justice, weighing in at two hundred and thirteen pounds...The AAAAAAVVVVEEEEEEEEEENNNNNGEEERRRRRR!!!

The Avenger

Avenger he moves down the ramp, shaking hands and signing autographs. He stands at the ring, makes sure his cape is attached and then leaps up onto the apron, before climbing up the turnbuckle and doing yet another heroic pose.

Johnny Vegas: Ugh, THIS fucking idiot.

Terra Skye: What exactly is so wrong about a guy that wants to help people?

Ray Payne: Yeah, Mistah Avengah is a good guy, yo!

Johnny Vegas: No one in this world is a good guy! He's just hiding his angle better than everyone else!

Terra Skye: What a sad way to look at the world.


The screaming punk lyrics of 'Reckless and the Brave' hammer out fast paced over the PA, as the Sandtown Kid tosses aside the curtains, stepping out into the lights and hesitating on the stage as he appears to scan over the crowd.  An unbuttoned Orioles jersey hangs open over the top of a Carnage Wrestling tee sporting the CW logo.  He strides defiantly down towards the ring, chin out and head held high, extending his arms from his sides as he draws closer to the ring to allow the audience to reach his fingertips as he brushes past them. 

The Sandtown Kid

Kelly Carmichael: His tag team partner, from right here in BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, weighing in at one hundred and eighty-five pounds...THE SANDTOOOOOWWWN KIIIIIIIIIIIID!

Reaching ringside, Sandtown Kid spit on the floor and appears to wipe his hands off on his pants before sliding under the bottom rope and taking his position within the ring.

Johnny Vegas: I really wish I hadn't lost the key to my liquor cabinet.

Terra Skye: You do drink heavier during STK matches.

Ray Payne: Dat gonna hurt your liver, yo.

Johnny Vegas: I'm really old, what do I care?

Terra Skye: STK is the longest-reigning champion in all of Carnage, as no one has been able to take that Ultraviolent title away from him.

Johnny Vegas: And the entire division has sucked ever since. I hope Zodiac takes it at the PPV. Or shit, even tubbo! Just anyone but STK!

Ragnarok and Zodiac ignore the crowd that's pelting them with insults, while Avenger and STK eye each other cautiously, as this is their first time teaming. The bell rings and STK starts things out with Zodiac. They stare each other down before locking up, as STK has some serious issues with Zodiac and Zodiac wants the UV belt. However, before a tie-up of any kind can begin proper, Zodiac slaps Silva right across the face! The crowd boos and Zodiac starts laughing at the blatant show of disrespect. Silva doesn't take that kindly and he attacks! He punches Zodiac right in the mouth and begins to force him into a neutral corner with a series of rights and lefts! Then, with Zodiac dazed, he rears his arm back and slaps his opponent so hard that spit flies out of his mouth toward the floor below.

Johnny Vegas: It's just like that piece of shit to use a SLAP as an offensive maneuver.

Terra Skye: What are you talking about? Zodiac did it first!

Johnny Vegas: Zodiac did it as a message. STK thinks it's a legitimate form of striking!

Ray Payne: I think Mistah Silvers was doin it as paybacks, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, well we don't pay you to think!

Zodiac reaches out and grabs STK by the hair and pulls him into the corner, switching places. He then begins to lay in with some heavy chops to the chest, before clubbing STK in the head with punches. Then he whips STK straight into his own turnbuckle where Ragnarok is waiting. The One Truth hooks STK's arms into the top rope and Zodiac charges forward, smashing his forearm into the Sandtown Kid's jaw! He pushes face in another disrespectful move and tags in Ragnarok. Ragnarok immediately slips in and measures STK for a moment before cracking him in the temple with a back elbow. Zodiac raises his arms up when referee Silent Cal moves over, letting him know that he's not doing anything.

Terra Skye: Typical CON tactics, one double team maneuver and now they've managed to gain a bit of control.

Johnny Vegas: Look, the rules don't apply to Silva. He's not a real person like you or me.

Ray Payne: Dat's racist.

Johnny Vegas: It has nothing to do with his race! He's just a little shit and I hate him!

Terra Skye: How did you ever make it to your 90s without someone beating the shit out of you?

Johnny Vegas: I'm not in my 90s! I'm...late 30s!

Ray Payne: Sure....


Ragnarok proceeds to nail STK with another elbow shot, then another. STK is dazed from the blows to the head but Ragnarok pushes him back when he tries to stagger forward. Ragnarok takes a few steps back then runs forward, leaping up connecting with an enziguri kick to the head, sending STK down. Ragnarok goes for a quick cover.


TW--No! The Sandtown Kid kicks out with authority! Ragnarok simply gets off calmly and moves back to his corner, bringing Zodiac back in.

Terra Skye: I don't think Ragnarok expected to get the win there, he's just trying to wear down his opponent.

Johnny Vegas: It would have been great if he did, though.

Ray Payne: But den de match woulda been short, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah and the less STK I have to see the better!

Terra Skye: C.O.N are exhibiting good team work and keeping a fresh man in at all times, but Ragnarok gave very little offense.

Zodiac pulls Silva to his feet and Irish whips him into the ropes, then runs with him. STK bounces off and when he sees no Zodiac, he turns around only to get caught with hooking clothesline that sends him down to the mat like a reverse bulldog. Zodiac floats over with the pin.


TWO--NO! STK once again gets out with ease. Zodiac simply picks him back up and gets him in a front waistlock, perhaps for a Northern Lights suplex. He begins to push the stunned STK to his corner, but STK quickly realizes a double team maybe coming. He sidesteps Zodiac, causing him to stumble forward. He turns around and tries to charge into Silva, only popped in the chin with a knee lift! Zodiac's legs go wobbly and he moves to try and tag Ragnarok, but STK grabs the waistline of his pants and pulls him back, before tossing him backward with a release german suplex! STK rolls out of the way of Zodiac's legs as they hit the mat, then leaps up and tags in The Avenger!

Terra Skye: STK is good at thinking on his feet there, and now we have our superhero in the ring!

Johnny Vegas: For fucks sake, he's not a superhero! Do you want to start believing fairy tales, too?

Ray Payne: I dink Mistah Avengah is more of a hero dan you are!

Johnny Vegas: I never claimed to be one! I'm just a good-looking guy with a love of alcohol!

Terra Skye: Yeah, a GREAT love of alcohol.

Avenger sees Zodiac laying on the mat, attempting to regain his bearings. He moves over and turns his back to him, gives a thumbs up to his tag team partner and then flips backward with a standing moonsault! He stays on top for the cover!


TWO! No! Zodiac pushes him off. Avenger shrugs his shoulders and pulls Zodiac up, before tossing him into a neutral corner. He steps back and then charges forward, LEAPING the air with a corner clothesline that crushes all 213 pounds of him against Zodiac! He grabs Zodiac by the wrist and pulls him out, whipping him to the opposite side of the ring. He charges in but Zodiac gets the boot up! Avenger staggers out and Zodiac grabs the back of his head for a neckbreaker, but Avenger knocks his hands away! He spins around and rolls him up in a schoolboy.


NO! Avenger floats him over and nails a headkick! NOW he covers!



NO! Zodiac kicks out!

Terra Skye: This is Avenger's first match back in CW since CON took him out and he is on fire!

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, he does just fine after STK does the work for him!

Ray Payne: It's a tag team match, yo.

Terra Skye: Yeah, that's the whole point!

Johnny Vegas: He could have waited for Zodiac to get up! What kind of a "hero" is that?

Before Avenger can do anything else, Ragnarok is heard saying something through his mask. Avenger cries out, "THERE ARE CHILDREN WATCHING!" and runs over to shut him up, hitting a low dropkick to the knees to force him off the apron. Meanwhile Zodiac has lifted himself up and instead of going after the Avenger, he moves to STK and punches him! Zodiac backs away as STK tries to get in, with Silent Cal right there to stop him from interfering. Zodiac doubles back and runs at Avenger as he gets up from hitting Ragnarok and crashes into him with a corner splash! Ragnarok slides back in the ring. With the referee dealing with STK, both Zodiac and Ragnarok begin to stomp on The Avenger! STK finally sees what's going on and gets the hint, getting back on the apron and telling Silent Cal to look. When he does, Ragnarok's back on the apron and Zodiac is stomping Avenger alone. Ragnarok looks over at STK and simply puts a finger to his masked mouth. "SHHHH!"

Terra Skye: And the dirty tactics come into play again!

Johnny Vegas: They were just taking advantage of the stupidity of their opponents! If loving that is wrong then I don't want to be right!

Zodiac hooks up both arms of Avenger and suddenly throws him back with a butterfly suplex! Avenger lands hard on his back and arches it in the air to lessen the pain. That leaves him vulnerable to Zodiac, who jumps up with a stomp to the ribcage. He picks him back up and hooks him in a front waistlock, then nails him with a release northern lights suplex! He floats over and hooks the leg in a cover!



NO! Avenger throws his shoulder up.

Terra Skye: They got the underhanded advantage but Avenger is now hanging in there.

Johnny Vegas: Even if it were illegal, which I'm not saying it is, you should appreciate the actual teamwork of CON here.

Ray Payne: Dey are a smart teams, but they shouldn't cheat so much, yo.

Terra Skye: Exactly. They could probably win without cheating, so why do it?

Johnny Vegas: To save themselves the effort? I wouldn't waste my time with STK or Avenger either!

Zodiac pushes Avenger in the corner and tags in Ragnarok. Silent Cal gives Zodiac until the count of five to get out, so Zodiac settles for kicking Avenger right in the ribs before leaving. Ragnarok delivers a knee up into the ribs of Avenger, choosing that as the target for the match. He raises the knee up again. He turns his back to Avenger and takes a step forward, then leaps back with a Pele kick in the corner! Avenger slumps down into a sitting position, so Ragnarok grabs his foot and drags him away from the ropes with a cover.



Th-NO! Avenger kicks out!

Ray Payne: Dat kick caught Mistah Avengah right in the ear, yo!

Johnny Vegas: Good! He should kick the other one to make it even!

Terra Skye: This can't all be because he saved Boy's life, can it?

Johnny Vegas: Maybe...


Johnny Vegas: ALRIGHT! It's not!

Ragnarok shows a slight bit of frustration and covers Avenger again.



No, Avenger grabs the bottom rope! Ragnarok tries again, hooking both legs.



Again Avenger kicks out! Ragnarok gets up and tags Zodiac back in, once again limiting his own involvement. Zodiac grabs the leg of Avenger as he tried to crawl to the Sandtown Kid and holds the ankle, not allowing him to get there. Avenger pushes himself up to one foot and then leaps up and hits and enziguri on Zodiac! As Zodiac falls back, Avenger immediately scrambles to STK and makes the tag! STK gets in the ring and points at Zodiac, charging forward and lays him out flat with a clothesline! He spins around and catches Ragnarok in the jaw with an elbow for good measure, sending him flying off the apron. Zodiac turns around and STK attempts a Safe Haven Drop, but Zodiac lands on his feet. He turns around, climbs up to the middle rope and tries to springboard off with the Pain Killer, but STK ducks out of the way. Zodiac runs and STK instead hits him with the tilt-a-whirl Sandtown Slam! He covers!



THR--NO! Ragnarok is in and breaks it up!

Terra Skye: STK nearly had that!

Johnny Vegas: Nearly doesn't mean shit! Zodiac kicked out and it's good he did!

Ray Payne: Um, Mistah Raggy broke it up, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Same thing! He's a part of the team!

Ragnarok begins to rain down blows on the head of STK and Avenger finds himself having to get back in the ring. He attempts a superhero kick but Ragnarok ducks out of the way! He slides out of the ring and so Avenger runs to the opposite ropes, bounces off and dives through the ropes with a suicide dive! Meanwhile in the ring STK is back up, dazed from the blow but still standing. He grabs Zodiac, preparing to hit the finishing blow. However Zodiac leaps up and hits him with a desperation dropkick! He doesn't get all of it, but he gets enough to stagger STK. He turns around and Zodiac leaps up for the Hourglass of Life. However, STK seems to sense it coming and holds onto the top rope! Zodiac falls down to the mat and STK rolls forward into a jackknife cover!



tHR--NO! Zodiac just barely slips out! The two get up to their feet and The Sandtown Kid is up quicker, ducking his head and grabbing Zodiac...SAFE HAVEN DROP! Now he covers!




Kelly Carmichael: Here are your winners, The Avenger and THE SANDTOWN KID!!!!

Terra Skye: Just like that, it's over!

Johnny Vegas: FUCKING SHIT!

Ray Payne: Calm down, Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: Ugh, I won't! STK has no business pinning anyone, let alone one half of the greatest tag team ever!

Terra Skye: And just think, if he can do that at Season of the Witch, he'll be a tag team champion! So will Boy!

Boy: Shining of the oranges to wear on our thighs!

Ray Payne: Mistah Silvers is gonna fight Mistah Zody twice!

Ragnarok and Zodiac stand feeling the effects from the match they just had and the two glare at STK and Avenger. Silent Cal gets between the two teams reminding them, without speaking, that the match is over. STK and Avenger decide to leave the ring, but suddenly, after Cal places a hand on Ragnarok,  Ragnarok hits Cal with a CODEBREAKER! Cal drops to the mat and Ragnarok quickly rolls out of the ring before Avenger or Silva can get to him. Zodiac follows suit smirking at the the two men. Avenger and STK check on Cal while Ragnarok grabs a microphone.

Ragnarok: Avenger... at Season of the Witch... I want to absolutely destroy you... everything that you think you stand for... Loser leaving Carnage... yes... a fitting stipulation to end this little game of ours... But I want more... I want there to be no escape... I want... us to be locked in an iron cell.

He lowers the mic as the fans get pumped up now with Ragnarok making a demand to the match. Raggy waits to see what Avenger will say. Avenger simply nods his head in the ring. Ragnarok, satisfied, holds a hand to his lips. Then the lights go out. When they come back on, C.O.N. is gone. STK and Avenger help Cal to his feet and begin to help him to the back.

Match Five: JC vs. Brian Crucifix

Terra Skye: Ragnarok is an asshole. What the hell did Silent Cal do?

Johnny Vegas: Got in his way?

Ray Payne: He was doins his job, yo.

Terra Skye: There's no way to spin that, Vegas. But now we know that Ragnarok and Avenger are fighting in an "iron cell." I assume that means Hell in a cell, but who really knows with Ragnarok!

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, and how stupid was it for Avenger to agree right away?

The lights go out, bathing the arena in darkness except for a familiar dark shade of blue. The first notes of a song begin to play, causing the arena lights to flash, before a voice cries out in the arena.


"The Man Without Fear" by Drowning Pool and Rob Zombie kicks in and blue pyro blasts from the sides of the stage and JC comes out wearing his trenchcoat, staring out at the audience. Lights start to flash in the arena as he makes his way to the ring to the sounds of the chorus.


Suddenly you rule the universe
Everything was shapeless now clear
I visualize like a drop of sound
I am The Man Without Fear
You can't hurt me...NO!
You can't stop me...NO!
You can't beat me...NO!
You can't bring me DOWN!

JC slides into the ring and climbs up on the middle rope of the side with the hard camera, raising his arms up and down to try to pump up the crowd. He jumps down and walks over to the same side before doing the same thing. JC then moves to a corner and tosses his trenchcoat to the outside before stretching before the match.

Kelly Carmichael: The following is your MAIN EVENT and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Jersey City, New Jersey, weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds...JC!!!

Terra Skye: Well, we're moving on to our main event now, and this challenge was made on Twitter, of all things.

Johnny Vegas: JC challenged Crucifix a month ago, and Crucifix picked this night to accept! He's gonna show up JC too, you watch!

Ray Payne: I dink Mistah JayCee and Mistah Cruci are gonna tear da house down yo.

Terra Skye: They could, as they're both two talented wrestlers. I assume it's why this was pencilled in as the main event.

The image of a blue mask appears on the tron as "Parade of The Dead" by Black Label Society begins to play over the sound system. A man in a hood walks out on the entrance ramp, looking down at the floor. He slowly raises his head to look to the ring before throwing back his hood to reveal a mask that resembles the one on screen.

Brian Crucifix

Crucifix throws the mask down on the ground before charging down to the ring. He slides in under the bottom rope before walking to the side that would be to his right, and leaning over the top rope to yell something to the fans. Crucifix walks back to his corner and crouches up against the middle turnbuckle.

Kelly Carmichael: His opponent, from Charlotte, North Carolina, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds....BRIAN CRUCIFIX!!!

Terra Skye: I have to give Crucifix credit. He has made it very clear that he sees JC as a worthy opponent and has been training hard for this night.

Johnny Vegas: You act as though he doesn't take any opponent seriously. He's  a champion!

Terra Skye: And if he doesn't take any cheap shots in this match, maybe we'll see him as one.

Ray Payne: Yeah den mebbies...

Suddenly, "Whole Way Down" by Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys plays on the speakers and the Carnage Legion boos, as Redemption makes his way onto the stage.


JC looks at the entrance way and is suddenly visibly angry. He never takes his eyes off of him, as it appears Redemption is heading to the commentary booth.

Terra Skye: What the hell is HE doing here?

Johnny Vegas: Um, that's obvious, he's coming over here!

Ray Payne: Everybody be nices, yo. He's crazy.

Terra Skye: Well folks, it looks like we're going to be joined on commentary by Redemption. Hello, Redemption.

Redemption: Terra, I understand that at your age it's traditionally difficult for women to find gainful employment in the entertainment industry - but surely you can do better than this. Johnny tells me there are whole genres dedicated to your age group on the internet.

Johnny Vegas: Bwahahaha! He got you, Terra!

Terra Skye: Ugh, shut the fuck up Vegas.

The official, White Rey, calls for the bell as JC stares on at the commentary table. He turns his attention to Crucifix who is mouthing off at JC. The two start trash talking, getting closer and closer until JC says something to set off Crucifix who standing dropkicks JC in the knee!

Terra Skye: Oh damn, Crucifix caught JC there!

Johnny Vegas: I wonder what he said to make Crucifix go low like that.

Redemption: JC looking very sloppy here, don't you think? It's always embarassing to see veterans who haven't saved their money well continuing to go out and wrestle. I'm fairly sure those are pectoral implants too. What do you think, Terra? Can you tell which surgeon it was?

Terra Skye: I don't think that's the case at all, Redemption.

Ray Payne: Mebbies he does...

Terra Skye: Ray, don't suck up. We're not afraid of him.

JC howls in pain as Crucifix gets up and runs to the ropes. Coming off the ropes he hits a running knee to the face and then, quick as he can, kips up, and drops an elbow straight to JC's sternum. Crucifix grabs JC and sets him up for a German Suplex, he hangs on and pulls up for another one, and finally a Release German Suplex to the bigger opponent. Crucifix gets up, catching his breath for a moment, and heads up top. He leaps off going for a jumping stomp to JC, but JC sits up and grabs Crucifix by the throat and spins it around hitting a throat slam!

Terra Skye: Wow, you don't see JC show that kind of power move very often.

Johnny Vegas: He's big enough, but he usually prefers to do that boring technical stuff.

Ray Payne: I likes it, yo.

Redemption: I'm not an idiot, you know? I've seen as many JC matches as anybody else, I know him as well as anybody else. It's impossible for me to deny that he is a very, very okay wrestler - there's no hiding from that fact.

Terra Skye: I'm sure he thanks you for your faint praise.

JC gets up and grabs Crucifix. He looks to be setting up for a suplex of his own, but Crucifix counters with a punch to the face.  JC starts trading blows with Crucifix and ends up getting into a chop fight with him. Both men are chopping back and forth with the fans cheering when JC hits one and booing when Crucifix hits another. Finally JC rares back and hits Crucifix with a headbutt to the nose! Crucifix wavers. JC runs to the ropes looking to go for the big boot, but Crucifix drops to the mat and avoids it. He rolls out of the ring to collect himself as JC looks down at him from the ring. White Rey starts his count...





Terra Skye: What the hell, did JC just bust out a suicide dive?!

Johnny Vegas: But that guy is huge! How did he even pull that off?

Ray Payne: Big guys can fly sometimes too, yo.

Redemption: Ray, I just want to congratulate you on your pioneering work - demonstrating that mental disabilities and general ineptitude at your job are no hindrance in modern American society. Truly, you're an inspiration to all of us seeking to continue working long after our bowels have ceased to.

Ray Payne: Thank yous, yo.

JC gets up slowly, that shot taking a lot out of him as he grabs Crucifix and throws him into the ring. JC takes the stairs to get into the ring and sizes up Crucifix. He charges at Crucifix and goes to clothesline the younger wrestler, but Crucifix dodges it. JC hits the rebound and Crucifix hits him with a knee to the gut. Crucifix rushes to the second turnbuckle...Game Over! The crowd leaps to it's feet as Crucifix goes for the cover!


TWO! JC kicks out with authority!

Terra Skye: And now Crucifix with a heavy shot of his own! That flipping piledriver on JC! Wow!

Johnny Vegas: I've been telling you guys for a long time that he's great but you don't listen!

Redemption: And the kid is certainly amassing a lot of support among the Carnage Legion, I imagine there a lot of women in the audience tonight who'd love to nail Crucifix.

Johnny Vegas: Ha! I get it!

Terra Skye: And JC kicked out of it too! These two are dropping bombs out there!

JC gets to his knees and then slowly stands up as Crucifix rushes at him to go for another kick. JC catches Crucifix and dragonscrew legwhips him down to the mat! JC brings up his knee and slams into Crucifix's face! JC tries to catch his breath for a moment, but Crucifix gets back up and goes to hit him again! These two start slugging it out again as the fans keep screaming boo's and cheer's depending on whose hitting who. Finally Crucifix kicks JC. JC catches the leg. ENZIGURI!! JC goes down as Crucifix kicks back up and screams to the crowd.

Redemption: I've been very impressed with Brian so far, he's like one of those monkeys that can do sign language.

Terra Skye: Odd phrasing aside, Crucifix really is delivering here.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah yeah, I told you! He said he was training and now he's taking it to the veteran!

Ray Payne: Mistah Cruci is goin after da head and neck. He dids his research, yo.

Crucifix waits for JC to start to get up and then kicks him in the gut. PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! BLACK HEART CRISIS! Crucifix goes for the pin...



JC'S FOOT IS ON THE ROPES! Crucifix slams his fists into the mat in frustration as he starts to argue with White Rey! JC starts to get up slowly. Crucifix starts stomping away at JC trying to keep the big man down, but JC grabs Crucifix and tosses him into the corner! JC starts stomping a mudhole into Crucifix! JC grabs Crucifix by the leg and drags him to the center of the ring. He slaps Crucifix into the “The Beginning of the End”! JC wrenches the modified half boston crab. Crucifix is screaming out in pain as the fans start chanting.


Terra Skye: And just like that, JC turns it around! Crucifix is locked in that submission hold!

Johnny Vegas: What the fuck?! How did he do that!

Ray Payne: He's been rasslin longer than Mistah Cruci, yo.

Redemption: Young naive kid being dominated by a deceitful older man, you'd think it was Trent's search history.

Crucifix puts both arms down on the mat. It looks like he might pass out, but instead he reaches inward and does a push up manuver. Pushing himself and JC's weight up he starts crawling on his hands to the ropes. He stumbles and JC locks in the hold again, but Crucifix will not be detered as he reaches out and graps the ropes. The fans are quiet for a brief moment as White Rey yells at JC to let go of the hold.



JC finally relents as some of the crowd, impressed by the fortitude of Crucifix, actually applaud his efforts. Crucifix's moment in the sun is short lived as JC stops onto the knee of Crucifix. JC sets up for his own package piledriver move, “The Answer”. JC hits it!



THRE-KICKOUT!!! Crucifix kicked out just as White Rey's hand was about to hit three!!!

Terra Skye: How many people do you think have kicked out of that move?

Johnny Vegas: Crucifix is special!

Terra Skye: He's definitely resilient, but we've seen that before.

Ray Payne: I dink Mistah JayCee is mads, yo.

It's JC's turn to be flabbergasted as he gets up and argues with Rey. JC's frustration is starting to build as he screams out. He glares at Crucifix. An angry look on his face the likes we haven't seen in a while comes across JC's face as he stalks Crucifix as he crawls to the corner. JC looks at the top rope and smirks. He gets in front of Crucifix and kicks him in the face sending him down in a heap. JC goes up top. He's signaling to the heavens. He's about to jump when Crucifix leaps up and tugs on the top rope sending JC off balance and landing crotch first onto the turnbuckle post!

Terra Skye: I think Crucifix's kick out got into JC's head, because he never goes up top!

Johnny Vegas: He made a dumb move and paid for it!

Ray Payne: He was mads and made a mistake, yo.

Crucifix pulls himself up and runs to the turnbuckle. He leaps up to hit “The Crucifixion”! This could be it! JC CATCHES HIM! DIVING POWERBOMB FROM THE TOP ROPE!!! Both men are down and the Carnage Legion is their feet. JC places an arm over Crucifix.



tHR--NO! Crucifix kicks out again!

Terra Skye: You'd think Crucifix would definitely earn JC's respect after this.

Johnny Vegas: Probably not, he's never seen Crucifix as worthy of respect. JC's an asshole.

Redemption: JC is a mastermind, for sure. Crucifix is...not the brightest toaster in the swimming class. I think we're going to see JC manipulate this young guy with his two-faced, false persona just like he does with everyone else. If JC can find an advantage by being nice, he'll take it. If not...well, we'll see.

Both men are tired and weary. They crawl to different corners of the ring. JC eye's Redemption who waves at JC. JC scowls. He starts punching the mat as he crawls. Crucifix slowly gets up. JC also pulls himself up. They stare at each other. Each takes a breath. And they run. JC brings up his leg. BIG BOOT OF DEATH! He connects!

Terra Skye: Big Boot of Death! That's it!

Johnny Vegas: Damn it!

Redemption: Well, I guess if the match is over it's time for me to leave.

Terra Skye: Wait, what are YOU doing?

Redemption takes off his headset and stands, yelling something over at JC that the camera doesn't pick up. JC starts yelling at Redemption who starts trashtalking JC! JC doesn't notice that Crucifix is starting to get up. JC starts to get out of the ring and motions for Redemption to come on. Redemption just shakes his head. Crucifix climbs the nearest turnbuckle to JC who is still focused on Redemption. JC goes back under the ropes into the ring, but he doesn't see Crucifix. Crucifix yells at JC. JC turns. Scissors kick off the top rope to JC! JC goes down! White Rey counts!




Kelly Carmichael: Here is your winner....BRIIIIAAAAAN CRUUUUUCIFIX!

Terra Skye: Holy shit! Crucifix won! you guys see HOW he won?

Johnny Vegas: You mean by using the finisher of JC's own brother? I did! IT WAS GREAT!

Terra Skye: I guess I could say that Redemption distracted him, but JC had the match in hand. It's obvious his head was focused on Redemption and he took Crucifix too lightly at the end.

Johnny Vegas: That's what he gets! Crucifix is not a fly! He's an eagle and he soared to win.

Ray Payne: Dat was a dumb comparison, Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: Fuck you, it was great!
Crucifix can't believe it. Neither can JC. JC gets up and kicks the ropes as Redemption heads to the back. Both men starring each other down. JC for a moment breaks his gaze at Redemption to see something odd...Crucifix with his hand outstretched to JC. JC looks at him. Crucifix holds his hand out firm. JC sighs and shakes Crucifix's hand giving the man his due for beating him clean. As this happens Ragnarok and Zodiac barrel past Redemption. As C.O.D. looks like they are about to attack JC, Crucifix waves them off. JC nods, appreciating the gesture as he exits the ring letting the group have their moment. As Redemption walks up the ramp he turns to face JC. JC starts barreling for the rampway when he stops. Redemption turns and there standing behind Trent Steel. Redemption stares down JC, who returns the gaze, as we see Trent Steel starring them both down as we cut back to C.O.D. celebrating in the ring.

In Closing

Terra Skye: Well that was a shocking win from Crucifix, and I'm sure we'll never hear the end of it.

Johnny Vegas: I sure as FUCK won't let anyone forget it.

Ray Payne: Mistah JayCee and Mister Dempers gonna hurt each other bad at Season of the Witch, yo.

Terra Skye: God that's right. They're going to fuck each other up. And we have EIGHT other matches!

Johnny Vegas: Fuck that's going to be a long night.

Terra Skye: But a good one. The Carnage World title is on the line with Amy Jo Smyth challenging Amber Ryan, plus three more title matches and several grudge matches. It's a STACKED card.

Johnny Vegas: Alright, stop with the hard sell already. I'm obligated to be there!

Terra Skye: I was...ugh you know what, nevermind. See you in two weeks for Season of the Witch, everybody...

  • The Second Son is Coming - Raggy
  • Opening - Joe
  • The Matthew Boys & Ram Vulture vs. Charity Jones, Cherie Von Allen and Aiden Blake - Crucifix
  • Diagnosis - Raggy
  • Lord Raab vs. Garbage Fence - Joe
  • Scott Grayse vs. Johnny Love - Joe
  • Ragnarok & Robert Zodiac vs. The Sandtown Kid & The Avenger - Joe
  • JC vs. Brian Crucfix - Jay
  • Judges - Chuck & Barbie
/ Chaos 42 Live! Results
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Pre-Show: The Second Son is Coming

The camera shows a dark room and a table, the only light emitting from a single candle. Ragnarok sits Indian style on one end, and across from him sits a shadowy figure who also sits similar to the Savior of Truth.


Ragnarok: Carnage... is in need of more enlightenment... we succeeded with Prydor... and now we must move on to the next phase... It would seem however... that your time... is coming much sooner than anticipated... I must know if The Second Son of Truth... is ready?

Voice: Yes, Ragnarok ... I am ready ...

Ragnarok: Then the plan is set in motion...

The sound of a cell phone rings as Ragnarok answers...

Ragnarok: Mr. Vegas... right on time...

The camera fades to black.

Exclusively on the
September 18, 2017
The Carnage Arena - Baltimore, Maryland



Terrra Skye, Johnny Vegas & Ray Payne

Time Keeper:


Ring Announcer:

Kelly Carmichael


White Rey, Ed Hawkersby, Ref Jeff & Silent Cal

"Uprising" by Muse blares over the PA system as the Carnage Legion roars in anticipation of the night's action, as well as the fact that this is the last show before the huge Season of the Witch. The camera pans over to reveal Terra Skye, Boy, Johnny Vegas and Ray Payne all at ringside.

Terra Skye: So what was that all about, Vegas?

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, yeah, I got it.

Terra Skye: What?

Johnny Vegas: What? Can you stop your chattering, I'm on the phone!

Ray Payne: We saws Mistah Rags callin you, yo.

Johnny Vegas: How about you mind your own business, mushmouth?

Boy: Now is the winter of our frozen oranges. REQUIEM FOR A DYLAN!

Johnny Vegas: It's none of YOUR business either. Just do your jobs! Fuck!

Terra Skye: Ugh..okay then. We've got a lot of wrestlers in action tonight and what I think we should call a double main event.

Ray Payne: Mistah JayCee is gonna fights Mistah Cruci, yo.

Terra Skye: That's right, Ray. We also have Ragnarok and Robert Zodiac teaming up to take on The Sandtown Kid and The Avenger, in a preview of Season of the Witch on October 1.




Ray Payne: Mebbies we should just go to the first match, yo.

Match One: The Matthew Boys & Ram Vulture vs. Aiden Blake, Charity Jones & Cherie Von Allen

Terra Skye: That might be a good idea, because Johnny's just going to talk to his asshole friends all night long.

Johnny Vegas: There. I'm done. Could you not wait five fucking minutes? Let's start the show now.

Terra Skye: The show's already started, Johnny.

Ray Payne: Yeah we're about to have da first matches, yo.

Johnny Vegas: WHAT? The show doesn't start without Johnny Vegas! I AM THE SHOW!

Terra Skye: Just drink your whiskey and shut the fuck up.


The lights dim in the arena as “Attack” by Conway begins to blast through the sound system surrounding the entrance ring and encompassing the entire Carnage Arena. Charity Jones emerges from behind the curtains and makes her way towards the ring.

Charity Jones

Kelly Carmichael: This is a six-man tag team match, set for one fall! Introducing first, from Green Bay, Wisconsin, weighing in at 115 pounds...CHARITY JONES!

Stopping to slap a few hands and snap a few selfies with lucky fans, Charity then approaches the ring. Sliding underneath the bottom rope to enter the ring, she keeps to an empty side of the ring where Ref Jeff searches her for weapons and she complies.

Terra Skye: Charity Jones has a score to settle with Ram Vulture tonight.

Johnny Vegas: If she had a score to settle with everyone who beat her, she'd be challenging half the roster!

Ray Payne: She has a good team tonights, Mistah Jonnies.

Terra Skye: Cherie Von Allen and Aiden Blake. They're fighting a young and hungry team so this should be a good one.

Johnny Vegas: Bah.


The eerie sounds that lead up to the rhythmic drum beat of "Forsaken" start playing over the Arena PA as all of the lights in the arena dim. Crimson lights shine down on the stage as Cherie Von Allen steps out wearing a black leather trenchcoat over her ring gear.

I'm over it
You see I'm falling in the vast abyss
Clouded by memories of the past
At last, I see...

Kelly Carmichael: Her tag team partner, from Columbia, Maryland. She stands in at five-foot-six and weighs in at one-hundred fifteen-pounds... "The True Princess of Carnage"... Cherie Von Allen!

Cherie Von Allen

Cherie climbs up onto the ring apron on the south side of the ring and sheds her trenchcoat underneath a crimson spotlight. She takes a moment to pose for the Legion showing off her assets before stepping through the ropes and into the ring. As Cherie enters, the crimson floods dim and the lights come back on.

Terra Skye: Cherie's last appearance was a while ago, in a loss to Ragnarok. Hopefully a win tonight will let her live up to that Princess of Carnage nickname.

Johnny Vegas: Did we ever find out what happened to her old man? Doctor Winn just vanished!

Ray Payne: I dink he goes by Marcus Von Allen now, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Maybe he doesn't recall that he changed his name and he's lost somewhere.

Terra Skye: It doesn't have much to do with Cherie either way.

Johnny Vegas: I don't know, I'd think she does want to know where her father is.

The opening riff of "Starless" by Crossfade plays as Aiden Blake walks through the curtain wearing a black vest with the word "Savior" written on the back.

Aiden Blake

Kelly Carmichael: Finally, their partner, from Cantan, Georgia, weighing in at one hundred and seventy-six pounds....AIDEN BLAKE!

He turns his back to the ring does an RVD style taunt, yelling out "Southern F'N Savior!" before turning back to the ring and making his way to the apron. He climbs up the steps and looks around the arena, nodding his head in approval of the audience, then hops into the ring, taunting to the crowd and backing into his designated corner.

Johnny Vegas: Is that everyone? I feel like that should be everyone.

Terra Skye: That's only half, Vegas. It's a six-person tag!

Johnny Vegas: Ugh, like I paid enough attention to count.


Ray Payne: Dat's pretty funnies, Mistah Boy.

"Help!" by The Beatles hits the PA System and out comes the Matthew Boys, Jakob and Larkyn. They smile as they place their hands flat atop each other and bow their heads. They then release and raise their arms in victory.

The Matthew Boys

Kelly Carmichael: And their opponents, first, from Wichita, Kansas, coming in at a total combined weight of 378 pounds...Jakob and Larkyn...THE MATTHEEEEWWWW BOOOOOOOOYSS!

They run toward the ring and slide in under the ropes, hitting adjacent turnbuckles and surveying the crowd. They make their way back to the center of the ring and once again place their hands on top of each other in the ring for one last time and 'break' as the music dies down.

Terra Skye: This team won over the Carnage Legion at Chaos 41 and have their sights set on the returning Razor's Edge at Season of the Witch!

Johnny Vegas: Yeah fuck this twerking assholes! My girl Megan is back with those other guys!

Ray Payne: Dey gonna have a hard time beatens Mistahs Harrises if dey don't take dem seriously, yo.

Terra Skye: That's actually a good point. Fun and games are one thing but if Razor's Edge are coming back to CW, that means they're going to be focused on getting those tag team titles.

Johnny Vegas: The best team of brothers will definitely win, and it happens to be the team with a fine ass sister!

Terra Skye: I really hope Aries Reed hears you.

Johnny Vegas: Me and Aries are cool. He'd probably agree with me!


The arena is in darkness. The slow beating of war drums play for exactly 10 seconds. Then in an explosive moment, Live Again suddenly blares over the speakers with red fire shooting from the entrance ramp to all sides of the audience as the lights go to a bright red and white. Ram comes out in a red leather jacket, with silver studs. He has two red and black colored sprawling gloves on with the word live on the left glove and the word free on the right. He has no shirt underneath his leather jacket and struts to the ring, arms wide open taking in the crowd reaction with black jeans on and black wrestling boots decorated with red lightning and his initials "RV" on each boot just behind the heel. He also completes his look with a black headband that also harbors the red lightning strike.

Let me live in my skin!
Let go!
Let go!
Grip and hold it within!
These visions left in my head! Let me live it again! Let go! LET GO!

Ram Vulture

Kelly Carmichael: And their partner, from Los Angeles, California...weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds....RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAMMMM VULLLLLLTUUURRRRE!!!

Once he reaches the ring apron he puts one foot on it, then backs away towards the end of the ramp again, wags his finger to the crowd and then suddenly leaps onto the apron fully energized as red pyro shoots out of the ring posts. He then quickly enters the ring through the middle rope, tosses his jacket to the nearest crowd member, and makes a "Z" pattern with his right hand as if to mimic a lightning strike to the crowd with a devious smile on his face. He jumps onto the closest turnbuckle to him, does the "Z" pattern again this time with his left hand, smiles once more, then jumps down back into the ring.

Johnny Vegas: Ugh, THIS fucking asshole.

Terra Skye: What's your problem now?

Johnny Vegas: He's working with Sinc Mercier and Macho Libre! If he had an afro I'd probably hate him more than Silva!

Ray Payne: I'm glad Mistah Stinky is back in Cee Dubs, yo!

Johnny Vegas: Yeah well you're one more blow to the head away from being an invalid. What do you know?

Terra Skye: Ram Vulture had an impressive win over Charity in his debut and now he's hoping to top that off in this rematch of sorts.

Ray Payne: Da fans likes da team of Ram and Matthews, yo.

The match begins with Larkyn Matthew and Cherie Von Allen in the ring. Larkyn goes to shake the hand of Cherie, but she turns to her team’s corner and tags in Aiden Blake, who shrugs and walks to the center of the ring. Larkyn once again puts his hand out to Aiden, and Aiden accepts the handshake. Larkyn pulls Aiden into a headlock and pushes him into the ropes before whipping into the ropes on the East side. Aiden rebounds and connects with a forearm to Larkyn, and Larkyn returns with a forearm of his own.

Terra Skye: Already a stalemate here as Aiden Blake has a point to prove of his own.

Johnny Vegas: Blake hasn't even been booked since June, so he'd better!

Ray Payne: Mebbies dat made him mad, yo.

Terra Skye: Well he's booked now, so we'll see how he handles himself.

Aiden wipes his face and smiles before connecting with a stiff punch to the jaw of Larkyn. Larkyn connects with a jumping knee, sending Aiden back into his team’s corner. Larkyn backs into the corner of Aiden’s team before attempting to run to Aiden, but Cherie and Charity hold Larkyn back! Larkyn attempts to fight the two of them off, but Aiden Blake comes flying in with a dropkick, sending Larkyn spine-first into the turnbuckles!

Terra Skye: A little teamwork there from Aiden's group and now Larkyn is in trouble!

Johnny Vegas: Good!

Ray Payne: Come on Mistah Jonnies, dancin's not bad.



Aiden pulls Larkyn to his feet and pushes him back into the corner, tagging in Charity Jones as he does so. Aiden goes to chop Larkyn, but Larkyn grabs Aiden by the head and runs up the turnbuckles before flying off, wrapping his legs around the head of Charity as he does so, so when he lands on his back he’s not just hitting a tornado DDT on Aiden Blake, he’s hitting Charity with a hurricanrana! Larkyn kicks up to his feet and backs into his own corner where he tags in his brother, Jakob. The two of them try to gather a gameplan as Aiden Blake rolls onto the apron and does the same with his team.

Ray Payne: Wowsies, yo! Mistah Larky hit dem both with moves, yo!

Terra Skye: That's one way to get back the advantage!

Johnny Vegas: Why can't he just lose so we can move on with our lives?

Charity shakes her teammates off before turning to Jakob Matthew, challenging him to step in the middle of the ring. Jakob shrugs and does as told before locking up with Charity. Jakob pushes Charity into the ropes before Charity pushes him off, getting in his face. Jakob laughs at Charity before ducking under a wild swing and whipping her into the south side ropes and popping up for a single legged dropkick. Charity sits up and starts yelling at Aiden, who shakes his head and puts his hand out, asking her to tag him in. Charity stands and puts her hand out to Aiden before tagging in Cherie von Allen.

Terra Skye: Charity's having some trouble with Jakob and dosen't seem amused with Blake.

Johnny Vegas: Aw come on guys! Work together! Don't let the comedy act beat you!

Ray Payne: Dey are also talenteds in da rings, Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: DON'T ARGUE WITH ME!

Terra Skye: Vegas, back off. We're not even a third of the way through the night.

Johnny Vegas: Fuckin...bitch-asses...I'll show you...

Terra Skye: What was that?

Johnny Vegas: I SAID FINE!

Charity and Cherie take Jakob Matthew to the mat with dual back-elbows. Jakob kicks up to his feet and ducks under a swing from Cherie before Charity drops him with a leg-sweep, allowing Cherie to attempt an elbow drop. Jakob rolls out of the way and rolls up to his feet before tripping a charging Cherie von Allen and attempting to pin her. Cherie instantly kicks out and gets to her feet, connecting with a forearm to the face of Jakob. Jakob backs into the ropes as Cherie explodes on him with forearm after forearm, then Jakob pushes her over Jakob grabs Cherie and pulls her to her feet. He scoops her up in the south-west corner and slams her down before climbing to the top turnbuckle, taunting to the crowd before jumping off the top rope and connecting with a picture-perfect splash! Jakob covers Cherie!


Two! Aiden Blake breaks things up!

Terra Skye: Aiden Blake is showing some fire tonight and keeps his team alive.

Johnny Vegas: New guy's fighting the other new guys like his career depends on it.

Ray Payne: Mebbies he wants to make sure he doesn't get ignored again.

Terra Skye: I'm sure that was just an error.

Johnny Vegas: Don't let Bridges hear you say that.

Ray Payne: Everyone makes me steaks, Mistah Jonnies.

Cherie gets to her feet and yells at Aiden, telling him she could have kicked out on her own. Aiden shrugs and backs away to their corner, just as Jakob turns Cherie inside out with a big lariat! Jakob Matthew returns to his corner, tagging in Ram Vulture. Vulture moves to the middle of the ring and starts beating Cherie down. Aiden can be heard yelling for her to get up. Charity Jones pokes her head in under the top rope and yells an insult at Ram, who just shrugs it off. Cherie begins to fight off the assault, getting to her feet and connecting with some punches to the gut of Ram Vulture. Ram whips her into her team’s corner, and Aiden barely touches the arm of Cherie, but just enough for the official to notice that a tag has been made.

Terra Skye: I said he was showing fire earlier but...

Johnny Vegas: You can say it. Aiden doesn't seem to give a shit anymore.

Ray Payne: He havin issues with Missus Cherie, yo.

Johnny Vegas: Or she's having issues with him.

Terra Skye: Gonna be hard to win if they can't work together.


Ram connects with a big spinebuster to Cherie, who rolls out of the ring. As Charity checks on Cherie on the outside, Aiden and Ram begin trading punches in the center of the ring. Aiden tries to lift Ram, but Ram lands on his feet and lifts Aiden up. Aiden grabs hold of the top rope, holding on for dear life. Ram lets go of Aiden and watches as Blake falls feet-first on the apron. Aiden clocks Ram in the jaw before springboarding into him with a crossbody, but Ram rolls through, putting Aiden on his shoulders and connecting with a huge Air-Raid Crash!

Ray Payne: Dat was a big moves from Mistah Rammy, yo!

Terra Skye: It seems like the Matthew Boys and Ram Vulture have been in control for most of the match.

Johnny Vegas: Don't remind me.

Terra Skye: Maybe Sinc's training...

Johnny Vegas: And DON'T mention that fucker!

Ram tags in Larkyn Matthew, who pulls Aiden Blake to his feet and begins hammering away on him with punch after punch, kick after kick. When he thinks he’s got Aiden worked down, he jumps on the top rope on the East side, but Aiden Blake pushes him off the ropes, all the way into the barricade!  Cherie von Allen and Charity Jones get a few good hits in on Larkyn before rolling him back into the ring. Aiden pulls Larkyn up to his feet and sets him up for the Backslide Driver, but Jakob Matthew runs in the ring, kicking Aiden in the jaw! Larkyn leans forward, bringing Aiden Blake up on his shoulders before Jakob Matthew flies off the second turnbuckle, connecting with a double-stomp Gory Bomb combo! Larkyn covers Aiden!



Charity breaks up the pin!

Terra Skye: Shit! An impressive combo from the Matthew Boys but Charity just manages to break things up!

Johnny Vegas: Good! Go Charity!

Ray Payne: Since when do you likes Missus Charities, yo?

Johnny Vegas: Since she's fighting the dancing iditios and Sinc 2: Electric Boogaloo!

Charity kicks Larkyn in the jaw, knocking him to the mat. Ram reaches over the top rope and is barely able to reach Larkyn, making the tag. Ram connects with a bionic elbow to Charity, then one to Cherie, causing both of them to roll out of the ring. Aiden gets to his feet and is hit with a bionic elbow. He gets back up and is hit with another. He gets up a third time, but kicks Ram in the gut. Aiden grabs the head of Ram Vulture and flips him up in the air, connecting with a vertical suplex powerbomb! Aiden pulls Ram to his feet, but notices the Matthew Brothers, both connecting with superkicks, but Aiden is still standing! Jakob and Larkyn connect with a barrage of superkicks before backing into the west side ropes and charging back at Aiden Blake. Aiden falls to the mat, getting out of the way, but both brothers fly over the ropes, crashing into Cherie von Allen and Charity Jones! Ram gets to his feet and starts hammering away on Aiden. He grabs him and tries to hit him with Severed Horn, but Aiden flips around and connects with the Backslide Driver out of instinct! Aiden covers Ram!




Kelly Carmichael: Here are your winners...the team of Charity Jones, Cherie Von Allen and AIDEN BLAKE!

Terra Skye: Wow! Aiden Blake manages to score the pin for his team!

Johnny Vegas: Haha! Yes! And Sinc 2: Sinc Harder got pinned!

Ray Payne: Mistah Rammy is not a sequels to Mistah Stink, yo.

Johnny Vegas: He is what I say he is!

Terra Skye: The Matthew Boys have to be disappointed, as they were working hard to win this and the guy they were teaming with got pinned.

Johnny Vegas: They'd better get used to losing, because Razor's Edge are going to hand them their asses in two weeks.

Ray Payne: Mebbies, mebbies not.

Terra Skye: It should be a thrilling tag match, though. And Ram Vulture has that Fatal 4-Way for a shot at the Ultraviolent title. Hopefully he can bounce back.


In the Ring stands a Carnage wrestling Medical official who holds a clipboard as well as a microphone.

Medic: Ladies and Gentlemen... I am the head of our medical department and have been currently assisting and aiding Harry Hampton back into recovery after suffering a mild concussion last month. We were finally making progress, trying to get him cleared in time for the next Paper-view Season of the Witch.... unfortunately this happened...

He points to the Carnage tron as a video begins to play. Harry Hampton is seen getting out of his Mercedes and pulling out a suitcase. He sets it down and then is ambushed by Scott Grayse who shoulder tackles him down onto the pavement. Scott begins to stomp Harry out and laughs sadistically. He then takes his hammer Helen and begins to strike Hampton's leg with it. Harry cries out in pain as Scott continues the beating. Security finally make their way over as Scott runs off. The video ends there.

Medic: It is unfortunate but Harry has received a few sprains in the leg as well as a damaged ACL... and I can not clear him in time for season of the Witch... thank you.

Loud boos for Scott Grayse are heard from the fans as the official leaves the ring.

Match Two: Lord Raab vs. Garbage Fence

Terra Skye: That Scott Grayse is a bastard.

Johnny Vegas: He's nuts, I'll give you that. He's got no reason to attack Hampton like he has been.

Ray Payne: What's gonna happen at da PPV, yo?

Terra Skye: I guess the match is off. All because of that damn hammer.

"Beer is Good" by Psychostick starts to play as Garbage Fence rushes out to the ring carrying a garbage can and screaming.

Garbage Fence

Kelly Carmichael: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...making his way to the ring first...Garbage Fence!

Terra Skye: Well, I guess it's time to move on with our show.

Johnny Vegas: And here comes the guy who beat Trent Steel!

Ray Payne: But dat was because Mistah Dempers told him to lose, yo.

Terra Skye: Yeah, you can't really count that as a legitimate win.

Johnny Vegas: The record books don't have an asterik! At Chaos 40, Garbage Fence pinned Trent Steel! It was WONDERFUL.


"Monster" by Skillet plays over the sound system as Lord Raab comes out through the curtain wearing his red and black wrestling trousers (with his nickname The Masked German Monster on the front of them and Monster Energy logos on the side of his trousers) with black gloves on both of his hands and a black and red stripy mask.

Lord Raab

Kelly Carmichael: And his opponent, from Cologne, Germany...weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds, The Masked German Monster....LOOOOOORRRRRRD RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAB!

Raab ignores the fans as he goes up the stairs before going in-between the ropes and crouches down in the corner moving backwards and forwards, rubbing his hands and moving his neck around while looking at his opponent with anger in his eyes while waiting for the match to start.

Terra Skye: Lord Raab went out in the second round of the Monarchy of Anarchy tournament, but he came back at Chaos 41 and attacked Candyman and the Golden Dragon.

Johnny Vegas: I like a guy who can make a statement.

Ray Payne: But Mistah Drag didn't like it, and he wants to beat 'em ups.

Johnny Vegas: Let him try! They're in a four-way in two weeks.

Terra Skye: With Trent Steel and Ram Vulture. There's going to be a lot of violence in that one.

Johnny Vegas: Something tells me that's what Raab likes.

Garbage Fence walks forward shouting "COLLECTIONS" at Raab, who wastes no time and rushes forward, flattening GF with a huge European uppercut! Fence falls back and slams to the mat with the force of the blow. Raab circles his opponent as Fence rolls onto his belly and pushes himself up onto his hands and knees. Raab waits for him to get up and then hammers him with a huge forearm to the back of the head. This time he doesn't wait and begins to stomp him furiously. Ed Hawkersby tells him to ease up, but as Raab isn't breaking any rules there's nothing he can do.

Terra Skye: Raab showing some aggression here, picking up where he left off last time.

Johnny Vegas: Hey, I got faith in Fence. He pinned Trent Steel!

Ray Payne: I dink maybe Raab is bein unfairs, yo.

Terra Skye: He's not letting up but that's within the rules. Some fighters are aggressive and some aren't.

Raab then picks up Fence, who actually has the nerve to reach up and punch him in the mask. The blow doesn't seem to faze Raab, who simply goes behind his fellow masked opponent. He hooks his arms around Garbage Fence's waists and tosses him behind him with a release German suplex. Raab falls down on his upper back and shoulders and teeters towards rolling over, but his legs instead flop back to the mat. Raab follows it up by charging forward and leaping into the air with an elbow drop. Then he covers as Hawkersby drops down for the count.



Thr--Garbage Fence throws a shoulder up!

Terra Skye: It's too early for Fence to be pinned, but he might just want to stay down anyway.

Johnny Vegas: This Lord Raab is an animal, I love it!

Ray Payne: He's gonna hurt Mistah Fency, yo.

Terra Skye: I think that's the point. Lord Raab isn't getting paid by the hour.


Raab hoists Garbage Fence to his feet again and Irish Whips him into the turnbuckle with enough force that Fence bounces off, arching his back in pain. He's so focused on the sudden pain in his back that he takes the full force of a clothesline from Raab. Fence rolls to the apron of the ring to get some space and drops to the floor. Raab steps over the top rope and follows him. He grabs the masked head of Garbage Fence and runs forward, throwing his head into the ring post on the outside, which bounces off with a sickening thud.

Terra Skye: Shit! If it weren't for that mask I think Fence would be bleeding right now.

Johnny Vegas: Could still be, we can't actually see under there.

Ray Payne: Lord Raab is beins vishus, yo.

Johnny Vegas: I'm surprised you were able to get that word out!

Raab once again lifts Fence to his feet, but the Masked Debater gets a blatant thumb to the eye just to by himself some time. Unfortunately, he then decides to go for a running clothesline, but Raab sees it coming and gets a boot up, connecting with Fence's chin. His head snaps back and he falls against the apron. It's clear he would have fallen to the ground if the ring wasn't there. Raab grabs him with ease and tosses him inside the ring. Garbage Fence crawls up to his feet, shaky, and Raab wraps a hand around his throat. He lifts him up in the air and plants him with a chokeslam!

Terra Skye: Come on, Raab, just pin the poor guy already.

Johnny Vegas: No wait, keep it going! I want to see if he can bounce him off the post again!

Ray Payne: Mistah Rob layin da boots to Fency now.


Raab places a kick to the ribs of Fence while he's still prone on the mat, then places both hands on his head and yanks him to his feet. Fence has no more fight in him, so puts him in suplex position, hooks both arms and lifts him up...before DROPPING HIM head-first to the mat with the Killerbuster! Raab finally covers!




Kelly Carmichael: Here is your winner, The Masked German Monster, LORD RAAB!

Terra Skye: Well that was a fucking mugging.

Johnny Vegas: If Raab's going to keep doing this every time he shows up, I think he might be my favorite wrestler!

Terra Skye: I thought CON were your favorite wrestlers!

Johnny Vegas: Besides them. HEY, maybe Raab should join up!

Raab leaves the ring, ignoring the boos from the Carnage Legion. Ed Hawkersby checks on Garbage Fence, who is beat up and dazed but doesn't seem to be seriously hurt.

Terra Skye: He's not going to be able to dominate the Fatal 4-Way like this, though. There's a lot of talent in there.

Johnny Vegas: Well he already beat the guy who beat Trent Steel, so he's out. Raab beat up Yamamoto so he's out and Ram is a Sinc trainee so he's out. Raab's got it in the bag!

Match Three: Scott Grayse vs. Johnny Love

Terra Skye: I think any one of those guys could win the match, actually.

Johnny Vegas: Well, what do you know? I'm the expert out here.

Terra Skye: You're only an expert at being an old drunk.

Johnny Vegas: I'll have you know I'm not drinking the hard stuff tonight!

Ray Payne: Dat's because you lost the key to your licker cabinet, Mistah Jonnies.

Johnny Vegas: That's NOT THE POINT!

It becomes ominously quiet in the arena and everything goes black. The CarnageTron lights up showing blood dripping from a hammer, Scott Grayse's hammer known as Helen. "#BASH" is seen as "Reborn" by Stone Sour blares and the lights come on to see Scott Grayse standing on the ramp glaring into the ring.

Scott Grayse

Kelly Carmichael: The following match is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Cincinnati, Ohio...weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds...SCOOOOOOOTTTTT GRRRRAAAAAAAAAYYYYSSSE!

Grayse looks out into the legions of fans and forms a sick sadistic smile. He takes Helen and holds it up as he lets out a horrific yell. The crowd begins booing, but suddenly cheer as HARRY HAMPTON APPEARS BEHIND HIM!

Harry Hampton

Terra Skye: Wait a second, what's Harry doing out here?

Johnny Vegas: Fucker's pissed and on crutches!

Ray Payne: Mistah Gracie doesn't see him, yo!

Grayse continues to walk down to the ring oblivious, only finally turning around when the crowd's cheers get his attention. He seems surprised, but once he sees Hampton hobbling to him on crutches, he gets an evil smirk on his face and starts coming forward with Helen in his hand. Suddenly, Hampton swings out one of the crutches like a baseball bat and knocks the hammer away from Grayse! It flies out of his hand and all the way down the ramp, skidding to a stop just at the base of the ring.

Terra Skye: I guess Harry's got an equalizer!

Johnny Vegas: He's also got a concussion and a bum knee. I really don't think knocking away a hammer is going to do anything.

Ray Payne: Go Mistah Harries! Bash 'em!

Terra Skye: I'm with Ray, bash his fucking head in!

Grayse curses at Hampton and warily moves forward, but Hampton shows a surprising amount of quickness given his injures and thrust the top of the crutch right into Grayse's abdomen! Grayse doubles over, trying hard to regain his breath and that's when Hampton takes the crutch into both hands and swings it down on Grayse's left shoulder! Grayse howls in pain and collapses to the ground, clutching at his arm. Hampton throws the crutch down, revealing that he bent it nearly in half across Grayse.

Harry Hampton: Dry swingin' a buckin' hamma nah, ye camel blowin' bucker!

The Carnage Legion cheers as Hampton stands over Grayse. Security and referees surround him but he seems to have made his point. He goes backstage willingly, still using one crutch to hobble back.

Terra Skye: Well, shit! I guess the match between Hampton and Grayse is still on!

Johnny Vegas: Meanwhile, the match between Grayse and Johnny Love is definitely off.

Ray Payne: I dink mebbies Mistah Harries was just evenin da odds, yo.

Grayse is offered help by the EMTs that have now arrived, but he curses at them and staggers to the ring. He grabs his hammer with his good arm, then carries himself backstage.

Terra Skye: Well if Harry's got a busted knee and Grayse has a weakened shoulder, it's sure going to make climbing for that hammer hard for both of them!

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, and pinfalls can't happen until the hammer is pulled down.

Ray Payne: I dink dat might be what Mistah Harries wants, yo.
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A bit of a back story on why I have taken a break. Before Carnage 1.0 ended, Chuck and Barb's lives got crazy so myself, Sinc, and Virus argeed to help out and run things. Well Sinc's life got crazy which lead him to having him to step back. So that left just Virus and myself. Long story short, Carnage lasted only a few months longer due to people either bailing for some odd reason(like Dark Shadow), no shows, batshit crazy Zane Rush(damn I wish we had some of the private messages he had sent us), and Virus' ego. So what does that have to do with Carnage 2.0 you might ask? Well when JC said he would help run things and not knowing JC that well, I saw this as history repeating itself and it felt like a punch to the stomach. So I figured take some time off so I don't become bitter, burned out, and I was working on getting certified to teach ESL. Kind of a wait and see approach. However, from what I can see JC and company have been doing a great job keeping things going and keeping the roster together. So I shall return, but right now work is crazy because we are short staffed. Hence when JC first sent a pm with an idea, I didn't commit to it. Plus I didn't want there to be issues like we had last year with W.A.R. where about half of Team Carnage disappeared and a few from Team Wrestling quit/no showed.

I understand your concerns.

I'd offer a counterpoint of my history and stuff but you wouldn't have known that. I do appreciate the kind words now though.
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