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xx Carnage Wrestling Presents: CHAOS! 3 (7/12/15)

June 15, 2015, 11:03:42 PM by Dr. Winn
CHAOS 3 - (7/12/15)
Live from the Carnage Arena, in Baltimore Maryland!
Opening Bell @ 7:30 PM SHARP
General Admission: $10
Front Row: $25
Only 50 Front Row/200 GA Seats Available!

The following memo was delivered to Carnage Wrestling Productions via Sinc Mercierís office.

Hey, sh*tstains!  Itís your boss, Sinc Mercier here.  Listen up and pay attention!  This is the final show before we officially crown our first Carnage W.H. Champion at Ascension!  If you havenít impressed me yet, then youíre running out of precious time.  Thereís only one opportunity to be the first!  Then maybe one of you sh*tstains might make a Legend out of yourselves like I did! So here it goes:

Opening Match -
Zane Levins vs. Nathan Cristion

Zane, I love your story.  Cleaning your act up and trying to go places.  Reminds me of what Rich Money and I are trying to do with Carnage.  But saying it is one thing, proving it is another.  Youíre up against Nathan Cristion this week.  Prove to us that you belong here in Carnage Wrestling.  Nathan Cristion, if you want another shot at Wolfgang or Stryker, you had better impress me here.

Stipulation to be Named at the Opening Bell -
Wolfgang vs. Mystery Opponent

Wolfgang, what can I say?  Youíve yet to lose in Carnage Wrestling, and youíve already beaten Brian Stryker.  But somehow, Strykerís got all the attention and all the gold.  Donít you think itís time that we fix that?  If you win this match, youíll be guaranteed a spot in the Main Event of Ascension.  No frills, no gimmicks.  Win and youíre in.  Do Sinc proud.

Main Event Ė
Carnage HardKore 24/7 Championship Match
Brian Stryker vs. Lily Parker

Brian Stryker.  Carnage HardKore Champion.  Congratulations.  I know that you and I donít see eye to eye.  Thatís a real shame.  Itís not that I personally believe that Lily Parker deserves a HardKore Championship match, but unfortunately for you, the 24/7 rules dictate that if you get pinned, you lose your championship.  Oh,  I shouldnít have to remind you of this: if you lose your belt, then you lose your spot at Ascension.

..and by the way.  Iíd be careful about how Iíd treat Lily.  It seems sheís got a good friend thatís very protective.  If he were to interfere, Iím not sure I could get security down to the ring in time to stop him.

And just so you sh*tballs stop tweeting me to death, Iíll give Winnbag an answer to his stupid challenge.  But if you want to know my answer, youíll have to buy a ticket and go see Chaos 3.
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