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xx Baltimore City Brawl - Open Invitational - Act of Defiance 1/24/2016

November 26, 2015, 07:48:24 PM by CW Admin
Carnage Wrestling is formerly announcing that at the 'Act of Defiance' PPV on Sunday, January 24th 2016 - LIVE at the Du Burns Arena in Downtown Baltimore Maryland, that it will be hosting its first ever BALTIMORE CITY BRAWL.

This is an OPEN INVITATIONAL Battle Royal which means that the "doors will be open" to outside talent to come in, and for one night, show the Carnage Legion what they're made of against CW's finest!

This Brawl will feature all superstars starting out inside the ring all at the same time! Each wrestler will try to eliminate his or her opponents until they are the last wrestler standing.  The rules are simple: It's a Classic Carnage match which means: THERE ARE NO RULES.  Eliminations in this Baltimore City Brawl occur by Pinfall or Submission ONLY - and may happen anywhere INSIDE OF THE DU BURNS ARENA, or the surrounding Parking lot!  The LAST WRESTLER STANDING will be awarded $10,000 CASH and a ceremonial "Baltimore City Brawl" Championship Trophy.  Oh, and one other thing.  The winner of the brawl will receive, if they so choose, a contract to a CW ULTRAVIOLENT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH at a later date!  That's right, it's not just bragging rights on the line.  It's a chance to prove that YOU have what it takes to get the job done when it matters most!

Will an outsider step up to claim the rights of being the very first 'Baltimore City Brawler'?  Or will a member of the current Carnage Wrestling roster take home the ten grand in cash and the trophy?  Many may enter, only one will win at ACT OF DEFIANCE!!

Entry Rules:
- You must create a forum account and adhere to Carnage Wrestling rules.
- You do NOT need to formally join Carnage Wrestling to compete in the Baltimore City Brawl.
- All RPs for the Brawl must be posted on the Carnage Wrestling Forums in the Proper RP Section.
- Biographies are not mandatory, but do help tremendously.
- You may use any picture base even if it's already used by a CW roster member or other entrant.

- This match will feature a ONE (1) RP limit with NO Word Limit.  You get one chance.
- The Best RP wins.  Effort will be rewarded in how your character performs in the written match.
- RPs are judged on Character Story, Promo, Match Relevance, and Style.  Each of the four categories are given a point value (1-10) and the highest overall point value wins.  Tiebreaker goes to the intangible 'x-factor'...
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November 23, 2015, 06:13:58 PM by Kyra Johnson
Here it is!  The Schedule for ALL Carnage Wrestling shows until UNDERGROUND in May! 

Chaos 10 - December 7th 2015

Chaos 11 - December 21st 2015

Chaos 12 - January 11th 2016

Act of Defiance - January 24th 2016

Chaos 13 - February 8th 2016

Chaos 14 - February 22nd 2016

Chaos 15 - March 7th 2016

Isolation - March 20st 2016

Chaos 16 - April 4th 2016

Chaos 17 - April 18th 2016

Chaos 18 - May 2nd 2016

Underground - May 15th 2016

The "Season 3" Schedule will come out before Underground in May.
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