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Welcome to CW!
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If you're an experienced efedder looking for a fed, we kindly defer you to the About Us section.

For those of you who are new: "Carnage Wrestling" is a fictional Wrestling based E-Federation. We host a forum game that involves creating a unique character (Professional Wrestler) and very basically writing roleplay scripts called promos. We host bi-weekly contests that pit two or more roleplayers characters against each other. After the deadline has passed, CW Staff read and judge the quality of each promo, and determine who wins their wrestling match on our fictional wrestling show.

The idea is having fun through competitive writing. That never changes. But how you play the game can be as simple or as involved as you'd like it to be.

Many handlers (people who create characters) create Fictional Twitter accounts for their characters. Many others post promos that are strictly "developmental"; in other words not judged. Some handlers even go as far as to write matches and create storylines of their own. Sometimes, the most enjoyable qualities of this game open up when wins and losses don't matter. Every few shows, CW hosts a "Supershow", the ones where everyone will be watching. The idea is to make the audience (the match judges, and everyone else who is reading) really get into your match and its potential outcome.

If you've got that covered, everything else is a piece of cake.

We have a laid back, no drama atmosphere here in CW. Bi-Weekly shows give you plenty of time to roleplay for each show, and all shows are fully hand written by our staff. No copy and pasting here. Varying word limits help dictate the amount of effort required to be fully competitive in each championship bracket. "Smaller" championships boast easily achievable 1000 word rp limits while the Carnage Championship itself can have matches at 4000 words or higher! How you play, and how much time you can shouldn't effect your ability to have fun here.

Our rules are fairly simple: Have fun, and be respectful of others. If you need a breakdown on the entire rulebook, then click here.

Our staff is frequent on the forums, and we're willing to answer any questions and help anyone from the Rookie to the Carnage Legends. We'll help you sign up and get your first character started. If you're interested in being a part of the game, then I suggest checking out our Forum.

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